The Support Around Us

Nama Sika, Venia Benya;  I AM the one, I AM the whole


I greet you and welcome you to this time together.  I honor each of you as you move through this time upon the earth.  I was here during your discussion (just prior to the channel) and yes there are a great many changes taking place.  Much of these changes are in the energies that are already present upon the earth.  Much of these changes are due to the energies coming to the earth and how they are interacting.

Nothing is completely separate.  Everything is living and everything is connected to the rest of what is upon the earth.  Humans are connected to other humans, you are connected to the flowers, the ground, the earth, the sky the winds, and the rain.  Each of you are able to feel the affects of the energies around you.  So too, as you open your heart and connect to the people, the environment, the earth; whatever it may be, you can connect and strengthen that bond if you so desire.  It is all intended to be a support so that each of you knows that you are not alone; so that each of you can experience your life as a human, your means of expressing your divinity.  Become aware of this while you are still within your physical body, it will help you as we get into our journey tonight. 

Now is when you can really release your body.  Let your consciousness shift.  You may find that by expanding the energies around your body it allows you to center more easily.  You may find that when you expand that energy field and bring in that new consciousness or expanded consciousness, that you are actually tapping into more of your higher self in this process. 

Let your consciousness completely merge with the energies of the magnetic grid.  The magnetics have impulses and pathways that are inner connected to one another.  You blend first and foremost with the energies of your higher self as you come into this space.  You may then choose to send thought process to other individuals.  You may just send it out and see what you encounter.  These pathways are here to assist you.  This space is here for you, you may come whenever you feel so inclined. 

Release the magnetic pull of the earth.  Allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may then merge with the crystalline grid.  You feel the lightness that is you.  You feel the change in the energies as you let go the magnetic pull of the earth.  So let yourself become one with these energies of the crystalline.  You may find that you blend with one individual crystal or you may find you blend with the energies of the whole.  Feel how it resonates within you.  You are bringing in a great deal of crystalline energy into your body.  Therefore this resonates with what you are bringing in. 

As you are ready to do so, call forth the column of light.  This column assists you in shifting so that you leave behind these energies of the crystalline grid.  As you move through the column, you may feel that sense of moving through or shifting in time and space.

As you emerge, you will find yourself in the soul plane.  This is always a place of expansion, as if you come out of that column and you can stretch in every direction.  Let your consciousness expand as far as it would like to go.  As you are ready to so, call forth your I AM presence.  You may sense this as already having merged with you and coming from within you.  You may sense it as something outside of yourself as you merge with it.  As you do so, feel that sense of connection that is within you.  Feel how it enhances who you are.  Feel how you are already tapping into a greater knowledge of experiences that you have already had, perhaps a new perception of where you are living right now and what is going on.  You are also tapping into the potentials coming up. 

I now make my presence known.  As I move amongst you, I reach out to embrace.  It doesn’t matter how may people may be a conscious part of this; it is as if I am here for YOU.  I therefore embrace, I enhance your energies, and I share my love with you.

As you merge with my energies, it assists you in shifting into the space of the All That Is.   This is a space as you know of greater expansion.  Let yourself become aware of this energy.  Let yourself open to feel how you can expand it even further if you so desire. 

This journey is in part a celebration of the past three years that Shelly has been bringing me in.  So I ask each of you to think back to where you were three, four, perhaps even five years ago; whatever number resonates with you.  Because as you are tapping into that time within your life, you may also have a sense of what the earth was like, of the types of energies that were being brought in.  For some of you it may have been the beginning of the journey of self awareness.  You may have been walking a path for many many years, but I know that for myself it has only been the last four to five years that I have been able to come into the earths energies with the vibration that I am. 

So I will share with you from my perception how tremendous the evolution has been.  Take a moment to bring yourself forward.  Think of where you were two years ago; then perhaps one year ago, and then consider where you are right now.  For some, you may feel as if there is not much change going on.  In truth in those instances there is immense change that is going on, but it continues to remain in your unconscious level; as if you are still setting the ground work.  It is as if you are pruning of the hedges or getting yourself ready to come out and truly blossom. 

