Shifting Dimensions and Blending With Crystals

Nama Sika; Venia Benya              I AM the one;  I AM the whole


I welcome you to our time together.  I come into this space in which each of you is located.  There is the energy of the group that comes together at each of these times.  But there is also the energy of each one of you individually in your own separate location.  It matters not whether you are in a room by yourself, reading this later, or linked in a physical location that if with another individual.  All are linked together during the time of this journey or this experience.

Let yourself truly feel who you are.  Let yourself connect within the human aspect of who you, the one who is here and physically present upon earth.  As you do that, you may then allow yourself to shift and move further out. 

Release the physical body.  Allow yourself to connect with the energies of the magnetic grid.  This grid work has become very familiar to each one of you.  There is a great deal of shifting and changing occurring at this time.  With each influx of the higher vibrational energy that comes into the earth it also affects the energies of this magnetic grid.  So too within the magnetic grid, there are various dimensions, various levels of awareness and you may link at whichever level is most comfortable for where you are at this moment. 

We take this time to more fully connect with this space because it can be a part of your daily life.  You may move in and out of this space of the grid work as you are moving through your days.  You may use it to assist you as you seek expanded awareness.  Know that while it is something that connects all that is upon the earth, it also has an aspect which is for you.  Quite often your higher self resides within this space. 

As you are ready to do so, shift your energies so that you may move into the space of the crystalline grid.  As you shift in this way, you release the magnetic pull of the earth.  You find yourself blending with the pure crystalline energy that is within this space.  Allow yourself to feel what that energy means to you. 

You may feel as if there are aspects of your consciousness that seek an alignment within here.  You may perceive the crystals themselves.  This is also a space that your consciousness has easy access to so that you may always receive information or feel this link if you seek to do so during your day.  You need only through your intention link with this space. 

From here, we call forth a column of light.  This column creates a shift in consciousness that allows you to move from this space into the energies of the soul plane.  As you feel yourself emerging, you may have the perception that you shift or move in every direction. 

As you are ready to do so, you can find yourself acclimating or seeking that place which feels like home to you.  Call forth your I AM presence.  This presence is you!  It is your divinity in all of its entirety.  You may perceive it as something separate from you at first or you may perceive it as coming from within you. 

You can feel the awareness.  You can know that this is truly who you are.  Let yourself blend fully.  Let your consciousness expand in whatever direction it may need so that you may fully access all aspects of your divinity. 

As you become acclimated to this, I the Goddess come into this space and make myself known to all who are present.  Feel my love for each of you.  Feel my energies as I flow throughout the room.  As I come into contact with each one of you, I embrace you!!  I blend myself fully with who you are so that I may amplify all that is you. 

You may feel yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.  This is a space of greater expansion.  It is the space where you come to create.  It is the space where all energies are able to come into and connect with everyone else who is here. 

This summer during your time upon the earth has been a time of great physical incorporation.  What I mean by that is that many of you have been seeking to bring in great and higher vibrational energies so that you may create changes and shifts within your life.  It has occurred.  This summer has been a time for each of you to more fully acclimate your physical body.  Your mental, emotional, spiritual; everything that makes up who you are as you walk upon the earth so that you may more fully incorporate what you are seeking to have.  Let yourself feel how expanded you can be in this moment. 

Let yourself understand or know that this is what you can also be as you walk through your days upon the earth. 

So many of you who are feeling the physical symptoms of this energy are feeling dizziness, weakness, sometimes palpitations of the heart; sometimes you feel as if you are in two places at once.  You may also have ringing in your ears, tingling in your extremities.  These are some of the physical symptoms that indicate you are truly incorporating this higher vibrational energy you seek to bring into your life.

Let yourself understand and accept that this is what is going on. If you feel uncomfortable, if you need for it to slow down, then you may talk to your soul essence of divinity and ask that it may be done in a more gentle fashion.  Most of you who enjoy this process, who enjoy opening up in just this way are always asking to go faster and faster and let it be done already. 

What is important for you to understand is that it is done already.  It is done within this space.  Just as we spend each of these group gatherings in creating the experiences that you are seeking to have in your life, it is done.  So let yourself truly accept and incorporate it into your daily life. 

