Steps To Manifesting

I really wanted to title this channel ‘Steps to Manifesting A Million Dollars’ because that’s what the Goddess speaks of during the time in the All That Is. This is a unique channel in that she works not only with your energies on many different levels, she also helps you to become aware of and shift whatever may be holding you back. It is one of the many experiences with her where you will realize that you and she were bringing things full circle by the end of the experience.

After this channel took place some of the people on the call and I were having a discussion. We have all felt the difference in how the Goddess is able to interact with us while on the earth plane. She’s a much more grounded energy now than she’s been in the past. We all have felt the shifting that takes place. I believe this is due in part to the greater number of people who are working with her, but it’s also about the shifting that is taking place with the greater amount of crystalline energy coming into the earth.

Right from the very beginning the Goddess invites us to discern where our thoughts are, right now. I believe that people can get into a habit of thinking about things or looking at life and they don’t realize how much it’s having an effect upon them. If your thoughts are from a perspective of lack, you will have lack. If you consciously shift into abundance, you will see your world shifting into abundance. The key is to be open and accept the many signs of abundance around you!

One really important aspect of this channel was as she assisted people in truly ‘seeing’ who they are. As humans, we have a perception of ourselves. When in the All That Is, as people truly opened to understand and recognize how huge they are and immense their potential; they realize that manifesting whatever abundance they want is in alignment. In society we are taught not to speak well of ourselves or to speak of our greatness. Indeed that can inflate an ego or personality out of proportion. But when you are in your divinity and you see yourself as you are; you are magnificent! Accept that is real. You don’t need to ‘tell’ anyone else; you need only accept it as your reality.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. I reach out to each one of you. I send forth my embrace; I send forth my attention that you may feel me that you may know that I am here.

This time in the country, in the United States, where Shelly is living, is the eve of their Independence Day and there are fire crackers and fire works and all sorts of things going off around her house.

She can hear it as a celebration and I therefore tap into these energies of celebration and I express my deep appreciation and affection for each one of you.

I reach out to celebrate independence from whatever it is you would like to leave behind. I reach out to celebrate independence as you let go dependence on energies outside of yourself; as you learn and grown and expand into an individual that feels, acknowledges and knows who they are.

I reach out to you and I invite you to allow me to come in so that I may blend with you. This past month on your Earth plane was filled with many intense energies. It was filled with the eclipses, the solstice; it was a time of awareness of things coming up for people. It was a time of releasing and clearing out. We in our journeys together experience that in many different ways.

Everything that you are doing in your life could be the same as what this past month was about. But when the Universe lines up with the Earth and accentuates these energies, it gives everyone the potential to release either at a very deep level or to shift into a new space within themselves.

I encourage you to take advantage of these times. If you find that the energies seem to potentiate feelings of restlessness, frustration, or things along that line, then consciously choose to let that pass you by. Consciously choose to release those energies and move into a life of greater ease.

There we go. As I was speaking these various words as each of you are here on the Earth plane, I was working with your energies and I could feel a number of different shifts taking place within each of you.

I now invite you to have a sense of letting go of your physical body, as if your consciousness shifts so that it may expand into the space of your higher self or the space of the magnetic grid.

As you move here within this space, let yourself feel the energies. Feel your expanded consciousness, feel the energies of all the other individuals who are also here. There are pathways that link each of you together and you can use these pathways as much as you so choose.

I invite you to consciously shift one more time. This time as you shift allow your energies to expand even further. You let go the magnetic pull of the Earth and you allow yourself to move into the space of the crystalline grid.

For many this is simply a space of awareness, a space of expansion. Others may have a perception of the various gradients of energy. Allow yourself to feel these energies as they move through you.

I invite you to shift once more. This time allow yourself to move into the space of the soul plane. As you arrive within the soul plane let yourself feel what this is to you. As you send your consciousness out from you, you have a sense of feeling the alignment with your divinity.

As you reach out, let yourself embrace all that is here. As you merge with your divinity you may have a sense of feeling your consciousness expand even further. Feel how this shifts as you open to a greater space of allowing.

