The Initial Particle of Your Soul -The Dance of Energy

Nama Sika Venia Benya     I AM the one; I AM the whole


I greet you my beloved family! I rejoice at this time of change upon the earth.  Each day that you are moving through your lifetime brings new and different energies towards you that you may be able to experience all the potentials that are here with you in this lifetime.  You are each in the unique position of choosing to open up further to the potentials that are within you.  You are each in the unique position of being able to bring in and anchor energies of light, the energies of transition, and all that moves in and around the universe which will enhance the earth plane.

Allow yourself to shift your awareness so that you may release your physical body and move into the space of the magnetic grid work.  Throughout your journeys, you come into this space and you are very conscious of what this means to you.  So too, you are coming here; sometimes in your dream state, sometimes in your waking hours.  This is a place where you connect with the other humans.  It is a place that filters energies shifting and aligning them for the greater expansion.

As you are ready, have a sense of moving through what is an interlocking grid work until you find yourself releasing density and releasing the magnetic pull of the earth.  Find yourself completely within the space of the crystalline grid.  This space allows for you to shift and move releasing any constrictions, taking on all that is within this energetic field.

From within here, you call forth the column of light, allowing yourself to shift and move through this column so that you may be more fully present upon the soul plane.  As you emerge from this column, you realize that you have shifted into a different energetic field.  As you acclimate to this space, you realize that you may extend your consciousness out into a much larger capacity then you had previously known. 

Have a sense of calling forth your I AM presence.  You are calling forth your divinity that you may be in this space of blending with all aspects of who you are.  As you make this transition and take on a greater amount of energy, you are very aware that all of your senses are heightened.  It is as if you can see at a deeper level, that which is within yourself; as if you can hear the vibrational tunes or notes.  There is a scent or taste that is associated with this space if you open and ask to know.  All of this is brought inside of you and incorporated into who you are.  You are sometimes not aware of the depth that is within you.  There is so much that just exists on a daily basis.  We ask that you take this moment to truly tap into and acknowledge all that is presented in front of you, or within you.

Become aware of my presence as I move into this space of the soul plane.  You may sense me as a figure walking among you. Or you may sense me perhaps as a light filled with colors.  All of this greater detail that is coming to you is a result of you opening up further.  I have a sense of reaching out to embrace each one of you.  As I embrace you, there is only you and I.  You are filled with my presence, just as I am filled with yours.  I can feel my own heart expanding as I connect more deeply with each of you.  While I connect with you all the time, there is a difference when it is a conscious connection such as this.

Allow your awareness to shift in such a way that you move into or become aware of being in the space of the All That Is.  As always, you may have a different sense of what it is to you.  It may be a void this evening, or it may be a space filled with energies and light.  We are going to take this opportunity to allow you to become more deeply aware of who you are and what these different vibrational energies mean to you.  From within the space of the All That Is, you begin by having a sense of looking inside of yourself.  As you do so, you first become aware of whom you are within your expansion.  You can feel your energy as it flows around you, as it shifts and moves.

As you are becoming so attuned to your own energies, have a sense of moving inward or more deeply within your consciousness, your soul; until you move down, shrinking perhaps, or until you go inside and find that particle which is the first particle that created your soul.  For some, it may be is if you are on a spiral moving downward and inward.  For others, as if a shaft or energy path moved you into that space.  Still others have a sense of simply being within that particle.  When it was chosen that a new soul is created, the soul came from the essence of God, Goddess as we are blended as one.  As you take that particle from within us, it becomes filled with light.  This is where it begins to shift and change into what makes each of you, each human, each energy that is throughout the entire universe and Omniverse; become unique and special.

You began as a particle.  You created for your own self who you are.  You began to shift, emerge, and grow. You took on color, sound, dimension.  With each of the shifts and transformations within your life, you expanded further and further.  You as a soul consciousness chose a particular life or experience.  Feel and know whatever it is that you need to know from within your soul.  Accept the honor that we feel for you for choosing the various pathways that you have chosen.  Accept the purity of your own essence; a purity that was created in the space of love; a love that was manifested to go forth, create, expand, and explore.  As you are moving into these energies within yourself, you can feel your heart expanding.  You feel the openness and you know within all particles of your being that you are the pure essence of love.  Even if you only hold onto that for this moment; you are love.  I can feel how each one of you expands and grows as you know that for yourself.  Allow it to create a sense of joy within.  Allow it to manifest in whatever way will assist you in growing and expanding.

