Releasing Emotions and Opening to New Potentials

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the whole

I greet you Beloved family. Welcome to our time together. Welcome to this time of sharing, this time of nurturing, this time of love.

This is an opportunity for you to find even greater love within yourself, allowing that love to first and foremost nurture you, and then it is reflected as it moves out from you to everyone who is around you. This is an opportunity that you can take for yourself. This is an opportunity to let go of anything else that is pressure or stress within your life so that you may be fully present in this moment; so that you may open and feel love, feel support. Allow this to be your reality if only for this moment.

Take one more deep breath in and let yourself breathe deeply within your center. Let all your consciousness come within you so that you may anchor within yourself. Feel those crystalline energies that are within you become activated and aligned with the breath that you take in.

Your consciousness, your intention, has an impact upon all that happens within you. As you become centered, you may now allow your consciousness to release. Let go and allow yourself to expand in such a way that you release the confines of your physical body and you move into the space of the magnetic grid.

This is the space in which your higher Self resides. Look around. Perceive what this space is for you. Look with your inner eyes. Feel it with your senses. There is information here for you. Allow yourself to open and receive it.

Your higher Self is within this space. You automatically link within this aspect of who you are whenever you come into this space. You may choose to take this opportunity and look at who you are from this perception of yourself.

From here, we move through the interlocking grid. This is the blending of the magnetic grid and the crystalline grid. As you move through this space, you release the magnetic pull of the earth. You find yourself moving into the crystalline grid. This is a reflection and this flows the energy that is becoming more and more prevalent upon the earth.

Feel what this is to you. As you consciously link with this space, let that energy also flow down into your human self. As it flows into your physical body, once more, the cells within your physical body align with your crystalline vibration.

Return with your consciousness to this space. Perceive the crystals that are all around. You may see, sense, feel individual crystals or you may just simply perceive a humming, at tone, or the space just feels magical.

From here allow yourself to shift your energies so that you may move into the space of the soul plane. Some find it easier to call forth a column of light and shift through the column. More and more there is a flow of energy between these dimensions or these shifts in consciousness, therefore, you can easily shift from one to another.

Within the soul plane call forth your I Am Presence. This is your divinity. This is who you are within your soul essence. As you merge with this energy let your consciousness expand as far as you are able to perceive. No matter how much of your soul essence you are able to take in or receive information about there is even more of which you may not be aware. The more that you perceive, the more there is to explore.

You are each infinite. You are each filled with experiences, both in this lifetime and in many, many others. Each time that you live an aspect of that, experience is brought back into this soul essence which makes up who you are. Therefore, be aware that most everything you are doing, seeing, experiencing in this lifetime has been experienced in one form or another in other lifetimes. It is here for you; that knowledge is here within your divinity so that you may link with it whenever you so choose.

I, the Goddess, move into this space. I make myself known to each one of you. Just as you are able to perceive more and more of who you are, so too, there is a greater amount of my own essence which is coming into this space and which is available for you.

As you allow yourself to merge with me feel us as we shift into the space of the All That Is. Let yourself look around and see where you are. This space is created by all of you and all the other people who share consciousness. This space is filled with many different levels and dimensions.

Most people return to the same or a similar vibration each time that they come into this area. It gives you a sense of home. It gives you a sense of comfort. Let yourself open and see this space as it is for you. As I say something like that I see lights, colors, trees, rivers, mountains; I see so much more come into this space. It is a reflection of what each one of you are bringing to your own part within the All That Is. Let yourself feel exactly where you are.

We spoke in our last gathering about relationships. [Referring to the Goddess Light teleconference of October 16, 2007.] We spoke about relationship within yourself. With this journey, I would like to take it a step further.

Let's talk in particular about emotions. You, as a human, are filled with emotion. They are a part of your daily life. You felt emotion before you were even born, while you were en-utero. You feel emotions when you're sleeping, when you're meditating, when you're talking to people, driving, walking. Throughout your entire day, emotions are all around you and within you.

