Re-Uniting Aspects of Melchezidek

Re-Uniting Aspects of Melchezidek: Buddha, Jesus, Abraham & Muhammad

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I come into this space in which you are so that we may share this time together. I appreciate that all of you reach out and invite me to come and be a part of these gatherings.

The people on earth who are interested in this type of expansion, in this type of personal growth, are moving through a large, large transformation within their lives. Some of you feel this very much in your emotional body, others in your mental, others in your physical. Everyone who has been upon this pathway, everyone who is an energy mover, an energy shifter, is open to feel these energies, to feel the flow and to feel the outcome of just exactly what this is.

Take a moment and consider your own life. Consider what may have been happening within you over the last several days or weeks. Recognise that you are in the midst of this transformation and everything that you've been feeling is going to transition. Some of those things that have been bothering you will come with greater ease, some of the things that you would like to see enhanced will be enhanced. Change is upon everyone. You can seek it out; embrace it. Allow it to create a shift within your life that will come through ease and gentleness. Change is always a part of living on earth.

At this time, there are immense energies coming into the earth to assist in this transformation. Some people speak of it as the Wesak Festival; others find themselves feeling more and more of a connection to Jesus or Buddha. Still others, while this is not the traditional aspect of the Wesak, others are looking at the energies of Abraham and the Jewish religion. In this way it brings things into not a completely full circle, but it does round out the energies of what's coming to earth at this time.

Let yourself - while you're still fully grounded - feel what these energies are to you, and you can do so by taking a deep breath in and let the energy just flow through you. I invite you to release your physical body; let your consciousness expand in such a way that you're able to connect with the magnetic grid. Through your intention you let loose and you will automatically find yourself aligning with that aspect of you which resides within the space. Your Higher Self is a part of this energy pattern, wave pattern, this grid; whatever you wish to call it. Next, I invite you to look around. You may look up, down, beside you. There is a great deal of energy that flows through here; you may see it as impulses of light or you may see the energy between the impulses. There is a great deal which is focused within this space.

Shift so that you consciously let go of the magnetic pull of the earth. You may find yourself moving through what seems like it's an interlocking grid. As you do so you find yourself arriving in the crystalline grid. Within this space you no longer have the pull of the magnetics. This is energy that vibrates in alignment with the crystals of the universe. It is also in alignment with the energy you are bringing into the earth. Allow all of your senses to open for just a moment so that you may feel what this space is to you. Have a sense of looking around, look at the crystals, look at the energy patterns.

Allow yourself to understand what it is to you as you are perceiving what this pattern is or a lack of a pattern, this pure energy, this pure essence. Take in and just feel without analysing, just allow it to be. From here you may call forth a column of light. You move through the column as a means of shifting your consciousness into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane feel what it is to you. It may be as if your consciousness has the ability to expand in every direction. It moves out. This is a fine light vibration. It may give you a sense of homecoming. Open and perceive what it is to you.

You may call forth your I Am presence. This is your divinity. Some of you feel it come up within you, others have a sense of seeing it outside of you and you blend with it or merge. Take in all of what this means to you. As you are linking with your divine essence, let your consciousness expand in such a way that you perceive more of just who you are in all your essence. You have lived a number of life experiences in different situations. You've had many, many upon the earth, you've had many out in the universe. Sometimes on other planets, sometimes as angels, as teachers, sometimes as what you might call an extra-terrestrial. All of this makes up you within your divinity. Although you the human in this life is a glorious sight to see, you are more than what you realise. The more that you link with this divine essence, the more you open to that greater understanding within yourself.

I the Goddess come into this space. As I do so I reach out to each one of you. I embrace you the human; through that you link to the rest of your divinity. As you feel my embrace let it shift you into the space of the All That Is. Feel free as you arrive within this essence of the universe of all of you, of all of humanity. This space shifts so as to align with all who are here with all of your potentials and also with the energies and the potentials of those who are as yet unconscious. Allow yourself to breathe deeply, expand. You may feel or sense it as if you are going inside of yourself but let it feel you expand outward.