Take this moment to feel as if you are pushing the outer bounds of what your consciousness is able to perceive.  Let your consciousness feel as if it is flowing through this presence that makes up you as your soul energy.  Within this space, you are able to shift between dimensions or levels of consciousness with ease.  If you wish to know a number for the dimension, that is certainly your prerogative, but be aware that a number is just a number.  You may use it if you choose as a means of getting say perhaps the average. 

So take this moment and let yourself feel this vibrational energy in which you are currently located.   Now then, through intention, I invite you to shift downward one step.  You can feel your consciousness or awareness shift into a new space.  Take this moment to feel what this space is like for you.  You were already at what is most consistent with your divinity because whenever you go into the All That Is, you find that space in which you vibrate most comfortably.  So if you take that a step down, feel what this new vibration feels like to you.  You can sense different energies flowing around you.  You may be able to perceive different aspects of your own self. 

You may become comfortable here if you so desire.  Now I invite you to move up we’ll say two steps.  That takes you back through what was your original comfort zone and now move one step higher.  Feel the shift in this vibration.  You can feel how different it is from the other two (dimensions).  There may be more subtle aspects.  It may be that in each of these levels you tuned into a tone or a pitch that represented each level.  Feel what this is to you.  As you look at your divinity or send out energy feelers into your divinity, you are able to perceive things in a different manner than what you did in the other two dimensions or shifts in consciousness.

We are taking this time and opportunity so that each of you may feel what it means to shift between dimensions.  In your daily life upon the earth you are doing this without even a conscious thought.  Sometimes you are very aware of it because you can feel the actual energy changes.  Other times you move back and forth through the energy only knowing that perhaps you receive a greater insight.  Perhaps you pick up a scent or a sound and that just becomes incorporated into your life.  

When you have the opportunity to truly discern each of these various dimensions or levels in consciousness; you may then utilize it to a greater ability.  For most of you, it may be that you need to move into a space of meditation or a space of expanded consciousness.  Then ask to know or to move into say perhaps the fourth or fifth dimension.  Most of you reside within the fourth dimension; but even within this dimension, there are various levels or degrees.  Simply asking allows for it to occur.  You can practice opening to perceive what it means to you. 

Now then, as we again move back into focus within this space in which you are located (within the All That Is), let your consciousness open to accept and perceive all three levels at the same time.  I used levels as a means of thinking of something you could comprehend with your linear thinking.  They may not necessarily be vertical or horizontal.  They may be convoluted in many different ways.  Allow yourself to perceive the essence of all three of these levels and then open to let them blend completely. 

Feel that inner knowledge inside of you!  Let your knowing come into this space.  Let yourself understand what you may perceive from each of these levels. 

We are also going to take this opportunity to once more connect with the immense crystals that are out here within the universe.  Let yourself shift until you perceive these crystals that located in various areas and within various dimensions through out the universe.  They actually go throughout the galaxy.  You will connect with whatever is most important for you to connect to.  You may feel yourself or see yourself perceiving it from outside of the crystals.  You may find you immediately blend as you go into the crystals. 

This is another opportunity for you to be able to perceive how fluid your consciousness is.  There is always a flow of energy.  It may feel at times as if you completely evaporate and then re-convene as consciousness.  Energy in this pure state may be perceived in many many different ways. 

As you move more fully into the crystal and blend completely with it, let your consciousness take in what is around you.  There is always a tone or sound to the vibration.  These crystals oftentimes have a color which you are able to perceive.  Let your awareness be fully connected with all that is here.  You may even ask yourself how the vibration of this crystal connects with the vibration you were opening to earlier so that you will have a greater understanding. 

These multitudes of immense crystals point in different directions.   They convey amplify and create energy through their connection with other crystals and with other energy forces that come into contact with them.  You as the humans and you as the consciousness are able to blend with these crystals so as to receive information or to allow the crystals to assist you in amplifying or enhancing whatever may be going on in your life. 

As I mentioned, these crystals are connected with others.  Look at the projectory from the crystal.  Some it may be their energy goes out in every direction at the same time.  Others may give you the impression of a laser beam that connects with other crystals or bounces off other crystals that are placed within the universe.  Let yourself follow the energy that emanates from this crystal.  Follow it until you are able to perceive where it goes into the earth. 

There are immense crystals also implanted within the earth. They have been there since the creation of the earth. Some of them are just now becoming activated. Others have been activated and have amplified energies throughout the ages.  If you are unaware which part of the earth you have come into, ask and it will be made known to you.  You perhaps in this life or a past life have a deep link to this area and that is why you are coming back to this space at this time. 

