The Spring Equinox, Creating the Energies of ONE

Nama Sika,  Venia Benya   I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I thank you each for taking the time to come into this group tonight. I thank you and express my love and appreciation for all of you who walk upon the earth and choose to come into these energies. As you each are coming inside of yourself and becoming focused upon who you are, you are opening up to a deeper awareness and you are creating the space in which you can evolve through your own personal journey that you take with us.  But you also evolve through making the conscious decision to come into these energies, to allow yourselves to align with my energies and those of the others within these groups.

When we meet as a group like this, it is way more than those individuals who are physically present within the room. It connects with and includes the individuals who will be reading this in the future and those who connect through intention, although they may not physically be present within the room.

Shift your awareness and consciousness, that you may release your physical body. Allow your consciousness to move into the space of the magnetic grid. Allow yourself to become aligned with this energy that you may become aware of all the various pathways that move in every direction surrounding the earth. As you align your consciousness within this space, you become aware of an aspect of yourself which is already here holding a space for you.

As you are ready to do so, move through the interlocking grid that you may emerge and become a part of the crystalline grid. As you do so, you leave behind the density of the earth. You feel yourself opening up in a different way as you allow this crystalline energy to activate those aspects of your consciousness which are in alignment with these crystals. You are able to be aware of the ways in which these two grids work together with each other and the ways in which they have evolved as a result of these conscious journeys that you are taking.

As you are ready, allow yourself to create a column of light, allowing this light to assist you in shifting into the space of the soul plane. You may sense as you move through the column various dimensions or shifts in consciousness as you are passing through them. You may also have a sense of simply emerging or being in this space that we term the soul plane. This is a space of expanded consciousness in which your soul's energy or your divinity is able to reside. As you arrived, you feel yourself expanding in many different directions. This allows you to expand and stretch your consciousness even further.

Call forth your I AM presence. As you do so, you may have a sense that this is outside of your consciousness. Some may feel it emerging from within themselves. This is a space in which you are your divinity. Glory in the feeling of being within this space. Acknowledge for yourself, the various textures and nuances which make up your energy. This blending with your divinity brings you a sense of peace, a sense of love. Let your joy come forth and expand.

You may discern my presence as I come into this space in which you are. You may perceive me as a light or as taking on a human form. Become aware of the way I shift and evolve, because this is a reflection of the way in which you are shifting and evolving. I connect with each one of you and as we do so, I reach out to embrace and blend fully with who you are. This is a blending of love. You may find yourself shifting into a space of greater expansion. It also may take you into the space known as the All That Is. You may also choose to consciously shift into this finer vibration.

Allow yourself acclimate, that you may be fully aware of yourself. Through these journeys you have been exploring and getting to know yourself in more and more ways. Today upon the earth is the time of the spring equinox; the time of balance. Feeling the balance of the sun and the moon, the hours within the day, the planets that surround the earth which assist the earth as it moves through its cycles and rotations. The earth in return, assists the planets, the stars, the sun and the moon in their evolution and rotation. All within this universe are interrelated. When you're in the space of this equinox, allow yourself to align with and feel the complete balance.

From within the space of your consciousness see as if before you, your own life. You may perceive it as seeing pictures of various experiences. You may perceive senses of energy and emotion. I also have a sense of seeing some of the taking in the people who surround you; whether it be work, home, friends, loved ones. You each become aware of the complexities that you currently have within your life.

Allow yourself to first and foremost blend with the energies of the moon. This energy comes into you as a means of support, as a means of representing the divine feminine. Allow yourself to be filled, feel how it may create a subtle shift or adjustment in your perceptions. I now ask you to open your consciousness to blend with the energies of the central spiritual sun. These energies of the sun feel different. These energies shift your perception in a different manner as they oftentimes will represent the divine masculine. As you are focusing on this energy, feel the way it may create subtle shifts or changes around you.

