The Love within Your Heart - Discerning Your Energies from Others

Nama sika; venia benya    I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family!  Welcome. I come into this space in which you are so that I may align my vibration with yours as you are upon the Earth plane. 

Each one of you has been moving through your own personal journey; your own personal transformation and sometimes it has felt as if it's a rocky road.  As I mentioned with the last teleconference, right now upon the Earth there are many different intense energies.  Therefore I wanted to bring my energies into you in your Earthly existence so that I could assist in moving through you and invite you to breathe in my energies, right here where you are in your physical existence.

Allow me to move through once more.  Allow me to breeze through, releasing any tension, releasing any stress, let go of whatever it is that's been hanging over you.  There, I could feel each one of you releasing, at least to a degree, an aspect of whatever it is that you have been focusing upon.  Now having let go of that breathe deeply once more within yourself so that you may connect within all aspects of your physical self. 

Once you find this space with which you are comfortable, take that opportunity to release your physical body.  As you release, allow your consciousness to move into the space of the magnetic grid.  Immediately upon your arrival, you will find yourself aligning with or blending with that space in which your Higher Self resides. 

Allow yourself to expand as you blend fully with all of you that are here.  As you look around, perceive the fine light vibration that moves throughout this space.  Take an opportunity and look downward or inward or howsoever you may perceive it.  See yourself in your physical existence.  Allow your consciousness to open up in such a way that you perceive whatever may be within and around you in this moment.  I invite each one of you to take in the greater amount of detail that you are able to discern for yourself.  There is so much of which you are aware.  That impulse of energy or light merges with you. 

From here move through the interlocking grid until you align with the crystalline grid.  There are times in which it may feel as if you move directly through one to another, and there is also a greater blending that is occurring between the magnetic grid and the crystalline. 

Just as you looked as if backwards or downwards at yourself from the magnetic grid, take this opportunity to perceive your own essence within this crystalline vibration.  You may have a sense of yourself as simply a light.  You may have a sense of yourself as if with your physical body.  You may have a sense of just a flow of energy which represents your consciousness.  But you already have within you aspects of your own energy which are crystalline.  Therefore as you are looking around and perceiving, open to realise what this may be for you.

Now take the opportunity to call forth that column of light.  This column is a means of assisting in shifting your focus or your conscious awareness so that you align with the soul plane.  As you arrive within the soul plane, feel what this space is for you.  There is a vibration; there is an essence that easily moves through and within this space.  Perceive how you align with your own divinity. 

You may call forth your I AM presence. As you call forth this aspect or this pure essence of Who You Are, feel it blend with you, enhancing all of who you are within this space.  There is even more to you than you have ever realised.  You have lived a multitude of different existences - out within the universe, upon the soul plane, within the angelic realm.  All of these perceptions are within your divinity.  Look around with new eyes.

I the Goddess come into this space and I blend with each one of you.  As I blend with you, allow yourself to expand even further.  This will also assist you in shifting into the space of the All That Is.  This is a space of even greater expansion.  There are a multitude of different energies that are within the space of the All That Is, within various aspects of the All That Is.  Open to look around.  Perceive what is here for you. 

As the first part of this journey, I invite you to have a sense of stretching out.  Perhaps as if you're lounging, close your eyes and take this moment to simply let your heart open.  As your heart is opening, allow me to come within you and fill you up.  As my energies are moving even deeper within you, breathe in the unconditional love that I have for you. 

Some of you are wide open.  Allow my energies to assist you in moving even deeper within yourself.  Others of you have only opened your heart center perhaps a crack, a small amount.  Others of you are a myriad of different potentials in between all of that.  For those of you who are unable to perceive whether or not your heart center is open, or for those who have only cracked it open a small amount, I invite you to consciously open this door to your heart. 

We have spoken of the heart center; we have spoken of the alignment within the fourth dimension and how that is based within your heart; we have spoken of how you breathe into the energy of your heart and allow that to expand each time you are grounding yourself; we have spoken over and over about your heart.

