Seeding the New Earth With Energies

Nama Sika; Venia Benya       I AM the one;  I AM the Whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light, as always I am thankful to be brought into this situation to be able to speak with you.  My energies are flowing in a much greater depth upon the earth plane and I swirl in and around you as you move through days, as you move through your experiences on earth.  There are also many times, especially in your sleep state in which you are moving through my energies up in the higher realms.  This is a way for you to integrate these energies at a deeper and deeper level without making a direct connection such as this <meaning through channeled meditation>.  What you are going to be finding, especially over the next weeks to come, is that there will be a strengthening and deepening of your connection to me.  So that you are able to draw in these energies of the Goddess, draw in these energies of the Divine Feminine and allow yourself to be in that space; the space of accepting, the space of nurturing, the space in which you able to completely love and accept all aspects of yourself and all aspects of your life as it is in that moment.  There are a great many things that are happening on the earth plane now, in which humans are beginning to live more and more with in the moment.  This is something that you hear from many different sources.  What it means is that rather than building all your emotions and energies up around potentials, what you do is live each moment to the fullest potential and accept it for the presence that it is within you and in your life.

With that, we will begin by moving into the magnetic grid as it surrounds the earth plane.  This as always is a place in which you are able to connect with a greater amount of your I AM presence.  You are also able to see the others who are working with you or playing with you in this experience tonight and those who are with you in an unconscious fashion.  Take this moment to truly connect with this aspect of the grid work that you may recognize the shifts and changes that have occurred.  For indeed many of these shifts are due to the work and experiences that you have had when you bring back greater and greater amounts of light.  You have noticed that there is a greater amount of illumination around you.  There seem to be more pathways that have developed, and this will continue to be the case as more and more people use this <meaning the magnetic grid> as a means of connecting with one another and communicating with one another. 

From here, it is easy to integrate into the crystalline grid.  This is a grid work which shifts you outside of the magnetic field of the earth plane and into that system which also surrounds the earth and which holds a great deal of the memories and the ideals of what is occurring on the earth plane.  In this space, you are able to connect to that crystal or that group of crystals with which you are going to experience your journey tonight.  There are times in which you connect with the same one week after week and times in which it’s a new crystal.  What you will find is that as you integrate within the crystal and bring that light and vibration from the crystal within yourself, you are moving into that space in which you are already radiating and reflecting the light of the higher dimensions. 

From here, we will call forth the column of light.  This light as you well know is a means of transporting yourself into that dimension or space of consciousness in which you are able to do more and more with these new energies.  Of that which you are creating upon the earth plane.  From within this column of light, allow yourself to ascend into a space in which you are pure consciousness.  As always, when you leave behind that columns of light you have a sense of release, a sense of moving into a space in which there is pure expansion. 

This is a space of energy and light, which nurtures you and allows you to have a more free expression of exactly who you are.  This is also the space in which you call forth your I AM presence.  As you do that tonight, I wish for you to look closely within this energy as it blends with your consciousness.  Observe the shifts and changes that have occurred in other aspects of your soul presence.  Many of these are directly related to what you are doing on the earth plane.  As you integrate, what you do with the energies of this space you come to recognize the ways in which everything within your soul consciousness is shifting and changing.  Have a sense of pushing out any limits.  There are no boundaries around you!!  As you are connecting, notice the colors that resonate most deeply within you.  Is this a shift from what they may have been in the past?  You may observe that there is more of a radiance or sparkling essence, which is a result of having the crystal within you as you are looking at this aspect of your soul. 

As you are comfortable and more fully blended with this energy, we are going to move into that space of what has been termed the ‘new earth’ or the ‘alternate earth’.  Simply putting forth your intent to be there allows you to find yourself in the atmosphere surrounding what is the <new> earth.  We will begin by opening up our consciousness and taking in the details of what we are seeing.  You have a sense of an over view.  Observe the ‘lightness’ of the energy that surrounds this earth.  If you so desire, have a sense of walking upon the earth and touching the trees.  What animals might be here?  You continue to have a sense of the great waterways that are available.  As you look at this earth plane, there is much that mirrors the earth that you are used to, yet there is a shifting of the landmasses and exactly where the water is.  One aspect that you will find as you integrate within this energy field is that everything is easily accomplished.  This is a space where you can connect telepathically with others.  This is a space in which you can move wherever you wish to go through intention.  So take this time to set the intention to move into a new space and experience more of this plane. 

Allow yourself to become more conscious of the sense of joy that is within you.  There is also a sense of homecoming.  A sense of recognition, for indeed you have had an important part of creating this space.  If you so desire, allow yourself to move into a group presence that you will see the energies that you have been working with as you created this.  There are many of the Arch Angels, the energies known as Kryon, Tobias, and a multitude of energies around here with names that are not familiar to you, but they have all worked together with the humans upon the earth plane to create this at this time and place.  It has been in the process for a long period of time and it is getting to the point in which it will become more heavily inhabited.  Allow yourself to see the ways in which you work with these energies to create this space. You will observe the great amount of energy and light that comes through you and is radiated out from your heart center as you create a place built on love, joy, and excitement.  

