Reconnecting With Your Magic Within

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I welcome all who come into this time and place of communication and of connection to each other. This is an opportunity for each of you to be able to feel and know your own divinity; for each of you to be able to understand who you are as the human walking upon the earth. This is your time, so allow yourself to truly be in the moment. Allow yourself to let the energies flow through you in such a way that you may receive the full benefit of whatever you are seeking.

Take this moment to fully ground yourself in the location where you are. Send your energies out. Let your physical body be secure in the place in which you are located. As you do this, allow yourself to truly release your consciousness. Allow your consciousness to release the energy of your physical body.

Allow yourself to shift into the energies of the magnetic grid. This is the interlocking pathway that surrounds the earth. It is also multi dimensional. It is a space where you come when you seek expansion. There is an aspect of yourself that resides w/in these energies. Allow yourself to connect with this aspect at this time.

You may look around at these pathways as they move out from you. You may become aware of the other individuals who are a part of this group. They show up as light and as energies.

Allow yourself to release the pull of the magnetics, let go of the energy of the earth plane. You may have a sense of moving through an interlocking grid, but let yourself fully shift into the energy of the crystalline grid. This is a space of beauty. It’s a space of a very high vibration that is also mixed with those of the earth plane.

More and more of these crystalline energies are becoming seated within the earth plane. Therefore, the crystalline grid itself is shifting so as to accommodate this. Many of you have been upon these journeys for a long time. Take this moment to perceive any differences there may be. Feel this crystalline energy and feel how it resonates within you.

From here, you may call forth the column of light. Allow this column to assist you in shifting energies. As you shift, you find yourself moving into the space of the soul plane. This is a different vibration that the others you have experienced. This is a plane of consciousness in which your divinity or your soul essence resides. Allow this to accommodate who you are. Allow yourself to call forth and blend with your I AM presence. Whenever you blend with your full divinity, it gives you a new perspective of who you are.

Allow yourself to accept and understand the various aspects of yourself from within your soul essence. You may choose to practice connecting with various aspects of this energy, but understand that all of it is who you are!

I the Goddess now come into this space. I move between each one of you. Before I fully blend, allow me to illuminate more of who you are. As you look at me, recognize that I am within each one of you, as you are within me. I blend so as to merge completely with each one of you. As you accept my energies, allow yourself or perhaps it will be just that you find yourself within the space of the All That Is.

Let yourself fully recognize where you are. This is a space that has the collective consciousness. This is a space where the soul essence blends and merges with one another. This is a space of creation. Creation can occur within here within each one of you on a one to one basis. There are also times when groups of people will come together as they work; be it on a new creation or something which is evolving. Some have a sense that there are conference rooms, some have a sense of being out doors. You can make it whatever you choose. It is a space of emptiness and it is a space of being; until you give it a conscious thought. That comes from within you.

There is so much that each of you has been doing upon your journey. We have talked many times about the past. We have talked about the influence of the past upon you. We have talked about the various histories of the earth. We have talked about what you are creating fro yourself in the future each of you who is a soul essence has had a multitude of experiences in many many different settings.

Many of you have had experiences in which you were what would be considered an ET. By that we mean you lived on other planets or you lived out within the universe or the galaxy. Sometimes you worked upon the ships the moved throughout the galaxy sometimes you worked upon a planet, and other times you were the planet.

You then chose to come into existence upon the earth. There are other planets in the universe that have a gravitational pull and that have similar attributes to the earth; but the earth itself has been unique. Those of you upon it have chosen to come back again and again. I mention this because I wish for you to recognize that you are an immense soul essence. I wish for you to recognize that you have had more experiences in various situations than you could probably count with your human consciousness. Therefore, when you look at yourself in your current life, while it may be different in one aspect or another; or in many aspects, you have the knowledge and the tools within yourself to create all that you seek to have.

