Step Aside For A New Perspective

This channel came at the exact perfect time! The energies continue to intensify and more and more of the crystalline is available for the earth. The more that people consciously open to allow greater flow in their life, the more there is available for everyone. Here is a quote from the Goddess of Creation: There is so much happening upon the Earth. How delightful to be there to play with it and allow it to work for you rather than against you.

This journey gives you an opportunity to make changes in your life. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you can choose to allow excess energy to flow past you. If you want to make changes, but are unaware of options; taking a step aside will consciously shift your perspective. As you experience this journey you will feel the energies are intense. But, you can create a change that allows for greater flow and options ~ Shelly

Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

Hello, hello, my beloved family! I feel as if my energies are just bursting forth this evening. I feel as if what is occurring upon the Earth and in the universe is something that keeps growing stronger and stronger and stronger. This is a time of profound transition; it is also a time of immense opportunity.

Each of you in your daily life have the opportunity to create a transition: moment by moment, day-by-day, month by month. I know that with the intensity of the energies so many of you have been struggling and feeling overwhelmed. So while you are here, still fully grounded in your space, I invite you to close your eyes. Take a slow, easy breath in and as you are breathing in feel the love, the compassion, the energy of myself.

I flow to each one of you right there where you are on the Earth plane; I surround your space. Allow that nurturing to move through you and with so many of you I can feel you letting go. Everything that you've been having to hold onto, everything that's been a struggle, let it go, let it flow away from you.

I'm hearing this from many of you as you speak to me in your prayers and in your meditation so I also wanted to address this before we went any further. I do hear you; I do love each one of you very much. The multitude of angels, teachers and guides are also available to you. With the transitions that are taking place upon the Earth right now there is a shifting in the perception. So for all of you feeling a sense of isolation, of disconnection, even abandonment is what I've been hearing from so many; I wish to let you know in this moment, in this time, that we are all still here.

With this transition of energies you are becoming much more of your divine essence and as you are stepping into this greater amount of your divinity, there is less of a separation between you as the human and we on this side of the veil. Therefore as the energies are transitioning, the relationship transitions. So for all of you that have been feeling that sense of disconnection, or that sense of loneliness, I invite you to open up your heart and let these energies flow into you right now as we speak.

There we go. Let the joy of potential follow on the heals of that flow of love. Allow yourself the opportunity to see where all of this is going to go for you. With that I invite you to take this opportunity and take one more breath, breathing down and kind of anchoring within yourself. As you do so, then release your consciousness, release your physical body and allow your energies to shift until you align with the magnetic grid.

As you come into this space, feel the flow of energy. So many of you immediately move into the space of your higher self. You may also have a sense of the interlocking pathways that align you with everyone else who is here. So look around and have a sense of what this place is for you.

From here I invite you to move through the interlocking grid so that you may move into the crystalline grid. I invite you to take a moment and notice how the transition from the magnetic to the crystalline is becoming smoother and smoother all the time. This is due to the shift in vibration that's been taking place upon the Earth.

As you move through with the intention of aligning with your divinity, we invite you to consciously create a bridge or a short little span - whatever it might be - so that you move in a fluid manner from one space to the next. Look at this crystalline grid; each time you come into this space you may have a slightly different perception of what it is.

As we are looking at it at this moment it gives us a sense of a bridge or as if it's a beam of light, and within this beam of light, or moving across the bridge howsoever you might perceive it, there are many, many different nuances or vibrations. As you move along this space with your consciousness, open up your heart in such a way that you feel the flow. See where it takes you.

I now invite you to shift so that you may move into the energies of the soul plane. As you move into this space, feel how your essence expands. Your I Am presence is right here. You may have a sense of reaching out to embrace; you may have a sense of it coming up within you. I encourage you to take this opportunity and simply allow the essence of who you are in this physical consciousness to blend with who you are in all of your divinity. For some there may be a sense of expanding even further. Look beyond the edges of what you're picking up upon.

I the Goddess take this opportunity to come into the space in which you are. I reach out and I embrace each one of you. As I do so it will assist you in shifting into the essence or the space of the All That Is. Feel your energies expand; allow your consciousness to move wherever it has a sense to go.

