Shape Shifting Planes of Existance

What a time we are having right now!! I know I am really feeling a LOT of energies, plus I hear from many of you that this is a very challenging time. This year has seen a series of portals opening that allowed large influxes of energy to come into the earth. One such portal was on December 12th. My perception is that this energy focused on love; love within you, love in your life. I sense that 2010 is about integrating more fully all that has arrived this year. During the channel the lightbody energies spoke at length. They spoke of transformation that begins with shifting energy. They had us create a plane of lightbody energy and sense it suspended above our heads. They then allowed it to move through us at various angles. I could feel such a shift take place as it came into contact with parts of me of which I was not aware. I found myself to be very weepy for several days afterwords. They also spoke of how we can begin the process of shape shifting. While they spoke of transforming from one form to another, as everyone began their own experience, he found there were more people shifting within to release illness, weight or whatever it might be. This process began by working with particles of energy. It cool! It's intense!


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. Welcome to our time together, welcome to this opportunity to allow yourself to be loved and nurtured. I am here to express to you the love and appreciation that I feel for being able to share this time with you.

I recognize each one of you has your own personal life that you are living. You have these many experiences taking place within and around you and it all comes back within you. You are the creator of your life; you choose experiences and while sometimes it seems as if the experiences of your life have chosen you, your reaction to them and your ability to connect deeper and deeper within your divinity allows you to move through any experience with greater and greater ease.

So while you are still here, grounded in your Earth, grounded within your home, your space, wherever it is you may be, take this opportunity and really connect with your physical body. Feel the breath that you take in. Feel your muscles, your bones, your neck, your head; all the various parts of what makes you human.

This is grounding you into your physical reality. Take a deeper breath that moves through you and down into the Earth, linking with the Earth. As you allow the energies of the Earth to flow back up within you, feel the essence of Gaia and the essence of what it is to be wherever you are right now.

I then invite you to take in one more breath, breathing deeply and as you breathe out have a sense of letting your consciousness expand. As it expands, feel it as it moves upward. It moves into the space of the magnetic grid and you may find your own part of this grid that is in alignment with you.

As you look around the magnetic grid you may see or sense pathways. These pathways conduct energy and it does so as a means that allows you to communicate with others. It also allows you to receive communication from others. Everyone is linked through the magnetic grid. Allow your consciousness to shift further; you leave behind the pull of the Earth, you allow your consciousness to blend fully with the crystalline grid.

Within this vibration you feel an energy that is in alignment with who you are and where you are right now. As you feel this vibration, the flow of energy, let it move through you and allow your consciousness to pick up or sense that crystalline energy. It's almost as if this energy is clearing out anything that may be lingering within or around you.

From here it's a short step to merge with the soul plane. Within the soul plane you find your I Am presence. You may find that immediately you link with your divinity; other times you may have a sense of seeing yourself as if at a distance. Invite this presence to come into you so that you may merge your consciousness with your divinity.

As you merge you may feel the flow of who you are as it moves through and around you. Open and feel the complete love and acceptance that is here for you. From within your divinity there is a resonance; there is an alignment that draws you in. There is only love; there is only acceptance. Feel it now; know what it is to you.

I the Goddess begin to move in and amongst each one of you. As I do so, I find that I am greeting my good friends, my family. I reach out to each one of you and enfold you in my embrace. As I merge my energies with your own, you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Here within this space there is an even greater expansion of consciousness. The flow of energy moves out without boundaries or limits. One has a sense of the infinite flow that is always present.

You allow yourself the ability to link with that flow wherever you so choose. It is automatic in most cases. Your consciousness works to create that space that feels most comfortable to you and is most supporting of you. As you allow your energies to adjust have a sense of reaching out towards the representatives of the lightbody energies. You may have a sense of an individual, you may have a sense of pure energy; it may simply be a flow. Whatsoever your perception, open further your understanding.

I transmit their vibrations to you as a part of my own. For this evening they would like to once more speak directly with you. I will therefore step to the side and allow them to shift and come forth so as to speak with you.

Lightbody energies speak:

Hello dear friends!

I must say it's been a very short period of time by your human standard that we've been coming through and speaking to you through this individual. We remember the awkwardness of the first time or two and now this alignment is as if it is ourselves speaking with your directly.

There is dramatic change taking place within the Earth right now. You hear about this in the many different publications that are floating around. I'm only now getting used to that way as a means of communicating; speaking of the computers, the written word, those newscasts they have on that TV set. It's all quite different to us but an interesting experience for us too to learn of this manner.