Some of you, as you seek to go deeper and deeper within yourself, have allowed your heart to be wide open.  You may say you wear your heart upon your sleeve.  It may have made you even more sensitive to the energies that are within and around you.  Therefore this is an opportunity to truly work with your heart center, feeling it expand, constructing so to speak an energy center that allows you to be fully present within any moment; to live your life through your heart and yet release anything which is not your own. 

Over and over I hear from people saying that they are not sure if what they're feeling is their own or someone else's.  This is an opportunity for you to more fully understand what it is to live through your heart and your heart center.  The more you are conscious and aware of what this is for you, the more you will be able to determine what is yours and what is someone else's.

There are angels, guides, teachers, who are also within this space with all of us. Your own teachers and guides surround you at this time.  I increase the flow of my love, of my energy, so that each one of you may draw on as much of this as you feel you need in this moment.  In some it's as if you feel pain or palpitations within your real heart.  Breathe in more of my love, breathe in more of my essence, and allow me to shift what you are feeling within your physical body.  Let it go.  I encourage you not to hold on to anything, even if it is my essence or my love, even if it is your own. 

The times in which you may have greater physical symptoms are the times in which you have stepped outside of the flow.  Energy is to move through you, moving through your cellular structure, your organs, moving into the space around you.  So do this with your heart center at this time.  I now perceive how there is a much greater flow and consistency within each one of you. 

Now that we have worked with your heart center to expand or open it to a greater capacity, I invite you to let your consciousness move inside of your heart center.  As you do so, it is as if you are within your heart center looking outward.  But most of all feel the love, feel the compassion.  You may have a sense of a pulsation within this energy field.  This pulsation could be in alignment with your human heart. The pulsation though is also a means of aligning you with the vibration of your consciousness.  I also invite you to open to a sense of any color or illuminated light that is within this space.

As you are becoming more aware of what your heart center is to you, just bask in those energies.  To give you an opportunity to perceive what this is like, with your consciousness once more within the center of your heart center, consciously bring in the walls so to speak; shut that door or keep it from being wide open.  As you do so, have the intention to bring in whatever consciousness you may choose to bring in during your daily life and as you are focusing upon this, feel what its like - as if you have this immense light, this immense vibration that is trying to make itself felt within this smaller space. 

This is sometimes why you may have difficulty in feeling the flow of energy.  You may have difficulty in understanding the messages that may have been given to you.  It may also have an impact upon the physical symptoms that you may sometimes feel within and around your heart.

Once more, expand this space so that you may allow the flow of light and energy to be as great or as expanded as it needs to be. All right.  Feel the contentment that is yours within this space.  You are deeply connected within your own self.  You know and understand what it is to be in the space of divine love, divine essence, divine acceptance. 

Allow your focus to shift for just a moment; you remain in the space of the All That Is.  You know intimately what your own vibration feels like.  I invite you to consider someone around you that you frequently have an interaction with.  It may be a spouse, children, parents; it may be co-workers, neighbours or friends.  Most everyone has either a select few individuals or a number of individuals with whom they continuously interact. 

As you are bringing this individual or group into your awareness, perhaps consider some issues, some things that you've been communicating about, whatever it may be.  You feel how different their vibration is - even if it's someone with whom you are in complete alignment and balance, there is still a difference because they are not you.  Therefore, once more consider anything that might be going on within your life around this individual or group.  Consider emotions you may be feeling, consider the situation, consider words that have been spoken.  As you do so, truly feel in this moment what is yours and what is theirs.

As you take in this information or this perception within yourself, let yourself be fully conscious of taking responsibility only for you, for your own emotions and let go of anything else.  Within this space it is perhaps a little bit easier to discern what is your own and what is someone else's.  

So too perhaps there have been things within your life that are not working out in the way you had anticipated.  Perhaps something you seek to manifest has not yet arrived, perhaps you have been seeking change and it's not manifesting in the form that you anticipated.  So within this space of your vibration, within this space of looking out from your own heart center, and once more truly knowing what is your own vibration versus someone else's; look at what you seek to manifest.   Is there anything holding you back at this time?  Is there anything within yourself that is creating a resistance within you?  Are there physical limitations either within you or your environment that are keeping this from happening?