As I spoke earlier, there are a great number of energies that come to the earth in a very consistent manner. When I say that there is a greater amount right now, you may or may not have an understanding or a sense that there is anything different. What is different about now is that through the alignment of the universe with the full moon that is taking place right now, there is a thinning of the atmosphere or the energies that surround the earth. Through this thinning there are greater amounts of energy that are able to manifest more fully upon the earth. What I mean by that are the Angels, the Masters, the Ray L

ords, all are able to send aspects of their energy more fully into the earth. This is what you've been feeling and it culminates at this time. For those who read or listen to this later, you shift back into the energies of this moment and you too feel exactly what's going on.

When we spoke of the Wesak Festival, it's an alignment of the energies of Christ with the energies of the Buddha and through the two of them it creates a portal of light or energy which is part of what allows this greater vibration to come into the earth. It gives them the opportunity to manifest more fully upon the earth with a greater ease. Link first of all with the energies of Buddha. Some of you are very connected to him already. Feel his presence as he comes into this space. Buddha was a man who walked upon the earth. People of today have a different view or perception of him which has been influenced by the thousands of years in linear time since he walked upon the earth. I am going to shift the energy so that he himself can speak a few words to you.

(((Buddha speaks)))

I greet you beloveds! I am speaking through many people at this time. I am coming forward to send my greetings to each one of you. I am coming at this moment to embrace you in the essence that created you the human who's come to join in this session. As with anything that's been around on the earth for any length of time, things change due to human interpretation. There are aspects of my life as you know it that are very accurate.

I am here in this moment to speak with you of ascension. Each one of you have already ascended. It may not feel like it to you, it may feel as if you have more to do, more to accomplish. It doesn't feel quite so different as you anticipated it would, but ascension is something that comes in very subtle degrees with very subtle layers. Simply the fact that you can feel my energies, you can hear my voice speaking through this individual; you have opened to a space which allows for this.

I am also known for finding peace within myself, for finding contentment, oftentimes people think for giving up worldly goods and in a degree I did certainly, but what I came to know was that the greatest of abundance is the reflection of that connection or communication within me the human that I was at that time. That is my message and my gift to you. The greatest wealth, the greatest abundance you can ever have is to feel peace and contentment within yourself. In just this moment I send it to you. I emanate it from within me; it therefore triggers a response within each one of you. I invite you to open, feel this, and allow it to come in. Buddha who is so well known in the Eastern countries and as an Eastern religion is moving around the world in its own way.

The world is moving into a space in which you recognise that your divinity, your church, your everything, comes from within you and your connection to your God-self and the All That Is. I send out my sense of peace, my sense of awareness within, and I invite you to find that for yourself. Breathe it in, absorb it and let it be. I am not leaving, but I am stepping to the side and I am bringing forth the energies of Jesus, that he may speak with you.

(((Jesus speaks)))

I greet you beloved. I make myself known to you in the ways in which the world remembers me for my life upon the earth as Jesus. So too with me, aspects have changed or shifted over the period of time; but was I not known for love, compassion, acceptance. My message was always that we are one without separation. In my life upon the earth I brought light in a way in which it had not come to the earth prior to that time. It began as a spark, and it is a spark that has gained in brilliance ever since then. As you feel my energies, know that I am here as a support, as a means of reflecting to you the energy of love, of compassion. I reflect to you the belief that we are all one. There need not be a separation of energies. I send forth my embrace, my love, I acknowledge all that you have done in my name or in an opening to link with me and I appreciate that in this way it has kept my energies alive but I am inviting you to also release that, let go the old perceptions and open to the new. The perception of I, Jesus, or Yeshua, that is within you, that is in alignment within you. Feel my embrace as I send it forth. I am ever present within these gatherings; I am ever present within many, many of you. I am going to step aside. I stand beside my brother, the Buddha, and we now see Abraham coming forth, striding into this space.