Over and over we hear people speaking about what is going on in their life. We hear many people speaking of change taking place. Behind this change we hear people speaking from a space of fear. We hear people speaking from a place of anger, frustration. There are of course those who speak out from a place of excitement and wonder as they experience what's happening upon the Earth.

What we would like to say is that from our perspective we see every single individual, no matter what is occurring within their lives, as eligible...hmmm, is that the right word? We see that every individual has the opportunity to open up and receive the vibration that we represent. If one moves through a means of consciously aligning with us, absolutely the effect is stronger and most likely more evident in your life.

There are those who never read a word about who we are that are still aligning with and working with our energies. It is from a space of unconscious knowing. Whether one is conscious of or unconscious, you have the ability to create change in your life. Everybody inhabiting the Earth right now is doing so because of the amount of transformation that can take place through an Earth-bound existence or experience.

There is such a large number now of individuals who have chosen to come at this time to assist with the transformation that allows for higher vibrations and new potentials to infiltrate within and around the Earth. You all of course are those people. What we the lightbody energy represent is the energy of the future, one could say. We represent not just an energy but a consciousness; not just a consciousness but an ideal. This energy is all encompassing within one's life.

You may utilize as much or as little as you so choose. If you take the time throughout your day and consciously invite our energies to come in, merging with your own, you will find yourself shifting into a vibration that allows you to have a different experience in your life.

This vibration - some call it the New Earth. This vibration some have called a crystalline vibration. The lightbody energy is that and more and less. One could say it is an aspect of All That Is, which if you listen to that phase it indicates a collection of all consciousness. So again, that is us, but we are more and we are less.

We chuckle a bit because we hear people getting frustrated; those types of statements. We hear and we know how you appreciate something that is all included, but when speaking of something that is so dramatically different it takes time to become comfortable with what it may represent to you. And each individual person may have their own perspective of what it is; there's no right or wrong, there's no more or less. It is all is that it is.

Ahh...I've enjoyed being able to speak in such a manner and share my energies in a way that is somewhat different. I never used to speak with words like this. What I would like to do with each one of you now is to once more blend our lightbody energy with each of you. I've been radiating out this essence and it's been floating through and around all of you.

Those consciously present as I speak these words and those who listen later - it is all the same. There is a consciousness and a vibration that moves with ease within and around you. So as you open up your consciousness, as you open up your thoughts, have a sense of looking around. With your inner eyes can you feel, see, sense what is here? As you open your consciousness I invite you to feel as if my consciousness is blending with you and then it radiates out from there.

Now you may have a sense of feeling the lightbody energy come into you; perhaps through your head, perhaps through the back of your head, perhaps directly into your heart. Howsoever you perceive this energy, feel it as it comes into you and then it flows up and down your physical body. You can imagine your physical body from your conscious state as I speak to you. As you consciously have a sense of this lightbody vibration moving through your physical body it's very easy to feel that alignment.

What I would like you to do is have a sense of taking this lightbody energy and rather than feeling it as a general energy that just moves through you in every direction, have a sense of consciously shifting the energy into a plane. And as if a disc is moving down your body, say a 20 degree angle, feel it as it moves through you.

I know we've always been speaking in very abstract meanings but I wanted to give you this as a means of a different way to perceive the energies and how it's having an effect upon you. You find that as that energy moves through you at that angle that there are aspects within your physical body that come to your attention that you were previous to this unaware.

It could be that emotions come up of which you were unaware; thoughts, beliefs. Whenever there is something that comes to your awareness you then shift back into I suppose you could say like a vapor, and let that energy just move out in every direction clearing out whatever it was that came up within you.

Again have a sense of picturing a disc at the top of your consciousness. This time shift it to a 45-degree angle. As you do so you feel the energy of the lightbody moving through your consciousness once more. It is a means of clearing out; it is a means of creating a new alignment within you. Feel the flow. Feel the sense of clarity that manifests within you. Feel how light, airy, more transparent you are as a result of shifting the lightbody energy through you and your consciousness.

I hear people giggling, I hear others clapping, I hear lots of different comments swirling around. I hear those that are saying they thought they were over and done with something. Be gentle with yourself, be nurturing. And as you are, let your consciousness expand. There is an infinite amount of expansion that is able to take place through love, through compassion, and through awareness.

