ReUnite Within Yourself

Nama Sika, Venia Benya        I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! Welcome to our time together.  Welcome to this time that you take for yourself.  This is a time of intense energy; this is a time of transformation upon the earth.  No matter what time of the year it is, there is always going to be a flow of energy and a flow of transformation.  There will be times in which you are very affected by these energies; there will be times in which you will hardly notice a change at all. 

The essential part for you is to remember that you are divine.  Remember that you are a beautiful human expression of the All That Is.  You are precious in my eyes.  I honor you.  I welcome you.  You are special. 

As you move into the energies of this moment, let yourself take a deep breath so that you may breathe in the essence of who you are.  Let it flow through your human essence.  Let it mingle with your biology so that as you are fully conscious, as you are present in this moment you may open to feel your divinity. You may open and acknowledge and feel your human biology.  Allow them to blend as one. 

From here take a moment and allow your energies to shift into the space of the magnetic grid.  The magnetic grid as you are very well aware is a space in which your higher self is located.  There are many different pathways that move out in every direction from where you are.  Take a moment to let your senses open.  Discern the many ways in which everything is expanded. This is changing just as everything else is changing upon the earth. 

Shift your focus, shift your awareness.  Allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may move into the energy of the crystalline grid.  This also has moved through a transformation.  It is still being created by all of you and by all of the evolved individuals who are coming into and` living upon the earth.  This is a support for you in your daily life.  It's a way of transmitting the energies of the universe.  The crystalline grid is also used as a means of buffering the energies of the earth.  So many of the new children who are of the crystalline vibration come to this space in their sleep state or their daily life. 

You, the people who have chosen to move through an evolutionary process that allows you to ascend, it allows you to evolve.  You who choose to live your life within the new energy also come to this space on a regular basis.  There is no specific definition for what it looks like or how it functions.  It is that it is. 

From here call forth a column of light. This column can assist you as you shift your consciousness even further.  Allow your energies to move into the soul plane.  The soul plane is filled with many different energies of light.  Your teachers and guides will work with you within this space.  You too come into this space as a means of understanding more fully who you are within your divinity. 

I the Goddess make my presence known.  Feel me as I move in and amongst each of you.  As I come into you I reach out to blend and embrace my energies with your own.  As we do so, you may shift into the All That Is.  Take this opportunity to also call forth your I AM presence.  So many of you automatically merge with that aspect of yourself as you arrive in the soul plane, but for those of you who have not blended, take this opportunity and allow yourself to more fully expand.  You are huge in your own right, then as you allow me to blend with you, I amplify your own energy. 

When last we spoke (referring to the teleconference channel of April 20, 2008), there were several of the aspects of Melchezidek present and speaking with you. They come forth to allow their energies to assist you in your process this evening.  As they come into this area, you may find yourself aligning or connecting with each of them one by one.  Or there may be a particular energy that you align with more so than the others. 

Melchezidek himself personally embraces each one of you.  And for so many it's as if you are greeting an old friend.  He spoke of reuniting these various aspects of who he has been.  In doing so, it allowed him to create a greater strength.  It allowed him to create a deeper communication between these aspects that were all actually part of who he is.  He did it from a perspective of his I AM presence and tapping into various life experiences.  This is going to be an experience for you to move more deeply into reuniting within yourself.

We are going to begin with the life in which you are living right now.  Allow your consciousness to go within.  As you do so, breathe deeply and become very aware of who you are in your life in this moment.  Whenever one is getting in touch with themselves they oftentimes begin with the aspects that are actually outside of them.  For example, what are some of the things you do in your life?  Do you have a spouse? Meaning are you a spouse to someone else?  Are you a mother, father, a son or daughter, are you a sibling?  Are you identified by the work that you do? What is your job?  What is the impact upon other people, if any?

