The Impact of Universal Light

This channel came through at a very powerful time upon the earth! We had just passed the transition of 12-12-12 and had yet to experience the energies of the Solstice. This time in particular was about the ascension of the earth. We’ve heard for so long about the movment into the 4th dimension and that the ‘earth’ is ascending and that ‘consciousness’ is ascending and it has different meanings to different people. The earth and the collective consciousness are linked to one another and therefore affect both parts of the experience.

A portal opened on the 12-12-12 that allowed for an immense influx of the Universal Light. This is the light of love, the light of our divinity, the Christ Light; whatever alignment you would like to make with it. In essence, the increase in light will allow for greater amounts of the crystalline energies which in turn will assist people in moving beyond wherever they may be stuck. With the greater amount of light and the higher dimensions, it’s easier to make changes. As these energies become infused into the earth, it allows people to also have access. This will allow you to have greater ease in changing, a closer alignment to your divinity and greater openness to insights. Indeed what many have been seeking, is here and available for you!

Sananda spoke with us about his various lifetimes in which he brought in a greater amount of light. This was a Jesus, Abraham, Muhammad, Buddha & Krishna. We could actually experience the energy of when Jesus walked the earth and tell for ourselves what it was like. It’s truly amazing the transition that’s taken place since that time. Lastly, the Goddess spoke of how especially when we’re in the 6th, 7th dimensions and higher that there is no veil. We have full access to our divinity with an even greater clarity. The veil is our disconnection from our divinity. We now have the ability to reconnect and integrate that into our lives.

As the Universal light continues to infuse into and shine upon the earth, may you be open to the balance and to receive.


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you, beloved family. I invite you to allow your energies to not only flow freely through you as the person, but allow yourself to just feel as if you are truly coming into your own or as if you are truly coming into yourself.

There is so much that’s taking place upon the earth right now. A lot of this has to do with the transformation; it has to do with the ascension of the earth as it’s moving into the next levels or dimensions that are available. It has to do with the energies of the season, the energy of the holidays that are taking place right now. It has to do with each person on their own private journey or personal journey of awareness.

I’m gathering the energies of all who are here and considering how much to say now and how much to say as we move into the energies of this journey. Each time that we come to the end of one of your calendar years, we take it as an opportunity to consider the past year. We also take it as an opportunity to consider what would you like to put forth for the coming year. And so I feel a lot of those energies within and around each one of you.

But I also feel as if there is a lot of questions or as if there are a lot of thoughts and considerations about all that’s taking place. So for this moment, I invite everybody to close your eyes for just a moment, feel as if you take in a deep breath breathing down within yourself and for this moment just consciously let go whatever it is that may be hanging over you, whatever it is that may be keeping you distracted and allow yourself to just let it go, let it go, let it go, and instead take this as an opportunity to just breathe in the peace, breathe in the love, breathe in the balance. There we go, now there’s a much more cohesive energy as I’m picking up everyone’s energy. Let us say one last time. Nama sika; venia benya.

Alright, in this way you’ve allowed yourself to once more let go of the distractions and breathe in and allow yourself to take in balancing and focusing within yourself.

Okay, so, as I spoke during the last time that we got together I mentioned how there is a complete blending of the magnetic and the crystalline grids. So this time as you let go your physical body and allow yourself to expand, allow yourself to just feel as if you release your physical body and your consciousness moves into the crystalline grid.

If you find yourself within this pathway, take a moment as if you are looking around. Open up to feel the energies that are here. As you stand upon this place or as you stand within this energy, you may feel the deeper tones and some of those tones are the magnetic grid. You may also feel as if there is a higher, lighter tone and vibration that is available to you also within this space. All of this allows you to be able to find what most resonates with you.

This pathway is going to become even more a part of your everyday functional life. I invite you to shift the energies. As you do so, allow yourself to move into the soul plane. As you find yourself within that space have a sense of looking around. It may be as if you immediately come up within your I Am presence or it may be as if you see yourself as if at a distance and you reach out allowing yourself to blend with that energy so that you may merge with your I Am presence.