So many of you have been within a space of struggle. You have felt a separation, lack, loneliness; the list can go on and on. All that you have felt you have created; this human in the moment in time. See your life from this perspective. Let go the limitations of the human. Let yourself connect with all those aspects that lived and are living in other dimensions, aspects and experiences. The reason that this is your reality is because you are choosing to let your focus be upon this lifetime.

Allow us to shift back into what you would consider back in time; into when you first came into the earth plane. The majority of you did it at some time during Lemuria or possibly during the time of Atlantis. When you first came to the earth, you moved through what is known as the veil. The veil is what kept you from remembering all that you knew and all that you were.

Each of you as a soul essence at that time could not let go of that memory completely. So the individuals who came to earth remembered how magical they were. They remembered how to shift energy. They remembered that they themselves were pure energy therefore; they could shift or create changes in their reality quite easily.

Who were you??? From this perspective, I see so many life experiences coming back into people’s consciousness; you were the scientist, the doctors, the leaders, the followers. You were all aspects of society just as you are now. The difference is that at that time the vibration of the earth was in alignment with the vibration of the universe. You had not yet forgotten how magical you were.

The energies of the earth were possibly more matriarchal. There was a greater amount of feminine energies than there were masculine energies. This was a choice when the energies came to earth. As you moved through the energies of time, you can see when the density and the earth plane shifted into a different place of existence. This would be after the fall of Atlantis; that is when truly people began to forget who there were.

There was a heaviness that was a part of everyone’s existence. There was a great deal of fear, control, manipulations perhaps. So many would look to the stars or look to the earth but didn’t recognize this as being parts of themselves; it had now become separate. So, there was this much greater separation between divinity and human.

Let your consciousness come back into the All That Is. Letting go of those memories of your experiences. I ask you to remember what it was like to live upon the earth and to be magical. I ask you to remember who you are as a part of the universe and YOU are immense. I ask you to remember that you are a human temporarily. I ask you to remember that from the time you created your own soul essence; that THAT is who you always are. The creation of yourself has been filled with every possible experience.

As you are creating upon the earth at this time, you are making new experiences for yourself. But sometimes you are re-living from a different aspect experiences that you have already had. You need not get bogged down with any of this. What I seek for each of you to have and to recognize is that you are magical. You can be all that you want to be. You already are, especially here in the place of the All That Is.

Go inside of yourself and ask; where is the magic within me? How am I magical? You may each have heard and recognized your own answer, but I say to you first and foremost; the magic is simply YOU BEING YOU! Open to understand who you are. Allow this into your life. From there, I see magic.

With the shifting of the energies upon the earth, there is a finer, lighter, vibration that is coming into being. The density or heaviness that was so long upon the earth is being released. It is not something that happens overnight. The beginning of this shift was profound when Yeshua walked upon the earth, but there were many other pockets of energy prior to that and many others since then that also has made up the shift taking place. Now we are in what many of you term ‘a new energy era’. You need not give it a name; it is simply where you are at this moment.

Each one of you if you seek to do so may connect more fully with these energies coming into the earth and the vibrations of the earth so that they may assist you in your daily life. Let yourself take this time to fully appreciate who you are. Let yourself fully acknowledge the energies ad changes that have occurred over the last several months. Then as you understand all of this within you, recognize how you are living in the moment.

It is only natural as humans to look to the future, to seek what you want to have in your life. For so many, it is something you are moving into that you do not have. It is very normal and natural as a human to seek changes, to seek what you wish to create or manifest. Take this opportunity and once more bring to mind what you are creating in your life. Here within the All That Is, it is completed, it is done!

Now, consider yourself as you live in the moment. Breathe, feel, smell, know, and understand that your creation is here in the moment and it is real! You may be asking if it is not yet real upon the earth, how can I live this moment upon the earth. You may tap into the essence of what you have created in every moment of every day. For some people it may be that you create a symbol. This symbol represents as accomplished, what you seek to have. This symbol will make itself known to you. Let yourself blend with it and merge so that it is a part of your full consciousness.

