The Harmonic Concordance - The Energy of the Lunar Eclipse

Nama Sika;  Venia Benya I AM the one;  I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light. I greet you with great joy and excitement that is permeating throughout all of the cosmos on this day. There is a great deal that is happening, both on the earth plane and out throughout the universe and into the Omniverse. This is a shift and a change that is occurring on every level that is imaginable. And it is with great joy and excitement that we participate in all that is taking place.

Allow yourself to move up into the magnetic grid work as it surrounds the earth. As you blend with this grid work you're meeting up with the amount of your I AM presence that is stored here, or that you keep here in this place, in which it is able to remain in expansion until your physical body is in a space in which it can hold this remainder of your I AM presence. As you're blending at this time, you find yourself having a sense of surrounding the earth. There are no limits. Your consciousness is everywhere at the same time.

At this time allow yourself to blend and merge with the crystalline grid work and you have a sense of filtering out, moving outward from the earth plane. We will remain for the time being with our consciousness within the crystalline grid. You may find that there is a portion of it that remains in the magnetic grid and you have a sense almost of separation. We wish to experience this so that you may keep your consciousness closer to the earth plane as we blend with the energies of the eclipse that is in the process of occurring.

From the space within the grid works you are able to have a sense of allowing your consciousness to move out in every direction. And in this way allow yourself to become aware of the alignment of the stars and the moon. The sun as it is located in the part of the earth, where it is, is in direct opposition to the moon at this time.  The Earth, as it is coming into complete alignment between it is allowing for everything to move into a new shift or a balance and by allowing your consciousness to spread out in this space, you are consciously bringing this all directly into your physical body. So that your physical body will be able to accept and accelerate these energies that you are bringing in.

Have a sense of stretching out as if one hand, to embrace the energies of the Moon. Feel these energies as they come into you. Allow yourself to integrate all aspects of your divine feminine.

You next extend your other hand out towards the Sun. And you feel the flow of light and energy that comes through you as a result of this connection to the Sun. As you are in this space, have a sense of both the divine masculine and the divine feminine coming into you.  As the Earth comes into direct
alignment feel yourself blend completely. There is only one energy. And this energy is filled with the Earth, the Moon and the Sun.

In this space in which you can feel so much of that divine feminine energy and the divine masculine, we completely incorporate it. <the blending of the two energies> So too, we blend with these energies of the Earth. As we sit in the space of the complete lunar eclipse we are sitting in the space, or standing in the space in which we are in complete expansion and complete balance of the divine masculine and feminine.

As the moon continues to rotate and the sun is rotating the Earth is coming out of its direct alignment between the two. And what you will find is that there is a new energy available upon the Earth. As you have stood and connected with these energies and as you have remained so close to the Earth plane all of this is being seeded or cemented within the Earth. As the time is right, allow yourself to now step out from this consciousness and allow yourself to move more fully into the crystalline grid and call forth the
column of light.

As you merge with the column of light you immediately find yourself ascending or moving through the dimensions and up into the atmospheres. You have a sense of release as you come out of this column of light and you expand out in every direction possible.

As you have a sense of arriving here, look around you and listen to the claps and the cheering that is going on. Feel the celebration and the excitement of all the angels and the guides, the ray lords that you have been working with for all this time as they celebrate your connection and your emergence into this space and energy. As you look around you, have a sense of connecting with those with whom you resonate most. You feel the deep connection that is within all who are present here. You are open and
you accept their congratulations of you for the work that you have done.

This is a culmination. This is the celebration. You allow yourself to accept that indeed your divine presence upon the Earth has been seeding the Earth with these energies and it has been allowing for this greater growth to take place. You can recognize and accept this with a feeling of contentment that
this has been a part of your divine plan and a part of your reason for living in the space that you have been in; for moving through and doing whatever it is you have done over the past number of years.

As the sense of celebration continues, allow yourself to shift and move between all of the energies that are gathered here. Rather than having a sense of tiers going up, or levels of angels and guides, everyone is blended together into this one space of harmony. Allow for the vibration of harmony to infuse all who are here. <this is> The Harmonic Concordance!! Feel it as that sense moves through you. You may have a sense of awe that there are so many energies of light that have been working with you from this side of the veil. Allow yourself to open and recognize all of those who are from the Earth plane that are working along side you, that you may not necessarily have connected with before. This group is growing and expanding all the time.

