Removing the Layers and Opening to Receive

Have you felt the intensity of energies flowing around the earth? A release has taken place on many, many levels. This channel was given to us just a few days before the full moon and lunar eclipse. I believe this had an impact on the intensity. This channel will take you through to a deeper release than any time before. One person summed it up as if the Goddess took all the other channels and put it into this one! The more that one is able to release the energies of pain, anger, fear, frustration or any other such emotions; the more you will be able to receive love, support, etc. There is such a level of compassion and acceptance. I hope you enjoy the experience!

Nama Sika; Venia Benya. I am the One; I am the Whole.

I greet you my beloved family. Welcome one and all! Welcome each one of you. Thank you for taking this opportunity to come and spend this time with me.

This is the time upon the earth of dramatic shifts and changes. There are times in which the energies feel very comfortable and easy, as if everything is moving with an ease and a gentleness. There are also times in which it feels as if everything is in turmoil. There are times in which you may feel as if you are being flooded with energies. You wonder if they are your own; you wonder if they belong to the earth itself. You wonder perhaps if they may belong to your family members.

What you do know is that you are feeling very intensely everything which is going on within and around you. It is not your imagination. There is indeed a great amount of energy that has come to the earth in a short period of time.

As the earth moved through the quantum shift during the end of the last year, there was a sense of calm, a sense of expectancy and a sense of accomplishment as if what you were seeking had been accomplished. And indeed it had on so many levels.

What it also did was open up the door for the collective consciousness of the earth to begin to step up and move into those energies; to move into a higher vibrational energy even though the average person had no idea what was going on.

Those of you who are so sensitive to the energies; those of you who have been following this very consciously are the ones who are still doing a great deal of that filtering for everybody else. So in answer to the question I posed: is this something going on within you? Indeed it is. But only in so far as a means of transitioning energies and filtering out those energies that need to be transitioned.

When you look at yourself and when you consider your life and what may be happening, it is actually true that a great deal of these energies are not your own. So we will speak of this during the journey.

In addition, it's as if there have been layers of fear, pain and suffering that seem to have been released over the last several weeks. Again, this is a reflection of the intense energies that are seeking to find a balance upon the earth. We will assist in transitioning some of that pain, sorrow, anger, fear. And each one of you, as you allow this to be released within your own self, are transitioning, first and foremost, your own energy. Then, as a result it shifts the collective consciousness.

Breathe deeply. Take this moment when you are still fully present within your physical body. Feel who you are. Feel the love, the honor and the support that I send to you. And I embrace you.

I invite you to now release your physical body. As if you are opening up the top of your head let go of your physical body and allow your consciousness to link with the energies of the magnetic grid. As you are linking with these energies, you find yourself coming into the space of your own higher self. This is a place you are familiar with and you easily blend into these energies.

I invite you to take this moment and look around at the magnetic grid. There is a different illumination of the grid work at this time. This illumination represents the influx of energies that I was speaking of a moment ago. It is somewhat more balanced within this space. But you will see by the end of this channel how it will be even more fully integrated.

From here allow your energy to shift, moving through the interlocking grid until you mix or mingle with the crystalline grid. Feel this energy as you let go the magnetic pull of the earth. Allow yourself to truly release those crystalline energies and vibration within you. Your consciousness is expanding and aligning within this space. Whether you know it or not, you already manifest a great deal of this crystalline vibration.

We move further. This time you may call forth the column of light, if you so choose. But I invite you to shift your consciousness once more so that you may align with the soul plane. Within the soul plane, your consciousness moves out in every direction. Look around. Reconnect with your divinity. You may feel or sense it coming up from within you, or you may see it or perceive it as coming towards you. Howsoever you choose, reach out and blend completely with all of who you are within your divine essence.

I, the Goddess, make my presence known. Within this vibration I am much more easily able to manifest a greater amount of my presence. Open up and feel my embrace. I reach out to each one of you, embracing you, loving you, connecting with you.

As you allow your consciousness to blend fully with me, you will find that you shift into the All That Is. This is our space of creation. This is a space created by me, but also by all of you. And the other energies -- both non-physical and physical - who come into here as a means of connecting, working through a process of something, creating, whatever it may be.