Whether something consciously comes into your mind or not, send forth the intention to clear out any debris, any miscellaneous energies; clear out anything at all that may be keeping you from manifesting all of this within your life.  Once more take a look.  Do you have a more clear sense of you, where you are right now and you as you seek to bring in whatever it is?

Breathe deeply within yourself, within your consciousness, open up your heart and feel the flow within you sending out your conscious intention of what you seek to manifest and then being there to receive it as it comes back to you.  There is a flow.  You may perceive it as circular; you may perceive it as moving within and around you in every direction.  Perceive what this is.

Take a moment to become acclimated to how your life will feel when you are fully present, living within your heart center.   Continue to consider what it feels like to you, to have whatever it may be that you seek to have within your life.  Again, if there is any resistance within you, release that resistance.  Consciously open to receive, feel the abundance of energies, feel what it is to be within this space. 

Shift your focus once more.  As you are looking around have a sense of the All That Is expanding or shifting dimensions in such a way that you become aware of the stars, the planets, everything within the universe or at least that is having an impact upon the Earth at this time.  Perceive your alignment with the Earth; perceive your alignment with these stars and planets.  As you take this in, become aware of how this may shift the intensity of whatever it is you are feeling upon the Earth. 

As we are taking this opportunity and aligning within this universe and the Earth, there is an increase in pressure or an increase in tension that is immediately felt.  Once more go within your heart center as if you are looking out from within your heart or as if you are linking and aligning very deeply within this aspect of who you are and once more consider what is happening upon the Earth. 

In this manner, you may be aware of things happening to other individuals, to groups of people, you may feel compassion, frustration, anger, fear; whatever the emotions are that revolve around a situation.  But I invite you to take this opportunity to truly feel within your heart center so that you may feel the compassion, so that you may feel the flow of love and divinity through yourself. 

As you are doing this, consciously release these things which are not your own.  You can find how you are now within these energies of the universe and the Earth but you are no longer feeling that tension, you are no longer feeling the anxiety, the pressure that has been so prevalent for the last several weeks.  This is how you are able to discern what is yours and what is not.  Release anything which is not your own.

As you consider your heart center and as you consider whatever has been going through you, you may find that there is a greater capacity for compassion, for love, for awareness, within you.  This is because you are linked within yourself.  You are deeply connected from within your divine essence moving outward throughout your heart center.  From that deep connection within, you have a limitless store of energy of love, of compassion. 

All right.  I invite you to come back together as a group.  As you are returning you may look around and perceive a circle, a large gathering of people, howsoever you may perceive.  And then coming up within the center of this group is the hologram of the Earth.  This hologram is able to rotate.  It's as if there is also a hologram of the universe and the Earth so that you may have this perception of what you were just looking at on a much larger scale.  I invite you to send that essence of who you are, to send that balanced energy from within your heart center until it moves throughout this hologram of the universe, this hologram of the Earth.

There is a brilliance of sparkling energy that begins to transmit. Within the universe, some of what's been taking place that has been affecting the energies of the Earth becomes somewhat neutralised or there is a discernible shift which takes place.  So too as you perceive the hologram of the Earth itself, allow the flow of love, of compassion, of your essence to move into this space within the hologram and it becomes illuminated.  Almost as if there are sparkling lights that emanate from the Earth itself.

Gaia comes forth.  There are also a number of energies that come from this hologram of the universe.  All of this essence makes itself known to you and reaches out to embrace.  We release these holograms - that aspect which moves into the universe; that hologram of the Earth moves into the energies of the Earth.  You may perceive as it moves through the magnetic grid that an aspect of the energy aligns with this grid as it circles the physical Earth.  The remainder of that hologram then moves into the center of the Earth itself.

As this happens, that hologram aligns with the core aspect of the Earth.  It then emanates outward, expanding in every direction; it comes up through the Earth itself, through the dimensions and the layers of energy that are upon the Earth.  Find yourself and let your physical body feel the alignment or the blending with this balanced energy.  There is a great deal happening upon the Earth right now.  From within yourself, breathe in this balanced energy and let go anything which is not your own. 