The All That Is is a vast, infinite space of energy. It is utilized by millions of people in many, many different ways. Those of you who come here on a regular basis have created a space that you tend to go to each time that you come within this area. I'm going to ask everyone to have a sense of looking to the side and as if you are taking a step to the side, shift your consciousness to the side.

I had a sense of so many of you suddenly seeing things that you were not seeing before. It was as if you went from inside a room into the outside and you could see the stars, the moon and everything else that had been concealed from you. When you are living your life upon the Earth and you're in your daily routine, you have that tendency to stay within the energies and the space that you are comfortable with or that you are used to or it's all just a part of your daily life. As you seek to bring change into your existence, I invite you to practice in a little way taking that step aside and looking around at your daily life.

The energies coming into the Earth have been in flux for a long period of time. For some people it feels as if you are becoming more stabilized or as if your energies are more stabilized. For others, it feels as if you are tossed about and things are more unstable than they ever were before. As I'm looking at the energies, as I'm looking at humanity, there is a consistent flow of light; the transition comes in each person's perception.

There have been changes in the way that stars and the sun and the moon line up. There have been transitions in the vibration of the Earth. And many of these things have occurred again and again throughout the history of the Earth. The difference that is taking place is that so many people know and understand far more than they ever did before. That has prompted those who are very analytical to question every little thing and sometimes that may lead them into a state of fear.

As you are standing here in this space that you just shifted, let your awareness and your perception be open to the flow of energy. You may have a sense of seeing the Earth and then seeing the universe and the pathway in which the energy swirls. This is being shown as intricate patterns, some that swirl, some that are straight, but everything is interlinked and supported by what else is around it.

As that happens in the universe so too it happens in the relationship with the Earth, so too it happens to each one of you in your life. Breathe slowly, gently, easily and allow your essence or your heart to expand even further so that you may feel this flow as a consistent energy that is coming into you and supporting you.

Just as we did when we first arrived in the All That Is, have a sense of consciously expanding a little bit further with the intention of allowing even more flow of energy and light into your heart center. Now there are some that I hear you tell me that the energies are overwhelming to you. Just as you shift your focus to expand further and allow more to come in, so too you can consciously shift your focus and invite the exact amount that feels good to you to come into and flow through you. If you do this in such a way that anything left over just continues to flow past you, it will keep you from becoming bogged down.

When people are struggling in their lives, if things feel like it's too much or not enough, they're out of balance. I invite you to consciously see yourself as being in the flow and then you're allowing your heart center to expand open or constrict a little bit. There's a part of me that recognizes how people will take that as constricting or blocking what is going on but that's not what I'm speaking of. This is an opportunity for each one of you to learn what works for you as you allow the flow of energy to move through you and around you.

I do also sense that there are times in which you might fall into resistance. Resistance comes up within you for many different reasons; in part it could be fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of change, fear that you can be and have as much as you want and then what will you do? Consider for a moment as you think about your life and all that is happening if fear is affecting you. If there's anything that comes up within your consciousness as we speak of this, I invite you to take in a deep breath, allow that to flow through you and then release it; letting it go.

As you let go of fear, you may have a perception that your energy expands. What are other types of resistance that you may be experiencing in your life? Sometimes it feels as if it's an outside source - your family, your co-workers, the economy. If there is a response within you due to what's happening around you, take this opportunity to bring it up. And I invite you to let that resistance become filled with energy and light and then release it.

I feel right behind that release in energy the perception that people are not really in control of their life or that they have no control or that they're just being bumped around. So the energies that are in alignment with that, if that resonates within you, let that come up and then release it and let it flow away. As I look at you now, it's as if the wattage of light has expanded by millions of watts.

I can see how in this place that is loving and nurturing to each one of you, that is filled with energy and light, is a place in which you are comfortable with letting go, with releasing, any resistance that you may have within you. On occasion people prefer to live in the higher realms just because this type of a space feels good. I would invite you to practice either with this journey or with others, learning how to incorporate this space and this energy of feeling good into your daily life.

At first it may be as if it's something very foreign to you but then very quickly you will find that you can do this on an almost unconscious basis. After having released any resistance that you may have, once again look around take yet another step to the side and see what is here around you.