There have been places upon this new earth in which you have seeded the energies directly just as you did so upon the earth where you living right now.  I ask you to go to that place at this time. <in which you feel compelled to seed the energy> Look around you, become very conscious of exactly what this is.  You will know this place when you encounter it again.  There are similar places upon your current earth, but nothing is exactly the same.  You may have seeded your energy in more than one location.  You will find that your consciousness is able to split and go to more than one area. 

Take this moment to look around you and you will see that there are a multitude of energies and light which are other humans who are with you at this time.  They are spread around this globe.  I wish for you to synchronize at this moment in time, have a sense of the group of Angels, Light Beings, God, Goddess, the energy that represents the All That Is.  Have a sense of that being around you, above you, below you.  What I ask you to do in this moment is open up all your senses and pull this energy through you.  Have a sense of it going completely through your consciousness and imbedding deep, deep, deep within this earth.  You feel your expansion as you take in even greater amounts of energy and light.  There is a greater realization that comes to your consciousness as a result of this.  You have a sense of being infused completely.  A sense of an electrical current that moves through you, the vibrancy around you becomes enhanced to a degree that it is different than anything you have seen before.  The clarity of your knowledge of the energies of light that around you, and within you become even stronger.  You have a greater understanding of who you are…..the infinite YOU!  The essence of you that is such radiance and light.  This knowledge is imprinted within your consciousness that you will know and be able to access it as you move through your days upon the earth plane.  It will allow you to have a greater amount of energy and light that you may feel a more comfortable sense of yourself and your surroundings as you do this.  There comes a time in which it seems as if these energies have released.  You realize that everything, which needed to be activated and implanted, has been done.

There will be times in the future in which this will happen again and again.  But for each of you, you have made the transformation into this space. More and more energies of light come here during their sleep state.  What many of you will be finding, perhaps not in the immediate future, but you will be able to sit in a chair and shift into this consciousness <of the new earth> and BE here in this space.  You may have a sense of living the same life, but when you are here, you have released all judgment, or any emotions that may hold you back.   When you live your life upon this earth plane, the essence of your purpose is working together as a group.  Building energies together, creating from new materials in ways that have not even been comprehended at this time.  There are only potentials that we see out there…’s up to you as you come here time and again to be able to create that which will be. 

You have a sense of the Angels, the All That Is, and other un-named energies separating from you more completely.  Take this time with you as your pure consciousness to move through that space.  It brings such joy and excitement to see you radiate out the light as a result of this experiment or this experience.  If there is something, you wish to take back as a symbol, create it now.  Or, if you so desire, you may know that you can simply be in this essence by putting forth the intent. 

We will begin, by taking a step back, ourselves, from this essence of the new earth.  As we do so, you will begin to notice how much within the mountains, the planes, is filled with more of a crystalline energy and light.  There is much less of a magnetism, although there is a slight amount to a degree.  The majority of the existence here is supplied with energy from the crystals.  As you are pulling back, have a sense of looking at this new earth on one side in front of you and the current earth on which you now reside situated beside it.  As you look at this, have a sense of the two earths as rotating.  There is almost a sense of the new earth residing inside the old.  That is only due to the similarities that are there.  The way that you release one versus the other is simply by shifting consciousness.  They are in completely separate planes of consciousness.  Part of the reason for coming to the earth plane was to have the experience of the human.  As you have grown and graduated from this experience, you move into what is called the new earth to be able to take it a step further, and leave behind those attributes, which no longer support you. 

I ask you to have a sense of taking an essence of the energy of the new earth and bringing it into your energy field.  You may have a sense of holding it in front of you or incorporating it completely.  I now ask you to have a sense of taking the essence of your current earth and bringing that too into your consciousness, either in front of you or within you.  It is almost a sense of being jarred.  The difference can be quite dramatic.  What we are doing with this essence is to blend them within you to create one essence.  Those attributes of your current earth, which are ready to be transformed or transmuted, will be done as a result of this blending. 

From this experience, have a sense of developing a ball of energy.  You have done this many times before.  We will take an aspect of this ball of energy and step into the door that leads into the beyond.  You have a sense of looking out over the omniverse, or perhaps of seeing before you the void of the All That Is.  As we take a portion of what we have just blended; the upgraded attributes of your current earth, those shifts and changes, which have occurred in your new earth; send it out into the Omniverse or into this space of the All That Is.  That those who are waiting in support of you may also have an understanding of what is occurring.  You can feel the shift in vibration as this is passed along.  We now take another portion of this ball of energy, and you have a sense of the new earth in front of you.  We wish to send this portion of the blended energy down into the new earth.   It will be another way to shifting and acclimating these energies.  Feel the smoothness as it goes out from you and is infused within the new earth.  The vibration is of where you are right now, so there is a smoothness and ease in the movement of energy. 

