The Thinning of the Veil

This journey took us through a wide variety of experiences. The Goddess spoke at first of what it’s like to have gone through the veil. Most people consider the veil as the removal of memories about who you truly are or what prior experiences you may have had. Some believe this is to give us challenges, others just that we couldn’t comprehend the enormity of it all. As with so much spirituality these days; your truth or your reality is just that… yours. It’s as if the more we know, the more we realize there are multiple realities.

Most especially as the crystalline energies more fully blend with our earth bound experience; we will have a greater ease accessing what we’ve considered beyond the veil. Many people are finding a greater ease in accessing their divinity and other aspects of the universe. Is this because the veil is thinner? Or is it because you are opening up? Is there a difference? With this channel, the Goddess assists you experiencing your daily life both from the perspective of the collective consciousness and from that place of alignment with higher vibrations.

I believe some times we really struggle. Sometimes it feels as if life is one hassle after another. During this journey you have the opportunity to break away from that. You can experience joy, complete alignment, complete manifestation and see how this is possible in your daily life. The energies can shift with greater and greater ease. There is always movement in the energies. There are constantly evolving potentials in your life! Open your arms and gather up all that you seek. Feel how your alignment shifts to accommodate YOU!
~ Shelly ~

Nama sika; venia benyaI; I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family. I reach out to each one. It is to everyone who is consciously present upon this call, but also to all of those who are here with the intention of linking with this group. As you allow yourself to sink into the chair, the bed, the ground, whatever you might be sitting or lying upon; feel yourself as you become grounded and aware of the energies within and around you.

We have been speaking about you as the human, you as the individual living your life. I have spoken of the ways in which your alignment and conscious expansion of your physical body has allowed you to be able to integrate even more of your divinity. Allow this energy to flow through you. As you do so have a sense of feeling your essence as you recognize who you are within your physical, your emotional, your mental, your spiritual bodies. As you consciously let that flow and awareness move back and forth while you are here grounded and focused upon the earth plane you can feel who you are.

Expand your energy into the place of accepting or feeling your Lightbody energy. We speak of this when you are out in the universe, and when you’re in the higher dimensions and it’s very easy to be aware of that flow and that awareness. As you allow that awareness to come into you in your physical state, to come down into you in this moment as you are here upon the Earth, open your awareness to feel that flow. You find that your energy bodies expand even further when you do this.

Again I invite you to anchor your energies by taking another deep breath, letting that deep breath flow down through your body with the intention of moving down into the Earth. Feel as if you are linking to the earth and then let that come back up and anchor within you, within and around your solar plexus allowing all of your energy bodies to expand even further and then we can shift so that we move into the energies of the magnetic grid. Here within this space let yourself feel what it is to link with your higher self. You are very conscious of the Earth plane, of your life on Earth and at the same time as you look around at the interlocking pathways, you can see or sense all that is here.

I invite you to expand even further by moving through the interlocking grid. Feel yourself as you come within the crystalline grid. As you let your energies move out to expand open all your senses and take in the flow and the energies of the crystalline grid. You may have a sense of feeling your own vibration shift and adjust. You may also have a sense of feeling, perhaps seeing or sensing aspects of your own energy that are already shifting and expanding within this space.

As you are ready to do so, find yourself letting your focus move into the soul plane. The intention automatically shifts your consciousness into this space. As you look around open to see, sense, feel, your divinity. There are many different ways that you may become aware of your divinity. As you open up your senses, I encourage you to push out or expand so that you may take in even more of what’s available here for you. As you do this, let yourself merge with or blend with the essence of your divinity, this is your I AM presence. This is you, gathering together all your aspects and life experiences. This is you, from a place of experiencing you as a pure conscious essence. Let yourself revel in the energies, let yourself feel the flow, let yourself truly know who you are.

I the Goddess, move through this space. I merge with each one of you; I reach out and embrace you as your consciousness, you as your divinity. As I merge with you, you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. As each one of you arrives within this space, there is a sense of flying free. I would invite each one of you within your conscious awareness to feel as if you are soaring, as if you’re expanding the energy bodies around you; [Deep breath] and then shift your focus and receive all that is here for you. Feel that essence, feel that flow as it comes back within you.