(((Abraham speaks)))

We have quite a gathering here, do we not? You see that there is a reason for so many of us to come together at this time. The veil is thin; there is a focus upon me. I am one of the most ancient religions that have been upon this earth for many, many thousands of years. I flow that energy of the ancients through each one of you. It may feel different in some regards but there is that common aspect. I too am based on love. I too am based on the support that is being given to you from the heavens. I believe in each one of you. There are so many aspects of my church that have changed over the years. Some of you are very familiar with this, others are not. Open to allow for your energies to recognise that you too have an alignment with me. I embrace you, and I acknowledge what Buddha and Yeshua have also said. This is a time of transformation upon the earth and I align my energies with theirs. Shalom.

(((Muhammad speaks)))

This is the energy of Muhammad. I too have a different following upon the earth. My religion is ancient. My people have their own interpretations. Feel my essence as I come into this space with you. Again, as with my brothers, there is that similarity that resonates within you. Right now upon the earth there are many who follow my teachings to the extreme. With them, I surround them in light and compassion to know that my essence truly is about love, is about support and it is about the creation of brotherhood. Feel my impulse of love as I send it out to each one of you. I do honor all people, I honor all religions, and I stand in this space sharing that honor, that love, that compassion with each of you. I step over here to stand beside my brothers and Melchizedek is going to come forth.

(((Melchizedek speaks)))

I greet you beloved family. I bow to each one of you, I bow to these four energies that have just spoken, I bow to the Goddess and God as they all stand present within this space. I come to you because now is a time to unite. These four aspects that have created these four religions and others are all part of me. I have shared aspects of my life upon the earth in a multitude of different ways, sometimes as a human without memory of who I was. Other times I would remain in contact throughout that lifetime. Every single person who is a part of this group and any of the other light workers or energy shifters of the earth have worked either directly with me in one of the Orders of Melchizedek or you have worked directly as part of these religions. So I come at this time when the air, the very air that you breathe, is thinner than it's ever been. The barriers that keep the universal energies from the earth energies are thinner than they've ever been. The transition between the magnetic grid and the crystalline is becoming thinner than it ever has been. The time is now to reunite all these aspects of Who I Am therefore every one of you, the time is now for you to reunite all the aspects of Who You Are.

This may mean from your divine essence you draw into you and unite the many different human experiences that are occurring right now at this time. Some of you may feel it as a means of linking with the energies of Who You Are and the aspects of who you are in this lifetime. Howsoever you choose I invite you to simply open, receive alignment and balance from all of Who You Are. As I stand in front of you and I hold out my arms, these four essences who have been so pivotal in various types of spirituality upon the earth, each one of them comes into me one by one and I embrace them and reunite -- and then the next. As you are absorbing different aspects of Who You Are, if it feels uncomfortable simply breathe in and expand, release any analytical aspect to this experience; simply be in a place of allowing and I continue to embrace all these four grand energies and every other aspect that I've sent out upon the earth. I receive; I am complete, in a way in which I have not been complete for a very long time. And I do this at this moment because I am linking upon the earth as I am linking within the universe.

I accept all of Who I Am. I thank the Goddess for allowing me this opportunity to have this experience of re-uniting within myself. So too, to be able to teach once more, as I so dearly love to teach. I hope that each one of you will find the peace, the inner joy, the inner contentment of being reunited within you.


Return of the Goddess:

With that, I the Goddess come back and stand within each one of you. So many of you were very deeply aligned with those essences of Melchizedek; so I take this opportunity to assist you in smoothing your energies in aligning and allowing for your own reunification. What does it feel like to be completely whole within yourself? What does it feel like to know you are an immense soul essence? If there is anything else within you, any aspect of you that feels separate or alone, take this opportunity and bring it into your heart. Allow yourself to accept through compassion, through love that you are whole and that you are more than you have ever realised in the past.