Sometimes the emotions with which you focus are very uplifting and help you move forward. They give you determination. There are other times in which your emotions may be linked to experiences, disappointments or other thing within your life. And rather than uplifting you or moving you forward, they pull you down and hold you back. Therefore, in order for you to move even deeper into your new relationship within yourself, it's essential to work with your emotions.

There may also be experiences that you have in which the emotions that you think are yours actually belong to someone else. Again, it is essential for you to recognize and release anything which is not your own.

As we begin getting in touch with the emotions around you, I invite you to once more let yourself breathe into your consciousness. As you breathe in, I'm going to begin by speaking of specific emotions. As I speak, I invite you to look within yourself and consider anger. Is anger something that passes right through you? Is anger something that you perceive in others, but it does not affect you? If so then just let yourself breathe gently and easily.

When you look within yourself, if you find you have a strong reaction to anger take this opportunity to focus upon that reaction. Why are you angry? If your answer is the result of what other people are doing to you, then take a breath in and first and foremost release those other people. They may be a part of your life; they may have an effect upon you. But come back within yourself and look beneath that level and find out, why are you angry? It's not about the other individual; it's about you and your emotion.

Sometimes when you tap into emotions, you do not have a specific reason or understanding; and that's all right. Let yourself take this moment and just draw in all that anger that may be within you. Bring it all together as a ball of light. And then take a breath in and as you breathe out release the anger.

Not only the people who are on this conference are here, there are hundreds of people here, so there was a ball of light that just drew together and exploded with the release of anger from hundreds of different people. Come back within yourself. You may perceive a difference; you may not.

Another emotion I would like you to look at is fear. Is fear any part of who you are? If once again, you feel no resonance, it just moves past you, let yourself float and simply enjoy these energies. If fear is an emotion which is within you and it's holding you back, once more take an opportunity to look at this fear, feel it, let it come up from deep within you. Sometimes, it's fear of the unknown. Sometimes, it might be fear that you truly are as magnificent as you think. Sometimes, it's fear of disappointment. It may affect you in many, many different ways.

Draw up any fear within you. Let yourself take this moment to truly feel it, acknowledge it, know that it's here. Once more, take in a breath and release fear from within you. Release any fear and any way that it's been adversely affecting you so that as you release it, it goes, blends with all the other fears that have been released. And you let it go.

Another emotion I would like to speak with directly is disappointment. Is there any way in which you have been disappointed within your life? Is that disappointment continuing to have an effect upon you? What does disappointment mean to you? Is there an expectation of others [which you have had] and therefore other people have disappointed you; but it was your expectation [which let you down]?

Therefore, if people or situations are coming up for you and you think and connect with disappointment, release that situation, release those individuals, release anything outside of you which has been affected by this disappointment. Now let yourself really understand and know the ways in which you have felt that disappointment within yourself.

This time let that disappointment truly come from deep within you. Let it come from a cellular level. Allow yourself to bring up any and all disappointment that you may have felt. For this moment, breathe into that emotion and then as you breathe out, release disappointment from within you. This creates almost a tidal wave of emotion that just washes away.

The experiences, the situations that have led to you feeling the disappointment may still be a part of your life. But by releasing the energy of disappointment, you release an energy which has held you back.

Another emotion I wish to discuss is judgment. Perhaps at this time in your life, you have been able to move past judging yourself and others. If so, then just let yourself float in the energies that are available here. If you look within yourself and connect with the energy of judgment, how has that affected you? Have there been situations in which you have judged others? Release those situations. Release the other people.

Now this is one way in which I see so many humans are so very hard on themselves. Take a moment and go inside and look at how you may have judged yourself as less than, as lacking, as insufficient. How has judgment of yourself had an effect upon you? Let go of that judgment. Bring it up from within you and then release it. Let judgment go from past experiences, let judgment go from your current self.