I invite you to have a sense of seeing an energy as if separate from you, coming towards you. You may picture an essence, you may see a color, you may simply feel a vibration or an essence. No matter how you perceive this energy, overriding it is a sense of love and excitement. It stops in front of you as if to reach out and embrace this good friend who has just encountered you in this moment. As you reach out you may begin to recognize this is an aspect of your divinity.

There are times in which you have the opportunity to flow your energy on a daily basis as the human, up into and touch your divinity and then it flows back down. With the transition taking place upon the Earth, the time is here that you can have this as a part of you, living with you in your daily life. Many of you are already doing this, some consciously, some unconsciously.

I chose to have you encounter this essence in such a way that you could recognize that your divinity is still here for you; it is and always will be linked to you. We now invite the angels, the teachers, the guides that you've been working with to show themselves to you. And what we see happening is that more than ever before their essence, their communication, is coming to you through this essence of your divinity.

This is one of the reasons that the energies and vibration felt so different. This is why we were hearing from so many that it felt as if they had left or were gone. As you consciously choose to work through or with your divinity, you are creating a new relationship. It is also strengthening within you the human in such a way that as a human living your life on Earth you are your teacher and your guide. Feel what that is.

As you consider what it is to live your life, I invite you to find those moments - sometimes they are short little moments, sometimes they are expanded - but find the moments in which this inner knowledge, this inner awareness is present for you. If your daily life is chaotic and a struggle then come to this aspect of yourself, come to this presence, come to this energy and let the love flow down into and through you. There is as much as you would like to have. I see you floating on these waves of love and energy and it is as if you are basking in this balance.

I invite all of you to come back together as a group. Your consciousness is expanded quite largely throughout. So as you gather yourself together have a sense of this brilliant light filled with color that is created from the group coming together. And you will see coming up within the center of this light the hologram of the Earth. We spoke of your perception in your daily life so as you look at this hologram let the impressions that may come to you just flow into you. And then have a sense of shifting your consciousness in such a way that you can see the various levels of energy flowing in and out through the hologram.

The more that you align with your divinity and allow these essence to move through you, the greater nuances you will perceive in your daily life. This is an opportunity for you to practice looking, sensing, seeing as if with your physical eyes and with your inner eyes. As each one of you puts forth your intention of flow it moves into and fills up this hologram of the Earth. And it then moves down; as it does so it moves through the crystalline grid moving out through every direction. It moves through the magnetic grid. And then the core essence of that hologram continues downward until it moves into the center of your physical Earth.

Although you remain in the All That Is, I invite you for just a moment to send your consciousness into the center of the Earth and as if you are looking outward or reaching outward to your consciousness in the All That Is, create a flow that is only your own. Let that flow of energy and light move back and forth. And then you can release that consciousness of the Earth and allow yourself to come fully back within the All That Is again and you feel yourself reconnecting within.

Have a sense of shifting. You move into the soul plane. Again your perception from within here is such that you have an even greater understanding of who you are as your divinity. Have a sense of shifting once more so that you are in the crystalline grid. As you do so remember that part of your divinity that you connected with this evening. And as if you are blending again allow that consciousness to come with you. For some it's as if we see you walking hand in hand; for others it's as if there is a silhouette and one moves into the other. As you are comfortable with this energy, allow your consciousness to shift again, moving into the magnetic grid.

Once again you feel the magnetic pull of the Earth. Feel what that is to you. You may have a sense of once more picking up on those things that are part of your personality or part of being human. Allow your consciousness to just open to the flow and let the flow or the essence continue down; it moves down into your physical body. As your consciousness is reconnecting or realigning within your human self, allow your senses to expand as much as they can in this moment.

And now when you are coming back and grounding into your human self, I invite you to once more consciously release any resistance that you have towards anything; you don't even need to focus upon why or what it's there for. Simply allow resistance of any sort to move through you and away.

In doing so consciously feel your divinity. You may have a sense of breathing it into your heart center; let your heart center expand or contract to whatever space feels good to you. Let your divinity move into your physical body; it moves through your breathing. It comes down through your head center. It is moving through all of your chakras and from there it is going into each muscle, each organ within your body.

You the physical living your life has many, many opportunities in front of you. Feel how your divinity is here fully supporting you, fully loving you, fully nurturing you in every way possible. Encourage your personality or your ego to come out or to come into this space so as to create an alignment in which it feels comfortable. As if you are taking that step to a side, look around you. You may look with your physical and you may look with your non-physical eyes, but sense and feel all that is here for you.

