Shifting Through the Energies of Time

Nama Sika, Venia Benya     I AM the one,  I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family!  I greet you and welcome you to this time together.  I welcome you to this time of joining into expansion; allowing yourself to feel the flow of energy, allowing yourself to feel the connection that you have to the others who are around you.  You are all individuals you are each a unique and beautiful soul!  Yet, these souls are all part of the same family.  You are all part of the family of humans.  You are part of the family of light workers, if you want to give it a name. 

In essence, all souls, all energy and light come from source. The source essence of God, Goddess, the essence of love; therefore all of you are an aspect of this essence of love, this essence of joy.  Take this moment while you are still fully conscious and present in your physical body to open up to and know that you are connected.  That you are a part of the whole. 

Alright beloved family.  Shift your conscious awareness that you may release it; release it from your physical body.  Let your consciousness expand, allow it to shift as it moves into and connects with the magnetic grid.  Through your intention to connect, you find your consciousness immediately going into this space.  Feel who you are and where you are within this space.  Become aware of the energetic pathways as they move out from you in every direction.  Many of you are very familiar with this space as you have used it for quite a long time. 

If you can bring it into your memory, think about the magnetic grid as it was prior to our last encounter.  Each of you were able to see the pathways, you were able to connect with yourself, and you were able to recognize that you had a space within this.  Look around you now, there is a greater sparkle, there is a greater clarity.  This is all due to the release of energies that was a part of your last gathering.  [Speaking of the teleconference from 09-18-05]

As Gaia brought out pain, fear, separation, and anger, those energies were transformed and transmuted.  That is what has had an impact upon this space.  I simply wish for you each to use this space more and more.  It is here for you.  It is a means of shifting your awareness.  It is a means of shifting consciousness, of connecting with individuals, of sending your consciousness around the world.  It is up to you to decide. 

Release this space.  Feel as if you are moving through the interlocking grid that you may arrive in the crystalline grid.  As you arrive in the crystalline energies, feel what it is to release the magnetic pull of the earth.  You release the structure of the magnetic grid and blend fully with these crystalline energies.  There is actually a greater blending between the crystalline and magnetic grids as result of the energies released.  You may be picking up on this. 

Call forth a column of light.  Allow this column to be created as a means of assisting you to move or shift between dimensions.  As your consciousness is shifting through space and time, you may perhaps pick up perceptions of who you are.  As you are ready to do so, allow yourself to emerge. 

Feel your consciousness shift in every direction.  Become aware that you are on the soul plane.  From within the space of the soul plane, let yourself revel in this energy.  This is the feeling of coming home.  Call forth your I AM presence or your divinity.  Many of your automatically connect as soon as you arrive within this space.  If you have not fully integrated with your soul essence or divinity, you may do so at this time. 

Take a moment and allow your consciousness to expand, that you may fully appreciate how diverse your soul essence is, the depth that is within you.  This IS who you are.  Allow for the peacefulness, the joy, the love, to move in every direction.  Open and accept that this is who you are! 

I come forth into this group.  I make my presence known to you.  You may sense me as an energy, but for some I take on the form of a human.  As each journey is your creation, you can shift so that you create a means of connecting with me that works best for you.  I am open.  I am flexible.  It need not be the same for each individual. 

As I blend with each of you, you may find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.  This space is a much more subtle vibration.  This space is linked to everyone else and yet you have your own aspect that is within it.  Allow yourself to become aware of the energies that are around you. 

There have been many changes occurring upon your earth.  Earth is always a time of transition.  But now there is an even greater amount which occurs on a regular basis.  All that you are doing as an individual is having an affect upon the earth.  I ask you to take this opportunity to go inside of your consciousness and through your own perception, connect with the earth during the time frame which was known as Lemuria. 

Many of you chose this as your time to come into the earth.  Others of you did not actually have incarnations during that time frame.  You may find yourself as a participant during this time frame or you may find yourself observing from afar.  What I’d like you to pay attention to is the vibration of the earth.  This was where so many people first came into human form, where so many first felt what it was to have a gravitational pull, or the density of gravity.  There were native humans who already inhabited the earth. 

