Support From Your Past Lives

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You’ve probably heard the phrase “The answers are within you” or perhaps “You’ve lived it before” or perhaps “All experiences are happening right now”.  I believe that all of these statements are true, but that sometimes it’s hard to find those places within you when you go looking for the answers or the experiences.

During this channel, while in the All That Is, the Goddess took us back to that place where we were created as a soul essence.  When she did this I had a sense of vast emptiness, just nothing there and this spark of light was created.   This is how each soul came into being.  From there, I had a sense of just experiencing the light, experiencing the energy, moving with flow.  There is no time / space reality, so it was all just pure existence.  Eventually, it shifted into colored light which created change. The soul continued to evolve and change as I sensed humans, ET’s, other universes all of which infused this pure light energy.

As the Goddess continued, she began to speak of soul families and the affect they had upon each soul.  She also spoke of other lifetimes each person has had which also created changes.  She then spoke of lack which so many people experience in their lives.  As she said it, it felt so foreign to this pure light and expansion! In the space of this energy, she showed us how to look at the many aspects of our soul that could help us or perhaps show us where something originated.   

As the Goddess was assisting to integrate this alignment within ourselves, she spoke of the direct alignment between our divinity and our mental body, divinity and our emotions, divinity and our physical.  It was as if a specific thread of light created a new alignment to assist in this empowerment through deeper and deeper acknowledgment of who we are.

Nama sika, Venia benya    I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I welcome you to our time together.  I welcome you to this time of sharing in the energy; to this time in which you allow yourself to be opened, to be nurtured, to be loved, to be supported in all that you are doing.  As you feel your energies moving through allow yourself to be in the flow, allow yourself to feel the alignment of all that is here for you. 

Whenever you come upon the four quarters of your year as we will call them, the Solstice or the Equinox, it gives the universe and your earth an opportunity to create a new alignment or a new balance.  As you feel your own energies becoming more and more sensitive, not only within you and your perception of your life, but sensitive to everybody else around you, the energies of the universe, the people of the universe; you will begin to find that you are becoming aware of the many, many transitions that are taking place. 

Sometimes these transitions are your own.  Sometimes they may be friends or family around you.  Sometimes you may be the catalyst for other things that are happening around you. 

Humans have a tendency to want to evaluate everything that is happening in their life.  They want to evaluate why certain things took place.  Why something works one way versus another way.  Why the choices that you have made or the things that you seek to manifest and have not manifested, and your mental body begins to spin and go around and around and around.  Indeed sometimes there is no explanation for why things happen one way or another.  Sometimes it simply is that it is. 

With these journeys you align with your god source energy.  You have communication.  You have experiences.  It therefore assists you in your daily life in your opening up.  All of that is of benefit to you, because upon the earth people are seeking to live more and more of their life experiences from that space of divinity. 

Allow yourself to expand even further taking in where you are in this now moment as you are grounded.  Have the intention of allowing my energies to flow within and around you. 

All right I wanted to take this moment to speak these words and to work with your energy so that you would be able to not only anchor your expanded consciousness and my awareness within you, but that it would create an new vibration or alignment so as to allow that flow of energy to move even further within you as the human, but also with a much greater ease so as to assist you.  Ultimately that is my intention for coming and sharing this time with you.  There we go. 

I invite you to breathe down deeply one more time and as you do so breathe into the earth anchoring your energies here within this now moment.  Then let that flow back within you coming to rest within you and from there you let go. 

Allow your consciousness to expand.  Allow yourself to stream out until you come into alignment with your higher self.  As you find this alignment with your higher self, look around, feel what it is, perhaps clear out any clutter that may have accumulated within this space. 

From here have that conscious intention of shifting further as if you expand moving even further into to the higher light vibrations.  As you do so you find yourself aligning with the soul plane.  As you move into the soul plane look around for where you are as your divinity. 

Most often it’s right there immediately in front you.  Most often, because you have been doing this for a while, you immediately merge with your divinity, but if you have any question about where am I, where is this alignment, consciously open up and allow that flow to move through you.  There as you allow your alignment with your divinity to expand even further you feel as if you merge.  You feel as if your consciousness is just completely enveloped within your divinity. 