Let all of that flow through you as we speak. I am lightbody energy. I am becoming more and more prevalent upon the Earth. I am becoming a part of you. I am available to you; I offer my love, my awareness, my compassion to you in all that you have happening within your life. If you feel that you have burdens, bring up that burden within you and then allow the lightbody energy to move down through you and let it diffuse your burdens. There are some that will not go away completely but you can open and hear, see, sense, a new perspective.

Breathe in and ask yourself how much of your consciousness is now lightbody consciousness? The majority will just sense an answer to that. There are some who may hear a number. With the lightbody energy the intention is to create a shift in your vibration or perception; you can use it in a very precise manner or keep it very abstract. This is what is going to manifest more fully in the future.

One way that you can work with this energy - and I have anticipated we would wait a while to bring this up but I'm hearing from many you want it now - that this energy is going to work for you is in shifting. You may hear people speaking of shape shifting in which you shift from one physical presence into another.

Some may say that is science fiction - it's not. You may also find that you shift your physical body from one location to another. You may also find that you do all of this first with your consciousness; from there you move into the physical. So here we are in the All That Is. Your consciousness expands and contracts, it shifts and moves with every thought, with every nuance that moves through your consciousness. As you once more direct the lightbody energy to move through your consciousness, let it move into the most minute particle that it may.

Now of course in your physical body it's quite different than in pure consciousness, but it's the same ideal. You allow the lightbody consciousness to move into the smallest particle that represents either a conscious thought, a person; whatsoever it may be.

From that perspective of linking with the smallest particle, you then begin to breathe within your consciousness the essence of transformation that you are seeking. I find that some are seeking a transformation from a body that has had illness into a body of perfect health. I'm finding others are seeking a body of a particular weight, shifting into a body of a different weight. So it need not be that you shift into another physical essence. In fact most likely it's easier to begin within your own self and getting to know your own self.

Ahh, so once more you breathe and from that particle, from that small particle, as if it expands, as if it begins to grow upon itself; as if each particle moving outwards that mimics it, it moves, it expands, it expands, until it becomes a wave that moves through your consciousness and this wave represents whatever it may be that you seek.

The changes are very subtle but they are present. I see the vast majority of you completing the change within the space. I also understand how you are continuing to work with the human mind to allow for something like this to actually occur in your physical reality. Here within the All That Is, and I am speaking with you as a pure consciousness that has never had a physical form, can say it's easy - you create an image and you allow the molecules and the particles to create that image.

It's only the human, Earth-bound gravity belief systems, mind set and the density of that physical body that keep it from happening in an instant - right now. But if you want it you can create it for yourself. Practice it here where it can happen with ease - practice it on the Earth. And the more that you can see it happening within you, the easier it will happen.

I feel so many of you laughing, excited, jumping up and down. I sense that this is all something that will be done in fun and we always advocate that. Whatever you manifest from a place of fun, from excitement or joy, will always manifest with greater ease.

So have fun with this, allow it to unfold, work with the lightbody energy in the planes of existence within and around your physical body. Work from the smallest particle within you to the largest to shift or transform in whatever way you so choose. Everything I speak of is a reality. And I send that energy of belief out to each one of you that you may have that within your life.

My dear friends, thank you for letting me come speak with you, thank you for letting me play. I invite you to call on me; I am quite enjoying the experience of the human and I look forward to working with you in whatever way you so choose.

I am as always lightbody energy.


Goddess continues:

I the Goddess come back within this space of speaking with you. And I'm sending forth a wave of energy or vibration that will help to amplify everything what was just transmitted to you. We've worked together for a very long time - my energies are very aligned with the Earth at this time so therefore allow me to assist that this will all take place within you with greater ease. And I flow love and awareness out to you.

I feel a sense to ask each of you if there's anything or any form of resistance within you that is ready to transform? Reach within and ask that question of yourself, allowing any resistance to come up within and around you and as it does consciously let it flow away. Whatever space may have been left behind from where that came from, infuse it with the lightbody energy; infuse it with acceptance.

I am ever here for you. You can tell that the lightbody energy is not so very different from me. There has been an increasing amount of alignment that each time I speak with you I am also working with you and your lightbody energies. As I look at you I see transparent light and transparent energy. As I look at you I see limitless opportunity. As I look at you I see you; I see you and I appreciate you as the individual who is living your life upon the Earth.

Oh my dear, dear family - we are one. We are whole and we are complete. Feel the blending of alignment and vibration with everyone else here.