Most of you who you may be perceiving or those of you, who came to the earth at that time, arrived as seeds from the stars.  This influx of energy created an immense shift upon the earth.  Primitive as it may be, great changes took place in the evolution of man and in the thought process.

I ask you to now shift to that time upon the earth that was known as Atlantis.  You may feel as if you are shifting to another part of the earth.  This is again when again; a great many star seeds came to the earth.  Take note of the density which was here and present.  In some respects, it was actually heavier than what it was during the time of Lemuria.  There are several reasons for this. 

One is that as Lemuria sank, somewhat unexpectedly, there was a great deal of human emotion around fear, panic, and anger that was captured within the energies of the earth.  But there was something even more that was going on during the time of Atlantis.  This is when there became a great separation between the peoples.  There were those in power who used control, manipulation, torture; whatever it was they sought to allow for the end to justify the means.  The co-creative energies of Lemuria were suppressed.

This is where the divine feminine became repressed and it became a patriarchal society.  So saying, look around you and perceive who you are as a part of this.  There were still those who honored the great mother as she was called.  There were those who did their best to hold the balance of the two.  Look at this time without judgment.  Look at it with the understanding that it was simply an experience within your soul’s essence. 

Then again, Atlantis sank.  How interesting that both of them sank within the oceans.  Prior to that, the people dispersed.  While there were others already living in other aspects of the world, those of you from Atlantis often times moved into a space of authority yet again; within the temples, within the government.  In part, many of you were already considered the old souls.  Let your consciousness shift.  Ask where you   went from there.  The most prominent places were Egypt, parts of Europe or what’s known as Europe.  The various mountain ranges around the world, Australia, Africa, South America, North America, you could name every continent and these people shifted into that space.  So as you look around you and perceive where you are, again I ask you to open and feel the density of the energies.  Now there is a great deal more density [when compared with Lemuria and early Atlantis]. 

This is a time frame when a few retained the memories [from the other side of the veil].  Many many others, to the tune of thousands or millions, lost all memories of their time before coming to the earth.  Because they didn’t realize what was forgotten, they didn’t miss it.  See yourself as you were.  Again some of you may be observing this from afar, some of you may perceive yourself within this experience.  Again, the energies of control, manipulation, slavery are prevalent throughout.  There are the pockets of the healers, those people who strive to live in balance.  Again, they are having an affect; it is just very subtle in comparison.

We must stop in the time of Yeshua as he made his appearance and walked upon the earth.  This is a critical time of change.  See yourself as the person you were during that time frame.  Open to receive the knowledge and information that is yours to know.  It has been said that he brought a light to the earth and that is true.  Look around though as if from a distance and become aware that the light was never fully extinguished.  So this light that he brought reached out to connect with the other light that was already present. 

Coming forward from there, there was again the time frame where the feminine was so strongly put down.  They attempted to erase or eradicate it, but as you are all well aware, that can never fully be done. 

The time of the Renaissance was another time for a big shift to occur.  Allow yourself to now look at the earth as it is today.  Look at who you are.  Look with your eyes wide open and accept that you have been so pivotal in these changes that have occurred.  You are each so glorious!  You are each divine! 

Some of you have been here from the beginning.  Others of you have been here only recently.  Then the majority of you have been on and off during these various experiences.  Look at the earth in terms of density.  The shift is already taking place.  You the lightworkers have immense power!  This is done as a result of all of you doing what you are doing.  For the majority, it’s simply living your life.  For many of you it’s your focused intention. 

The energy around the earth is less dense.  The earthquakes, the hurricanes, the avalanches, all the things that you consider natural disasters, created shifts in the formation of the physical earth.  It created releases that have so fully impacted all aspects of your earth.  This is allowing you to be more comfortable.  This is allowing you to use your abilities with greater ease. 