You may find over the next several days or weeks that there will be a great deal coming to your attention. Recognise that you will continue to be integrating these aspects of yourself. As you do so be gentle, be compassionate, release judgement and accept Who You Are. Take this moment to look at your life. Are there any one or two things that may be standing out for your attention? If so, consider it at this moment. There may or may not be something that you need to know about this. What is essential for you is to accept without reservation these various aspects that have come home.

The reunification of you as an individual is going to lead to the reunification of the world as a whole. You saw how some of these major world religions were reunified within Melchizedek. I am well aware there are many other religions and spiritual groups and those too are feeling the essence or the energy of this unification. Everyone on this side of the veil is aware that the earth itself is moving towards that type of an understanding. Be at peace; allow this to be your reality.

With that I invite you to return to the group essences that make up all of you upon this journey. As you come and join with one another, look around; see the unification of this group. There is already a bond or an energy of light that links all of you together. You can amplify this light by focusing upon the reunification within you. As I put that forth for you, I can see how you begin to blink as sparkling lights. Within the center of this group we see the hologram of the earth. It comes forward. Look at this hologram; perceive the multiple dimensions that are able to be discerned at this moment. There is so much that is occurring. It's almost as if the hologram is already giving off sparkles and almost electrical impulses.

Lady Gaia comes forth and reaches out to embrace each one of you. Feel her energies. Feel this essence as it moves through you. From there allow your energies to move out even further so that you transmit into the hologram your blended and completely whole self, sense of self. This does include the human that you are; it also includes your divinity. All is transmitted into the hologram. You can see how it becomes even more illuminated. I invite you as you look at that blending as a whole, that connection, that communication, that re-unification; see how it affects in particular those parts of the planet where there is so much fighting and controversy right now. It is like a soothing balm that moves through.

Release this essence of the hologram. Allow those energies to move downward or in such a way that the hologram itself begins returning to the earth. As it does so, there's an aspect that moves out to align with the crystalline grid. There's another aspect that aligns with the magnetic grid. Then the remainder of this hologram shifts until it blends completely within the core essence of the earth itself. There is an immense crystal within the center of the earth. There are those core aspects of the magnetics. Everything comes into balance and alignment. That then moves outward so that it comes up through the earth, the trees, the water, the grass, the flowers, and it is made available to everyone who walks upon the earth.

With that I invite each one of you to shift your focus once more so that you may blend within the energies of the soul plane, as you do so perceive what this is. See the difference that has taken place as a result of you returning all those various aspects inside your divinity. As you look around at your I Am presence, you are able to discern more and more of who you truly are. Let that knowledge move into you. You may then shift your consciousness so that you return, you pause for a time in the crystalline grid; this grid is now sparkling with light. It's vibrating with the essence of the new energy and the new shift taking place within the earth.

Move forward so that you pause for a moment within the magnetic grid and as you do so become aware of how your Higher Self is reflecting this greater reconnection within you. In this manner you are able to be able to know more about your life on earth, plus you're able to draw from the essence of your energy. By this I'm referring to the essence of your energy as the reunified soul essence from which you come. Continue to bring your consciousness back into you, the human form with which you have in this lifetime. Take a deep breath and breathe this expansion into your physical body, into your heart center and let it move throughout you. You may need to expand the energy bodies around you. There is always plenty of space for you to bring in this greater and greater amount of Who You Are.

As you are coming back within yourself, become aware of what it feels like to reunite these aspects of Who You Are. Let yourself in this moment feel complete and whole as the person that you are. You may press *7 upon your telephone in order to come back into the room and I am open to receive your questions.

Question: (paraphrased) I feel like I've been suffering in my physical body a lot in the last few weeks and I realize now it's a lot of the transition that's going on. I've been trying to breathe a lot, walk a lot; I'm still feeling a lot of suffering. Can you offer anything about this?