Look around at the energies who are here at this time. There are a number of the angels, the masters, the Ascended Masters, the Ray Lords. They are all here to be a part of this channel with you. You may see them or sense them. You may choose to link with them.

We are going to work with transitioning energies. To transition anything that may be happening upon the earth, it begins with one individual. There may be one or two of you that get together in a meditation and the intention of that can have an effect on much greater numbers than the few who are present. So, too, can this group come together and by each one of you creating a shift within yourself, create a shift that can affect the entire world as you know it, and it can affect the universe.

I invite you to begin by breathing deeply, moving your consciousness as if you are going inside. For some, it may feel like you are moving down; others have a sense of expanding outward; still others have a sense or an effect of moving inward. Through your intention move into this core essence of who you are.

Consider your life as it is upon the earth. As each one of you are looking at that or thinking about it, I'm feeling the energy in so many different ways. You may find yourself moving in a completely different direction because you will know what you need to do for yourself.

To begin with this from within your place in the center of your essence, I wish for you to begin with feeling love. Open your heart; open your consciousness. Let love in. This is love from your soul essence. It is also amplified by all the angels, the teachers, the guides who are here as part of this journey. Allow it in to flow through your consciousness. As the essence of love flows through you open to feel warmth, nurturing, caring.

I also invite you to link with compassion. As I say that word, so many of you just drink it up. Allow yourself to feel compassion, letting it move through you in every way that it can. Begin with feeling compassion for yourself this is coming from within you. From a space of compassion, let go the judgment. Let go that harsh criticism that you have had about yourself.

With this foundation of love and compassion allow your consciousness to expand further. I have this perception as if some of you are just floating on clouds that represent love and that represent compassion. Always let it move through you. Always let it be a part of you.

Once more let's take a look at your life. First of all, for so many there's a feeling of not being able to keep up with everything that is happening around you. It creates a sense of frustration, a sense of tiredness. And oftentimes that can move into a sense of anger. In this moment, call a halt to everything. Release those feelings about what's happening within your life.

When you look at that frustration from a sense of love and compassion allow yourself to really move into any way in which you may feel frustration in your life. For some, it's difficult to look beneath so as to be able to release this. Whatever you need to do, even if it's peeling away a layer and then another layer and then another layer, release until you can get into the very depth of whatever is making you frustrated within your life.

Allow compassion to flow through this area of frustration. Allow love to flow through. As you do so shift your energies to be able to accept that you can let go of that sense of frustration; you can let go of what is causing the frustration.

For so many, it's as if that was covering up the essence of pain because once that level has been released, there is a sense of pain that comes up for many, many of you, the soul essence, who are here. How is this pain affecting your life? Do you feel pain in a physical manner? Do you feel pain as manifested by hurt? Do you feel pain from other people's reactions to you, or lack of reactions to you? Open up the pain and let it out. Sometimes it feels as if you need to lance that aspect to allow it to truly be released.

From there, it's as if we move into sorrow. Sorrow is actually the energy that is really being released by the collective consciousness of the earth. Sorrow as manifested in many different ways. Sometimes rage, sometimes pain, sometimes frustration.

In this moment, I invite you to look at sorrow. Open and see if it is a part of your life. Now look beyond that which is yours. And as we get to this space, I have this sense of this immense sorrow that has been manifested by many, many different people.

This time I invite you to look at sorrow as see if perhaps it's more so aligned with the collective consciousness or other people rather than with yourself. Feel what this is. Once more open up and allow the love and the compassion from within you to flow, filling up these places within you that have been filled with sorrow or any other emotion aligned to that.

There is a shift taking place; there is a greater amount of light moving through here. As that sorrow is transitioned, it releases a sparkling energy that moves throughout. As that has been released, and we look even deeper, for some there is a sense of hopelessness. Again, it may be something you feel within your own life, or it may be tapping into something of the collective consciousness.

Ask yourself if this feeling of hopelessness is your own. Ask to know if there's any message in it for you. Breathe love; breathe compassion into that void that's created by hopelessness. Again, there is such light that comes into this space.