There are many different paths that take the people to this same space. As you connect in with the joy and excitement, you find that everything has risen to a higher or finer dimension simply by being in that space of joy and excitement. You begin to tell more of the subtle differences between one dimension and the next. This may be something that is important to you, or it may be something that you simply accept. You accept it as a part of who you are and who everyone else is that works with you as you move through your days upon the Earth.

As you looked before the last time that we gathered together we could see the ways in which the stars within the universe form the overlapping triangles. We wish to take this moment and allow for an opening to occur in the midst of everyone who is gathered here. In the center of this opening you have a sense of seeing the Earth. You also have a sense of the Sun, the Moon, the planets and the stars. You see before you the lines of energy that create what is known as the Star of David. As each of you are beginning to focus in on the energy of these two triangles what you find is that they are beginning to shift and evolve. And that, which was actually put into place many thousands of years ago has now come full circle.

At the time in which people began to inhabit the earth plane there was a sense of this same image within the stars and the galaxy. Throughout the last millions of years, and millenniums there has been a shift and an evolution in the ways in which people have moved through their days. There have been many different aspects that affected this, but in particular: duality. That has been one of the largest lessons, or the greatest lessons learned when upon the Earth plane.

These two overlapping triangles have represented duality: the heavens, the Earth; the male, the female; and everything that goes along with that has all been incorporated into these energies. As we look at this now, and as you allow yourself to connect in with these energies of this day infuse these energies into what you are seeing in this hologram in the center of the group. Allow it to move through your heart center sending out your love, your excitement your joy.  As you see these beams of light, moving into this configuration within the galaxy, you begin to see the way they shift and change. There is now a blending of these two triangles and then as this new energy is infusing and incorporating all the way around the triangles it is becoming the shape of the diamond. And then this diamond is moving out into multi-dimensions. See the glorious light that sparkles and glows as these energies are clicking into place!

Allow yourself to be positioned at one point of this diamond which has been formed. At another point there is the Moon, at another point, the Sun. You may choose who you wish to have at the far point from you, or it can be whoever appears in that space. Have a sense of each of these four corners of
the diamond moving towards one another until all reaches the center and all of these energies blend together.  As you do so, it is as if an explosion sends you into a higher dimension, or multiple different dimensions.

You now can understand one of the ways you can use the diamond as a means of transportation. As you become aware of where you have gone, or where you are now look around you and have a sense of the subtle differences that are occurring. As you look out, you recognize the sparkling lights of the various stars. You become aware of the fact that there is a part of your consciousness on each one of those stars. You are able to have an understanding of what the essence of that star is to you.

Continue to move out and connect even further, radiating out the joy and the excitement that is the expression of the day. Allow yourself to soar. Allow yourself to bathe in the contentment of this space. If you so chose, allow yourself to connect up with other energies that are in a similar place.  As you move through this energy or absorb this energy you take a moment to consider what has led to this time of the Concordance.

As you take this into yourself and you begin to recognize the release work that you have done, the bringing in of the energies, the anchoring of energies; there is so much that you have done that you don't even put conscious thought to. But you can see it and understand it in this moment in time. From this space you will be able to look forward in the days, the weeks, and the months that will be coming.

Allow yourself to see what shifts and changes are occurring in your life. Most notably will be your increased sensitivity. You will find that there is a greater awareness throughout all of your senses. Your hearing will allow you to pick up and hear things more faint then you could have heard in the past. Your vision becomes sharper in the reality that is around you, but indeed, you can also see that which is not of the physical form. Your touch: as you move through the days you may have a sense of moving your hands and your arms through all the energy that is surrounding you. It is as if you could feel the texture of the energy that surrounds you. Your taste will become so sensitive and heightened that you develop a sense of reverence around the foods that you eat or anything that you may drink. Your knowingness, your simple knowing and intuitive understanding of people, situations and experiences will become much more natural to you, a second nature so that you don't even have to allow yourself to shift from one energy to the next. All is clear, and all comes to you in a sense that is comfortable and relaxed. Allow yourself to take this in and create it as a reality for you.