As you do, so take a moment to simply feel what it is to be reunited with all of your entirety. Take a moment and feel the energies that are here in support of you. Feel the unconditional love that is you for yourself. And you take a deep breath in and you breathe out.

I the Goddess move in and amongst all of you. As I do so, I reach out to embrace your energies and as I merge with you, as I embrace you in this moment, you may feel yourself shifting into the energies of the All That Is. Feel what this place is as you move through it.

The All That Is has also moved through a transformation. Within this transformation you may find yourself not only shifting and experiencing a new perception but you may find that you can see more of what’s around here.

You each have very unique gifts. You each have an opportunity to experience life with more perception and with greater sensitivity and as you take this in, whatsoever it may mean to you, allow yourself to open up.

I have heard from people again and again that they are waiting for their gifts to unfold. That they are waiting for their third eye to open up, that they are waiting to really feel things inside. That they are waiting to actually manifest all that it is they want have.

This is a time to allow that to come in. So the first thing I invite you to do as you look around the All That Is, have a sense of creating a space or creating an energy that represents what you’ve been seeking to have for yourself.

As you do this, there are those that I see have an image of themselves as they manifest. There are those that I see have like a scroll with lists of what they would like to have. There are others that have this non-physical; just pure energy form of what it is that they seek to have. Be open, allow yourself to experience whatever it may be.

The first thing that I would like for us to do as we are implementing this status, is to ask yourself, do you feel the energies that are within and around here? I hear some people say yes, others no, others maybe a little bit.

As you experience what this is, take a moment to acknowledge that perhaps for you, in the past, you’ve been unable to feel or sense the energies for whatever the reason. It’s an old pattern that has been around you. Now, we’ve worked with this, you have released it and you’ve open to new energies and new potentials. I therefore invite you as you’re asking yourself this question to consider. Is it a habit or is there a resistance that moves even deeper within you?

So often you’re in a pattern or you have a habit of thinking or acting in a particular way and it’s just automatic that it comes up for you or you experience it. But in this moment, peel away the layers; peel away anything at all that may be surrounding you or that may be keeping you enclosed so that instead you open up. You open up and feel the wash of energy as it moves through you. I immediately hear people saying, “Told you, it doesn’t work, still not feeling, what’s going on?” And that analytical aspect of you immediately puts up the resistance.

This time, as we go inside once more, and as I invite you to peel away the layers, allow your focus to go directly within your head center and directly within there, that link to your third eye and allow yourself to just consciously open up, and any thoughts or any beliefs or anything at all that’s a part of your mental body ,consciously link with it and let it go.

Feel, how light and free that makes you feel. Open to acknowledge that this is different or that this is unique and then again allow yourself to open up, allow yourself from within this space of the All That Is, from within this space of expanded dimensions that you are allowing a permanent and complete transformation to take place.

As you allow your focus and your consciousness to move further, take a deep breath in and I infuse the energy and awareness that it may move through you at every level and it moves into every cell within your body. Open to experience what this is to you.

Now, as you look around become aware of your expanded perception. Become aware of the ways in which you are taking in these energies. And now you can see it too, you can see it for yourself.

The next thing that I invite you to do as you are expanding your energies, is to take in your thoughts, take in your beliefs, to take in what you believe to be a reality. There are times in which people put forth what they believe is a potential and what they want it to be and the whole time it’s like there is an anchor that’s behind that that is putting on the brakes and that’s slowing things down, and that’s keeping people in that space of lack or that space that’s holding them back.

So you reach inside, you open to your belief system and here with this space of the All That Is I had a sense of a number of you creating these lists again and having a number of different beliefs that in your everyday life your unconscious, that they are having an effect upon you, but here in the All That Is, is a sense of people noticing things that they don’t normally become aware of.

Allow yourself to link with these energies of your beliefs so that you can transition, --whew-- letting go, shifting away from you, anything at all that may be holding you back.