If you find yourself moving through your days feeling as if your manifestation has not yet occurred, breathe in the essence of that symbol. Breathe in the knowledge, the belief that it is done. Breathe out resistance, sorrow, pain, anger, simply allow yourself to be in the moment in a full expanded trust that it is done and it is here.

There is a sense of joy that is bubbling up within all of you! There is a sense of expansion as each of you reconnect within yourself, you know who you are. Again, you go back to that understanding of your infinite abilities. Be in the peace, the inner knowledge, the understanding.

There are always shifts in the planets that are taking place. The earth is a part of the galaxy and all are interrelated to one another. There is your perception of the planets from the earth bound scientists, but you can have your own perception of these planets from the space of the All That Is. From within this space, you may easily access any planet you so desire. Your consciousness is flexible, it may expand in whatever way is needed so as to allow you to connect with and understand anything you may seek to connect with.

Let your consciousness stretch. Allow yourself to understand how the patterns of the universe and the energy flow or vibrations affect all of the earth or perhaps only you in your place upon the earth. Let yourself merge with a star or planet. Perhaps you will just let yourself fly throughout the galaxy, experiencing all the planets.

As I mentioned early on, you have lived out in these other aspects of the universe. You may choose to connect with yourself that has lived in that experience, or go to that experience. Through your intention, you may tap into those memories. There is a reason for you to do this. It will assist you in your daily life upon the earth. When in these spaces of expanded awareness, there is always a reason for why these things happen. Therefore, let yourself become aware. Let yourself become aware of your own divinity without limits.

I invite everyone to now come back within the space of the All That Is. Choose this time to celebrate with each other; celebrate remembering, celebrate your magic, celebrate that you are who you are! Allow this group to form somewhat of a circle or expanded space so that within this space, the hologram of the earth is able to emerge. As this hologram comes up from within the earth, Lady Gaia as always makes herself known.

She is the soul essence of the earth. But I also invite you to become aware of all the various aspects of the divine feminine that have been recognized upon the earth. You see them each as they come forth. Some are connected with a particular culture. Some were considered universal. Some are considered an aspect of a religion. What I invite you to recognize is how all of these energies of the divine feminine were appropriate or were manifested for a reason.

Now is the time for greater balance upon the earth. Therefore, there is a greater influx of the divine feminine energies. As you see, the majority of these energies are what one might consider ancient or old, so the essence of their beings were buried over time. We bring that forth at this time and we recognize that they have always been there; meaning that each of these essences and each of these energies has always been linked with the earth. See if there is one or another that you find yourself resonating with, and then allow yourself to reach out and merge with that energy. You may choose to a feel a link with each one of them. They all come forth at this time as a means of creating balance upon the earth.

These energies remain present, but now let yourself also become aware of that which were considered the divine masculine aspects; be they considered a god, a teacher, a master. They were the essence, the energy that many looked up towards throughout history. There is even an aspect of the masculine that is represented through Gaia. Let yourself perceive these energies and if you choose, you may blend with a particular one or all of them.

Each of you has lived these multitude of lives or experiences upon the earth. You have been aligned with the masculine; you have been aligned with the feminine. Now is the time for complete balance within you the human, just as now is the time for complete balance upon the earth. These energies blend with one another and they blend with the hologram. Allow yourself to perceive how that manifests into the hologram. These energies have always been there, but when we take an opportunity to acknowledge them, and as each of you transmit your love, your essence into this hologram, it is linking with the current consciousness an it is assisting it in shifting into this new place or this new space in which you are living.

You may call it the fourth dimension, the fifth, the sixth, they are but numbers. You are creating the changes upon the earth. You are manifesting onto the earth what you have created from the All That Is. Let yourself transmit your magical abilities into this hologram. Transmit that symbol that represents all that you have accomplished upon the higher plane that you are bringing into the physical plane. Whatever you seek, you may send into this hologram. It is but another way of anchoring these energies that are creating the changes upon the earth.