Shift your focus once more so that you return to the All That Is.  You have a greater perception of who you are.  As you are expanding your awareness, become conscious of the soul plane.  There is less of a definition between the All That Is and the soul plane because as you expand your consciousness, as you work within this space, you find that there is an overlap of the energies, so that there is a smooth and easy blending. Release those aspects of your I AM presence that will stay within this space, and allow your consciousness to move into the crystalline grid.

Perceive the pulsation and the light that is within here.  While there are aspects that have become activated, there are also aspects that seem to vibrate or align with a greater balance or a greater ease.  This is the direct result of each one of you connecting within your soul essence and within your heart center, and allowing that bond to expand. 

From here, you may have a sense of your energies moving into the magnetic grid.  As you move into the magnetic grid you feel the pull of the Earth, but you also become very aware of the greater balance and the greater ease that is within this space and around your Higher Self.  Take in this perception.  I invite you to breathe deeply within your physical body, breathing slowly, deeply, easily, and yet deeply, as you allow for this greater amount of your divinity to come within your physical body.  As you breathe into your heart center you can feel the ease with which this flow of energy moves through you. 

From within this expansion of your heart center, once more take stock of your life as it is today.  Ask yourself which of these energies are your own and which may actually belong to other people, other groups, other organizations, or perhaps a world situation.  You may always feel compassion and caring for these which are not your own but they remain outside of you.  Feel yourself strengthen with knowledge, strengthen with self-awareness and strengthen with love.  This is from within you, for you and about you. 

You are divine, you are balanced.  Breathe that in to your awareness in this moment.  Take one more moment and align once more with what you've been seeking to manifest.  Just as you created that alignment within the All That Is, feel it around you in your physical life.  You created that direct alignment, you released any barriers.  So take a moment and affirm this reality for you as you are here within your physical space.  Send out what you seek to manifest, be open to receive and align as it returns to you.

With that I feel each of you once more grounding yourself within your space. I am open to receive any questions that you may have this evening.  You may press the *7 upon your phone so that you may come back within this room and I am open to receive your question. 

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess.  This meditation has been very apropos for me because just this morning I decided I'm not responsible for the energies that people are bombarding me with.  It's a very fine line between that and that I create my own reality, in which case I would be responsible for the energies that people are bombarding me with.  So how do I make that distinction?

Answer:  This is a wonderful question and one that affects so many people at this time; because indeed you do create your reality.  As you are creating your reality there are certain individuals within our daily life and certain situation within your life.  This is a part of your daily life as you move through your days.  In creating your reality you recognize that you put forth, you set up a vibrational alliance, you have created experiences that will allow you to grow or stop growing, and however you want to perceive it.  You create situations that give you these various situations.  When you consider what is your own vibration and what is your own energy vs. something that is not; you may have created a situation in which it manifests for you in say an individual that you do not get along with, there is a great deal of arguing going on, there is anger, frustration, perhaps fear.  When we speak of taking on what is not your own this is what we speak of.  When you speak of feeling bombarded by emotions, those emotions that are bombarding you are the other individuals, not your own.  This is when we want you to be in your heart center, breathing within that space and letting it radiate out from you; it doesn't create a shield because you don't need shields like they used to think they did.  But what it does is create an oneness within you so that when it feels like an attack or it feels like things are not in alignment with you, they can simply flow past you.  You will not take them on or take them inside of you.  Does that make sense to you? 


The other thing we would like to say is that when you consider what you are creating within your life and that you have created your life for the various reasons you have; by going inside of your heart center and taking the opportunity to bring things up one by one by one you can have the opportunity to perhaps learn whatever it is you are seeking to receive from it and then you may release it more easily or more quickly.  We sense within your life there are certain things that won't go away over night but by creating the energy pattern within yourself you are taking the first steps of creating what you seek to have within yourself. 

(Okay.  You had told me the last time I asked a question that I would wake up one morning and come to a realization and the hostilities against me would cease.  I'd like to know if I'm almost there. I did wake up and come to some realizations; I don't think the hostilities are going to go away over night though like you said.)

