Releasing Old Beliefs

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

Greetings beloved family, welcome! I am excited to be able to come in and spend this time with you. This is a time of transformation; this is a time of expanding awareness for all that is taking place upon the earth.

You are each at the forefront of what is happening. No matter where you are upon your spiritual journey you are each in a place that is creating change that is creating new potentials, not only for yourself but for everyone else that is a part of this collective consciousness.

As there are so many changes happening upon the earth you may have times in which you feel overwhelmed, you may have times in which you feel as if you don't know which direction in which to go. For the experience of this journey, allow yourself to open, to really feel who you are; let your divine essence and your soul essence share with you the answers that you seek to have. You in your divinity are already an evolved individual. These journeys that you come on with me are to assist you in awakening to this communication or this awareness within yourself. It is there, it is for you.

With that I invite you to take one last deep breath that allows you to breathe deeply within yourself, let that breath move through your lungs, let it move into your heart, and let yourself become centred within. Once you have done this, have a sense of releasing your physical body, let yourself expand, let your consciousness move into the space of the magnetic grid.

As you link with the magnetic grid you are able to reconnect with your higher self. This is an aspect of you, you the human, with which you communicate at various times during your day. Most of you will have an aspect of your awareness that moves up and down from this space of expansion into you the human walking about and having your daily experiences.

Let yourself open to become aware of who you are within this space and this link that is within yourself. As you are looking around you may have a sense of interlocking pathways, these pathways are created by impulses of light. Each impulse represents a thought, an idea, an intention; it even can represent an action that is being taken.

As you are ready to do so, leave behind this energy of the magnetic grid, allow yourself to move through into the crystalline grid. As you do this, you let go the magnetic pull of the earth and you move into those crystalline energies that are becoming more and more prevalent upon the earth. This grid is a space that emanates an energy that may sparkle, it may vibrate, and there is often times a message or a communication that is present within. Let yourself open to receive whatever that may be.

From here you may call forth a column of light that assists you in shifting into the soul plane. As you move into the soul plane you find that your awareness and your consciousness expands in every direction. Allow yourself to feel what this is. This is a place that many of you would consider home. From here you may call forth your I AM presence. As you do so, it may feel as if it comes up from within you, or you may feel as if you reach out to embrace what this is.

Each of you is filled with a brilliant light. Each of you has had a number of different life experiences upon the earth. Allow all of that to come into your awareness at this time. I the Goddess come into this space and embrace you. As my energy merges with yours, you will shift into the space of the All That Is. Once you arrive in the All That Is, allow yourself to expand as far as you are able to perceive.

The energies that you find within this space are very loving and nurturing to you. Each of you as you move through your days as you go about the business of living on earth, have tasks, you have activities, you have a job, you have a family, friends. There are things that you are doing every day that keep you busy and occupied. Sometimes it may feel as if you are weighted down by your responsibilities. Other times it may feel as if the emotions and your thought processes are what keep you from being able to be and do all that you can be.

With the last journey that we were upon, we looked at all the various emotions that have kept people from being able to move forward or from being able to manifest what they seek to have in their lives. At this time, I would like to assist you in looking at your belief systems. Your mental body is an essential part of being human. It has the analytical aspect; it has the thought process that helps you move through your days, organising, getting things done, talking to people. Your mental body also keeps organised the knowledge that you have learned perhaps in how to do your job, how to talk to other people; so there are many many things or aspects of this which are essential to living your life upon the earth. It is an integral part of who you are as this person walking around.

So let's take this opportunity and consider some of the thoughts that you may have during your day. First of all, have any of you ever had a thought that you are not good enough? Perhaps you have thought this yourself, perhaps someone has said it to you, that you are not good enough to complete a task, to be part of a team, perhaps to be part of a certain family, perhaps to have a job. Consider if this is something that is a part of your life.

