Shifting Time and Space

Nama Sika; Venia Benya.  I am the One; I am the Whole.

I greet you beloved family.  Welcome to our time together.  This has been an interesting evening with those of you on the call waiting and with us beginning!  (For some reason, I called 3 times and although it said I was in the room, I was not connected to the others who were online.)

What we are going to do as we experience the energies tonight is allow each of you to feel the shift in energies that occur around you. 

So let yourself become comfortable in your present location.  Then allow your focus or your consciousness to shift, releasing your physical body.  As you do so, your consciousness connects with the energies of the magnetic grid.  From within this space you may open up to perceive the energies that are all around you.  You may perceive them as pathways of light.  You may perceive them as balls of energy.  But I ask you to pay particular attention to where you are located within this space. 

Let your awareness take in this area which includes the energies of your higher self.  Whenever you link within this space, you automatically connect with that, and you have actually created a home or a space for yourself. 

You are going to be using these pathways and this aspect of your higher self more and more in the days and months to come.  This is closely linked with the energies of the crystalline grid so that you may shift between these two energy grid works as you yourself are expanding your own consciousness.  You can do this on your own. 

I invite you all to now release the energies of the magnetics.   Let go of that gravitational pull and allow yourself to shift into the space of the crystalline grid.  This is called a grid work even though it does not look the least like the magnetic grid.  Within the crystalline grid, the energy vibration is much finer and more subtle.  There are actual crystals here.  Some of them may be very predominant to you, and some of them or all of them may not be perceived, but you can connect with this energy.  So feel it feel what it’s like for that to move through your consciousness.  Feel how smooth and gentle this energy is. 

From within this space, allow yourself to call forth a column of light. This column can assist you in shifting your energies as you release the grid and move into the soul plane.  As you emerge from that column, you may feel as if you are expanding in every direction.  This feels like home to you, and in many aspects it is. 

Call forth your I Am Presence.  This is your divinity.  This is your soul essence in its entirety.  Allow yourself to perceive who you are.  You may feel as if you stand to the side and you look at this beautiful energy that is you, or you may immediately blend.  As you are ready do consciously blend with your I Am Presence. 

As you do this look from within.  Take in the various aspects of what your divinity is like.  This is you.  Perceive the radiance. Perhaps you are able to perceive the various colors and light. 

Allow yourself to open more fully and accept that this is indeed who you are.  Acknowledge your divinity.  Acknowledge how expanded you can truly be.  Acknowledge and accept the love that radiates from you and for you.  This is who you truly are. 

I, the Goddess, now come forth.  I make my presence known to each of you.  My light may be different from yours, but that in no way diminishes anything about you.  You are still glorious and bright.  You are still the magnificent divine beings that you know yourself to be. 

Allow my energies to come forth and blend with you more fully so that you may feel my own perceptions of you.  Allow my energies to enhance all of who you are.  Allow yourself to shift that you may be within the space of the All That Is.  You may feel as if you are spreading your consciousness even further as you arrive within this area.  The All That Is is made up of the consciousness, literally, of all that is within the universe:  all humans, all of that you might consider the extraterrestrials, the angels.  If you so desire, you may tune into the other energies that are in this space with you. 

We are going to talk for a time about space, movement, time.  When you are here in the non-physical form, you can let your energy go in every different direction.  You can call forth from within your consciousness, perhaps within your memory, events and experiences that you have had within your life.  You may tap into energies or experiences that occurred in what you might consider your past life.  From here, there is no difference.  It is all but an experience you had within your soul essence. 

Take a moment and call forth perhaps what was your most cherished experience in this current lifetime in which you are living.  When you are here, within the space of the All That Is, and you bring that memory up within you, it is as if you are living it again; you are right there in that moment.  It is real. 

Now, if you so desire, open your awareness and ask to connect with any experience.  Open to anything that is within your consciousness.  It may have happened in a past life, if you consider a linear timeframe.  It may be something that will happen in the future, again in a linear timeframe.  But feel as if you clear your consciousness for a moment, and then open to receive whatever may come to you. 

Let yourself merge completely with this experience that is coming to your consciousness at this time.  Use all of your senses.  If you could see with your eyes, what would you see?  With your ears, what can you hear?  With your nose is there a scent associated with this?  Is there perhaps a taste that comes to mind?  Let yourself be open to perceive as much information as is possible to come in at this moment. 

Now, this moment, you can ask if you don’t know as yet, to know or understand when this experience occurred.  For some, it may be within your current lifetime.  Others may be tapping into a memory.  And yet others may be tapping into potentials that as yet have not occurred. 

