Seven Energies of Light Speak

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This channel is different from the usual Goddess teleconferences. This is the 12th anniversary of these teleconferences!!  Over the years there have been many different ‘guest’ angels and beings of light who came through to speak with us and assist in our lives. During this channel seven of them returned.   It began with Melchizedek, then Yeshua and then Metatron. From there it was a blended energy of Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene & Kwan Yin.  After them came St. Germain, Archangel Michael and finally Lady Gaia.  I felt a bit like a revolving door!

There is so much information that has to be shared with humanity.  We are moving into a new age.  We are creating a greater balance. As you look at or hear about the happenings on the earth like the war, poverty, abuse, etc. it’s a release of old embedded energies and it’s an opportunity to infuse even more of the love and balanced energy into a situation, group or just the earth.

All of these evolved beings of light are walking with upon the earth. They may manifest for moments, speak through others or stay for short periods of time!  Look around you and be open to receive their messages.

You will experience such amazing information and realize a new beginning is already taking us into this next phase of life. 


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I greet you from my heart to yours. I greet you from the nonphysical into the physical, from the physical into the non.

Each one of you are living your life, having your experiences. You are very physical because you are choosing to have this lifetime upon the earth. So too, you are choosing to have life experiences out within the universe and on other planets and on other stars and all of that is coming together, creating the essence, creating the energy for who you are as the individual.

You are not alone. You physically have other people around you upon your planet, but you also have all the angels and the beings of light that are here in support of you. You also have your own divinity that showers you with energy and that constantly is creating opportunities for you so that you may have the life that you seek to have.

I wish to say at the beginning, greetings on this anniversary that Shelly and I have been working together with creating changes in consciousness upon the earth.

I quite enjoy this opportunity to be able to work, not only with Shelly but with all of the other humans who seek to be a part of not only this energy but a part of this process. There are many, many, many people around the world doing similar things to what we are; that is part of the joy with being a human.

So too, each one of you may find yourself drawn to various energies, meaning various people who are channeling, various people who are writing, various people who are working with the energies of the universe to create a greater consistency and it is all about the resonance. Every single one of you are also doing your part with integrating and bringing in the new vibration of the earth.

You do so in the ways in which you think, you do so in the choices that you make; not only the choices but you response to them. You do so by recognizing you are more than just a human in this lifetime.

When you think back to when we began these journeys, Shelly is reminding me it was the year 2003, take a minute and consider where you were at that time or what the energy was like for you. We will go into that a little bit more in the All That Is.

When you look back 10, 15, 20, 25 years the greatest consistency of change has been the density of the energy upon the earth.

The vibration that is speaking with you right now was not the vibration speaking with you in 2003 because I was unable to come into the earth, to this degree.

If you go back and you listen to some of those early channels we remember how people said, “Shelly’s voice was very soft and very quiet” as I was speaking through her, almost as if I was unable to really fully even connect to Shelly although I was fully there. So be conscious of what part of you was a soft, quiet voice speaking out your truth to the world that may have been quietly spoken or perhaps even unconsciously spoken that now you can speak with confidence, speak out loud, speak in a vibration and an awareness, so that many, many more may be heard or may hear you.

That is one of the changes taking place upon the earth. It is not up to one person to save the world for everyone. This is about the millions and billions even of people that are living upon the earth that make a choice, be it conscious or unconscious to live a life of alignment; alignment with your divinity, alignment with the higher vibrations, alignment with love.

We are in the fifth dimension upon the earth. That was not the case 12 years ago. The fifth dimension is based in the heart, living through your heart, living through love, expressing as love.

There are still those people who as yet are not living through their heart, they may be stuck in turmoil, they may be stuck in old energy, and it drags them down into the lesser vibrations, so indeed, that is still happening. But the average of the collective consciousness is now the fifth dimension. So when you think of it in terms of a balance with all of those that may still be stuck in the third and fourth, you have those that are living in the sixth and the seventh or the higher levels of the fifth. This is one of the things available to people in this now moment. Is that flexibility and the ability to move and flow your energies from one level of consciousness into another with ease.

Consider your life. Where were you 12 years ago? Where are you today? Have the changes taking place being extremely subtle so as to barely be noticed or are they profound?  So much so, that you barely recognize yourself now compared to who you were 12 years ago. We chose that simply because that is the number of the years that we’ve been working. You may think about this in terms of five years ago, two years ago, one year ago.

Time is linear in the perception upon your planet. It therefore gives you that perspective; then and now, before and after, within, without. So, allow yourself this moment of perception.

There is such joy within me and I share that from my heart to yours. I thank you for being with us.