The sense we're getting is that the hostilities are there and they are going to be there for an indefinite period of time, is how we're picking up on them right now.  But what we sense can change and perhaps what I was saying the last times about over night is that as you change your perceptions and are creating an alignment within yourself then your reaction to them is what can change.  This has the potential to change over night or immediately and then once this individual cannot get their hooks into you because you are in the space of balance; that is when they will release you, back off and no longer give you a hard time.  This is our perception of this at this time.  What we see happening within you is that you have let go of so much!  You have been working so diligently at creating this greater connection within yourself.  So if you question at any time is this really doing any good is it working, we want to affirm for you most definitely it is!!

We see you in a space right now that has a much greater balance and a much greater awareness within you.  So if you continue to focus on that and allow it to expand even further you will find that you will be less affected by these individuals and the one in particular.  You will also find that as you are less affected by them, there will be other things that come to your attention and so you will begin to shift your awareness to something that will bring you joy, happiness and excitement instead of being caught up in this.... well the word coming to us is battle because that is how it's being portrayed to us!  We actually think in this journey tonight you did a beautiful job with this but your human self has not yet acclimated to some of these changes you released.  So if you use this journey and do this a few more time you will find that each time it become more and more easy for you.  

We keep having this picture of you as a golden light. It's like this golden light within your heart.  As you expand and breathe and allow it to blend within all of you, it's like this light that begins within your heart, then become a pillar; we say a pillar and that is hard which this is not-we see this as being flexible, having a flow, an undulation, a motion which is your energy, your vibration, your essence.  It is this distinct and continuous blend of energy that is within and around you.  That is how we see you!  Especially in the space of this journey tonight, as you are coming back into the earth; it's not quite as strong as what we were seeing but it is there and it can become much more your reality. 

(Thank you.  It doesn't matter what people think of me as much as I'm having trouble making a living.  Can you tell me how I can make a living?)

This is a completely different question and we will need to come back to it if others don't have questions.  I will say that as you are creating this greater strength within yourself and as you let go this individual, more potentials will come around you.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, I would like to ask about releasing old relationships.  I've been releasing pain of letting go of my old fiancé.  I think it's getting better but there still feels as if there's some residual.  Do you have any advice for me?

Answer: As I'm looking at you and listening to what you say as you speak of your former fiancé there is a spark within you that feels as if he is a very deep soul mate to you or as if he is a soul mate relationship within your life.  So this last resistance or aspect that is not releasing him is coming from that part within you that is saying "This was my SOUL mate" "this was so and so".  It was as if it created so much of an awareness-a little bit hard for me to describe but we think you get the picture.  It was like when you first met and were together, as the relationship was creating, it was as if it reflected to you so much of what you sought to have in this life and in relationship.  Then with the releasing of it you realize that the two of you were actually on different paths from one another, there were aspects that just weren't going to work in this life.  You've released it you let it go; you've gone your separate ways.  But there's that part of you that is still saying "But it's SO AND SO" "Yes it was this man" "yes it was this individual" and it's that yearning that you had created for what you wanted to have and what he so seemed to be.  This is what you are holding onto rather than the individual himself.  Does that resonate with you?

(Well no.  I'm glad you said that because all I've been feeling is the pain from the crap and the abuse he gave me.  But I do see as you say that, that there is a deeper aspect that was drawing me to him.)

That was our initial sense as we look at you and this individual.  Then as you speak of abuse and the human level of what's going on; what's interesting to us is that that was not readily apparent to us as we first looked at the two of you.  Therefore that tells us that you have already done so much work of releasing and letting it go.  By bringing it to our awareness and as we look at you from within your eyes, certainly we can see that there is some residual of that within you also. As we look at that, again it looks as if you have done so much release work and you have done so much in terms of letting go, yet there is a part of you that is wondering if you have set up a pattern that may be repeated at some point in the future.  That to us feels like there is a part of you keeping it in the forefront as negative reinforcement.  This is what we DON'T want so we will remember it so we won't fall into that again.  But what it does is set up an energy vibration that is in alignment with these thoughts and kind of crappy behavior that you want to set behind you right now.  Does that make more sense now?

