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This is Shelly Dressel and this is the question and answer session that goes with the Goddess Light teleconference. The questions are specific to the individuals who ask them, yet I find that there’s a common thread, and there’s oftentimes an answer that many other people will find in what is being asked.

Sometimes the volume is not as high as some of the other individuals, but this is just due to the recording and I’ve done the best I can to make everything audible for you.

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You may press *6 upon your phone and that will bring you into the queue, and I am happy to answer those questions that I am able.

Question 1: Hello? (Hello.) Hi Goddess. This is Virginia O’Hara. How are you? (Hello Virginia. Welcome.)

It is my delight and that was a beautiful session. Thank you very much. I have big things going on in my life. I have decided to move from Pennsylvania to Florida, which is a very, very good thing. And I was just looking for some insights, and to help me put some visibility around the house I want to buy down there, so we can sell this one and get the other one.

Do you have any insights for me? On the home, or the move. You know me Goddess, I’m a water puppy. There’s a pool, a hot tub, I’m six blocks from the beach. I won’t be up here on the mountain alone anymore, and I’m very grateful for that. Is there something you can add to this to help me with the transition, and just any insight you have on that one.

Answer: Beloved, we want to begin by applauding you for taking this dramatic change within your life. We remember working with you in the past and looking at subtle potentials around you, and this was one that was always there. It feels to us as if you have wanted to make a move or have desired it, but it was just so far in the horizon as to be a very subtle nuance of a potential.

So the fact that you have shifted your energy and have taken these steps that you have taken, we believe it has way more ramifications upon your life than what you are already believing.

We see that you still need to take time to – it’s almost like we see you doing a ceremony around your lake, around your house, around your yard. As if you are saying a good-bye ceremony. There is so much of your energy that was fully implanted within the space that you’ve lived for all these years that you had no intention of leaving for an indefinite period of time, so therefore, it feels like there is still a part of you that is linked within that space.

Now, your energy is fully blended with where you are going in Florida and that all feels very fine to us. So it feels like this letting go and for some reason we just keep getting a ceremony, do some sort of a ceremony. As you do that, and as a part of that ceremony, we are with you and consciously bringing that awareness into the other people. Like, for example into the real estate agents, into the potential people that are going to come and buy your house. It feels like there’s movement on the house, but it doesn’t feel like until June. It doesn’t feel like it’s immediate.

Caller: You know what? I can tell you this: there’s already five people that want to look at it.

Excellent! Excellent.

Caller: The bugs aren’t even out. ******

So it may very well be that it closes in June, and that’s the movement that we’re picking up on.

Anyway, our sense is that this is a very good move for you. That you need to do that little ceremony, of whatever it may be, it will all come to you. And that when you are working with your place in Florida, and what you are creating there, it still feels as if it’s a little bit foreign, to a degree.

So, once you have said your good-byes with where you are now, as you put out your heart, we see like this rainbow that goes from where you are now into your space in Florida and it’s as if you shift your consciousness and your home place or your home base down into that new location.

As you do that then it feels like everything snaps together, and everything falls into place, and it all happens with ease.

Caller: Perfect. I’m doing that right now. Is there anything else that you would like to tell me about it? I’m so excited, I mean, you can tell. I’ve finally made this decision. My house is going on the market next Saturday, Goddess willing. And, you know, I’ve had my friends here sage-ing it and doing all sorts of cleaning. Is there anything you see that I need to do other than what I’m doing or is there anything else you’d like to add to that?

Thank you very much for acknowledging that yes this is a great leap and boy isn’t it time. Because you know I’m a water puppy and I’m going to be six blocks away from the beach. I do talk to the dolphins, as you know.

Yes. And swim with them. We see you actually creating some sort of swimming with the dolphin thing down there. We feel it’s more so with wild dolphins as opposed to those that are trained.

Caller: Fabulous!

And so we see that this is going to open up doors that as yet they are but a bit of a potential. And so we see this all happening smoothly and just be open and allow the ideas and potentials to flow through you because there is no limit.

Caller: Thank you Goddess. You have no idea how much I needed that confirmation. And lots of love to you and to Shelly for doing what you do, so beautifully and wonderfully and I’ll step aside because I know there’s other questions. Actually there’s less questions on the Awakenet as well, just so you know. But lots of love and kisses, kisses and honoring. Thank you very much. God bless.