As you allow your consciousness to move even further within this space open up to allow all of your divinity to flow through you right now.  As you do so, recognize the beauty, the completeness, the acceptance, the unconditional love for who you are, because this is you as your divinity.

I the Goddess move in and amongst each one of you.  As I reach out to you I embrace all of who you are.  I reach out with my alignment and as I fill up my own senses by merging with you so too it assists you in shifting into the space of the “All That Is”.  As you do so allow yourself to feel the expansion.  Allow yourself to feel all of these energies that are here for you.

As you feel the essence of the energy, even within the “All That Is”, you may find yourself within a balance or alignment with some of your potentials that perhaps you have changed your mind about wanting to manifest.  Look around at what this is. 

As you look around allow yourself to have the understanding that there are times within your life when not only do your choices transition, but sometimes it simply the way that you receive what you seek to have that transitions.  So as you are looking around the All That Is clear out anything that no longer works for you.

As you are doing so I feel some of you saying ‘I don’t really want to let go.  I think I’m going to keep that and tuck it away’.  Whatever you prefer to do of course there is no right or wrong.  Be aware that just as everything transitions on the earth so too does everything transition out here within the universe or within the All That Is.

I always draw from the energy from those present as we move into these journeys.  As I spoke at the very beginning your mental body can sometimes be the aspect of you that kind of knocks you off kilter or out of balance.  So too, perhaps it’s your emotions, perhaps something going on in your physical body; but in particular humans have that tendency to get caught up, be it in the analysis or their thoughts. 

Therefore it can be quite a distraction for you.  So I wish to ask you how many distractions do you find that you have in your life?  Are your distractions what actually take you in a new direction that is going to open up new opportunity or are your distractions things that come up for you that keep you from perhaps going deeper within yourself, creating change, having new opportunities. 

How many times have perhaps had a desire or perhaps something that you wanted to do and you could feel it in your heart and you feel the joy and the excitement of it, but yet in your mind you were talking yourself out of it or telling yourself to be cautious.  So you were no longer listening to your intuition or your heart’s desire and instead getting distracted and getting pulled into your thoughts. 

Many times your mental body is considered to be associated with your ego or your personality, or that which is your human experience, but there is a direct alignment from your thoughts into your divinity just as there is from your heart or your physical into your divinity.  I ask you to take a moment and within your consciousness you are here considering all these things, but as if you open up a door allow yourself to recognize or perceive that direct beam of light and energy again from your divinity into your thoughts and into your consciousness.  Indeed I can feel each one of you shifting and expanding into that space. 

Take a moment and now here within the All That Is open up to that perception of your emotions.  For some there is more of a flow and movement.  Perhaps there are certain emotions that you continue to feel, or you find yourself in a rut. So allow your emotional body to open up and again feel that direct link into your divinity.  There we go. 

You may consider your physical body as that which is you in this physical lifetime.  Indeed it is.  So too there is a direct flow of your divinity within your physical body and as you feel that flow recognize that it is moving through every cell within your body.  It flows through your muscles, your bones, your ligaments.  So that everything within your physical body has a direct alignment to your divinity.

One reason that I wanted to discuss this with each one of you and reaffirm that alignment is so that you will know that there is always a flow of your divinity that moves through you in one form or another.  Your spiritual body, your lightbody are also just the pure consciousness of your I AM presence as it is here moving through you in this lifetime.  There we go I can feel it as each one of you acknowledges that reminder for yourself and I wish to strengthen that experience for you.

We have spoken in the past about the effect that other lifetimes may have upon you in your current lifetime.  Quite often the perception is that it is something left over from another lifetime that you need to transition in this lifetime.  When people speak of Karma there are different definitions that they may use.  One definition is “I had a lifetime of great abundance and therefore have a lifetime of great poverty to balance it out”.  There is some thread of a truth in that because many people believe it and the universal law is of balancing finding the intrinsic balance within. 

Karma is also an agreement that you make either with yourself, or the people in your soul family, to have particular experiences upon the earth.  When I speak of Karma in this moment it is that which I am talking about; the agreement that you may have within yourself to bring forth a part of you into this lifetime or perhaps someone within your soul family. 

Yes every single one of you are your own unique soul essence that is you in every stream of consciousness in every dimension out through the universe.  There is that spark that created you the individual. 