In everyone, there is change which is occurring.  In the energies of the earth, there is immense change which is occurring.  Many of you have been following these journeys this whole time and I appreciate your support, your love, your devotion if you want to call it that.  So too for anyone who is new coming into these journeys, I open my arms wide, I welcome you.  All who connect be it conscious or unconscious have an impact in these energies that we work with in each of these journeys. 

This has been a time that you can look back and perceive your own personal journey.  Perhaps those things which were your goals are no longer your goals.  Perhaps you are opening to a different way for those to manifest.  There is so much that is happening at this vibration just as there is so much that is happening upon the earth. 

We will shift our focus now.  Consider your life and open to creation.  What does creation mean to you?  Creation can manifest in many different ways. You may create a hundred times as you move through your day.  Small thoughts that you put forth, then you move into that idea.  You may create in a big way that includes the universe, the earth and everything in between.  No matter what you choose, everything is important.  So consider what you are seeking to create in your life. 

Let yourself create an image that goes with whatever this may be.  As you have that image or that thought, push the boundaries out to allow for the unknown to come in and enhance it.  The more broad or shall I say, the less the boundary, the easier it is for you to bring in the creation into your physical plane.  As you are creating, consider potential outcomes once this is completed.  Will this perhaps shift your focus?  Are there more ways in which you can bring this into your life?  Are there ways in which you already have it (your creation) in your life?  Perhaps it is to a lesser degree or in a different form.  Enhance this through greater potential. 

You have each worked with your guides, your angels, the energies of light many different times; some of you on a daily basis.  You are each focusing on expanding your energy field, raising your vibration because this allows you to shift and move with greater ease through your life.  But there are upon the earth ways that you can find support for yourself.  Some of you are very drawn to crystals.  Open your mind and see or feel if the image or the energy of a crystal comes to you.  You may already have crystals around you in your home.  You can connect with them.  You can blend with their energies; they can and do support you. 

Many of you are drawn to animal totems.  These can be very powerful and offer you a great deal of assistance.  Consider the dolphins, the wolves, the moose, or even a mouse.  There are many many animals around you; of course your house pets, your cats, dogs, whatever they may be.  These animals can also hold a vibration for you.  They can assist you in shifting your own awareness.  As you open to receive if you so desire, an animal totem, consider what comes to you at this time.  If it helps you, you may choose to have a picture or just the word of what this totem is.  It’s the energy of the animal that is working with you. 

Some of you upon the earth are moving into your winter.  There are others moving into their spring and summer.  If you are coming into your spring and summer where you might be getting out doors more; let the trees, the flowers, the rocks, assist and support you.  You may feel an energy or a vibration from them that allows you to have a greater understanding or to feel the way that your environment is supporting you.  If you are going into your winter and you may not get outside as much, you can still connect as you look through the windows or as you set your intention to connect with Gaia. 

Consider the humans who are around you.  Some of them may not understand what this is in the least.  They may still have a loving and supportive energy.  Other people may be draining or give you a perception of feeling drained.  You can create heart felt relationships and friendships, connections whatever you wish to consider it, with the people around you.  Through this, you can create a mutually supportive relationship.  It is there, you may not be conscious of it, but over the next few days allow yourself to become aware of the relationships around you.  If you do feel you are being drained you may release the relationship.  If it is someone you choose to remain with, then you can have a relationship without draining your energy.  You may have a shift in your relationship.  Recognize that when you create connections with people that are from your heart and you connect with their heart, most often it is a mutual give and take. 

Then of course we do have all the non-physical angels and guides who are here on this side of the veil.  But some of them can come in quite close and be with you on your side of the veil as you walk through your days. 

Allow yourself to become aware of what resonates with you.  If something does not, you can let it go.  Allow yourself to open and perceive all the potentials that are around you.  In this journey you are creating what you are seeking to have in your life.  But now take a moment and feel as if you let that creation go, you send it out into the ethers.  This time as you are opening to create, open and let yourself, your soul essence give to you a potential that perhaps you have not considered.  It may be something completely different. 