I invite you to now take this moment and send your energy all the way down into the earth. As you send it into the earth, allow it to spread out so that it may anchor you. The more that you are anchored in your physical consciousness, the greater you are able to shift your consciousness into the All That Is.

So let that flow of the earth come back up within you anchoring within and around your solar plexus and your heart center and then you allow that stream to move upward. It moves through your energy bodies. It moves out from the top of your head and you immediately find yourself linking with your higher self.

As you align with your higher self, look around. Look around and consider all that is here. For some of you it may be potentials and opportunities that you’ve now moved beyond and they continue to clutter the space. For some, desires that have shifted from opportunities you seek to frustration. So let’s clear this space out. Taking a deep breath ~ whew ~ just clear it out.

Let that ball of energy and light just flow through here. Let it release and then look around at this space of your higher self, because this is the blend of your divinity coming towards the earth and you as the human merging within.

From there your stream of consciousness moves out even further. It moves until it follows that cord of light, but takes you straight into your divinity.

As you allow yourself to flow within this space where you are a conscious part of your divinity become aware of what may be around you; other colors, you have a sense of lifetimes, you have a sense of just the pure energy.

Your I AM Presence is your God source energy. You manifest as God within this space because every person has that soul, that which is uniquely you and this is it for you. Some may have one perception, some are completely different. Be open and allow yourself to feel what it is for you.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst all who are here. I reach out and embrace you as your energy, you as your consciousness and as our energies merge allow yourself to feel as you expand into the All That Is.

Can you perceive the celebration that is taking place? It’s as if each one of you popup within this space coming to join all who are present and there are many, many angels. In fact the consciousness of all who have been here in whatever point in that time space reality that we’ve been doing this, have chosen to come back at this time. Many are unconscious of doing so but the place is hopping as you may say upon the earth! Some may hear music. There are conversations going on. It is a time of true celebration and if this is your very first time to ever read, watch or listen to this know that there is a part of you that has drawn you in, so you are not new. You are known to us as well.

Everyone is welcome and in this time space reality, the consciousness is always shifting. So you may come back and choose to be a part of this at some point and realize, “Oh, I didn’t see you there before” because they are coming in at a different time.

There is a part of me that just wants to start laughing because I just, I am watching the dancing and the conversations going on and all of the fun. Over the years there have been many, many Beings of Light who have chosen to be a part of these conferences and some of those are coming to the forefront and wish to speak with you this evening.

There is a part that says, “Are we going to be here for hours?”  But we will shift the time space reality so that you are not here for hours.

I invite everyone to gather around. Allow yourself to find a comfortable position and as many as are able to shall speak with you this evening.

Melchizedek Speaks (20:53 min)

Greetings, it is I Melchizedek.

I wish to speak with you at this time about the transformations that are taking place upon the earth. You are well aware that you have just gone through what you call the equinox, the time of perfect balance. This particular equinox brought in a wave of the light body energy that is in the process of integrating at this time.

I Melchizedek have been one of the individuals to foster humanities lifetimes upon the earth. I have walked upon the earth. I have moved through the universe and I take form walking upon the earth again from time to time. At this point I choose not to incarnate and remain constantly on the earth because I need not.

Many of you who are living upon the earth at this time have worked with me in other lifetimes, out in the universe and even indeed in this lifetime. The next integration or the next wave of integration has begun and it is more so about each individual person choosing their life.

You may still feel as if you are battered by the energies of the earth. You may still feel as if you are only responding to all the many other things happening around you, but indeed, you are the creator of your life. This is one of the foundation rules or the rules or the foundation of rules whatever the phrase that is in place when it was decided to expand the integration of humanity upon the earth.

Be aware that you chose this lifetime not only this lifetime but probably many, many others. I invite you to reach out to me anytime you so choose and I am here for you.

Yeshua Speaks (24:50 mins):

It is I, Yeshua.

I thank you in particular for choosing to connect on this day in which people celebrate my rising from the dead, as it’s spoken of in my lifetime as Jesus.

Ever since that time, people have spoken about the second coming of Christ. People have wondered, “It is going to come with the end of the earth?” “When is he going to walk upon the earth again?” “What will it take?” Just as with Melchizedek, I walk upon the earth, many times.

The second coming of Christ is about the emerging of the Christ within you. The second coming of Christ is about each person recognizing that you are God also and as such your actions, your thoughts, your beliefs, can reflect that and can assist you in creating a life with that foundation.

Religion has transitioned in many different ways throughout the years since I walked upon the earth. People have always sought to have a means of connection with others. One of the intrinsic elements within humanity is that of their desire or the need for community and your churches are one of those ways in which people connect to one another.