As we look once more at the energies we have a sense that in certain ways, this could go on and on. So allow yourself to once more breathe, going inside yourself. And just take this moment and consider either one thing or a number of things that you would like to transition right now at this moment. You may find that it's easier and easier to transition, shift or release energies when you are in this space and when you are already in the flow of releasing it.

I now invite you to shift your energies in such a way that you consider what it is to receive. Many of you may find it difficult to receive, perhaps from others or even from within your own self.

Right now link more fully with that sense of love and that sense of compassion from within you. Through those energies allow yourself to truly move into the space which is you. When you ask the question of ‘who am I?' open to link so that you may connect at an even deeper level than ever before.

Consider receiving the love that is here. The more that you open to receive, the more love there is. As if you are standing in the midst of a brilliant white light, this is you. By releasing the layers upon layers with which you insult yourself as a human, you can allow yourself to much more fully perceive who you are as a soul essence. It is one thing to be able to perceive it. It is quite another to allow yourself to actually receive this love.

As you are receiving what is here in front of you let it flow through your consciousness as if moving into every little nook and cranny within you. Allow yourself to receive.

As I speak of this, I'm hearing from some of you words such as ‘am I worthy', ‘do I deserve this', ‘can this be real'? Yes, yes and yes. You absolutely deserve this. Each one of you is complete worthy of receiving your own love from within you and you do deserve everything that is here. Therefore, if there is anything within you that keeps this from coming into your reality open to recognize it right now. Allow the compassion to flow. Allow the love to flow.

Once more look, sense or feel that brilliant white light. Once more open and embrace the love that is here for you. Let it fill you up until you are overflowing. You may then, if you so choose, expand further to accept even more. Accept the compassion. Accept that you do deserve to have this. Accept that you honor yourself by believing in yourself.

Now, as I'm looking at each one of you, there is a much greater blending than there has ever been before. Through this blending, you are truly opening to a greater understanding, but you're also opening to a much greater amount of allowing this flow of energy to move through you.

Allow this to integrate within your consciousness. Allow it to integrate within your human self.

Let your focus shift so that you are truly embodying all of who you are. What does it feel like now as you look out at the All That Is from that space of accepting and allowing who you are? You may see that there's an even greater amount of brilliance within this space. Those are the fine, subtle energies that have always been here, but will oftentimes elude you. As you allow this to be within your reality, the more you can see, sense and feel of the more subtle, gentle vibrations.

I invite all of you to come back and form a group. This group is immense. It's filled with energies of you the humans. It's filled with energies of the teachers, angels, guides: all of those who work with you from this side of the veil or from this space of expansion.

As you are coming together, there is a hologram of the earth that comes up within you. Some of you may perceive that the hologram looks different than it usually does. This hologram is bringing to you those energies of the earth that need to be transitioned at this time. As you look at the hologram, there's a great deal of fear, anger, frustration, suffering; all of those things which have just finished shifting within yourself. Each of you I invite to breathe in your balance. Breathe in that deep connection within yourself.

Now, tap into the love, the compassion that is also so very present within you. Allow to flow from you in gentle waves the love and the compassion. But also flow the balance of what it is to have felt all those emotions and released them. And also what it is to allow love, light, deeper connection within yourself to be your reality. As you do so, all of that flows from you and it moves into the hologram of the earth.

As one, I invite you to take a deep breath in and consciously send the energies of release. What occurred as a result of that is that all of those emotions, all that energy, combined with what you just sent into the earth. In turn, it created this huge blooming or release of energy. It's almost as if a pressure cooker that is building, building, building with pressure, and you've just taken off the top and released that pressure. So, too, with the release of these emotions, it's going to create a diffusing of the energies upon the earth.

With that, infuse into the earth, or this hologram of the earth, once more what it is to be balanced, to be cleansed, to be aligned. And we see the earth itself shifting as if it's taken a deep breath. And Gaia comes forth to receive these energies. She reaches towards each one of you, embraces you. Allow yourself to receive her love; to receive her embrace.