All right. As you perceive the other individuals I invite you to create some form of a gathering that allows a hologram of the Earth to come up. As you go towards the center of this group you may see or sense the hologram as it emerges. The hologram appears to rotate on an axis. You may see your part of the world in which you live. You may see the world as a whole. As the hologram is moving through these energies, I invite you to transmit your perception of the lightbody energy into this hologram.

You may perceive that there is an essence or an aspect on two levels within this hologram; one represents the New Earth. Another represents the Earth on which you live, with which you are familiar. As both these holograms are infused with your energy and light, what you may perceive happening is the hologram of the Earth on which you live expands into a greater alignment with the energy of the New Earth or the energy of a higher consciousness. All you need to do is allow your divinity, your love, your perception, to flow through you and into this space.

See or sense the holograms as they shift. The hologram of the Earth moves downward; it moves through the magnetic grid. As it gets to the edge of that grid, before it goes within, you have a sense of the energies of the New Earth or the hologram of the New Earth as shifting until it finds alignment with the New Earth. The crystalline grid acts somewhat as a bridge but it is also incorporated within this new vibration.

You release both essence and that hologram within the magnetic pull of the Earth begins to descend in such a way that it moves downward; it moves through the Earth itself into the center of the Earth with those diamonds - well, they're actually crystals but they give the illusion of diamonds - it links with that crystal foundation that is adjacent to or within or around the magnetic energy of the Earth. From there it radiates outward, it comes up through the Earth; it comes up into every human, every tree, every river, every blade of grass, every flower. It comes up through the sand, the oceans, so that everything upon the Earth opens to the potential of this greater vibration that is in alignment with the lightbody.

And as it finds its balance you release your conscious alignment to that. Let yourself come back with in this space. As you do so you find that your own consciousness is beginning to ground within you. You release the All That Is. As you do so you find yourself blending in the soul plane; here you release your divinity. There is a great deal that comes with you but there is also an aspect of your divinity - some say the majority - that stays within the space of the soul plane.

You release though and bring with you as much of your divinity as you are able. It then flows with you moving back through the crystalline grid as you move into the magnetic grid you find yourself linking with that space of your higher self. Your divinity assists in creating a greater expansion within this space. This is how the magnetic grid has transformed over the years. Each time you bring with you a greater and greater amount of your divinity, this space expands so as to accommodate it.

From there let your focus shift once more. Allow it to shift downward. Feel yourself link with your physical essence. As you do so you find that the energy bodies around you expand so as to accommodate this greater amount of your divinity. And it flows within and around you. Here within your physical space, consciously feel your divinity. Consciously feel how you expand and what that is to you.

The lightbody energy spoke of working with the planes of energy that make up you as the person, so picture the lightbody energy as if it's a disc or an orb above your head. Shift it, as they said into a 20-degree angle, and then consciously let it move through your physical body. Feel how you adjust, feel how it gives you a sense of cleansing or shifting. If it did bring something up within you, then open and allow that to flow away from you.

I invite you to continue to work with these lightbody energies because they are coming into the Earth at this time to assist in this shift in consciousness. The more that you allow your own life and existence to be in alignment with this vibration, the greater ease you will have in creating change. The greater ease you will have in manifesting. I see for each of you that you have the ability to manifest whatever it is that you seek to have. And I transmit a flow of energy and light that this is your experience also.

I invite you to now return to this conference room if you so choose. Press *7 on your telephone if you wish to ask me a question and I am open to receive.

Question: Goddess? Hello, there was never a message this line is now un-muted, not sure what's up with that. Two journey's ago I was infused with so much light, it was great! After that my life went so down hill. So much bad stuff happened and I can't even talk about it on the phone. What is going on? Where are my guardian angels? I assume my soul decided to transform a lot of very dense negative energy but I'm getting too caught in it.

Answer: what we would invite you to do so that we can get greater information is to take a second and breathe into your heart center. Open up your heart and feel us link with you more deeply so that we can get more information.

Okay, what we see happened to you is something that occurred on many different levels. There is a very strong sense that when you opened your body, when you opened your existence, your life to this greater amount of light and energy it was as if you took down the shields that you had been in place throughout your life. By shields I mean the natural shields that people have used for a very long time. So many people on earth have felt they needed to shield themselves from others to avoid getting inundated with things they did not want. They felt they needed to shield their household and various parts of their lives. So as you opened to feel that immense flow of existence it released these shields that have been around you; you said sure let them go, I don't want them, I'm open. It felt as if there had been a great deal that was around you and waiting there. It was as if your mental body and old beliefs; it felt like it was all old beliefs that came up to be released.