You begin to recognize and understand that this transformation will create in you a beacon. A beacon of light that is brighter then it has ever been before. You will notice that some people will shy away from this. Those people that wish not to look inside themselves or have themselves illuminated by the light. We allow these people their path. We allow them to move past us. There will be a much greater number of people that will be drawn to your light. You will find that in your simple conversations with
them or in the questions that they ask you, perhaps the healing experiences, there are a multitude of different ways that you will interact with them. But all of this brings you to a space of your divine connection and your divine plan for your walk upon the Earth.

Take a moment to continue, take a moment to continue to allow yourself to move through these energies and feel these energies. You have a sense of soaring. While this will not be the way the energy feels upon the Earth-plane, you are in essence working towards this with the energies that you bring back. These new energies that you are bringing back to the Earth will allow for each of you to feel more comfortable. The majority of your physical symptoms, you will find, will be easing. If you do have any
physical symptoms, allow yourself to move in the space of the moment. Breathe in these energies and light and you will find that they will transform that much more quickly.

From out here within this higher dimension, you have a sense of the galaxy as a whole. Allow yourself to observe those planets, the Sun, the Moon, Earth, Chiron, Jupiter, Mars <pause> and Scorpio. <it is my understanding Saturn is the 6th planet within the configuration.  I'm not sure why, but this is the name that came through from Goddess> Allow yourself to move through and experience each one of these energies, these that made up the six points that have blended and become the four points of the diamond. You may have a sense of touching on them momentarily. Or you may have a greater sense of blending completely with each. You will find that you will be going back and re-experiencing this. There is no time difference. The essence of time is one: your moment in the Now. So even if you come back and experience this days or weeks down the road you will still have the same experience of the energies. You become aware of the ways in which these planets have been transformed.

Have a sense of that diamond formation as you are out here in the finer dimensions. This time, another way in which you are able to use this figure, or this sacred geometry as a portal is to call forth the essence of this diamond and have a sense of stepping through the middle of the diamond, allowing all four sides and corners of it to remain intact.

There are already many different portals upon the Earth. You will be creating many, many more. Through these portals are the ways in which you will begin to tele-transport. You will begin by first sending your consciousness more fully. Then, as this evolves you will take your physical body with you.

Allow yourself to move back again through that portal. Set the intent to return to that place of the soul plane. This is the place in which we began our celebration tonight. As everyone is returning into this space, this sacred space, you are very aware of the ways in which everyone has been transformed in one way or another. This includes the angels, the guides; this includes each individual who is the Lightworker upon the Earth. This includes the aliens and extraterrestrials which have been here and a part of this experience tonight.

All who have participated have transformed and infused themselves with a newer, lighter, energy. This in turn will allow them to move through the energies of the Earth plane more easily. You are directly connected with this shift that has occurred around the Earth today. You can always come into this space and infuse more and more and more of your physical body or your consciousness with these energies and the more that you do so, the greater ease that you will have as you move through your days.

We continue the celebration. We have a sense of dancing upon the cloud. We have a sense of toasting one another. There's a sense of laughter, excitement and joy. You may wish to stay in this energy for a much longer period of time, and you are always welcome to do so. When you return and experience this again there may be more energies around for your celebration or there may be less. All is shifting and changing and however it is, is right and perfect in that moment in time.

The column of light that you use to transport is a portal. You can continue to use it, for you are comfortable with it and it works smoothly and gently with your energies. You may also have a sense of stepping through that diamond shape and you find yourself on the crystalline grid. For some it is that sense of spreading out that comes with the column of light, which allows for your consciousness to shift and move and evolve into a space that is more comfortable for you.

You breathe in these energies. You breathe in and become centered, focused, and one within yourself. You are in complete balance. As you move forward, this is the essence that moves through you days. You infuse with the crystalline grid these energies that you have brought back with you. You move into the magnetic grid work from the crystalline. Allow yourself to hesitate here for a moment to feel the shift and the change in energies. As you are coming back and bringing your consciousness more fully back within this moment, I allow you this opportunity that you may ask me questions if there are any you wish to ask.