What you are experiencing is the reality that is created by merging or blending with each experience.  When you are in that experience and you are fully conscious of it, it is completely real to you, especially as you use all of your senses. 

Within the space of the All That Is there is only this moment and you can have as many experiences as you so desire within this moment.  If you release one and shift into the next, you are in a new moment in time.  So everything is always changing and shifting. 

Within the space of the All That Is, it’s easier to perceive the flexibility of time.  As you the human is walking upon the earth, you are now moving through your life within the density of the earth, the gravitational pull.  And you also have incorporated into it your experiences as the human that you are.  As you consider you life upon the earth, it is as flexible as the space in which you are right now.   It gives you an illusion of being much more solid as if you are entrenched in the experiences that you may be having. 

This is perhaps one of the reasons why people can be pulled or held in experiences of years’ past.  As you are moving through and walking upon the earth, it feels so real, so solid, and for some so immoveable.  But look at your life from this perspective.  You may see it passing like a timeline in front of you. 

I invite you to look at your life from this space of flexibility and go inside of yourself to find out is there something that has been holding you back?  Is there anything that seems perhaps looming more than the other energies that are around you?  It may show itself as being larger than the other events of your life.  It may show itself as memory that comes into your mind.  Howsoever it does so, allow yourself to accept it at this time.  

As we work with this energy as being flexible, you may allow yourself to go back into that moment.  Connect with that moment once more and perhaps there is something you would like to do differently.  Perhaps you need to shift into a time before that moment occurred.  You can change your reality because your reality is flexible.  There is a great deal that is an illusion, if not all of it. 

That which becomes your reality is that which has had an impact upon your life.  So shift back into what you might like to release or change and give yourself the opportunity to do so. 

So you have now reconnected with what was your reality and what had such an impact upon your current lifetime.  You can make a change to that moment and that experience if you so desire. It is your creation. 

Once you have done so let yourself take a step back again and from this space of the All That Is perceive your life.  You may see how creating that change in your life creates shifts and changes that are affected throughout the rest of your life.  This can be your reality.  You may still have the memory of your first reality and how that affected your life.  But this is your opportunity to move through time to shift the energies so that you can consciously create a change for yourself.  So that you may have the opportunity to perceive your life without that previous impact and you may accept it as your current reality. 

I hear many of you saying to me, “But that isn’t my reality.  The previous is.”   And again, you may keep that memory if you so choose, but you may also create the potential for change by working with your own life experience in just this way.   Your reality is constantly changing.  You may perceive these many changes through your emotions, your physical body, and your mental body.  Allow it to unfold and allow it to be whatever it needs to be within that moment. 

You may practice shifting this time and space from within the energy of the All That Is.  It is perhaps easier for you to do here where it is more flexible.  But you may also shift you consciousness through the energies of the magnetic grid and the crystalline grid.  These are all various levels, or various shifts, in energy.  The more that you bring it closer and closer to your human aspect, your human self, the more you can create the shifts in space and time in your physical reality. 

There is the potential to send your thoughts in this way, which is called telepathy.  There is the potential to send your consciousness and be fully conscious within another location which some consider tele-transport.  That is available to each and every one of you at this time.  It is also possible to shift your physical body, but as yet there are very few who can do so.  The more that each one of you may work with these energies and work with this intention, the greater the space it creates for anyone of you to tap into and move in just such a way. 

So again let yourself come back within the space of the All That Is.  Open your consciousness, your conscious awareness, and ask to see your life as it is at this time.  You may perceive a shift or a change that has occurred.  Or you may create that potential to occur within your life.

From within the space of the All That Is allow your consciousness to remain detached from here.  But look and perceive the magnetic grid and the crystalline grid from this perception, perceiving the impulses as they move in all the various directions.  Some are extremely quick, others you may perceive as slower.  As you are observing this, open to receive any information that is here for you.  You are looking from this very high, expanded energy space at yourself or the aspect of yourself that oftentimes resides within this grid. As you connect with this intention, it will be as if a bright light comes to your awareness.  Again, release that perception.

I invite each of you to consider that it is one year in the linear future.  Say it is July of 2007.  With your consciousness let you be fully present in that moment.  Look around you and see what you have created for yourself.  Take in what your family may look like.  What your work may look like; your friends, the activities.  Take in as much detail as you can at this point from a perspective of observing. 

Now let your consciousness blend fully with it.  Feel, see, smell, taste as if you are living that moment right now.  And it is real.  It is your creation in this moment.  Because it is your creation, if there’s’ anything you would like to shift or change, you may do so.  It is completely yours to create.  Infuse it with joy.  Infuse it with love, and you may release that moment. 

