The Freedom in Consciousness

There is such a spectacular energy that aligns the Earth and Universe.  It’s called consciousness.  Consciousness is within everything; animals, trees, grass, humans, the universe & earth.  The universal consciousness affects the stars and constellations which in turn supports us.  Our expanding DNA is what creates the alignment with universal light or the universal consciousness. 

You may ask why does this matter.   It does because as the vibration of the earth continues to rise, so too does the consciousness.  If you are open to the higher vibration, the higher dimensions, the expanded DNA you can be much more so in the flow within your own life.  This is what allows you to experience greater ease within your life. It allows you to feel loved and nurtured from your divinity.

As you consider freedom in your life, what does that look like?  Is freedom releasing a relationship? Is it letting go of an old pattern?  Perhaps is freedom the foundation for joy in your life in whatever form that may take. 

This meditation gives you the opportunity to really experience the power, the depth and the expansiveness of the universe.  You realize all that we feel in this journey is still just a drop of the expansion of consciousness.  BUT it is a doorway for you to experience more.


Nama sika; Venia benya, I AM the One, I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out and allow my love, my support, my awareness to flow into and around you wherever you may be within your life. 

I come with joy.  I come with excitement to have this time with you to share the energies of the earth and to assist you with allowing your own energies to flow up with a much greater awareness into you divinity.

We speak at length during these journeys about that alignment between you and your divinity.  Sometimes people don’t have that same understanding or perception of what we speak.  There is no right or wrong. 

What you do need to open up and allow for an understanding to come into you is an acknowledgment that you as a human choose to come into this lifetime and experience life with all the many things with which it has to offer you.  So too there needs to be that understanding that you are so much more than this life. 

You are a beautiful, evolved individual who has lived lifetime after lifetime on many different planes of existence.  Those lifetimes, those experiences, those vibrations are all aligned within your divinity.  That is who you truly are.  That is a source of unconditional love, of acceptance, of allowing for you to have this life experience that you are having. 

The energy that aligns you with the human to your divinity is a thread, or a cord of light.  For some it may seem as if that cord has a zig zagging pattern; for others it may be as wide open as who you are connecting you to source.  For the majority of people there are times in which it is open and times in which it seems a micro millimeter, micro, micro millimeter thread. 

What I wish for you to know is whether it is small or large you are connected to your divinity.  Make a choice in this now moment to be open to allow that vibration and that alignment to open up for you.  Already I can feel people expanding and I can feel more of your divinity moving into you in your earthly existence.  This is why we do these teleconferences.  This is why we seek to find ways in which to assist you in having the life that you truly wish to have. 

The foundation is God, Goddess, source essence as it is reflected and is empowered within you; you as your divinity, you as the human.

I invite you to take in another breath.  Breathe all the way down into your heart center.  Send that energy into the earth as you so choose and then let it stream up from you going out in that column of light until you find yourself within your higher self.  Look around at what this is.  Look around at the energies of the projects and the things that you might be working on within your life.  This is a place created by you both as your human and as your divinity.  It is a place to blend and merge and flow that energy of the high vibration and the universal light and the earth. 

Allow your consciousness to stream even further.  As it flows out into the space of the universe or the universal light you find yourself moving in to the energy of your divinity.  This is you as your I AM presence, your All That Is.  This is you as the divinity of your energy and life experiences within this space.

I invite you to have a conscious intention of opening up and expanding your conscious awareness so that you may have an even greater perception of who you are.  I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace you as your human you, as your divinity, and as we do so we shift consciousness into the All That Is.  Feel what this space is.  Feel these energies.

We always have so much to share with you, to talk with you about during these channels and I wish to take a moment at the beginning here to continue on with that cellular regeneration from the last time that we were together. (Speaking of the teleconference from June 21, 2015)  If this is your first time hearing about it or if you were a part of that last experience I invite you to take a moment and as if you are going down inside yourself. 

Allow your consciousness to go into the consciousness of all of who you are within the All That Is so that you may align with that signature cell as I called it.  That cell which is the primary cell within your body, so that you may go to that core essence of where you seek to make changes within your life.  Take just a moment.  Allow yourself to merge with the energy of what this is. 

I recognize that this is abstract and everyone has a different perspective of what that may be, but it is as if this cell is huge and immense.  Allow your consciousness to move into the cell so that you may have a deeper alignment to the consciousness of this cell. 

What is consciousness?  Does it comprise the things that you know or that you have learned in this lifetime?  Is there a consciousness to trees, animals, humans?  Indeed there is.  Is it the same or different? 

