Reunification of Your Soul

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This channel consisted of two main components; communication and re-unification of your soul.  The Goddess in the beginning spoke of the many forms of communication in our lives. She had us take into perspective where we are in our individual lives, at the beginning of the channel.  We also tapped into the energy of how that looked from your higher self and divinity.  While in divinity, the Goddess again invited us to look around at who we’d like to communicate with.  Both times, there was the perception of self, angels, beings of light.

Then Metatron came through to speak with us.  As he began to speak, he talked of the various perceptions of what his job is; primarily that he is the ‘keeper of the souls’ or the protector of the soul essence for all who are incarnated upon the earth.  He spoke of how the soul splitting first took place.  While I know there’s a LOT more involved, this was just touching on it.   During the time that we began to populate the earth, the density was such that we could not be fully present here with all of our consciousness. Metatron said that one of the experiences that led to the splitting of the soul was the disconnect from divinity as we came into the earth.

During the channel, Metatron gave each of us a gift; the other part of our soul, the missing part of our divinity.  Through the years we’ve all compensated and moved forward, but this was always there, hanging over everyone. As each of us accepted our gift, we became once more unified within ourselves.  That which was felt to be lost or disconnected was returned.  It was a really beautiful experience! 


Nama Sika, Venia Benya;   I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family!  I reach out my energies to each one of you, reaching out to embrace you, reaching out to send my love, my consciousness, my awareness into and around you in whatever situation you find yourself and whatever experience you are within right now at this time.

Whenever we get together as a group, it is as if I send out my intention that I’m going to be here and I invite whomever would like to be a part of this group to come and join with me.  That being said, it sets up the energy of intention and the energy of awareness, so that all who would like to participate, whether you are physically present or not physically present at the time that this takes place, you are still within the consciousness that creates this exact channel at this time.

There is so much potential upon the earth.  There are opportunities around every corner so to speak.  You have the opportunity with every single day that you wake up to reach out and experience life howsoever that may unfold for you.  As you experience what life is for you, consider whatever that may be, bringing those energies into this now moment while you are still here physically present upon the earth.

And then as if to take one more deep breath down within you, sending it down into the earth, allow your energies to flow through as you reach out allowing your consciousness to expand into the space of your higher self.  As you look around at whatever this place may be clear out anything that does not belong; clear out the clutter, the debris ~~whew~~ so that you even in the space of your higher self can have the opportunity to work and manifest your creations closer into your everyday life.

From there send out your energy as if to expand even further; reach out towards the energy of your divinity or the energy of your higher self.  As you arrive within this space look around, take in all of what it is for you.  Just as you have your physical life upon the earth, you have your higher self that which is somewhat disconnected and less physical, and then you come into this place of your divinity which allows you to expand even further.

This is the place of your full consciousness.  It is the place of you in this lifetime and the other experiences that create who you are as your divinity.  This is your God source energy.  So it is all of you and even more than what you have the potential to be fully conscious about.  Look around, stretch out your consciousness or your perception take in all of this energy; feeling you, feeling the expansion.

I the goddess move in and around each one of you.  As I do so I reach out to embrace you; you the human, you as your divinity, I reach out merging my energies with you.  As we do so it shifts everything into the space of the All That Is

Look around, open up to feel these energies, open up and experience the All That Is as if you are reaching out or as if you allow that flow of potential and opportunity to move through you accentuating all of you.

There is so much that is taking place within each one of you within your days.  I understand how some people say every day is the same, every day I do the same thing and you feel as if you are in a rut.  But there is an increased flow in energy that is not only coming into the earth itself, but within the flow between all of you not only as humans but here in the space of your divine essence.

That is one of the many reasons why this gives you the opportunity to be able to create a foundation or create a space to assist you in your everyday life.  I know I say this almost every time it seems that whenever we are here at this point in the channel I’m gathering the energies and discerning what order I’m going to say what I would like to say.

I want you at the beginning of this channel here in this moment to have a sense of opening up your consciousness and just be aware of everything else that is here within this space.  As you are opening to this flow, as you feel-- for some it may be as if you hear chatter, as if there are lots of voices, lots of commotion, lots of energy that is within and around you.  For others it may be that you find yourself feeling just the flow of the love, the flow of the consciousness from the crystalline energies as it just moves.  It’s almost like as a wave of energy that is moving back and forth.