With these two energies perfusing your conscious awareness; again take in and perceive your life. As you are doing so it is fine-tuning all that is occurring around you. These energies that are moving and swirling through your consciousness are in some ways bolstering and in other ways helping to diffuse so that all within your life will be in a state of balance. You have created the space. You have opened to discern what might be masculine verses what might be feminine. As you open to the energies that are around you, open to realize that within the new energy which you are creating for yourself, within this space of ascension that you have moved into, the male and female aspects become ONE!

Allow all of this to blend within yourself. Many of you are going to find that this has already happened. Many of you will realize that you have been a blended energy for a long time. You come to realize that any residual which has been holding the male versus the female, has actually been energies which remained in duality. As you release and become one energy, the energy of balance, you are in a more pure essence of yourself. As you shift your conscious awareness and as you fine-tune these energies that are within you, you are releasing anything which is holding you back. You are perfection! Not only your soul energy, but all of you within your physical incarnation! Everything that represents who you are is represented as balanced and complete. It is as if I can feel the smile that each of you is radiating! As each of you accept your own perfection and as you accept your own balance, you begin to emanate a sparkle or light. So, as if I am watching the fireworks that you may have at times, I see each of you becoming radiant, shooting off lights, beginning to sparkle and shine. You are creating who you are. You create within this space of balance; you create within this space of oneness.

Allow yourself to move in whatever direction you feel called. I am perceiving that some of you are creating geometric equations that equal who you are. Others are creating a different type of symbol, and yet others simply continue to swirl and evolve. Allow yourself to take this to a greater level of expansion. You can create an even greater light that represents who you are; release limitation. Create the space upon the earth if you so desire, or simply allow yourself to play in this space of unlimited access.

Many of you may choose this time to connect with a certain planet or star. As you do so, you begin to realize that you are not alone. Open to perceive if there is another energy who is with you. You may choose to communicate with this energy or you may find that there is actually a group of you who are working with the same planet or star. There are many shifts and changes occurring upon the earth at this time. Many of you are moving into the space of perfect health, releasing limitations or experiences that you have had within this life. As you do so, it is as if there is a matrix of energy that blends you from within this space down into the space of the earth plane. I ask you to therefore perceive if within this matrix of light or energy, is there an aspect that is yet to be healed? So too you may use this if you are seeking to manifest abundance, a mate, or changes in your workplace. When you are in this space of the universe, this space of expansion, you are in the perfection! You also realize it is very easy to create; to make shifts to make changes. That is one of the reasons why you practice while in this space, it then moves down into the earth. Open to receive if there is any information that you need know, that you may manifest or create just as you are doing within this space; as you walk upon the earth. Be open to receive.

As we spoke previously, you released the veil of separation. That is another reason why you are opening up to greater and greater amounts of perception or recovering memories, if you wish to think of it that way. It may take several conscious attempts to come to this space, remove the veil, and open to acknowledge and perceive all of who you are. You can receive this knowledge with full understanding. Accept this is you!

I ask you to shift your awareness again to perceive all the various nuances or ramifications of your energy of who you are. Take a moment to think of an energy that might of been considered feminine and perceive the way it does not have the same resonance as it did before. So too, bring to mind is something that might have been considered masculine, again it is without the resonance that it used to have. This is the representation of you in balanced energy. Of you as the energy of self!

Come together as a group that you may create this circle. Perceive the way in which this circle is different than it was in the past. We use the intention of a circle, but it is as if there is only one energy. Some may perceive an actual circle, or you may perceive subtle colors and variances of shades. But when you looked at it closely there is only one energy! That one energy is each of you and all of you. Nama Sika Venia Benya!

Moving up from within this energy see the hologram that represents the earth. As this hologram is emerging it begins to rotate so that you may perceive all the various aspects of the earth. We call forth Lady Gaia, she emerges with radiance and it is as if she is holding the moon in one hand and the sun in the other. As each of you begins to pulsate and transmit your energy of one, you see Lady Gaia bring her hands together above her head and the sun and moon and blend.  It creates this energy of ONE which then comes down and showers around her. You continue to transmit.

