Realizing Who You Truly Are

The continued increase in the flow of energy is magnifying over time. Not only is there more of the universal energy available, it comes into the earth plane with greater and greater ease. There are of course many reasons for why this is happening, but this channel is focusing on one’s personal benefit of this increased flow. One statement from the Goddess was:

One of the reasons that the veil was put into place was because as a human it was difficult to fully take in all the energy that was involved in having multiple life existences occurring at the same time. Your brain as a human is still programmed to take in information and awareness in a more limiting manner.

While we are in the All That Is, the Goddess has us open to understand how many of us have other lives in existence at this time. As you align here within the All That Is and your Divinity it’s as if you are looking down upon the many different experiences of your soul at this time ~ Shelly

Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family! I reach out to each one of you; I reach out with my energy; I reach out with my intention and awareness. I see you, I sense you and I can feel you. I find that each one of you as you live your life upon the Earth become more and more unique as an individual and yet more and more of a representation of your divinity.

I’m gathering the energies of all who are here and I also reach out to those who link with the intention, whether their consciousness is a part of this or not.

This time upon the Earth is opening up to another level of transition. Transition is something that is an intrinsic part of being a human and living your life upon the Earth.

Times change, your personal life changes, the consciousness of the Earth plane changes; and then there’s also the consciousness of the Universe. All the energies that are out here in this space; they too continue to shift and change.

So as you consider your life, as you consider what might be coming from within you versus what might be coming from outside of you, let that flow through your awareness and feel what it means to you. You may question whether or not it makes a difference if it’s internalized or something outside of you because the end result is that you are still feeling the transition; you are still feeling perhaps out of sorts within yourselves. But when you know that you can find that link, you can find that essence of who you are.

When you are balanced and when you are grounded within your body, then you will feel your strength; you will feel your essence that emanates. I wanted you to consider this as we’re still here and grounded upon the Earth because your perception is different when you are in a space of the All That Is.

I now invite you to take one more deep breath. As you feel your energies grounding within you, have a sense of releasing consciousness that you may reach or shift your focus into the energies of the magnetic grid. As you arrive here within this space feel your alignment to your higher self. Feel how it is to blend your energies with those of your divinity and all that merges in between.

As you look around be open to see the impulses of light and awareness. Not only are you sending these out to the others who are here, but you can be open to receive whatever may be in alignment with you.

As you feel yourself shift your consciousness once more, allow your energy to move through the interlocking grid so that you may merge with the crystalline grid. As you let go of the magnetic pull of the Earth you can instantly feel your energies expand even further.

As you feel this flow of the crystalline energies allow yourself to look around. Have a sense of the flow, have a sense of the shift in vibration; have a sense of your own essence within this space.

Once you have become acclimated I invite you to allow your consciousness to shift again. This time move into the energies of the soul plane.

This is a space where you may encounter all of your I AM presence. Have a sense of opening up to feel, perhaps see or sense your divinity. You may first of all sense it as something separate to you that is coming towards you; or you may sense it all around you. Having the intention to reach out and link or merge within your divinity allows this to happen.

As you blend your energies feel the sense of belonging; feel the welcome home. Feel how good it is to be here and in this alignment with all of your divinity.

I the Goddess begin to move in and amongst all of you. I move through this space in which you are as I do so I reach out to embrace each one of you.

As we merge, as we blend our energies together, allow yourself to shift into the All That Is. As you first arrive within the All That Is, most often you find your energies expanding even further.

I invite you to let your consciousness soar for however long you feel you need to. As if you are an eagle that is taking flight, let your consciousness expand and feel yourself as you move through this space.

This space is limitless; this space has available to you anything that you may seek to have within your life. Feel what it is to be in complete freedom. For those of you who desire to continue soaring I invite you to do so as long as you choose. For the rest I invite you to gather around.

The last time that we were here together with one another I spoke of how the veil is thinning. I spoke of how the teachers, the guides, God, Goddess, all of us, are more available to you. But one thing we did not go into was just how much your own divinity is more available to you also.

As you are here within this space, as you are more fully blended with your divinity, I invite you to take a moment and look around. As you are looking around open to see other parts of your own self; other parts of your divinity and how it may relate to you right now.

From here within your I AM presence there is more than one aspect of you already incarnated upon the Earth. You may also come to recognize that there are aspects of you that are pure consciousness out within the Universe.