Humanity has that perception that human is one, animal is another, trees are another, grass, earth, the collective consciousness that all of these different variations of consciousness are just that different. 

There is a true source of consciousness that is not only out here within the universe, but it is within every cell of any being that has a cellular structure.  As you feel the energies for the foundation of your signature cell or your cell that represents who you are in this lifetime.

I invite you as if it is opening up in front of you see the strands of DNA as they unfold.  You may use as an illustrator those 2 strands that seem to twist upon themselves.  In addition to those as if going out in parallel energies there are multiple additional strands.  So too there are the strands that align them together or hold them is a space of balance. 

The consciousness of higher vibrations is integrated within your DNA.  Therefore as you seek to expand the consciousness for who you are, what life is to you, the choices that you are making; there is an alignment that is taking place within your DNA in those nonphysical levels of consciousness that is working to create a supportive balance for you. 

What does that mean?  It means that the more you integrate these energies of the universe through these expanded levels of your DNA you can create a shift or a transformation in your consciousness that will assist you as you live your life. 

I wish to speak of this in greater detail so that you would somewhat know: there is the source of the universal light that sends out a vibration throughout the universe that gets picked up, not only by the planets and the constellations; but by you as your I AM presence. And all of that then transmits the energy down towards the earth plane.  It transmits it throughout the universe, but for your intents and purpose it is coming down into the earth plane and then working with all levels of consciousness upon the earth.

For those that intrinsically absorb this shift or adjustment in the vibration they integrate the adjustment and continue to move on living their lives; perhaps the animal kingdom,  perhaps the grass the trees.  Many, many humans automatically integrate these transitions that are taking place.  Your choice to open to this deeper alignment is what allows you to create within your life what you seek to have.

Yesterday was the celebration of independence in the country where Shelly lives.  So let’s look at independence first and foremost for you.  Take in a breath and allow your consciousness to open.  You may release that expanded energy of the cell if you so choose.  Let it go to where it is doing its work being open to receive.  If you so choose you may also look at your DNA or look at that cellular structure and see ways in which you can make a conscious choice. 

You need not look at every cell.  You need not become controlling about it.  You may only open to that intention.  Open to that awareness so as to create and manifest within your life. 

Coming back around as you take a deep breath in and you consider independence.  What does that mean to you?  Okay as I ask that question I heard so many different answers.  Let me shift our focus a bit. 

Is there something happening within your life that you would like to be independent from? In other words if there is something that you would like to release because it no longer  serves you so that you may move forward into a place of greater freedom and awareness. 

As you consider what that is within your life, while in this state of expansion ask yourself the question; why was it created in the first place?  What was the meaning or what was the intention for my personal growth because of that situation?  As is the case so very many times something that starts as a means of supporting you when you hang on to it too long it becomes something that is holding you back.  Acknowledge the reason.  Acknowledge whatever it may be so that you may receive and integrate all that is to your benefit and then you let it go.  ~whew~ 

As I observed some of you acknowledging the situation and then when I released it you were immediately reaching back trying to grab it again and bring it back into your life.  So perhaps some of these things that you consider burdens or that you consider holding you back need not be completely released, but instead modified. 

Allow your focus to go within once more breathing down within your consciousness and as you look around at that which is holding you back, that from which you seek to move on, allow yourself to do so, or to connect with whatever that is, so that you may once more align with those energies. 

As you take this moment to consider this I would like to keep.  This I no longer desire. You may do so with your consciousness, but you may also give it up.  Give it up to your divinity.  Give it up to I the Goddess, the Angels.  Let go the control of always having to decide what you need to keep and what you need to release. 

Then take a breath in, breathing all the way down within yourself, ~whew~, let it go.  Feel a wave of energy just wash through this space clearing out all that no longer serves you. 

Then as if to start from scratch, or to start from fresh, allow your consciousness once more to open out.  Look at your life.  Acknowledge what is working for you.  Let that be the foundation and then be open to receive even more.  Allow it to come from the space of your unconsciousness trusting that you as your divinity is going to line up and infuse into you all that you seek to have.

You may be conscious. You may be unconscious. You may be open to the flow.  You may be shut down.  You may be very clear in your expectation you may not have a clue, but you do have desires and you do seek fulfillment within your life. 

Whew as I said that I could just see so many of you just opening up; opening up to receive an even greater flow from your divinity, an even greater flow of the universal light.  Allow the consciousness of the universe and the consciousness of your divinity to be what merges and flows within you in your everyday life.  Allow it to move into your cellular structure so that it may integrate every part of who you are. 