Lady Gaia chooses to speak at this time:

Greetings beloved family! My connection to each of you is growing deeper and deeper and deeper. I thank you for all that you do to assist in the transformation of the earth. There are some aspects in which I hardly know it (portions of the earth). This is all due to the energy work which has been done. The energies that you all are assisting to bring to the earth are creating a change that moves throughout all aspects of the earth; into the interior and to those upon the surface. I have been waiting for this day in which there was a greater amount of energy which can be termed the energy of one. As this is being infused into the earth, it will then come forth to assist in releasing the duality. It continues to be that the majority of people upon the earth are within duality and they are living their life in such a way. So be it. But all that you are doing is having a profound impact. All that you are doing is creating this balance of one and it will assist each of you as you move through your days. So too it is setting up the energy that any of those who are currently within the duality and are ready to let it go, may more easily let it go.

I acknowledge each of you. I send forth my love. I send forth my open embrace. As I am open to receive, so too I transmit back to each of you that you may be open to receive also.

I am ever-present and ever available to each of you!



I return.  (states the Goddess of Creation) From this perception you are able to receive all that Lady Gaia has sent to you. It is also very clear to each of you exactly what these shifts are doing to the earth. With these energies of one, with this energy of balance, we also put forth the intention that all the natural changes which are occurring upon the earth will be gentle.  That we will move into the space of the balance with ease. Yes beloved we are speaking of the shifts in the actual earth which may cause earthquakes, weather pattern changes, volcanoes, all of these things which you have been experiencing in one form or another; we put forth the intention that it will be smooth and gentle. This we do as a result of each of you. I am open and accept what ever occurs upon the earth because I know that it is the perfection of that moment. But you who choose to come into this group have expressed and acknowledged within yourself that you wish to see these changes take place in a more gentle fashion. Therefore, at your request I verbalize that for you. And so it is.

We now send that hologram of the earth, that it may shift and move down perhaps through a column of light. It blends energetically with the earth. It moves into the physical earth upon which each of you are currently present. It perfuses and aligns from the very center of the earth radiating out. These energies which were perfused will affect all aspects of the earth. It will affect everyone who walks upon the earth, the trees, flowers, the grass that grows from the earth; the  waters, the wildlife, nothing that will be untouched. The potential to live and be in the space of complete balance is now presented and available to everyone.

Shift your awareness that you may return to the energy which is you. Observe each other within this energy, the Angels, the Beings of light, all who are present within this space. Feel the shift which has occurred as a result of this journey. I ask you now to send this energy from you out towards the Omniverse. As you do so, it moves through your own universe from which you drew the energy, it now aligns with this current status or this current place, and then continues to move out in every direction. Perceive what a dimension is. Perceive how you shift your consciousness and you have the awareness which is around you. Perceive what it is to be in the space of one.

All that you are doing with this journey will now return with you as you begin to make your way towards the earth plane. You pause for a moment in the space of the soul plane. This allows you the opportunity to expand this area that it may more fully accept your evolved presence. As you first arrived within this space of the soul plane, you could feel the way it perhaps felt too small in or perhaps the vibration was a different than who you had become. Then you created the space of alignment so that everything was balanced, there was plenty of space around you, and you were able to create the shift to make yourself more comfortable. So too you may do this as you walk through your days upon the earth.

Create a hologram that represents who you are in this physical incarnation. Allow yourself to see who you are and see perhaps who you choose to evolve into. Perhaps your perception has shifted in such a way that there is no need to change anything. All is perfection, the perception you discern through acceptance. Reach out to embrace, allow yourself to blend and align, that your physical body is in alignment with this completely balanced energy. It is in alignment with perfection of health, with love, what so ever you choose to focus upon. It is simply because you are you!