Let yourself connect more deeply with this crystal which is within the earth.  Let yourself feel the tone, see or perceive, feel how it vibrates.  Let yourself fully merge so that you are the crystal. 

Now feel the energy that is being sent into you from that crystal out in the universe that you first connected with.  Feel how this crystal gives you a sense of being receptive.  So too, this crystal is sending an energy back out to the universe, but also it moves up through the ground and generates a vibration on top of the earth that is in that area.  You have been brining back these higher vibrational energies for quite some time, you and many of the other light workers upon the earth.  Those energies go into these crystals; the energies also go into the earth itself.

This is giving you another means of being able to connect to and allow it to assist you in balancing yourself in your daily life.  Even if it feels like or if you perceive that the crystal you are connecting with is in a completely different part of the world.  You are linked and you can call upon these energies at any time. 

Each of you are seeking to have that feeling that you feel when in this expanded space.  You are seeking to have it upon the earth when you are in your daily life.  The earth itself is shifting.  All is in perfection. 

I invite you to release any struggle that you may have and let everything that is here support you and assist you.  You can feel like this in your daily life.  It is your potential. 

Alright, let your consciousness release that source of the crystal within the earth.  Let yourself release the crystal that you linked with out in the universe.  Allow yourself to come fully back within the space of the All That Is.  Feel what these energies are that are vibrating through you at this moment.  You are aware of so much more than when you originally came into this space.  Let all of that information be yours to know. 

There are other energies of light, both upon the earth and out here who have been working with you and observing you as you have been upon this path.  You may seek to connect with them if you so desire.  As you seek to link or connect, you are able to recognize just how much is available to you as a support.  These energies reflect back all that is occurring within your life. These energies may assist you in recognizing potentials that are all around you.  If you choose, you may connect with them and feel what this is to you. 

There is the sense of joy or excitement that is moving throughout all who are present in this space.  It is as if people are energetically dancing.  There are sparkles of light.  There are movements of color.  Each of you knows that you are on the precipice of truly living with a consciousness that is multidimensional.  With a consciousness that is without limits. 

Here in this space there are no limits.  You may go as far as you seek to go.  This may be your reality upon the earth also.  Each of you will create it for yourself in the way that works best for you.  Allow yourself to feel what that means for you.  See your life as you are upon the earth. Perhaps you see it with limitation or judgment.  Release that for this time.  See your life objectively understanding that everything that has occurred has been the perfection of what it needed to be in every given moment. 

Now look at your life bringing into your awareness your ability to perceive shifts in consciousness or shifts in dimensions.  See yourself as you move through the day so that you may perceive the times in which you shift back and forth between the various dimensions in and around you.  I also invite you to look at your life as it is amplified by these crystals you connected with this evening. 

These crystals can enhance the energies.  They can amplify your perceptions.  Therefore, as you look at your life, perceive it with this clarity. You may release limitation.  It need not even be a part of your vocabulary. 

With that I invite you to come together as a group perceiving each other.  Connect with those you seek to connect with.  As each of you does this, we see beams of light that move across the groups and actually creates a pattern.  This light assists you.  From within the center of this circle, we see the hologram of the earth.  This hologram comes up within the center of this space.  That pattern of light creates almost a cloak around this hologram. 

I ask you each to send your vibration and connection into the hologram at this time.  You may see or sense the crystals that you connected with earlier.  Some of you may be surprised by just how many there are within the earth.  There is a communication between the crystals that is in the form of vibration.  As each of you consciously infuse your vibration at this moment, then link with the vibration of the crystals, you find yourself expanding, balancing, and feeling more fully this flow of energy. 

Gaia does come forth as she likes to to make herself known to all who are present.  She does appreciate this energy, this light that is being infused to her.  She sends out a beam of light that connects with each one of you so that you may feel the embrace of Gaia.  You may feel the love and connection that is also available to you from the earth as you walk upon the earth.  She appreciates all that each of you are doing and this affect that it is having upon the earth. 

She merges back within this hologram. The hologram itself moves down as if through a column.  As it connects with the earth, an aspect of this energy blends with the magnetic grid, spreading out around the earth.  The core essence of the hologram continues down and moves into the center of the earth, and then it comes back out moving out through all aspects, all dimensions, and all depths of the earth itself.  Let that link with your physical body. 