Take this moment to open to who you are on your own personal journey.  While it’s still fresh in your mind, think about these many other life experiences that you have had.  Allow yourself to fully incorporate or comprehend as much as you can from these various life experiences.   It is not necessary to know the details.  It is not necessary to be able to rattle off dates and times.  For some of you, it gives you a sense of connection, I therefore honor that.  What is most important though is the opening to the understanding that came as a result of these various life experiences. 

Take this moment to look either beside you or around you.  There is an energy guide there.  This energy guide may actually be a more highly evolved aspect of yourself.  It may be one of the Arch Angels you so dearly love to work with; or perhaps one of the Ascended Masters or Ray Lords.  There are an infinity number of potentials. 

Take this moment and feel as if you are communicating with this individual so that you may open to the knowledge, the information, and the energies.  Whatever it is that is most important for you to absorb as a result of this process.  Tap into the knowledge.  Accept who you are. 

As you have looked back over this multitude of various life experiences, you can see how right now upon the earth, there are so very many what one would call highly evolved individuals of light or energies of light, yes beloved, YOU! 

You may perhaps need the assistance of your guide, but open.  Open and accept that you are evolved in so very many ways.  You talk about your ascension process upon the earth.  You have all ascended to many, many levels or shifts in dimensions, so the ascension process is only what it feels like with gravity, with the veil.  Everything that you are moving through, you have already done in another existence. 

Allow yourself to open to that memory, that thought, or perhaps that entire existence.  Incorporate within yourself, this knowledge.  Incorporate who you are.  Allow it to flow through you.  Allow your human consciousness to fully accept who you are.  Encourage your ego or your personality aspect to blend fully with this and become a part of who you are. 

As the integration is completed, you may find an energy of a color, a vibration, a symbol; there may be something that is given to you as a gift.  Open to receive the gift.  Open to understand. 

Alright beloved family, come back together as a group.  Find yourself re-uniting with each other.  You may perceive the many different attributes.  Allow yourself to connect with each other and flow an energy that allows for all of you to become unified.  This energy is love.  This energy is connection.  Take a moment and think about what unity means to you.  To unify all that is within the group, all that is upon the planet.  Allow the unity within yourself. 

As we observe, a hologram of the earth manifests within the group.  As you are looking at it, Gaia allows it to transform showing you what it was originally and then during these various time frames that have occurred upon the earth.  Take this objective view from a step back and look at the earth from this form of transformation.  Time is non linear as you are well aware, so take this opportunity and infuse the energy that is now upon the earth, the energy that you are bringing into the earth and let it move throughout history, let it move through time as you know it upon the earth.  This assists in the transformation. 

Lady Gaia emerges; she moves to embrace each of you.  She connects with you sending you her love, her gratitude, her sense of calm, of peace and tranquility.  She then returns and merges with the hologram of the earth.  The hologram then returns to the physical earth.  It moves through the dimensions, the shifts in consciousness. 

As it connects with the grid work around the earth, it disperses aspects of this energy.  Those aspects move throughout the magnetic grid and some into the crystalline grid creating a space for the shift.  The remainder of the hologram moves into and blends with the physical earth becoming an integral part of the earth. 

Allow your own consciousness to return within yourself.  Shift your awareness that you may return to blend and become more fully integrated within yourself, within the soul plane.  You find yourself merging with this space, allowing it to accommodate you.  Take a moment and work with the hologram of your physical body.  Allow for any shift which has occurred to become integrated.  You may now reach out to embrace this aspect of who you are.  Allow your human aspect be it the ego, the personality; that which makes you human.   Allow it to blend completely with your divinity, with your soul essence so that your human experience can live in alignment with your divinity. 

Allow your consciousness to return shifting back through the column of light.  It moves into the space of the crystalline grid.  It blends with these energies feeling an alignment.  Then it continues on so as to connect with the magnetic grid.  You immediately find your energies returning to that space which is yours within the magnetics.  You also may find yourself aligning with the other energies as they move in all the various directions. 