Shift your consciousness now that you may now return to the space of the crystalline grid. You can perceive the way your awareness is shifting as it moves within this space. There is a greater illumination of this crystalline energy. This is what is more in alignment with who you are at this time. Crystalline is a finer more subtle vibration and that is who you are.

Allow yourself to shift that you may again return to the space of the magnetic grid. Allow yourself while within this space, to send forth energy or impulses and then perceive the way that they are changing. The pathways, the impulses that move through them; there are many different aspects of this which are taking on the higher vibration. As you move through this, you again have that sense of density, that magnetic pull of the earth. Allow yourself to reconnect with your physical presence. Allow yourself to fully integrate the balanced energy. You may feel it come into you perhaps through your head center or it may come into you directly through your heart, your third eye, or the mouth of God. There are many ways in which you received energy from the universe. Allow it to come completely into your physical body. Allow it to perfuse and permeates throughout your bloodstream, your cellular structure; that the energy you created tonight that created who you are evolving into, is now fully aligned and integrated with your physical body then moving out into all the energy fields which are around you. This in turn will allow you to feel more fully comfortable with your new energies. It will allow you to be able to access the changes you have created this evening. Practice your manifestations within this space.

Allow yourself to become more grounded and as you are grounding, allow yourself to move back into the conference room. You may do so by pressing four upon your telephone and I am open to receiving questions that you may have.


  <paraphrased> I have a husband who does not understand or believe any of what I am doing.  He believes that this is his only lifetime on earth.  In addition, I’ve worked with him to assist in opening.  He really doesn’t seem to be expanding at all.  Do you have any insights?

Answer:  Alright beloved, we thank you for that question.  We have several things we wish to say about it as we speak to you.  First of all, we acknowledge and honor the way you respect him for being on his own path, that you honor and respect yourself for all that you have done to assist him.  In addition, we will reconfirm that this is his pathway that he has chosen to have this belief upon the earth.  Now, with all of that said, we are very happy to connect with him on a soul level.  We are very happy to assist in surrounding him with light.  In doing so, we will also create the space of balance that he will have within himself.  Perhaps through this illumination of light, it will reconnect within him from his physical to his more spiritual self.  For indeed, that is the reason why he does not believe that there is more than his physical incarnation.  There is a disconnection within him where he does not feel his soul’s essence.  If you were to speak to him, he would say oh yes I have a soul, we all have a soul.  But he sees it as something very small and contained.  So his divinity is in a space of perfection, it is in a space of balance, but we will continue to perfuse it through the intention of your love and the intention you put forth and we will assist in creating a space of connection.  If he is open to receive this connection, then perhaps he will be open to receive this greater amount of his divinity, or perhaps to perceive he has a greater divinity.  Our sense with him is that he will never be in the space where you are because that is not his choice in this lifetime. We do definitely see the potential that he will find a greater peace within himself that he will begin to open and acknowledge that although he may not fully understand it, that perhaps there is something else he was not aware of before.  From that, it’s unlimited what his potentials are and what direction he may go.  Does that resonate with you beloved?  You are welcome and we thank you for this.  Indeed, there are many, many people upon the earth who are feeling this and in addition, those loving spouses, or helpmates, or friends and family, whoever it may be, have also done the same for their friends, family, and loved ones.  This is a means that I put forth the intention that any who seek to assist in such a way, the energy is there for them.  We thank you for bringing that up for your husband and for everybody else.

<She said that one of her concerns was that when the earth evolved he would not be with her any more.>

A part of what is going to occur when this shift becomes fully present upon the earth is that those of you who have allowed yourself to evolve into these higher planes, to become perceptive to these higher planes, you will always be able to perceive other energies that are less than you. The challenge comes in people being able to perceive a dimension or a vibration that is higher than them. Once you have reached a certain state, you can always perceive that which is less than you. In instances when people have a deep connection, after this shift is occurring, it is not that people will wake up one day and suddenly they are in one place and their spouses and loved ones in another place. It will be very gentle, it will be very loving, it will simply be that the general consciousness of the earth will now begin to say “oh I believe there may be something more”; referring to all of these questions and energies that each of you have been feeling for the past 10 to 15 or 20 years. Be not concerned that one day you will wake up and he will not be there and you will be where you are. That is not the way that it is going to occur. It will simply be a subtle shift in the energies and it will be opening to the potential for mass consciousness upon the earth. Alright Beloved? You are welcome. Does anybody else have a question?