One of the reasons that the veil was put into place was because as a human it was difficult to fully take in all the energy that was involved in having multiple life existences occurring at the same time. Your brain as a human is still programmed to take in information and awareness in a more limiting manner.

That is something that will take perhaps years to outgrow or it is something that could shift very quickly. As your DNA continues to expand, as you have more strands of consciousness that become available to you, you will be able to open up and tap into these other existences.

For some of you I see how you might choose to do this simply for the fun of it; for the experience to see what is there for you to see.

There are instances in which you are living the same life that you are in right now with almost the same experiences but you are doing so in a different dimension. It may be that linking with other aspects of yourself or linking with other life existences will make things even more confused for you, but it also has the potential to make things more clear for you.

I invite you from here within the essence of your I AM presence to take this moment and allow yourself to feel as if you are at the top and looking down, not only upon the life in which you are currently living, but also as if you are looking down at other life existences. As you are looking at these other lives what comes to your awareness?

As you allow your consciousness to expand, perhaps you want to let yourself move or link with one life in particular. The intention for doing this is that you are able to gather more information or you are able to create a new alignment for yourself that allows you to find the answers that you are seeking in this current life.

As I have spoken of this and as I observe each of you reaching out to these different aspects of yourself, there are streams of energy and knowledge that flow back and forth. I see that some of you are very cognizant of what’s coming through, and others remain somewhat at a distance.

So be aware that even if you don’t know exactly what it is, that you are receiving whatever information or energy is there for you.

Perhaps you would like to create a deeper link to your divinity. You may shift this open awareness that you are feeling right now and let yourself feel the link to your divinity and let whatever information or essence is here to just wash over you. As this is occurring let yourself truly feel all that is here for you.

Allow your focus to come back within your consciousness for just a moment. You have experienced this deeper awareness or opening to other aspects of your divinity that may be currently incarnated upon the Earth. You have opened to receive a deeper awareness from your divinity itself.

As you allow your focus or your consciousness to now come back within yourself as your human essence, I invite you to ask the question ‘Is it possible for all of this to fully integrate within me?’

I heard many different answers but I have to say the majority leaned towards one form or another of ‘no’. Some said not as much, others said not at all, and still others said ‘I think so but I’m not sure how.’

For those of you that already can feel the truth and the reality that this is for you, I invite you to simply let yourself strengthen what you are already feeling. And let those energies move through you and then experience whatever is there for you.

For the rest of you, as you allow yourself to feel that link to your human essence, as I asked you that question I could see how certain numbers of you began to step into that belief that you as a human are less than you as your divinity. If that resonates with you I invite you to bring up that belief within your consciousness right now.

As you breathe deeply feel that essence or that energy as it comes up within you, as it comes up within your consciousness. As you allow it to come to the forefront, let yourself link for a moment and ask ‘is this resistance?’ ‘is this fear?’ ‘is this about deserving?’ or is it something else entirely?

As you have this perception of your human experience I invite you to let go of whatever that resistance may be.

You breathe in and as you breathe out and you feel the flow of the energy as it moves through here, it clears out everything within your consciousness. I then invite you to let your awareness circle back around one more time.

Look at the essence of yourself in your lifetime. As you take in your human awareness, open up the door, release any blockage or increase the amount of your essence or your energy that flows into you as the human.

Shift your focus now as if you were coming back into your human self. From the space of your consciousness and the space of your alignment within, open to feel the flow of those energies.

From your human perspective is there resistance? From your human perspective does it feel possible to have that flow of everything that you feel up in the All That Is? From your human perspective can you feel yourself expanding?

Breathe down that experience and just as it washed through and cleared out the energies while you were in the All That Is, let it wash through and clear out your own energies as you are there upon the Earth.

Once more let your focus go back within the All That Is. As you arrive you have a new perception of everything that’s here and around you. Each time you allow yourself to feel that link or that alignment from your human to your divine, it’s as if you can consciously receive an even greater expansion.

This is how you create change in your daily life. You allow yourself to feel and know the truth of all these potentials from here within the All That Is and then you let that reality shift into you in your space upon the Earth plane. And again you let that wash through you as it becomes a belief and a reality for you in your daily life.