As you are doing so, I invite you to let that come up in your awareness but then take a step back from it and as you do that invite in your divine essence, you are here, you are already linked with it, it is already a part of you in this moment upon the journey. But as soon as you begin to consider things that are a part of your daily life even within this space you begin to disconnect from that divine essence.

So reconnect, breathe in your divine essence as if looking from within yourself, look outward at the light, at the colour and the essence that is you, feel what it is to be you, feel this energy or this essence. Now as you consider the possibility that you may not be good enough, recognise that it is something put forth by your personality. It is a belief that you have in this lifetime.

From the eyes of your soul, from the eyes of your divinity look again and see that you can do whatever it is that you seek to do. You can be a part of a team if you want to be, you can be a part of a family. There may be times in which you need to search a little more in order to be able to encounter what you seek to have, but let yourself know unconditionally that you are worthy. Let yourself know that you are good enough to do what you want to do.

Let us look at another belief that you may have in your life. As you look at this belief, open so that you may shift. This is a belief that says no matter what I do it's all going to fail. Most everyone who lives upon the earth have had experiences in which you tried to do something and it didn't work out. There have been times in which you gave everything you had and it just didn't work. Whenever you give all that you have to give but the outcome is not what you expect let yourself recognise that this is not a failure, that this is simply a different outcome than was anticipated. You may argue and say but if it's not what I wanted then it's not a success. But success comes in many different forms. Within this space of your divinity, release that feeling of failure. Open and let yourself feel the love, the acceptance and the nurturing that is here for you.

Some of you may have jealousy within your lives. You may feel jealous of another individual for the life that they are living, the relationships they have, perhaps the job that they have. You may be envious and wish that this is something that you had. Jealousy brings up in you a feeling of being inadequate and not good enough once more. If this is something that you are feeling within your life right now, take an opportunity to look at it and see what it is you truly want to have in your life. Release any feelings of jealousy.

Judgement is something reserved for humans. You will never find angels, guides, teachers or even God or Goddess judging you. If you have that perception that they are, it is placed there from the human perspective, again, from within this mental body. We in this space of the All That Is, we who are here as the non-physical teachers, supports, guides, we love you unconditionally and we support you no matter what is happening in your life.

Whenever I speak of judgement it makes my heart hurt because I see so many of you who can have such harsh thoughts and such harsh judgement against yourself. Consider the ways in which you may have been judging yourself or perhaps judging others. As you are looking at this, seeing it, feeling it, perceiving it, take this moment and breathe into you the brilliant white light which is I the Goddess and I come to you with the energies of God. Let us amplify for you the essence of love and acceptance. We therefore invite you to release judgement. We see how some of you hold onto it with both hands because it defines who you are, it defines your life.

There is a difference between discernment and judgement. Look at what discernment is for you. Discernment is what allows you to receive perceptions, to make decisions, to recognise what might be best for you or your family. Discernment has an impact upon the decisions you make when you are at work, when you make choices about how you're going to spend your day. Discernment is a way of looking at your life and making decisions without a sense of judging.

When you are in a place of judgement it's a place of deciding or choosing that something is right, therefore something must be wrong. Or you may look at a situation and say that's wrong and therefore you or something else is right. When you have the opportunity to live your life from within your divinity you are then able to look at life and the world with discernment, without judging, with simply taking in, making choices, making decisions, without that sense of duality, without that sense of this is right or this is wrong.

It may be that a certain situation or a certain action you take is the right or correct action for you to take. You will also find that with discernment you don't have the energy behind it that you have with judgement; therefore consider your life, consider what it is to live a day within your life.

Look first at the relationships that you have within your life. Breathe in and fill up with the brilliant loving light of your own divinity, then open and perceive relationships that you have within your life. Are there aspects of these relationships that work for you? If so, breathe that in and enhance it. If there are aspects which are not working for you, then release it, let it go, open to a new potential.