I the Goddess move in and amongst all of you. As I do so I reach out to embrace each one of you. As my energies merge with yours, you can feel yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.

Let yourself fly free within this place. Let your consciousness expand as far as it would like to go. Take this as an opportunity to celebrate you. How many times in your daily life do you stop and take an opportunity to celebrate who you are, what’s happened in your life, where you might be going, all those various things that make up your everyday life.

As you take this opportunity to celebrate who you are, what your life is about, I invite you to first of all have a sense of laying back to relax and with a state of being that allows you to be more open, take this opportunity and really look at who you are in your life.

So often people are defined by the various roles they play – husband, wife, mother, father, son, daughter, sister, cousin, the boss, the employee. All these various tasks that you have in your life are there as a means of reflecting back who you are as your divinity.

You are living this life, experiencing all these many energies and as you do so, let yourself feel the flow. Let yourself feel what this is. When I’m tapping into you I can feel the many different people that define their lives by the things that have not happened as if they are less than or as if their life is less than.

For everyone that may be in that vibration or that seems to be at the forefront of what’s happening, I invite you to take a deep breath down inside of you, and as you breathe out let that go.

We’re smiling here in the background because there were a series of firecrackers or something that just went off and it was as if there was a pow pow pow pow pow that just helped to amplify that energy and really helped people to release at a deeper level.

So allow this to go very deeply within you. Once you have removed the things that have as yet not happened, or have as yet to happen, howsoever you want to look at that; I invite you to shift your energies once more and this time look at yourself once more. Look at yourself with new eyes; look at yourself from a place of openness, of love, of awareness.

This time as you look at yourself, what is your perception? Is it different than it was before? As you open to feel what this is for you, let yourself expand. Let yourself truly see who you are.

The reason I seem to be coming around this and addressing it again and again is that at least here in the All That Is, I would truly love for each of you to open to acknowledge who you are because you are so much more than what you realize.

When you think of the things that are missing in your life, when you’re here in this space and you allow yourself to really open up and feel your divinity and feel how your expansion grows and grows and grows, then it is much easier to understand how you are able to receive in your daily life.

When you allow yourself to truly open up and perceive who you are in your divinity you can see that you have already experienced many of the things that you are going through right now. Sometimes you even have the answers all ready through other experiences and this is but a stepping stone to something else.

Allow your energies to open even further. Oh, beautiful! As I said that this time it was at least half if not the majority of you just opened up even further and there was this burst of golden light that was released as each one of you allowed yourself to truly see who you are. You allowed yourself to truly experience your energies for yourself.

As we look at you, as we look at all that is taking place, it’s important for you to have this opportunity to create these alignments with yourself because that’s what will help you in your everyday life.

People speak of manifesting, they speak of seeking to have certain things in their lives, and we hear from them again and again about how hard it may be and asking us why hasn’t it happened?

Simply having that question of why hasn’t it happened creates a space of resistance, well maybe I should say that backwards; when you are asking why it hasn’t happened you are speaking from a space of resistance because the focus of your energy is on the things that as yet have not happened.

When you continue to seek and feel this greater openness and expansion of who you are, you begin to see things in a different way. You begin to see your life as a series of experiences that have taken you on a journey.

For some that journey has been filled with hills and valleys, for others it’s been a constant rocky road, for others it’s as if they have hovered through life without ever fully connecting or aligning with any one thing.

What is your perception of your life? How would you like to see that shift? I invite you to have a sense of taking in a deep breath and I swirl my energies through each one of you, as you breathe out let go the disappointment, let go whatever it is that may create a sense of frustration within you.

Move forward and embrace your life. I have to laugh because I heard a few of you say ‘no I don’t want to embrace that life’. So if you do not want to embrace your life then I invite you to make a choice of acknowledging your life as it is, appreciating it because it’s been quite the teacher for you, and then let go.

There we go.

There were many different people speaking of this month of July 2011 as having some unique phenomena taking place. As a result of this, there is an increased alignment to abundance.

Shelly is a little bit distracted right now; there was some really loud ones, excuse us. [Speaking of the fireworks outside my house.]

