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This is Shelly Dressel and this is the question and answer session that goes with the Goddess Light teleconference. The questions are specific to the individuals that ask them, yet I find that there’s a common thread, and there’s oftentimes an answer that many other people will find in what is being asked.

Sometimes the volume is not as high as some of the others individuals, but this is just due to the recording and I’ve done the best I can to make everything audible for you.

You may find this, and other channels, on my

Thank you.


You may press *6 upon your phone and that will bring you into the queue if you would like to ask questions this evening.

Question 1: Hello? (Hello). Hi Goddess. Thank you so much, that was a really great meditation. That was nice. I’m feeling really good.

Excellent. You’re welcome.

Caller: I have a question: I’ve had this cough for about three weeks, and I was wondering if you could help me with that.

When we initially link with you, and we’re looking at your lungs and looking at what the cough is, it gives us a sense of detoxifying. Your lungs are another way in which – and your breathing and coughing and anything along that line – is another way that people detoxify in their life or in their environment.

So that’s our initial thought of what is going on with you. It also feels like it’s a little bit aggravated perhaps by allergies or something else. What we are going to do, if you invite us to, is take a deep breath in, and let you focus go down as if you are going inside your lungs. And what we are doing is we’re swirling down inside your lungs and then we’re clearing out the energy. As we do so we feel it comes up, comes up –WHEW!

And then blow it out and just send it out from you. And that’s where we felt called to go to initially. But next we feel this sense of going up within your sinuses. So we invite you to breathe in, this time almost as if you are breathing in your focus upward and you’re breathing through your sinuses.

We see this ball of light just swirling through your sinuses and your head clearing things out –whew!- and then letting it go. Whew!

So we think that the majority of this has just been kind of stuck energy or a residual from…it feels like it started off as a cold or allergy and it just kept things being triggered and it never fully released or cleared out what was going on with you.

It does not feel to us as if it is an infection or anything like that. More so, at this point, it feels like just an aggravation, so to speak.

Can you feel a change in yourself at all?

Caller: Maybe a little bit in my nose. Kind of a tingling.

A tingling sensation?

Caller: I little vibration. (Exactly. Exactly). A little vibration in my nasal cavity now. Wow! That’s awesome.

Good. Good. Well we’re glad. So we’ll put the intention that that will continue to work through these areas. And so even though you felt it mostly in your nasal cavity, it’s also working in the rest of your sinuses, and it’s also working in your lungs, that everything will be in balance and that everything will be cleared out.

But it feels like this was -- you were already over the worst of it. It was more so just an aggravation.

Caller. Yes. And it was.

Just be done. Just be done.

Caller: Yes. Yes.

We hear you.

Caller: And I knew that you could help and I’m glad I got through to you. I’m so tired of this. The last three weeks have been awful. And I thank you.

You’re very welcome. And let me do one last thing because especially as you spoke of that, we have a sense of you being very tired like you haven’t been able to sleep really well.

And so we’re just going to send one more wave of energy swirling it down through and just kind of clearing it out and anything else that may be in your body, so that you can sleep well and that you can feel the rest and you can feel the energy, so that you’ll have more energy. Whew! (Thank you) You’re welcome.

Well good luck with that. We hope you feel completely well soon.

Caller: I’ll let you know. Thank you. (Good, good.) Okay.

Question 2:  Hello Goddess. I was wondering – I don’t know right now if I should be acting or allowing. It seems that I have a tendency to anticipate things that are changing, and I go and I do all this stuff and I feel like I’m sitting waiting for it to happen.

Sometimes it’s like months and months. And it’s like well why did you get me so excited to do that and then I wait. I don’t know if I’m bringing that on myself or, you know, I just don’t know. Am I just supposed to allow these things to happen or am I – I don’t know. That’s what I’m confused about.

Answer: Right. This was the perfect meditation for you, because you are a doing type of person. You have a lot of energy around you. You have a lot of movement around you. As we link with you and feel your energy, you feel like you’re very dynamic and you’re one of those people that is always in motion, always has a plan, and is always doing this or that.