Look at your job whatever your job may be, perhaps you a student, perhaps you're a stay at home mom, perhaps you work from the house, perhaps you leave the house and you're gone for the majority of the day. Whatever your job may be bring it up within you and look at it in this time, shine the light of your divinity into whatever it may be so that you may open and perceive what it is that you have. If there are aspects of this which are holding you back, if there are beliefs that you have about your work, let it come up at this time and if it's holding you back, let it go, release it.

Look at your day and consider your day from within this space of your divinity, choose a belief that will enhance you in your daily life. When I ask you to consider what your belief systems are some of you may have a list that comes up within you, others may draw a blank and of course there's everything in between. Ask yourself if there is anything that you believe that might be holding you back in your daily life, let it come up within your awareness at this time. Transition this belief, see how it might be shifted into something else that would be supportive of you and would be very loving and gentle.

Now, as if you are standing under a flow of energy, let it cleanse you, some of you may perceive this as if you're standing under a waterfall, some may perceive it as a wind that is blowing past. Howsoever you may choose to cleanse your energy, do so as this moment. And as your energy is cleansed, it transforms, it transitions into something that is pure bliss. You the human, I invite to open up and receive the love and the connection within yourself.

From there look around you as if you are opening to receive acceptance. Acceptance of who you are. Feel the acceptance from within yourself which then allows you to perceive it in the energies that are around you. Feel the compassion, feel the love, feel the support. When you look at your life, what thoughts do you have about your life? When you look at your physical person what thoughts do you have about your body? These are all affected by your mental body and your perceptions.

Remember to allow those insights and that information to come to you from your divinity so that you may live your life through your divinity. If that feels as if it's beyond what you can do at this t time, open to the potential that you are linked with your I AM presence at all times, therefore anything that happens, any experience that you are having is going to be affected by this energy. It is there; it is for you.

I invite you to come back within this group, look around at the other energies and light who are here. Some you recognise as being a part of this group that gets together so often, others you may perceive as the angels, the ray lords, the guides. As a group essence I invite everyone to breathe and expand their divinity and as I'm looking at this group I see twinkling lights in a myriad of different colours that represent each one of you!

Coming up within this sparkling essence or this sparkling group, have a sense of seeing the hologram of the earth. As you do so, the hologram itself rotates; it's emanating the energies or the essence that reflects everything that's been going on within the earth. Because you as a group have been working with the energies of your mental bodies or these energies of your beliefs, as you look into the hologram it is as if the essence of that energy that has to do with the mental bodies from within the earth are becoming illuminated or are being shown to each one of you. I invite each one of you to transmit into this hologram these energies of a cleared mental body. What I mean by that is send in the impulse that is you in the space of your divinity when you look at your life with discernment, when you consider the things that may be going on from a space of love and acceptance. I invite each of you to consciously release judgement once more with the intention to assist in releasing judgement from within this hologram.

There is an actual transformation that has taken place as a result of what you just did. This hologram appears lighter, it appears more transparent. Open to perceive what that may be to you. As Lady Gaia comes forth she reaches out to each one of you. She embraces you; she accepts everything that you are giving into this hologram. She too amplifies the energies of love, acceptance and balance.

Let go this connection to the hologram and it returns downwards so that it may link once more with the earth. There is an aspect that aligns with the magnetic grid and it moves outward from there, the rest of the hologram moves inward and blends with the earth itself. That essence of the cleared mental body of the cleared belief systems then emanates from within the centre of the earth moving outward moving through the ground and it goes up until it once more links with the magnetic grid.

Gaia from within the center of the earth pulsates outward a balance from within the mental body or the mental energies that are around and within the earth. This assists in clearing at an even deeper level those beliefs which hold people back. We release that essence or that experience, let your focus come back once more within you. There is always a sense of support, a sense of companionship, whenever you come together within this space or as this group. No matter what the belief systems or the thoughts of the individual that may be next to you in this space, you each emanate a sense of love and support. Feel the support from each other; recognise how you emanate that from within you.