Remember this moment. Let it flow within you. Feel all that this may be for you. It's now feeling to me as if you are becoming much more grounded and aligned with these expanded vibrations. I hope that as you are moving through your days you can come back into this space, you can feel good in your life and you can recognize that with these expanded energies, potential for transformation is greater than it has ever been before. There is so much happening upon the Earth. How delightful to be there to play with it and allow it to work for you rather than against you.

With that I invite you to come back within this room. If you would like to ask me a question, I am open to receive. You may press the *7 upon your phone to return to this conference room.

Question: (paraphrased) What would you like to say to me at this point about this situation I am in, about my relationship to the world that is around me.

Answer: As I first connect with you, I have this sense of ..... ahhh I'm sorry I'm so expanded I'm trying to bring my energies in so that I can be more cohesive to you. (I can relate!) the first sense I had as I looked at you was of being battered or being tossed about. It's as if you've been through a whirlwind of energies and it's kind of buffeting you, is the word that is finally coming to me. As we see this happening, it feels as if some of what you are experiencing has been a reaction to others. You have been questioning did it come from within me, did it come from within them, where am I going, what am I doing, as if it's bringing up within you a questioning of all the principles you have in your life. Does that what resonates with you? Is that what you were speaking of? (Yes) This is how we see you coming in. As you can see the part we were picking up was that you are not alone with this. With the advent of this journey, what I saw happening on this journey is that you actually opened up to this aspect of yourself, this greater divinity of yourself and it felt as if you were just soaking it up. You may not be fully conscious of it now, but it felt as if there was a flood of information and knowledge that went through you. It worked on you in such a way that now there is a sense of greater confidence, greater calm and a greater knowledge of who you are as an individual. With that knowledge, the sense we get is that it is going to assist you as you go back into your daily life, as you are doing all these things when you felt so buffeted; you will now be able to stand in your space and things will move past you until it gets to the point where there will not be as much of the controversy around you. It just comes across to us as if there is a greater sense of awareness and calm and peace within you. That is what will be reflected out to your life around you. In terms of your daily life it will be the same as it was 2 days ago. But your reaction to it will be different and that is why there is such a profound sense of a change in you.

Do you feel as if this controversy is going to end at any time in the near future?

It feels as if it's ended right now because it feels as if you have removed yourself from it.

I am.

So once you disconnect and go about standing in the space of who you are. Then if it cannot reconnect to you, it will go away. (Okay) So it may take some practice on a daily basis or however much you may feel a need to practice it. But our sense is that you made great strides tonight and the biggest thing is the incorporation of your divinity.

Thank you.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess? First I want to thank you for the channel this evening. It really addressed what I was going to ask. But I'm going to ask them anyway. In the last couple of weeks I've had a couple instances that brought up a great deal of fear in me. Umm, two in particular I can go into detail but maybe you can pick up on what I am thinking without having to go into detail. I was wondering why? Of course I created those things for myself, but what's going on here?

Answer: It feels like this is the reverse to us. When we look at you right now it's like we see your human self standing on the left, your divinity on the right. Your divinity is there with her arms open saying come, lets be in the flow, lets enjoy life, life is good. Then your ego is there saying no. It's like it stomped it's foot and said no life is struggle, we have to release, we have to make progress. It's like that is a task oriented part of you. Our sense is that if you flip around your perception of that and recognize it's not your divinity that is giving you tasks it's your ego building resistance and the resistance is coming across to you as if you have things to accomplish. Does that make sense to you?


So what we would say is that it feels as if the fear coming up within you, the questioning of your abilities, the questioning of the choices you have made are all coming up through your ego or personality. By allowing this greater divinity you connected with on the journey tonight to move through you in such a way that it really fills you up, the ego will become comfortable with it over time. I would recommend you take the opportunity to flow back and forth ego-divinity-ego--divinity. You are creating a new relationship within yourself and the vibration or alignment of that is what needs to take place at this point. Then as your personality or ego becomes more comfortable with this flow of energy or this increased vibration then you will find the fear, resistance and other things you are feeling will diminish and go away completely.


That is my perception of that.