Question:  <paraphrased> I have really been looking at my life, at why I’m here, at why I make the choices I make.  I feel as if I’m integrating this all more so within me.  Am I on the right track with this?

Answer:  <Hello Goddess, do you remember me?> Hello!  Of course we remember you; we can never forget you as we never forget anyone who is part of our family!!  Alright, you created through this journey tonight a space of balance which is your soul's essence. It is expanded awareness, expanded Balance, and expanded everything. That you have brought down and placed within your core essence and within your physical essence. So when you speak of going into and unraveling who you are as a physical person in this lifetime, what you are doing now is bringing this energy in as it perfuses and there is no time or space. Therefore this balanced energy is going to also affect the experiences that you have already had and the experiences that you are moving into. Therefore your perception will have a subtle difference, and you may perceive; if you have a belief system that says I have been in duality up until a certain point, so I see that part of my life is based in duality. Then that is exactly how you will perceive it. But if you shift your thinking and allow the balance to move throughout your life experience in all directions, then as you go back and look at this core essence and look at it from a space of balance, you will no longer have a sense of judgment or criticism, you will no longer have a sense of feeling as if you have missed out on something in one place or you went too far in another place. You will simply understand the experiences with a greater sense of detachment. You will understand how they have affected your soul's process and created who you are at this moment in time. Alright Beloved?  <he went on to speak more about his process> that is exactly right, so as you go into the space of stillness, you go into the space of oneness; it is this blended energy. It is only one energy, it is not male or female, right or wrong, harsh or cold, it is only that it is. There can be nothing but pure love and acceptance from within that place.  You are welcome Beloved, we wish to put this comment to you dearly beloved. You have then somewhat of going in circles. If you have focused on this for quite awhile, and each time that you come into that space and you feel your balance in your oneness, you then have rejected it saying know this isn't right let me look at it again; so you go in from another angle. All this has been somewhat analytical so we put forth the intention that this time as you are moving through this process you can more fully integrating the balance, and you can integrate your pure essence so that what you are seeking will truly be who you are. You are welcome beloved. Alright, is there anybody else?  Greetings Marie!

Question: <paraphrased> For awhile the Fairies and the Deva’s all took a step back or left the earth plane.  Can you tell me what is happening with them?  Are they coming back?  What can I do to call them or work with them?

Oh beloved, you have spoken of something that is so dear to all of our hearts! Yes indeed you are going to be seeing more energies of the Faeries, the Devas, the elfin energies, and those that were always here in support of people.  They too have shifted and evolved over the last few years. So when you speak of them coming back, what is really happening is that your perception of them is shifting in such a way that you are perceiving them and a more highly evolved form than what they have been in the past. Everybody went through a state or phase, or whatever you wish to call it in which you needed to truly release who you were as you were stepping into who you are becoming. In so doing you had a sense of releasing your angels, your guides, the Devas, all of these support systems who were there for you, you had this sense of shifting, releasing, until you reconnected and became aware of them from a different perception or a different level. That is where you stand with the Devas that are around you. In saying this, we can acknowledge for you that we see who you are, we see you at home in the flowers and the trees, there is an abundance because you have felt such a pull for them throughout your life time. We ask that you go and sit in your garden; we have a sense of seeing you with the flowers around you. Close your eyes breathe deeply and look with your inner eyes and it will be as if they are all around you. You may sense them as sparkles of light, you may sense them as seeing their little wings that they have, how so ever it comes to you, they are here for you, and they are here in support for all of humanity. In part too, they are showing up in the orbs that are within people's pictures at this time. The orbs sometimes include more than just the Devas, but they're also very much a part of them. <meaning the Deva’s are very much a part of the orbs> Alright, is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I feel as if I’m become so much more sensitive the energies all around me.  I’m feeling the energy flow up and down my body and I can feel it outside of myself.  I am wondering if there’s something I should do with this energy?