Bring up for the moment something that you are experiencing as a challenge in your life right now. As you think about whatever it may be can you feel how your energy diminishes to a degree? Breathe in awareness and let that move through whatever that limitation may be and then breathe it out and let it flow.

Come back in a minute and now consider something that is going right within your life, something that feels good, something that you really enjoy. Immediately you feel the expansion; you can feel the difference when you are wide open.

Now I understand how it is that it would be very challenging to walk through your days and be in that space of opening or awareness 24/7. In truth it’s not even necessary for you to be always within that space. What I would invite each one of you to do is to begin to recognize when your energies feel constricted and when your energies feel open.

When you’re moving through your days and your energies feel open and as if there’s a flow moving through you, let that bolster you or boost you up. When you recognize that your energy feels constricted - sometimes there’s no particular reason, other times you know exactly what that reason may be - I invite you to consciously breathe in such a manner that you release that constriction.

You release it and you breathe out and then allow yourself to find that balance and come back into a space that feels good. This is not about perfection. This is about finding balance. This is about recognizing when you are falling into a pattern that keeps you constricted and then consciously making a choice to move outside that pattern.

Coming back to the thinning of the veil and that deeper awareness of your own divinity, consider perhaps something you seek to manifest within your life. As you are thinking about that awareness allow yourself to reach towards your divinity or to reach towards whatever part of yourself is already past this place or is already within this space of receiving what you seek to manifest.

This knowledge will help you if you seek transformation within your life. Consider the idea or the potential of opening simply to whatever may be out there that you have not even considered. Let that essence or that energy move through you right now.

Feel the excitement of something new coming into your life. Feel the awareness of knowing that you have all of your divinity as a support for you.

When you think about love, when you think about relationships, it may at times come with a sense of frustration or feeling alone. As you open to this deeper flow or this deeper alignment with your divinity, let yourself feel a complete saturation from your divinity of love, of acceptance, and of well-being.

From the space of your divinity you can do no wrong. From the space of your divinity there is complete love and acceptance. You as the human I invite to fully accept this as your reality. There is so very much that is here for you. There is such love, such compassion, such awareness and it’s there, available to you at all times.

As you are living your life, feel yourself shifting through anything that is constricted and feel yourself consciously embracing anything that feels open and expansive.

With that I invite you to gather around as a group. As you come together there is a sense of the hologram as it comes up within the center of this group. As you look at this hologram of the Earth, truly see the various dimensions that are represented within this hologram.

There is also the essence or the aspect of the New Earth. There are some people who speak of there being multiple New Earths, not just one. Indeed it’s a matter of perception. Some of those are actually expanded dimensions not only around your current Earth but around other parts of the Universe and the other planet, Ariellis.

Therefore as you perceive this hologram in front of you, allow yourself to flow the essence of your experience into this hologram. As it flows within and around this space you can feel how your own essence is strengthening.

We then release this alignment to the hologram. You may have a sense of it as it shifts moving down; it moves through the crystalline grid.

There is a separation and you see those various dimensions shifting to wherever they need to go. And then the core essence of this hologram moves down through the magnetic grid; it moves down into the center of the Earth.

As it does so it anchors within those crystals that are here within the center of the Earth. As these continue to grow and expand you see how they become illuminated. You see how more and more of them are becoming activated and then that energy begins to emanate from within those crystals.

There is a pulsation that moves through all the layers of the Earth. It comes up through the grass, the water, the trees. It comes up within you. This is more fully present for you than it has ever been before. You may recognize that in your daily life as you go about your lives.

Have a sense of shifting. Allow your focus to come back within the All That Is. As you do so I can feel an impatience as each of you are ready to move forward within your lives. You are ready to more fully integrate everything that has occurred this evening.

Your consciousness moves back through the energy of the soul plane. As you are here within your divinity, within your I Am presence, look around. Open to perceive if there is more here and available to you.

You may allow your attention to shift once more. You merge with the crystalline grid. You feel your consciousness move through that space and through the interlocking grid until you find yourself in the magnetic. Here within the magnetic grid there is an expansion that takes place as all of you come back within this space.

You bring with you your expanded consciousness and that creates a change and a shift to the magnetic grid itself. It allows it to expand; it allows it to open into something even more.

