Sananda Star Energies Healing

This channel took place on the eve of the full moon in Wesak. For those of you who are not familiar with this, Wesak is a festival that takes place yearly and is about the blending of Buddha and Jesus as they return to the earth to assist in bringing in more light. This traditionally takes place in ‘Shamballa’ – Sananda used this name for place also known as ‘Shambrahla’ or ‘Shangrilla’ but the conscious experience can take place anywhere. This is an opportunity for you to truly expand your conscious awareness and your light.

During this channel Sananda comes into the All That Is and my perception of him was as a cloud. From that cloud came 4 streams of energy representing; Buddha, Jesus, Krishna and Muhammad. As Sananda began to speak with us, he pointed out Abraham who also descended, so there were five total energies. These five represented the major religions linked under Sananda. It does not represent all the religions of the world by any means. In fact, if you desire to do so, you may call in whatever figure you so choose.

Sananda spoke at length and it began with him assisting everyone to link with their lightbody energies. Once this was done, he created a portal that allowed everyone to descend into Shamballa. He spoke of the beings; Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Muhammad & Abraham as creating a 5 pointed star. Within that star was Sananda, God, Goddess, us and Gaia. This created a 5 pointed star within the other. As all began to flow the energy into Sananda he raised his hands above his head and it all flowed through him and into a shower of energy. The light was amazing!!!

This was creating a bond of community that transcended earthly beliefs. There was such peace and balance throughout the world and universe. I invite you the enjoy this experience.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to each one of you sending forth my love, sending forth my alignment with you, sending forth my awareness of who you are. As I do so I can feel your energies as they move in and out through not only your physical body but through your nonphysical aspects of yourself.

As I allow my energies to flow within you I can also assist you in finding that energy or that light that most resonates with you. As you feel your energies shifting and moving, I invite you to let your focus moves through your body, becoming aware of whether or not there’s anything in particular that feels as if it’s out of balance or out of alignment.

Allow your focus to go within that space for the moment, feel my presence as I move through there and then consciously breathe out and let go releasing any tension, releasing any energy. From here, as you feel yourself very present and grounded in your physical body have a sense of shifting your focus or shifting your consciousness so that you may reach up, so that you may allow your energies to align with the magnetic grid.

As you arrive here within this space, let your energies flow in whatever direction they may take you. These are pathways of light and they move throughout this space, creating forms of alignment and communication. As you are ready to do so have a sense of shifting your focus as if you are reaching out towards the universe; let your energy move into the crystalline grid.

As you are here within this space, allow your consciousness or your focus to expand even further. Here you are without the magnetic pull of the Earth. Here you have access to all that is out within the universe. Here you can feel those crystalline energies and vibrations as they move through this space but also through you. Align your focus to shift once more; this time you arrive within the soul plane. As you arrive here within the soul plane, you can feel your energies as they move through all that is here.

The soul plane consists of a dimension or a shift in consciousness that is in alignment with the majority of your I Am presence. You may have a sense of seeing this essence of yourself as something separate from you or may feel as if it comes up from within. I invite you to reach out allowing all of these energies to expand and blend fully with your consciousness. As you feel yourself within this space, you may find that sense of homecoming; you may find that sense of being more than who you are in this moment. Let all of that flow through you.

I the Goddess walk through this space in which you are; I reach out to each one of you and as I merge with you our energies shift expanding into the space of the All That Is. As you arrive here within this space, let your energies expand in such a way that you feel an even greater sense of who you are. Here in the All That Is, you have the ability to practice with your creation. I invite you to do so at this time. If you feel this energy or this essence that is you begin to flow in such a way that it expands, let yourself open to see what is here within and around you right now.

As you breathe in, you feel even more of who you are; as you breathe out, you radiate out all around you this greater sense of your being or your presence. I invite you to push the limit of your perception because each one of you are actually even more than who you think you are. So as if you are pressing out and expanding your energy field to an even greater extent allow for all of this expansion to move through.

