Shake Up Your Life

It is sometimes really hard to decide on a name for the channel. I did call this one ‘Shake Up Your Life’ because the Goddess worked with us at our foundation to literally shake up our energy. There were several different times when I felt her energetically take people by their arms and just shake them!!

But another really big part of this channel is that Ashtar came through to speak. He had with him the essence of ‘lightbody’, the ancient one, representatives from Pleiades and more. Ashtar spoke of the changes taking place. He spoke of the relationship between the universe and us in our lives. There was a pure pink energy that represented the lightbody. For some reason, she came through as a feminine energy but she spoke of what it is to bring the light into ourselves and our lives. She said there will continue to be that which people consider ‘dark’ because it creates such a contrast to light. BUT, as more and more of the crystalline energies integrate the earth, the more ease there will be with the high light vibrations and in many cases there is less evidence of the contrast of light and dark.

We all have patterns in our lives. These patterns are created from what we do; go to work, raise our children, have relationships or whatever else it may be. These patterns are created unconsciously, but sometimes we refer back to them as a means of creating security. If you seek to create a change in your life, you have to change the patterns. This change is in your energy, your thoughts, your emotions, etc.

By the end of this channel, you have shaken up your life, created new alignments with high light beings from the universe and then infused a new beginning to your reality! It was very powerful and filled with a lot of movement.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I so look forward to this time in which we come together. I feel as if I had expanded out in many different ways through my connection with each one of you. Just as you grow transforming within your own life, so too is my energy, as it is in alignment with you.

This is an opportunity that you can reaffirm, not only your own awareness but also create in alignment with your God self. The energies of God and Goddess are flowing in and around the earth and in some regard in a stronger manner than they ever have before. There is a great deal of focus and awareness that is moving through the ascension, of you the people.

As a part of that ascension process, people are focusing upon finding out who they are, what is their divinity and in essence their alignment with their God self. In this way it brings the focus and the energy of myself the Goddess as the feminine and the God energies as the masculine. We are in complete balance and awareness, and this is becoming more and more evident and available to you.

Well, yes indeed it is available to you, but each of you, are also finding that awareness and that experience within you. Allow that reality to come up to the forefront in this moment. It’s nice to feel it or experience it while you are still here in your physical reality.

Do you find that you are able to tap into these energies more easily now than say perhaps 1 to 2 to 3 years ago? Become aware of your energies, of your essence, so that it may focus you and help you in your everyday reality.

Alright so with that message, I invite you to take one more deep breath that allows you to breathe all the way through yourself. Let it go down into the earth so that you anchor once more within the earth and then that comes back up within you anchoring somewhere, usually around your solar plexus.

From there you release, letting go your physical body, allowing your consciousness and your focus to move upward. You move into the space of your higher self and this is that part of you that is in alignment with the magnetic grid. Feel what those energies are to you.

As you find yourself aligning within this space, you may feel a sense of structure, or you may feel that sense of homecoming as if you arrive and feel not only yourself, but everything else that is here within.

From here, I invite you to create a shift once more. This time feel as if your energies are letting go of the magnetic pull of the Earth and you allow yourself to move through and into the crystalline grid.

As you arrive within this space, you are still in that alignment with your higher self that you can feel the energies of the crystalline and the energies of the universe.

I invite you to have a sense of another stair step or movement that will take you into the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane, you may feel the energies of your divinity. You may automatically connect to that or you may have a sense of seeing yourself as if at a distance.

Allow your energies to open up so that you may blend with your own self, with your I AM presence, with you in all of your entirety.

As you open up and allow for this flow to move even more deeply within you, remove any sense of barrier or veil so that your conscious awareness is able to take in all of who you are.

I the Goddess, move in and amongst all of you. As I reach you, I reach out to embrace. As our energies merge together, you may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

The All That Is, is changing just as each one of you are too. You all continue to bring such focus and such awareness into this space that it is truly expanding, changing, shifting, evolving, just as you are in your own life.

I invite you to look around the All That Is because each time you find yourself within this space it’s like you have your own little corner or part of the All That Is that you come to each, each time that you allow your focus to be within here. So look around.

I am going to send through an impulse of light so that it will move through, --whew--, so that it will move through here, creating a shift. My intention with this is to help you become more aware or open to a transformation of your space within. Shake up the energies. Let go any pattern that you may have here within this space.

You may find yourself in a particular pattern in your everyday life. Sometimes it’s a means of assisting you but other times it can become the barrier that holds you back. These patterns may be somewhat more solid in your earthbound existence, but even here within this space it is created because you have thoughts or expectations or energies that may repeat again and again and again whatever it is that you are thinking about or experiencing.

Everybody likes to have a space in which they feel comfortable. That comfort zone creates a sense of security. It creates a sense of anticipation, but look at your life. Are there certain things that you do, perhaps because you have to? Maybe it’s your work, you have to get up every day, go to work, have the experience of work.

Perhaps it’s your family; you’re taking care of your children yourself. There may be certain tasks that you have in your everyday life that you do, day in and day out and these create a structure with which you work within. Consider the patterns of your life, especially as you look from here within the All That Is; you may have a different perception of what’s here.