As I perceived the many different potentials that people were opening up to, it also released a burst of energy from the heart as if a burst of love resounded through the group.  That is saying to me that as you open to these other potentials you may have, it is a means of filling your heart.  It gives you more potential for expanding from a place of love.  It always comes down to love.  Love is what each person is seeking in one form or another.  Accepting the love from your own self, your divinity, comes first and foremost.  I am here to reflect that to you.  I am here to assist or enhance in whatever way I can this flow of energy to each of you.  Feel what that is.  Know that you truly are loved!  Know that you are love!

Take this moment if you would like and let yourself play within the ethers.  You may like to take this time and just send your energies all around the galaxy.  You may choose to play more with your awareness of the energies around you in support of you.  This is but another way that you can realize the immenseness of your soul.  This is another experience for you realize how you can and do expand.  Let yourself truly know who you are. 

I begin to gather the group.  I invite you to come back into the space of the All That Is.  While each of you were going in your various directions, we created a celebration, so come in and join the party.  This is here for you.  We celebrate the anniversary of Goddess Light; but more so we celebrate each of you for the glorious soul that you are.  We celebrate and honor your interest and expansion.  We celebrate how far each one of you has come.  We celebrate those who are about to step out upon their journey.  Your life is always a journey and it is ever shifting.  So celebrate the shifts and the changes that the journey of your life has brought to you.  See what is around you within this space. 

As I am looking around the group I see those holding crystals, I see those with animals beside them, I see those talking earnestly with their angels and guides.  I see others dancing, singing, and some shouding.  This is a celebration of life!  It is a celebration of the eternity of your soul.  There is a part of you that may remain in this space and many will choose to come back here.  This party will be occurring whenever you choose to join it!  That is living in the moment and it is created by you and for you. 

We bring the hologram of the earth up into this sense of celebration.  This hologram as always rotates, radiating energies.  You may perceive one aspect of the world or another that you feel an alignment to.  But as the hologram comes fully within this space, it is feeling and absorbing the energies that you are radiating.  The energies of celebration, the energies of change and creation, the energies of the support that you have around you on the earth plane, the energies available for you in the non physical.  All of this is present.  All of it radiates into this hologram of the earth. 

We see Lady Gaia emerge.  She reaches out to embrace each one of you.  She wishes to speak a few words this evening.


Lady Gaia speaks:

Greetings beloved family!  I thank you for coming into this celebration and inviting me to be a part of it also.  There is so much that is occurring upon the earth at this time.  There have been great impulses and influx of these higher vibrational energies that are becoming a part of the earth.  In some ways it stimulates for release, those energies that are no longer working for the earth.  Therefore some of you may be feeling the heaviness, the pressure, the oppression that is being released at this time from the earth.  Be aware that it is transition.  Be aware that if you tap into it, you need not stay there.  If anything comes to your attention, I ask you to breathe in change and breathe out release.  That will assist these energies in shifting.  The earth is moving into the fourth dimension.  The shift is occurring and it will occur, that cannot be stopped, nor would anyone want to stop it.

The energies that each of you are working with and bringing into the earth are what is assisting it to be a smooth transition.  It is what is assisting so many more people in beginning to open up their consciousness and beginning to question what is happening upon the earth.  I celebrate the change!  I celebrate the earth as it is in this moment because all is in perfection.  No matter what is going on, no matter what is going to happen. 

I send forth my love, my joy to each of you.  I encourage you to blend with me any time you so desire for I too am here to assist you.  I can assist you in grounding your energies through connection to the earth.  I can assist you in seeking the support that you may need.  I am here; I love each one of you!  I thank you for being a part of this process at this time.


Go forth and enjoy your life as a human.  For it is a miracle in and of itself.



With that, my beloved sister merges back within that hologram.  You can see how this hologram of the earth radiates a light and a balance.  We see the hologram as it begins its descent.  It moves down, as it’s going through the magnetic grid, there is an aspect of this which is deposited and remains there.  That is what assists the magnetics in shifting also.  The majority of that energy then goes down and merges with the physical earth. It goes into the core essence of the physical earth; then those energies radiate out coming up through the grass, the trees, the water, the rocks.  Therefore the environment that you live within, where you walk upon the earth, is filled with the energies of support and love for each of you.