Have a sense now of shifting your awareness, that you may move into some of the various potentials within your life.  Each of you always has more than one pathway that you may choose to step onto.  When you are in this space of love, you are able to more clearly see which of these pathways will bring you a greater amount of energy.  When you choose joy within your life you are opening up to even greater potentials.  When a person is in a space of joy, love, and excitement; they are able to see more and more potentials around them.  When you are in the space in which you are not able to feel a growth or expansion, we honor you for being in that space and assist you in understanding what ever lesson was there for you.

As I observe all of you at this time, it is as if there is a dance of energy.  It is as if you are each moving in what ever direction you need to move; yet from this perspective everyone is to intermingling and intermixed to create a flow of energy that has a form to it.  You may call this a dance of energy.  Therefore, as you are upon the earth and moving through your days, you are moving through a dance of energy with all the other individuals who come into your life.  So too, this dance of energy is from within you and a part of yourself. 

As we speak of energy, we speak of feeling the flow that is around you and within you.  As you are seeking to make changes within your life you tap into this flow allowing it to give you greater potentials.  The more that you are opening up to these energies; the more that you perceive and acknowledge what energy is to you.

You have all enjoyed the experience of blending with the immense crystals that were used in the Atlantis, Lemuria, and the universe.  We can seek them again at this time.  What you will realize the more that you work with these crystals, is that if you take the time to align yourself with love, align yourself with whatever your higher potential is, you will then receive a greater and greater amount of communication and energy from within the crystal.  There are more than one of these available to you.

We have a sense of arriving in a space in which they are energetically located.  You see the individuals and guides who are the keepers of these crystals, you might say.  They stay in the presence of these crystals observing, monitoring, and working with these crystals as people access them.  Many, many energies have been accessing them for a very long time, the majority of the time it was unconscious.  Just as before, we have a sense of standing in front of the crystal.  A crystal that is bigger than you no matter how much you are expanded.  There is a sense of reverence, a sense of the Holy or the Divine as we take on the energy of this crystal. 

What you are doing is aligning yourself with the energy of the crystal, but it is also as if you have a sense of asking and receiving permission to blend.  There is an intelligence to this crystal.  If there is intelligence, does that mean there is a soul? This question is for you to answer should you desire.  If you seek to enter, have a sense of moving forward until you feel yourself moving into this crystal.  While it looks as if it's a solid hard surface, you are able to move directly into it and you find yourself in one of the prisms.  From within this prism, you are able to look around you, to take on information, and assimilate all that is here for you.

As you feel ready to do so, step forward as if you are leaving behind that prism with which you blended.  Allow your consciousness to move out and become a part of the entire crystal.  You may not need to blend with the entire crystal, it may be better for you to remain in one aspect.  It matters not.  Each journey is unique, each experience is special.  As you are in this space, what is happening to you is that your energy field is being purified; it is being cleansed of any energies which will no longer support you.  Allow yourself therefore to feel and accept this alignment as it is taking place.  As you feel your soul's essence becoming more crystalline, we know that, that will move down and trickle into your physical body; allowing your physical body to release density, to be open to holding the purity and the higher vibration of the crystalline energies. Have a sense of taking in this awareness allowing your consciousness to move out even further. 

As you are ready to do so, move outward from the crystal.  You leave behind these energies.  You may now find yourself feeling and sensing your own self in this shifted or expanded awareness.  It may feel a little uncomfortable to you as you are not familiar with it.  Play with your energy field, moving within and without, swirling, dancing; until you have familiarized yourself and acclimated with who you are within this moment.  Some of you may be wondering if this is what you are when you are not on the physical plane.  Indeed beloved it is an even greater expansion of who you are when you are not on the physical plane. 

Your soul's essence has not been in the direction in which you are taking it at this time.  This is all new.  You are creating as if from scratch a new means of working with this energy.  This is why you have so many angels and energies of light who are here in support of you.  We are all learning as you are learning.