I now invite you to begin to return by shifting your awareness once more into the energies of the soul plane. As you return to the soul plane, you may be even more aware of your own divine essence from this perspective. Feel who you are. There is a greater and greater amount of this energy which is you that is now able to return with you as you come back into your space as a human. You move first of all into the crystalline grid. Feel this vibration; allow it to help balance you as you are moving through this space. You then move through the interlocking grid until you're able to link with the magnetic grid. Once more blend with your higher self blend with your higher self that resides within this space.

I invite each one of you to look outward from where you are or to send your senses outward, open to see if you may perceive the difference from the clearing which took place upon this journey. As Gaia sent that energy out from within the earth she linked within this space to assist in clearing it.

I invite each one of you if you so choose to also send out an impulse of light that represents your balanced self, that represents this clearing of the mental body and belief systems that you went through upon this journey and as each of you are doing so there is an even greater illumination that takes place, this is a direct result from you.

Shift once more, returning into your physical body. As your consciousness keeps coming back within yourself you may find that you need to adjust the energy field around you so as to be more comfortable with this expanded self. Do so if you so choose.

As you are grounding and centering within, take a deep breath in that breathes into your lungs, into your heart center, and expands your heart centre, flow the energy up and down your physical body. From within your heart I invite you to then expand your energy fields outward, linking with your mental body, transmit an energy or a balance aligning your human self with everything that took place in the All That Is.

Bring into you that balance, bring into you the love, the unconditional acceptance for who you are, no matter what you've thought in the past. Let that energy flow back and forth from your physical into your mental and then let it go further into your emotional body. It aligns your physical, your mental and your emotions so that everything is in alignment. You may then expand further; your spiritual essence is pure and bright and filled with light as a result of this journey that you have just experienced. So once more just let it pulsate with every beat of your heart the balance and the alignment that you are manifesting in your human form; manifest balance, manifest alignment. It is who you are.

With that you are each becoming more fully grounded within your human self. I invite you to come back within this conference room. You may press the*7 upon your phone and that will allow you to return into the room; I am open to receive any questions you may have.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess? I am wondering if you can help me with my 16 year old daughter. About a year ago we she changed and has been on this downward slide. I'm wondering if there is anything I can do to help her?

Answer: As we are linking with her and looking at what's going on in her life, we have a sense of a trauma; you say about a year ago you saw the change in her? We have a sense of a physical trauma that occurred to her that caused her to (change). We see a lot of fear in her and the fear is based on this experience. We have a sense that she doubts herself; she doesn't believe in herself, she doesn't believe she has the ability to protect herself. As a result of that experience it has changed things in such a way that it has caused her to become disconnected. As we see her, as we speak of this, we see her as someone who is crying out. We can feel her pain her separation. So we are surrounding her with energy, we are surrounding her with love and light. We can see how you have been working with her and you have done everything you can do. But this is something that we are giving her this extra amplitude, this extra bolus you might say from all of us on this side of the veil who are present on this journey. (Shelly's voice is shaking with emotion.) Oops, there is a lot of emotion coming up right now; it's almost as if she is reconnecting as we speak. There is a pain inside of her that needs to get out. It's as if there's a wound that needs to be lanced. We are assisting her with that. She is a very divine individual. She has been quite evolved in many different ways. This is something she will get past; this is something that in the long run will open her up to a deeper perception within herself. This in turn opens her up to an even deeper amount of compassion that she will share and utilize with other individuals. We feel her pain and suffering. We acknowledge it but we are doing our best to assist in shifting it and we feel as if a shift is taking place. Do you feel what we are speaking of?

(Yes, what can I do as her mother?)