As this happens, the earth becomes so radiant and bright. Look about and see yourself reflected in this bright radiant light. See yourself, see your friends, see your loved ones, see all who are here.

With that, we release the hologram. We allow it to shift so that is may return to the physical earth. As the hologram moves through, there is an aspect that aligns with the magnetic grid. This assists the magnetic grid in shifting into a higher space. The remainder of the hologram moves into the physical earth. As it does so, it goes into the core essence of the earth and then moves out from there. This is anchoring all that is within the earth, and then as it moves out, it is shifting the energies that are within the plants, the animals, and the people. The very air that you breathe moves into this new alignment.

Let your focus come back within this group. You may choose to communicate with one another. But most of all remember all that you have experienced within this journey. Remember who you are, who you have always been. Remember you have immense abilities. Remember that you can (be) and are this same essence as the person who walks upon the earth. You are each so beautiful and I feel such love as I link with and communicate with you!

I allow these energies to shift once more. Let yourself return to the soul plane, that space in which your I AM presence resides. As you do so, you may find it expands so as to accommodate you. You as a consciousness are much bigger than when you first came into this area. Let yourself use that as a perspective to understand another aspect of who you are. As you become acclimated within this space, you are able to connect more fully with the aspect of your divinity that you are choosing to bring back with you when you come into your physical body.

Perhaps it was a memory of a specific lifetime or experience. Perhaps it was the memory of the completion of whatever you are seeking in this lifetime. Perhaps it is the memory or the knowledge that you are magical and you can do anything you seek to do.

Bring that consciousness with you, letting yourself move down so that you may briefly stop within the space of the crystalline grid. Within this space, you find that the grid work shifts, so as to assist you in balancing. It shifts to accommodate all these energies that you have been working with. Allow it to be whatever it needs to be for you.

Shift once more that you may connect with the magnetic grid. As you do this, you again feel the pull of the magnetics of the earth. You always return to that space which is yours within the space of the magnetic grid. Perceive how at this time, you are in a higher or different vibration than when you first released the consciousness of your physical body. It is still you; it is but an aspect of you.

From here, let your energies or your consciousness more fully go back within your physical body. Some may need to expand their energy field around them so as to accommodate this more expanded you. Let yourself be in this moment. Let yourself recognize your physical body. Let this human aspect fully recognize and understand that it is still you who was in the All That Is. You can still be and do all that you created in the space of the All That Is. There will be those changes and differences that go along with being human, but it is you and it can be done!

As you are each grounding yourself, I invite you to come back within the room if you have a question. You may press four upon your telephone so as to un-mute. I am then open to receive any questions you may have.

Question: (paraphrased) First of all, thank you for this lovely journey although I was drifting in and out for much of the journey. My question is that I’ve been having some difficulties with one of the things I’ve wanted to create. I’m wondering if you can confirm or not the perception that in asking for additional money, I’ve been cut off from what I was doing.

Answer: Okay, I am blending with you and with this situation. First and foremost we did want to mention that as you mentioned drifting in and out, that was a part of the creation process for you. We know that we’ve had this conversation with you, but you as the human keeps growing, you keep expanding, allowing more and more and more into your life. It is beautiful, it is a new resonance that you emanate from within yourself; but you have not fully blended this divinity or this human aspect. So in part when you say you drift in and out, it’s as if you were creating the whole entire time, tapping into and acknowledging for yourself; part of your consciousness accepted, it was already there and doing it, but the other part is still in a place of transition. So, even though you did not have a full consciousness of what happened this time, it was still a creation. It was still in your case blending these aspects of yourself so as to be on the same alignment within yourself.