Answer: You are correct in your perception that what you've been feeling for the past week or so has been in preparation for this journey. As each individual reunites within themselves as you reconnect with aspects of yourself that have been disconnected, you could say this is a way of reconnecting with the sub personalities, the inner child, or in some cases aspects from past life experiences. We want to take this opportunity to say to you that there is much more going on here than what any of you can realize. By Melchezidek working with the energies in the way that he did he was able to shift a good bit so that people would not have the same discomfort that so many people have had. Shelly herself has been feeling all of this especially today in preparation. That is what we sense is going on with you. By being gentle with yourself, by being loving and giving yourself time to sleep if you need to sleep, by breathing, by doing whatever you feel called to do you honoring yourself and you are honoring the moment. Now that you recognize that you are actually re-uniting these aspects of who you are you can consciously put that energy to it and will allow for a greater flow in the essence. Some of you being who you are enjoy the analytical, you enjoy knowing information, so you may say ‘what aspect is this?' and you want to know all about it. But we would caution you not to get too caught up in that. This is about re-uniting within yourself in a way that moves beyond the physical presence that is you and you are also creating an alignment or vibration in your human form that will more easily move between the dimensions. Does that make sense to you?


So be at peace and realize you are going to feel better. We see you as almost completely unified, you are coming along beautifully.

Question: (paraphrased) I have a question about why bad things happen? Even if people ask for protection, bad things still happen.

Answer: As I'm looking at your life at this moment and with this question you are asking about, why do bad things happen when you ask for protection or why do you ask for assistance and the assistance is not there--- this is not an easy question to answer because there are so many different levels of existence and there are different ways in which things come to an individual and is manifested in their lives. There is a part of you that is very vulnerable, open and seeking to have this change you are seeking to have in your life. Through that vulnerability you are also open in such a way that you draw to you all energies, not only the energies of what you are seeking to have. So there are aspects of you that are vibrating-just to give it a sense of definition, not a judgment-vibrating at a level lower than what you are seeking to have in your life, so you are drawing to you things in alignment with that vibration. We know you are asking for protection and you are asking for these good things to come into your life, but when the vibration you put out is in such stark contrast, when you are open in such a way, it's what allows these energies to come in. We want to say to you in this entire life for you it's been one challenge after another in the whole gamut of emotions from feeling ecstasy to sever depression and anxiety. So from here forth, we know what you seek to have is a sense of peace, a sense of awareness, a sense knowledge, a sense of being able to have everything you want in your life. So rather than sending out a vibration that is open and draws to you the essence of what you don't want to have in your life, rather than focusing on what you don't have; we are encouraging you from here froth to focus on shifting your vibration. With this journey, by bringing home these aspects of yourself, by incorporating, knowing you've had all these varied experiences in your lifetime; by bringing it all together, it will assist you in having a greater awareness within you. It will fill you up in ways in which you feel so empty right now. When you feel as if you are filling up, it will assist in raising your vibration. You will then be in vibrational alignment with what you seek to manifest. When you say that bad things happen even though you are asking for help, some of it comes with the energy of the victim.

The victim is someone who feels life has gone beyond their control. They have no control over what is happening to them and they are like a punching bag that is being punched from all different sides. As you consciously look at your life and acknowledge that you are the creator of it; yes, those things may happen for a time but rather than becoming absorbed in them and focusing on them, if you in essence ignore them and open to the pathway of choosing what you want in your life-that is how you will once again create a shift in your vibration. So as we've spoken to you throughout this, we have given you several downloads of information that you are also incorporating within you and we are assisting you as much as we can in this process. We know that when you go back and read the words, it will also assist in triggering some of this stuff. We also have as sense as we are linking with you that this feels empty to you as if we are not answering your question, but unfortunately there's not a straightforward simple answer. There is so much involved in this type of energy shift. IS this making sense to you in the least.

(Yes, but I feel as if my best is not good enough. I keep trying to do this and it's not good enough. I keep trying to do better and it doesn't work).