Come together as a group.  Again you move into that space in which you have that dance of the energy.  Now there is an even greater radiance or sparkle to this energy, there are greater tones of color.  You as a group, form a circle.  Open up, allowing your group to integrate with the guides, Angels, Beings of light who are there with you.  Take a moment to connect with who is around you, you may be surprised! As you take in this information, shift your awareness into the center of the group. 

As you are doing so, become aware of the hologram of the earth which is created from the energies that you worked with this evening.  As this hologram is created, it takes on greater and greater amounts of detail.  This detail is reflected back to you as if there is a new vibrancy from the earth. 

Our beloved Lady Gaia comes fourth.  As you look at and connect with her, you can see or sense her transformation.  She too is transforming and evolving.  She is doing so from the energy that you and the other light workers on the earth send to her; but there is also an aspect of herself that goes on these journeys with you.  She is very aware of the deep connection that she has with each one of you.  She is always open to receive any communication you wish to send to her.  She is excited for any time that you spend walking and connecting with the earth.  You have a sense that she comes forth from the earth to embrace and connect with each individual.  What you realize as she is doing this, is that she is actually creating an energy or light that fills the center of this circle, blending every single individual into one combined light.  The radiance is exquisite! She, Lady Gaia, has an air about her of the regal but at the same time; she throws back her head to laugh as she feels the exuberance and the energy that is pouring forth.  With that, she merges back within the hologram.  You have to consciously disconnect from the energies of the hologram, so that it is once more separate from you and found within the center of this group.

We allow the hologram to move and shift that it may move down and blend with the earth.  As the hologram is shifting, each of you are shifting.  We can see it as it moves down in a direct pathway towards the earth.  This time, as it connects with the magnetic field, it spreads out and surrounds the earth; therefore energizing and shifting the energies of the magnetic grid.  She (Lady Gaia) then takes it further so that all of this moves into the physical plane.  It moves into the physical earth on which you live.  It moves into the core of the earth and permeates out from there.  This energy is moving through all the dimensions which are within and outside of the earth.  This is what is assisting you in your shifting and expanding.  We release the energy.

Shift your focus again that you may come back into that group energy.  This time, have a sense of shifting your energies out towards the Omniverse.  Rather than simply sending a ball of light, there are those of you who are curious to know what is the Omniverse.  We have a sense of moving forward and these energies, with which you are so familiar and comfortable, make up the energy of your universe.  As the energy moves out from there into the space of the Omniverse, there is a complete shift in the energy field.  There is a movement between dimensions, there is a greater awareness of the subtleties, the vibration feels different, and you connect with those within the Omniverse who are here to greet you.  It is as if there are a multitude of ideas and information that is being transmitted to you.  Each of you may connect with and receive something different than the other.  Within this space, it is difficult to take it all in, in an instant through your consciousness.  It is being given to you multi dimensionally within your I AM presence.  Some you may recognize later on, some you may come back and explore further in your dream state, and some you may choose to go into consciously that you may have a greater understanding.  All of this is here in support of you, just as you are here in support of the Omniverse. You may take as long as you need to within this space, knowing that when you come back together as a group you have each received what you were seeking whether it was conscious or unconscious. 

Have a sense of pulling back now, that you may return to the space of the All That Is.  Take in your radiance.  Feel what this is to you. Be aware of the way in which through connecting with your first core experience, you connected with love.  You then amplified, purified, and energized it through blending with the crystal.  You took that a step further, and merged with Gaia and the earth.  And then you went one more step into the Omniverse.  All of this was for your benefit and your expansion.  As we speak at this time, you are beginning to bring your consciousness back into focus; bringing it back into the space of the All That Is. 

You shift from within here when you are ready to, that you may move back into the space of the soul plane.  It is almost a relief to come into the soul plane, because the energies are familiar to you.  There is a great deal that you are taking in and it causes you to feel so differently within yourself.  The soul plane is actually a means of finding balance with all of that energy.

Within this space, take a moment to call forth the energy of your physical presence.  It may present to you as a hologram, or you may become aware that you can connect more directly with your physical body through a shift in your awareness.  See within your physical body all that you are incorporating.  You can release any symptoms that you may have been having.  You can take on a greater energy and light.  You need not have the very strong sensations that you have been having recently.