You as a group come back together connecting with one another, communicating in whatever form you may desire.  You have very deep connections to one anther.

As you are ready to do so, release the energy of the All That Is.  Allow your consciousness to move back within the space of the soul plane.  As you arrive here, the area expands so as to accommodate your personal expansion.  Within this space you may choose to create a hologram that represents who you are on the physical plane.  As you do so, you can look at your physical body perceiving anything that you may sense is ready to shift or change. 

As I spoke earlier of how each physical body is accommodating these energies; now is a time through your intention and through linking within this space and with the hologram, to create a greater balance or ease in the blending of these energies.  Let yourself feel as if your physical body is in completely in alignment and completely in balance. 

Allow your physical body or this hologram of your physical body, to blend completely with who you are at this time.  You may feel as if you reach out to embrace the hologram or you may feel as if the hologram itself just steps into your energy, all blends so as to create a greater ease for you upon the earth. 

As you are ready, you may release the energies of the soul plane. You may allow yourself to come into the space of the crystalline grid especially since we worked so intensely with the crystals out in the universe tonight.  Perceive the shifts and changes that have occurred here.  There is a greater vibrancy. There is a greater intensity in the energy that is being emanated.  You are able to perceive this. 

You then shift your energies once more moving back into the magnetic grid.  As you blend with the magnetic grid, you find yourself coming more and more back within your physical body. With each of these spaces that you pause to visit, you are grounding your consciousness once more back within your physical body and all that is around you.  Allow the magnetic pull of the earth to assist you in this manner.  Let yourself ground in the energies of the earth, the energies of Gaia. 

Let yourself become fully aware of wherever you may be, laying down or sitting so that you may be fully conscious and present in this moment.  As you are ready to do so, let yourself come back within the room and for those who seek to ask a question, you may press 4 upon the telephone.  Then as was suggested, when you are done you press 5 again so as to mute once more.  We thank you for this courtesy. 


Question:  (paraphrased) I have always enjoyed praying with the rosary.  Now I am finding that when I do this, I am saying whatever prayer comes to me at the time, but I’m also incorporating the new energy into it.  What do you think of something like this? 

Answer:  Absolutely beloved!  You have already answered your own question.  You are taking something such as the rosary which has been around for thousands, well not thousands, but for many hundreds of years.  It is considered a means of connecting with spirit.  It gives many people a sense of comfort or a sense of joy as they connect with this.  So by shifting your prayers or shifting your communication as you specifically said into the new energy you are taking something that is an old tradition and allowing it merge with the energy of the new tradition that is being created.  Whenever a person has something within their life that brings them comfort and joy, by all means, continue to do it in whatever form is right for you.  By allowing yourself to do this, we sense it brings you a great peace and joy.  By allowing yourself to shift the prayers themselves and the energy you connect to, you are bringing it into where you are at this place in time.  Indeed, we think this is a wonderful way to blend the old energies with something that is new.  (She spoke of more.)  We thank you for bringing that up.  Not only with the rosary there are many many other customs and traditions that people have had and as the world itself is moving into a new energy space or new dimension, they do not have to completely leave behind something that is already working for them or still working for them.  It is about each individual’s pathway and allowing the old to shift into the energy of the new.  We thank you for bringing that up.


Question:  (paraphrased) I have recently gone through an attunement that would open my third eye and more fully connect my higher self.  So see that this has occurred in me?  Is my third eye open? 