Now, the way that relates to what is within your life. There were two perceptions that came to us as you were speaking of the flow of abundance. The first was that one reason there seems be a cut off between you and the people you have been working with, is that it is time you are moving in a new direction and its time for new opportunities to come your way. Secondly, the thing that came to us was that there is a part of your human self or your ego self that feels the connection and commitment to them. It’s also a little bit about the security; the security of what you already know and have been doing. It (human self) wants to hold onto the past as you’ve been moving into the future. We realize that’s a little abstract and there’s absolutely no reason why that should not happen and it certainly can happen so that you can continue to have one income as you are opening to more income. For whatever reason, from within you that is what we are sensing. From within you here is a distinction or separation between the two. So what we would invite you to do first of all; we sense that this is something very unconscious within you because we know that you have been consciously creating a greater balance within yourself. We invite you to connect with the Unconscious part of yourself. That part of the creator (my sense is that this is a human aspect of creating) that looks at things in black and white; the idea that you can have one but not the other. Let yourself breathe in the balance. Breathe in the knowledge that you can and are this full abundance you are creating within your life. Let yourself do that any time you feel this come to your attention. It may just come to you over the next few days as a means of allowing you to affirm that you are blending this and are open to this.

Now as for the articles you have been writing or the work you will be doing in the future is going to be taking on a new dimension or aspect to it, as if it’s going to be broader or bring in a more steady type of work as in a series of articles for something versus a sporadic article that’s written in one place or another. As for why you felt the distance in these people, the sense we’re getting is that they did not appreciate the type of work that you did, the magnitude of amount of time that went into it. They are looking only at their budget and what they have to offer people. We sense they are people who do not see things in as expanded a way as you do. While it has worked in the past, these relationships are just not going to be as strong in the future.

Now, we have touched on many different things here, is this filling in some of the blanks for you? (She said yes) Be aware that there is more and more coming to you. We see so much abundance around you and we know that you feel it is out there in the future and not happening to you. Whether you remember a symbol from the journey or not, create a new symbol for yourself. Trust in yourself. Trust in the belief that it has happened and it is happening. We see a flow of energy around you. We see great abundance around you. We will hold this space for you until you can find it and we will continue to flow that energy of prosperity and abundance around you. (Thank you; I really appreciate yours and Shelly’s support.) You are welcome beloved.

Question: (paraphrased) My question has to do with the fact that I have a history of urinary tract infections and I feel one coming on now. I’m wondering if with the journey tonight this is connected to a past life or past experience. Or is it a negative energy within me that I haven’t released? Can you please give me an insight on all this?

Answer: We thank you beloved for bringing that up because basically what you are saying here is that your physical body can manifest various aspects that may be going on in this life or another life. From a space of consciousness, from a space of divinity, there is only existence. There are many different things that have influenced that existence that you may call various lifetimes, but from a consciousness or divinity aspect, it is all but the same. So saying, there are many times when people will have things that link directly with your current life or it may be an overlay from something else. Now, in your case, what we are coming up to is that you have been shifting your physical vibration and creating changes in your life that your physical body has not fully accommodated these changes you have been incorporating that within you. By that we mean the vibration you bring in through meditation, the shift that occurs with these journeys, and your own personal journey upon the earth. We do have a sense that you are holding back from acceptance. Be it holding back from acceptance in yourself, acceptance of others, and acceptance of whatever it may be in your life. You will know. You are holding onto something rather than accepting it or letting it flow. If you will do that, look at your life and see what that may be. The sense coming to us is that it has to do with accepting your divinity or the immensity of your divinity; then you will find that these symptoms will lessen or go away completely. The more you hold onto or hold back, the more you will feel symptoms within you. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes, but I’m very surprised because I thought I had done exactly that, accepted my divinity.)