Judgment may also be linked with your mental body. It may be a belief system. It may affect the thoughts that you have about yourself. So while it is definitely linked with your emotions, for this one in particular also connect with your mental body, aligning with judgment and see if you can release it from an even deeper level within you. Breathe deeply and release judgment. There we go.

You may each have another emotion of which I've not specifically mentioned. Take this moment and let yourself bring up whatever it is you feel you need to look at and release. Let yourself collect any and all residual emotions which are holding you back. Breathe deeply and let them go.

And I send a wave of love to move through everyone who is here, cleansing the energies, cleansing you. Take stock of where you are right now. How do you feel? I have a sense that some of you may feel kind of empty, kind of vulnerable. I sense some of you may feel relief. Whatsoever it is you may be feeling, be very aware that this is you; it is what you feel and it's about this moment.

From here, we're going to shift for a moment and let ourselves focus on what energies you now want to bring into you, in part, to fill in those empty spaces, but also to help you to create movement in your life. I first of all invite you to link with anticipation. What does it feel like to anticipate something that may be coming within your life, or that you may be seeking to manifest? Feel the energies of anticipation.

Allow yourself to open to hopefulness. So many people, as you are living your lives, you've been on a day-to-day, mouth-to-mouth basis, as if you think ‘If I can just get through today, then I can get through tomorrow.' Others may be thinking, ‘If I can manifest this job, I'll pay those bills.' Others, ‘If I manifest a relationship, I'll no longer be lonely.' For whatever it is allow yourself in this moment to open to infinite potentials through the emotion of hopefulness. Be hopeful because hope is a potential and the potentials are unlimited.

Allow yourself to feel love. As I speak of love, this wave of energy just flows through. Allow it to fill you up. Through love let yourself open and reconnect every part of who you are. Love who you are in this moment. Love who you are as you walk through your days. Love in whatever way it can move through you.

Love can be a springboard, sending you into new potentials within your life.

If you look for relationships open to the love within yourself first and foremost and let it be a magnet that draws a like vibration to you. If you are seeking abundance within your life let the love within you become a springboard, and then you dive with your arms spread wide into every potential of abundance. If you connect with the love within you that is within you, for you, and about you, you are worthy of huge abundance. If you allow yourself to feel love and be love, you vibrate on a level to manifest the home, the car, the job, the relationship. Everything else around you is a reflection of that love.

So once more, I'm going to flow an energy that goes through the whole group. Let yourself really see who you are. See yourself as the human who is walking through your life. See yourself here in this space in your divinity. Let yourself know that you are linked. Just breathe it in and if there's anything you don't want, just breathe it out.

Allow yourself to feel balanced within your emotions. As you breathe balance within you, it goes into your heart first and foremost. And then it emanates out from there. Allow that energy to link from this space of the All That Is with you, the human, in your space upon the earth. Let your human self accept this balanced emotion as it begins within your heart and it reflects throughout your entire body. Your organs vibrate in balance. Your cellular structure vibrates in balance. Your muscles, your ligaments, your bones -- everything which makes up you, the human, vibrates in balance, beginning with your emotions and moving in every direction from there.

Within this space of the All That Is let your focus come back. You may take this as an opportunity to look around you; to connect with your angels, your guides if you so choose. Allow yourself this moment to be in a space of contentment or bliss. This space of contentment is here for you to nurture yourself. It's to show you that you can have this within here and within your life upon the earth.

I invite everyone to come back as a group. As you do so open to perceive the hologram of the earth. It comes up from within the center of this group. Allow yourself to really look at the earth in this moment. This is indeed a hologram, but it represents what the earth is going through. Perceive the ways in which the earth is changing. Emotions are held within the earth because the earth itself is alive. Emotions can be held in the soil, the rocks, the trees. Some things hold onto emotion as humans do; others, such as the oceans and the rivers help to cleanse emotion.