Let your awareness return to this group and the party.  There is a different radiance that is emanating around the room at this time.  This is due to the collection of you all and focusing on the energies of the earth.  It’s a way to show you how whenever you come together and link with one another, it creates a radiance, a light, an illumination that allows for you to do whatever you may seek to do. 

Let yourself shift so that you move away from this space.  Allow yourself to return to the energies of the soul plane.  As you blend within this space, you find that it expands to accommodate your new expansion.  You may choose to call forth the hologram that represents your physical essence.  This journey is discussing the many ways that you have support upon the earth.  It has already brought that connection with your physical essence into a greater light where you already have a deep connection present.  You can still see the hologram of yourself as you perceive it.  Accept all of who you are!  Accept the journey that you have been upon for it has been your creation.  Allow yourself to embrace the hologram. 

Allow your divinity or your soul essence to fully merge with your human, your personality, your ego aspect.  You walk as a balanced individual.  You live from the space of your soul essence, but you also live in the space of your human.  They co-create together.  See this as blended.  Feel a mutual respect.  Allow for this to be how you move forward from here. 

You may release the energies of the soul plane.  Allow yourself to shift, pausing in the energies of the crystalline grid. This is a place where you come, sometimes during your day; quite often when you are sleeping.  It is a place to fine tune and energize your crystalline vibration.  If you feel out of balance or out of sorts during the day, you can try breathing a few times and letting your consciousness come into this space, linking with the energies, and see if you don’t feel more centered or balanced. 

Move through the interlocking grid so that you may once again return to the energies of the magnetic grid.  As you are coming back within this space, you may find that it is vibrating at a different level than when you began the journey.  That is because you are now connecting at a higher vibration.  Let your perception take in all that will be of assistance to you.  You may always come back within this space also if you seek to communicate with one another, if you seek to have a deeper connection within yourself, or for whatever reason you may choose to come.  It is here, it is available for you.

As you are ready to do so, allow your consciousness to come fully back within your physical body.  Let your awareness come back within the room you are in.  You may feel a need to expand your energy field to allow for a more comfortable blending as you bring yourself back into this moment.

As you are ready to do so, you may come back within this conference room, you may press 4 upon your telephone to bring you back into this room.  I am open to receive any questions you may have. 


Question:  (paraphrased) I have been feeling some confusion about whether or not the peace and contentment I am feeling is a form of complacency.  I am also considering starting a meditation group, where people can get together and talk about what is happening with them and we can support each other as we grow.  What do you see as a potential for this meditation group manifesting?