You’re welcome. Thank you for all of that.

Caller: Goddess. I mean God Us.

Ha, Ha. Good one.

Question 2: Hi Goddess. (Hello).Thank you so much for that journey, it really resonates. My question is regarding this past life issue I’ve been dealing with. I feel like I cleared it a lot, but I’m just wondering if you can give me some more insight. And I like quit cigarettes and I think I’m done clearing it, but I was hoping you could help me with that. Understand it and clear it a little bit more.

Answer: We’re having a little bit of a hard time hearing you. What we heard was about a past life experience and about quitting cigarettes. It feels like you’ve already done that. But are you in the process of doing that, or it’s complete?

Caller: I feel like it’s complete, but I was just wondering if I’ve cleared everything from that past life. You know, if there’s any residue or anything to clear you could help me with it and have a greater understanding.

As we are looking at you and taking in what you are asking us about, we are also seeing you on the journey of what you were doing tonight. Because especially as you saw the perception of your life, you were working with everything that you have done. With what you have let go of and with what you are creating.

We see you as making some very dramatic changes in your life. And that there’s been a lot of overriding kind of heavy energy that’s been stuck to you for quite some time. And you’ve spent the last, it feels like several months, doing a very thorough clearing out of these energies.

And we see it as complete. We see that what you were doing on your journey tonight is really embracing new beginnings for yourself. It feels like it involves better health, a new location, a new experience. It feels like there’s so much that’s right here with you now, and it’s about you making whatever choices are going to work for you as you are stepping into this new reality. Does that resonate with you?

Caller: Yeah, it does. I feel like there’s a lot of new beginnings, a lot of potentials for me right now. It’s all very exciting. I don’t really know the specifics yet.

Exactly. Well they will continue to open up for you. It does not have to be all-knowing to you immediately. It can all just unfold with greater ease.

But one of the things we will say is that you spoke of, you asked us if there was any residue left with this past life, and it feels like it’s 99% clear but it felt like, a hologram you could say, just a little bit that was left there in terms of the memory of it, so to speak.

So what we would like you to do is breathe inside yourself for a moment, and as you are doing so, we are linking with you. And as we are breathing with you and as we are moving our energies through, its like we are creating a whirlwind and then (whew!). We are just going to send that through. (whew!) And we have a sense (whew!) that we’ve set these three separate pulses just kind of clearing out any past life connection, any connections in your current life that were aligned with those other things.

And now it feels like it took it, that final little snap that it needed to be able to go where it needed to go. Can you feel that shift for yourself too?

Caller: I can. Definitely.

Excellent. Excellent. So now we would say step forward into embracing what you are seeking to have and now step forward into these new opportunities. And it feels like you should expand beyond what you’ve thought you that you might like to do. It just feels like there’s something that’s in that space of the unknown, but when we see you and when we see these opportunities, it’s as if you are not – how do we want to say this – as if you could do more than what you are giving yourself credit for. Or, as if you have more potential of opportunities to either go places or do things than what you’ve given yourself credit for.

So we would say start pushing out the boundaries and pushing out the borders to allow for even greater potentials to come into you.

Caller: Okay. Do you have any advice about the best way to go about that in my daily life?

What we would say is when you wake up in the morning, have a sense of just taking in a few breaths like three or four breaths. And with every breath you take in, you let it link inside of you so you are fully connected to the breath. Then as you breathe out have a sense of consciously pushing out as if you are clearing out and pushing out your boundaries. And then at various times during the day, for example, if perhaps you are driving or perhaps you’re in a meeting or talking to somebody. In one of those situations that you do in your everyday life and you again breathe down within you, and then you push out the energies. Expand the energies around whatever you are doing in any given situation, and what you do with that is you are expanding your boundaries to open to more potential.

Caller: Okay. Sounds good.

Okay. Very good then. Thank you.

Caller: Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question 3: Hi shelly, it’s Rhonda, can you hear me? Yes I can. I don’t know how to do this, I have a couple questions in the Awakenet. Do you want me to give them both to you or do you want me to go back into the queue for the second one.

Answer: Lets go ahead and take one and I see there are about 5 other people with questions in line here so I think we’ll need to have you go into the line and we will come to you, you know what I mean come back around to you if we can.

Caller: His the *61 again, right?