As you return once more into the space of the All That Is let your consciousness release all these various aspects that you have been taking in.  You realize that your life at any given point is an illusion.  You also realize that it becomes a reality as you create that reality.  From within this perspective, you have experienced shifting backwards and forwards in what you would consider your linear time.  You may practice this so that it comes more easily to you. 

You have also practiced working with it through the magnetic grid and the crystalline, which are closer to your human reality.  So allow yourself to also practice and play with the energies of shifting time within that space.  This is a creation.  Therefore each one of you will create your own individual experience.   Allow yourself to do so.  Honor and accept all that has come up until this moment in time.  Honor and accept the choices that led to this individual that you are right now.  You are sacred.  You are perfection.  I see you as nothing less than that.  I flow the energy that you may perceive yourself in the same way.  Allow for that to become your reality. 

As you are ready to do so, I invite everybody to come back, creating group energy.  Allow this group consciousness made up of each one of you plus all those other energies that will be reading this or listening at one point or another.  This expanded awareness is the reality, and within this reality we bring up the hologram of the earth.  Let yourself perceive that hologram as it rotates and spins.  There is always a radiant energy that emanates from within the earth and you may perceive this within the hologram. 

Let your trust in your ability to create shifts in time and awareness, to move out from you into the hologram.  As each of you accepts and allows that to be your reality, it creates a space within the hologram which will in turn create a space upon the earth so that each of you, the humans, can tap into what you have already created.  It is done. You may tap into it at any period of time.

With the changes that are taking place upon the earth and energy, it has created unrest in certain aspects of the world, and within those aspects we transmit the energy of love, compassion and communication.  In truth, that energy may perfuse throughout the entire world.  There is no aspect that would not enjoy being open to that. 

So allow yourself to transmit whatever energy you would like into this hologram.  We see lady Gaia emerge.  She reaches out to each one of you   she embraces you.  She is thankful for all that is occurring.  She appreciates the extra love and the energies that each of you transmits to the earth, but she also holds in perfection the earth as it is at this moment.  She has always done so from the beginning of time. 

With that she returns inside the hologram.  You may perceive that hologram as it moves down.  It connects briefly with the energies of the magnetic grid and then moves further so that this hologram goes into and blends completely with the physical earth upon which you live.  You may feel the reverberation as those energies then move through the entire earth and come back up and they are made available to you, the human, as you walk through your day. 

Just as I spoke of how you create your own life and your own reality, so too you as a group consciousness create this new reality for the earth and it is there for any who seek to connect. Some may be unconscious of this, and 0thers may be fully aware. 

Let your awareness come back within this group.  If you so desire, you may greet one another.  Let yourself feel the energy of all who are present.  Feel the love, the acceptance, the sense of contentment that moves throughout the group.  Again, this is what you have created within this moment. 

As you are ready to do so, let your consciousness shift that it may return to the space of the soul plane.  As you do so, you feel yourself shifting.  You feel your consciousness merging with what feels with what feels like a less expanded consciousness.  You can allow this space to shift to accommodate you.  Again, this is an example of the flexibility of energy.  There are so many ways that you connect with this. There are ways in which you play with these energies and yet you are not consciously aware; let that consciousness expand. 

As you are ready to do so let go of this space of the soul plane.  You may find that, again, the majority of your I Am Presence will remain within this space.  But each time you come here, each time that you connect with these energies, you do bring a greater amount of your awareness and a greater amount of your soul essence or your divinity back with you.  It expands your space within the magnetic grid.  It allows for greater potentials to be there available for you.  Let that energy continue to return coming down into your physical body. 

As your conscious awareness returns to this space, you may feel a need to expand the energy field around your physical body.  Let it expand as far as it needs to go.  For some, it may surround the earth.  For others, it may be one or two feet.   Let your consciousness anchor fully back within your physical body.  Again, consider your reality and your creation within this physical body. 

Allow yourself to accept and acclimate to the change that you’ve created this evening.  It is completely possible to create change in this way. 

As you are becoming more acclimated with your physical body, allow yourself to come back within the energy of this conference room.   You may press four on your telephone to allow yourself to be able to come fully within this space, and I am open to receive questions. 

Question (paraphrased):  I feel like I’m ready to open a new chapter in my life, specifically I am considering writing a book.  What is ahead for me in this regard?