You are an individual that is having this life experience, and as you live your life you feel as if there is a separation from divinity. You may feel as if this is a separation from God or Goddess. You may feel as if the life that you are living is one in which you are seeking, you are struggling, you are trying to find the answers to whatever it may be that is the focus or the intention of your life. And then I have heard many of you, not necessarily those of you who are here present tonight, but many of the humans upon the earth, reach out and beseech me as God or Goddess.

So often people feel that separation; as a feeling of abandonment or a feeling of being cut loose without support mechanisms as you live this life. With the changing of the energies upon the Earth, the veil is becoming thinner and thinner between the separation of you as the human and you as your divinity. It also becomes thinner between you and what you might consider God, Goddess, the Ray Lords, the Angels and the teachers that are here in the nonphysical aspect of the Universe.

I want you to have a sense, as you are here and focused within this space, of opening up more fully as if you push out the limits, as if you push out the walls then realize who you are as your divinity. When people feel that loneliness, the abandonment, the separation, the feeling always begins with a distancing from your own soul essence. Take a deep breath in, breathing deep within you, feeling the vibration, feeling the alignment of your divinity as it flows through you right now. Some of you may feel it as if it’s a warm and loving wave of energy that washes over you. Howsoever you perceive what this is; I invite you to simply accept this feeling, this energy and this emotion right now in this minute.

As you look within, within your I AM presence, you have the opportunity to seek out other life existences. Considering life in a linear manner, all of you have had a multitude of different life existences, the conscious memory of which comes back into and fills up as much or as little as your I AM presence, as it does.

There are some lifetimes that have such an effect upon you as the human; it creates a huge impact within your divinity. There are other lifetimes that may have still had a significant impact upon you, but when it’s blended with your I AM presence or your divinity, it’s less defined as something separate, it’s more so a part of the whole. Look around you, look within. As you put forth a question, perhaps a thought, perhaps an intention, then shift your energy and be open to receive as that flow comes back towards you filled with the answer that you may be seeking.

It was a commonly held belief upon the Earth that you chose certain experiences for your lifetime, and it was through those experiences that you would learn and evolve. That is indeed what happens to quite a few people because that’s their expectation of their life upon the Earth. I also put out to you that the potential that you are living this life upon the Earth for the pure joy of it, the pure experience of being in physical form.

Humanity has such a tendency to be driven, to have expectations, to have goals, and they spend their lives reaching towards the expectations, the goals or whatever it may be. If you can, here within this space, perhaps if only for a few moments, let go of all expectations, let go of all structure, let it all go in terms of your life upon the Earth. I flow through this space a wave of energy and light that it moves through, clearing out everything that you have released.

As this occurs I ask you, if perhaps you feel a little bit lighter. I ask you, if perhaps your energies create a new alignment that shifts your perception. As you consider your life, as you consider your experiences, take this moment and ask yourself if perhaps you would like for it to be something different. Perhaps you would like to shift your focus into that choice, of living a life that is based solely on whatever the experiences are that come your way on a day-to-day basis.

It makes me chuckle because as I’m looking at you, I do see that indeed some of you are shifting your awareness in just such a manner and it feels very good to you, but I can also see that many of you shift your focus, you may experience it whatever it may be that’s in your mind, and then you turn around and go back to what you are used to. From the perspective of your divinity, of the Angels of I the Goddess or God, the choice is completely up to you. What we would like to do in any given situation is to flow the energy of potentials. We would like to support you in whatever it is that you may seek to have, we would also like to make sure that you feel unconditional love in every situation.

If you are frustrated, sad, mad; if you are feeling the energies, perhaps the frustration, jealousy, judgment, anything at all that is keeping you from being open to all that is here for you, then I invite you in this moment, to once more breathe within you so you may link with whatever that is; and then as you breathe out consciously release. As you consider your life, you may still have the same situations that you find yourself within. But I invite you to open and feel the love, the energy and the support so that you may know you are not alone. I invite you to open up your consciousness, to open up your heart. Feel this flow move through you.