Okay, thank you very much.

You are welcome beloved. We remind, we don't know that you necessarily need to be reminded of this; but we remind you just how huge and immense you are and just how much of this you have already done. This is that little blip that just came back and excuse my words, I'm getting this from your higher self--to kick you in the butt for a moment!

It sure did!

It's a blip. Think of it as a blip. Remember how much you are and how much you have done; this you know within your heart.

Alright, thank you.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess? Thank you very much for this journey tonight. The question I have is about all this picture that is coming out of my heart. I've had some pictures that very disturbing to me like mold or weird shapes like under a microscope and it's coming out of my heart. I've done a lot of work with the DNA and I'm wondering if I need more cleansing in my DNA?

Answer: It does not feel to me as if you need cleansing in your DNA for the divine energy. It feels to me as if what you were releasing was not this physical life time but other physical lifetimes or as if you were releasing for a community of people. When we look at you as the individual in your expanded DNA the sense is that it is clear and nice balance of the flow of energy moving through you. So when you speak of mold or things that are nasty that you are wondering about, it feels like other aspects of yourself from other lifetimes or like things that are outside of you. We sense that when you started working with this DNA you said hey I'm going to work with shifting the DNA for the world; not that you would do that all by yourself, but you chose to connect with the community of others who are doing a similar thing. Be aware that if you get images or things like that; if you take a breath in and cleanse your energy field and ask 'is this mine or someone else s' the sense we get is that you will recognize or know that it is not yours. Does it resonate with you as we say that?

Yes, how do I tell my divinity to sometimes work on me or sometimes work on the collective.

You put forth that intention. When you go into meditation you put forth this time I am choosing to work with humanity, another time I am choosing to work with myself. The other thing we would recommend to you is that during meditation, sit down and have a talk with your divinity. It's like you are having a conversation where you say 'Well, I'm happy to help the world, it's part of why I came in here'. But give me a message or let me know so that I don't get bogged down in that again. Well, actually you don't need to communicate, we just did it for you! It feels like your divinity just said 'okay, got it, cha-chink'. We have a sense you will feel differently. The essence will be a different pressure. Some how, some way it will come across differently to you in the future.

And when do we start seeing the changes in our DNA?

Oh it's there. What doesn't see the changes are the microscopes and the humans. There are some who are able to perceive things, but the vast majority of these changes that are already present in the majority of you especially those of you who are in this place within the process can be seen with unconscious perception.

So when will this rapid health that I've been working on come together?

It feels as if it could be as little as 18 months from now or as long as 5 - 10 years.

Wow, well thank you.

You are welcome.

Question (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, I've been sleeping a lot lately and I wonder if that means I'm getting ready to leave this earth. I'm 85 years old and really don't want to leave. I want to continuing doing my creative work and believe it or not I'm still dancing! I want to get back into my painting but I haven't been able to go into the painting room to start painting. It's almost as if the dancing pulls me towards that expression and that pull is stronger than the painting.

Answer: First of all beloved when you gave us your numerical age upon the earth and when we look at your energies from the perspective of the humans, we would never have put them together; that number and who we perceive you as being. You are much younger in heart, body and everything that has to do with being a human. We do not have a sense of you transitioning any time soon. (oh good!) The reason you have sleeping so much lately is simply as a way of integrating energies. Many many are sleeping more than they usually do. That is all just a part of the process. In fact for those of you who are having physical discomfort such as headaches, aches and pains, other types of physical problems. If you can allow yourself the time of relaxation and sleeping, it will more easily allow this integration to move through you. That is something you are doing.

In regards to your artwork, we do feel like there is a resistance in there for you. It's as if we have a sense of angelic artwork or something to do that is different than anything you have ever done before. It's there, it's ready to come out for you. As a human you are questioning and doubting whether or not it will be the way you think it could be. That is why you have not gotten back into the painting. If you release resistance and allow it to unfold however it may look; we sense it will be different than you anticipate and you will find yourself drawn back into the studio. Okay?

Thank you!

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess? Lately everything is just kind of falling apart, not just for me, but for everybody I know. I've reached the point where I feel I don't want to go on. The last few days I've cursed that I woke up. I'm an old soul and have done this for many eons, I don't know that I necessarily want to go on and I would like to end this, but yet I feel deep inside, no I'm going to continue with this so I guess just 'help'.