And then I invite you to let your focus come back within your human self. As if you are feeling that expanded awareness even more fully come back within you in your human reality; stop for a moment and take in a deep breath.

As you breathe deeply and easily breathe in everything that’s taken place, let it move down through you. Let it move into the Earth and as it goes into the Earth you are linking with those crystals and you are feeling the deeper alignment as that energy comes back up within you in your human presence.

Feel who you are. Allow yourself to feel your own energies; feel what it is to be in that expanded state. Let it all flow through you right now.

As you allow your focus to return more fully into your human experience, I invite you to come back into the room if you would like to ask a question.

All right, beloved family. For those of you who were unable to have your questions answered, know that I am sending you a stream of energy, a stream of love, a stream of awareness, and know that I do hear you in your prayers and in your meditation.

Know that I am communicating with you whenever you reach out to me.

As you are seeking to find that greater balance within yourself - that balance of humanity and divinity - I invite you to consciously choose to open to a flow.

A flow that brings ease and a flow that allows you to step outside of the challenges; to step outside of difficulty and that which might be considered a block in your way.

Breathe deeply and know that you are fully connected within yourself.

I am ever with you and within.


If you will press *6 upon the phone, it will bring you into the queue.

Question: Aloha Goddess! (Hello) Hi this is Melanie that was magnificent as always, thank you so much. I have been and I feel like what we did tonight has helped it, but struggling is really the only word I can come up for it; limiting core beliefs that we get from other lifetimes and childhood and things like that. They seem to be rather than leaving as I’ve done things to release them, they seem to be getting bigger and worse. They are scrambling my whole life into a mess to the point where one of those core beliefs that many of have; ‘we never get what we want, if I do it has to be hard, then something bad happens to it’. It’s even simple things like taking a shower, you know the water goes out or something breaks. It’s really getting intense. I feel that it’s really blocking me with forward movement which as you felt, we are all chomping at the bit to move forward in our lives. I would love it if you had some insight on what I can do to get this out of the way!

Answer: alright beloved, we are so appreciative that you are one of the first to speak today and that you brought this up. As you mentioned this is exactly what so many people are feeling. What we would like to say as we are looking at you, is that we see you as the individual, as the human person you are. We see this magnificent rainbow around you that is everything you are seeking to have and that is there for you.

Then when you go about your daily life and it’s the direct opposite of all that you truly are, it’s magnifying and emphasizing the lack as opposed to magnifying and emphasizing what you are truly seeking to have. You did do a great deal of shifting in the journey tonight and that is going to integrate over the next few days. But the one thing I would like to do with you, and in fact anybody who might be listening or anybody listening later, if this pertains to you; I invite you Melanie to take a minute and really breathe down; breathe inside our heart center. As you go inside your heart, as if you are opening up your heart, let the struggle come up within it. All those various things you mentioned to us, plus all the many things you didn’t even mention. Let the issue of struggling come up within your heart center. For some of these it may be it stretches back into your childhood or another lifetime. For others it may be something brand new and different.

So it doesn’t matter, you reach out as far as you need to go and you get that struggle, that lack and that less than. As it all comes up within your center, I encourage you to gather it together and as you breathe in, consciously breathe down that link you created for yourself tonight. Breathe down that deeper, deeper expanded essence of yourself and let it flow through you; let it swirl through your heart center. (deep breath in and out) Then as you breathe out, let it flow away from you. Consciously take it out from your heart center and let it go. Whew, boy, can you feel the shift take place as we were doing this?

Yeah, because when I first started pulling it in there I was starting to cry and my whole body felt like my whole body was in a big knot. Then the out breath really helped release that.

 Exactly! What we would say because we can still feel there is more there and that was like releasing a layer of it. What we would say is let’s do it one more time. Take in another breath. As you are breathing in, consciously bring up the next layer, whatever it may be. The next um, if it’s something totally different, breathe it up, let it come up within your heart center. As it does so, it feels like even your heart center is hurting at this time. Whatever it may be, wherever it comes from; let it come to your awareness within your heart. Then again breathe down the flow, let flow come down within you. It flows down around you; it goes into your heart center. (deep breath in and out) as you breathe out, you consciously release it, you consciously let it go. We see like a river that just pours out from your heart center, we see it all flowing through you. And this time as we look at you, this time as we see what this is, it feels like you are much more clear now when come back and we look at you. Does that resonate with you? Can you feel that for yourself?