 Correct, I don’t know what it is, *6 I think.

Caller: Okay, Jeanne wants to know. She’s been having some difficulty and wants to know if her hormones and thyroid will rebalance themselves. Now I’m going to click over to wave out so that they can hear the answer in the room. You’ll hear a click.

What we’re inviting Jeanne to do is to take a deep breath in because there are a lot of people in the room and we want to make sure we link with Jeanne.

Okay, you do feel out of balance. It feels as if some of this is the natural rhythm of your body. It feels like menopause type symptoms because you feel very hot associated with this. If you are not in menopause and this is maybe the thyroid is causing you to feel very hot; it just feel like some of these symptoms are a normal part of what your body goes through in the course of life. Some of this feels normal and natural; especially as we look at your thyroid. It feels as if your thyroid feels swollen to us and as if it’s enlarged and it feels as if it’s not functioning at its appropriate level.

So what we’re going to do is infuse a sense of balanced energy inside of you. We see it starting at the top of your head and actually we’re hearing several other people say they want to do it too. So anyone who’d like to experience this, we’re breathing this balanced energy down through you. It goes down through your head, it’s now at your neck and in particular your thyroid. What’s interesting is that we see this energy shimmering back and forth as it’s moving through your neck and going down through the rest of your body.

As it’s moving through you it’s creating a sense of balance or like a beam of light that goes through the middle of you and everything creates a balance to go through that beam of light. As that’s happening, when we get to the bottom we are consciously clearing out; and again we have a sense of doing this for a whole group of people. We’re clearing out whatever was there. As you come back into balance we feel like this will help you to a degree, but we also see you getting either an herbal supplement or something that works to help balance in a very physical manner.

Does this resonate with her Rhonda? We know you need to do those clicky things.

Caller: I had to do the clicky things. She said yes she is in menopause, but she’s not hot. On the thyroid, there is pain. She saw the energy coming through. She just said this is fantastic and she’s getting heard.

 Good, good excellent! Okay, okay that sounds great. And just let her know that even though she didn’t feel hot, the fact that we felt hot may have been to indicate that her body is going through menopause. Sometimes things come back as a symbol to us as opposed to what you actually may be feeling.

Caller: Thank you! Bye bye.

Question 4: Hello Shelly, this is Bridget. (Hello, how are you?) Fine. I was wondering about my Chakras, if they were cleared, especially my root. I have a feeling my root isn’t so cleared. If this is caused by past lives, do I have anything in my past life that is still there.

Answer: You know when we just did that symbol and we were helping that individual right before you. We saw that going through you and clearing out your energies. How perfectly aligned that was to have two people back to back who were doing the same thing!

We can see that there is debris that is still in your root center but we felt your other centers were pretty clear; your sacral a little bit too. It feels like your heart and up and your solar plexus and up are very clear and that you focus a lot of your energy upon that. Many people like that because that is what links you to the universe and to your divinity. So just as you are working with your own self, see it as that rod or that beam of light that comes down through you. That automatically balances everything as it goes. If anything is over expanded it brings it back into balance. If anything is under expanded it helps it to expand it and clear it out.

But we’re just going to take a moment and focus upon your root center right now. Whew, whew, whew we have a sense of just drawing out these energies of some of what that debris was in there. There we go! Was it past life? It’s hard to really say per se. It feels like there is a lot that’s been happening in transition in your life right now. Some may or may not be connected to past life; some may be just that you are in this dramatic transition within your life.

If you allow your focus to be upon number one finding balance inside of yourself but secondly using that as an opportunity to just go in and see each chakra as being cleared. If your intention is to clear out past lives, you don’t even have to go back and analyze or realize what they are. Just that intention to let go and clear them will help that to happen. Okay beloved?

Caller: Okay, thank you.

You’re welcome.

Question 5: Hello Goddess (Hello) it’s Norma. I had a question about…. I’ve been looking for a nursing job, but I haven’t nursed in about 20 years and I’m not getting any response what so ever. Can you give me any feedback on what I need to do?

Answer: We see you taking a course. It doesn’t feel like a refresher course for nursing, but it feels like a type of course that helps to train you in something. It feels like it’s perhaps in insurance doing coding or insurance doing project management or something along that line. For some reason we see insurance around it and we see numbers. It feels like it’s a course that trains you in this aspect then you have your nursing experience behind you that also comes into play. Is that anything that you’ve looked at?