You as the parent have been doing what you can. We sense that the best thing she needs at this time is to have that understanding, that compassion, that awareness from you. Also begin to speak of her in terms of a belief in herself and the ways in which you believe in her. You believe she has the ability to turn her grades around, you believe she has he ability to be successful, you believe she has the ability to make this reconnection within herself. If you were to bluntly say to her ‘honey I think something happened and you are disconnected' she might just get mad and irritated with it. So, this is something you may need to work with her more so from a place of meditation or a non verbal aspect. But be aware of how it will change the conversation you will have with her. Your own belief in her is what will allow her to open up to that belief also. We know that you have been trying to do that with her be she developed a hard shell. That shell has been cracked open or broken open as a result of the angels working with her right now during this channel. Be aware that you will perceive or sense a difference in this or a difference in her over the next few days or weeks.

(Thank you.)

You are welcome beloved.

Question: (paraphrased) I had an opportunity to do some changes as far as work goes and I just wanted to know if I should leave my job and move in this new direction?

Answer: Now we see a number of different potentials around you and we're not real sure of what you are talking about. Can you give us more ideas?

(I have been given a chance to do event planning for spiritual events or healers. Is that something I should pursue or a new job or business to start?)

We think this has a lot of energy around it and a lot of opportunity. You have an understanding of the people you will be bringing in with this company. We see you working actually with a number of different companies. We see a period of time in which you are creating a foundation or a basis. People need to know who you are and what you have to offer. So in the long run, we have a sense it will be very profitable to you but in the short run you will have a period of time in which you are making connections to people and you will setting up this business and establishing yourself. We see that everything you do will be a part of establishing this foundation. We see it has a lot of light and energy. We see that there are several different foundations or centers in different location and there are number of different people you are working with to set things up. Be aware that there will be other potentials that will come along to you and you can also look for other physical locations where people may get in touch with you to have an even bigger facility for what they have to offer. So, yes you are on the right track. You are moving into something that has a great deal of potential around it. We sense that with the uncertainty you have, just because the past year has been a very rough year; there's a part of you remaining hesitant and not fully committing to it. It's okay for you to be hesitant; it's just the human way and almost a protective mechanism. We would strongly encourage to take an opportunity whether it's daily or just when it comes to your awareness to sit in quiet meditation and enhance this energetically. See a flow of energy and a flow of potential. That is how you will be more comfortable with it and you will bring more business to you.

(How do I wrap up what I currently do? Do I keep it, do I sell it off, what do you recommend?)

We have a sense there's a potential you will sell it off but the market is not right, right now for you to sell it. You may find you continue to work with it because it will continue to bring an income in for you. You will feel drawn in many different directions and you may need to make choices in how you prioritize things. But we have a sense that it will be another several months before you fully release this old job and move fully into your new job.

(Alright, thank you.)

Question: (paraphrased) I have been going to a chiropractor for a year now and I have a sore spot on one of my lower discs. I'm kind of tired of going to the doctor and I'm wondering if I need to go to him for another year or is there some kind of a blockage that I have there, perhaps something else I can do.

Answer: We see this area that you are speaking of beloved and it's coming across to us as if it's bruised in that area. When we are looking at this, we think backing off from this in a physical matter will be beneficial and allow the bruise to heal. Now we also think that the original wound or the original injury that sent you to the chiropractor is mostly resolved, but there is still more that needs to be released. We sense you can work with it and release it. It feels to us as if it's linked with past experiences you are holding onto. It feels like its fear of the unknown and fear of doing all that you can do. In fact beloved, we believe this journey tonight has been a big step in resolving this and perhaps that's why we perceive it as a bruise rather than a blockage. So, we believe you began the work on it with this journey tonight. But if you will take the time and go into that space where you can work with the idea of fear and fear of being more than you think you can be. There's also a fear of results. We have a sense that you will see this will release. We would also like you to take an opportunity to work with a flow of energy into that space. Whether it's seeing it, feeling it, perceiving it; we sense once you have released and let go of what we just spoke of you also need to work on enhancing the flow of energy. With doing these couple of different things, it will almost completely resolve if not completely resolve the pain you are speaking of. Since you feel you have done as much as you can with this chiropractor then backing off we sense is entirely acceptable. Listening to yourself, believing in your perceptions will guide you in the way that you need to go.