Answer:  As we connect with you, as you are seeking the information about writing and creating new directions and potentials in your life, this journey this evening was the perfect example of just how you can make those potentials for yourself.  You can move into that space of expansion.  You can perceive more and more information about how you will write your book, what you will say within your book, whatever it may be.  Then, as you come back into your current reality, your physical reality, it is as if the book is already done.  So when you ask if that is a good direction for you to go, absolutely, it is a good direction for you to go.  You can create anything you seek to have in your life, and if it seems as if it is not moving forward or as if there are barriers that are placed there then consider that those barriers may come from within yourself because you may be considering a potential lack within you.  We see you as a radiant, vibrant individual, always with your rainbow of colors and so, howsoever you wish to express yourself, and it will be done.  You always have had an ability to communicate and this is but another way to express that communication.  Is it not?  (Yes.)  So, we do sense a great deal of light around this because that is what you yourself have created for yourself.  Let yourself be in a space of joy as you are doing this.  We sense that there will be aspects that you’ll move into and it’ll feel like you are bogged down and if you simply breathe and expand your consciousness you will find yourself releasing whatever that moment was and moving into a new perspective or perhaps a new direction.  But we do sense a lot of light and energy around this.  We wish you all the best.  From the energy plane, it’s as if it’s already been completed.  (Thank you.)  Thank you.

Question (paraphrased):  It seems that my father is preparing to transition.  Is there something that I can do to assist him at this time?

Answer: Beloved sister and daughter.  We sense a great deal of emotion around this question and we wish to say to you that from your father’s soul and from his perspective, he is very comfortable.  There are times when he vacillates between – he has one foot in one land and another foot in this land and he has straddled that energy for quite a while, for a number of months.  He has been creating his own transition.  Every individual, when they transition from humanity into the non-physical, it is their own creation just as the rest of life is.  He is taking his time.  There is something around his (upcoming) birthday – perhaps people coming to see him that seems to be holding him back at this point, but we feel a great sense of tranquility around him.  It is simply that feeling of unfinished energy that is holding him here for now.  We sense he has moments of lucidity and then moments… is he comatose?  (No.  He simply doesn’t eat much. She spoke at length about what he is going through.)  Beloved, we see you doing this very beautifully.   All the steps you are taking, the perceptions you’ve had, and we sense are pretty much on the money.   We do sense that someone is coming to visit him whom he wishes to say good-bye to before he completely transitions.  But we also encourage you to have a conversation with him talking about the gentleness of and the gentleness of the angels, the brightness.  He is not fearful of death per se, but he is a little fearful of exactly what happens and you have the ability to expand your consciousness or awareness and if you so desire, you can set the intention that when his time happens, you will walk with him as far as you can go and that the angels and guides… he does have a group of angels around him now assisting him in this transition, and that you will assist him as far as you may go and then the others will take over from there.  We sense that his passing will be peaceful, we sense that the people in the family who need to still get used to it will get used to it by the time he transitions.  Is his wife already gone?  We sense a female energy on the other side of the bridge waiting for him.  (His mother.)  We sense a female energy waiting for him.  (She spoke)  Okay, we concur with you.  Be at peace, beloved, and all will evolve in the right and perfect way.  (Thank you.)  You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased):  Could you tell me about the new crystal Azeztulite?  It is said to be connected to Sirius and can be used by lightworkers to assist in grounding the new energies.  Its meaning is ‘light’. 

Answer:  We perceive by connecting with you this crystal that you are speaking of and it is connected with Sirius.  What you will find is that as more and more of these energies come into and permeate the earth plane for example in this journey that you have just been upon; you brought that crystalline energy back with you and implanted it into the earth plane.  Not only is this group doing it, but many others on the earth plane are doing the same thing in one form or another.  They may use different words or whatever, but it’s the same intention.  As a result of that, there are going to be this and other crystals that will develop within the earth and will become known to the people upon the surface.  Some of the crystals will have been here all along from the time the earth was created, it was just that they vibrated at such a level that it was not noticed by the humans.  There are other things that are being literally implanted within the earth as a result of these connections with the universe, with the higher vibrations, with the various aspects of energy.  Indeed this crystal you spoke of is one that will assist people in shifting their own vibration.  It’s as if it holds a higher vibration for that individual, so that they may move into that within themselves.  We sense the validity of this crystal.  In addition, be aware that there will be other crystals that you or other individuals who may come upon them and it’s always important to connect with any crystal and you may find the fine nuances that are available to communicate through you.  These crystals are simply a means of supporting you the human as you move through your own personal journey of creation upon the earth.  Does that make sense?  (Yes. As I see it, a crystal can only be used as a tool with our intent, but is not more then our Self's. And we should not put the crystals over our own power.)  We thank you, Beloved, for stating that so very clearly.  You affirmed that these crystals are simply there as a means of reflecting back the energy to you that you have already created within yourself.  That anything that occurs within your life is your own creation and the crystal is a means of assisting.  It cannot actually do the work for you.  Is that correct?  (Yes.  Thank you.)  Thank you. 