The majority of you have been shifting and releasing over the past several months.  Be aware that your physical body is now more fully acclimating all that you are evolving and moving through.  You accept this and know it within yourself.

As you are ready, have a sense of moving back into the space of the column of light.  This column returns you to the crystalline grid.  You can see and sense the difference between the crystal you blended with and this grid work.  You see how this grid work is a step down; it is a means of filtering, shifting, and anchoring energies.  There is a greater amount of blending that is occurring between the crystalline and magnetic grids.  You are becoming very aware of this. 

Allow yourself to ground more fully; moving into the magnetic grid work you begin to feel the energetic pull of the earth.  You feel the gravity as it is all around you.  You also feel the way that this grid work is shifting to accommodate the greater amount of energy that you bring back with you.  Allow yourself to come fully back within this space; allow yourself to ground wherever you are.  As you come back into this conference room, I am open to receive any questions that you may have.  You may press the 4 on your telephone to come back into the conference room and I am open to receive.


Question: <paraphrased> I had a really hard time a couple weeks ago with releasing and physical symptoms.  I continue to have severe digestive problems and while my lungs are better, I still have trouble breathing.  Do you have any further insights for me? 

Answer: You have been moving through duality.  You have been very conscious of what is duality within your life and have been taking great strides to release it and let it go.  There are still aspects of your life that you are in the process of filtering and releasing.  This is manifesting through the breathing and the discomfort that you are feeling in your abdomen.  What is occurring within you can be filtered and assisted by connecting with these crystalline energies.  Also, at a deeper level what is necessary for you to do, is begin to go within yourself and become more centered with who you are, what your beliefs are, and how do you choose to live this life.  Within your physical environment are aspects which seem to aggravate these two conditions that you speak of.  That is why you are having a great deal of the physical symptoms.  What that is doing, is triggering at a higher level or a more conscious awareness, what is going on deeper within you.  This is giving you the opportunity to make choices within your life.  When you had a large release a couple of weeks ago, you could feel the shift that took place in your breathing and you could feel how you let go a great deal and your breathing was better.  Now it is as if it is slowly going back to what it was, although it is not as bad as it was. Is that correct?  <the person said yes> The reason why it is coming back and manifesting in such a way, is that there are still choices that you need to make within your life and you are still in that space of ambivalence.  Allow yourself to go within, accept what are your choices in life, and acknowledge them no matter what your choice is, even if it's something that you don't want or you may think this is not in your best interest. You can still accept that if this is what is necessary for you to do now knowing that it is all part of what is necessary to shift you into a new space.  Does that make sense to you? <She acknowledged yes>.  OK, our sense is that these physical symptoms will release and diminish the more that you are able to become attuned with yourself, acknowledge what is within, and then you go forth from there.  You are welcome beloved.  Does anyone else have a question?

Question:  <paraphrased>  How can I find the balance within my life?  I've been really striving to find that and feel as if it's just not working.