Answer:  Well, we ask you beloved.  Do YOU feel as if your third eye is open or higher self is connected?  (She stated that she believes the people who tell her this, but she doesn’t feel anything.)  Okay, so when you ask if there are any obstructions or anything keeping you from being able to channel; what we sense is that it is your human self or your ego self that still continues to hold you back.  If you go through the initiation as you said and if you trust that it has happened, then it has happened.  An initiation is but a stated intention.  When an individual goes through an initiation, no matter what it might be, you are simply putting forth to the universe the intention to accept whatever that initiation may be about.  There are a multitude of different things an individual might use an initiation for.  These initiations have been shifting over the years so as to accommodate the new energy that is coming into the earth.  Therefore if your intention was for that to happen, then indeed it has happen.  If it does not feel to you as if it has, then it is important for you to work with your human self; gently, lovingly, and without judgment to accept and understand that you are in a space that does not yet accept that your third eye is open fully and you are fully connected to your higher self.  This has been the case for much longer than this initiation.  You did not need the initiation for that to happen.  But if it’s something that helps your ego or your personality, then by all means allow it to do so.  The human part of you continues to feel that it is not going to happen for you, it might happen for someone else, but it’s not going to happen for you.  It is up to you to work with that aspect of yourself.  Again, I say do this with love and with gentleness.  Just let your human self know that you do SEE with your third eye.  That you are fully connected to your higher self.  Just as with this journey, you can perceive the shifts and dimensions around you.  When you have a very strong personality, when you have fears or doubts that may go back over a long period time; for some it may be considered past experiences or what might be considered past lives.  For some it takes even more of an effort of communication or connection so that your personality or ego will then be in a place of acceptance.  When you are in that space you will no longer question it.  To get from here to there, simply love yourself, simply accept, and continue to see with your third eye.  If you say when I look with my third eye, I see nothing then okay, you see nothing.  But if you focus your consciousness on your third eye or you focus your consciousness on connecting to your higher self and open to see what is around you; what begins as nothing at first will eventually give you more and more information.  It oftentimes just takes practice and experience.  That is what allows the ego to then move into the trust and understanding of what is going on.  Does that make sense to you beloved?   You are welcome.  As always love yourself and accept yourself.


Question:  (paraphrased) What do you see about my son coming to living with me?  Will I have my own place or still be living with my parents?  Will I have a job and if so, what? 

Answer:  We are getting a lot of conflicting information or energies coming through here.  Hmmm, do you have a partner or someone whose energies are not as open as you are?  We feel this energy around you that is almost keeping us blocked from getting to you.  It was hard to tell if it was your parents, a spouse, or something else around you.  It is actually somewhat difficult for us to connect with you because we feel this barrier around you at this time.  As you speak of your son, we sense something at the end of September.  Is that something you are anticipating?  (She stated early September.)  You know time is not the same in this realm as your realm.  We have a sense of more coolness outside, but whatever.  We do sense that your son is coming, that there is a great deal of change going on around you.  We just got this feeling that there is something that almost has a strangle hold on you.  (She communicated what she thought might be going on.)  It is a little unclear whether it is coming directly from the house in which you live and the inhabitants or if this is from someone you’ve connected with in the past and tried to leave yet it has not let you go or something.  It is confusing where it is coming from.

What we would like to do is connect with you at this time and we invite all others who are present here to flow a sense of love, support, and a release of whatever this energy is.  Perhaps it is based in fear; fear that you are making these changes and they don’t seem to be happening.  But perhaps this will assist us in being able to link with you.  I would like you to take this moment and breathe gently and easily and let all of us come in and really support you and assist in letting go of whatever this feeling is that I am perceiving as heavy.  Take this moment to breathe gently.  I invite all others who would like to do so in connecting with all these energies. 

What has been holding you back is an energy attachment, an entity of some sort.  I thank everyone who assisted this.  There is a welling up of love within Shelly that brings tears to her eyes, the love is just profound and illuminating this blue and pink light that is all around you.  We see a knife in the back kind of thing.  There is an energy attached to you back between the shoulder blades.  I am linking with it at this time but I ask if you are able to perceive what I am talking about.  I ask you to go inside, connect with it, and release it.  You can do this by taking a breath in and as you blow out, have a sense of release.  (The Goddess gave several deep exhales throughout this process.)

Okay, now we feel a much greater flow of energy around you.  We feel a sense of flowing the love, the acceptance, the bluish light all into that area that created a hole or a crevice.  I ask you to go inside and take a couple more breathes to see if you can feel this difference inside of yourself. 

Okay, now as we again ask the questions about where you are going to live and what job, two options come to us.  One is that you will remain where you are for the time being.  Another option is that there is woman you know, perhaps a friend; we get a feeling it is a friend from the past that you have known quite well and are coming back into your life.  You know her quite well and she is coming back into your life.  It could be you have already met and not connected.  She has already offered or is seeking to find someone who will live with her to assist her in her life.  She perhaps is a little older or she has some sort of an illness that needs assistance.  We see that this will give you a place to live and it will be an exchange.  Does anyone in particular come to mind at this moment?  (She asked if it was Aunt Sally.)  When you said Aunt Sally, it did not necessarily resonate with us.  But if that is what comes to your mind it may entirely be the individual we are talking about.  Be open to the potential it may be someone else.  She may link with you in a different way. 