When you are here you have the opportunity to be in the flow in the support of not only all the beings of light who are here, but the higher vibration and expression of everybody else.  You are not alone.  You, no matter what is going on within your life, you have an alignment to other people.  Here in the all that is, become aware of how easy that flow and that energy can be.  It feels good to know!

Now for some of you, as you take this in, you may find that it amplifies the energies of that which you would like to transition.  So it works in different ways when you are here within this space. 

I would like to take this time to assist in creating new pathways of communication between we the energies, the Angels, the beings of light that resides within this space and you that you may utilize within your everyday life.

First of all, I invite you to open up your consciousness and consider what the word communication means to you.  Is it something that gets you bogged down?  Is it something that stimulates you?  Is it something that is just an unconscious experience in your life?  As you are connecting within yourself have a sense of clearing out the energies around you ~~whew~~

As you do so, go within that core essence.  When you consider communication, invite in your Angels, your guides, whomever you would like to speak with at this time.  Each one of you upon your journey have a number of different Angels or energies that you work with it any given time.  Some of you may have a very close tight circle, others of you may have a big and expanded room or state when you gather in this place of communication.

It could be different every time you reach out, but for this now moment become aware of communication with these Angels and light energies Metatron would like to speak with you, so I will shift my energies over and allow him to come through and speak.

Metatron Speaks:

I am Metatron!  I have the holder of the energies of the earth!  There are many different beings of light that do this and we all working complement to one another.  But I Metatron have a particular job that is actually quite delightful and quite fascinating to me.

Every time that someone chooses to come into the earth they create an alignment with me.  Some say that I am like an overriding energy of all the souls upon the earth.  Others will say that I hold sacred within my arms the potential of the opportunity of every soul essence who is upon the earth.  Still others believe that I am here with the express purpose of assisting people who are choosing to have the life existence upon the earth.  It is all of the above.

I have been very much in the background until the more recent years in your linear timeframe.  You are going to begin to hear about me from a number of different energies because the next phase of evolution upon the earth is about each individual coming into their space of oneness.

Now, what does that mean to you?  The veil is gone therefore every single one of you as you live your life upon the earth; you have that direct alignment and connection to your divinity.  It is exactly what you are experiencing here within the space because of that, you have the potential to flow the energies of your divinity and as much of your consciousness as you so choose, or as your vibration allows into your everyday life.

You may ask what does that mean? And what does that have to do with Metatron?  Well, when the veil was a very distinct barrier between the humans living their lives and their divinity I as my role of facilitating the soul energies upon the earth has the ability to be supportive, to express communication and to assist individuals through the collective consciousness in remembering that they are more than what they realize.

That is but one.  I continue to work with the collective consciousness, but I am also more directly working with each one of you.  It may be in your sleep state, it may be when you come up your to your counsel, it may be when we walk along in the universal light having a conversation.  I asked the Goddess to provide time and space for me to express this next transition that is taking place.

You as the human are becoming even more empowered than you ever have before.  You as the human have an even greater potential to work with the energies of the earth creating change in your life.  Well, not only in your life but in that collective consciousness and the expansion that is taking place.  And you may ask, what does that mean?  How is that going to be experienced?

Think about your life.  Think about the ways in which you sometimes feel disconnected from your divinity.  I hear your thought process, ‘how do I know if I’m disconnected’? If you are feeling sad, if you want what your purposes in life, if you feel as if block upon block upon block is being placed in front of you, those are some of the ways in which you are becoming disconnected.

You can feel that sense almost as if from behind you that states ‘I’m here, don’t forget me,  I am a part of you’ and yet it feels like it’s just there behind you not a part of you, you are disconnected. 

As you begin to make choices are changes in your life, in which you manifest more and more of the divinity from your I AM presence it will be reflected in your life as that deeper sense. 

Well, first and foremost, that deeper sense of knowing unconditional love and acceptance.  Because yes, it is available to you, it is available 100% of the time.  It is available to manifest howsoever you would like to play with that energy. 

Which leads me to the next; if the veil is gone, you have that greater alignment, you are living your life, what is that going to look like to you?  If you had the ability, the power, the expansion, whatever word you want to give it to really, truly create and manifest in your life how would that feel? 

As you are working with your consciousness, with the thoughts, with the knowledge, with the awareness; and then there is the unconscious.  It is that unconscious energy that is coming to the forefront in becoming conscious.  This is what I’m speaking of, as I speak of that greater flow and that greater potential, your greater opportunity.