Answer: Okay beloved. I invite everybody who remains upon this phone call to come together for this moment and I invite you to take this moment and even if you have to physically reach up and open a door to your heart center; open up your heart center for just this little moment, as much as you can. Feel everyone who is present, human and non human just flow love, flow compassion, flow awareness to you. We all see the value in you. We all honor you as the person you are. We all can recognize that you are an old soul and you have done it all before; but that doesn't mean it's not a challenge. So let us be here to support you, let us love you. We ask you as if you are reaching deep, deep, deep inside of yourself, just reach in and let it all go. The tiredness, the struggle, the perception of failure, everything, the fear; (deep breath) just let it all go. As it is released, let us help you fill up those spaces within you. As you are filling up these spaces with the love, light and compassion of everyone who is here, but first and foremost your own divinity. Let your divine love or your divine essence of yourself be first and foremost within your consciousness. (deep breath) There has been so much in this lifetime that feels as if it's been a repetition as if you are walking in concentric circles doing it again and again. So, just as I spoke during the journey of taking a step to the side, consciously step out of that circle, step off of that path. Consciously let it all go. As you are doing so, let go of things you are conscious of and that which you are unconscious of. Know that if for whatever reason you did choose to transition tonight or tomorrow, you will be fully back within your divinity. You are safe, you are secure. So let go earthbound being a burden. Let go earth as the struggle. Let yourself be your divine essence as you move through your days. Now as I speak of that it feels as if there is a greater calm or as if you did let go lots of that resistance you've been carrying around. Can you feel the difference?

Not really, not much.

This is where you can speak with your human self. You have a very very strong personality. You are very based in the analytical I guess you could say or the mental aspect of the personality. So what needs to occur is for your mind; your consciousness is more than just your mind. But that analytical part of yourself that is holding this rigid control needs to break open. Let me take a second to take in a deep breath and blow it through. (deep breath) What we saw happening was that it broke open those bars, or that energy. It had been released when we first worked with it a moment ago, then it came back around you again. So I was blowing through your energy to open those bars, to let it go; then again you let it open, you let it go, you let it flow then you closed it back down again. So the perception I have that would benefit you is to create an exercise for yourself or create something that feels like your mind is involved with it. It should be like you are unlocking a dead bolt on a gate and the gate is to your mind. You can then allow your divinity to come in to flow in and out. Allow your personality to begin to integrate these energies. It feels as if it needs to be something with some structure. It is coming from your divinity, it is coming from love and source essence. But your personality has such a strong hold on things that it needs to be incorporated in this process in order for your personality to believe on a human level that the release is taking place.

It's in the emotions. The emotions are trying to protect it.

It's all interrelated. You can work with the mental, you can work with the emotions, you can work with all the various levels because the reason you are holding onto these emotions so long after you've let go of them again and again is because your mental body keeps coming back and saying 'Oh no you didn't let go of that. Oh no those emotions are still there. You're still feeling it so it's stuck in your emotions'. Indeed, it does involve more than one layer of who you are. But the intensity is all coming from your mental body.


Alright beloved, so know that you are not alone. Know that there is great love here for you.

Thank you.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, do you have any words about how I'm traveling on my path to be a healer?

Answer: Beloved we see you as if out on the ocean and you are surfing on the top of a wave. We feel as if the energies of the ocean or the energies of water is very much a part of your healing process. Water as you know is about transition, it's about flow, it's about resolution. Water is of course also very nurturing and supportive in many ways. So for some reason, we feel as if this is a part of the healing process that you have been doing. It feels like it's not quite in sync with the type of healing you are planning to do. Somehow someway we feel that it's important for you to have that sense or that image of being on top of the wave and you are flowing along the crest of the wave. Just as that wave is coming into the shore it feels as if all the preparation work you've been doing all the learning, all the knowledge; everything is done. It's about blending together into a full consistency within yourself what you choose to do. You then come into shore and then it all gets off the ground. We see you as doing this in the physical person...... wait a second before we go further, does that resonate with you?

Yes, I think so.