This is a part of you that is very much caught up with your personality.  You might consider it like the shell that houses who you are.  None of this is ‘who' you are; it is simply an aspect of what you do in this life.  I invite you to ask the question of yourself; who am I?  As you are asking that question, go inside of your heart center and open to become aware of the answer. 

You are the divine essence manifested as this human individual.  In the core essence of everyone upon the earth, there is a divine aspect that is unique to only you.  Feel as if it is a flicker within you.  Perhaps you see or sense it as a flicker.  Feel the warmth of that divinity as it grows larger and larger within you.  Always know that this is who you are.  Perhaps it's hard to give it a specific definition.  It is energy beyond boundaries. It is always beautiful, it is always immense, it is always loving and gentle. 

From there, begin to consider your life.  Are there aspects of your physical body with which you are unhappy?  Do you have perhaps an illness, either acute or chronic?  Do you have something about your physical body that keeps you from living your life to the fullest?  Is there something about your weight, your complexion, your hair?  You have this physical body which is a part of who you are in this lifetime. 

If there is anything about your physical body that you would like to shift at this time, allow it to come up into your physical awareness.  Connect with it, perceive it, acknowledge it; then it bring it inside of you, into the divine flame of who you are.  As these aspects of your physical body merge and become a part of that flame, accept it home within you.  Allow your love and your compassion to fully transition anything that you bring into this flame.  Therefore, flow up and down through your body the energies of love, acceptance, and unity. 

Move into your emotional body.  There have been such huge transitions of emotions, especially over the last several weeks.  As you tap into your emotions, connect with those which might be holding you back.  Is there fear within your life?  Is there an aspect of you that feels loathing, disgust?  Perhaps you have anger.  If any of these or any other emotions are coming up to your attention at this time, allow it to come forth.  Allow everything to come in your face so to speak so that you are fully aware, so that you acknowledge anything that you may be feeling which has gotten to a point that it is holding you back.  These emotions may feel very strong to you, they may feel very subtle. 

Allow everything to come up at this time.  We are talking about the aspects of your emotions that feel separate from you.  Bring all of those emotions into your divinity, that flame of who you are within yourself.  You may have a sense of allowing each emotion to go in one by one by one.  Acknowledge that there was a reason for you to feel that emotion at one time.  It was all a part of what created you the human living in this moment in time.  But you are choosing to move forward.  You are choosing to live your life through awareness, through a sense of being whole.  So as you absorb all those emotions, breathe in and emanate outward a sense of re-uniting with all emotions.  Perhaps you feel joy, love, peace, contentment; allow all of that to emanate from you.

Move into the energy of your mental body.  Are there thoughts or beliefs that hold you separate within yourself.  Consider your life.  Consider what you believe is happening within your life.  Are there thoughts or beliefs that hold you apart from other people?  They make you feel different.  Are there beliefs that at one point perhaps made you feel more secure, but now they are holding you back? 

Are there times in which your mind becomes focused upon something, then you have a difficult time letting it go?  Bring all of those thoughts into the forefront of your awareness.  Let yourself become aware of the ways in which you have kept things separated within you because of your thoughts or beliefs.  I invite you to once more let that flame within you let that energy of who you are shine bright.  As you embrace these thoughts, these beliefs; these old energies which are no longer working for you-absorb them into your divinity.  Through the love, through the compassion, through the essence of who you are; transform any thoughts or any beliefs which are no longer working for you.  Consciously from within, send out an energy, a light, a vibration, so that within your mental body you are linking all aspects of your beliefs; old beliefs, current beliefs, everything becomes reunited within you.  You choose moving forward the beliefs ant the thoughts that are supportive of who you are. 

There is your spiritual essence upon the earth.  Sometimes you keep yourself in a pace that is less than who you truly are.  There may have been times in the past or in the current time; where spirituality continued to be tied up with old energy and old beliefs.  Again from this aspect of your divinity, release any restrictions or release anything so that you may have a pure and deep connection with who you are.  As you consciously bring your spiritual body up in front of you, as you look at it sense it, perceive it; release anything that may be holding you back.  Then absorb the rest of it!  You will find that that flame, that essence within you brightens even bigger.  It expands until it moves beyond your physical presence. 