Let yourself perceive how the earth shifts. And let yourself infuse into this hologram what it feels to have let go of all of those emotions that you let go of. Let yourself infuse into the hologram the balanced energies, which is you right now in this moment.

Your experience tonight in this space creates a potential that everyone upon the earth may tap into if they so choose. Everything that you do is a reality for you. As you look at the earth perceive the various levels, the various dimensions of the earth. And let that energy flow.

Gaia emerges from the earth and as she does, she's asking each of you to assist in releasing some of these energies and emotions from the earth itself. We therefore invite you to flow an energy into this hologram, which is filled with love and acceptance, and then Gaia assists the earth itself in releasing pain from the earth. Gaia releases sorrow from the earth. She releases anger from the earth. And a multitude of other emotions blend together and they, too, are released.

I invite everyone to take a deep breath in and really release this flow of energy, allowing a deeper cleansing to occur.

Now, as you look at the earth of this hologram, there is a lightness. There is a greater amount of the sparkling energy. The essence of the earth itself has released those emotions. By doing so, in this manner, it assists in preventing the release of emotions in other ways, such as the fires, the earthquakes, the droughts that are taking place upon the earth.

Now flow the love of balanced energy into the earth. And as you flow this energy of love, Lady Gaia emerges to embrace each one of you. Feel your connection to her. Know that each one of you has a relationship with Lady Gaia, with the earth, with your experience as a human.

As this is completed, Lady Gaia returns into the hologram of the earth. The earth itself begins to shift in such a way, that it moves downward through the group of people. As it blends with the crystalline and magnetic grids, there is an aspect of that balanced energy which moves through both spaces.

The remainder of the hologram continues down until it moves into the center of the earth, and then it emanates out from there. This is assisting the earth in balancing on a very, very deep level. Those energies that were released from within the earth are gone. And the physical earth itself acclimates to this more balanced energy that is blending with it from within that hologram. You may feel that energy coming up from the earth beneath you. Know that you are in alignment with it also. Know that you can have an effect by radiating balance within yourself and into the earth. Let the earth support you in the same way.

Allow your focus to return to your consciousness. Let yourself center once more within. We release these energies of the All That Is. As you do so allow yourself to being to shift your consciousness so that you return into your human self. As you move through the soul plane, you may feel as if the majority of your energies remain within this space.

Allow yourself to shift once more and as you link with the crystalline grid there is an even greater vibration which is emanating from within this space. Allow yourself to perceive what this is.

You may move further into the magnetic grid. Experiences such as this assist the magnetic grid work in shifting its vibration also. Allow yourself to become aware of your Higher Self and your space within this grid. You once more feel the magnetic pull of the earth. You feel your consciousness as it comes back within your physical body. You may need to expand the energy field around your human self. As you do so, allow your consciousness to once more fill up every aspect of who you are. It may come through your head, through your heart, through any of your chakras. It may feel as if it surrounds you and then moves in through your skin.

Allow your human self, your biological self, to integrate fully with this aspect of you which has released al l those emotions and which has created a balance.

Take a deep breath, integrating all of that within your human self. As you breathe that in, allow it to then emerge from you, linking with your emotional, your mental, and your spiritual bodies, which also make up who you are as this human walking upon the earth.

Allow yourself to believe that you are balanced. Allow yourself to breathe in hopefulness, which is what opens you to potentials around you. Breathe in and emanate from you the love of yourself from within yourself. Allow peace to come with that love.

As you are allowing yourself to acclimate more fully back within your human self begin to let your consciousness return fully into the space in which you are.

As I invite you to ask questions, there is one that Shelly sent to me with the intention of answering it. There was an individual who sent in a question which we actually feel is very appropriate for what is going on and all this integration.

Question: This person said she was in a temporary job in which she didn't like what she was doing although she liked the organization and the people. When the manager spoke with her about the job and she mentioned she'd like to do something different; they let her go. The resulting energies of this is that she's been without work for three weeks and she feels as if she was let down because she spoke her truth. She is wondering why did this happen and what are the energies around it.

