The Illuminating Energies of 11-11-11

When I first considered a name for this channel, it was about 2 sentences long! There is so much that took place that it feels like three separate channels.

The Goddess began by speaking about where your focus is in your everyday life. She talked about anchoring in your life from within. As she spoke of that, we could see how so many people focused their lives on things that were not even a part their life. Indeed, people want to manifest what’s different or bring in something new. But when your focus is on what’s outside of you, you’re unbalanced and giving away your power to something or someone outside of you. So by letting this go or finding the alignment within you, you can shift the energies to be more in a place to receive.

She next spoke of the energies of 11-11-11. This is about opening the heart center. She commented on how the crystalline energies will affect people and spoke of putting forth the intention that your crystals are charged on that day. Even if you are reading this after that day, you can still align with the energies and tap into the flow. By tapping into these energies, you can create a huge change in your life.

Thirdly, Lady Gaia came forth and spoke of all these changes taking place. Her message was beautiful and to the point. She commented on how the animals are changing as is our relationship with them; that there could be full communication with then. She spoke of one’s perspective of the earth; that if you see it as fine and sometimes transitional but always strong, you enhance the earth. If you see it as less than, as, as contaminated; then she will flow the energy to you of love and acceptance to you. It was really quite beautiful!!

There are definitely more and more of these doorways opening and it’s a wonderful opportunity to tap into and allow the energies to work for you.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I reach out to embrace each one of you. I flow to you my love, my awareness and my appreciation for everyone who comes to join this group. Even if you are listening at a later time you are still a part of this same group; it is fluid. The energies shift and change.

So I invite you to come and participate as often as you would like because there is always something for you to feel, see, sense or hear. There is indeed a great deal of change taking place upon your Earth.

I keep hearing from people a wide variety of reactions. There are those that have a sense of things happening quickly and easily and as if life is falling into place in the best way that it has ever been.

There are other people who feel as if this time has been one of struggle. It has been as if everything in their life is illuminated in such a way that they have to re-think, re-analyze, re-consider, how they are living their life, what choices are they making and is this truly what they want to do. And then of course there’s all the wide variety of people who are in between those extremes.

I invite you during the time of this channel to give yourself the opportunity to just be in this moment. I invite you to take in a deep breath and let go the thoughts, the concerns, anything at all that is coming into you about your daily life. Let yourself be focused and present in this moment.

Quite often when it feels as if life or things in life are overwhelming, taking the time to allow yourself to just experience being in the moment, no matter how big or small, can re-align your energies and you will have a new perspective. As you feel yourself coming together I can feel the shift in the energy from everybody here.

I invite you to have a sense of breathing deeply once more, sending that deep breath once more all the way down into the Earth. Allow yourself to feel the energies of the Earth. Allow it to ground you and then let it flow back up, anchoring within your physical body.

From there, I invite you to shift your focus, let your energy expand and send it outward as if you release your physical body and you allow yourself to align with the magnetic grid. As you arrive here within this space, you can feel it. It has a vibration and a life and a pulsation that goes along with this space. Let yourself connect.

And then through the interlocking energies you can find yourself shifting into the crystalline grid. As you move into this space feel what it is to you. It is a space of communication. It is a vibration of energy. It allows you the opportunity to find out more about yourself and about whatever it is that’s around you so let this crystalline grid work with you.

From here I invite you to allow your focus to move into the soul plane. As you arrive within this space you can feel your energies as you recognize what is the consciousness of you in this lifetime and what is your divinity. As you reach out to acknowledge your I Am presence have a sense of reaching out to embrace these energies.

You open your heart and you can feel that flow that moves through you. As you allow yourself to acknowledge your divinity, it is as if you can recognize more and more of what is here for you.

I the Goddess come into this space as I reach out to you I enfold you in my arms and we merge energies. You may find that this allows you to shift or expand into the energies of the All That Is.

As you arrive within this space, let yourself feel the freedom that comes with it. Let yourself feel as if you are stretching out in every direction. This is a space for you. It is a space created by the consciousness not only of everyone on Earth but of the Universe and All That Is, literally, as the name is created.

I spoke at the very beginning of the changes taking place upon the Earth and of the responses that I have been hearing from people. As we are here in the All That Is, I invite you to take an opportunity to consider your life and as you consider what is happening within your life, chances are there are several things that come up immediately as you ask yourself that question.

As you allow this focus to shift, you can take in your everyday life from a new perspective. When you disconnect from the energy, the emotions, those things that may become tedious to you, and you look at it from this perspective, I invite you to look and see if there is a pattern that is present within your life.

For example, is there a pattern of seeking to accomplish something and then when you get it or get close to it, your desire changes or the outcome changes and then you move again in a different direction? You seek to accomplish and then something changes again and you move in yet another direction.