As far as work or generating an income, we sense there is so much transition in your life right now because of the child.  We see you doing more things like personal assistant.  Personal shopper is the word that comes to us.  Is this something you are doing already?  (She asked more questions.)  We just have a feeling of suspension.  Whatever it was that you let go of tonight needed to be the first step in this process.  There are number of things that needed to fall in place for you so we are sensing October.  We see that you will be in a new home and have the job you are seeking.  We see that you are still in the process of creation and bringing this all into being.  We sense the things you are creating that you mentioned all have potential, but you have not made up your mind completely.  You perhaps are open to a multitude of potentials and that sometimes leads to people opening to many potentials but never fully engaging in any one.  We have a sense that it is important for you over the next days or weeks to go inside of yourself, connect with these potentials, see what resonates with you; again we see this female as a place to live.  We do not see you leaving for the next few weeks.  You can create a shift in the energy of where you are living.    You can create a space where you will feel more comfortable.  You are welcome.


Question:  (paraphrased) I am my mother’s care giver and it is a very frustrating situation for us both.  She is angry and abusive to me.  I am frustrated and don’t know how to handle this.  I don’t think she has too much longer, so I want to do what I can, but it’s exhausting and difficult.  Do you have any insights for me? 

Answer:   Now, we are feeling when we connect with your mother a sense of bitterness and anger.  We are also getting a feeling of perhaps Alzheimer’s.  Does she have Alzheimer’s?  Um hmm, very early on.  Some times when we sense confusion in an individual such as this, it is difficult to know is it due to medications or a disease process.  We are getting a feeling that in her case it might actually be Alzheimer’s.  Now, when we look at her and see this situation that you speak of we can certainly appreciate and understand what you are speaking of.  As you were talking of that, what I wanted to say to you is that you have been exhibiting a great deal of patience, love, and acceptance.  It gets to a limit and then you feel the frustration again and it’s difficult to be around someone who is verbally abusive and when they don’t want the help you are seeking to give.  We certainly can appreciate all that you are feeling and all that you are going through with her.  What we want to share with you is that everything that you have done has been to the best of your ability and you have done as much as you can do.  That doesn’t mean you will no longer be taking care of her, we know you will.  What we would like to do is to help you understand that “Okay, I have really done as much as I can at this time.  I am at this moment feeling very frustrated and angry”.  Just let yourself BE really frustrated and angry.  It’s a ways of expressing emotion; it’s a way of being fully in the moment.  When you begin to feel guilty about feeling that way because you know your mom is sick that you actually do yourself more harm than good.  So what we are encouraging you to do is take time to either when you are home or a different area to really scream and holler.  You may write in your journal, we also see you outside connecting with the earth and really releasing into the earth.  We ask that you allow yourself to fully express the anger, the frustration, whatever you are feeling.  Then when you are done, be open to accept the nurturing from your higher self, your angels, your guides, even the environment around you.  You are very connected to the environment, to the earth.  These are things we sense you are already doing; but we sense that you feel guilt and it’s the guilt that we want you to let go of. 

This journey is about working with dimensions.  What we would like you to play with because we sense that you would really have fun with it, is that when you find yourself in that same situation, ask to shift into say the fifth dimension and ask to connect with her at that level.  See if perhaps you don’t get a different perception.  We have a sense that this is something you can play with and when you connect at the higher level you are no longer hearing the words, feeling the pain, and you can actually connect at the higher level so as not to feel abused.  Does that make sense to you?  We hope that that will be something that will help and work well.  We sense you may need to do it several times to be able to really feel it, but it is something you can do. 


Question:  (paraphrased) I’m wondering if you can give me any insights about my relationship with my adult daughter.  We are constantly arguing and I keep wondering what I can do to help her.  I also am wondering how I can generate the income to support us both. 