Caller: no, but I’ve had a head injury. I used to work in accounting 40 years ago but since my head injury I’ve not been able to work well with figures or anything like that.

Hmmm, okay well when you asked what type of nursing that was the first thing that came to us. So perhaps we would still recommend that you look at it and just see if there’s something along that line that may come to you. It may have the numbers, but it’s also about evaluating a person, be it hospital experiences or something in which you are reading material; it just feels something like that. It may be something that you’re not interested in, but it may be a door that opens to other things.

The other potential that we saw as we were looking at things came up as like a nurse resource. Again, this feels like perhaps with insurance companies. When clients that have their insurance want to call in and just ask advice ‘this is going on with either themselves or their family members’ and do they need to go seek help or is there something you can help them with over the phone. It’s like a help line. Maybe it’s through the hospital or maybe….we’re still getting insurance again. It just feels like something else and you call on this phone line or people call into you; but again it feels like nontraditional type nursing but something you can do for sometimes four hours a day instead of the longer days. It just has different and random hours, so that flexibility might appeal to you. Does that resonate with you at all?

Caller: yes it does.

The foundation of both of these feel like they are in the insurance company so that’s where we would direct you to look. See if something comes up with that. It is perhaps possible through a doctors; look for nurse resource or resource nurse or help desk nurse or help nurse; those type of key phrases as you’re looking for work and see if that doesn’t open things up for you.

Caller: Okay, thank you so very much.

You’re welcome. We do see you getting work.

Caller: Oh good! I’m glad to hear that.

It feels like it’s part time, it doesn’t feel full time but it feels like it’s something that will keep you occupied and bring in some extra income.

Caller: That would be great.

Okay, excellent.

Caller: thank you so much.

You’re welcome.

Question 6: Hello Goddess (Hello) I’ve been having an issue on and off for probably the past year of not being able to get along with anyone or people not being able to get along with me either. They irritate me or I irritate them. I’m finding that I’m not the only one going through this type of experience and I was just wondering if you have any insight on this.

Answer: it feels like the root cause of this is that you are not being true to yourself or you are not honoring yourself. It feels like you are staying in a situation that is not in your best interest or maybe work is not in your best interest. You know you can be in either one of those situations and it can be okay. But because there’s a part of you inside that feels you are not being true to yourself or you are not honoring yourself, that’s why it’s coming across as if you are disgruntled with life and disgruntled with people. It becomes abrasive to yourself and to others. Does that resonate with you at all?

Caller: in a way, yes.

So what we would say to you, let us digress for just a moment here because you said you’ve noticed this in others and we understand exactly what you are talking about because we too have seen this in people. As the energies continue to shift on the earth and as more and more of the crystalline energies or the higher vibrational energies come into the earth, what it’s doing is creating a sense of greater clarity in people’s lives. People cannot always hide behind the other things that they may be doing in their lives or that they have in their lives and remain in that place of disconnect; especially when it’s someone such as yourself who is actively seeking to have greater divinity and greater spirituality in her life.

So if it’s not clear to you what part of you, you feel you may be disconnected from then we would say go inside and begin to understand with makes you happy. It feels as if you reconnect within yourself and you find the little things that make you feel happy. That is a strong foundation and from there more and more will unfold. We don’t see you necessarily having huge dramatic changes in your life but it’s more so about you finding that place inside of you that makes you happy. As you begin to honor it and make subtle changes in your life it’s like a wave that goes out from you and many other things begin to change.

We see that you are standing here like with your foot in one place and in another place and it’s like you’ve been bouncing back and forth on these uneven things and no wonder it makes you feel irritable and disgruntled with life and with many things. So as you find that place inside of yourself and you reconnect then it’s going to spread out an encompass many other things.

Caller: okay, that makes sense.


Caller: thank you very much. Good bye.

You’re welcome, good bye. This may be the last one, we’ll see.