As you let go, these old beliefs, you open to feel even more so the potentials and the opportunities that are available to you and that’s what we are seeking to have this evening. We are in the midst of an extended focus of the ascension of your planet and as a result of that it’s a very powerful time for you to make changes if you so choose within your life. Now, I know that people will be listening to this later. You can still tap into these energies and draw that time-space reality into whatever it is that you may be.

On December 12 of this year there was an opening of an immense portal that allows for this cosmic energy, new energy, crystalline energy to be able to move freely into and around your physical earth. These portals are there, they have been throughout the millions of years in which your earth has had active inhabitants. But again, what becomes a difference is that the Earth is set up to now integrate this expanded portal and as the earth itself continues to expand, allowing for the higher lighter dimensions to interact freely with everybody who’s upon the earth, it brings with it that universal light and awareness.

Last year, 11-11-11 was the opening of the heart center or the heart of the earth. This year, 12-12-12 was the opening of the consciousness and the dimensions of the earth. And as the consciousness is much more fully integrating within this space it’s allowing for the collective consciousness those people that as yet are aware of everything that’s happening to be able to move up or move into what this may be for them.

I bring that up because there will be many times, especially in the next year, in which there will be, what do you call it, awkwardness or a feeling of imbalance. But there will be many people that will notice more so than usual this shift and this transformation of energy.

I invite you to be aware of what’s going on so that you yourself may stay in that flow of the light, in that flow of this higher vibrational energy so that it works more for you, so that it helps you to have a greater access to this universal light.

We stand here in the midst of this energy, the culmination of so much, so much that you as humanity have done, so much that we as the Angels of Light and the God-Goddess, all of us on this side of the veil and all of you where you are in life, it all blends together.

As you begin to live your life within this space become aware that you will feel things in a different way. Become aware that you may still have the same experiences on a day-to-day basis, but more so than ever you can stay apart or stay aside for many of the things that would pull you down or pull you back.

So as you take a deep breath in and as you look around you become aware of the shift that’s taking place in the All That Is. As if opening up you see in front of you, the energies of Sananda. As he comes forward he would like to share some words with everyone and then I will be back in a few moments.

Sananda Speaks:

Greetings beloved family, this is a time of joy, this is a time of celebration. Let that joy wash over you, let the celebrations begin. Let’s party, let’s dance, let’s chat, let’s do everything that is a part of the human experience that has to do with celebration, because now is the time.

I Sananda, as most of you know and the over soul, I manifested as Jesus, Buddha Mohammed, Krishna and several others that had to do with the spiritual or the religious consciousness of the earth. This has been an amazing transformation that has taken place throughout the thousands and millions of years in which people have inhabited the earth. Think back to the many, many indigenous people in the various parts of the world, who communicated with the land, who were in alignment with the seasons and who recognized that there was a greater presence that guided them in their everyday life. Did they call it God? Perhaps some did, but they had their own words or their own expression for what that meant.

Think back to the time of the Mayan when they were creating the calendar that everyone refers to. It was created by the people upon the earth in alignment with those of us in the universe. It was put forth to put a structure, an energetic structure that people could tap into. Think back to the origins of whatever the religion is that you may follow in your everyday life. Consider how it gave you a sense of awareness, a sense of structure, a sense of how you wanted to live your life. How you were going to express it in this lifetime?

Allow yourself to let the focus come back at this time, into that lifetime as Jesus and I bring that up as one experience but you can follow Mohammed, Abraham, Krishna all these other energies of light and you will recognize that there was a point in time in which people were seeking something. They were seeking answers. They were seeking something more than who they were or what they were and in the seeking of that they manifested my presence in one form or another.

It makes me smile, because so often as people pray to me, as they seek changes, I hear again and again, “My prayers are unanswered”, “I’ve wanted something and it hasn’t happened” and yet there are so many different levels, in which the awareness comes into and around you. Be aware that there are many, many, many, who are here for you and so allow your focus and allow your attention to move into that time of the Christ light and the Christ energy.