By saying that your best is not good enough, you are judging yourself. You judge it because you look at your life and you realize you want certain things in your life and they are not there; therefore you are not good enough to manifest it, you are not good enough to be in alignment. That sense of judgment is part of what keeps you in space of where you are. Rather than looking at your life in regards to where you don't want to go, focus on your life in terms of where you do want to go. In addition, find that aspect of your day that will bring you joy, even if it's just standing in the doorway and feeling the breeze, perhaps even when you eat a meal and you feel full. As simplistic as it needs to be or complex, let your focus always remain on something that brings out a good feeling within you. When you find yourself again and again and again judging that this is not working, nothing is good enough, I'm not good enough; we're putting antennae in your mind to go ‘ding, ding, ding' that this is the time to change your thoughts or shift your feelings. So you can shift it in the way we've been telling you, we also have a sense to tell you to put out your arms and twirl your body. Then choose the energy that you want to have, choose the thoughts you want to have.

(I'm trying to understand. Does this mean that I can't receive assistance when I'm in this state? What does this mean?)

It means that the assistance is there, it's always available to you. But when you are in this state you do not perceive the assistance, therefore you are receiving it. The energies of light and love are always around you, they are always there in support of you. Especially with the pathway that you have been on, they have been around you all your life. It's something that cannot be extinguished no matter what you do, so it is there. The vibrational alignment that allows it to come in is the vibration of allowing, of inner connection, and the vibration of what you are seeking as apposed to judging what you don't have.

(Thank you.)

Question (paraphrased): Dear Goddess, in light of that beautiful journey we had tonight, has the prospect of world peace increased at all?

Answer: The prospects for world peace have most definitely improved! They are much higher than people have given them credit for already prior to this journey. The essence of world peace was chosen as a probability as apposed to a possibility back in 1987. The world peace in which the world is in complete accord is probably not going to happen in the next several years. There will be a lessening of the discord, there will be less fighting between the gangs, there will be a lessening of the feeling of one nation against another for their sovereignty. That is much of what was happening with this journey tonight. It is a time where you hear people talk about unifying all over the place. You are going to hear it more and more and more in the future. What happened in this journey was a large step forward and it was as if it created a template for the rest of humanity to move into. As with anything when you are talking about the millions of people who live upon the earth, the billions of people; there are times when there are baby steps, there are times of leaps and bounds. This was a time of leaps and bounds. You will see shifting that will transmit into it in subtle ways at first and it will become stronger after that.

(That is wonderful! Thank you so much.)

You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased): I'm having a hard time surrendering, letting go is very difficult.

Answer: Surrendering is one of the hardest things for humans to do. A human self, the personality, the ego is based within the mental body. The mental body is about analysing, sticking with what it knows of life and controlling what it sees of life. The aspect of surrender is something that in certain people may take tiny baby steps, but then for others it will feel as if they loose everything before they surrender; then step into a new potential. This is what the majority of people will do: you have created new potentials for yourself, you have created alternatives for yourself. Through that creation what you have done is set up or created an alignment that will allow you to be in that place of surrender so that everything can fall more easily into place in your life. You may go in there for moments at a time, you may go in there in your dream state, you may go into that space in your meditation. Then when you are out in your daily activity or if you get caught up in trauma or drama, the control aspects of your life that is when you revert back to what you know from your past and you come out of that space of total surrender. So what you want to find is a combination of both. Surrender needs to be comfortable within your human self or you can't give over to it. So when you breathe inside, you expand your heart center and you align your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies within you. That is when you can then bring in and integrate the energies of surrender. In that moment, in that time of meditation, you surrender and you feel the flow come into you. We can feel it right now, you can feel that bliss and you can feel that peace. Therefore, the next time you get caught up and you feel you have to control something or do something or change someone's mind; that's when you can once more take a breath in and go back into that moment, even if it's a split second of surrender-what you will do is shift the energies in a subtle way so that you can let go of some of that tight control. Then the more you do that, the more you will be comfortable with letting go of control. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes, does that mean my meditation will get a little better?)