Question (paraphrased):  Greetings Goddess.  I have always preferred my own company to that of other people, and I find myself becoming more and more reclusive, not wanting to be with other people.  I seem to be sitting, waiting for something, but I don't know what.  Can you help me understand this? 

Answer:  Alright, Beloved.  What you are talking about is something that is experienced by many, many individuals at this time upon the earth.  The earth has been moving through an intense and immense transformation most especially the last five years, but it began almost 20 years ago.  What you speak of with feeling the reclusiveness is that you have been tapping into the energies that are encouraging you to go inside with yourself to find out who you are as an individual, as a soul and how the two of them blend together.  We see you in this lifetime as choosing to release old energies that no longer work for you.  We see you in this lifetime as you have experienced some of these old trends you had in your lifetimes that you may have experienced some of these in this life and then as you let go, you are consciously releasing it through past lifetimes.  We say this to you as a way of affirming that the work you’ve done upon yourself is noted, we see the transformation that is taking place.  As you have been doing this, your personality, or the human aspect, the ego aspect, has gotten comfortable in being by yourself.  You’ve gotten comfortable in not even speaking to other individuals for lengths of time.  You’ve gotten comfortable not needing that interaction with other humans and people that are around you.  If this is what you wish to have in your life, by all means it can continue.  But we sense that as you shift into a deeper acceptance of yourself, acceptance of the life experiences that you have had, as you release those things that have been hanging over you then you are going to open up to a new individual, a new person who feels a greater sense of self-love, a greater sense of self-awareness and self-appreciation.  From within that space you feel more secure and therefore you may have a sense of choosing to go out and communicate and connect with other individuals on a more regular basis, but you may also choose to just revel in that energy and be in that space.  It is up to you. We see both pathways fully present as potentials for you.  Where you have come from over the last several years is that space of becoming introspective and if it’s not something you’ve been fully conscious of it is something that will now come more fully into your consciousness because you have asked for greater details. Does that make sense?  (Yes.  Thank you.)  You are welcome. 

Question (paraphrased):  Lately, my son has mentioned feeling weird and seeing a grid around him when he closes his eyes.  I feel this may be the magnetic grid.  How do I explain to him what he’s experiencing in a way that will help him?

Answer:  We are connecting with your son as you speak of this and we see him as this brilliant golden energy and you are absolutely right on the money in that when he is falling asleep and when he’s waking up especially, when he’s most susceptible to this, but he is very much aligned with these energies now being brought into the earth.  Also, there’s a direct correction between you and him because you are physically present in the home and you are consciously bringing in this energy over and over and what you are doing is shifting the energy patterns that are around you and that permeate throughout your house.  Therefore, as your son, being as open as he is being as aware as he is of these energies, he is picking up an even finer vibration which is the grid work.  There are a multitude of grids that are interlocking around the earth and some of these connect individuals in a very unconscious fashion.  Some have to do with your own soul divinity, other aspects have to do with what society places on a community, or world, or nation.  We can go into a multitude of different types of grid work.  Is he connecting with the magnetic grid or one of these other more subtle grids that are closely connected to you, I don’t perceive that one is different from the other to him.  We sense that he’s very telepathic and he’s connecting with other children through the crystalline grid and the magnetic grid.  Some of these times, he’s seeing his own energy matrix or your matrix or the house matrix.  Other times he’s connecting and telepathically communicating with other individuals through the magnetic grid which is more of a higher vibrational grid.  Does that make sense? (Yes.)  We’d like if you think he’s open to receive it is let him know that I am here and I am very aware of him now.  If he would like to invite me, I am very open and would be thrilled to work with him in any way that he may choose – not only myself, but the other angels and guides that are present and available to him.  We reaffirm that we are not doing any changing or creating.  We are simply the support mechanism for anything that he may choose to do.  (Thank you.)  You are very welcome.  Perhaps you can contact Shelly and get something that is recorded and let him listen to one of the recordings on a one-to-one basis and see how he reacts to that.  He’ll feel the energy very strongly, but then when he’s a part of the group energy in a physical way, in this moment, he may feel things in a different way.  That would be one way to see how he would react to these energies. 

And again, we realize that we have somewhat shortened this tonight, but by no means does it make it less real; less empowering to each of you. 

Let me take this opportunity to send forth my love.  Let me send forth to each of you my support, the joy that I feel as I connect with each of you and perceive your life as you are living it. 

You are each such a divine and loving soul essence, and you are incorporating more and more of that within your human reality.  I continue to flow that energy with you and for you, and I invite you to step into and accept as much or as little of this as you so desire.  You are ever radiant and bright.




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