As you are thinking about your life, your days, is there something that is a part of that that you would like to change? It may be that you still have to go to work every day so that you have your income, but perhaps you would like to change the pattern or the energy about what it feels like when you arrive there. Perhaps you’d like to change the energy around what happens as you interact with everybody.

Allow for all of this to come up now in this moment or whatever it may be in your life. And then as if you take hold of it for a minute in your consciousness shake it up. Shake it up, twist it, turn it, flip it, do whatever you may like so that you are consciously changing the patterns that you have within your life.

You work with great intention when you come here within this space. It feels good; it feels easier than what you might experience in your everyday life.

Infuse the intention that within your everyday life you are able to have the awareness and the experience that you have while here in the All That Is.

I am noticing, as I take in, what each of you are doing for yourselves that some of you find your energies going in a completely different direction once you shake it up.

As you allow yourself to create these changes as I said in your, in the patterns of your life, I invite you to open a door so that you may experience new potential or opportunity.

I am opening this space around each of you and inviting in the energies of your lightbody. We have spoken of this many, many times in the past. You have all created the alignment with the lightbody and you have brought it down within you in your everyday life; some feel it more strongly than others.

As you are here in the All That Is and as you feel the energy that represents your lightbody, coming within and around you; open up your consciousness and allow it to flow within you.

Remember the first time that I began speaking about the lightbody energies. It felt a little bit strange and different. Some of you didn’t really know what I was talking about. It was a vibration that was hard for you to discern. But now every one of you have a deep alignment, not only with your own light body energies, but with that link to the universal light.

It may feel very natural and comfortable to you. It may even feel familiar to you. The light body energy that you have integrated it is indeed a part of you, but it is also an aspect of your energy that comes from within your I AM presence, but a part of you that has been living and experiencing the universal light.

Open up, feel who you are. Understand that you have always been in alignment with this energy but it is now even more amplified within and around you.

Take a moment and allow your consciousness to follow the stream of energy through your lightbody. It may feel as if you are streaming into a different place than the All That Is.

If you allow your focus to shift asking to see, sense, feel, the source energy of the light body that you will find yourself here within this space. It is as if you see standing in front of you brilliant light. For some they have a sense of looking at and experiencing God and Goddess. For others, it’s beyond description. This is pure consciousness; it is based in unconditional love.

This is an endless well of energy. Here within this part of the universe there is a different perception of volume, expansion, light, so it may come across to you in a different way.

As you look at the lightbody energy it is balanced, it is filled with that crystalline energy. In some ways it is a doorway to even more and different parts of the universe.

Allow your focus to shift. Perhaps you feel yourself back within the All That Is or perhaps you feel yourself remaining here in this lightbody energy. But there are a group of people that have been waiting to speak with you, and they are coming here within this space.

You may sense an amphitheater; you may sense a gathering in which everybody is communicating and on the same space. But coming here within, it is as if you see a group of energy or higher beings of light. We invite you to sit back and experience their message to you.

Channeling Ashtar with a blend of the Pink Energy, Ancient One, & a representative from Pleiades.

Greetings, friends and family;

I am Ashstar, Ashstar of the universal light, Ashstar of the ships that move through the universe, creating a sense of balance. I am also an emissary for the many other beings of light that as yet do not know how to speak or communicate with those of you from the earth; so I will speak for them.

You may have a sense of standing with me three other energies one is a pure pink light and it is if it’s just light without a shape or form. There is another energy beside me that has the sense of robes as in the ancient ones. So too, there is another being of light that represents the Pleiades and then as I give distinction to these energies you may see even more come up around.

I wanted to come and speak with all of you, because our energies are coming in closer to the earth than they have ever been before. In part it is as if there is an opening right now, but that is an illusion. There are many, many, vortices of light through which we work with and communicate to you on a very continuous basis.

I have been working with you from the time in which the star seeds chose to live upon the earth. He who is known as the Ancient One was a part of that process also. So we are here as a balance of the energies from actually before the time of inhabiting the earth.

There is a great deal of discussion right now about what is happening. Where are people going to go? What’s happening in the world? When will things be at a greater balance? When will the fighting stop? There are so many questions that people have and some of these is hard to really have a particular answer for you.

You may sense that pink light as it steps more forward towards the front of our group. It is truly an androgynous energy but some may feel it as feminine.

She speaks with everyone in a telepathic manner and the messages go even deeper than the words that I may convey. In essence her message to the world is that there will always be that, which one may call the dark energies, which one may call the lower vibrations and the reason for that is that it gives even greater reflection, because it gives one the perspective or perception of light and dark.

Here within this space, there is only one energy. You need not have light, dark, good bad; those are all a part of the process for living upon the earth. She represents the crystalline light that comes already activated as the children have been born for the last 8 to 10 years. She comes as the crystalline energy that is available to you through your light body energy. She comes to show you how much potential you have.

You may ask yourself. Have you met her before? Have you worked with her before? Some of you have done so in one way or another. But ultimately she is representing you and your transformation in life.