You have accepted your divinity; when you look at a person’s life and their path of spirituality; when you say that you have accepted your divinity indeed you have; as much as your divinity could take in at that point. Now your consciousness is expanded so the amount of divinity you are bringing in is a greater amount and that is what we say you need to acclimate to and accept for yourself. So, yes you keep accepting it as you go along the way, but in particular in this journey from within the soul plane, when we asked you to connect with your expanded consciousness and focus on bringing back the greater amount of your divinity. Well, what comes with that divinity is the inner knowledge of who you are, the ability to see things differently; for some it may be the be the ability to use telepathy, to use shifting of energies, it can be any innumerable things. We spoke on the journey about using magic within your life and the time when you did use magic in your life. So whether it’s accepting your magical abilities, your psychic abilities, whatever it may be, there is more available within you that you have not acknowledged within yourself. (Okay, I will make a conscious effort to do that.) It need not be that you know every specific detail. It is understanding that you are always bringing in more and more and more of what is divine and what is magical within your life. You will see things open up around you in a new way.

(Okay, thank you so much.)

You are welcome.

Question: (Paraphrased) I want to get confirmation that the house that I found is my house and the move will take place with grace and ease.

Answer: We have a sense as we are looking at this house; it has a warmth about it. It has not been empty, but it has a feeling of being empty. We see as you are moving in that there will be a different vitality or sense; we don’t know exactly what it is but yes, we want to confirm for you that this is the house you have been anticipating. We see that it is still 3-4 weeks or so before you will move in. Perhaps that is why there is that sense of emptiness. It’s as if there is a space of emptiness and you are going to move into that space. We have a very strong sense that it is what you have been seeking, it’s a place you can call home, it’s a place you can make your own, we see you once you get into it placing candles and perhaps crystals; really truly energetically making it your own. If this is what you asking, then yes we concur with you. This is going to happen smoothly.

(Nice! Will have to find a temporary place that was mentioned before?)

No, our sense is that because you actually have something that can be permanent, you can remain where you are longer than the 2 weeks. We don’t see you going to an interim place. We know that we tapped into this potential before, but the interim place felt like a place where you would be for a month, six weeks or longer. So, our sense is that you will be able to wait it out.

(Okay, thank you.)

Question: (paraphrased) There is a man that I am supposed to be married to, my life partner. When will I meet this man? How would I recognize him? I keep checking and asking about this person and I have been told repeatedly that he is on the way, but it has been 22 years since I left my marriage. Can you please give me some insights?

Answer: In the period of time since you have left your marriage there have been many transformations that have come within your life. You yourself have moved through many transformations. The life mate that you are speaking of now is not the same individual it was even perhaps three to four years ago. So as we are looking at you and the energies of people around you, it’s very interesting that not one individual person is making his presence more known than another. We have a sense of seeing two or three different men, different individuals. It’s almost as if they are clustered in a group around you. What that is saying to us at this time is that there will be choices for you. We have this sense that you have been going through a metamorphosis, especially most recently within your life. What you are seeking to have in a mate is not in the place where you are right now. There is still something within you that needs to shift. It’s this vibrational shift that will assist in manifesting an individual who is on the same vibrational level as you. So once you have completed whatever it is you are doing for yourself right now, then you will see more fully which of these men it is going to be. That is why the sense of when is it going to happen, who is it going to be is just not clear to us at this time. The sense though is that you will have a choice. Perhaps the more clear you are about who you are and what you want in your life, then that will help one or the other of them to magnetize more easily. Does that make sense to you?

(There was a very long pause. Then she said what do I need to do to complete my process?)

It is a matter of hmmm, on the one hand we are seeing you as full, whole, complete, there is nothing you need to do. But we have this sense that you are shifting into a space of more fully accepting; be it abilities you have, this spiritual expansion, or teaching or something to do with your spirituality and things that are non traditional. It’s as if you need to get that foundation more real within yourself or understand what it is. There is something more about that process and when you have completed it that is when energetically there will be more direct path. We feel as if this is what you have spent the last two or three months completing. To us it’s as if you are right on the tip or at the end of it. So perhaps just consider how you are going to bring this spirituality out into the world, what is our comfort zone with that, what is your comfort zone about speaking out about who you are. In fact, the more we speak of this that is what is making us think that perhaps this is on line with what you are asking. There is one individual who is more drawn to that openness and confidence within yourself; that is what he will mirror back to you.