The spirituality that is within your energy field is fully linked the spirituality that is within you.  Once more link with your flame that flicker, that essence.  Truly feel who you are.  Then consciously unify all aspect that make up you the person living your life as if that flame moves throughout your physical body.  It unites with your emotional body.  It then unites with your mental and as they are all brought into alignment with your spiritual body, there is a complete blending within you.  You know who you are.  You know unconditional love and acceptance for who you are in this life.  If there is anything else that keeps you from feeling that love, that acceptance; then once more bring it up, bring it into this moment and allow it to balance-letting go of old thoughts, letting go of old beliefs.  Feel yourself as balanced.  Feel yourself as fully united as this person in this lifetime. 

From there have a sense of turning around as if you see your I AM presence from a new perspective.  Follow the path, that direct link into your divinity, into the core essence of your I AM presence.  From here, have a sense of radiating out through out every life existence, through out every conscious thought.  Send out the intention to link and unify all the various aspects that have created who you are.  Some of you may become aware of specific existences.  You need not get bogged down in such a way. 

Simply radiate out the sense of unity and a sense of blending all of who you are.  Then as all those energies come back, breathe into your divinity.  Breathe into your core essence.  Every lifetime that you have lived, feels the shift of this balance and this unity.  Look around; see the radiance of everyone within this space.   You have all lived many many times.  You are truly a soul essence filled with love, filled with joy.  Feel the peace, feel the contentment.  Know that this is yours. 

I invite you to create a circle of light.  Once again you see the others individuals who are here upon the journey with you.  So too, the area is now filled with teachers, guides.  Those aspects of Melchezidek continue to have their individual essence: Buddha, Jesus, Abraham, and Muhammad.  There are other energies which also are aspects of Melchezidek.  They remain that individual essence, but the re-uniting, the blending from within the divinity creates an alignment and balance between all of them which then filters down within the earth. 

So too as each one of you creates this new blending, this new alignment within your own soul essence those other aspects that you have lived, that you have been in other there lifetimes, remain that lifetime but with this deeper blending or connection from within. 

Into this energy you see the hologram of the earth.  This hologram comes up; it rotates showing you the various aspects of the earth.  As it comes into the center of the group, there is a light, there is an energy, there is a flow or a fluctuation; there is a pulsation of light.  This is the earth itself.  It is sending out that same balanced energy and reunification that each of you have experienced.

Gaia is no longer separate from the earth.  She is able to send forth an aspect that represents her, but she too has shifted into a different aspect that represents the core essence of the earth.  It is much more crystalline.  It is fully united and balanced. 

As each of you align with the earth you send your own unified energy into the earth itself.  The shifting and movement through the dimensions creates a balance.  As it balances within the hologram, the hologram itself shifts so that it may return to the actual essence of the earth. 

The hologram goes into the center of the earth.  It blends and then it reverses so that those energies that you had infused radiate out from that crystalline core of the earth, outward throughout all of the layers, all the dimensions.  It then comes up around you.  Feel the aspect of yourself that you transmitted into the hologram.  All aspects of the earth feel this vibration, feel this alignment.  There is an acceptance, a feeling of unity, a feeling of balance.  It emanates throughout all who are upon the earth and within. 

Shift your focus once more that you return your essence to the All That Is.  As you do so, take a moment and take stock of who you are and the ways in which you expanded your energy.  Allow this to shift even further so that you become fully aware of who you are. 

You release the essence of the All That Is and find yourself once more in the space of the soul plane.  There may be an aspect or perhaps a greater amount of your divinity that will remain within this space.  Take with you as much as you can that unified essence of who you are.  Shift into the crystalline grid; see around you the sparkling essence.  As you do so, become aware of what this is.  Become aware of how much of your own divinity is now crystalline.  You may be surprised. 