I like that!  Bringing to consciousness that which is unconscious so that you may manifest and fulfill your life in the way that you so choose.

I know the Goddess and many other energies have spoken of the crystalline energy and vibration that is another part of what empowers you at this time.  Look around this space because this is where you have that crystalline vibration, that crystalline energy right here all around you. 

Now it manifests in your physical life as you Lightbody energy.  But the more that you work with it here in the all that is, absorbing it allowing it to align within you, the greater that flow and ease within your own life.

I manifest for each one of you a gift.  And I invite you to receive this gift.  As you take it and bring it into and around you recognize that I’m giving back to you more of your divinity, more of your soul essence.

Some people have spoken of the splitting of the souls, twin flames, soul mates.  I’m not going to go into all the detail of the separation of souls that took place back in Lemuria.  But a part of it had to do with that separation from soul as you came into the earth consciousness that very first time.  As you begin disconnected from that full conscious awareness of when you were your divinity it wasn’t that your divinity had many different aspects and it was the whole.  It was that you were only your divinity and there was nothing else.

When you realign, merging with your I AM presence that is still the same.  But as humans, you are unable to separate the now, knowledge of you as separate; separate the separation.  You as humans have a perception that God/Goddess sent you forth, that you have your life existences upon the earth; some believe they are a trial to strengthen you, some people believe it’s a punishment, some people believe…. well it’s limitless what people believe. 

But, a lot of that energy arose from that perception of being disconnected as you move through the veil come into the earth.  It was due to the extreme separation of dimensions in vibrations from the universal conscious awareness of your divinity and the vibration of the earth; most especially at that time.

And now, the veil is gone.  The flow of dimensions has been created that allows for your consciousness to be in these various levels of awareness all at the same time or with a conscious movement.

So now, having explained that, the gift that I just gave you-- is you!  It is the other half of your soul, is any other portion of your soul, so that you may be complete in all of your entirety.  Breathe it in, feel what that is.  Experience yourself.

When you allow your consciousness to be in that open and expanded flow knowing that there is no longer any separation in any form there it goes.  Feel and know what that is.  I Metatron am here for you.  I am working with everybody upon the earth, especially those of you who are the oldest souls, so to speak, those of you who have that greater separation of consciousness because of the time that you came through; that was the perception and that was what occurred.

Beloved, beloved family you are one.  You are bringing back within you all of who you are!  Receive it and allow it to be.  It has never, ever, ever been a burden to me because I feel the love, I feel the acknowledgment and the support in my chosen opportunity with everybody’s soul.  But as each one of you reclaim that space, I find that I myself am able to shift, grow, and expand also.  So we in these energies, also continue to grow and change.

I will release this time and space letting the energies shift back to the Goddess.  Thank you for this opportunity, I am here for you!


The Goddess Speaks:

It is quite exciting to me to see how each one of you have been open to receive that much deeper connection within yourself.  You are even more than what you comprehend, even in the state of expansion, in all the energies that you are taking in; you are even more!  But let that flow move through you and here within this space as you embrace, as if you are returning in receiving back within you that pure essence of yourself.  Feel it, and let it flow through.

There is a change in the all that is.  There is a deeper blending, a deeper consciousness and what gets sent out throughout this space is expanding even further. 

Come back around, to communication and allow yourself to just think of anything at all that you would like to communicate, be it to yourself or someone else, or the Angels. 

Send it out as if it’s an impulse that reaches out from you, and then take in a deep breath and be open to receive whatever may come back to you.  Communication can be received in many different forms. Allow all of your senses to be open to receive.  As you look around at the group of your Angels or your energies, that are here for you, has it changed as you absorb and receive that energy of your own self?

As I spoke at the beginning about empowering and about allowing yourself to be your huge authentic self, let that flow even more fully now that you are taking back that sense of separation that you may have felt.  Feel you as your complete wholeness.  And then what you seek to have will fall into place with greater and greater ease. 

Breathe in, know that you are love!  Look around, feel this essence or this energy so that you may set it up in support of you in your life.

I invite everyone to gather together.  You may notice that because I invited you to connect at the very beginning that that sense of oneness is already there as if we need not gather the group, because it is already the group and that alignment is open.  But you do have the potential now of looking around and taking in how others reflect back to you, not only you yourself but how you perceive the energies that are here within this space.