As you are living your life you are not seeking to manifest one single thing, it’s usually a number of different things that work together. So as you’re looking at this pattern, and as you’re looking from a disconnected perspective, ask if there is an easier way for everything to weave together so that you may manifest with greater ease in your life.

As you consider how things work with one another, ask yourself first of all if there’s anything in particular that stands out more than the rest. As you let this come up to your awareness, open to find out is this something that has become a road block or is this actually something that is a cornerstone to everything else?

If your perception is that whatever is in your focus right now has become a roadblock, then have a sense of reaching out to it, acknowledge it for what it has been, and then breathe it out and let it go.

When you take that part out of the picture, everything adjusts and it recreates a new pattern for you or a new potential. If this aspect that came to light seems to be filled with light and energy and brightness then have a sense of allowing that light to illuminate everything else.

As it does so perhaps there are things happening within and around you that you can let go or release. As this light is illuminating everything that makes up the pattern of your life, find out what you truly love. Now there’s a good question for you. What is it within your life that you truly love?

And as you consider whatever that may be then allow it to become bigger and by that I mean flow the energy of your consciousness even more fully into that space so that it may get bigger and help you to recognize a way that you may have this that you so love within your life.

Ahhh, and now I hear people saying ‘but what I love the most is not in my life’. And that immediately changes things. How many people are reaching for something that they consider that they love the most as something outside of them? Something that they do not have in their life? Something that they want to have and that then they feel they will have what they value most in their life?

It completely shifts the energies does it not? I believe that everyone should have everything they want in their life, no matter how much or how little. I believe that if it’s something that is within your consciousness, something you’re thinking about, then it’s there for you to have.

So let’s look again at those things that you as yet do not have in your life but yet you place a great energy upon it. What is it about this manifestation that you give it so much energy that it is the greatest thing in your life or the greatest focus we shall say?

As you consider it, what is the energy behind what you want? Is it about love and a connection with another? Is it about feeling secure in your everyday life? Is it about a sense of fulfillment, perhaps a job well done?

So in other words it may be that you are seeking to manifest we will say a relationship and the reason you want that is for love, companionship, sex, a sense of building or creating something with another person, we can go on and on about your list for why you seek to manifest this individual.

But when everything is said and done what is the strongest trait within that that you are looking for? And as you consider that bring it into your life, bring it into you, right now. Let yourself feel what it is to have what you seek.

And then as you allow that to integrate within you, look around at your life and see where you have it already within your life. It may look different but I am willing to bet in one form or another you already have what you are seeking.

As another example, let’s speak of abundance. When I speak of abundance most people consider it financial, and they quite often feel it as a lack of abundance. So when they consider what they want most in their life or what they value the most and it has to do with abundance, then what is the energy behind that?

A sense of security, a sense of being able to relax, a deeper awareness of things that you can do? Sometimes perhaps it’s paying bills and being able to have a roof over your head and food on your table. It can be simple or it can be very complex.

Consider abundance and look at your life. Where do you already have abundance within your life? At the very least one could say an abundance of lack or the reflection of that lack, abundance of bills, abundance of debt, abundance of responsibilities.

You also have an abundance of days that you are living upon the Earth. An abundance of breath that you can breathe or air that you can breathe. An abundance of whatever the structures are that are around you; perhaps you have an abundance of trees and grass and flowers, perhaps an abundance of buildings or people.

Abundance reflects way more than just financial, so if you are seeking to have greater financial abundance in your life, then focus on the other places where you already have abundance within your life. And as you focus on the way in which it’s here, present with you right now, you then have the ability to increase the flow around it.

I step back and I invite you to step back. And as I swirl the energies through this space, phew! Let it clear out everything within your perception. And look again at your life. Your perspective changes; you may recognize more options than what you realized before.

You may see that some of what you seek is already here within and around you, embrace it and let yourself feel the joy, the accomplishment, the energy that goes with that.

I invite you to shift your focus once again now that we have cleared out some of the energies because I wish for you to take a look at the Universe and the Earth. We in the space of the All That Is are a part of both. We have a unique opportunity to observe and become a part of the transformation that is taking place right now.

We have spoken many times of the continued transformations taking place upon the Earth. We have spoken of the crystalline energies that continuously infuse. This month there is going to be another culmination of a series of influxes of energy.

Most likely you have heard of many people having many celebrations around the date of 11.11.11. First and foremost, 11 is a master number. It is a number that represents accomplishments, new beginnings, arriving and leaving so to speak; as if you arrive from wherever you have been and you leave as you move into your new beginning.

Starting most likely in August, perhaps somewhat September around the equinox, it’s been as if there is a steadily increasing amount of energy that will culminate on that date. Part of the reason for that is the consciousness focused on that date but it is also because of the alignment out in the Universe with the Earth.