We will next take another aspect of that ball of energy, and send it forth towards the earth plane, the earth plane where you currently live.  As you observe it, you see this ball of light.  It may look as if there is a multitude of lights coming down towards the earth.  Each one infuses the earth plane.  It joins together as it moves through the crystalline and magnetic grid.  It infuses and envelops all aspects of the earth plane, going forth into the core of the earth, where Gaia is there to receive it.  She in turn transmits it out through the earth, to all who are walking upon the earth.  This is a part of the ways in which we are shifting and adjusting the energies of the earth.  More and more people are becoming sensitive to this and understanding these shifts, which are occurring. 

There is that one aspect which remains in the ball that is in front of you.  Take it into yourself, take it into your full consciousness and allow the energies of these two earths to fully incorporate within every part of your I AM presence.  This allows for a greater smoothness to your energy.  It allows for a greater depth of the joy and love that is within you. 


Ala wishka ansa-eeya ansa luia esta neya:  I am open to and I receive all that the universe has to give. 

Have a sense of coming together with the energies and light that you have been working with this evening.  You realize you have a greater capacity for your telecommunication.  This will filter down into the earth plane.  there is so much that you see, sense, and understand; you do not always need words, it is simply there! 

We begin to have a sense of moving back towards the crystalline grid, which surrounds the earth plane.  We move as one entire consciousness into this space.  You may hear a sound or a tone of the vibration, which is intrinsic to this area.  Notice the deeper radiance that grows as each of you are re-infused within this grid work.  There is a sense of having acquired many more energies of light along your travels.  That there are more energies now than started this journey tonight.  This is what happens as you work and play in these vibrational energies.  You draw to you those who are moving in a similar space.  Not all will necessarily have a physical body upon the earth plane.  As you become more acclimated to this, you begin to move through the way in which there is an interlocking grid into the magnetic grid.  As you move into the magnetic grid, you begin to feel that pull.  You can feel so much more sensitively the strength of the gravity that is around this current earth plane.   It is much more noticeable to you this time, than it has been.  It is a result of experience the new earth. 

Take this time to great those who have been waiting for us in this space.  You find yourself bringing more and more of your I AM presence into this area.  For some there is a sense of constriction, as you are trying to move into a smaller area.  Have a sense of pushing out <your energy field> and allow everything around you to expand so that you are fully comfortable in this space.  You are becoming more aware of your physical body. If there are questions that you wish to ask me, now is the time to do so.  <some of these questions are paraphrased>

Question:  A person asked a question about why they had been having heartburn.  This was very severe for the past few days and her sense as she had it was that it was a blocked heart center.   She is asking Goddess if this is indeed what was happening.

Answer:  Ok Beloved, you have felt a blockage in your heart chakra more acutely the last 24-36 hours.  What has been happening with you, especially over the last 3-6 months is that you are truly moving into a space of conscious decisions.  You have been aware of this through everything that has occurred with you upon the earth plane.  You are moving through and allowing yourself to consciously shift into this higher dimension upon the earth; walking in a dimension in which you are able to move more freely and easily.  What is happening is that those aspects of your personality, which have not wanted to let go, have been holding you back.  What I recommend that you do is take time to go inside and allow these aspects <of personality> to come forth and express their fear. It is fear of letting go of that which you already know and stepping into something that you do not know.  From your experience tonight as you live and breathe on the alternate earth, or take time to experience that, it may be that this is a time to take this part of you this aspect of you which feels the fear and shift into that dimension, where you are able to transform it more easily.  Does that make sense to you?  It is simply a matter of letting go of the old and bringing in the new.  You are doing this so beautifully, do not be hard on yourself and allow everything that has come to you to fill your life with joy and energy.  You are love and joy.

Question:  Someone asked a question about the physical symptoms they have been having.  They are severe and have been going on for a long time.  She said it is as if she is loosing her ‘life force’.