Shift once more so that you return to the magnetic grid as you come into his space perceive how it has shifted so as to accommodate your expansion within yourself.  The magnetic grid itself continues to transform as a result of these journeys and the work that each one of you are doing upon yourself. 

Shift once more so that you return to your physical body.  As this energy of the reunited aspect of who you are comes into your physical body; it comes into and around your actual physical presence.  Take a moment to breathe within yourself and consciously within your actual physical body, feel, see, sense, that spark of who you are.  It immediately grows larger and emanates out from you.  Consciously unite your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.  Feel that completeness and anchor it within you.

If there is any aspect that comes to your awareness in the days and weeks to come, be gentle and loving and accept it into the blended unity of who you are.  Your core essence is always there.  It always loves you, it supports you, it honors you.  Allow that reality to merge through out all your energy fields.  Then draw them back together and anchor them within.

As you do so, let your consciousness come fully back within this room.  Find yourself coming back within the area of this teleconference. If you wish to ask a question, you may press *7 upon you telephone and I am open to receive questions you may have. 

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, I had a strange experience this week in which I missed an appointment but the way it worked out was perfect for all involved.  I had the same experience three weeks ago in which I missed an appointment at that time she said she was asleep and missed it too. I'm wondering what is going on.  Is this the way our energies will be from now on? As if our energies are more in sync.  

Answer: We have a sense this is something that contains layers.  The simple answer is yes you are going to be much more in sync with the people you work with, your family members, your neighbors; with everyone around you.  Even if you completely miss an appointment or have a sense that's not the time I'll be there, it will be such and such a time even though my appointment is different.  These are the ways in which you are receiving information from the other individual or individuals and integrating them within you.  Now, at the same token, there is also a sense that I'm picking up from you that as you are living so much more of your life in this expanded consciousness there are aspects of you living more and more so in the 5th and 6th dimensions and those aspects of you are not aware of the appointment at 3:00 with Mr. and Mrs. Jones.  Therefore the part of you that is making the appointments, going to the appointments, doing your business--which is certainly not totally separate from the other aspects-- is the part that is trying to keep you more grounded and aware of appointments in this reality.  The other half of this explanation is that you are shifting in dimensions and not remembering you had appointments made for you.  Now with the journey tonight, with this way of re-uniting various aspects of yourself, what we see is going to happen is that those parts that are disconnected - again, disconnection is too strong of a term because you are not disconnected - it was more so a matter of a fine sense of separateness in which a n aspect of you is living in this life and an aspect in the other as if they are parallel but different. By reuniting within yourself, by drawing it all back together, drawing it into the here and now; you can put forth the intention that things like the appointments, choosing to create the interviews, choosing to create new work; whatever you are choosing that is of a grounded aspect, consciously put the intention forth that those are the things that will be remembered.  They will come into your consciousness and they will work out to the benefit of all.  Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does, the only thing that was bad that happened, because I completely forgot it, was that one lady was very angry.  It worked out the only way it could to satisfy everybody, but she was left feeling very angry.  I'm wondering about that.)

When there are situations in which people are in discord from one another.  That is when you can go in and work with them one on one in a soul to soul level.  You can work with her in a non-verbal way in assisting her to shift the energies of anger or whatever she needs to release.  On the physical plane in talking to her as we know you did by apologizing, by explaining whatever it is that happens-by being honest and up front about yourself, not with a sense of arrogance, but with a sense of self being and self awareness-it tends to diffuse the energies of the individuals around you.  When an individual comes at another one with anger, fear, frustration, any of those emotions will be amplified when the receiver is reflecting those same energies or something similar to it.  So when people are approaching you and angry about something, even if there is an aspect of you that was responsible-by accepting, acknowledging, honoring their feelings and what's happening in that moment.   But by also keeping yourself completed blended and in your space of being, without feeling defensive, without feeling guilty, without feeling any of those emotions, it allows those feeing to diffuse.  So you are working on the level of the soul, in the unconscious soul to soul and you are working on the physical in speaking and interacting back and forth.  Does that make sense? 