Answer:  First of all, I wish to take one moment and address when you talk about peace and contentment and complacency.  Now, let me become very clear in my understanding what you mean by that.  Do you feel that if you are peaceful, content with your life, then that is to become complacent and that’s not a place you want to be?  I feel a sense of judgment that being complacent means you are lazy.  Is that what you are intending or am I misunderstanding?  [Well, that is why I say I have confusion.  I have been reading some channeled messages that say that we should step out of our complacency and take action.  On the other hand I’ve read other messages that say it’s no longer time to do, but it’s time to be.  I personally feel like I am BEING and I’ve been so grateful that I can just be and not do.  This is why I’m confused.]   Okay, thank you for explaining that.  My sense any time an individual asks me about their potentials is this; if a potential comes to you to ask about it then absolutely it is a potential for you or you would not have thought of it.  Now, when you say is this a good time to create a group such as you are seeking to have, I sense that it is a wonderful time.  There are going to be more and more individuals who are beginning to awaken.  For some it may be a matter of questioning what has always been their norm. It may be something very subtle or may be something dramatic.  Something like a meditation group; what I perceive you doing is trying to find a niche.  Each week or bi-monthly, whatever you may decide to do, you might say ‘this time we’ll try this, now this time we’ll try this’ so that you might try different techniques to see what resonates with you and with the people around you.  [That is exactly what I had in mind! I don’t see myself as skilled at meditation, so see me as the facilitator and we explore together.]  That is a wonderful way to have it.  First and foremost, I think every individual; every human upon the earth is a teacher in one form or another.  If you choose to bring together a group to facilitate this, then you don’t need to consider yourself a teacher as in you have all the answers.  But do consider yourself as a facilitator, bringing together the group energies, allowing people to explore in whatever way they may seek to explore it (their spirituality).  I do have a sense that when you have individuals who are not used to doing this, a little bit of some form of structure will give people a comfort zone.  The sense of structure will give them something they are comfortable with.  I encourage you very strongly to keep it open, loose and flowing.  You may choose as with our journey tonight to bring in animal totems, you may ask them to one time bring a crystal or if they so choose, to share their crystal and hold someone else’s.  You may also choose to just sit in silence for perhaps 5 minutes.  You may choose to create a journey you take them upon.  It is wide open.  (Pay attention to) whatever brings you joy and whatever the group dynamics brings together.  [She spoke further saying she doesn’t know where it will go or if people will respond.]  You talk to your friends; you post it in various places.  We do see this happening; we do see a group of 3-4 in the beginning.  We see it as people attending sporadically.  You may find you meet one month then not for the next couple.  Listen to your intuition; listen to your inner guidance who is speaking to you about when to have it meet.  We also have a sense to talk to you about perhaps posting at schools or day care centers; places where   parents or people who have a lot of stress will be looking for an alternative way to relax.  So perhaps you can expand where you are advertising.  [Thank you] you are welcome.


Question:  (paraphrased)  Goddess?  Can you please address this issue with me?  I have been feeling a very deep despair, as if in my physical life I have nothing.  I want to sleep all the time; I’m taking an anti-depressant which is not doing anything.  I feel like there is nothing for me in this life.  It’s all just serving others and nothing makes me personally happy.

Answer:  There are a great number of energies that are shifting and moving upon the earth, especially over the last month.  As Gaia said as she came forward to speak there has been a great deal of the lower, denser energies that are released.  So, in part the sense that I’m getting as I connect with you at this time is because you are so sensitive to the energies around you what you are picking up on are these energies that are being released.  We know this has been a recurring theme for you also, we know this is something that you feel.  We sense that this is being accentuated because of these energies that are being released from the earth at this time.  In saying that, let me give you this opportunity to support you, to surround you with love and I ask you to feel as if you are opening a door to your heart.  When you get into a space like this, it is something that is very human, it is something that people will quite often move into, move through, or live within it for whatever length of time they may need.  I say to you to honor yourself. If you need to sleep longer, let yourself sleep longer.  Be aware that this is a very human aspect. It is a part of your personality that is saying there is nothing to live for there is nothing I’m finding joy in.  The depression that you speak of; when you are blending with your divinity, when you are bringing in aspects of your soul love, when you are connecting with my energies; these energies are always of hope, of love, and support.  If you are human, your personality, your ego, whatever you want to call it; if that is keeping you closed down so that you don’t hear or you can’t feel my energies; then go inside and speak with your personality, speak with your ego.  You need to send a message of love to your ego because it is the one you have chosen for this lifetime.  Let it know that you love this life that you have; we can hear you say no you don’t love this life!  But it is the life that you have created.  It is the life you are living.  So open to the potential that you could love it.  Know that I as the Goddess do love you, I do support you, and everyone else within this group sends you the energy of this love and support.  You are not alone and you have a great deal of value that you have to give to the world.  Open up the door; allow the love to come in, allow yourself to be nurtured by your soul, by your divinity.  Let yourself find a greater balance between your ego and soul so that you can release this depression.  Allow it to move away from you.  It is not something I can take away from you; it is something you will have to transition.  By allowing this love and support, it will make you feel the nurturing that if you allow to come in, you will begin to find the greater balance you are seeking.  [Thank you Goddess.]  You are welcome; you are ever loved and supported. 


Question:  (paraphrased) Could you share with me how I can be of assistance to my new little nephew who come into the earth plane as well as his brother? 