A little bit esoteric, I understand. As we look at you then in your daily life, we have a sense of you going to locations and talking to people about the type of healing work you are doing. We have a sense of you working with people at a distance and that you will network through the internet. We see you networking through the internet. We see you going to two or three offices around you that offer alternative medicine is how it's coming across to us. We see this is something that is going to be built up over time. The other thing we would say to you is that as you are doing this and taking this step out; there is just a slight resistance of fear within you. It's related to: will I succeed, what will I do, will I make the money I need to make, all of those various things. To us, this is really such a non issue. When you are in the space of your divinity, when you are flowing this energy, when you are working with people; you have so many insights and there is so much that is just such a glorious gift. This is what people are looking for. This is about you creating a new relationship with how people will see you. It's about being comfortable and happy with coming out about who you are. There's a part of you that thinks this has been very private. This is putting myself out there. This is why it felt to us at the beginning as if it was not fully blended and why things were slow going for you. At any time it feels like there is so much there that is just waiting for you and it's going to happen!

Thank you very much.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) hello Goddess, I was wondering if you can provide me with any insight about my current situation. I'd imagine it is a part of the bigger picture of all I've been doing lately. It's been awhile since I've talked with you. However, I have been doing a lot of stuff.

Answer: It feels as if you have been on a roller coaster. It feels as if there is a new sensitivity in you or intensity in you that's as if when you are in your lows or your highs; you feel them more intensely than you eve have before. This we perceive is because you have consciously been moving through transition and consciously bringing in these energies. We also have a sense you have spent the last several months in letting go and releasing and saying good bye. We hear those words over and over; saying good bye, saying good bye, saying good bye. The perception of that is that you are not just saying good bye to one thing but several. As we see you looking forward from here-- we apologize about this roller coaster thing-- but it's as if the roller coaster is coming over the last hill and it's evening out. Moving forward from here it feels as if things are going to be smoother, as if there will be more balance in your life. There are still some unresolved issues that will cause bumps in the road. But it feels to us as if by the end of this physical year almost 99% of it will be resolved. In fact, we are getting more so by say October. It feels like where you are living is going to change. It feels like your job is secure, but that is going to change also. It feels like almost every level within yourself is shifting into something new. But we want to say to you as we say this that there's a part of you saying 'okay good, this is what I'm looking for'. But then there's another part of you that is saying 'I didn't know there was anything there'. Don't let what we're saying be anything to make you nervous or be intimidated. It just feels as if you let go, let go, let go as a means of preparing and about to step forth into the full acceptance of what you have been seeking. Does that make sense?

It does and is on par with what I have been feeling. I have a very straightforward question. Am I going to go forward without my wife and will I have the kids with me? Something like that anyway.

It's difficult to say. There is a part of this that we say yes we see you and your wife are going two different ways and we see your kids with you. But we also have a sense as we look at that potential that there is more coming into play that has not yet worked itself out. It's as if you as the human and the choices you are making have not made all the choices as yet. We see that that can change. We can not say to you what choices you are going to make because that is up to you to make. In looking at potentials that that which is in the forefront of your consciousness is what feels as if it's the most present.

Well that is the present situation. I have not made any decisions, I'm waiting for her to calm down or come back to her normal personality so that we can talk.

And this is the thing. You are recognizing how the two of you have moved into two different planes of existence. That is what the roller coaster has been growing apart, coming together. The changes that are taking place feel temporary; wait a second, we said that in the reverse. The changes in her we feel are more permanent. Things are coming back together it feels temporary to us. We are picking up from you the sense of caution or that sense of wondering what is going to happen.


But it feels to us as if in your consciousness the decision is 80 to 90% made. Go with what's right for you. Even if you find that along the way other things may come up or something else may come along that makes you wonder or question. Recognize that it is only about making the choices that you make at any given time. That is setting up the foundation for what the next day will bring. Each day will just unfold and unfold.

Okay, well thank you so much!

You are welcome.

And so with that, I will take this opportunity to bring our time together to an end for this evening. As we pull these energies all back together remember that you are not alone; your divinity, your love, your awareness is here right now in your physical sense. Let go resistance, let go frustration, let go anything that stands between you in allowing that into your life.

You are human. As a human with a personality it creates a very unique experience that your divinity is living through. Honor your divinity, honor being human and intentionally put forth to blend and balance them with one another.

I am ever with you and within.




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