Yes, I do feel that.

Excellent! Excellent; because this is what can happen in your daily life. For example, if anything comes up still that may be there, it’s your mental belief. Or something as simple as the water that is not directly aligned with but it’s a piece of the puzzle. If the traffic jams on the way to work, if there’s anything at all that is a frustration to you; we invite you in that moment to just consciously breathe into your heart center and breathe out with the intention almost like a force, like a little puff. You breathe out and you let that go. What we see happening is that as you do this with every miniscule or small or even big thing as it happens throughout your daily life it will get easier and easier, then more and more can be released. Does that resonate with you beloved?

Oh yes it does! One of the things that has come up—they used to talk about the Chinese water torture when they drip a drop on a person’s forehead until they went nuts. It’s like that, little thing after little thing and they just pile up and you feel like you can’t take anymore. This is a beautiful technique to use in those moments so that things don’t pile up like that. Thank you, thank you!

You’re very welcome! And it is something you will begin to do in a very unconscious manner. But as with anything you learn that’s new just put it forth that you will consciously do this any time it comes up in the next several days or weeks. Then you will say for example go back and listen to this at a later at some point and you will realize, ‘oh gosh I’m already doing that!’. So it’s not much to get into that pattern, yet the effects of it will be huge.

Thank you so much!!

You are welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess? (Hello) Hi, this is Cynthia. I’ve been doing so much better, thank you so much for these months, the breathing and the energy flowing; these meditations are such a blessing! (umhum) One of the strange things happening right now for me and I wanted you to see what you pick up on; I’m having these strange irregular menstrual cycles. I’m cycling more towards the moon and sometimes I’m getting these double periods. I just wanted you to check my energy to see if this abnormal of if it’s part of the changes I’m going through energetically. So maybe if you could just kind of tune in to my adrenals, hormones and see what’s going on with that? (Alright..) I did go to the doctor and they gave me some Provera to take for 10 days to see if they would regulate. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong. I just feel it’s just my body shifting.

Answer: Alright beloved, we tend to agree with you, but if you will take a breath in and as you breathe in let yourself and your focus go within your heart center and invite us to come in and merge with you more deeply. (pause) alright, as we flow up and down through your body, we can feel there is a part of you that’s out of balance. It feels as if its hormone related. It feels as if your body is going through a natural transition. Partly it feels like there is something within you that is integrating a higher vibrational essence and once that integration is more complete all of your hormones, all of your adrenal glands, all of your pituitary; it feels like on many different levels are out of kilter right now. As this integration becomes complete, you will find your body will come back down into balance again. It feels as if there is a normal transition that is also being to take place within your body, so some of this is the normal transition all women go through. But it is being accentuated or amplified because of these other attempts at integrating these energies.

For you what we would recommend is that you focus upon is accepting your body in whatever it may be doing in any given moment; accepting this new higher vibration that is coming in. The sense we get as we look at you is that you do accept it, you do invite it in. But yet on the physical level of things, there’s a disconnect between your divinity and your physical. So as you more fully blend and bring all that divinity down completely through your physical body and every cell within your physical body; that will complete the integration we first picked up on. You will then find that your physical body will react in alignment with your divinity. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Umm, yes, I didn’t know that I guess. Is it unconscious that I’m doing this?

Unconscious that you’re doing what?

You were saying that my divinity and my physical body are not flowing.

What it feels to us is that with your physical body there is a deeper alignment to your human self. From that human self, there is a part of you that feels ‘I am human; therefore I can’t manifest all of my divinity or more of my divinity and that’s a part of my human experience’. So if that’s not a conscious belief for you, it’s unconscious belief but it’s something that is making itself known to us as we blend with you right now. That’s the part of you that is in the process of becoming integrated and more deeply blended between your divinity and your human experience.

We don’t say this as a form of criticism or that you’ve done anything wrong in the past; it’s simply a matter of this is normal process; this is your normal integration of these things coming into your life.


We do confirm and compliment you on all the transition you have made. As we look back over the past nine months or so, it is a beautiful, beautiful transition that you have been through. It’s like this is taking it the final step.

I feel that as well.


Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question: Thank you so much, it’s been wonderful! It seems like every day in this past week something major has happened to me. I saw the doctor on Monday who told me he thought I have lupus, then a couple of days ago I found out that all my tires were totally threadbare, and I thought the company would help pay for them because they were warranted for 50,000 miles, then my computer totally crashed yesterday, then an old head injury I had has started coming up again. So, I’m wondering what is going on.

Answer: As you were talking about these various experiences of the past week, it does feel like lots of different pieces and lots of different… hold on a second. Okay, beloved. The first thing we would like you to do is to close your eyes for a moment and to take in a slow easy breath. As you are taking this breath in let your focus move from where you breathe in from your nose and move down into your heart center. And as we are linking here within your heart center, we feel as if there is kind of a constriction or a flow or it feels as if it’s not quite as open as it could be. So we want you to consciously breath into your heart center and then, as if you were opening up a door, we see like those stable doors and like both of them going wide open, and then consciously open you heart center. And take in another deep breath and feel yourself as you are linking into your heart center. And then, as you are breathing out, let yourself just find that place of relaxation and that place where you can, for the moment, feel the ease and feel good.

Alright, so having said that, that allows us to much more easily go back and see all these things that are going on. It feels as if there’s a lot of turbulence around you. And it feels like much of this is old energy that is coming up to be resolved. And it feels like it has to do with finding the balance, finding the… it feels like between the lupus and the tires in particular that it has to do with things about being a victim, or things about not having control over your life, or perhaps even the computer could be thrown in with that. But as you are going forward in this next week to come and as things are happening with you, what we would suggest is that you take the time to go inside of your body, go inside of your thoughts or your belief system and ask yourself if at any point or is there a part of you that still feels the victim or still feels like things are way beyond your own control. Because this feels like something that needs to be transitioned and released so that you can more fully embrace your divinity and you can more fully be open and let that flow into your life. Because our sense is… and on the journey tonight when you were up in the All That Is, it feels as if you were truly moving through and healing those symptoms of lupus and those symptoms of change within you or around you. And it felt like, we just keep hearing over and over again, the victim. But yet, when we look at you, we don’t have the sense of… you know, the victim is an energy and it might not always be on the surface, what one would associate with someone who is a victim. But it leads to an energy that is, “I am simply responding to everything that is beyond my control or everything that is outside of me.” And so, what we see is going to help you is that by creating that greater alignment within yourself, by creating that greater flow and knowing in your own heart, and this is something that only you can recognize and accept it for yourself, that that’s what will empower you, that’s what will bring balance into your life and that’s when you’ll see that some of these things, especially the physical ailments that you’ve been having, will actually balance themselves out and much of it will resolve.

If there’s a bigger reason for all of this happening that’s basically what would be our message about it. Does that resonate with you as we speak of it, Beloved?

Yes, I think so. I finally got to the point last night when my computer just totally crashed that I said, “Okay, God, I just give up. Here it is. All of it”.

And as you were giving up, as you said that, the energy behind that was one of surrender and it was the letting go. Just as with that first individual when she talked about all the little things that were bothering her and on the journey, as I spoke of things that are constricting to you, all of these things that you’re speaking of are constricting to your energy because then they’re a hassle because they’re hard for you to deal with. So if you can shift and then do that surrender, “I release. I surrender.” Whatever phrase you want to use is fine with us. But essentially by surrendering you are letting go of that constriction and you’re opening to a more expanded flow and energy. And from the space of that expansion and that more open flow of energy, you are then able to see answers that you didn’t see before. You’re then able to find yourself feeling good about whatever is happening. And when you feel good, and when you feel that expansion then some of these things just go by the wayside. (Thank you so much.) You are very welcome.

Question: Thank you very much for the journey tonight. Can you give me some helping hand with my vertigo?