People speak of vortices, people speak of star gates, people speak of many other words or phrases that represent the opening to energy. On this day in particular there will be a very focused and large influx of energy that has to do with integrating much more deeply the seven through tenth dimensions and as a result of that it’s a stepping stone into even more.

Now these dimensions are already here; they have been here throughout the millennium. The difference is the ease of access in which you may flow within and around these various dimensions. Some of these feel like the space that you shift into with the All That Is. Some of these feel as if it’s the culmination of what you have been seeking.

But as you’ve probably realized there’s always more to create, there’s always more to learn, there’s always more to do. And that is that it is.

As you allow your focus to be here within this date and within the Universe and within the space of the Earth, I invite you to look at the patterns. You may even have a perception of various stars, planets, some of these are ships, and it is as if there are laser beams of energy that are transmitted into the Earth and much of that will culminate on the 11th.

You may look at it now - bring up November 11, 2011 and as you shift into that date you see how everything is amplified and then you see yourself back in the space after that date.

One of the things that will also be shifting as a result of this are the crystals that are upon the Earth. Some of these are still embedded within the Earth. There are many that will seem to appear as if out of nowhere.

Indeed as these higher dimensions become more available upon the Earth then that which was always there is able to be seen, touched, recognized with your human eyes.

You are also hearing many people talk of the crystal skulls and their relationship to humanity and the Universe. Many people have spoken of them as the first computers of the Earth, that they retain energy and that that energy represents consciousness of the Earth.

Many people speak of the crystal skulls and that they amplify energy; whatever you may be doing, thinking, feeling, expressing, whatever you are doing around these skulls, it is amplified and it expands out growing from there.

Some of these skulls were used in Atlantis and now they come to your awareness. The majority of the skulls that you may see around are younger than that, some having been created very recently. Whenever the focus moves in a new direction there’s always a discussion about where it is leading, so too is there discussion about the crystals, in particular the crystal skulls.

Many will say that only the oldest are the most accurate or the most valuable. Others will say if it’s man-made, meaning carved, then it is devoid of energy. Still others may say that it is a young crystal therefore it does not have the memory or the presence.

All of this can be absolutely true and yet all of this can be only a portion of the truth. I believe that all crystal contains and amplifies energy whether it’s in the form of a skull, whether it’s new, whether it’s old. It is all a means of assisting you in your life. Crystals are alive just as you are. For some of these it’s the focus and the attention that they are given that amplifies their energy.

This is of course in no means said as disrespect, it is but for you to take in as you experience one of these crystals if you should happen to come into contact with them. If you already have your own crystals around you then this is a wonderful opportunity for you to work with them.

If you so choose I invite you to put forth the conscious intention that as this vibration and this energy of the Universe comes into and around you and the Earth then let your crystals find an alignment with the energy. Let your crystals become empowered even more through this intention.

What else do you have around you in the place where you live and or work? Perhaps you have pictures, perhaps you have trees, flowers. What do you have around you that nurtures and supports you? As you consider whatever that may be, then put forth the intention that the energy associated with it will be in alignment in particular on November 11 so as to create such an alignment that it helps you in your everyday life.

Take a deep breath in and breathe out. There is such a sense of excitement the closer we get to 2012 and in particular the solstice in December. The excitement will continue to grow. You need not wait for that time. There are so many other ways that you can find this alignment right now.

Let yourself feel the energies of the Universe around you and then let yourself feel the energies of your Earth also around you and bring them both together so that they may merge within your own energy field. As that happens again, go back to looking at the pattern of your life.

Allow these energies to amplify all that you seek to have with the recognition that there is already a vibration within you that represents it. And if indeed there is nothing at all in alignment with what you seek, then open to allow that vibration to come in, as if your heart is wide open let yourself feel these energies.

That, speaking of the heart, is another part of what November 11, 2011, represents. As the collective consciousness continues to shift, it does so through the opening up of the heart center.

Let yourself feel your own heart center. Take a breath in, let it swirl within and around you and if there’s anything that needs to be cleared out, let it go, phew! That could be old hurts, pains, sorrows that you are still holding onto. It could be whatever that keeps your heart center from being as open as it could be, so consciously open up your heart center and allow yourself to find the alignment with all this crystalline energy and this new energy so that it may come into you within your heart.

Again I invite you to have a sense of gathering your energies. As you allow your focus to come back within yourself, feel that flow as the group comes back together. People have been all over the place, playing, working, expanding with these energies so allow your focus to come back into this group if only for this moment.

And as you return within the group have a sense of seeing this encounter. As you do so you may see or sense the hologram of the Earth as it comes up within the group. I invite you to have a sense of Lady Gaia as she makes herself known to you as she comes forth to speak.

Lady Gaia:

Greetings beloved family, greetings friends and loved ones.