As you are ready to do so, let your consciousness come back fully within your physical body.  Let yourself ground and return to the place in which you live.  As you do so, allow yourself to become aware of your surroundings.  As you come more fully back within the room you may press the 4 upon your telephone.  You may come back within the conference room and I am open to receive questions.



Questions:  (paraphrased) I could feel as if I lived a life during the time of Jesus.  Can you give me any further details about what this life was about? 

Answer:  [The person said thank you for the lovely journey, she really appreciated it.]  You are welcome.  Alright, the sense is that yes you were a part of his group.  We sense you as a female energy at that time also.  You were connected with one of the disciples either as wife to the disciple or sister or something.  We see you as being a part of his group, working in support of the group; cooking, gathering food, and different things like that.  We also see you there at the time of the crucifixion.  You were there holding love and support as were so many others at that time.  So, yes indeed you were a part of that time.  When you asked to know what your gift is there is not anything in particular that is coming to me other than to tell you we see a box with a bow on top of it.  That’s telling me it is not my place to tell you of it.  It is for you to open this box and accept the gift for yourself.  If it is not coming to you at the moment, then allow it to come at the right and perfect time.  It may come in your dream state.  It may come as you are driving down the road.  There are many different ways in which the knowledge of what this gift will be will evolve or open up to you.  So allow it to unfold at the right and perfect time.  You are welcome. 

We will say up front that we apologize that we cannot do as many questions.  We can do perhaps two more.  [Shelly was ill at the time of this channel and she was not able to hold the energy once she grounded as she is when the question and answers occur.]


Question:  (paraphrased)   I am wondering about a couple things that happened during this journey.  First of all, when I connected with my guide, I had a strong sense that it was an extra terrestrial (ET) yet I also had a sense of recognition.  As I tried to get more information from him, he turned into a monkey, then a bat.  Do you know what this means?  I also want to say that I’m really ready to be done with this process.  I want to open and accept the full knowledge and understanding now!

Answer:  The energy that you are talking about seeing is actually a higher evolved essence of yourself.  You would consider it an extra terrestrial that is correct.  This is an aspect of you that may or may not have ever come to the earth in terms of incarnating.  It has spent most of it’s existences in the much higher, finer vibrations.  Now, the perceptions you had of the monkey and the bat were what your human aspect; how to say this, allow me to digress.  First and foremost you were unable to fully perceive this aspect of yourself because the vibration was quite different than where you were vibrating at the time of connection.  Therefore you created within your mind the image of the monkey and the bat to give it a sign or to give it an image that you could say “oh, I think this is an ET and it has the shape of a monkey”.    So it was more so that it was your personality giving it something that it could identify or something that it could understand.  So, don’t allow yourself to get totally caught up in that you sensed a monkey or a bat.  What truly happened here is that you did create a link or bridge with this higher aspect of who you are.  You allowed yourself to open up to a great amount of love.  You allowed yourself to open up to a greater understanding of who you were.  As you are in the human aspect, it has not fully integrated as yet.  It has only been integrated in portion in the amounts that you can handle at this time.  We don’t want you to have too many physical discomforts.  We don’t want you to feel confusion, disorientation, or anything like that.  So breathe in the intention to allow this integration to more fully be completed over the next few days.  You, yourself will receive further perceptions of what this means to you.  Does that make sense to you?  Alright, you are welcome. 

Alright, we can take one more.  [No one else asked a question.] We understand that each of you are sharing your love for Shelly by allowing me to answer your questions directly rather than going through her.  I thank you for that as does she.  She wants me to convey to you the great honor it has been this time.  Because now that she is coming more fully back into herself, she is feeling the symptoms that she’s been feeling.  She knows that it is due to the support of all of you that the channel has gone as well as it has.  And so with that beloved family, I am always present for you.  There are so many diverse and beautiful aspects of each of you which are now coming more fully into your presence upon the earth.  As you open and accept you will find yourself in a greater space of joy and contentment. 

I am ever present in support of you.  I feel great love for each of you.  Know that you may always call upon me.   I am with you and within you. 







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