I invite each one of you to take a moment and as if you follow your consciousness back allow yourself to move through time space reality so that you may find yourself at the source essence for who you are. 

For many the perception is of a vast expanse of pure energy and then perhaps a spark or perhaps a light is created.  Energy is ever changing.  Energy is a motion and that motion created a spark, created a light that was unique and different from other lights and other sparks.  Allow yourself to feel, sense, know who you are without judgment or defining you by your earthbound terms. 

This is about you allowing yourself to simply be in space or pure creation.  There is only complete and utter oneness. There is only pure beauty, expression, whatever you may call it, but just be in that moment. 

From that spark you began to grow and grow and grow and grow until you became immense.  Some of that growth was that pure energy bouncing off of other energy.  Some of that growth was then the creation of consciousness within that spark.  Once there was consciousness there was the flow of movement and the desire to expand into even more consciousness. 

You became bigger, more expanded.  You now introduced light as a reflection of color. You now introduced consciousness taking on the form of individuality. 

So often you give yourself a hard time about your life, about your experiences, about what brought you into this now moment.  So look around and know that here within this space there is only pure energy consciousness.  There is no time space reality when out within this space.  There is only that which is. 

There may be a reflection of you as your divinity that remains out within the universe in other galaxy’s or other omniverse, which are other universes parallel to your universe or other universes non parallel to your universe.  So you decide to go there and experience that.  The you that is your divinity is all of that which is you in this universe that you now reside within. 

Allow yourself to come in to this now moment and as you are looking at all the vastness of who you are push out even further your conscious awareness, and as you do so allow yourself to begin to take in some of those lifetimes that you have lived, because this brilliant, expanded, infinite light that is you was created from the experiences that you have had. 

There are some aspects of this energy in which there is a reflection from another soul that you supplement one another so to speak.  Here in this now moment ask to allow things to shift in such a way that perhaps you can have that perception of what you might call past lives that can give you the information that you need right now.  What is happening within your life that you perhaps feel is either without movement or you find yourself going around in circles?  Here before you, ask to go to that space that may have an effect upon this.

Now here within this consciousness of who you are it’s not really a past life, because it’s all in the process of taking place right now.  What does happen is that even within your divinity there are levels, or dimensions of consciousness.  Therefore when you have a reality and you can change your reality through changing that level of consciousness you may have a different outcome that takes place. 

That is why when you work on the earth plane in creating transitions for your past life experiences it creates a change in your now reality.  You can be here in the vastness of who you are and you can find those subtle changes that are taking place.  You can go to that space that may have an influence upon you right now.

So too you can go to the place where you have already had an experience that you may be are living in the current reality.  Say for example the perception is that you have lack within your life; lack of money, lack of a partner, lack of a family, lack of a home, job whatever it may be.  Here within this immensity you recognize lack as a human perception for there is unlimited abundance right here right now. 

So allow yourself to just drift through the consciousness of your divinity asking to know what it is like to really know within your thoughts; to really feel within your emotions; to really have it within a physical reality that which is complete abundance.  Drift through letting yourself reconnect bring it in to the now moment.  Bring it in to you in this now moment.  You can feel it.  You can feel everything expanding.

As you allow yourself to reunite with these aspects of yourself if you wish to call them that.  Or simply reunite with the greater portion of your divinity let yourself perhaps weave together the energies so that you know it is always there.  Then shift your consciousness as you are doing this and ask to know ‘what people in your current life experience are also a part of these energies of your divinity’. 

You can see yourself and know only yourself in this moment if you so choose.  Then if you let your perspective shift and transition have a sense of looking around within this space that is without definition so to speak so that you can see the other soul essence that are closest to you as your divinity. 

For some you may just have a sense of being at a large gathering say for example a party.  For others it may be as if you see yourself and those that are closest are here.  Then maybe a few steps beyond them, as if in concentric circles, not as close to you perhaps from your soul to soul level, but you still interact and going on and on and on.

There is an immensity to the potentials and the opportunities as you take this all in.  It can be overwhelming so if you need to you clear out that energy allow yourself to adjust your perspective and then ask to know that which is most important for you to know in this now moment. 

Here within the universe you as your soul are completely limitless.  You expand into infinite consciousness.  You see, sense and feel that which is your alignment to others.  Be open to experience all of what this is for you.