She returns so that she may merge back within that hologram. And as she does so, the hologram itself takes on an even more brilliant, sparkling energy. It shifts so that it may return. It moves downward. There's an aspect that blends with the crystalline grid, and then the magnetic grid. But then the majority goes into the center of the physical earth. It merges with that immense crystal which is within the earth and then once more, moving outward from within the center, that energy of release, that energy of balance moves upward, coming throughout the earth, throughout everyone upon the earth, moving out through the ethers, through the magnetic grid and beyond.

There is a transformation that has taken place. Allow your human self to align and receive these energies of the earth.

Once more shift your focus so that you may come back within your consciousness. As you look around the All That Is, you may perceive that there is a transformation which is taking place right here. This is a result of what you've done, but it is also a reflection of the transformation that took place upon the earth.

Allow your focus to shift so that you once more move into the energies of the soul plane. From within those energies, you release that aspect of your divinity that remains within this space. But you will recognize that more and more of your divinity returns with you as a part of your daily life. There is also a much greater bond, or perhaps you could call it a channel, that you are creating to link your divinity with your human self. And through that, you are able to feel, receive and sense more and more of what is around you in your daily life.

Allow your consciousness to continue returning. As it does so, you pause in the crystalline grid and then you move into the magnetic grid. Look around and see the transformation that has taken place. It is so much calmer. There's so much more light that is moving through.

Release these energies and allow your consciousness to fully return, moving back within and around your physical body. As you do so, you may need to expand the energy field around you. Let yourself fill up with all those energies that you worked with in the All That Is. Feel the love. Feel the compassion.

As you are adjusting to being back within this physical form allow yourself lf to feel and receive the energies of what it is to be without the pain, the sorrow the anger, the frustration. You have let it go. And let yourself feel the peace, the contentment, the love. If there's anything else that comes to your mind release it. Breathe in balance. Breathe in a feeling of being complete.

With that I invite you to come back within the conference room if you would like. You may press the *7 on your telephone and I am open to receive questions that you may have.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, the question I have this evening is about a relationship I am in and if you have an advice for me about this.

Answer: As we look at you and this individual, there are a number of energies and potentials floating around you. On a certain level, this relationship has a feeling of having gone as far as it was intended to go. What we mean by that is that is that the two of you have gotten from it what the two of you as a soul essence wanted to get from this relationship. But what happens when a relationship comes to this place is that you stand on a threshold of being able to choose. This is where you can choose: do I want to move in another direction with this individual or do I want to choose to move in anther direction without. It's a time in which both people in the relationship may re-evaluate what they to have out of the relationship. This is where we see the two of you right now, considering what this relationship has meant to you and how you would like it to progress in the future. We have a sense your partner feels there is much about you he does not understand and therefore it brings up a sense of fear or a sense of fear or a sense of frustration. In this past week there has been such a surge of those energies world wide. But the sense we have is that this has amplified feelings he already had within himself. Does that mean they were not his own?

No, our sense is that they were his own, but it's as if it became much more than what he was feeling or became enhanced by things that were not him. So as we look at this relationship, we see that it is basically undecided. It's as if you needed a cooling down period or a period of being apart where each one of you are making choices of what you want to get out of this relationship. We have a sense it is not completely finished. You will come back together and that is when you will make the choices of where you will go towards the future with one another. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does, thank you.)

You are welcome.

Question: (Paraphrased) I had lost weight and lately I have gained it back, plus some. I feel so heavy. I don't want to go back to the regular way of loosing weight where I am starving myself. I did a lot of releasing on this journey, but is there anything else you can help me with?

Answer: Alright beloved, as with the other individual, this recent weight gain that you have mentioned is related to the heaviness of the earth or the heaviness of these emotions that were being released. Indeed looking at you on this journey, you yourself did indeed have a great deal of a release that took place. But it was amplified or enhanced by the energies of the earth. That's one of the reasons you have felt so much heavier even than what the scale may reflect. Does that resonate with you?

(Yes it does, definitely!)