(Yeah, yeah, yeah) 

We have a sense in looking at your energy pattern in looking at the work you have done with yourself; that if there is someone who comes along and triggers something; the antennae will go up in a second!  If you can work with yourself and work with consciously cleansing and releasing-do have a deeper trust within yourself, you do have a connection within that you are holding out separate from this situation.  So if you will release these energies, if you will trust that you will be able to remember that if something comes along that bring up these memories then it need not be in the forefront of your consciousness.  You can shift your vibration and awareness in such a way that you are open to a completely different type of relationship.  This is what we see for you!   You've been doing this.  It's already done on so many levels.  It's more so a matter of you consciously cleansing, releasing, and then opening and choosing different thoughts that are more in alignment with what you seek to have. 

(So the way I'm releasing is okay?  I guess when it comes up, I choose higher thoughts.)

Yes that is one aspect of it.  But we also want you to be aware that as you talk of this-again we see you on the whole as having released the vast majority of this energy.  So if thoughts come up to you, have a conscious choice in your thought process instead of just saying "oh I thought I released this and now here I go with round 10 or 10,000, whatever it may be".  Just lovingly accept that these thoughts have come up yet again and I'm choosing to change my perception; whatever it is that works for you, you can come up with your own thought process in this manner.   We remind you to always bathe yourself in your light and love of your divinity.   This journey tonight was very very good for you because you were able to really recognize what was yours and what was not your own.  So in doing that, you can let the breeze blow through and release anything that was not your own.

(Thank you very much!)

Question:  I would just like to thank the Goddess for a wonderful message tonight.  It was really very helpful to me! 

Answer: You are welcome.  Do you have a question?  (No I do not; I just wanted to say that.)  Well, thank you for your loving comment. 

Question:  (paraphrased) Hello I have a question of how to move forward in my life.  I can't seem to do anything. 

Answer:  In terms of how you can move forward in your life we see a number of different things that come to mind.  We also see you as a gerbil that is spinning his wheels constantly going around and around.  It is coming across to us as being stubborn as choosing to stay in a space where it feels comfortable.  As if you are saying this is where I am right now, this is where I'm comfortable.  That is coming to the forefront of our perceptions as we look at you right now.  As you are choosing to move forward in your life as you are choosing to make changes then we would recommend that you make physical changes.  We have a sense that you should get out of your apartment, walk around more, meet new people; get out of your environment.  We hear you say well do I need to move to whole new city and that is not what is needed right now.  So, that is one, physical environment.  In addition to that we want to encourage you to be aware of the thoughts that you have.  So much of your thoughts are on what you don't have, what is not happening, what is stuck within you.  All of that is what keeps manifesting you in that same space.  So if you consciously choose how you are going to perceive your life, how you perceive the options and potentials that are around-- you let that become a means of assisting you in being aware.  Through this awareness you then choose different thoughts for yourself or different perceptions for yourself.  This is something you've done before and you do it off and on.  It is like you put your toes in the water and test the water.  You then say ‘yep I've done that' now let me go back; and then you fall back into the same pattern.  It is like you are right now entrenched in that pattern of behavior and it will take more than dangling your toes in the water for you to really make a change or shift in your consciousness or your perception.  Does that make sense? 


We know that in your heart you truly desire to have this change.  Open up that aspect and create through journaling, self talk, how so ever you want to do it.  But create a message for yourself that focuses on bring in light, balance, and being in that space of balance and divinity. 


Question: (paraphrased) Goddess, hello I would like to have some clarity please.  I've been having for a long time some kind of a fantasy where I imagine going to an island, having a new relationship, etc.  I'm wondering is this a message from my soul or is it from my ego to keep me grounded? 