(Alright, thank you!)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) When I take on creative projects, I will have the initial inspiration and begin the project. It will then seem as if depression hits and I back off and seem to implode. What do I need to know of this?

Answer: When you spoke of this, we had a sense of self sabotage; those words went through our mind as you spoke of this. It's something that goes back to when you were actually quite young. We have a sense of you being told you are not good enough or trying to make you fit into a particular mould in which you did not feel comfortable. Therefore, this depression or sense of failure or sense of being unable to complete something; all is interwoven with that sense of not being good enough or being unable to compete things. It's like it happened one time and everything else has been a repeat of that. You absolutely have the ability to work with any project and see it through to completion. When you get to that place that puts you into that space of depression, that's when you need to go into yourself and release that mental body or that belief system that believes you are not good enough to finish it to truly come up with idea and then see it through. It's an old belief system. It no longer works in your best interest. Actually in the journey tonight and in looking at you right now, you did a very good job of beginning the process of releasing it. It's not completely released because we still perceive a residual of this within you. If you work more so with allowing yourself to feel loved and nurtured from within yourself from that connection you have to your divine essence; then you will begin to fill yourself up with a loving, nurturing, compassionate aspect. This in turn will begin to replace the aspect of yourself that sends you into depression, feelings of failure and feelings of not being good enough.

Where you are right now, right in this very moment having just completed this journey we see you leaning much more so into the energies of self love and acceptance. When we see you walking about your day, going about your daily business, we see you gradually moving more into say a 50:50 or a different percentage so that you are not quite as much in the space of love and acceptance. So, perhaps another idea for you would be whenever you wake up in the morning, before you get out of bed, perhaps when you are taking your shower, whatever it may be; begin to create a daily routine in which you open and acknowledge or bring in your own divinity or your own connection within yourself. Let it come into you or wash over you or fill you up; even if it's only for a few breaths or a few minutes. What you will find is that you will then become much more comfortable with being within your divinity and from there it will then begin to take up more and more of your daily life. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does. It's always been a challenge for me to love myself. I appreciate the journey tonight and it feels like I've made a turn around into a better place.)

Excellent! That is why we say to you; focus on it being a few breaths or a short period of time in the morning so that it doesn't feel false to you. So it doesn't feel like you are making an overwhelming change.

(Like a burden.)

Exactly, exactly; anytime that it moves into a place of being a burden or it doesn't feel exciting to you any more, that's when you need to back off, make a clean slate and start over no matter how small. You are connected to your divinity. You are connected to your self love. So just believe in yourself and let it flow.

(Thank you) You're welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess? I wonder if you might talk to me about a recent fracture, surgery and all the recovery. Can you tell me anything?

Answer: We are having a bit of trouble connecting to you. We sense your pain, we sense your suffering and we feel a shell around you; we think it's due to the response of what you are going through. So, for this moment and for us to be able to connect with you more deeply: we invite you to take a deep breath in and as you breathe out, open up your heart, as if you are opening up that shell around your heart and let us in. This is what you have been doing with this pain that you have been feeling. It's a natural instinct in the physical body to tighten up and clamp down when you are in pain. It's as if your muscles constrict. In part there is the biological response that causes this to happen like that but it's also a natural response. So, one of the first thing we want you to do is breathe into your heart and focus on opening up that shell that you have around your heart. As you do that, it's going to allow a greater and greater amount of flow into your body. This healing process we see is going to take a number of weeks or months to fully complete. We sense part of the reason this happened was.... you were moving in your life at a very frenetic pace that was keeping you disconnected from within yourself. This was a very physical means to slow you down, stop you for this time and give you the opportunity to re-evaluate who you are, where you are, what's going on in your life. In addition it's always been a challenge for you to receive help and assistance from other people. This is a way of forcing you to be open to receive help and assistance from other people. Through that receiving from other people it's allowing them the opportunity to give to you and its allowing people to share with you in a way that is transforming relationships is what we perceive. Those are a couple of the reason why we see this happened. The way we see it moving forward from here is that in the long run it's going to create a greater balance within you because you will be able to have boundaries that will keep you from overextending yourself. You will be able to have a better idea of what you choose to have in your life and where you want to go. But in addition to that and what's more important is your opening to receive. If you can begin, just as with the individual we just spoke with, begin to be more conscious of receiving that divinity within yourself or that self love. That will also make you more comfortable in receiving from people outside of you or around you. Does that make sense to you? (Yes it does, thank you very much.) It does, we are also sending you divine healing or divine light to help amplify or boost in this healing process for you. (Thank you.) I can take one more.