Answer: Beloved, when we see you and when you speak of the vertigo, we feel you as being very ungrounded in your physical body. We see that there is a part of you that is living very much in the sixth and seventh dimension and yet, your physical body is here in the fourth and fifth. And so, that difference is what’s causing you to have vertigo. It also has to do with the cellular structure of your physical body being open and expanding so that these higher vibrations can then more fully integrate into your physical body. So what we would say is do this little task with us right now. Take a deep breath in and as you breathe in, as you let your focus and your consciousness go down within your heart center, consciously breathe in the tension of your expanded self and your higher vibrational living and bringing all of that down into your heart center, and then this time as you breathe out rather than breathing it out away from the body, breathe it all the way down through your blood stream and into your cells within your body. So that as you breathe in, you’re breathing in that part of you that’s outside of you and as you breathe out, you’re integrating it within your cellular structure, within your body. And as you do so, it actually works up within your ear canal. It works within that part of you that’s causing that actual, physical experience of vertigo, and it clears out that space and it integrates things more fully. Does that resonate with you, Beloved? (Yes.) Because this is something that feels like it’s gotten worse recently and we feel that that’s why: because you took that next step and you expanded into almost as if you’re living in two spaces at the same time. And so, by bringing yourself back together and integrating all of you as one essence as yourself and in this one physical body, then that’s what allows you to get rid of the vertigo. It may come in lesser and lesser amounts, but if you do feel vertigo at any time, then consciously breathe in and let that breathing in and integrating of your higher consciousness let that flow throughout your body into the cells within you, into your ears, into every part of you so that that vertigo transitions.

Tonight I feel myself as been expanded as much as I was out in the All That Is. I feel like a phoenix completely different from all the time I’ve been on the journey with you.

Excellent. We’ve always seen you in that more expanded state so the fact that you’re seeing yourself and you’re feeling it for yourself is truly excellent. So congratulations on that. (Thank you.) You’re welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess. Tonight on our journey when we were working with the different human aspects, my perception was that there were about ten to twelve different aspects of my soul incarnate at this time. Is that a correct assessment? Also what can I do further to enhance greater self-empowerment and awareness?

Answer: Okay, twelve is the number that came to us as you were speaking of this. And we think that there may actually be a few more than that, but it feels like twelve are at the focus right now and that may be of pertinent energies for you. What’s interesting, when we speak of aspects of yourself that are currently living upon the earth, it doesn’t mean that they are all twelve living in 2010. Some of these are living in Medieval times, some are in Atlantis and then a couple also in what might be considered future time upon earth. What we would say to you is that when you work within yourself and you link with those… we’re chuckling because what we see you doing is expanding into the soul plane or expanding into your Higher Self and gathering a meeting or calling a meeting of everyone to come and have a little meeting. And then around this, as we see this group coming together, it feels as if there is a part that is magical from another essence or another lifetime and that magical part can give you that sense of believing in magic and believing in ways of shifting the energy around you that is perhaps considered a magical manner. We also have a sense of somebody that is like a mathematician or something, or it feels like a professor or something that is in that type of an energy and that feels like a male essence. And he’s accomplished some of these things that you have been seeking to accomplish in your life. So if you let your attention or your focus or your consciousness shift into and know that one of those aspects has already accomplished what you are seeking to do, you can then let that energy flow back into you in your current state. And that’s how you can get the support from these other aspects of yourself, and that also through these connections can bring in more support from your own divinity. Does that resonate with you, Beloved? (Absolutely. I look forward to doing that exercise more than once and I think it will help tremendously.) And I think that as you are doing that, you are going to find that there may be things that are different each time. The sense we get is that there may be one or two that are fairly consistent, but whatever comes to you is about whatever you need in that moment. So if it is different each time, don’t let that bother you. It’s because you are manifesting whatever is in your best interest in any given moment.

Thank you, Goddess. I dearly love you.

You are welcome, Beloved. And I love you, too.

Question: Hello Goddess. I just had a breakup with a boyfriend, and this has happened before (with this same individual). I was wondering what’s going to happen with him this time. His name is Steve.

Answer: When we look at you and Steve, it feels like one of those relationships that goes in concentric circles, as if the two of you go away from each other and you come back, and then you go away and then you come back. As if, like these two separate circles keep going around and around you and you keep coming back to one another. It feels as if part of the reason for that is it was your intention in this lifetime that you would have a relationship with each other and through that relationship it would provide growth for each one of you. As we look at you right now, it feels as if it has run its course. It feels as if the majority of what you are going to get out of this relationship with each other has occurred because now it like instead of bringing out the best in each other, it’s brought out the worst. No, we don’t like how that comes across. It’s as if by staying in a relationship with him, it’s holding you back and keeping you in a space that doesn’t allow you to grow. So that’s why it feels as if this time you are both kind of moving in separate directions. It feels like it’s complete, whatever it was that you needed to get from each other. Does that resonate with you?