(Yes and I think from the description I did okay with that but I did feel guilty!)

Of course you did.  There's nothing wrong with feeling guilty you know it's an emotion.  Again, release the judgment of that.  By releasing judgment and guilt we are not saying you are not accepting responsibility for your aspect of it because you did.  You are still accepting the energy of that.  But the energy of guilt, anger, fear are all energies that can knock you out of balance and that will allow you to be drawn down into a place where you go back and forth and it's to no one's benefit.    (Okay, thank you very much.) You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased)    I have a situation along the same line where this week several big issues have come forward.  I'm feeling anger around boundaries, not feeling valued for my time and skills.  This has to do with several important relationships in addition to work relationships.  The others are not available for me to dialog with, so I'm wondering what this is for me and how I can resolve things for good.

Answer:  As I'm looking at you I want to say first and foremost, that you have truly opened up to a new level within yourself.  You have been on a very dedicated and very continuous process for a number of years.  So, to say something like this, there may be a part of you that says ‘I know, I've been doing that' but no, no we acknowledge what you have truly done.  Over the last one month to maybe two, you have gone from that nice steady increase and have made a quantum leap forward for yourself.  That is why at this time these energies are coming up for you.  Now, we also want to say with the energies coming in from the universe, the influx of these crystalline energies anything no longer in balance with you is also going to come up to be released.  That is why you felt like you got the double whammy this week!  First of all when you have interactions like that, especially with close loved ones and it feels like an attack; what is important for you to do is immediately disconnect or release the energies that are drawn up or come out when you feel you have been attacked.  As you do that, the next thing you are doing is drawing inside of you and you are tapping into that flame, that essence, that core aspect of who you are.  You are allowing it to come up and flow within you.  As it floods you, it's with a feeling of love, of well being, with a sense of a breath of fresh air, like a sigh that says here I am again, I'm back within.  When you do that then come back to the individual - we know by the way we explain this it seems like it will take a lot of time and that's hard when in the midst of a conversation - so if you do it when you have the time to work with these energies, these emotions, these individuals; then when you come back and encounter something like that either with another individual or another situation, you will have created the ground work so that in a moment or an instant you can tap back into that reservoir of self awareness or that reservoir of allowing and accepting.  What these people are feeling is fear. They are very well aware of the changes taking place in your life at this time.  They may not see you and see the glorious you that we see, they may see you and say ‘oh my gosh here's someone I've known for years and she's just darn different or she's going off the deep end'; therefore they lash out in fear, anger or lack of understanding for who you are.  There is of course nothing you can do to change their response but you can change your own response back to them.  Just as with the previous individual, when you can draw on that space within you, that flame or flicker, it keeps you in a place of neutrality.  It keeps you from being drawn back into an interaction with these individuals that draws you down into a lower vibration which is the accusing, receiving it, feeling angry, sending that back; which is what you got pulled into this week.  Does that make sense to you? (Yes) So what we would say forward is that you have done a great deal of work this evening in unifying these aspects within yourself.  Everything that came up to be released has now been unified at a much deeper level within you. Therefore those energies and emotions will not be quite as out there or raw for people to latch onto or draw into.  But if there is still an aspect of you that does get drawn into that, be aware you will not be in that space for very long.  You will be able to get out of it more easily in the future.  We just want to say to you that this question is about learning to live with the people around you and yet still be true to yourself.  That is very much what this whole journey has been about.  So we appreciate that you expressed it and allowed us to explain things in another manner. 

Question: (paraphrased) I have a very hard time focusing and concentrating on what I am doing.  Can you help me, heal me, bless me, send to light to me, strengthen my aura with a lot of light. 