Question: (paraphrased) I stopped working 6 months ago; I felt I just had to work for myself. It seems to be so slow going. I moved away, I don't have much to fill up my day. I'm wondering why I've done this to myself to make it so slow. I wondered what's happening with me, why I've done this to myself to make it so slow and if I have any blocks.

Answer: Okay, there are a couple of different things that come to my awareness as you speak of this. Now, we think this move that you made was beneficial. It was time for you to make a clean break and start over for yourself. We can see the benefit of that. We also have a sense you've been very strong and independent. As with the other individual, it's created in you a bit of a shell around you. Alright, there's the feeling within you that you want to work for myself, I have to do this for myself, I have to do this by myself. That's the energy that is emanating from you, that is the energy emanating from the shell that is like a cloak around you. What we think would be beneficial for you to get things moving; also all of this that has brought everything to a stand still. What we recommend that you work on is breathing into your heart center as we said to the other individual; but then as you breathe out, consciously send out an energy from your heart that releases any walls around you or releases anything that you might have been put up as a means of support or a means of giving you courage to make the move or go into business by yourself in something that is quite different than anything you've done before.

As you do that, we have a sense it will give you a feeling being vulnerable or a feeling of fear that might come up and can I do this for myself... that is when you need to really move into the self love and self acceptance. By doing so you will nurture that aspect within you, that bit of fear that's holding you back. It's not a large part within you, but it's enough to be significant. Once you have done these two things we sense it will actually cause the energy to flow around you in a greater fashion. That's when things will truly manifest for you. When you find that things are not happening things are not moving it's because something within you has slowed down that motion. What we are getting from you is that you are standing in a river and the water is going all around you, swirling around you. We would like to see you flowing with the river and going down the river. The water is showing us about emotions, about being conscious and what we are seeing is a fast raging river. There is a lot of flow and there is a lot of energy around this. Once you let go the shell you will be able to see the essence or the flow moving through you more easily. We also have a sense that there are contacts you still need to make and you are setting up the foundation. When you do this cleansing and look around you with new eyes you will get things from a new perception. You may find you get things from a new direction. Does that make sense to you?

(It really does, I just wonder if you can tell me if that blockage has anything to do with this dizziness that I've had for several weeks.)

The dizziness we sense is from stagnant energy within you. When people develop headaches or aches and pains in their bodies, it's because they are bringing in an energy and holding on to it, it's not moving, it doesn't go anywhere. Therefore it represents as aches and pains; or in your case as dizziness. If you can again consider flow; it comes in, it goes out; it moves through, it moves around; that is what will release the dizziness and make you feel better.

(Thank you very much!)

You are welcome.

And we thank each and every one of you for these questions and for this opportunity to share this time with you. This is just such a time of transformation upon the earth, we feel as if we say that over and over again and we're almost a little bit tired of saying it, but there's just no better way to explain it because these energies that are here, what each of you are going through, is a new consciousness that has never been experienced upon the earth, so let yourself enjoy the experience, let yourself be aware of the transformation that is here and that is taking place. It is occurring because each one of you is having a part of the process. So I thank each one of you for that and I appreciate being able to work with you.

I am ever with you and within.




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