With the focus on the abundance and on the things that are happening during this month of July, I invite you to reach out and feel your alignment to that stream of abundance. This is a consciousness, this is an energy, this is an experience that many, many people are having or will have during the next several weeks.

Therefore, that openness that we’ve been speaking about and that sense of looking at your life and being very aware of your life creates a space where you are more in alignment to receive.

When you seek to manifest in your life, having your dream, having your creation is step one. Step two may be preparing for it. For some perhaps you buy a new house, perhaps you repaint a room in a house, perhaps there’s a change of one sort or another that allows you to be able to receive what you seek to have.

Step three is creating a stream of consciousness for acceptance. Now this is where things get very interesting I find. This is where we always hear people tell us ‘but I am open to receive, I am in a space of acceptance’ and so the mental body, their thoughts, might be in a state of acceptance; but perhaps the emotions, the physical or just that non-conscious thought or aspect is outside of the alignment of acceptance.

So this is where I would like to work with you again to fine tune things. Let’s speak of money because this month is so much focused upon money. We will just throw out for everybody a million dollars.

And we chuckle because we hear people say ‘oh that’s a lot for all these different people.’ No it’s not. Abundance is limitless and so a million dollars is but a drop in the bucket. Plus it’s a fun one to work with.

So say for example your intention is to manifest a million dollars within this month of July. You’ve put that out there to the Universe; this is what I seek to have. Then number two that preparation for it; do you have an account? Will you mix it with all your other monies? Will you do something separate? Will you create an organization? What will you do when you have this money?

And that takes things in another way and shifts it so that you are creating a space for that money to come into. Let’s look now; are you open to receive?

And when you allow yourself to be open to receive, what does it feel like to have a million dollars? Everybody assumes this is all coming through the lottery, it certainly can, but that is not the only opportunity. There are limitless ways in which people can manifest money and abundance.

So in this way look maybe at your checking account in your mind. See what it feels like when you have that money perhaps all your bills are paid, perhaps you can purchase something you’ve been wishing to have. Let yourself play with the energy of having received this million dollars.

I can see how a number of you as you work with these energies in this manner your energy field is shifting; for some it’s expanding, for some you were very constricted and it was hard to feel that alignment and so you are shifting and moving and adjusting your energy body so that you can be here in this space and be open to receive.

What is your belief system around this money? Are there any beliefs, conscious or unconscious, that may be holding you back? You breathe in deeply and you let them go.

I invite you to open to this belief; I have a million dollars or more in my name and it feels good. I have a million dollars or more right now and it makes me excited. Those are but a couple of beliefs that I throw out to you. Shift into your emotions. Is there an emotion that’s attached to having this money?

For some I feel anxiety, I feel desperation, I feel intenseness around it. All of these things have you constricted which keeps you from being in alignment to receive, so if there is anything at all in your emotions that keeps you in a place of restriction where you feel yourself tight in your body, where you feel yourself hunching over or you feel yourself just tense?

Breathe into that emotion and let it go. If there’s any anxiety, this is the one we see the most, we see lots of people showing us bills and commitments that they have so breathe into those bills, breathe into those commitments, and let them go.

We know that when you go looking for them tomorrow they’ll still be sitting there on your desk, but when you let go the energy of anxiety and the energy of worry that’s aligned with them, it allows you to come back around and create a new alignment to the million dollars that we’ve been speaking about.

I invite you to take a deep breath in, breathing in the vibration, the essence of that million dollars and then breathe out. And then next and last is that you have it. It’s a done deal.

So let yourself play with the energy that everything has been accomplished that you wanted to have accomplished and you breathe it out and you let it go and now you still have money left. And you know that if you manifested it one time you can do it again and again.

We took a lot of detailed time to experience this step by step by step because my intention was that each of you would recognize how there is so much more that goes into an intention to manifest than just that intention.

So take this opportunity now and let yourself just play here during this month with so much focus upon manifesting money, manifesting abundance, look at the other areas of abundance that you have in your life. Sometimes you forget to recognize it as abundance so look at your life now and be aware, be open to your perceptions.

As you allow for more and more of this to move into your reality, you can feel all the various levels of your energy shifting.