Answer: One reason we wanted to start with this question is because so many of you as you are seeking to manifest in your life things happen that seem to be the opposite of what you want to have. So let us release this energy for the moment, regroup our thoughts and we will answer this question. We are still continuing to connect with you the individual as we have been connecting with the community of souls. For you and your experience; when we look at you, your energies and your emotions we want to say first and foremost we applaud you for your honesty in speaking up; we applaud you for speaking from your heart with the intention it was going to create a better work for you. When things happened in the way they did, we know your intention was you would continue to do that job until something better came along. What we would like to say to you is that when it happened in the way it did, because with other human lives and choices, things happen around you that do not seem to be in your best interest. Now when you went into the space of doubting yourself and being angry about the situation and why you were let down; it created a barrier for you. (Over the last few years) you have been in a space where you have consciously tried to come out to be in a flow of the energy of abundance and allowing within your life. But because you have so much where you've gone back and forth there is still a great deal of lack in the energy around you. We know it is difficult to let go of that when you feel the pressure of your bills and the other things in your life. But what happens as a result of that is when we look at you energetically that's what we see: the lack.

So even if there is an abundance; well, we know where you are right now, and there's an abundance of smoke! (Referring to the fires of San Diego, California) It's no mistake that with the fires around you and the release of energies with the fires, it was assisting you in releasing the energies of lack you have had. We know that is a very esoteric aspect. Let us say that first and foremost we can see a difference in you as a result of this journey tonight. You were letting go and you were releasing those energies of lack you had within and around you. You also allowed for a greater flow of abundance to come into you in whatever form it might. We are affirming for you that you did create changes tonight. As you go through your days when you wake up it's difficult to stay in this space. Now we know it's difficult because of the smoke to walk, but sometimes when you are in the space of lack we see you will stay in your home and not move. We would like to see movement in your life. Whether it's taking a walk short distances, whether it's driving to the ocean, and connecting to the ocean; no matter what it is, this is about having flow in your life that will open you to greater abundance. We see that job potentials are there for you. We see that you may get them through your temporary agency but also more long term which we have a sense there is an interview process. It is the new career you are creating for yourself that has to do with pottery and the medical field. In that regards you are still setting up a greater foundation. In the interim, there are other jobs that will bring in an immediate income that you are seeking to have.

Let yourself first and foremost believe in yourself and trust in yourself that you did speak your truth and that that was honoring yourself and it created a flow or expansion around you. The way people reacted to you it was reaffirming to you and your old belief system that the world is not a good place; the world is not a happy place which pushed you back into old energies. So let those experiences go, let the belief system go, let the experience go. Let yourself affirm who you are, affirm your connection within, affirm the abundance around you. There are jobs. We have a sense you will get a phone in one to do days. We have a sense you may go back to the other organization but doing something different than you had before.

Now then, for the other people on the journey, if you would like to press the *6, I am open to receive questions.

Question: (paraphrased) I have been working with a young man for the last 2-3 years and he just turned 18. Today I just visited him in jail. I am wondering if there is anything you can tell me or anything information about his situation which would help out?

Answer: We can feel his constriction when we connect with him. We can feel he is shut down inside of himself. The energies around this are that he got himself into a situation that just got out of hand. As if it exploded and it was more than what he thought it would be. It is almost as if he was going along with the flow to be a part of a group of people and it was way more than he thought it would be. This is the energy we get of this situation. This individual does have great potential for great change in his life. He is standing right now at a crossroads. For one thing, the fact he has turned 18 and is now considered an adult will shift these energies and experiences for him. We see him as an individual who is going to use these experiences; he had a very tough life growing up, we see that, he had a lot of times where he felt that when he picked himself up, he got knocked down again. We actually see within him a strength and resolution that will assist him. We see him receiving an education where he will become a social worker, a minister, or something that will assist other children. His life experience will come as an impact to that.