If you had the freedom to manifest every single thing that you would like in your life.  What would it look like in this now moment?  Here within this space you have that freedom.  You have that alignment.  You have all that you seek.  Let’s open up the pathways.  Let’s send it down into you, or out or in, howsoever you perceive it.  Let’s send that energy into you.  It comes from the space of your divinity and it flows into you.  Take a deep breath in.  Feel your energies open to receive. 

There is limitless potential.  So recognize that as you manifest what you seek it may look different.  It may feel different at first.  It may come to you in a very convoluted way of which you never expected.  Be open to receive whatever that may be.  I feel adjustments taking place.  I feel integration moving through each one of you.  It does move into every cell within your body.  It does create an effect upon your DNA.  It does open up many opportunities to manifest. 

If you get too analytical and controlling, be it in expectation in how things will happen, it narrows everything down.  So remember to allow us to do what we do.  We’re working with those other people that need to come into your life.  We, all of the light beings and including your own self, are working to set up the scenarios so that you have what you seek to have. 

You asked, it is given so create that vibrational alignment so that you may see it, receive it, accept it, allow it in your everyday life; that’s what becomes the key.  The greater your alignment of these energies the greater the consciousness for your everyday life.  The more that you allow the consciousness of the universal light within your everyday life the more that you can ground into this human experience. 

Who would be without your human self?  Another human.  Another universal light being.  You would probably be living another lifetime or experience, but this is where you are and this now moment is where your focus needs to be.

You have limitless potential.  You have the opportunity to truly have the freedom and the consciousness to manifest all that you seek.  Feel it.  It moves within every level of you coming into through your physical, your emotional, your mental your spiritual and your light body so it comes down into you and expands outwards and it also goes within you and it goes in every direction.  Receive that limitless opportunity.

I invite you to come back again gathering as a circle or gathering as a group.  See coming up within you the hologram of the earth.  As you align with the hologram take a moment and look at the consciousness of the hologram.   Look at the consciousness of the awareness that flows within this space.  The hologram is created from the energy of what is happening upon the earth, but it is also created by the potential.  So infuse that potential of that expanded consciousness within the hologram. 

Open to the perception to how the alignment just naturally finds its way.  Infuse the intention that the universal light energy and that universal energy that comes from your own divinity flows within it and we all the light beings that are a part of this group infuse within this hologram the expanded consciousness that will diffuse everything of a lesser vibration and instead open to only love, only light. 

See how the hologram integrates all of that and as you release it you have that sense of it moving through time space reality.  As it moves you see it going through the magnetic grid of the earth clearing out old energies, clearing out old vibrations, clearing out old belief systems and it moves into the center of the earth aligning with the core essence of the earth and aligning with Gaia and as it expands getting bigger and bigger and bigger and it comes up through the earth. 

All that is yours comes up within you in your physical body and it clears out and it helps to balance and expand from that cellular structure throughout everything else.  The rest of the energy of the hologram clears out the energy of the earth, clearing out the consciousness of the earth so more of the higher light vibration of love may integrate and move through, not only the collective consciousness but each individual that is living upon the earth.  May they be open to accept and receive. ~whew~ 

Choose love.  Choose compassion in all that you do within your life. 

Allow your focus to once more shift back up here into the All That Is.  If there is any more of consciousness that you would like to remain out here allow it to do whatever it needs to do. And then you let the rest of your focus to come back as you link with your divinity.  Open up that door even wider.  Open up that alignment so that even more of your own divinity may flow within you, may flow through all the levels of who you are; both as consciousness and this human being. 

Let that move through you.  Let that stream down through your higher self.  Let that stream down coming back into you as the human; flowing throughout all your energy bodies and then connecting up and anchoring in; blending with that which was, integrated into the earth and came up through you. It came down and they merged together creating a solid alignment.  You can clear out your consciousness; you can clear out your unconscious and integrate more and more of that universal light. 

So as you seek more independence in your daily life you can see it around you.  You can see what you opportunities are you become aware of what is there and you are open to receive at all times.  Whew powerful and it is you! 

As you find your balance within your life allow that balance to be from you the human anchored upon the earth and open to your divinity.  Allow that balance to be the foundation of anything you do so that as you expand your consciousness, as you integrate more of the universal light within your consciousness, so that you may do so in a way that fully integrates within you.  It fully supports you and then you see those potentials and those opportunities around you. 

You are immense.  You are filled with light and love.  There is only love that is reflected within you from your source essence. 

Beloved family I am always with you and within you


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