I invite you to come back. Let yourself have a sense of coming back together as a group and let’s take this opportunity to celebrate like so many people are doing, not only in the United States but all around the world. There are always reasons to celebrate.

My take on this is, why do you need a reason? Let’s celebrate you being you. And as I swish my arm around, it shifts us all into a place where all the angels, the guides, the teachers that you’ve been working with are here to join this celebration with you. There’s music, there’s dancing, there’s conversations between people.

It is a true party that is taking place. What does a celebration mean to you? Is it a time of acknowledgement? Is it a time to rejoice? Perhaps you’re rejoicing over a birthday or an anniversary. This can be whatever you want to celebrate and it can change every single time that you come back here.

There is a lot of toasting that’s going on right now. We see Saint Germaine up there raising his glass and as he does so he is saying ‘now is the time to celebrate you being you. Now is the time to celebrate that you are alive on the Earth.’ And he mixes back within the crowds.

And I think that is something I would really like for each of you to take a moment and step into. This time upon the Earth is a time of dramatic change. This focus has been taking place for quite a number of years. You chose to come and be a part of this.

When it was expressed that this immense transformation was going to take place on the Earth, every one of you said ‘I want to be part of that.’ You then sat down with a group of what I might call counselors to speak about some of the major events in your life that would nudge you along on this pathway so that you would be right where you are right today.

For some you have opened your consciousness through difficulty, others you have opened your consciousness through extraordinary experiences that you find or consider very uplifting.

But the truth is as humans you always like to go for the dramatic to make sure that it catches your awareness so that you have no doubt about what may be going on.

You like it that way. And that’s actually kind of a good thing because then it makes it memorable. It gives you the opportunity to experience life howsoever you are. Allow yourself to continue to breathe gently and easily. Allow yourself to soar throughout this space dancing, playing, singing.

This is a place where you can experience life through utter abandon. There is no right or wrong within this space; it is simply living, expressing and feeling. Feel who you are. Let yourself open to understand whatever it is you might be seeking answers to.

I’m just enjoying the energies of celebration. I’m enjoying the energies of how each one of you have moved to a deeper connection within yourself. I’m enjoying all the millions of dollars that are just floating through the air here that each of you have manifested.

How much of your day is spent in simple enjoyment? Do you ever give yourself an opportunity to just enjoy the moment? Perhaps going forward from here you will notice this and you will do so. The more that you allow yourself to be in a space of joy, the more relaxed you are and the greater ease that anything can come into your life.

Breathe that in, and you breathe it out. Now I know that many of you will stay here and celebrate, I know many of you will come back, but for this moment I invite everyone to come together as a group and we will transcend or shift these energies into the hologram and then down into the Earth.

As you come together and this hologram rises up into the midst of you, I invite you to put forth your intention of whatever it is that you seek to manifest. And then I invite everyone to put forth the intention of what it is to have your million dollars or more and send that energy into the hologram.

Ooh, did you see how much bigger the hologram got? It’s as if it instantly expanded. That is another indication of the intensity of the energies around this.

Consciously take in another breath and breathe out. Let yourself feel this space. As you continue to feel these energies, infuse into the hologram that feeling or that sense of acknowledging who you are.

And anything else at all, okay, I saw some people putting in the energies of the celebration. Infuse celebration and enjoyment into this hologram. And then have a sense of seeing it shift down as it moves out from this group.

There is an essence of this that does shift onto the New Earth as it hits the crystalline grid and the remainder flows down as it moves into the Earth’s energies.

As it hits the magnetic grid it shifts, sending a portion of it out throughout the gridwork, but the core essence goes down and it goes into the physical Earth and it links with those crystals that are at the center of the Earth. There is a sense of blending.

Everything that you have been seeking has already been here within this space but now it’s as if it triggers and it releases even more of these energies. And plus they’re the energies that are in direct alignment to you.

So they come up through the Earth, they come up and they permeate all of the collective consciousness and it moves into as a potential into everyone that’s here. I invite you to feel that within your physical body. Be open to receive.