I invite you to recognize that you have many, many, many opportunities with which to connect to your own Christ energies no matter what your religion whether you call it, the Allah within; whether you call it, the God within; it matters not what word you give it, it is that intention of recognizing that you as your foundation are in alignment with source energy. Allow that to support you in whatever way that it may.

I walk upon the earth through each one of you and I’m also choosing to walk upon the earth in other ways.

Recognize that you reach out to others for your groups and that sense of alignment but ultimately it is about you, your balance within and your recognition that you are the second coming of Christ and I thank you.

Metatron Speaks (30:17 mins):

It is I, Metatron.

Some call me the keeper of the souls or the keeper of the earth. Whenever anybody chooses to take a life upon the earth, that’s not the right phrasing for that, whenever someone chooses to have a life upon the earth, it is as is if you move through a process and I and the many, many, energies that work with me are there as a means of assisting you so that you may know what to expect in your life. I am somewhat the consciousness of the collection of every soul upon the earth.

I am more and I am less. When people reach out to Metatron, there is that sense of self, that sense of connection, that sense of “I know that person”, because indeed you do. I know each one of you intimately and I love each one of you so dearly.

I am in alignment with the universe but my primary focus is the earth. I feel such great love for the earth.

The souls that choose to incarnate upon the earth at this time, many of you are quite ancient. I have been upon the earth numerous times before. Many of you may not be experienced with the earth’s vibration and life. You are the ones that are coming in with that vibration of the crystalline foundation and with the vibration of the next step, the next place that the earth is going to go.

Love and honor yourself and know that there are many, many others around you who are here in support for you and the world.

I am ever present. You may seek me out whenever you so choose.

(This next is a group of the divine feminine speaking as one. 34:10 mins)


Shelly’s taking a moment to integrate because we have Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene and Quan Yin, I know Quan Yin, the three of them are shuffling around coming together to speak as a group because all of these have worked with you over the years through Shelly and they wish to speak of the divine feminine as it is at this time. They speak as a group energy but it may flow through one of them or all of them.

The time for balance is here. The earth itself has always been intrinsically within balance, the surface of the earth upon which you live and going down several meters has been somewhat different than the core essence of the earth.

The time of Lemuria was a feminine-based energy or even one may say a neutral androgynous energy. As Lemuria sank Atlantis rose.

Atlantis was a masculine based energy and with that it was also a time when many planets out in the universe infiltrated the earth because as a part of the experience or the experiment as some people called it the intention was to be without a filter. That was discovered to be a mistake but by then, many, many somewhat harmful energies had become a part of the earth. That is what is transitioning out at this time.

There have been limitless experiences in which there was brutality or there still is brutality in the world and we as this triangle of feminine energy are here to represent that influx of the feminine so that there may once again be that intrinsic balance upon the surface of the earth, not just within the earth.

There is still a great deal of pain and sorrow as humanity is opening up to this greater feminine influence or energy. It may seem as if there is a reaction that is a more masculine, which is the aggressive movement type of energy. So when you integrate with the receptive allowing the gentleness of the feminine, seemingly the masculine overrides. But indeed, the feminine is integrating a broad strong foundation that may be about receiving, that may be about the feminine presence of strength and that is that influence that is coming into balance.

You see beloved family, when we speak of feminine and masculine, there is that traditional thought; feminine receives, masculine gives. Feminine is gentle, masculine is movement. We could go on and on. The ultimate intention that is moving through humanity is that each one of you recognizes you are both feminine and masculine.

So, consider that within your life. How are you open to receive? How are you gentle and nurturing and how are you creating movement and motion in your life. Because truthfully, the balance means you can be both. It’s not about being one or the other. It is about integrating all so that you simply are that you are.

There may be things happening within the world that seem to express the absolute lack of love and gentleness towards women, towards other humans, towards animals. It is as if it comes to a crescendo so that people may be aware, so that people will make choices. Perhaps you are close to peak if not at peak and any time that you make a conscious choice to be open to love, to be open to receive, you are enhancing the feminine energy. So too, as you put forth movement and step into your life from that space of balance you are expressing your masculine energies from that state of being. Allow it all to be that which completely and fully supports you.

We are but three energies. There are many, many, many more who are here representing the feminine. We are very aware of what is happening upon the earth and support and love all of you. Be open to receive us if you so choose and we will support you in all ways. Ultimately, you as the human living your life is the one recognizing the balance within you.

Know that there is great love from us to you.

St. Germain Speaks (44:10 mins):

It is I, St. Germain!

Of course I had to have my time here with this auspicious group who is speaking with you this evening.