Yes, there are some meditation journeys you can get through Shelly. The one on her home page is a very good one about centering and expanding your heart center. These are easily recorded for you. They do not have to be long and drawn out because especially when it's something you are not used to doing, if you will allow yourself the opportunity to take 5 or 10 mins or even longer as you get comfortable with it; it will then be even easier as you become comfortable with it.

(Thank you)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I'm going through a lot of bad stuff and you have helped me with it; yesterday was a really bad day. There seems to be something I'm just not getting. I know about dark night of the soul, I know I'm going through an initiation, I know about the victim mentality. I just don't know even with the journey tonight my upstairs neighbour was banging and distracting..... is there anything you can comment about this?

Answer: Just as with the individual we just spoke of, much of this has to do with surrender. You have taken many different classes, you have taken many different steps, and you've tried many different experiences. All of this goes into your tool belt of ways in which you can expand and work with your spirituality. Nothing is ever lost. It all just adds to the potential ways in which you can add to your spirituality. Then you get the place where rather than looking outside of yourself and trying to figure out what can I do to create changes; you need to shift and look inside of yourself. You need to recognize that ultimately it all comes from within yourself. This is where we see you are right now. You do look inside you do take the opportunities to shift the energies but then you get distracted by things that are outside of you. You loose your focus at times and it takes you back into feeling as if you have not made progress, as if you are just spinning your wheels and you are not moving forward for you. When that happens, you feel as if you are going back and starting over at ground zero; then you do it again and again and again. So in reality, when you find yourself in this space, even the person upstairs vacuuming and banging when you are trying to have a spiritual moment; rather than feeling the frustration and irritation that this is where you are right now and all of this is around you. Then you can acknowledge that the distractions are here, there's a lot happening that pushes me outside of my comfort zone or what I'm seeking to have; but I'm still choosing to be connected within myself. I'm still choosing to honor and understand who I am. What you will find is that the more this happens to you and you respond moment by moment; then you find the greater inner strength. It's almost as if you will wake up one day and it will occur to you that you did all that based on what you were feeling inside or what was happening within you. What we mean by that is that it will be very subtle and you will wake up one day and realize it's already completed. You have already done all this. You have already created this format for yourself. The allowing it to come in and be a part a part of your reality for more and more of your days is what will allow you to be able to manifest it more fully in your life.

(I've had psychics tell me that it will be over soon. What do you think of that?)

We agree. This is like the final aspect. It's interesting that we have had several of these questions that talk about this struggle in your daily life or the feeling that things are not improving. By giving up control, it's another way of giving up resistance. This is giving up the means of analysing and making things go in a certain way. What we see for you is that there's that part of you that is just tired of doing it all. You are tired of always struggling. So in that tiredness you will then allow yourself to let it go and then believe. It's like you have to take that leap of faith and then you recognize or realize you were doing it all along.

(Well, I'm not there yet.)

You are more there than you realize. With that preface and that understanding, let yourself work with your mental body to understand that this is already your reality.


Well thank you for that question and I thank all of your for choosing to come and share this evening of re-unification with me. Be aware that in the next days and weeks to come there will still continue to be a great deal of shifting upon the earth. In some regards it may seem as if things get worse before they get better. In part it's because by releasing these energies there's always some resistance or an energy of something fighting against it that needs to be moved through before you can allow that acceptance to come in. It doesn't have to be this way, but with human nature the way it is, it simply happens that way at times.

You are each brilliant individuals, you are energies of light that have lived a number of lifetimes in which you have already been the masters. So allow that reality to come back within you. Allow yourself to reunify as a complete and whole individual that you are.

I am ever with you and within.




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A place to explore your own divinity; a place to find a balance within yourself which may reflect in the way you live your life. ~~~ It's time to move into the energies coming to earth and bring that energy into yourself and those around you.


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