Answer: The first thing I want to do is to assist you in realizing you can do this for yourself, because you are fully capable of doing it.  When you are breathing within yourself and drawing on the energies within yourself, then you are not relying on anyone else-- even me.  You are in the process of moving forward into that space of believing in yourself and relying on yourself. But there are times in which it feels awkward to you, so by that regard; by all means I am here for you to shine light, surround you, fill you up, and embrace you.  With having said that, the way in which you can become more and more fully aware of your own divinity within yourself is by taking the time to breathe deeply; breathing deeply through your lungs and into your heart center, then allowing that to link with the divinity within you.  Take a moment as we are speaking of this right now and take one breath in.  As you are breathing in we see how that energy is moving inside of you, around your solar plexus and linking with your essence.  In doing this, then picture that flame in your mind, it is flickering and getting larger and larger.  As you do so, let it get bigger until fills up your abdomen and your chest, until it gets bigger than your whole body.  This is how you can shed your light to those around you.  You can share your light with anyone you want to share it with.  When you said you get distracted and it's hard to stay in your focus, this is how you do so. You breathe and you create this connection within yourself and it will never go away. It will always be there, it will always be available to you.  Practice it first when you are in a place of calm, peace and relaxation.  Then when you are stressed or feel like you need that extra boost of energy you can breathe into that space within yourself as you breathe out, let it flow through you and expand outward.  You are doing this.  You are effective with it, but your mental body is keeping you from believing that it is really happening.  So work with your mental body, rely on yourself and believe in yourself.  You are doing good work and it is effective.  (Thank you!)  You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I have a question about the intensity of the energies that seem to be present.  The time/space seems to be changing for me and I wonder if it's due to being more grounded. 

Answer:  It's a couple of different things.  Yes there are certain aspects of you that are more grounded, but there are also certain aspects that are more expanded.  It's about you integrating this new aspect of who you are.  While you are grounding these energies of the crystalline, you are also expanding at the same time.  It's difficult to do one without the other.  So yes, in that regard you are more grounded.  The other thing about the crystalline energies is that they are much less dense than the old duality energies.  The energies of duality where there was a positive and negative were much more heavy, thick or dense.  So as the world is becoming more crystalline, as people are becoming more crystalline; therefore the emotions, the energies, all move with greater ease into and around each person.  When people talk about how intense the energies are, that is why.  You no longer have that density to insulate you; therefore the energies just go zipping through you.  One way to consider it is like hard and soft butter.  With the hard butter, you need to use a little pressure, with the soft, it slips through with ease. Shelly is laughing at us; the new energy as soft butter!   We chuckle with her, it's just one analogy.  Crystalline vibration is very transparent therefore everything is going to be affected with greater ease and you will feel things in a more transparent manner, or with greater intensity. 

(I feel spacey a lot of times, how do I counter act that?  It's as if the air is different.  They air even hurts my nose.) 

There are so many different things and it's interesting you notice it in that way.  What's important for you to do as you move forward from here is that when you feel spacey, ground yourself in the earth.  Feel the ground around you, the chair you are sitting on, the bed you are laying upon, the couch; whatever it may be.  In addition, drink water, sometimes in the past people have eaten certain foods; that is of course another alternative, but you by no means need to do so.  Being sure you drink plenty of water is a means of assisting your body in finding balance and you therefore have less of the symptoms of being dizzy and disconnected.  (Thank you.) You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) There is such weird stuff going on at work right now, there's a project I'm working on that is going awry, do you have any information for me about this?

Answer: We are having a difficult time linking with you and your office environment.  Is it possible for you to take some deep breaths and bring in the energy of your office and this project?  ---person did as requested--- It's more so about being in discord with the people around you at work.  There are actually one or two other individuals who are on a similar path to you in terms of spiritual growth.  We sense one or two of them may not be fully conscious of this as yet, but their vibration is similar to your own.  Now, in saying that, we see two or three lights (people) that are emanating a certain vibration.  We then see everyone else is working at their own lower vibration.  So, the discord that you are speaking of is from a misalignment of energies in the office.  Now this also can manifest as miscommunication, as people sensing things, as anger, as frustration; different emotions such as that.  So what we recommend would be helpful.... Do you know the individuals I'm speaking of?