Answer:  Allow me to connect.  We sense a lot of change around you and the family.  I know because Shelly is telling me of the conversation, plus I was present before the channel this evening, so we do know already there is a lot of change going on in the family.  The family is making this move.  They are going to a new location.  But we sense that there is not a full commitment about the move, perhaps in your sister.  Is it your sister?  (Yes) Your sister supports her husband and yes there is an aspect of her that does want this move and change.  But there is another aspect that feels very torn and would like to stay where she is within her comfort zone.  It is almost like she is going outside of her comfort zone and that is part of what makes it more stressful for her.  There is more we feel that needs to be done before the move can be fully completed.  There is a lot of pressure occurring.  What you are already doing is talking with your sister, you are assisting and doing things when they need to be done, you are talking with your nephews; you are taking them into your home when you can.  That is really very very helpful.  Especially when you have the children with you, there are ways in which you connect on a heart to heart level.  They are picking up on the energies between the adults, the frustration of the move, the ambivalence; these other energies which are in the household are part of what is making the children a little crankier and upset.  Is this what you were sensing?  (Yes)  So what you can do is what you are already doing.  But also take the time to energetically send you love, support, your peace, and that everything will turn out all right.  These boys are both very sensitive and both already have a deep link to you.  While you may not always believe it, they are both open energetically and because of the type of work that you do and who you are, you do have a deep bond with each of them.  You can bring them into your mind, feel as if you are embracing them and tell them ‘Okay, you are going to get through this, I am still here for you, I’ll talk to you on the phone’.  I know that you don’t talk to the baby on the phone, but he is still very energetically open as he is still adjusting to this body.  That is what you can do that is helpful.  With your sister, just talking to her, supporting her, embracing her; everything that you have been doing.  I have a sense that she is kind of…. I don’t know how to say this without projecting, but she is like a boiling cauldron, so to speak.  If she does lash out it is because she just really needs to release the tension within her.  Maybe she will have an opportunity to do something physical that will help release this energy before she gets to the boiling point.  We have a sense that she is the one who is really feeling the tension and stress at this time.  What you are picking up from the boys is what they are picking up from their mother.  (Okay, thank you.)


Question:  (paraphrased) I started doing some free lance work for a training company in town and they sent me out on an assignment which was a disaster.  I am trying to get my life together, moving forward, moving into prosperity and this was a disaster, it really went very poorly. 

Answer:  If this is the same thing we are tapping into, we have a sense that you stepped into a situation that was already put in place energetically before you ever got in there.  It was really unfortunate that you stepped into the middle of that.  Our sense is that what you are doing in terms of this business, going out and assisting in communication; you have a wonderful ability to do that.  You do have a wonderful way of connecting and communicating with people.  In this situation if we are perceiving it right, there was already a great deal of animosity or back stabbing or back talking that was already going on.  True, in part that is what you go in to negotiate, but the sense was that it was way bigger than any one person could do.  It was almost as if you were the match to the dynamite.  If you feel up to it and this is totally your choice.  If you want to go back a second time or follow up email and see if you re-speak with them and make it more constructive.  Does that make sense to you?  [It does, but basically the clients refused to pay for the services and I had to return my fee, so I don’t know if I would be welcome there. It leaves me with a real unsettled feeling not only about them but my participation in this field.]  Our sense is that this is something that you are very good at.  I don’t want to say that this was testing you because it was more about them and less about you.  As a result of this, our sense is that someone else could have stepped into that group and the exact same thing would have happened.  You were the one to attempt to create these changes.  There are times when people may say they are open or they may want to be open but when it comes right down to it they may be very stubborn, set in their ways and they may not want to change anything.  It’s a difference when someone may say one thing but actually feel and do something completely different.  Our sense is that you are very good with people.  You are very good with your perceptions.  We also sense that you will take this as an opportunity to fine tune what your process is, fine tune what it is you have to offer people.  It is one of those things that has definitely had an impact on you; it has allowed you to learn a great many lessons for yourself.  But don’t let it keep you from something you are good at.  In terms of returning the money, you did your part of the bargain and if they chose to react the way they did; our heart goes out to you to be placed in a position like that.  You may also choose to take this; again this is the free will of being a human, you may choose to take this and say I may get other groups like this and do I wish to deal with it?  You may choose to say no I don’t, I choose to do something different.  But don’t let this one group create the perception of what others will be like.  [Okay, thank you that is helpful.]