Answer: It is two fold.  It is both your ego and your soul.  There is an aspect within your divinity or your soul essence that is seeking to have this relationship that keeps coming up.   Then when you have the fantasy or these thoughts come to your mind it is your ego that builds on it.  It creates it with the island, the sun, the water, the breeze; all those things that are earth bound.  That aspect is coming into play from your ego.  But this is also striking us as creating an archetype if you want to call it that, for yourself and what you want to have.  Fantasies I think are wonderful!  Fantasies are exciting.  Fantasies are a way of tapping into your divinity and bringing it into your daily life and your reality.  Especially if your life feels like "crap" so to speak, quote un quote I guess I should say! Then the fantasy is the only thing that helps the individual to get out of that space and allow something new to come in.  So yes, we see this relationship that you speak of. Yes it is a blend of ego and soul.  It also is a means of giving you an alternative to work through relationships and work through potentials.  It's like it is giving you these potentials to work through then the result of that may become a part of your daily life.  Or what you may choose for yourself.  Does that make sense?

(Yes, so is there a potential this will come forth and manifest?)

That is always a potential in any creation an individual will make.  But to us in looking at this as you describe it right now, as we look at you, as we look at the fantasy; at this point it feels as if it is purely within the realms of fantasy, playing, and experimenting.  It does not feel to us as if it is something solidly based so it could manifest in the next several days or weeks even.  It feels to us like it is something ‘out there' that you are playing with. 

(Okay, that is my perception as well.  I really appreciate you clarity.)  You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) Hi Goddess.  When we had the experience together when you were in NY a few weeks ago you mentioned a parallel life.  I'm wondering what the reason for having that knowledge is or what is the best way I can get something productive out of that relationship?

Answer:  You have a type of life and you have the type of personality that is very detail oriented or pragmatic.  It tends to be more left brain I guess is one way to say it.  First of all everyone has a multitude of different lifetimes that they are living. Sometimes they are exactly the same but in a different dimension.  Sometimes they are completely different but with certain aspects or energy that are a common denominator.  The experience we spoke of with you was that you were living in the same place with similar situations but in a different dimension.  The reason that all came to the forefront was to indicate to you just how much creativity you have as a potential around you.  Say if you had made different choices in your life, then there would have been this access to all this creativity; art comes to mind, but some of it is eluding us right now.  The purpose of showing that and speaking about it is to show you that you do have a great deal of creativity within you.  You have lived your life as if it was based on creation instead of being analytical.  By showing you that in this parallel life, you can then draw that experience into you in this life.  The reason you might do so is so that you can strengthen that aspect of you that is a part of the creativity, the dreaming, the more abstract thinking.  You know that you have abstract thinking; you know you go into it and use it all the time.  But this was more specifically about bringing in greater creativity in such a way that it brought in greater color, greater vibration, greater energy, greater vitality into your current life.  Does that make sense?

(Is the way of doing that to just acknowledge the existence of the parallel life or is there something I can do to bring the both together?)

You know what would be a great way for you to do this?? In this journey you were working within your heart center.  You really worked with opening your heart center.  At the same time you worked very deeply with your divinity.  So that aspect or that parallel lifetime as we're calling it; is also aligned with your divinity.  If you go into meditation or you go into that space of expansion, consciously open your heart center, consciously align with that parallel life; then you can sit there and communicate heart to heart.  You can receive whatever information is there for you.  Again, we sense it's about creativity and allowing and trusting and various energies along that line.  This is but one way that is in alignment with our journey tonight.  In addition, in your daily life, if you create a means of a direct link with this aspect of yourself again through breathing, expansion, through consciousness; you can then invite that to come in to your life during your periods of meditation.  We also see that you do some automatic writing.  There are times you can go in and do that writing and it will a means of conveying the information.  You can also receive the information through your dreams.  When you are going to bed at night, you consciously put forth the intention to receive information in your sleep state.  You may wake up the next morning with ideas going through your head.  Not only immediately as you wake up but also as you are going through your day may you get insights and hits.  So these are just some of the ways that you may connect and create this alignment.

  (Okay, thank you

You are welcome. 

I thank each and every one of you for choosing to come and to share your energies with myself tonight and with this group of people. 

This is a time of transformation. This is a time of intense energies.  The more that you allow your heart center to expand, the more that you allow your own divinity, love, awareness and compassion to be a part of your heart center; the less you will be affected by those intense energies and experiences that are going on within the world and around you.  You each have a link within yourself.  It is there for you to utilise as much as you feel drawn to do so.

You are each so beautiful, so radiant and bright.

I am ever with you and within.




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