Whenever we come here, the initial perception that people have is of the heaviness of the energies. You’ve become so attuned to the light fine vibration in which you live that you forget that you had other experience, and you forget, what was going on when you called forth, inviting us to come down once more.

So here we are. Look around; ask yourself where were you in this lifetime. Were you a part of those involved in living the life of Christ? Were you a part? Were you a part of those who were oblivious, who didn’t know what was going on? Were you a part of those that actively fought against the change that was taking place?

I bring this up so that you may become aware and remember what it was like when my energies came into the earth. Feel the power and the energy or the essence that I consciously brought with me and that I consciously brought into this time. I was aware. I knew what would be going on and I was therefore prepared.

A you consider the many stories, as you consider how things have evolved during this time, in the reality of the situation much past without any conscious awareness until sometime later and until some extended awareness. But that’s okay; it was all exactly as it needed to be.

So feel that Christ light of the time in which I walked the earth as Jesus and recognize the transition that took place as that opened up and integrated another strand of energy and another strand of consciousness into everything that was already here.

Allow yourself to come back into this now moment in which you live. I feel people taking a deep breath as if, Oh boy, good to feel, good to feel the light again, good to feel the flow of the energy once more.

As you allow yourself to be in this moment, you may become aware that even though there is an immense light that is now coming into the earth and that will be illuminating everything upon the earth, there will still be those in resistance. There will still be those that are completely unaware. There will be those that continue to follow that pattern of humanity.

There is one exception, as the vibration of the earth is more fully seeded within this fourth, fifth, sixth dimension, there are dimensions in which it begins to become incompatible to have that turmoil.

Sometimes there are things that become more acute; there are things that become more to people’s awareness, whenever there is a big transformation taking place. This is in part what happened this week in the United States. So I take this time, flowing my love, my compassion to everybody involved in that situation, but I also recognize that that’s taking place in other parts of the world in one form or another and it has been for years and years.

So join with me in this moment of consciousness, in this moment of awareness. That we all breathe in that light, that energy of the universal love, compassion and awareness and allow it to flow through your consciousness and then send it out, that it may flow throughout the world. That it may bring with it, compassion that people who feel such pain, who feel such disconnection can feel instead compassion of awareness and compassion of love.

If there are things that take place upon your world or within your world, allow yourself to acknowledge or feel whatever that emotion may be in that moment. But remember to move, remember to bring in flow, remember to allow yourself to move through whatever those emotions or whatever those energies may be so that you may more fully live the life that you are seeking to have. And you do so because you create changes in your own life; you create that expansion and that awareness that moves through the collective consciousness which in turns shifts the foundation.

There is even more of that brilliant universal light that is coming through right now. As if you are open to bask within it, I invite you to do so. Feel it wash over you, sense it as it moves through you, allow it to clear out anything that no longer works for you and instead let yourself become much more conscious and aware. Let yourself embrace the gifts that are yours. Allow yourself to experience life as you live within the light. First and foremost of your own divinity, and then all the universal light that is moving through this space and your earth.

I have a sense of walking through. I embrace each one of you. I affirm with you, your gifts and your ability. I share love, compassion and awareness with you. You are never alone. Not only I am always with you but God-Goddess and all the other Angels of Light are here with you to.

So with that I will shift over allowing the Goddess to once more continue this journey.


The Goddess Speaks:

Especially at the end of Sananda’s words to you there was such a blending of not only my energies with his but the other beings of light that are all here for you. When we have these other energies that come and speak with me they do so with the intention of amplifying the energies and bringing with them that part or that aspect that takes things into a different place for those of you upon the earth. I recognize that there is so much that is happening and I salute you, I support you.

The veil that separates consciousness is in many cases no longer in existence. For those who are living a more of the third and fourth dimensional lifestyle it may be as thick as it ever was. But for those of you who have been seeking to integrate your divinity, those of you who have worked so consciously with this light, bringing in the light, bringing in the new focus, bringing in your alignment with all that it means to you, the veil is non-existent. The veil is what kept you from your divinity. It’s what kept you from having the knowledge and the awareness of other lifetimes. You now have access to your I Am presence in a greater form than you ever have before. So breathe that in, experience that. See what that is for you.