I invite you to have a sense of looking around; as you do so, you may see perhaps sense or feel Sananda as his energies are coming here within this space. He’s choosing to show himself as this essence of consciousness that for lack of a better word looks like a cloud, and then coming down from that cloud you see walking towards you Buddha, Jeshua, Krishna and Muhammad. As each one of them walks towards you, you have a sense of seeing the alignment in their energies but also the unique essence that each one of them exudes.

Breathe in gently and easily, feeling your senses shift and expand. Breathe out any resistance or anything at all that may keep you from fully perceiving who is here within and around you. Sananda will be speaking with you in just a moment, but before I turn this over to him, I invite you to consciously reach out towards your Light body energies. For some, you are already automatically in alignment with and feeling the vibration of this essence. For others, take a moment to consciously feel the attunement that takes place in you as you allow this energy to merge with your consciousness. It is here, it is present in every one. Sometimes, you’re more aware of it than others.

As your Light body energies fine tune who you are and all that’s happening within your life, it will also create new transmissions of energy and light. You may also have a sense of this as new pathways that will move through you. We shift and invite Sananda to come forward so that he may speak with you at this time.

Sananda Speaks:

Greetings dearly beloved; I hold out my hand to each of you inviting you to take hold of my hand as we go on a very special journey this evening.

Each year around this time we speak of the Wesak Festival, which is traditionally known as the alignment of Buddha and Jesus and the vibration of my soul essence as it comes into the earth. This year, I would like to make a subtle change well, not so subtle change.

As the Goddess was speaking of these energies that were coming down from my soul essence, she saw the four that were walking in a line; there is actually Abraham, who is also here with us at this time. His energy at the time of coming down into this space was in a different vibration that made him somewhat invisible or somewhat blended with these others. So in truth these are the five main aspects of myself that have incarnated upon the earth in a way that created some permanent changes to the earth.

The time is coming when the earth will be even more united than what it is at this time. There is a thread of energy that aligns the religions that are based on each of these individuals and indeed I can hear the people asking, are there more? Absolutely these are but the five that were coming forth at this time and that are of a similar vibration from within me.

There are many, many feminine aspects of religion that are out there, some of them come from my essence, some come from others. My intention with this experience is for each of you to feel that alignment and that balance from one to the other and then assist me in anchoring that balance within the earth.

I asked the Goddess to bring forth your awareness to your Light body energies, because that is going to be the conduit for change at this time. I open up the space in the center of this group who are gathered here at this time and yes, this group includes all who read or listen to this no matter when that may be. So it opens up, and the five energies create a column of light that will allow each of you to follow with them as they return to the earth.

Now it’s known that during Wesak, Buddha and Jeshua return to the earth; Mohammed, Krishna and Abraham have also returned to the earth at various times in various forms. This time I’m inviting you to follow them and we are going into the portal that takes you into Shamballa. You find yourself merging with their energies, you find yourself coming out and you are here within this space. Look around you at the mountains that are here. Look around you at the people who are in this space in which you are. As the five arrive within this space, they spread out and if you look at it from the distance it is as if they are each the tip or the point of a star. This star creates an opening to the vortex that takes one into the earth or into Shamballa.

Some think this is upon the top of the earth; some think it is within the earth, it is that and more. This is a vortex that is very powerful. It is a place where people have come on many, many different occasions, some people ask, is it physical location? Indeed it is, in what you might call the Himalayas. You may ask, how do we find it? You follow your heart.

As you allow your Light body energies to begin to flow with the more conscious vibration or more conscience energy allow it to affect your consciousness and affect your perception so that it shifts you into a different dimension. You may perhaps feel this within your physical body, but simply using the intention to allow this to flow through you opens up a doorway within your consciousness so that you see in front of you, what looks to be a city. It is a city as portrayed by ancient times; it is a city that lives in different dimensions.