Now as for his being in jail, there is a lot of anger in him; there is a lot of anger in all the people involved in this situation. You have the potential to link with him; well you already did so when you saw him earlier. But with the mediation and the energy work you are doing, it is of course very important for you to remember that this is him, this is his journey and this is his experience. It does impact and affect you because you are the one mediating with him and you are the one working with him in this. I'd recommend that you flow energy through the whole entire building the energies of releasing anger. I wonder if you won't feel a difference because of this journey tonight. There is a great deal of anger we sensed when we first connected with him, anger and frustration. If you can assist in creating a space of energy that has released the anger and frustration but it also has potential, it has hopefulness; it has the potential to believe. That is going to give his soul an essence that he can latch onto as he moves in the direction. The human ego part of him is all caught up in the victim and what he is going through right now. It would not necessarily hear you on that level; this is why we want to speak to him on a soul level. Does that make sense?

(So to recap, flow through that building and whole town a sense of release of anger.)

Actually we weren't speaking of the town; we were talking of the jail, the police municipality; the building that has other inmates etc. There is a lot of anger around that building. We don't have a sense that it is necessarily throughout the whole town, it's in that building.

(Maybe it's been my experience or other people's comments, but it's a tough town.)

Well, in speaking of the earth and how the earth holds onto energy; that part of the country saw a great deal of bloodshed especially in the 1800's; well even a thousand years ago, because of the part of the country you live, the weather conditions, it created a strength or a resilience within people and a strength that is found in other parts of the world, but in particular in that space is very intense and focused. That is within the earth. We sense the release from the earth did affect it, but because of your connection to the earth you may want to move through here and see if there is a difference and if not, use your skills to assist in releasing these old energies. Remember they are not your energies they are outside of you. You are simply a mechanism to create flow and change.

(Thank you.)

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, the last time we spoke was 2 years ago. You could call it literally a previous life time! At that time I was a loner or words to that affect. So, what I ask of you now is what do you see?

Answer: There is a difference in you beloved. We see it; we sense it and we feel it. There is a greater expansion in you than there ever was before. There was a deep intensity or what we termed as that loner quality. We do not see that in you anymore. Well, we take that back. It's still there, but it's just not the most prevalent part we see as we look at you and link with you. It's as if you have gone from someone who was say 6 feet tall to someone who is now 8 feet tall; to give you a perception of the expansion in your energy. This is what you were asking for, this is what you were manifesting, in our perception it is completed and it is accomplished. Therefore what we see within and around you are many different relationships. We see a love relationship, the energy of a woman we sense you knew before but you weren't in a place to connect; as if it's going to come full circle. We don't see only her; we see a number of relationships around you. There are relationships from teaching, there are relationships in the town in which you live, we know you didn't like to travel and we now see that you travel. Through your travels you will be meeting people, you will be teaching; all of this is much more social than where you were in the past. Does this make sense to you?

(You got me! You got me well! You killed the monk!)

We booted that monk out of the house, did we not?

(What happened was that the ascension process finished about a year or six months ago but what hasn't happened is a change of location. It is the family house and I have been happy here but there have been hints it might go up for sale, not to my choosing but external circumstances. But as you know when you change and stay in the old place, it's a slower change. Now as for the romantic partner, is it my last partner or someone else?)

Bring to mind your most recent partner and we will see. No, we have a sense that this is someone from your childhood or perhaps 10-15 years ago.

(Good! Do you a name, initials, or something?)

No, we just see beautiful curling hair and a bright smile. We do have a sense that when you see her you will say "Oh how good to see you again!" and that will trigger it for you. You will recognize that is who you've been looking for. Now as for your house, there are things that you can do to cleanse and shift the energies of the house. We see you getting out more and going places, but there is more you can do to cleanse the energies. We think going deeply into the earth around you in addition to the structure yourself.