Yes beloved, thank you for this question. Indeed over the last; if we look at if we wish to look back at a little more deeply, since that harmonic concordance there was a great shift in the energies which allowed those of you who are more fully evolved to be able to align yourselves and attuned with these higher finer vibrational energies. This in turn assists you in manifestation and in creating your life upon the earth. Each of you have been also moving through your process. Each of you is finding that alignment at the time which is right and perfect for you; again there have been several different moments in what you would call your linear history or your linear time in which there were greater amounts of energy and shifting that is occurring; most recent being of the time of the earthquake and tsunami. Since that time especially, there have been a much greater number of people who are noticing this change in their vibration who are feeling these energies moving through their bodies more and more profoundly. For some it is a very uncomfortable feeling, to others it creates a feeling of excitement like WOW something is happening now. Howsoever you perceive it, whether it is a very fine and subtle experience or very dramatic, it is all just totally dependent on the individual. There are some people who may never begin to feel this. It does not mean they have not moved into that space, for indeed they have. Other people will begin to say yes now I am beginning to feel it. This will be about four to six months or a year down the road. Again, it is each person's individual pathway. For yourself Beloved, you have simply shifted your consciousness in such a way that you are more fully seated within this higher energy. Therefore you are feeling the vibrations as they are moving to your body. You can use that as a means of, we have a sense of seeing you putting your hands together and creating perhaps a ball of energy, that is a means of flowing the energy through your body and through this all. You can then create and manifest with it. We also have a sense of seeing you, if you are uncomfortable with this, sending it down into the earth, grounding it, letting Gaia assist in diffusing it until it's at a comfortable level within yourself. We also have a sense of seeing you touching the trees which is another way of doing it. We see you soaking in the bathtub, there are many different ways in which an individual can diffuses this energy. Be aware that over a period of time, we cannot give you a specific number, but it will become more comfortable for you. It will not be as noticeable for you, but yes indeed that is what is allowing you to manifest and create changes within your life, with a greater ease. How was that for a long way around to answer your question? <she stated she would be glad for this energy to start changing> It's happening beloved, and we sense, how much you felt it with the journey tonight, and if you go inside of yourself and focus on the energy of balance and the energy of one, and then it will almost be as if you are feeling that atoms within your body are aligning in a certain way, the energy flowing in a certain manner. You can then take that and create by saying it was flowing downward, okay now I wish for that energy to flow upward. Ok, now I wish to shift this energy in another direction. That is the way that you begin to create. For those individuals who wish to perhaps manifest, use this energy to create an image in your mind, put forth the intention that that image will be a reality, and again that is another means of creating. You are welcome beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question: <Paraphrased> My husband and I have been really struggling with our relationship and I'm very confused about what's time in our best interest to go forward from here. Do you have any insights for me?