What you will have in your life is one of openness, manifesting an individual who is very in touch with his own self, feeling, energies, and easily communicate with you. So, as for a time frame, we sense you are resolving everything now then the doorway will be open. Because there is but a slight difference with this one individual, we really can’t tell you a specific time frame at this time. Be at peace. We can feel the frustration, we can feel the irritation or anger that it’s not here or now in the physical. I remind you that it has been created, it is done, so as you are affirming in your reality on the earth plane; affirm that it is here, it is a part of your day. That too will create an opening in your vibration.

(What makes it difficult is that I have been hearing similar information for the past 22 years. Every time I ask the question, I get the same answer, so I don’t know how to go about resolving it or handling it.)

Well then trust that because you consistently hear the same thing, trust that it is a reality; that it is going to happen. Know that it is and it will be there when it is there. When you judge yourself, when you are harsh with yourself, when you are irritated, those are the things that keep you from being within your divinity. When you find yourself in those feelings, acknowledge them because they are very real. But then allow yourself to shift into a place of acceptance. That is all that we can say to you. It is here, we do see it.

(Thank you very much for this.)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I am so grateful for these bi-monthly (twice a month) journeys, they really do give me a sense of peace and hope. My question is though that by human standard I am feeling deeper and deeper despair and emptiness. I keep doing everything you have suggested, but I continue to feel; other people don’t know because I don’t let them see how deep this is within me. How can I get beyond this?

Answer: The sense coming to us is that there is something within this emptiness and heaviness that needs to be released before you can accept fully this glorious light that is you. Now all of us together on this journey and all who will be reading this; send to you an embrace of love and support. Most everyone who is a human has had moments in which they felt despair, emptiness, alone, separated this pain and suffering. So you are not alone in feeling this. You are very much the human and everyone here sends their love, their embrace, and their compassion for you. Let yourself breathe that in at this moment and at any time you feel those emotions in the days and weeks to come. Let yourself breathe in the support that you feel at this moment so that it may come back to you whenever you feel separated, lonely, and alone. Now in so saying in giving you that support, we feel as if there is a sense of guilt and self remorse that has been with you for a very long time during this lifetime that you are not letting go of. As long as you hold onto that, you will not allow yourself to truly be your divinity. The sense coming to us is that you judge yourself for the way you were, you judge yourself for the experiences you had. There were things that happened as a child and adult; they grew and it was beyond your control. It created situations and then as you got past and looked back in a different respect you began to think less of yourself. It created a separation within yourself that has morphed over the years into this sense of guilt or judgment. We have a sense you’ve been to counseling about this, there is much you have done to try and get rid of it. But you are still holding on it within yourself. That is what we want for you to let go of.

Let me surround you at this time. Let yourself feel the energy. Feel my love as I completely surround you and support you. Let yourself know that you can let go of that pain and judgment. I invite you to take in a breath as you get in touch with it, then breathe out and let it go. What we sense is happening is that you are still holding onto it. Perhaps there’s a reason you need to hold onto it, perhaps there’s something within you that feels as if that pain is it’s ‘job’, an inner child perhaps. My love is always here for you. My support is always here for you. You have many angels and guides you have been working with and who are there in support of you. But the sense coming to us right now is that if you can go inside and find the aspect of this; the individual that you were at that time and help to heal her, then you can more fully let it go. You have let it go and let it go, but you haven’t been able to heal that aspect enough to let this heal 100%. But you can do this and you will do this. You are doing it. It’s just that this has been something so immense within your life, it just keeps recurring and recurring for you.