(That's what I thought. Now as for travel, I have a dog and he's not a kenneling dog. Have I made arrangements for him? Or do I need to look at him? If he's going to leave, that's fine.)

We have a sense the dog will go with you otherwise it will be taken care of. We don't have any more details. (Perfect, if need be, we'll talk to you in private. You have given me a lot of time and I thank you for that.)

You are welcome!

Questions: (paraphrased) I have a claim pending with the VA, do you have any details about this for me?

Answer: This claim looks to us like it is kind of tied up. Does it mean it has to do with something in the past? Or is it about more money in the future?

(More money in the future)

What we're sensing is that there is something about this where it's tied up. It's not clear about why it hasn't worked, but we do have a sense of seeing you get more money in the future. So we think it will happen but there is red tape or more information that needs to be given, something that needs to be done before this can come through. There is an individual that you have been talking to, someone long distance?

(I've been talking to people in the main VA office.)

Is that in the city where you're located or a different city?

(Different city)

Okay what we're sensing is that this is someone a distance from you. Partly it's the red tape that makes things move slowly. We have a sense that you should try to speak with someone different. We see a male individual who is just shuffling papers and not moving things through. Not just with yours but with others. Our sense to tell you is that there is someone different you need to speak with. Who this is, we're not sure but go through customer service and see if there is someone new you can speak with. Then we have a sense this will happen. For some reason, we have a sense that it's been a male who was holding it up and like a female who will actually approve it. We sense it might not be reflected to you until Christmas or after New Year, but something has it locked down right now, as if it's been stalled. So anything you can do as far as talking to people or coming at it from a new angle will have an affect.

(Okay thank you Goddess)

You are welcome beloved.

Question: (paraphrased) I'd like to know some of the letting go, the emotions and anger; things from the past so that I can be open to a new relationship.

Answer: As we're looking at you; it was no mistake you were on this journey tonight, so that you could experience this release of emotions. You have been releasing emotions and this has been a very dedicated aspect of what you have been doing in terms of trying to expand your spirituality and expand your consciousness. We have a sense there was a deeper release that took place tonight. There was anger and betrayal that we feel within you that goes to a very deep level. While you've gone through it many times and have released it many times, it's almost like a cellular memory from past lives that was re-brought up in this current life which is why it's been so difficult to let go of the betrayal, anger and frustration that you have had. We do have a sense a shift was created tonight. We do believe you have been working on this and you will continue to work on clearing or belief in new potentials for yourself. You will then be able to notice a more concrete change or shift in manifesting relationships. This has been a big issue in this lifetime and it is something that has affected you not only in partner relationships but in other relationships. It is as if you are emerging from that cocoon and you are stepping into a higher, more evolved aspect of yourself. We see this as happening and in part it's about allowing it to truly happen. For some reason, we still feel there is a residual or something that if you will go through and continue cleansing with the intention of going through other lifetimes in any way shape or form that you will release it at a deeper level; then you can more fully move forward. Does that make sense?

(Yes it does, is there some chance of a new romantic partner for me?)

There is always a potential partner for everyone upon the earth, so the short answer is YES! We have a sense that going into winter, what is that word they use, hibernation; okay, very interesting, we see you perhaps around the holidays, like going to a party with a group of people, because we see you in a group of people with decorations; that you have a potential to meet someone as quickly as that. But initially when we connected with you, we saw something about coming out in the spring, with the new flowers or something happening with the release of winter. So what that is showing us is just how flexible energy can be and how flexible our potentials can be. Our sense is that it can happen as quickly as within a month from now to perhaps in the spring time. The time and way of manifesting will be with you being connected within yourself and radiating: allowing relationships, allowing potentials and just truly believing you have let go of the old energy that has held you back.

We thank you each for coming and joining with us on this journey tonight. It has been a journey of change; it has been a journey of transition within each one of you as an individual but within the earth itself. As you move through your days I invite you to believe in potentials and to believe in yourself.

You are each so radiant and bright! I am ever with you and within~~~





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