Answer: All right, so you are asking about balance.  When we see you from a soul perspective, we see a very balanced individual.  So, our sense is that you must be speaking of your daily activity and that you are trying to get accomplished what you said before yourself.  Is that what you speak of? Or is there anything in particular you wish for us to discuss? <Person explained further what she is feeling> Alright, so as we spoke at the beginning of your question, we see you in the state of balance and a state of equilibrium and flow within your life.  When you take that a step further and go from this old existence on the soul plane and move down into the earth plane, when you talk about feeling this pendulum affect of emotions from one extreme to the other, you become very tired because it is draining on a person; when one moment you are feeling things very intensely joyful, then the next moment intensely sorrowful.  What is going on within you is that you have a very deep sensitivity; you have a means of feeling within every particle within you whatever is happening around you.  This is a true gift.  The gift is that you have an infinite amount of compassion for yourself and others.  What you need to do is learn how to manage this gift or work with this gift so that you do not feel pulled in every direction and that you do not feel the extremes of emotions.  What would be a good step for that is to create a means of being able to distance yourself.  Being able to distance yourself from the emotion does not mean you do not care.  It means that you care just as fully and you feel as strongly about what ever it may be as you did before.  You are simply taking a step back emotionally so that you may more fully honor yourself and nurture yourself by not being pulled in every direction.  Does that make sense to you? <She continued to speak of what's happening> We understand what you are saying, there times in which you think 'how can I not be emotionally connected' and 'how can I not be involved in this'; because this is what you are living and the choices that you make.  As we are connecting with you and looking at you, it is also a matter of honoring who you are.  Our sense is that some of this emotion and pulling comes from people who have a different belief system than what you do and people who do not understand where you are coming from. And so you wonder how can I be true to myself, and express myself, and still be in and around individuals that do not understand this.  Is this more so what you are asking? What people are beginning to come to the realization of, is that when you are working with these newer energies, and you stand in the space of your soul's expression, you begin to come into a space of neutrality.  You begin to find a greater ease and you can remove yourself so that you don't have to defend yourself against what others are saying to you.  You don't have to explain yourself to another individual.  That is what you are moving towards and you have not fully gotten there as yet.  That is why you are feeling so much of the emotions.  There are some people as they are moving into this space, who feel 'where is the passion? Where is the connection to life?' if I'm in that space.  That again creates within them a sense that if they do not feel they are not living their life.  What we sense for you is that you are opening up more and more all the time.  You are bringing in a greater knowledge of who you are.  As you can accept who you are, that in turn will allow you to keep from being buffeted, or pushed and pulled by all these emotions. You are welcome! Allow yourself the time to become acclimated.  Sometimes you can't express who you are. The more that you accept this within yourself, the more that others will accept it too.  Sometimes some of these people will come to you, or it these experiences will come to you, as a means of giving you the opportunity of defining within yourself who you are.  This can all be accomplished and resolved.  We see you already as balanced, we see you already as standing in the space of yourself.  So allow your personality to come into what we sense and see within you from your soul's aspect.  <Person said thank you>. You are welcome beloved.  Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased>   I am wondering why it is that I feel such anger and sometimes I feel as if I'm not going anywhere?  I keep seeking balance within my life, but it just doesn't feel like its working.  Do you have any insights for me?  I also felt as if Archangel Rafael was with me today to assist in healing this, was he really there?