Now the fact that you had such a dramatic and uncomfortable experience with it all we send our heartfelt compassion. It feels to us as if it did not have to be that way, but the fact that it did was just the way it played out with you. Having said that we would like to say to you is that going forth from here if you have a sense of shifting or choosing; choosing your life or choosing your experience that you do so with the intention that whatever is in vibrational alignment with you, that it's comfortable. Now we also say to you that when it felt as if your guardian angels had abandoned you or left, they did not actually leave. We sense of seeing them staying there. We see them standing around you. We do sense their presence but it was the transition in energy that made the different levels of vibration. It's a little hard to describe what we are seeing. We have a sense of them standing there but they didn't come across in the same way they were before. It all felt to us as if it was part of the transition taking place. As to what is happening in the future, is it always going to be like that? What's the best way for this to occur? All we can say is that we strongly recommend creating a sense of balance or creating a sense of openness between your old beliefs and we actually see that on this journey tonight you released a lot of stuff. It feels as if you can release these things that have come up more recently and you can put forth an intention towards the future that will keep that from being quite so dramatic or an uncomfortable way of manifesting.

We feel like we are very distracted in this answer to you and it's because there are so many different energies, like a storm around you. We can feel that and it's distracting even as Shelly speaks. Lets take this second and do this. Close your eyes for a moment and take a breath inside of you. as you do so, we are doing the same in our alignment with you. As you breathe in, then out; consciously send out a wave of energy that is going to clear out anything around you. Push it out, push it out!! (Whew, the Goddess breathed a deep breath). As you do so, have the intention that anything that is of a lesser vibration, will no longer have an affect upon you. Just in what we did, we could feel a distancing or a calming affect. It may be that constantly during your day you will need to go into your heart center and send out that burst of light. It feels like it's going to be something temporary and will not be there much longer. That's a way of getting rid of that heaviness whenever it is there. (the Goddess did another really deep breath.)

My physical space has been really compromised and it's serious. I won't say those words anymore and I'll only speak positively now.

From the perspective of safety with your physical being we recommend that you do whatever is needed that you be safe; that you reach out to people around you that may be of assistance. Whatever it is that needs to happen, we feel the help is there, the answers are there. If you take the opportunity to look around and ask what do I need to keep me safe in this given moment, then things will come to you. Ask specifically to have your angels come back in, in a closer perspective to you. In this way you will become aware of them.

Okay, we have been having trouble with the computer, will you press *7 to come back into the room.

Yes, I suddenly was muted and couldn't talk.

That's our information for you tonight. We do see you coming through this. We do see you as strong. We do see this individual as not being able to succeed with what they are trying to do and a transition will take place.

Thank you. Is it safe for me to go to work tomorrow?

It feels to us as if it is, but we also feel you are there. We see you as bringing a greater perception with you. We see it as safe. We see it all as part of what is happening right here.

Okay, thank you.

You're welcome.

Alright Vilma, I think this is working now.

Question: Hi Goddess. During Thanksgiving week I was really focused on sending out even more gratitude than I do everyday. Even through all the challenges I've had this year, I'm still extremely grateful for the changes because I know they are for the greater good. One day I woke up with extreme pain that radiated from hip all the way down to my foot. I couldn't explain it and it lasted for 3 or 4 days and also it was as if my foot was broken. I was told it was part of me going through the grounding process. Can you give me an insights on this?

Answer: we have a sense of it starting more so up in your spine around your second chakra, your sacral chakra. We have a sense of the flow of energy as it moves up and down your spine, like there was something that opened up around your sacral center. As it was opening up, it shifted around debris. As it shifted the debris.... I guess a way to look at this is that you have a solid block of energy and then suddenly it begins to break up. as you shift and a greater flow of energy moves through here there are parts that break off. Now of course it doesn't have to happen this way, but in your case it did. It was like debris was released and it stuck in the flow of one the meridians of the flow of energy moving through your body. It worked itself out and it shifted and it was reabsorbed. That allowed you to have a greater flow of energy come into the earth. The work you did on grounding yourself on focusing in that flow of energy is what helped to create that flow to move more easily through you. It's what allowed that blockage that had been fully released to create a new alignment. Does that resonate with you?