Answer:  Are you speaking of your relationship with your mate? Beloved, as we connect with you and we sense the two of you together, it is as if the ball of love and the ball of emotion that is connecting these two energies, is very deep and very profound. We sense that as you say, it is complicated. We see the diversity between the two of you, yet we see the similarity and that underlying love and connection with the two of you has. So when you are asking for assistance with perhaps what is coming with this relationship, we do see that changes are coming about. We see that your mate will be; he is in a different space then you are; he too is on his own path. He is opening up very slowly but surely as a result of this energy that you are working with, but we also see that he is fighting it to a degree. There is a part of him that is very analytical and when he shut down that analytical part of him to really open to the love in his heart, he comes to realize WOW there's a whole aspect that I am denying myself. He kind of begins to shift in that direction. So the bottom line is we see him waffling back and forth. We also sense that he gets very caught up in duality at times and this becomes very frustrating for you. We say all of this to try to give you our perceptions of what we sense is happening and to say to you that we do see the deep and abiding love and that that love, that the energies of the two of your very intertwined with one another and that it is going to continue forward. We do see the relationship continuing forward, but we do see that changes are coming to the relationship. In part due to the fact that he will be opening up and shifting his consciousness and awareness into something that is more open and accepting. We also see that there have been ways in which to have attached more energy to this and it gives you a feeling of being pulled down or being pulled outside of yourself in an uncomfortable manner, because you were trying to get along or to make this relationship work. As a part of the change which is occurring, we encourage you to be in the space of yourself, be in the space of your divinity. Step back from trying to make this work or trying to force things. What will happen is it will create an easing in the energy and tensions which in turn will allow the two of you to be more fully into who are. What s are senses is that it will allow you to come back together in a different form of the relationship. Does that resonate with you beloved? You are welcome.  Alright we can take one more question.

Question: <paraphrased> I’ve been working on a gardening book for a long time.  I’ve also written short stories to send to magazines.  I’m now thinking of writing a screen play to have something new to do.  Do you have any suggestions?

Answer:  We hear you when you speak of wondering if you are spreading yourself too thin. Or perhaps taking on too many projects, or perhaps not giving enough attention to one project versus another. In reality, from this perspective we sense that actually working on both of them will actually enhance one another. We believe that moving into the space of writing the script and adapting a book or  are you starting from scratch?  <she explained in more detail> We do have a sense that you will be drawing from these other books as you are creating it. As to the subject matter, it does have a radiance around it; it is not a real strong radiance. But we do understand that this is something that you will feel a connection to. So we do encourage you to begin to write to begin to work on this, to allow the energies. There's something about this person that you will be writing about whose energies will open up something within you that is ready to be opened. It will give you a sense of filling supported within yourself. In that way, we believe that this a good step for you to take. We also have a sense that as you connect with that more and more fully, as your energy becomes entwined, it can be strengthened from what we perceive now until you become stronger and stronger this is scheduled for one to. We do have a sense that there is actually quite a variety for you to choose from. As you begin this, it may actually open the door and another idea may come to you. You may therefore be working now than at the same time. It feels very strange to us, it does not have the flow of energy around it you may perhaps shift your focus for a time being and that may put it to last for the time being, but we do see you coming back to it and it will then go very quickly and you will finish it.  <she was explaining more> With any project that you may choose to take on, when it come from your heart, that is a project that will go forward smoothly and will assist you in life. There will be a flow about it. But going in the direction of writing the screenplay is something you have thought of for very long time, we are well aware. It is also something that will give you a different perspective because as you write what various people are saying, thinking, and feeling it's as if you come into a situation and you present all sides of an argument; or all sides of perception. So when you consider that and you want new and different perceptions of your own life. New and different perceptions of what you are moving into and where you are going. We do sense that this has a lot of strong energy around it and we encourage you to try this new focus. You are welcome beloved.

Alright, with that we will begin to bring this evening to a close. This time together as always is filled with such joy and light. It is filled with an energy which is ever changing, shifting, and evolving. This time of the equinox is a time of balance. As we spoke of it at the beginning, take a moment to perceive the equinox as it is right now. See how the energies around you have shifted and changed as a result of your own journey. That change will not go away. It may seem to fade to a degree that you don't notice it is much, but if you bring to mind or bring to focus this shift that you are moving through, then you will again have this perception available to you.  Allow yourself to enjoy every aspect of your journey. Allow yourself to be love, to feel love!  For that is indeed who you are!

As always I am with you

I am within you.





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A place to explore your own divinity; a place to find a balance within yourself which may reflect in the way you live your life. ~~~ It's time to move into the energies coming to earth and bring that energy into yourself and those around you.


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