I invite you to have a sense of kind of bringing your consciousness back into a space that is coming closer to that which you live within at this time.  The All That Is is everything so you are still within that All That Is as you are in that expanded state, but you are very far out in the high light dimensions because that is sometimes easier to have that perception of the ALL.

So as you are continuing to shift allowing your focus to come back in to the space where you started in the All That Is it looks quite different than it did does it not.  In particular allow your light body energy to move through this space.  You can now feel even more so how that light body energy with that pure light consciousness of who you were when you were within that light expanded state of who you are.  So allow that to come down within you into this space of All That Is.  It does create a transition.  It does expand the energies. There we go. 

As you allow this to shift in such a way have a sense of taking this moment, as you’ve gathered all those new alignments and let yourself kind of create the energy that you wish to have in your everyday reality upon the earth.  It is different than when you are pure consciousness out in the universe, but it is why you came to the earth to have a physical reality, to have choices, to have these various interactions with other people some of whom are right here with you at this time.  

As you gather these energies allow yourself to create almost a ball of that energy, or perhaps you wish a symbol that represents it, but allow yourself to take whatever this may be that is you as you move forward with this information. And then as the hologram begins to come up within you, you can merge that ball of your energy and your consciousness within the hologram. 

Every person with that specific consciousness is inserting their focus and intention and so too the universal light and balance that supports everyone upon the earth that is also infusing energy into the hologram.  As it does so it begins to shift and transition so that it flows outward expanding.

And then the hologram itself begins to move. You release it from where you are as group.  The hologram moves down, it moves through that crystalline grid, it moves a part of it out into the universe and a part of it all the way down and into the earth.  For that energy of the hologram that goes into the earth it goes into the core center of the earth mixing with the crystals, mixing with that energy, and then it begins to come up through the earth itself through the layers of the earth, and as it does so everything that is that ball of energy for you comes up from within the earth.

It moves up through you and anchors within and around you within your physical reality.  It spreads out and it moves out from you in every direction so that it creates a balance and an anchor that will allow you, as you are moving through your day, to have what you seek to have more easily or more readily. 

Whatever was placed within that ball of energy was also amplified and enhanced by all the angels and the beings of light, and I myself, so that it will work to integrate more fully within and around you in your conscious daily life.

Allow your focus to once more return to the All That Is.  I can feel you’re beginning to ground now, you are beginning to come back from out within those far reaches of the universe. 

So therefore begin to allow your own consciousness to move back.  As if you let go the alignment with your divinity you are only letting go of your immensity of your consciousness. It is still there. You’re still in alignment. It is not going anywhere, but you allow your consciousness to come with you as you flow down that alignment into your higher self. 

As you are here you are beginning to feel the pull of the earth plane once more.  You are beginning to feel the pull of your lifetime that you are living.  As you are here within the All That Is have a conscious intention of also integrating that ball of energy that you sent into the earth. And as you do so, as you allow that energy to be integrated within your higher self it continues to stream through moving down until you begin to come back within your physical reality.   

As you allow your consciousness to come back within and around you allow your mental body to feel that relaxation of knowing that you’re in balance and you’re in alignment.  Allow your emotions to have that experience of knowing and then within your physical body let it move through every cell within your body.  Let it circulate throughout you so your bones, your ligaments, all you are in this physical life, feel, know, and integrate that immense expansion of who you are.  The spiritual and light bodies that are around you swirl through giving you that support of the universe. 

As you are looking around you can feel and know how this lifetime that you are living is in the flow of balance with the rest of your divinity.  You now know how you can make that alignment with those aspects of you, or that energy that is you, so as to create change if you so desire.

Alright beloved family as you are now moving through the days, your time upon the earth, I invite you to have that conscious knowledge that you did create that new alignment not only within your consciousness, not only your divinity that aligned to you to you first and foremost. 

Know that through that alignment that is streaming in to your mental body, your emotional, your physical, your spiritual, your light body, everything is there.  Everything is in alignment and everything is in balance. 

As you are creating within your life create from the knowledge and the space of who you are not as the physical person, but as you as the physical person reflecting all of your divinity.  You have arrived!

 Beloved family, know that I am always with you and within you.





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