Question:  (paraphrased) I have a question about intention and following through.  I feel as if I’m very clear on my intention, but I am not getting the results.  I would like to create a more magical existence. 

Answer:  This is a very wonderful and challenging question.  When you create in the essence of the soul plane or the All That Is, like we do on each of these journeys.  You are creating from your divinity or from your space of love, you are creating from a space of boundary less or borderless intention.  The universe is your potential.  You are living in your 3rd, 4th, 5th dimensional reality and you are taking that immense expansion and wondering how you will fit that into your reality.  That is why when it comes to manifesting into the physical plane your life as it is at this time; it either feels like it missed you completely or it didn’t come in the way you were anticipating it would come, or it just comes in such a way you think that’s not what I want at all.  It’s the bringing it into the human realm and then recognizing or allowing it shift into what you really truly want in your life.  There is not an easy answer to this.  Part of what I was attempting to with this journey was to bring up the energies of the earth plane and what is around you in your daily life as you are creating so that you can pull from the things that are already on the physical plane as a means of supporting you.  It is not a matter of anything you are doing; it’s about allowing and accepting. I know that you are allowing and accepting, I know that’s frustrating for you to hear.  Sometimes it’s not the right time; there may be other things which influence it such as free will of other humans.  Sometimes it’s the things that are in your own life that you may not be fully conscious of which is pushing this out so that it may come in a different form.  Many times it’s just the free will.  The one thing I can give you that may assist in this; I never want anyone to feel as if they need to have a regimented experience so take an opportunity to take, even if it’s only 5 or 10 minutes to breathe in and become fully aware inside of yourself.  As you create the link within your soul, then bring in a greater amount of your divinity that is linking you to space of creating without boundaries.  Then from that space, if you say I am seeking……whatever that may be, you may get a flash or perception that is keeping it from happening.  You may see it as happening, real and right here.  It can be many many different experiences.  But that is way to bring the expanded consciousness into your physical reality.  It will then radiate out into your physical reality in which you life and it will create an alignment between what you are seeking to manifest and where you are in that space.  It may sound crazy, but if you let it go.  It may also help you to make a symbol for this so that if it comes to your mind, you are not focusing on the lack.  You can focus on the symbol as an image of completion.  This will reinforce that you are in the space of what you are seeking to bring in.  Does that make sense?  (Maybe more specifically is there a blockage in my chakras or something?)  It’s always possible that that is the case.  When you breathe and expand your conscious awareness, say out loud or to yourself ‘I release anything that is keeping this from happening.  I release anything that is keeping me from my full prosperity.’  Or whatever it is you are seeking to have.  You don’t always have to know exactly what it is.  You don’t have to identify it letter by letter; you need only release the potential that there is a blockage.  You can open yourself and let the energy flow. You can call on me whenever you need to.  I encourage you not to become frustrated or move into the feeling of lack.  It’s the lack that creates a bit of a barrier.  Let yourself acknowledge that it’s the mystical who knows when it’s going to happen.  I don’t think there’s a single human who hasn’t felt that at some time or another.  If it was just a one step thing we could tell people that would be tremendous.  What I say for you is that you are very attentive about what do I need to do.  So, you really don’t need to DO anything, just expand and be who you are.  Release and let go of expectation or the lack there of.  That hopefully will shift you into the energies that will allow a greater flow to come to you.

I thank you each for being here as a part of this journey.  I appreciate all who participate in these energies.  I appreciate all that is happening upon the earth and you as the ones for bringing in these energies for me and all the rest of us on the other side of the veil.  Be patient with yourselves.  Be patient with the changes as they are occurring.  Trust that all is happening in the right and perfect moment.

I am ever present with you and within you!





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