I am just basking in the energies of seeing so many of you in that intrinsic oneness; that intrinsic reunification that is taking place.  It takes place in an instant but it integrates over a period of time.  So, if you feel a little bit off kilter understand that the integration is going on.

Those children that are being born at this time, and that have been born for the last 10 to 15 years no longer have that separation of self; they were able to keep this consciousness in this awareness without that sense of being disconnected.

As you more fully integrate that within yourself you will recognize your relationship to them will change because you are this whole and complete essence or individual.  That being said, all of that balance, all of that empowerment, just gets infused to the center of everyone here and coming up within the center is the hologram of the earth.

As this hologram moves up within that space to becomes infused with all of these energies.  As it does so, it is as if there is a balance that is manifested.  But you consciously send forth your intention not only to be one within yourself, but that you will have greater communication, beginning first within your own self to your higher self and your divinity and then that moves out from you to everybody else.

That all is infused within the hologram and you see the hologram as it begins moving down.  It moves down from wherever you are in the All That Is, as it merges with the energies of the crystalline light you see it become infused with that sparkle.  ~~Whew~~ and then it goes to wherever it needs to go, out the universe, down and down into the center of the earth.

As it links within the center it aligns with those crystals that make up the core energy or essence.  So too, it aligns with all the other magnetic energies of the earth and it begins to infiltrate and move.  It comes up through the surface of the earth, it comes up within your grass, water, trees it comes up within each one of you so that you will manifest and anchor this transition in this balance of you as one.  Be open to receive what that is for you.

Send out that intention of the balanced oneness to everything around you in your physical life.  Send out that intention of communication that it will move through and infuse all that is here. 

You can then disconnect from there and let your consciousness once more come back into the space of the All That Is.  You see how easy it is to flow.  You were here, then in the center of the earth, then upon the earth and back out here.  So recognize that you have the ability to flow through those energies. 

As you each let go this time space reality of the All That Is, feel your consciousness as if you are gathering all the energies that reconnects here within the soul plane, to your I AM.  Look around and feel that balance of you as one.  Recognize that there is an even greater flow that moves through here. 

And then that streams down coming down within you, into and around you in your everyday life.  As it does so, you come down breathing within your physical body.  You let that energy go through you, anchoring it down into the earth, as it anchors within the earth, let yourself feel that beautiful grounding energies as it comes back up bringing you back within yourself.  

All right beloved family.  As you allow yourself to move through the next days or weeks upon the earth, as always be open to that which creates joy, happiness, light and life within your life.  But now understand that you have integrated and even deeper form of who you are.  Allow it to move through your cells, allow it to move through your emotions, your thoughts allow it to move through everything within and around you.

As you do so, trust that as you live your life all will be in balance, all will be shared with those who are around you.

Beloved family I am ever with you and within you,




johneblums 30th March 2014 9:15 pm

Like similar messages about "soul" there is some confusion as no distinction is made between soul and spirit. Spirit generally means our eternal twin flame of 'God-dess I Am' aspect which embodies all our incarnations and experiences as souls in many bodily type forms. The Spirit or our Whole - Holiness is always our over-shadower and minder of our soul lives. In other words the soul is also the active part of our physical conscious mind while the spirit is our universal mind or our super-unconscious or sub-conscious mind that communicates often during sleep or dreams when the soul's conscious mind is at rest or becomes inactive.So we need to be aware that our conscious thoughts are also influenced and guided by our universal mind-spirit. Most people are not aware of this unless they know and communicate with the spirit realm while being conscious or during meditation - other refer to this as channeling, but everyone does so, some aware more than others.I have been 'travelling' to the realm of God-dess since 1994, meeting them as well as my twin flame.I have no need of Metatron now.

Shelly Dressel 7th April 2014 8:32 am


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I understand exactly what you are speaking of and it is also included in this, perhaps not in the same words. Spirit, Soul, Divinity, I AM are all parts of or different names for that which is your divinity.

I've worked on and off with Metatron and I think as the vibration continues to rise that we do not need to go through him. But I also think that there are so many different people on earth and people are in various places of their growth process, that he's still a very powerful essence in those cases.

I believe the Goddess intended in this channel to assist people in becoming aware of tapping into and shifting all the information that's flowing around them into something they can more consciously access. This is a part of what the ascension is; tapping into aspects of self, spirit, divinity of which one has previously been unconscious.

Thanks for speaking out!



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