I feel great emotion within me because Archangel Michael is right here with me too. We have worked together hand-in-hand. The previous millennium was under the energies of Archangel Michael, this millennium we are beginning, is under my energies and so we work hand-in-hand with one another as well as do all of us on this side of the veil. It is not about greater than/less than, it is about our intention to support humanity and the earth.

As was spoken a few moments ago, Lemuria was created upon the earth and then it sank when humanity went into what one might call the seventh dimension but it was actually within the earth itself. Kind of get that tricky energy for you to think about!  And then you consider Atlantis many, many of you were a part of Atlantis. I was a part of Atlantis.

Never did we realize how things would get so out of control and what happened? Atlantis sank and here we are now 25,000 years in your linear time frame; it’s maybe that much, may be less, may be more, and the consciousness of the earth is going through, let me rephrase that; the consciousness of the earth is getting to the completion of the transition into the higher dimensions. It’s already here. It’s happening. You may be conscious of it or unconscious of it, but it is happening.

Are you going to sink into the ocean? No. This is why you have the 9 billion people upon the earth. This is why we are all so closely associated with you and it may be that 6 of those 9 billion have no clue that we’re even here. It doesn’t matter because there is a thread of their consciousness. It is in the DNA of humanity, for this transition to take place without losing a continent as has happened before.

It makes me quite emotional, because I have been a part of it; a part of the good, a part of the bad, a part of the now.

As each one of you live your life, I ask you to do your best to let go anything that does not serve you and you may say. “Well, what’s that?” If you find yourself in a place that is filled with pain, it does not serve you. If you find yourself trying to make a change and you are knocking against the wall again and again and again, it does not serve you. If you are seeking something new, then, as if you are consciously turning yourself around begin to look or (become) open to opportunities that may not even be the least bit what you have considered. And if you ask me, “Well, where is it? How do I consider something I don’t know about?”

You do so by consciously releasing, by consciously letting go and by choosing to bring in energies in whatever way will make themselves known to you. When an opportunity comes your way, but you think, “No that’s not for me”, try it. If you see something in the news and you think, “Hmm, that’s interesting but I’m not qualified”, try it. If you think, “I would like to make a change, but don’t really know where to begin”, as if you clean a blank slate, pay attention to several days’ worth of what you notice as you are driving or walking or attending your daily activities.

The energy has shifted dramatically. Be open to the potential that your own life is shifting dramatically also. There is so much available to you and I want you to have that life that is filled with all that you seek to have.

I leave one last reminder; things will come to you in ways different than what you may anticipate. So be open.

Archangel Michael Speaks (52:00 mins):

Greetings, it is I Michael, Archangel Michael.

I am not going to speak for long. I simply wanted to come and say my hello to you. I may possibly be one of the first angels that you encountered as you were opening up or as you are opening up within your life.

And I therefore wish to take this time to speak with you, to let you know that I too am available for you, that I am continuing to work, not only here for your protection but I am also here to assist you in cutting through the old energies or in cutting through what no longer serves you, so that you may look towards new beginnings.

I too, walk upon the earth, with greater frequency at this time.

No, I am not incarnated as a specific individual, I simply manifest the body. Almost any of us here may do so, and then we’d let it go when we no longer need it or we may speak through some of the people around you. We speak through you as you speak in your daily life.

The energy is way more transparent than it has ever been before and in part due to the crystalline vibration, but also due to the fact that the consciousness continues to shift. I would like to speak more but Lady Gaia is going to take this next phase.

I love you and I am here for you.

Lady Gaia Speaks (54:48):

Greetings, I walk within this group who has spoken with you. I walk within each one of you. I am somewhat integrated to the individual I speak through. She feels a little bit, like she’s put her finger into the electrical socket and she is just vibrating because of all the transitions. Here we go.

Greetings, I am an aspect of Lady Gaia.

Gaia, the soul of the earth. Gaia, Mother Earth. Gaia, the essence of the planet Earth, I am all and I am nothing.

The earth has gases and vapors that are transparent and that are nothing. The earth is this gorgeous planet filled with water, hills, trees, deserts, planes. There is such diversity throughout the entire world, but yet, consistency.

People have spoken about the many different changes taking place upon the earth. They speak about pollution. They speak about destroying the earth. They speak about global warming and in many of these things there is a fear that is the foundation. As I speak with you I wish to say, be not concerned. There is nothing for which to be afraid or to be afraid of.

The earth is not going anywhere, but the earth is changing dramatically as we speak. When Lemuria broke off, it was during the time of the shifting plates of the earth and humanity sank with it. There was a transition in consciousness taking place but the earth itself was young, so to speak. Many of those essences transition back to source. Many went into the earth, into higher dimensions, that in part were created at that time and in part were already there and they tap into.