Question 7: Hi! So sorry, I wasn’t prepared! I didn’t think I’d get on. (Laughter) Just like whoa, wait a minute, that’s me!! (more laughter) That is cool. God, I’ve a zillion questions but essentially when I do this with you and I meditate on my own I get into this beautiful space. But the day to day other chaos around me and the extraordinary pain I deal with in my body; I just get sucked back down in again. I was wondering if by chance tonight I moved enough for that to be occasional instead of constant. My body keeps letting me down. I get excited, I make these plans, I want to put my house on the market and do all these projects and then I can’t physically sustain to do them. It’s causing me to become very discouraged and also be angry with myself because I always keep breaking my word that I’m going to do this or what I planned or accomplishing a goal. I’m wondering if there is something I could do to move this out of the way so I can move forward.

Answer: You know we do see you on this journey and we see you really working. We see you were one of the ones who connected with the central spiritual sun. We saw as you did that it really cleared out a lot of energies. It feels like a lot of pain that you’ve been feeling in your body….. it’s hard to describe our perception of it, but its like things have shorted out inside of you. So when you consider something that has shorted out, it’s that there’s an impulse, giving out and impulse, but it’s not being connected on the other side. So that’s another way of showing a disconnect on a very physical level. That’s our perception of what you were feeling.

So what we saw happen to you as you really blended with the central spiritual sun and that beautiful immense divinity; what you allowed yourself to do…’s like we see you are standing there with your shoulders back, your head back, and you just almost like fall into this complete love and complete awareness. We see it just washing over you. As it’s doing so, we see things just falling off your back and falling off just all around you. We see this stream of energy that you have created that is comes down into you in your physical reality. As we are speaking of this we invite you to just close your eyes for a minute and open up your senses, even if you put your shoulders back like we were just speaking of and have that sense of the golden flow of energy and love; just let it kind of pour down into you. Whew! Boy we can really feel it opening, not opening but like you’re just standing under this huge flow of energy.

As that’s going through you what we see you doing is that you are reconnecting with that space of balance and love and connection. That is the key, it’s connected. As you let that move through you, you can re-affirm that this has cleared out everything. You have already done the clearing out, now it’s a matter of your human reality or your human person accepting that as a truth and accepting that greater balance and accepting that greater balance within you. Does that make sense to you beloved?

Caller: Yes, yes because I’m actually continuously aware of the multiple aspects of me. I understand that the human aspect of me is at odds with the spiritual aspect because the spiritual aspect knows what it can do and the human is not accepting it and doing it. So yes, that makes a lot of sense to me.

By opening to this flow especially when its love from the central sun like that its unconditional. You don’t have to explain yourself; you don’t have to prove yourself. So your human person can simply be in that flow without consciously thinking about things. When you take away that having to prove yourself which is what your human self thinks it needs to do, it’s what takes you around the bend or into that new perception or into that new space that will truly allow things to go with a much greater ease.

Caller: oh boy, that would be really nice!

This is what’s happening to not only you but many other people. It’s the human self that becomes analytical, that becomes driven. It’s what I spoke of at the very beginning here about people that as a human felt they had to prove themselves for love or had to do certain things to be deserving of love. When you are in this alignment with the central spiritual sun you are automatically in the flow of unconditional love. Now you are already in that flow from your divinity. So you do not have to be separated in your everyday life from your divinity. The more that you allow that to blend in and move through you, the greater ease you will have in your everyday life.

Caller: so it would be good for us to connect with this light and this energy on a regular basis so we can keep the flow going, right?

Absolutely!!! We were just going to say that’s what we see you doing. That’s what we see you’ve been looking for, for yourself. That’s what you’ve created tonight.

Caller: oh cool. So basically do the visual of leaning back and letting that pour through and that will create the automatic connection.

Exactly. And you see by allowing things to flow through you with that kind of ease is taking away all the judgment, taking away the sense of needing to deserve it; all of those things that come up as a part of being human. That continuous flow like that then is then going to open up so many things within your life. The foundation of everything is your relationship within you, for you. This flow of unconditional love and awareness is a big step about allowing and helping you to open up to what is always there.

Caller: ah, that is beautiful! Thank you, thank you so very much!! Bless you for always being here for us, we are so grateful.

Ah, you’re very welcome beloved. Thank you for saying that.

For the others we could not get to, we do apologize. We of course send our flow, out love and our energy. We invite you to somehow let us know and we will take you first next time.

We are sending out energetically answers to questions people have even if they didn’t go into the queue. Know that we are always here and available to you. Know that there is this complete and unconditional love. That love is always within you with your own divinity. We but come behind you and amplify it for you.



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