As I look at all the many people gathered here, some of you it is as if I know by name and I know you well. Others I may not know you by name but I know your energy.

There is such love, there is such compassion that flows through this group and from each one of you. I, Lady Gaia, absorb all of it. I am open to receive and I appreciate what you do for me.

As the Earth continues to absorb this higher vibration and move through this transformation, it will be as if things become apparent. You may hear people talk about corruption of the Earth, about pollution of the oceans, about these various things that happen that distress people.

Just as my sister the Goddess was speaking to you of looking at your life and looking at the pattern and focusing on the energy of that which is brightest, I invite you to do that about the Earth also. I am strong; I am not going anywhere and I am here as a place for people to live and experience life.

As the crystalline energies continue to infuse within me it will make me even stronger. You will see a change in the animals. Those both in the water and upon the land. But mostly I invite you to be aware of how your relationship with the Earth is going to transform.

I will be even more readily available to you but you need not speak to me with words. I invite you to remember to feel the Earth beneath your feet. To touch the trees, the flowers, to look at them or allow nature to come inside your dwelling. Because ultimately I am here to support you in this life.

Ah how true that is! Somebody said ‘but we are here to support you’. And indeed it is a relationship that goes both ways. I invite you to be open to receive my support just as I am open to receive yours.

As the veil continues to get thinner and thinner, you will have greater access to more and more of your gifts. I invite you to play with them and incorporate them into your life. I send out my love to everybody, I reach out to embrace you and I thank you for so consistently focusing upon the infusion of these energies into the Earth via this hologram. It is effective; I can speak that to you first hand.

So believe that every time you consciously link with the Earth and you infuse it with your energy of love and awareness, I am open to receive. Whenever you focus upon the Earth with awareness of strength and enduring energy, I am open to receive. If you focus upon the Earth as if it’s crying out or suffering or in pain, I embrace you for the way that that is reflecting something within you.

The Earth itself does feel pain, and it does cry out, but most often as a reflection of either the collective consciousness, or individuals flowing that into the Earth. So be open, be accepting, and be aware of this flow. And I thank you for allowing me to speak.


The Goddess of Creation:

It is I the Goddess once more back with you. When Gaia said she wished to speak with you today, I could see how at this time of intensified energy and focus and alignment that it would benefit you to have that direct knowledge from her. Let yourself feel the energies of the Earth.

And with that infuse your intention or your awareness of this transformation into the hologram and so too the energies of the Universe go into the hologram and it becomes filled with light and it shifts and moves in many directions at the same time.

It has a sense of shifting awareness, it moves down and as it hits the crystalline grid. That part that moves out towards Ariellis or the New Earth moves in that direction and that part that is going to your physical Earth moves downward as if an aspect of it flows throughout your magnetic grid and then the majority of it moves down continuing into the physical Earth itself.

And as it anchors within this Earth it’s aligning with the crystals that are within the center of the Earth. And it’s also creating the alignment and an activation of the many, many other crystals that are here at the various levels within and upon the Earth. So if you have some in your own daily life I encourage you to allow it to become infused with this energy right now.

It will have not only your own energy but it will also have all this energy of 11.11.11, the new beginning, the opening of the heart center and a much greater balance within the crystalline flow.

And with that you allow your consciousness to shift back upward again into the All That Is. And I invite you to begin to shift your awareness once more as you move into the soul plane; take a moment to discern your divinity. Most likely you will have a much greater perception or you could say you perceive even more about your divinity than what you did before.

The majority of it stays here within this space. But then I invite you to shift your focus and you allow yourself to stream your consciousness back through the crystalline grid. As it moves within that space you may feel as if parts of you are finding an alignment within here.

And then once more you shift as you link with the magnetic grid. You can feel the energies that make up this space and it too has created an expansion or an alignment that goes with all that you are focusing upon this evening.

But there is a great eagerness that I feel within so many of you, to come back down, to bring your consciousness back within your physical body. And as you allow your consciousness to come back, I invite you to expand out the energies within and around you so that you may integrate even more of your divinity. And as you do so let yourself feel even more of who you are in this lifetime.

Remember that pattern of energy that is your life; take a moment and amplify those energies of that which illuminates your life and amplify those energies that you already have within and around you that represent what you seek to manifest.

Allow that knowledge and that flow to be here and present within you. As you do this I invite you to come back within the room.

And so with that we will need to bring this evening to a close. As I gather once more with everyone’s energy, I thank you for this opportunity to be able to just share conversation in these past few minutes and share this experience of all that is taking place.

I invite you as you stand here with this unique opportunity to allow your energies to really shift in a focused manner so that you do have balance in your life, so that you have a greater awareness, so that as things are unfolding for you you have the opportunity to experience them with the greatest ease and the greatest potential.

Know that I am ever with you and within.




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