Everyone continues to feel as if they are scattered and moved throughout the atmospheres tonight.  This is a time of shifting and changing and transition.  You are welcome to allow a part of your consciousness to remain out there.  But bring forth and allow yourself to return back into this blended grid work.  Allow yourself to become aware of the greater number of portals that are creating an opening upon the earth plane.  I ask again if there is anyone who has a question for me tonight.

Question:  <paraphrased>  You are asking what kind of an impact this shifting in the energies is going to have upon Israel.

Answer:   This is a part of the world that has had a great deal of tension and stress over the last weeks, months, and years. What has been occurring especially over the last year is something that has been accumulating over a long, long period of time.  In fact, there are some of these energies of conflict which date back many thousands of years.  It is not something that in human respect will be evolved in a quick and easy manner.  By no means do we try to put down these energies and the experiences of those people who are in this place. For indeed this is their experience upon the earth plane to live in the time of this conflict and feeling so strongly each person's communication with what they consider their society, their family, their connection as a whole.  As we're bringing in a finer and a minute energy,
this is not necessarily the correct word to use, but as we're bringing in a finer energy that is more permeated with a sense of love and joy, this is as if it is a balm that will soak through and permeate all parts of Israel and the surrounding lands to that area.  For some people, this will cause them to react in the opposite way and lash out because they are fighting against something that might give them a feeling of joy.  I say they are doing this in most cases unconsciously.  But as you look at it on the whole, what is going to be happening is that there are a greater and greater amount of people who are going to suddenly begin to feel these energies of love, these energies of balance and they are going to begin to walk away from the energies of duality and move more so into a space of oneness.  It is difficult to give you a time frame in which this is going to work.  What has occurred today is a matter of turning the corner and opening up the gateway.   All of this is possible.  There IS a sense of peace.  This part of the
world can be filled with the sense of energy and light.  There are indeed a great number of Lightworkers who are in that area and we thank them for everything that they have done to bring in this light to the world and this part of the world in particular.  But we say to you that all will be shifting and transforming.  If there are those who lash out, allow yourself not to get caught up in that but continue to send forth the love and the light that you feel so strongly within you.  Does that answer you question
beloved?  <she affirmed yes>  You are welcome!  Does anyone else have a question for me tonight?

Question:  <paraphrased> How will this group be growing in the months and years to come?  How are we to work together or impact each other?

Answer:  Everyone wishes to party!!  It's so fun to be in that space of excitement and joy!  You are going to find that in the months and years to come that there will be greater and greater numbers of people getting together in the physical.  In this group in particular it will grow and evolve in such a way that there will be gatherings in which you all will be together in the physical.  You will have a sense of that party connection.  Especially for those who are involved in this experience tonight, you will have a sense of deja vu or that sense of we've been here before and we've done this before and it will indeed be a living out of the party that you have experienced tonight.  Are there other questions tonight beloveds?  This is unlike you to have so few!

Question:  <paraphrased> What impact will this new energy have upon the government? In particular that of the US?

Answer:  The governments themselves if you look back over say the past say ten years or more the governments are already transitioning.  The governments are already bringing in new and different ideals.  If you wish to look back over even 30-40 years you will see an even more dramatic change.  As to bringing in the balance of the divine feminine and the divine masculine within our government agencies, our government leaders, it is coming and to say it's going to be here with the next election, possibly not.  But you are going to find that this next year is going to bring out a great deal of what some might term as turmoil because there will be a greater expression of the divine feminine energies; those energies of nurturing, supporting, and protecting the environment and protecting the people.  As apposed to whether this is in a male of female aspect of a political leader.  As you know, everyone has their own divine feminine and their divine masculine.  So what is going to be happening is that with this
energy of the female being infused, you will begin to see changes.  There are some that will be very dramatic and others that will be very subtle, only in hindsight will you look back and realize <the shift that has occurred>.  All of the nations upon the earth, especially those that are very industrialized and have been very male oriented or warrior like are going to begin to feel the shifts and changes.  It may be five to ten years before you are satisfied with the changes, but the beginning is here, the beginning has already occurred, it is only a matter of time.  Continue to infuse all who are a part of this with the sense of balance.  Try not to focus on either the divine masculine or the divine feminine.  Focus only on
bringing in the balance that is within yourself and see the balance that is within everyone who is around you, including your political leaders.  Does that make sense?  <yes> You are welcome beloved.  Are there any other questions for me tonight?