As I walk and talk with each one of you, I can feel the energies of celebration as everybody comes together. I invite you to celebrate your life. Celebrate that you are here with me and with all the others that are present. Celebrate that you are open to the flow and that you accept allowing in your greater truth, your greater awareness and all the opportunity that goes with you. Celebrate your accomplishments of the past year.

I hear you. There are always those that say, “It was a really tough year, I’m not quite sure if I accomplished anything”. The fact that you are here and a part of this journey, and I know how strongly I’m feeling your energies tells me that you have accomplished more than you think you have. Your energy and vibration is consistent with everything else who is here, with everything else that is taking place. So believe in yourself, accept yourself and allow for that belief to be at the forefront.

It feels as if it’s so much that I would like to talk with you about, it feels as if there is so much celebration that is here present and ready for you to enjoy and I’m also feeling that drawing back into the earth. So recognize that everything we tapped into tonight is going to continue to infuse within and throughout your earth, within and throughout you. Take a deep breath and allow that to move through your consciousness.

I still invite you to come together as a group and within that group have a sense of the hologram of the earth. The hologram moves up and as you look at it, really look with your inner eyes, really look with your senses and expansion, because now the hologram itself is changing as it reflects the different levels of perception and awareness.

I invite each one of you to infuse within the hologram your alignment to the universal light, your expansion and acceptance of yourself with all your gifts wide open. I invite you to infuse within the earth or within the hologram whatever intention it is that you put forth as we move into these expanded dimensions.

All of that swirls through the hologram. It is as if it rotates, it emanates light and that hologram itself then shifts moving down. It moves out from the All That Is, it moves through the crystalline pathway and as you perceive the hologram, become aware of all the various dimensions and levels of consciousness that that hologram moves through tweaking, clearing, shifting, allowing for this more balanced and focused awareness to move through this space and as it does so it then goes down within the center of the earth, it aligns with those crystalline energies, anchoring there and then it comes up moving out until it comes up onto the surface of the earth. You may feel it within your physical body. You may consciously send it into particular places. It is yours and it is available to you.

As it moves through, we consciously send that flow of compassion and awareness that it may go throughout creating a greater ease and creating a greater balance so that people can feel the compassion and the awareness, so that people can recognize that everything comes from that same source energy and that everyone is align.

We infuse that as it integrates throughout all the collective consciousness, throughout all the many layers and dimensions, --whew-- and then you allow your focus to once more come back up within you in the All That Is.

Have a sense of letting go this space. As you let go this space you can once more feel yourself as you merge in the soul plane with your I Am presence. Perhaps as you look around, you may see some of those other energies or lifetimes that are here in support of you.

Allow for that consciousness to move with you. Coming back allow your focus to once more shift, as there is that flow you move through the crystalline grid and you feel yourself as that conscious energy is once more moving down through your physical body. You may feel it as it comes into your head center; through all your energy bodies you feel it as you anchor it within your heart center. You send it all the way down moving through your physical body anchoring it into the earth. And as you feel that anchoring in the earth, it moves up within you, it comes back up once more within your heart center and you can feel yourself coming back, coming back and feeling your expanded consciousness. Feeling good recognizing that you are in that greater alignment within yourself.

As we step into this next beautiful, exciting, expansive place in our existence, may you feel comfortable and feel that sense of all that is you, of all that is here, of all that is taking place. This is a magnificent time to be here, present upon the earth. You’ve been working for years for this timeframe to be prepared for it. Just as with that last caller or this one caller, you are prepared. No matter where you are in your life, you are prepared and you will have whatever the experience is, that is your own. You will wake up on the 21st, you will wake up on the 22nd, and on many levels it will all be as if it’s the same but do recognize that it is not. There are so many energies, and just as Sananda came through speaking of the Christ light and the white light and the universal light allow that to become a part of you in your everyday life.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.




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