Yes it does. Is there anything more I should be doing?

We have a sense that you should still work with this consciousness of your sacral energy body and the flow of consciousness through that will bring up more things within your life that have been bothering you for a time; bring it up, infuse it with the lightbody energy and use it as a means of releasing. It feels like it's something that is old from the past and no longer servers you and it's time to let it go once and for all. It feels like you have let it go in the past and you have let it go in the past. But this is just a residual and just like the pain in the leg was left over fall out, that's what is coming up to be released at this time.

Okay, thank you!

You are welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess? (Hello) During the time when LB was speaking I experienced such heavy tightness in my heart, I thought I was going to have a heart attack and it was very scary. I don't know what it is. Can I ask for help?

Answer: Yes, as we are looking at this you are not the only human who is experiencing this type of symptoms. We've mentioned before that Shelly has had them many different times. She of course being in the medical field will sometimes run through the symptoms of a heart attack and ask if she's having an attack! This has to do with the cellular change in the heart muscle that is taking place so as to align with the higher vibration. That's what we see was happening with you. Your heart center has opened up and it could only open so far. Now by changing the molecular structure in your whole body but in particular working in and around your heart, it feels like that is changing and that's what allows the energy center of your heart center to expand in such a way there is a greater flow of light moving through and into you. So whenever you feel something like that or anybody else who might be having a similar symptom, be it in your heart or another part of your body, if you take the time to slow down and breathe the lightbody energy into it with the conscious intention that you feel relaxation that you feel expansion, that you feel compassion for yourself; it will release the physical symptom you are having. It does not feel to us as if you are having a heart attack, it does not feel as if you are going to have one. But we do sense you've been working with this for awhile now and there is more that is going to come up around it.

I feel all of this when my mental body is tight. I feel like I"m going to suffocate like a balloon. Just do the same, breathe into it and relax?

Any time that you feel a physical symptom or emotional or mental, whatever it may be, it's because you've been in a particular pattern but that pattern is no longer working for you. So it's changing. You are choosing change. You are choosing something new. As you bring in anything new, the bodies-physical, mental, emotional whatever it may be doesn't always accommodate the change so it gives you symptoms you are feeling. Therefore if you are feeling a symptom, consciously bringing in the lightbody energies, consciously bringing in love, compassion, awareness; all of that is the way in which you create this change for yourself and you relieve these symptoms you are feeling.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome. Thank you for bringing that up because we believe there are many people who are having similar symptoms. Be at ease about your heart. You know when the lightbody spoke to you about working with the particles, that's another way to go back and practice doing that. Again work with the particles within your heart when you feel calm, comfortable and relaxed. You create an alignment so it doesn't come on from a space of giving your discomfort, you work with it when you are relaxed and perhaps it will keep you from feeling the discomfort.

Am I affecting the electrical system as I'm talking to you? (There was a lot of noise and artifact on the line.)

We're not sure where that's coming from. It could be you affecting it or it could be static from all the people on the line.

Thank you very much for all the love tonight!

You are very welcome beloved.

Question: Hello Goddess...yes, go ahead that's you...ok, yes I have incredible pain in my right leg and hips and then it goes to my left side; stomach and throat and head and I don't know what that is and how I can deal with it.

Answer: We feel that what you're speaking of are multiple areas within your physical body that we, we feel are blocks or blockages of energy, and we think that this pain you are feeling in your physical body is; number one it's coming across to us as if it is a means of saying, hey, I'm physical and grounded, I'm on the earth. It feels like it's a means of grounding you, is the kind of underlying intention of it. But the other thing that we're picking up about this, is that there are blockages of energy in your body, so if you work with breathing into your heart center and letting your heart center expand and then breathing up and down through your physical body the energies of light, the energies of the lightbody, the energies of love and as it is flowing through your body with the intention that it flows through and it releases any blockages that may be within you. We have a sense that, that would come a long way towards releasing him some of these blockages that you have. It could be that you need to have more intensive like one-on-one work with an individual practitioner or it may be that you can do all of this on your own. We sense thou you can get the very least a dramatic improvement through working with that conscious clearing out the energy bodies within you and allowing for a greater flight so that, that will release what we are picking up on.

Do I need to know what it is or is....