What do you see coming up for me romantically instead?

As we look at you and as we look at the days and months to come, it feels like we would encourage you to take at least a little bit of time to integrate this relationship, to acknowledge the ups, the downs, the various things that it has brought to you, as if you put it to rest or if you put it to conclusion. And then, when you begin to look out and look at what other men are out there, it feels as if it allows you to encounter a different type of man, or someone that’s more in alignment with where you are seeking to go. We do have a sense of you meeting new people. We have a sense of change around you and it feels like these changes are coming on different waves, like different waves as far as work, different ways of meeting them through social situations, just kind of a lot of different things. So we do see that there are a lot more potentials there. And we do see that in order for them to come into your life or to manifest within you that you need to say goodbye… and we’re not just talking about the way that you’ve already done so, but you need to more fully release this relationship with Steve and then that will allow you to open up to others that are there.

Can you give me suggestions on how to do that because I seem unable to do that and I always seem to go back to him.

What we would say is that if you feel yourself drawn to going back to him then ask yourself, “what is my reason for going back?” Is it just because there’s nobody else there and he’s better than nothing? Then, if that’s a reason and if that’s okay with you, then that’s a reason for doing so. But recognize that the issues and the problems you’ve had are still going to be there in the same manner. If you feel like you haven’t met anyone else and you’re going back to Steve and this time you both have a different intention or this time you are both seeking to create a change then you can go into it with an open awareness that we are seeking a change this time and let’s see what happens. But if you instead look outward and look at other possibilities that are there, if you put yourself out with an intention of having an open heart and an openness to manifest other men or other relationships in your life, then things will come to your awareness that will be other opportunities.

Why does it always have to be bad with Steve? Why did we always have to fight if we did love each other?

That is just the pattern that we see around you in this lifetime. We don’t have any deeper explanation for it other than to say that the two of you had chosen to come into this life to release and resolve things is part of what’s hanging over that. And some of that has to do with getting along with one another and creating a life together. So if you continue to fight or if you continue to get into these arguments then it feels like it’s more just a pattern of the past once more coming around or circling around again. So work with letting go of your past life experiences with him and past experiences in this lifetime, too, so that you can more fully create changes.

Do you think if I want to go back to him, he will have me back?

This is beginning to get more than what we can do in this time frame. If you feel the need to do so, perhaps call Shelly for a private session.

Thank you.

You’re welcome, Beloved.

Question: I’m curious about the Mayan Day Seven just started on November 3, 2010. I’m wondering what that means for humanity? Also, the Mayan Day Seven is supposed to bring about balance between the masculine and feminine within us and I’m wondering how that looks with me?

Answer: The Mayan Day Seven that you’re speaking of feels like it was an ancient intention that was put forth into the future as they were reading the rhythms of consciousness and the rhythms of humanity. That seeking of balance is something that went along with the more fully expanding into the fourth dimension and into living through your heart center. We feel that humanity has already been doing this and humanity has already been in the place of integrating masculine and feminine so as to be more balanced within themselves. The fact that it’s coming up in different awareness’s, there will be people, of course, who will focus on things at different times, and it all leads to the collective consciousness finding its shift around or finding itself raising or moving into that space of a much greater balance. So that’s our sense as you ask about the Mayan Seven.

As for yourself, this has been a very focused intention for you for a number of years and we see you as having a continuous flow that goes back and forth like flows within the essence of masculine and feminine within yourself. We see you as being actually quite balanced already. And when there is a time that you need more feminine or there’s a time that you need more masculine, then you just naturally move into that space or move into that consciousness. This is something that you’ve been doing… you started out doing it consciously a number of years ago, and now it feels more unconscious, but it’s still going on and so when you ask about it… it feels because you haven’t been thinking about it with an intended awareness then it makes you think that perhaps I’m not as balanced. But the truth is you are that balanced. So we invite you to reach out and open to that awareness.

Thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

(This completes the Q&A for November 7, 2010)


LightBeing 23rd November 2010 6:10 pm

Beautiful message(s)! Thank you.

Shelly Dressel 25th November 2010 7:38 am

Hello Lightbeing! You're welcome and I appreciate your comment~~ Sending you great love and joy on Thanksgiving Day!



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