Answer:  Sometimes when you have a sense of loosing life force, as you say, and there is not a reason behind it, what is occurring is that the personality that is so strong and wants to know analytically everything that is happening in every moment throughout the day is not wanting to let go of that control.  As you are bringing in greater and higher amounts of vibration, greater amounts of the spiritual, greater amounts of these shifts and changes that are occurring, it is causing a bit of a battle to go on within your body.  That is why you continue to have these physical problems that you are having.  They seem to get better, and you have a sense of wellness and moving forward.  Then it is as if you back slide or what you consider backsliding and you feel as if it has done no good at all in all the work that you have done and the medical tests you have experienced.  Therefore, what I ask you to do is work with your personality on releasing control.  You may say to us, I can hear you saying “but I have done so!  I have released!” and yes beloved you have.  This is a small aspect of yourself which it’s almost as if it has tenacious grip upon you and does not want to give up that last aspect, that last part which is holding on and holding you in a space which is no longer in your highest interest.  And so, if you will work on loving and nurturing all of you, you can get in touch with this aspect of yourself by becoming quiet, pulling into yourself, and allowing the light of the Divine to move through you and you will know exactly where that is coming from.  Even if you do not have anything more specific than that, you will be able to transform it.  Give it the loving nurturing support that it desires so it will no longer feel the fear of letting go. Again, whenever the body is holding you back, it is due to fear of change and fear of the unknown.  Indeed, there are changes and shifting going on so quickly upon the earth plane that it is causing many people to reek havoc so to speak in their physical body, their emotional body, and it is a matter of blending and moving into this higher space.  It will occur and it will resolve.  We ask that you allow for greater loving to infuse you.  Does this answer the question or do you wish for more?  <she said that was fine> you are welcome my beloved and you too are an essence of joy and light.

Question:  Several weeks ago, I experienced a feeling that I died but stayed here on Earth in my body. I had this experience in 1987/88 also. Would you please speak about "phantom deaths"-- what are they? Is it part of the ascension process? Did this happen to me? Am I in my third lifetime in this body? Thank you.

Answer:  There are so many different ways in which people move through the ascension process. You are asking me about phantom death, about walk ins, and about these shifts and changes that are occurring within you.  All of you, as you talk about these physical symptoms and changes that you are having; it is all a process of moving to a higher dimension.  About moving a greater amount of your soul aspect into your physical body.  Some people may experience it in ways in which will have digestive problems, or aches and pains in their joints, they may have a gaining or loosing of weight.  It is something that is totally individualized, but it is all a matter of the physical body changing and shifting as this new energy is attempting to equilibrate all that is occurring on the earth plane.  so as you talk of having a phantom death, a near death experience, anything in which you feel as if a death process has occurred…. what is going on in that moment is that you have the choice to leave the earth plane or to remain.  If you make the choice to remain, what happens is that you are bringing in a greater amount of soul consciousness and you are moving forward with a new aspect on life. You have a new perspective on life, you have a  greater amount of the soul, which is now looking at the life you are living from a higher soul perspective.  The soul looks at your life with greater amounts of love and joy and less amounts of the judgment, fear, and those old emotions, which no longer work for you.  So, there is an inner relation between all of these processes.  As you know, as many people as there are upon the earth plane, there are often times many words or phrases, which mean the same thing.  As you have moved through, you in particular, <the person who asked the question> if you wish to consider this your third lifetime within this body you may do so, but it is all a part of the ascension process.  Your consciousness is ascending to a higher level you are incorporating greater amounts of your soul presence and this in turn is leading you to who you are at this moment in time.  As you move forward, that is what you have.  Each moment in time.  It is always important to understand where you have been and where you are right now, but keep your focus on the moment as it is right now and everything that is occurring and evolves within your life.  Does this make sense to you?

The same person then asked: What should we do about our aches and pains?  Should we take action or just be patient? 

Whenever you feel these aches and pains that are occurring, if it does make you feel better to take the analgesic medication that is certainly a temporary thing.  But, any type of energy work that you will do to bring in greater amounts of energy into your body will help you to assist in equalizing this.  So when you feel the aches and pains in one particular part of your body, allow your consciousness to open up and infuse it with the energy of the divine or the energy that your body knows that it needs.  If may be one particular type of energy or a combination of several energies.  Allow this to infuse you and if it helps you to focus on a particular joint or body part, then this in turn will assist you in moving beyond that and allowing the aches to be released.  Sometimes they may last hours, other times for days, we ask you to put forth the intent that all of this will transition very smoothly and comfortably.  There is no need for you to move through this experience with pain or with the desperation, which has so been a part of your lives in the past.  <humans as a whole>  You may move through these experiences and incorporate all of this with a sense of joy and expectation.  Does that answer the question?  You are welcome my beloved. 

There is such light that radiates from all who are working and playing in these energies.  It brings me such joy to be in this presence!!  Are there any other questions?  <there were not>

With that, I will take this time to withdraw.  Know that I am with you throughout your days as you move upon the earth plane.  I feel such love and joy as I connect with each one of you.  I am here for you.  There are greater amounts of my energy being infused upon the earth, as was mentioned earlier, and the experience that you had tonight was a part of what it bringing this about.  Therefore, it is more easily accessible as are all the various aspects of the Divine Goddess, or the Divine Feminine. 

Know that I am always with you~~~

I am always within you~~


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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