Some of these things... well some of these things, we are of the belief that you do not have to know every little thing. We do think that our certain times when it is beneficial to know what it is and we think as you are doing a meditation and you're breathing this energy through you and your consciously releasing it and letting it clear out these parts within you, that there may be things that will come to your attention. It may be a particular experience in this life, it may be a particular fear it may be a particular emotion. It could be any number of things that it is something in particular does come to your mind then work with that consciously to breath in deeply and then as you breathe out release it but umm there is a lot that can be release through just this generalized cleansing of your body.

I have a feeling it is the fear of surrendering to love.

That's always a possibility, aha...we can see that. So believe in yourself, if you have a fear of surrendering to love, then open to the love and self acceptance that comes first and foremost from your divinity and as you allow all that to open and incorporate within you, then let it go out from you to other individuals.

Okay...Thank you

You are very welcome.

Question: Hello Goddess?

Goddess: Yes, are you the person that had started to speak before too? I just don't don't want to miss that individual, go ahead and speak, let's see, I don't know if Vilma had muted the person or not, the one that was just starting to speak to me, if you will again press the star seven. You know, sometimes there are just technical glitches... There you go, now I hear someone. I heard someone taking a deep breath, so if someone wants to speak up, go ahead and try... okay...there is somebody who's in the room and you just press star seven, so go ahead and speak. [there seemed to be some technical issues with retrieving people to ask questions.]

Question: Yes, Hi Goddess, Hello... hello... (Go ahead) Can you hear me? I was wondering if there is anyway, you can help me identify what fears I may have within myself, I've been struggling to stop smoking for a long time and I've been meditating and using a lot of healing modalities and I cannot figure out what my fears are, to let go the smoking.

Answer: As we are looking at you with what you are speaking of, we can see some fear within your body, but it's not coming across to us as that's the strongest element. What we see is that the pattern and the habit of something that you've done for a very long time. We see how there, well, consciously you may say 'well, I want to give this up I don't want to do it any more' but yet we see that there is another part of you that feels like it's very nurturing to you and it's enjoyable. It's something that you just plain like to do! So when you begin to look at giving it up and you think you feel the resistance within you that resistance is coming across to you as fear. So what we think might be more beneficial to you would be if you focus on consciously releasing it or letting go of the resistance that we feel around you. When you are trying to make a change and the change is not happening it's because there is resistance. So if you work on releasing resistance in any way, shape or form not particular about any part of this but just releasing resistance in general, then what you'll find is within you, there may be a part of it feels kind of lonely or hurt; that type of emotion that calls for nurturing. So then if your flow the energy of love and nurturing and compassion within and around you, what you're going to find is that that begins to fill up that need within you currently being filled by smoking. Does that make sense to you?

Yes, it does, very much so.

And so as far as like feeling like there is fear within you that needs to be released, we would say to you just let go that potential because there is slight fear within you, but to us it does not feel as if it's that significant.

Okay and also by me doing this I read many times over that it does stop a lot of the energy from coming through. You know energy that I could be having from coming through, I'm blocking it because of that.

Because of smoking you are saying or because of something else?

Well because of ...right... the addiction aspects of it.

Um hmm, well, yes and no. There are many different thought forms on the earth about every single thing that occurs in life. And you can get totally opposite perspectives of that same exact thing and it's only a matter of what resonates with you. We don't think that smoking or addiction necessarily has to block people's awareness of what comes in. So we kind of disagree with that one, but if it seems like a reality to you, if it feels like you are blocked in some way and you feel that it is because of this then in your case, that is a reality. So what you are seeking to do is to create greater opening within yourself to have a greater connection to your divinity to have greater awareness in your relationships and in life. We believe that if you focus upon that and in addition to the nurturing and self love that you are bringing in, that you will find that it's going to help with releasing the addiction and it's going to help you receive that greater perception or awareness that you are seeking to have.

OK, thank you very much.

You're welcome.

All right. Well, it's been kind of a crazy night with this with people raising hands and the computer not picking things up and stuff, so we will just imagine then that everyone has been able to receive their question or their answer energetically. Please know that you are being heard by the angels, you are being heard by all the energies of light around you including myself and I transmit to you the information that you may be seeking.

So as you move through your days in the days and weeks to come, I encourage you to continue working with the lightbody energy. Continue to allow it to integrate more and more within your life. There is just so much that is available to you. You do have the opportunity to create change in your life, to manifest all that you are seeking.

So no matter what your life is bringing to you, I encourage you to open to the flow and feel the love; feel the awareness and know that you are not alone

I am ever with you and within.





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