Some say the seventh dimension, perhaps; perhaps less, perhaps more. This most recent shift in consciousness upon the surface of the earth is what is creating that integration with what is within the earth and that is one of the reasons for this increased stability at this time. Some of you may have an aspect of you, of yourself living within the earth and you are reconnecting with that aspect. This creates stability.

There are numerous immense crystals within the earth. It is made up of vapor, rocks, crystals and some of these have been inactivated for a very long time and they are now becoming activated because of the rise in the vibration. Some of these have always been active and they’ve been what’s created that stability

I speak of this because I would like for you to understand that the earth itself is always in divine balance and that when you see things upon the earth that raise your awareness it’s giving you an opportunity, perhaps for your heart center to open, perhaps for you to create an alignment with other individuals, perhaps for you to have the opportunity to focus your own consciousness in a way that will help you to expand.

Fairies, Devas, elementals, the animal kingdom, humanity, have always live hand-in-hand; some through fighting and interaction, others in peace. That is but a part of the free will of coming to the earth.

If you would like to think of the earth and what you may do for it, then I invite you to link with me, Gaia, as I speak of you as the soul of the earth. From that place of infinite balance, trusting that all will evolve and using every opportunity that you may have to release fear, to release violence, and to embrace love and balance.

I thank you for this opportunity and I thank each one of you for all that you have done in support of me and in support of this beautiful, beautiful world.


The Goddess of Creation Speaks:

I the Goddess return. There are many more who would love to come forth and speak with you at this time, but I chose to limit it to those who are the most continuous influence with this group, but if you feel an alignment with someone who has not spoken, then open up and receive whatever personal message may be your own.

The flow of energy from the universe into the earth is opening up with a greater ease. These many masters are here in support of you as humanity, but you as your soul essence. Become aware of the changes happening within and around you, because they are many. If you find yourself in fear open up as if you are standing here in the midst of this group and receive that group hug. Let them assist you within your life.

This evening has been a little bit different than what we usually do, but I felt it was time to bring together these many varied energies allowing them to create each their individual alignment with you, so that you know that you have this as a broad foundation that is even bigger.

I invite you to look at your life, to embrace love. To make that conscious choice, be it daily, be it hourly, be it minute by minute. To find joy in any moment, be it great or small.

All of these energies shift somewhat to the background, and I invite each one of you to take this moment to bring your energies back together as a group.

 Look around. There are a massive number of people who have gathered together and it has grown as a result of everyone chatting for a while. So, consider your own energy, and then be open to the flow of whatever else may be around you and then allow that all to come together as a circle.

As the hologram comes up within it, look at Gaia. She is there as a part of the hologram and she can show you how to be the essence of balance. She can show you how to be open to receive and open to give and let all of that energy flow into her from all of the speakers tonight and from each one of you as an individual.

Allow that to move down into the center of the earth. It creates a plane of alignment that goes out to the crystalline grid and as that anchors within the earth there is a flow that comes up. Let it come up into you, your physical person, into you the individual walking through your life or living your life. Use it as an opportunity to anchor you even more fully within yourself.

And then as you are anchoring these within yourself have a sense of bringing back your consciousness. As you do so, you again flow this time in the reverse from your divinity, your consciousness goes through your higher self and then it comes back down within you as the human. Allow it to flow through you going all the way down and anchoring within the earth and you can feel that you are here. The energies of the earth flow up and down through you. The energies of the universe flow up and down through you and you are in complete balance. This moves through every layer of your consciousness and your unconsciousness. This moves into every cell within you. We invite you to be open to receive.

So much has transitioned and there’s still a lot. We did a little differently this time. But again, we encourage everyone to anchor. We invite all those energies to come back down within the human anchoring once more upon the earth.

With that we will bring this evening to a close. It has been quite filled with various energies and transitions and information.

As you live your life remember that as you live in the higher lighter vibration the reflection of that in your everyday life is about living through a place of joy, living through a place of love, living through a place of awareness.

Recognize that you are your divinity. Recognize that you are your God source essence, as reflected in this human that is you.

As was indicated this evening you are not alone. There are many, many, many angels and beings of light working with you to create the life that you seek to have.

Know that I am always with you and within you.



debs go lightly 22nd April 2015 9:28 pm

Dear Shelly, Dear Goddess, and all those who have spoken here,
thank you from the bottom of my heart for your presence, love and support.
This message is truly a blessing!

Much love and light from Debs.

Shelly Dressel 27th April 2015 9:50 am

You're welcome!! The energies and their many messages were really filled with love and joy! I appreciate you reaching out~~~


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