I bring this to your awareness because we are going to use it as a focus of intention. I invite you to look around, open your perception to see with whom you stand. It may be one of the great teachers; it may be your soul family, it may be you find yourself in a space of suspension. Where ever you are is exactly where you need to be at this time.

If you come back and have this experience another time, you may find yourself in a completely different space; so as to be able to experience multiple perceptions of this that is about to take place. Many of you are hovering above the ground. Some of you feel like you are actually immersed within the ground but yet it all feels completely comfortable.

I Sananda manifest myself in the center of this star. To my side you see Gaia, to my other side you see the Goddess of Creation, in front the God Source Energy, and behind the Consciousness of Humanity. We create a balance to this star that you have created. And as you work with your Light body energies you can find yourself increasing the flow or decreasing it as you so choose. You may also find that your perception becomes sharper or less distinct as you so choose.

Now, I Sananda invite all who are here to have a sense of reaching out towards me and I invite you to send forth a flow that involves a balanced energy from who you are and as I receive this energy from all of you I send straight up over my head, out from my hands, and it creates a brilliant fountain of light. I am integrating all of these balanced energies from all the world religions, the major ones that are associated with me, I shall say, from those energies of the earth and the universe, from those energies of the collective consciousness and from all of you. It all comes together within me. I blended into a balance, and I send it out even more with this shower of light.

As that shower sends forth these brilliant vibrations of even more balanced and integrated energies, have a sense of standing there as if you are a bathe within these energies, feel them as they move through you and this time I invite you to send them into the earth. This is allowing you the opportunity to integrate these energies. It also is giving you the opportunity to cleanse your own energy bodies so that you may directly feel all of who you are.

Here within the space of Shamballa you may feel a resonance for all that is taking place, you are having an impact. As you look around towards these leaders that are here, open up your senses and you will most likely see that you too have been very influential in this type of setting. You have had experiences as religious teachers. You have felt the responsibility and you have felt the excitement of being in that space before. This is activating your Light body energy to an even greater degree. I release these energies, that stream of energy that came from everyone present releases and goes back within you.

I invite you to look around, see what this place is, see what comes to your awareness. Did you live here, when it was inhabited? Is there a message for you here within this space? Would you like to perhaps speak with one of these energies who created these various religions? If so, now is your time to do so. You may have large amounts of information shifting into your consciousness simply without intention of linking.

These energies from this portal at Shamballa go into the earth and they move throughout the earth, and then it comes up through the collective consciousness of all who are present and with that it is a balance between the religions within that balances the intention that people can honor and respect their differences, that people can recognize that the diversity is there only as a means of creating a comfort zone for each individual.

As these energies continue to flow it is as if there is tension, stress, and those other things that have been a part of these so-called religious battles upon the earth. As that tension is released it takes away a need or a desire for people to fight one another and I send that out. Each of you are feeling more and more comfortable within this dimension, are you not? You are understanding more about what has been here in the past and what is here right now.

Feel my energies as I merge with each one of you and as I merge with my five leaders. I will release this back to the Goddess, but I thank you for choosing to come and experience and assist me with this experience of balancing the energies of the world religions.


The Goddess Speaks:

I the Goddess step forth, to once more continue to guide you upon this journey. I invite you to look through my eyes and see all the sparkling light that is here. As you become aware of this light and of this energy, you can see that there is more and more of the crystalline vibration resonating from within. For some it may feel as if you are within the earth, for others it may feel as if you’re upon the surface of the earth and still others have had these experiences, this looking down upon the earth from the universe.

Sananda created an immense crystal with various points of light and energy that created an immense blending of these energies. Indeed, this blending of energies is how it is to be Sananda. So he simply allowed himself from that space to be brought down and more fully integrated into these spaces within and upon the earth.