So when it comes to an individual, who is choosing to loose weight; most often because you are human you may see a certain number on the scale and that is he number you want to be. It may be I'm wearing a specific size; this is not the number I want to wear. My point here is that things go into a number which is analytical and it is put out by the collective consciousness of the earth and what people think in general. But it is still reflected in you and about your own feelings around it. When you are looking to loose weight and keep the weight off, it's about releasing but that is only one aspect of things. The other aspect is that people will sometimes eat-and we sense this is in part your reason- as a means of filling themselves up. So when you can fill yourself up with the energy of your own divinity, with the energy of light, with the energy of love; it can take up or fill in those spaces within you that you would eat to fill up because you felt empty or hungry or neglected. When people go on strict diets or do something that is very regimented, much of what is involved is denying yourself something you may want to have. So when you breathe in the balance, breathe in the connection within yourself and then go about your day, you will find that you will be less hungry. You will also find that there will be times you are drawn to a specific type of food. If you will choose to eat that food from the perspective of I'm choosing to eat this food at this time and I choose not to take on excess weight from it that is how you will begin to shift your thought process and your belief system around what you are eating. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes, I guess it does, it is what I am hoping for that I can eat the things I want and I would be able to do that if I change my mindset.)

It does because your mindset is definitely a part of this. You are going to find in fact that we will say on the flip side of this that there are many people who need to gain weight. When someone is doing something from an emotional perspective, it's important to link with that emotion. So, if your emotion is loneliness, if your emotion is feeling separate, if your emotion is feeling frustration- because your clothes don't fit- different things like that; then I invite you to go into the emotion and be fully present in that. What that means as a perspective is acknowledging and honoring whatever it is you are feeling during the day. Therefore whenever you eat an extra amount or something you might not have had before, then you can eat through choice or through nurturing to keep your body healthy. There are also so many people who are heavy now. Again I believe this is part of the collective consciousness. For one thing we can go into chemicals and fattiness in the food and it is all a piece of the puzzle. But what is underlying all of this is the emotion and energy that surround why a person eats what they eat and why a person chooses what they choose in their life. If you can release judgment, if you can release guilt; then you can allow in a greater amount of compassion for yourself. In that way you are breathing in and aligning with and allowing your divinity to be more fully present within you. Does that make more sense?

(Yes it does, thank you very much.)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you for that beautiful journey, it felt perfect for what my body is going through and I released a lot in my body. I have had such pain in my body. I've been working to release what I need to, but I am still having a lot of pain in my neck and my head. I'm wondering if you can help me with why I'm having this pain and in releasing what I need to get rid of this pain.

Answer: There are two things we wish to say about this. Firstly, you have moved to a part of the world that is quite different than where you have been for the last number of years. (She moved from Texas, USA to Kazakhstan.) So your body is physically going through an orientation or an adaptation to this place in which you are now living. All of that aside, there has also been this great release of energy or this potential which has come into the earth and is affecting so many people. By saying all of this, what we sense that you are holding onto are not things that belong to you. It feels more so like the energies around you and not something within you that is holding you back and keeping this from being released.

Our sense is that with the journey tonight and the release of so many energies from the collective consciousness; that is going to assist you. It's not just what is going on right now beloved; you are an individual who has manifested pain and all these various emotions and energies in your body for many many years. It's been the last two to three years that you have been so consciously releasing them. That is why when you are in this different situation, around different energies and things not your norm, not your comfort zone; it once more went right back into your body, in terms of the headache, your shoulders and neck. This is like the experiences you have had in the past. That is why I would recommend you do is work on stretches, doing yoga, getting a massage, anything that is a very physical aspect of releasing work. In addition to that, once more when you are feeling the headaches, the pain, recognize that it is not yours. We hear your question, ‘how do I know if it's mine or not'? The best way to handle it is trust you have done so much release work, you have been that space of balance, you've had those months in which you felt really good and energetic and had vitality.

So, go back into that space and remember what it's like so that your physical body can remember what it is like. Then again, with every step that you have taken to expand and breathe more oft his divinity and balance into you; let that come back into play, come back into your physical being and utilize that as a means of releasing these energies that are not your own. Then it's like the massage, the yoga, the stretching is just that final part of this. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes, I have been honoring my body; I have been getting massage to support my body. But now I'm going to be going home and I feel like a rag-a-muffin. I don't want to stretch that way anymore. I just feel so fragile.)