Answer:  Alright, allow us to begin by telling that yes Archangel Rafael was with you today.  He has been working with you more so than just the time that you called him in.  He is working with you on almost a daily basis as he is moving in and out of your consciousness and your energy field on a very regular basis.  You may not have been as aware of it within this lifetime, but you have actually come forth, and stepped forward a huge step in the last six months.  What you may not have been aware of within this lifetime, is that there were aspects of yourself and that its, how to speak the words, it was not a matter of...... the words are not coming through; allow yourself to feel the energy in what we are trying to convey.  The panic attacks were brought on to you because there were two aspects of yourself who were fighting to expose, or be fully present in the body.  It's not a means of a multiple personality like some people have, but it was something along that lime and we wish to not speak that is the word we tried to avoid, but we sense the you understand what we are speaking of.  Do you beloved? <She acknowledged yes> In essence, there is no word to truly convey what we are sensing and seeing, other than to say it is along the lines of that.  So with the steps that you've been taking in the last few months and you have been opening and evolving, bringing forth within yourself, you are bringing into and finding balance within yourself.  You are finding the oneness, that sense of energy that is your true soul's essence.  Then you have these aspects of yourself, it's almost as if there to aspects of yourself saying, well let's do this in life, let's do this in life, let's have this activity, when they spoke of the humans might call the id and ego; one part of it is warm and loving, and the other part of you that was fearful and scared.  As you are blending and coming back within yourself, these aspects of yourself are being forced to blend and become one also.  Therefore that aspect of yourself that was holding onto the fear within you that was holding onto the negativity is the part that is needing to blend further because that's the part is having to shift in a vibrational manner, more and more so than the rest of you.  Therefore, it is causing you to feel these panic attacks, and you are feeling it in your heart center.  You are also feeling it in your bones, with the achy ness and some of the other symptoms you are having.  It is an integration process.  It is successful, it is working.  Be aware that you are not going to be feeling the symptoms for that much longer.  What you can do to help is to have a sense of going inside and nurturing that loving fearfulness within you.  You are well aware that, that has been with you for a very long time.  You have done work over and over and over to let go of it, as you have been.  There is still that aspect of yourself which although you have nurtured and love yourself it, is still there and waiting for you to love it one more time. <She said it feels relentless to her> It is relentless, that is a great word for it! That is why you have such strong feelings.  You do remember the healing you did a little while ago, that was so complete at that time.  It's almost as if this part of you is still; no, you forgot one last aspect of me and here I come.  So relentless is a very good word for it.  Trust that you are simply integrating this within yourself.   It is not going to continue for too much longer.  Our sense is that there is still something that needs to be acknowledged in terms of fear.  As soon as you can acknowledge and honor it for what ever it was, then you will be able to release at a deeper level.  We hear your question, is this ever going to go away completely? Will you ever be through with it? You know, we keep saying to you, yes beloved we think it is.  But you have the free will, and there are situations that your soul essence or your consciousness may trigger or send forth for whatever reason, it is beyond us to know or understand even from this perspective.  We ask is simply to accept and honor.  The more that you can move into the space where you can reconnect; they are showing us your outdoors, where you are connected with the deer and that energy field.  Reconnect with that space, when this comes to you, if it should happen again, you can say I'm going to cut to the chase and go straight there.  We believe this will assist you; your experience tonight actually did a great deal of aligning and releasing this energy.  <the person stated there were deer outside the house at this time!> You see, they have come to be with you at this time! Exactly, almost as if they are knocking on your window saying come out, come out and play! You can bring them in energetically, to be with you inside during our conference if you so desire.  Everyone is welcome, animal or being.  So just trust beloved that this is all working, you are in balance, you are in your divinity, and you are bringing in and creating greater and greater amounts of this within yourself.  You are welcome.  Alright, is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> Hello Goddess this is Pauli!!  As you know, the past couple months have really been a roller coaster!!  You mentioned to me this summer that I would be teaching people, that this is something I would be bringing in.  It's not been happening as I thought it would.  Do you have any ideas for me? I also continue to feel the pull to return to my true home.  Why is that?

Answer:  We heard you again asking to come home.  This is again your mantra! Bring me home, bring me home! We were with you in that moment when you did go home tonight.  That was an opportunity for you to connect consciously with what you consider home and with what you have been seeking.  So all of you are in a space of being able to work a greater amount, or a great deal with the energies that you are creating and bringing home to you.  You in particular Pauli, can bring this energy shifting with you and you can shift the energy around you on a conscious basis because you have an abstract mind that is able to take in several different aspects at the same time.  So we ask you to begin to focus on this, shifting the energy around you, perhaps even shifting yourself and see what comes of that.  See if perhaps that is something you will move into.  You may choose to share with others as you are living this experience.  We do still see you connected with other individuals; we do see others coming to you talking to you, asking for information, perhaps alignments or attunement if you may wish to do that.  We do still see you talking with groups of people, perhaps small groups.  It may simply be that the time upon the earth has not been enough.  We look at time from this perspective which we sense and attempt to give a number to, but it is always abstract.  Our sense for you is that it has always been important for you to find this aspect that you consider home and bring it with you into the divine physical upon the earth.  Through that you can work with energy, shift energy, and then you will begin to share that with other people. <He made comments about his process>  Exactly, we've said that before too, you are very well aware! You just choose not to acknowledge that! <He was laughing at these words>. Of course, of course! We simply speak to you, that you are not going anywhere anytime soon! We will simply bring home to you here.  <He asked why he continues to smoke and why it's so hard to release?> When an individual is in the new energy, their body is taking on this energy form.  Many people may ground themselves in many different manners; you do it to ground yourself.  Some people may choose food, other people may choose jewelry, bracelets, things like that the may ground them; we speak of the channel in this respect! And others will feel different things that they take on all that they may use as a means of grounding this energy.  We don't criticize anyone for what they do and we ask you to release any guilt that you may feel around it.  It is simply an experience.  Your physical body is miraculously as you just said the more that you bring in and use this energy within your body, the less that other things can bring harm to it.  Alright Beloved, you are welcome.  And Shelly wishes to just make one comment about the bracelets.  At one point she was wearing 8-10 upon her arm on a daily basis, over the past two to three months they have all been falling off and breaking!  She is very well aware of the significance as she has only four now! So she is laughing and wanted to share that with you.  I don't need the metal to ground me anymore; ach that was me! <Meaning Shelly spoke for herself, not as a channel> No, no, no, that's ok, I am the shifting.  We will take one more question.