Now is the time if you so choose when you can go inside, let yourself reconnect and release the judgment, the hurt, and let that aspect of yourself become immersed with who you are today so that is can be released and you can truly open and feel your divinity. You keep holding it at a distance because you do not feel worthy of it. As you let go of all this, you can open and you will open to have that within you. You are very sacred to me. You are sacred to all who are within this group. You are sacred, magical, and just as beautiful as everyone else here because you are your divinity. This human experience is the temporary aspect, so let your divinity come through, allow it to come in and assist in shifting this energy within you. Does that make sense beloved?

(Yes, thank you.)

Question: (paraphrased) I feel it’s very important for me to in my growth and healing to live somewhere close to the earth. I’m wondering what you might feel for me in terms of direction, location, opportunities for that.

Answer: When you say live close to the earth it brought a bit of a smile to my face because you walk upon the earth every day! So, you are close to the earth no matter where you live. The sense behind the words is of wide open spaces, of nature; what we saw was a mountain range with open meadows, valleys, trees, and animals. Is that what you were speaking of? Okay, so we have a sense of you living in a big city with a lot of people, and less of the wide open spaces.


But you are on earth and you are still connected to the earth!

(It’s just more difficult to feel when I’m in the city.)

Exactly! We understand completely and we know what that feels like to be in both places. First of all, since you are where you are right now, when you are walking on the streets and yes we know the subway is underneath, but still let yourself feel the earth come up through your feet. Let yourself feel the earth because it is there, it is around you. Let yourself feel the connection to earth and if you set the intention; be it before you leave the house in the morning or as you are walking along; you are connecting with the earth. You will begin to feel the grounding, the sense of Gaia, the sense of the earth right now. We then sense, for some reason we get this feeling, are you on the east coast?

(The west coast)

Well we get this sense that you are on the east coast! Anyway, we do still see this open range, this mountain, Montana, Wyoming, are the words that we see coming to mind. Are you seeking to find a job there or is it that you want to create something where you can go to and still remain living where you are?

(Probably something entirely new. There is some physical healing that needs take place in me in order for me to go back to my massage and energy work. But I sense that they are connected.)

There is not a specific time frame coming to mind about you physically moving. We have a sense that this winter is your time of making choices for yourself; it’s your time to look at various places and cities. With the type of work you like to do and connecting with people, we see you in a city although it won’t be as big as what you have right now. We sense it needs to be a place with people around, yet you are close to the openness. We don’t see you living alone out on a ranch per se in comparison to where you are. We see you this winter looking at directories, reading news papers, talking to people. Again Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho are all popping up. There is something about those three states that are making themselves known to us. Perhaps the more you look into this, the more you connect to the feeling of being wide open, the feeling of connection to nature, the feeling of being able to really breathe and expand. The sense coming to us is that you will really know where you need to go. If you look at a place that there’s an advertisement in a newspaper that talks about new energy healing and it catches your eye. You may say “Oh look, this is an article about this in Boise, Idaho”. You may then choose to write to the person about the article or go to visit the city; one thing leads to another and you will see where it will all go. We do sense you still need this winter and it will be spring or summer before you are ready to make a physical move. You will spend this time really creating and getting fully conscious of what you are seeking to have in your life. It’s as if it’s this big wide open dream that you feel is untouchable. So you need to make it a dream that is a reality right now and that you can and will make the move. You will find then that it comes more easily to you. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes, that’s very helpful, thank you very much.)

For each of you, I know you are moving along your pathway I know there are times you feel the distance, there are times you feel many varied emotions within yourself. Know that everything you are feeling in any given moment is what it right for that moment. Accept it, allow it, let yourself move forward, let yourself move in a direction that allows for openness and acceptance of your divinity. As was stated to the one individual the amount of your (incorporated) divinity is increasing more and more as you expand and allow it to become a part of you.

Let this be your reality. Let your divinity be much more a part of your life. It will manifest in ways that you cannot even begin to understand at this time. Allow the magic to be a part of your life. Allow yourself to be a magical individual.

You are ever loved and I am always with you and within you.




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