What we would like for you to do as you prepare for your journey home is to first of all take time to really ground yourself within your physical body. You are also very connected to the earth so reach down and blend with Gaia, using that as a means of keeping you grounded. Then as you are linking with the universe-sometimes what happens is that because of your higher vibration or light, you tend to be outside your body rather than in your body. So if you can ground within your body and then bring in the higher vibrations you will find that you will not have the same physical symptoms and it will give you a feeling of strength.

(Do you think a turquoise necklace will assist in grounding me?)

That is certainly a benefit to you. Anytime that you feel drawn to a particular gem stone or crystal, whatever it may be; this is something I will always defer to you. If it makes you feel good and it has those qualities within it, then by all means honor yourself and honor your beliefs.

(Thank you!) You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Thank you so much! This is my first time participating and I have truly enjoyed this experience.

Answer: You are welcome beloved and while I know you have a question, let us just say that when linking with you truly let go of everything that you wanted to let go of. There is a part of you that is questioning if you really let go and is it really gone now; but I see you did have an immense release. In part it is because you were preparing for this you've been setting up for this and the time is right for you to take this step. Yes we see the release did occur. Yes we see you are in a space of greater opening and allowing within yourself. The one thing we will say going forward from here is to have compassion; to have compassion for yourself and look at the others around you from the eyes of compassion. Now, I know you had a question for us tonight.

(I have been going through so much in the past few months or year. I had a work injury, my daughter got married and I've had other changes also. I am also very sensitive to chemicals around me and I can hardly go out without getting sick. Is this all mine or is there something that can help me?)

First of all, you can never be doing anything. Secondly what we would like to say to you is that there is an aspect of this that is not yours, that is you tapping into the collective consciousness. Thirdly and getting to the root of all this is

(What do you mean? What percentage of this collective consciousness?)

It's hard to give it a percentage per se. If I have to look at it in an analytical way then I'd have to say perhaps 50% is not yours. Because what is yours and what is the basis of this problem is that you have created a cage around yourself. You have created these limitations around you and they manifest within you by your body being unable to tolerate food or chemicals, unable to tolerate smog, whatever it might be and (But it's limiting me! I go and don't intend to have a problem, but I do.)

Exactly! Because again you have created this as your reality. In order to shift this, to create a new reality for yourself, what we would like for you to do is learn how when you are going through a detox or anything that is draining you, you need to focus on how to release the energies but still tank up and receive the energies. You have been giving out, giving out, giving out and it may not feel to you as if that is what you are doing but the times when you feel completely drained, when you have the digestive reaction you are letting everything be drained from you within allowing yourself to receive. While it was very important for you to do the release work on this journey, what is more important for you to do is to learn to receive and allow yourself the love, acceptance and honoring of who you are. Again, we mentioned feeling compassion for yourself. When you have that sense of compassion and you allow yourself to truly bringing in your divinity, then it will stay within you. It's as if you have been punishing yourself. There are so many things that need to be said that it's more than what we can say in this moment. What we want to say is that you need to look at your belief systems. You need to look at how you allow things to drain you without bringing things in to refill yourself. That is what we recommend you do in the next couple days or weeks. Take the opportunity when you feel yourself detoxifying or going through those energies to let the energies go but also at the same time shut them off and allow yourself to fill up with the energies of your divinity, the energies of love and the energies of compassion.

(pause..... okay)

Um hmm when you feel those within you, you will feel stronger. You feel better able to tolerate what is around you and causing these reactions within you.

(Will I benefit from acupuncture and herbs?)

If you feel drawn to do that, by all means do so. As far as the herbs go you feel as if you are out of whack. We have a sense for you to take it easy, let go of everything, then add back little by little whatever you sense you should. Listen to yourself; if you feel drawn to something then add it back in. We have a sense you need to take some time and let go of everything and then bring it back in little by little. Do so by listening to your inner guidance.

(I've been doing that and can't tolerate even little amounts. I don't know my body anymore.)

Alright, we hear you beloved and you are coming back again. When you get this transcript, go back and look and be open to receive, be open to allow.