Allow your consciousness to come back here within the All That Is. And once that hologram has linked with the Earth I begin to feel some if not maybe half or more that become anxious to return to the Earth; that become anxious to really feel and manifest this in your physical reality. So I invite you to do so.

You have a sense of stopping for a moment on the soul plane. There is the essence of your divinity that remains here within this space. The next thing you shift your consciousness so that you may align with the crystalline grid. As you merge with these energies your consciousness streams down in all different directions.

And then you have a sense of going in, coming back through the magnetic grid. As you begin to come back here within this space, let yourself feel the pull of the magnetic grid. Let yourself feel the gravitational pull as you come back here within your physical body. Feel your energy as it streams down.

I invite you as your focus is coming back here within the Earth plane and within yourself to consciously have a sense of opening up from your physical all the way within your heart, within every part of your physical body, from your cellular structure, moving out through your emotions, your mental body, through all parts of who you are.

Have a sense of consciously opening up, and as you stream down back within your physical presence, reaffirm these steps that you have taken to be able to manifest with greater ease. Reaffirm the million dollars that is yours. It’s here, it’s available for you. Reaffirm that you can feel just as confortable with that amount of money right here right now.

And breathe in deeply, feeling yourself open, breathe out any resistance.

As you allow yourself to come more fully back within your physical reality, I invite you to come back within the room if you would like to ask a question.

All right. And so with that we will bring this to a close. I’d like to thank all of you for coming and sharing this time.

I invite you to recognize who you are as your divinity when you are here on the Earth plane. I invite you to also recognize that you are this person, you are this divine essence and it makes up your physical human. So seek to have that balance; seek to have that allowing and let that unfold within and around you.

As we bring this to a conclusion I invite you to go back up to the celebration if you so choose. I invite you to celebrate who you are in our life. And I invite you to open and allow the manifestation of your million dollars. Let it swirl through you.

I am ever with you and within you.



SpiritHeart 15th July 2011 7:03 am

thank you dear Ansula. The magic of your write is calming to the soul and inspiring to our heart. Letting go of past patterns of beliefs and thoughts will greatly benefit the sfhift.

Forever grateful

k 15th July 2011 5:16 pm

So...I invite you to try to understand what Shelley is saying......if you can....then maybe you can manifest that million dollars. Hummmmm

k 15th July 2011 11:55 pm

It is odd to me that people will think Lisa Rene's post to be insane, but they will totally believe what people who say they are channelling information from some deity put into messages. They put these channelers on pedestales and do not question what they put out. How insane is that?

kiwimuzz 17th July 2011 7:44 pm

Wow I truley enjoyed reading this and felt very inspired it has made my day in the office that much more bearable. I will manifest one million dollars

k 18th July 2011 11:41 am you think the things that a million dollars will buy, will provide happiness? This is misguided thinking..maybe it would be better if we tried to manifest more love in the world, inner peace and love for all of mankind and especially yourself, because the money will not give you what your soul seeks. It irritates me when supposed spiritual teachers mislead people into looking for happiness outside of the kingdom that lays within.

ahuerta 19th July 2011 9:33 am

I think the point of the writing was to show people how easy it is to manifest things into their reality... most people desire to be financially stable, even though they try to be more spiritual and let financial worries go. This is a merging of the two so that there can be practice working with the energies in a subject that is readily accessible to a lot of newer members.

That being said, I would like to share with everyone the opportunity that came to me shortly after I read this message. I have set up a small blog page about it. If this does not say easily accessible abundance to you, I'm not sure what will...

Thanks for your time and God bless everyone! MUCH, MUCH LOVE!

k 19th July 2011 5:36 pm

ahuerta, I know I am at a phase where all that matters is the inner world, where I find love and peace along with a euphoria. I do not find any thing desireable about the external world, maybe I will come out of this and start wanting to manifest material things, but I think at least for me, in order to come to this place of peace, I had to understand that happiness is not found in material, external manifestations. I think the idea of manifestation has been a big distraction to spiritual development. It does not work for most people, and when it does not work the person wonders what is wrong with them and why they are not good enough to have what they desire. When really what the soul desires is right inside


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