So it feels like, in terms of what you’ve been creating, that you have done all the groundwork, that you have set it all in motion, and then it feels like there’s a bit of a wall that you come up against.

It feels like the wall is there in part because of resistance. And that resistance, we sense, is coming from you feeling frustration, because it hasn’t manifested. And then it grows upon itself until it’s created this wall. It’s like we see you standing there in front of a brick wall just kind of tapping your head against a wall.

Does that resonate with you beloved?

Caller: Oh yeah. Yes.

Okay. So what we would like to do then is help you get rid of that wall, so that you can allow this more to come in. So the short answer to what you said is yes this is about allowing. That’s your next step. So we’ll see if we can’t help you get rid of this resistance so that it will make it easier for you.

So if you will take a deep breath in for a minute. As you breathe in deeply that allows us to come down within you. We’re just swirling throughout your body and we’re swirling throughout your energy field. And then as you are ready to breathe out consciously have a sense of sending out a ball of light. Whew! And as you send it out – whew! We have a sense of just seeing it like a ball of energy that just moves out from you and blasts through that wall.

As it does so, we’re feeling like this breath of wind, almost like this breeze of energy that’s now coming through where that resistance was in place.

Can you feel what we are talking about?

Caller: Yeah, I feel kind of almost relief.

Relief, excellent. Okay, and so that was the first step – was getting rid of what had become like a barrier around you.

(Hold on a second. For some reason when Shelly was talking before it didn’t seem to be an issue, but now her throat is back there with that first question.)

So coming back to this – as we are looking at you the wall was the biggest form of the resistance because it was representing the days, the weeks, the I think you said a few months, that it hadn’t happened.

So, what we would like for you to do as you continue to feel that shift or that release within you, have a sense of consciously keeping in mind what it is that you are seeking to have; especially when you are up in the All That Is. You were really working with that template. You were really working with that space.

And so if you will once more work with it again. Tweak it if you need to. And then let those energies just flow down in and around you. And then send them out in waves from you.

And what you are going to do is create a vibrational alignment all the way around you. You can send it out towards whatever it is that you intend to have. You can send it in such a way that you feel relaxed and comfortable.

If you find yourself feeling frustrated or thinking it hasn’t happened again, then let that be the trigger to say oh, that’s right – breathe in and let that ball of energy swirl through you again and then breathe out just to find relief. Because people don’t realize just how powerful their energies of disappointment can be. We’re saying it to you but it’s by no means you, this is probably more than 50% of humans go through life based on disappointment that things have not happened, that it hasn’t been the time that it’s not what they wanted when they finally got it; so all sorts of things like that.

And that’s why I created this meditation for everyone tonight. Does that resonate with you beloved?

Caller: Yes. Yes.


So, for you, we consciously shifted and helped you to get rid of that brick wall. We also shifted the vibration inside of you so that it’s more relaxed and more comfortable. And then you can use that fountain of energy from the star. Or you can reach out towards your divinity and the Universe and then just consciously feel like a wave of that energy of alignment goes through you.

If you need to do this fifty times a day, or if you need to do this just in the morning when you wake up, or just when you go to sleep, you will find that that is how you can shift your energy into what is more allowing and then, the sense that we get is that what you are seeking has been there and it has been around you, it has just not been able to come in.

And it feels like it’s going to be a little different than the way you were anticipating. And so that’s why you either didn’t see it, or whatever. But anyway, we don’t even know exactly what it is. We just have this sense of an energy that’s waiting there in anticipation and it’s just beside you. And we just get this sense that it might be a little bit different than you were thinking.

Not sure if that makes sense to you (It does.), but that’s how it’s coming across.

Caller: It’s not what I thought, but it’s there.

But it’s there. And it’s still the essence of what you are seeking it just feels like it’s coming in a different form. Or it’s more than what you want. Or is looks a little different. There’s something that just …it’s like we see a vibration of your expectation and then what it is, is not the exact similarity to your vibration, but it’s there. It’s not an exact replica of your vibration, but it’s just very similar.

Caller: Okay. That helps me a lot. Thank you so much.

Good. You’re welcome, beloved.



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