Answer:  Alright beloved, first of all let us affirm for you that the connection you have with your daughter always goes very deeply and that it is a very intense relationship from the time that she was born.  There are times when the intensity of it felt greater than other times.  What is happening right now is about your daughter.  She projects to you that you are neglecting, abandoning, doing this or that.  But the truth of it is that she herself is disconnected inside of herself.  She has chosen a path of struggle, hardship, pain, and suffering.  She is at the moment in the space of the victim.  She feels as if there is no one around who understands her as if she is entitled to things in her life and she is not getting them.  All of this is what we perceive she is feeling and going through at this time.  Do you agree with that?   (The person said yes.)  So, again let us remind you that that is HER path that is HER choice where she is.  You as the parent, since this is an adult child, can choose to go along with all that she is going through or you can choose to separate yourself and simply affirm:  “I love you.  I send support in whatever way I can.”  It may be that she then says to heck with it and she disconnects from you.  We know this will break your heart but in truth, the two of you have a very deep connection and it may be that she is using you as a crutch right now and you are allowing her to do so.  Reassure her that you do love her and support her in whatever way you can, but it is not your responsibility to financially support her.  It is not your responsibility to enable her to feel like a victim or make bad choices in her life.  If you say these things, if you are comfortable with this, if you truly feel it within your heart; then it will be more easy to convey that to her.  Even though she may pull away, the sense we have is that it will not be permanent. 

(She was asking more questions about herself.) We sense that you have been in a space of creating yourself as a new person over the past several years.  You have moved forward so fast and shifted into this higher vibration that we spoke of in this journey.  And yet, the physical being that is you is not a representative of who you are.  That is what we are picking up on right now.  You are seeking to balance your physical with your energetic being and it’s just not there yet.  We also would like to suggest that perhaps the feelings you linked with your daughter, the feelings of lack, the feelings of having to ‘endure’ are also coming through to us at this time.  We know that this is not what we feel around you most of the time so perhaps take this opportunity to look inside and see if through your compassion you are taking on some of what your daughter is feeling as your own.  You can then release it and let yourself be fully present in who YOU are.  As you seek to look at potentials around you, let it come to you in whatever way it may.  We always see abundance around you.  There are times when we see it flowing directly through you and other times when it flows around you without actually connecting.  So, bring prosperity in close to you.  Let it full through you, let the abundance flow through you, and let it be a part of you in your daily life so that you may have everything that you are seeking to have in your life.  You are welcome beloved.


Question:  (paraphrased) I have an employee who has worked with me for quite awhile and it’s a really difficult situation.  He’s very angry and abusive at times.  I’m trying to let him go, but it seems very difficult.  Do you have any insights?

Answer:  As we connect with this individual, we sense the one you are speaking of and we sense that he is back on drugs again because we sense that energy around him.  Now, when we talk about the threats that he made to you, they are very real.  But we also sense that you have other options around you that would protect you or keep him from being able to come back at you.  It is giving you an opportunity to set boundaries around yourself.  You are open, connected, and seek to have deeper connection to people.  You seek to be accepting of other people in whatever their life may be.  In this case, it’s being in your face of being in fear, your life being out of control.  It gives you the opportunity to go inside and make the choices.  What will I accept in my life?  What will I accept in my job?  As an employee, what will I accept from this employee?  The sense that is coming to us is that you’ve been doing this to one degree or another but you have not fully come together within yourself and that is why you are feeling it from every different direction.  Does that make sense?  If you can take this as an opportunity to go inside and ask those questions.  Ask to know what are your boundaries?  What can I accept?  How can I still be compassionate?  How can I still have my business work effectively?  The sense that is coming to us is that he will be out of your life as soon as you have come to these decisions.  When you come to that place and  you are able to put up those boundaries, he then realizes that he can no longer affect you, he will be able leave you alone.  Be strong, let yourself go inside, let yourself trust in who you are, and let yourself trust in your intuition and your inner knowledge.  Recognize the value that comes within you first and foremost.  As you value yourself and seek to let go of this fear or this feeling of being out of control; let yourself feel the love, support, and nurturing form within.  If you need me, the Goddess, or any form of support that is from the outside, we are all here and available.  You are not alone.  (Thank you.)

So I invite each of you as you move through the next few weeks upon the earth to really play with the energies that we worked with tonight.  Let yourself feel what its like to shift between dimensions as you move through your days.  Let yourself consciously connect with the crystals that within the earth and out in the universe so that you may align yourself with that and allow the energies to be supportive of you. 

You are ever radiant bright!  I am with you and within you~~~~





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