Thanksgiving Message

Message from the Goddess of Creation

Greatings Beloved Family!

I wish to first of all reach out and wrap my arms around all of humanity~~ It is as if that which is based in fear is rising to the surface to be released.  I would say to you, be aware of this and make every effort NOT to step into the fear.  

As I look around the world I see many extremes. There are those in huge lack, fear and more.  I see others in huge abundance, ease and flow.  Is one right or wrong? No, they are but experiences of the human life.  Ahhh, I can feel people becoming upset by these words. What I would say to you is take a moment and breathe deeply with me:

Breathe in~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  Breathe out~~~~~~~~~~~~

Breathe in~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Breathe out~~~~~~~~

When you get caught up in your life or in the media or in things happening around you, you sometimes forget to breathe.  This pulls you into the energy and it helps no one, most especially YOU!!

The extremes in life come to the surface so that people may release.  There are great changes taking place although it may be you don't see them as yet.  We, all the angels, the beings of light are here in support of the world and right now, send into you, the collective consciousness and the earth itself the energy of balance.  The energy of love.  The energy of compassion.  

Change is here. Change is happening. We infuse our intention that this becomes a reality for one and all.  

May you know that you are not alone. May you know that you are loved. May you know that change is happening!!


Thank you for taking the time to breathe with the Goddess and open to a balanced potential!  At this time of Thanksgiving in the US, it's in my heart to share for a moment, of for which I'm thankful. I feel so blessed to have this gift of channeling the Goddess and all the light being. I feel so blessed to have met the many, many people who I work with one on one and through the groups. 

May you find a time and space for gratitude within your life; if only for a moment!!

Much love,


spiritdiver 27th November 2014 4:57 pm

Hi Shelly,

Thank you for your work and the Divine messages you bring us. I sincerely hold a reverence for you and your gifts.

All the best to you and yours this Thanksgiving,


Shelly Dressel 8th December 2014 2:48 am

You're welcome Leanne! I appreciate you reaching out to me. I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one and this holiday season is filled with joy~~~



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