Therefore it is going to be that much more readily available to each one of you. You have the distinct energy of your Lightbody. Take this opportunity while we are still here upon the earth to become acclimated with it, with how it feels to you. As you do this, allow it to illuminate your life as it is right now. You may find yourself shifting back into the space in which you live or into the space in which you are at this current moment. Look around; be open to feel what this is for you.

For the moment I invite you each to have a sense of coming back up here within the All That Is. As I say that it is if you immediately just teleport yourself from where you are to here and you find your energies as they become acclimated to the All That Is once more. It’s as if you have to go through a subtle adjustment. As this all becomes more comfortable for you, I invite you to have a sense of letting go of the All That Is and allowing your consciousness to once more, move within the space of the soul plane. Indeed because of the work that we just did, it is not necessary to work with the hologram at this time. You have already infused everything directly into the earth.

As you are here within the soul plane you can find yourself feeling that sense of who you are, but you perhaps have a greater perception of the energies that are around you. Now, these energies may give you a sense of other lifetimes or other existences, and they were yours.

Your I Am presence consists of the sum total of your life experiences or shall I say those that have had an impact upon you. Believe it or not, some people will have an entire life upon the earth and when they come back and re blend with their divinity it is as if it’s blending with an alignment that is already present and therefore not creating something new or different.

As you take in all that is here with you, it may be that there is information available to you, open to receive what that may be. As you are here and merged with your divinity consciously take a breath in, creating a deeper flow of your Lightbody energy and send it first of all, up through your divinity and you will see how things shift and adjust so that there is a greater balance of these energies.

If that is complete, I then invite you to do the same thing looking down towards the life in which you are living right now. What is very interesting is that I see a number of you as you look towards the earth through this Light body awareness. It’s as if we see a stream of energy going to more than one life existence. Some of those existences may be in other time frames within history or future; some of them are very similar to where you are right now, but most likely in a different location.

As the veil becomes thinner and thinner, we invite you to be aware that there is even more knowledge and awareness that is closer to you than ever before. There is so much available. You have been asking me if it’s possible to know more about what’s going on and this is a way for that to take place.

I invite you to have a sense of shifting your awareness so that you may once more merge with the crystalline grid. It’s even more illuminated than when you came through the first time. There is such flow, there is such a vibrational essence that emanates through here and that essence, well, one perhaps could call it a new type of collective consciousness. This one comes from all those that are in alignment with this crystalline energy. It’s those that are consciously aware of their Light body energies, it’s a consciousness of the universe yet in alignment with those upon the earth. Open your senses to feel what that may be for you.

As you are ready to do so allow yourself to come back within the magnetic grid, this is the space that you once more feel the magnetic pull of the Earth. As you come here within this space allow yourself to find that vibrational balance for who you are. Allow yourself to let your senses flow taking in all that is here and all that is happening within you and within the earth. Open your senses to see the transformation that is spreading out around the world because of that balanced energy put forth by Sananda.

People have asked for world peace for many, many years. This is a very solid foundation of bringing out that manifestation or shall I say creating that manifestation. This is but one aspect, but it is actually a very widespread energy; so as that balance begins to be integrated by all who are involved with those various religions, it will expand out from there. I invite you to then feel your energies as they flow down, moving back within and around you as the human you are in this life existence. Allow your energy bodies to expand so that you may more fully integrate this expanded person that you are. Consciously invite that Light body energy to swirl within and around you creating a constant flow. As you allow for this to move through let your focus and your energy come more fully back within your physical presence.

And we send our thanks and our awareness out to all who are here. We thank you as always for this opportunity to be able to work with you not only with the Wesak moon as she just spoke of it but also to create such a profound blending of these energies that will create a balance and a new communication from one religion to another, from one people to another, from all the various levels of you who live upon the earth.

I honor and respect each of you for the experience that you have had tonight and I encourage you to go back to Shamballa as often as you feel the need to do so and let your energies just revel in that space field who you truly are an integrate more and more and more of your own light body energy.

I am ever with you and within you.




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