The Goddess had you shake up your energies; shake up your patterns, shake up everything that’s going on within your life so that you may allow in even more of what you truly want.

People may think that we from the universe or we from the intergalactic space and time are very foreign to you, and very different. The truth is most of us are truly aligned with you. Many of us are actually part of you that you simply as yet have not come into contact. Open to feel what that means to you.

We represent change. The earth is eagerly moving through all that is taking place. People that are based in fear may find that amplified over the next few days, weeks or months. Our sense is that there is an overriding sense of new potential and new opportunity.

That’s what we represent to you, a sense of feeling, stability, a sense of having that structure so that you may feel more confident in your life. But not only that, this is your time to invite these energies to help you as you integrate change or perhaps new beginnings.

Are people going to begin to see what you term the flying saucers? Some have been seeing these for a very long time. They will become more readily evident in the years to come.

Some people are choosing to reach out manifesting new alignments with some of us or the others who are here in service to the earth. We are but a few. We do represent what you call your future. We do represent you, not only you who are here but the millions of others who also work, sometimes in an unconscious manner, sometimes in a conscious with all that is coming through. See yourself from your highest potential possible.

I am hearing questions from people about some of the changes taking place. As the earth completes this cycle, as it’s doing so right now, you open up to a higher vibration within and around the earth. As every person continues to integrate those energies, it will manifest in people’s lives in many different ways.

Some will see the energies around them that previously they did not comprehend. Other people will begin to have a much stronger intuition within their lives. Still others will have a much greater sense of communicating telepathically. It may begin with their Angels or it may begin with physical people upon the earth.

People will begin to teleport, people will move between dimensions, with greater ease. You may seek an answer to a question that you have, you allow yourself to shift into a different place of consciousness, gather the information you need and then bring it back into whatever your experiences.

These are but some of the potentials coming up for you.

If you find yourself continuing to struggle, continuing to be frustrated in your life then make a conscious choice to let go. Sometimes it will help to let go of something specific, other times, if you consciously work within yourself letting go of whatever; you need not even be conscious of it. You can let go, emotionally, mentally, energetically; you can even let go in a very physical manner.

Let go, let go, let go, --whew-- and then reach out to anyone of us or your own divinity and invite change and new beginning to come within.

I would love to stay and chat with you much longer, but for this first time I will bring this time to a close. Each of us will remain here working with you, chatting with you as the Goddess takes over once more, but we all wanted to make ourselves known to you so that you may have that as a foundation moving forward within your life.


The Goddess of Creation

It is I the Goddess. I once more step back within this place of communication with you and I invite you to take this moment to consider everything that’s happening within and around you.

This need not create any fear; it need not create difficulty for you. Instead I invite you to allow these energies of change to flow within and around you so that it creates even greater ease within your life.

With that, I invite you to form somewhat more of a group. As you gather together you may sense coming up within, the hologram of the earth. As his hologram comes up within all of you, it’s already, sparkling, shifting turning, because everything that Ashstar was speaking of was already manifesting within that space.

As you take in this hologram, I invite you to infuse within it your intention of what you would like for your life. That place of shaking up the energies, shifting the energies.

As this assists you, you can find it creating a change in the hologram. Yes, you can have that much of an impact upon the energies. As that feels complete, there is a sense of then letting it go.

It moves down through the space in which you are. It aligns with the crystalline grid. From there, there is an aspect that goes out to the new earth and the remainder comes down here moving through the magnetic grid, and then anchoring within your physical earth.

As this hologram moves into the core essence of your physical earth, it aligns with the crystalline energies, it aligns with the magnetic and then it expands outward so that you may feel all that you did for your self beginning to come up within your physical reality.

Not only that, the energies of what everybody did as a whole comes up through the ground, through the grass, the trees, the water making available to everybody upon the earth that opportunity to feel secure, to shake up their life but still feel okay. And it expands further and further.

You let that go. Allow your focus to come back within the All That Is and already I see people beginning to shift their energies. You may move for a moment through the soul plane, once more finding that alignment with your I AM presence. You let go, but having the intention of taking with you as much of your divinity as is possible that flows with you.

You move through the crystalline grid and into the magnetic grid. As you do, so you feel that energetic pull of the earth and the gravitational pull of the Earth and then you find yourself coming back within your physical reality.

As you bring back this consciousness with you, your physical body adjusts as do those nonphysical energies around you.

So with that we will bring this evening to a close. And as always, I thank each one of you for choosing to spend this time with me and assisting me as we bring these changes into the earth. Continue to move through your life allowing yourself to shake up that structure of your life, allowing yourself to let go those patterns that no longer work for you, allowing yourself to embrace that which is of your highest good, that which gives you the greater opportunity.

It’s here, it’s available, it’s now!

I am ever with you and within you.



eeliza 8th November 2012 9:26 am

Messages from comforting. Thank you All.
Blessed Be

Shelly Dressel 12th November 2012 5:59 pm

You're welcome!! I think we all need that time~~ Time to re-evaluate, time to move out of what we're used to.

Take care and much love~~~


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