Question: <paraphrased> You are asking if with the shifts and changes that have occurred today will we be able to connect more fully, will you the humans be able to connect more fully with the extraterrestrials or those you considered the aliens.

Answer:   Yes beloved, indeed, whether it is an angel, a guide, a friend who has crossed over, whatever you wish to term these energies, those who have been in the non-visible, will now become more visible.  There are those people that are focused on fear, pain, and domination.  Indeed, we do not do anything with their pathway, because that is their path.  But for any who seek these energies and seeks to build a connection with them, when you are in a space of light and balance, this is what you will attract to you.  You will find that each of you will develop your own type of communication and
connection with them.  It may through the written word, it may be through the signs you read, it may be any number of different experiences.  But yes, indeed the veil is much thinner than it ever was before.  You will be amazed at the shifts and changes that will occur.  Those of us on this side of the veil are ready and waiting for all that will happen.   Does this answer the question for you?  <yes>  You are welcome beloved.  Are there any other questions for me at this time?

Question:  How much more harmonious is the physical body going to be? <the person inserted to clarify> Asking about the physical body of the earth, not the individual humans.

Answer:  Actually the two of them blend together don't they?  The earth is itself shifting and moving and expanding.  It has moved into a higher dimension over the last several years as each of you have been aware of.  There have been a great many physical transitions going upon the earth; including fire, earthquakes, even volcanic explosions that have not occurred for a long, long time.  There will continue to be others of these types, of what one would consider natural reactions of the earth.  When something like this is occurring, there is always a divine plan to it.  The earth itself, stored for so many thousands of years, the energies of what the people were experiencing.  Now as the people are bringing in these higher lighter energies, as you send it into and perfuse the earth, what is happening is that the earth itself needs to purge and cleanse also. This sometimes comes out as the form of fires, or earthquakes or many of the different disasters that might occur upon the earth.  We say the word disaster because that is your word for them.  We on this side of the veil do not consider them disasters.  We consider them all a natural process of the evolution of the earth itself and the people upon it.  Now, since the earth is supporting the humans, the more that the earth itself is in a place of balance, the greater the humans are able to be in a place of balance.  There is a direct connection between the two of them.  What one might consider is the human balanced therefore the earth is balanced? Or is the earth balanced, therefore the human is balanced?  It is difficult to separate one from the other for indeed it is an interactive relationship between the two.  All of this will continue to shift into a space in which the vast majority of the aches, the pains, the illnesses that each of the humans have had will dissolve and be gone forever.  The earth itself will have a sense of humming or clarity that you with your sensitive ears will be able to hear more readily.  <the person said thank you>  You are welcome my beloved.  Is there any body else?

Question: <paraphrased>  How can we work together to bring this energy that we share at the time of the channel into our every day life?

Answer: Within this group there is going to be a greater amount of direct communication between each of you.  This is going to be coming through the website.  What you are finding is that some of you are on a very similar path.  You may be in different parts of the world, but you are working with the same energies.  For instance, there are people who are working with children, there are people who are working in healing modalities, there are people who are working in the technical or computerized or other aspects of your earth existence.  Through your communication with one anther you will be able to find support and this networking will grow and continue.  You may also find that some of you will come together as a means of bringing these energies and teaching and sharing these energies with the other people who live in your community. So yes indeed you are directly connected with one another.  It was known that you would be together at this time and all of you will grow together as a group that is going to become even much more cohesive.  Although it grows and expands, it will still have a sense of cohesiveness because it is that sense of connection with one another.  You are each a part of the whole.   You are each a unique and special blend of the All That Is.  Does that make sense beloved?  <they said yes>

It is with great joy and excitement that I have experienced this time with you tonight.  I always look forward to our connections and our communications.  Indeed with this night that is a true transformation of all that is occurring, a culmination of so much of what you have done.  I take this time to celebrate with you and express my deep and heartfelt thanks for all that you have done and all that you will continue to do upon your path.  You will feel even stronger the God Essence, the Goddess Essence that is within you.  This is something that is but a part of this blended balance which is coming forth at this time.

I AM with you.

I AM within you.



Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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