Question: <paraphrased> I’m wondering if you can give me any ideas of the direction in which I am going.  I still continue to wonder what I am going to do and where I am going.  Do you have any insights for me? 

Answer:  I take this moment to say that each of you who are looking at shifting your energies, where to focus, usually you humans do this more towards the end of the year and now you are bringing it forward a month for me to look forward like this!  I believe a part of what is bringing this on at this time is that there has been a large amount of shift upon the earth over the last one to two months.  Then having two journeys in a row in which you connect with this crystalline energy; it prompts within each person that questioning within themselves, I know you think I am going off on a tangent but I am truly not!  What I wish to say is that you in particular are standing at a crossroads.  We see that you are at a place of making choices and decisions within your life.  You are wondering which is going to be in my highest interest, what do I want to do, what brings me joy? As with all of you, it's important to have connection and communication with the other of individuals who are around you.  You are as always the healer; you heal in many different ways.  You have been focusing on that and taking in information about that, but our sense when we connect with you is that there is still something missing and you are wondering where can I utilize this energy? <the person spoke to give more information>  As we're connecting with you and opening up to receive what potentials of there, we find it interesting that there is no one path that is coming forward and showing itself as stronger than another.  Perhaps this is because you stand in this place of not knowing what to do or where to go.  Whenever we connect with an individual, and give you the feedback that you are seeking, we are tapping into the energies that you put forth at this time.  So we ask you, to take the next week to two weeks or so; what we are being shown is that the Angels that are all around you and guides have been allowing you to become open and aware of different types of communication, of different types of healing, different things that you can do.  We see in you the teacher, the healer, the consultant or companion to people, we also see in you someone who is very dynamic and full of energy, and we see you outdoors and doing things in an outdoor manner.  So all of this is coming forth as a means of expressing who you are. Again, there is no one really strong path that we see converging or coming forth at this time.  We do have a sense that through reading, opening, and accepting these aspects within yourself that you will actually begin to take form and create something that will be of more interest to you.  We do sense that the strongest focus is when you are open to communication with others and a modality of healing.  You don't realize how much you create a space from the love that you have within your heart that allows just your daily activity that allows you to actually create a space of healing.  This is sometimes for yourself and sometimes for others.  You may not ever choose to do the type of healing where you put hands on people; there are many different ways in which you can use this energy.  Does that make sense to you beloved? <She spoke further of her life> I know, that is but is being put out.  We also have a sense that as we doing this, we're downloading to you even more information that may assist you in finding your path.  We do see you, we were going to say we see you is a traditional teacher, we see you working with children, we see you working with adults, and truly your potential is limitless.  We also see you in a communication ward, we don't see necessarily in broadcasting, like in television, but it is something in which you are speaking into a microphone and maybe that's a seminar, there are just so many potentials and every time that we say what else, what else, what else; all of these things come to mind.  What that is showing us, is that you need to take the time to go inside, perhaps write or journal to yourself, whatever it is that allows you to tap into whatever brings you joy.  That is what your true path is about, whatever you are passionate about, what ever brings you joy and excitement, and you can create that around you.  I have the support mechanisms; you have the knowledge within yourself.  As you align and tap into that, this will grow and grow for you.  Now we feel your peace.  Do you feel better?  <She acknowledged yes> Alright Beloved.

We need to have a sense of pulling this to a close.  It may be slightly shorter or different than other channels, but our sense is that we need to bring this time to a close.  We are with each one of you and if you did not have an opportunity to speak, know that we are still transmitting the information you are seeking.  We always take this opportunity to energize whatever it is that you are seeking within your life.  We honor each one of you; we love and cherish who you are and how you are choosing to express yourself!

I am with you, I am within you!





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