(Alright, I get the message. Thank you very much.)

Question: (paraphrased) I wanted to let you know that I thank you for your gift tonight and your gift of every other Sunday (the teleconferences). I want to know what you see for me when it comes to bringing in financial abundance.

Answer: Beloved, what I would like you to do is first of all take a moment and take one breath in, in which you breathe into your heart. Next time, take another breath in and breathe outward as you release that breath and open up. There we go! As I began linking with you, looking at you, looking at abundance around you it felt to us as if everything around you was shut off from you. I'm not sure why this was; I'm saying this is my perception when linking with you. I sense the reason you have not manifested abundance in the manner you are seeking is because of this aspect that has been cut off. Let us look a little further to see if we can get more information about this. To us, it's as if a transition or a transformation has taken place within your life; as if you have let go of a job or something that has been a part of your life. We sense you did so as a means of moving into something that would be newer, bigger, or bring you more abundance but it has not yet manifested. Does that resonate with you?

(Well I consider myself a healer. I've been learning different modalities since the beginning of the 1990. But one thing I haven't done is put it into affect. I do my healing, my meditation; but I haven't but it out there or advertised to bring in the people. In the beginning I was dealing with the aspect of getting money for ‘God's gift' but now I'm ready to go forward. I'm ready to start doing what I came to do and fulfill my destiny and I'm wondering what you see for me and do you see me doing this this year?)

With that explanation and your talk of the healing modalities and what you are seeking to do; our sense is that you have spent a great deal of time in preparation-well you just said so! But our sense is that you are doing something very different than what you grew up with or you have spent a great deal of time with. That's where it has been so time consuming for you. It's also a very old energy that so many lightworkers or healers have brought forth into this lifetime of ‘not getting paid for God's work'. It's taken you this amount of time to become comfortable with it. But even so we have a sense there is still more that you can do to be fully open to receiving payment. This we have a sense has to do with being able to receive. As with this journey tonight, if you can focus on opening up your energy field, on opening up your senses and receiving things in small ways then you will find you can open and receive things in a bigger way. We also have a sense that from all the various things you have learned you are stretched wide open and expanded, of course some of this could be from the journey tonight. It's important for you to take the time and pull yourself in. Breathe in and let yourself become centered with that. Then as you consider where am i going to manifest clients, what do I want to do, where do I want to teach-then you will find things will fall into place more easily. Not only do we see you as a healer, but also as a teacher. You will be teaching one on one with your clients as you are healing them. You will do a great deal of teaching as you are talking to people. Sometimes it's before they even come in as a client, you will be talking to them on the phone or in person. All of that coming into play is what you are in the process of setting up. We have a sense by mid to late summer you will have taken great strides forward in this. You have been standing on the precipice for a number of months waiting to take this step forward. The time is here, the time is right. This is about you fully valuing yourself and step forth. We also have a sense as you are looking this you are looking at what you want it to be and dreaming big; which is of course a wonderful thing to do. But from the human perspective if you will cone it down a little and make it more so to reach a fewer number of people, this will bring it into your reality and less into something that feels unreachable to you. That is how we sense it will get started; a bit here a bit here and suddenly it begins to grow. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does and I want to thank you so much for all the blessings that you bring. Not only myself but my family and everyone who gets on the phone and their families and the whole world. I want to give you so much love back just the way you give to us every other week and the channel who you speak through. I want to embrace all of you in the rainbow of my love and I thank you so much for giving me the answers that so immediately needed and wanted to hear to verify my future intent and my destiny that I am here to fulfill. Thank you so much.) You are welcome. And we are open to receive the love you send to us and we appreciate it too; as does the channel who is speaking.

Alright beloved family. As always our time together seems to pass in a moment but I know that your time upon the earth is counted in minutes, days, hours, weeks, months and years. There is so much transitioning at such a great rate at this time upon the earth.

Always be open to find that balance within yourself. It is there. You are connected to your divinity. Open to receive. Receive the love, receive the compassion. And let it flow through you in every moment. Feel loved, feel nurtured.

I am ever with you and within!




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