(I don't know.  I'm in a group with two other individuals in a group and we have an important presentation this next week.  Usually I'm on top of things, but it's just quirky, seems to be falling apart this time.)

Okay, what we would recommend that you do is take some time when you are quiet or relaxed to breath deep inside of yourself.  The flame we worked with so much tonight... let it come up within you.  That is who you are in your divinity.  Then send out that energy into the other people on the team, send it into the project that is being worked upon right now and also send it into the people who will be receiving the message, those who you will do the presentation for.  In this way there is a sense of alignment and balance that will be felt by everyone and it will allow for greater communication by the people involved in this.  Now, as to the actual specifics of this, we get a sense that there is something missing from the presentation. We believe that there is a piece of information or data that we sense will come to your awareness tomorrow that will need to be included in this because otherwise you don't have all the figures or all the facts.  It just feels as if there's a missing piece to this puzzle.  (Thank you!)  Alright, you are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Basically like with the others there are really intense energies and there are some things that are great and other things that just are not!  I'm even pulling muscles; do you have anything you can say? 

Answer:  Ahhh, you know what we're seeing with you?  We see that you are really pushing and trying to force things happen in a certain way and it feels as if you have completely disconnected from the flow of energy and light around you.  It feels as if one thing has built upon the first, has built upon the next; until it has gotten to the point where your muscles are just so tense and uptight.  All of this is keeping you from being able to find your balance and the rhythm with which you normally live!  Let us take a minute here and let us surround you with a ball of light.  Take a moment and breathe deeply within yourself, slow and easy breaths.  As you are breathing in, reach out and connect with our energy.  In fact, since we are speaking of this in the group, everyone in the group is also reaching out for you.  As this happens, it's like there is an inner tube of energy that surrounds you.  Let that move up and down your body; let it move up and down the non physical energies around you.  As it's doing so, let it cushion those muscles that are just so tense.  It even feels as if your bones are stained.  So all of those things that are reflecting what is going on-take this moment and feel the cushion of love, the cushion of support.  Let it support you.  Just let go.  Let it wash away from you.  You yourself have created a waterfall of energy that is flowing over the top of you, let it wash everything away.  Now, take in another deep breath and this time really feel that breath as it moves into you.  On the journey tonight, you did a beautiful job of reuniting those aspects of yourself that have been caught up in what you are speaking of right now.  So let yourself once more find that natural balance from unity.  If you get off this phone call and get back into what you consider your regular life or if you wake up tomorrow, go to work and everything is back in your face again; then be aware of just breathing and coming back into this space.  This is something you take with you at all times.  It's available to you through every breath that you take.  You are not alone, you are fully supported!  We sense that you are feeling better now.  (Yes, thank you.)  As for the actual things going on around you, much of it is a reflection of the intense energies that are going on.  We have a sense that things are going to balance out or settle down within the next few days.  We have a sense that by the end of the week or early next week some of the things you were waiting to have happen will come into being.  Be at peace.  Allow yourself to integrate these crystalline energies around you.  Let yourself be supported.  You tend to hold yourself separate and disconnect at the times in which it's most important to reach out and feel the support from within yourself and of the angels and guides around you.  (I do, thank you!)  You are welcome.

So with that we will bring this session to a close.  I want to take this last opportunity to let you know that you are indeed moving through a process of unification.  You are already complete in this moment.  As you move through your days, remember that it is complete and you are complete.  Remember that spark within you.  Let it come to life as often as it needs to.  There is such love, such joy within each one of you!  So remember to allow your days be filled with ease.  Allow the movement through your days to move with ease. 

So with that, I will release the energies of our time together.  I am ever with you and within. 




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