We have spoken many times of manifesting upon the Earth. As you seek to manifest, there are times in which you can feel a flow and as if things fall into place with ease. There are other times it feels like from the very beginning it’s one struggle after another and yet people still manifest in the midst of that. And those that are in the flow and finding that things line up, they may manifest within their life, but in a dramatically different way. As the vibration of the Earth continues to transform, everything else upon the Earth is also moving through a transformation. Therefore, as you seek to experience yourself upon the Earth it may be different than when it was a five or ten years ago.

As you seek to create the life that you would like, that too is different. As I spoke at the very beginning, I spoke of the ways in which humans have a tendency to be so driven and to be so task oriented. When you are in the space of the new energy or the crystalline vibrations, experiences within your life can occur with much greater ease when you are much more aware of the vibrations and letting your consciousness be in a space that is open to receive. Let us practice that for a moment.

Consider something in your life that you have been seeking to have. As you consider whatever this may be, I see so many of you coming up with many different details about it. I see many of you have a detailed report for me of what you have done to prepare or perhaps to show that you are worthy, or perhaps it’s even just a list for yourself to say, “This is what I deserve”.

I see people nodding their heads saying, “Yes, yes, I know exactly what you mean”. So as you look at the energies around you, as you take in whatever this is that you are seeking to manifest, how much of it has come into your life? I would ask you, is there a possibility that you are filtering out or perhaps keeping some of this awareness from manifesting within your life? And we blow through the energy to clear out, whatever it is that you’ve been looking at.

I now invite you to have a sense of taking one more breath in, as you breathe in, you find yourself becoming very centered, you look at the energies around you, perhaps you sense them, you feel them. Bring up that same goal, challenge, opportunity, whatever it may be, bring it up within you, once more, this time without that list. And as you are allowing that to float through you as just the essence or a pure sense of energy, invoke a flow from your divinity that moves through, as it’s moving through you look around, feel, perhaps see or sense, all of what this is. Look for an easier way or perhaps an alternative way to manifest this within your life. Is it possible?

The one thing I would say to everyone across the board is that as you are living your life, reach towards what feels fun or what makes you happy. When you are in the space of feeling joy, laughter, happiness, flowing within and around you, you are in a state of being open, expanded in such a way, that many more opportunities come in to your awareness. When you experience life sometimes, it’s day after day, sometimes it’s just for a portion of the day, but when your experience is more so about feeling pain, feeling a struggle, experiencing frustration, one after the other, then you do still have the opportunity to manifest what you would like but it is much harder if not in some cases impossible, to come within your awareness.

If you are at a place in your life where your focus has been more about survival, struggle, challenges and the thought of having happiness, joy and excitement seems like it’s something that is too far to reach for, then I invite you to reach towards feeling a sense of peace, as if you create for yourself and oasis. Then from within the oasis, let the peace permeate all parts of who you are. Take in a deep breath and let go of the struggle, let go of the pain, let go the sorrow. As your oasis expands, as you feel the piece that moves through you, perhaps now you can reach towards something that makes you feel happy, that perhaps gives you an anticipation of a better life within and around you.

Allow the energies of the universe to flow within and around you in your daily life. Reach towards and then allow all that you seek to have. I invite you to come together as a group. As you do so, I see such brilliant light within you that you have reconnected to. Let that flow, up and down through your consciousness and as this group comes together let yourself have a sense of a hologram of the Earth coming up within the center.

As this occurs, transmit into the hologram your sense of being, your sense of a deeper connection to all that is here on this side of the veil. As you infuse that energy into the hologram, the hologram itself begins to rotate. It takes on this energy or this vibration. As it does so, there is an even deeper depth or perception that you can see, sense or feel within the hologram.

The hologram is released, it moves down, moving through the crystalline grid, through the magnetic grid and down anchoring within the Earth. As it moves in this direction, it also flows through you, the human. It then anchors within the center of the Earth, from there radiates out, it aligns with the crystals that are in the center of the Earth and those crystals take on and transmit the energies of this experience. As it comes up through the core of the Earth, it comes out through the water, the trees, the grass. It becomes available to everyone.

Feel it within your own physical body, allow your physical body and all your energy bodies to soak up and absorb what you did for yourself during this journey. Let this anchor within you. Feel it as it flows through you. Allow your consciousness to shift once more to where you are and the All That Is. As your focus comes once more within this space, be open to receive any message that you have received from that deeper integration of your human self.

As that flows through you, feel the energies and then allow yourself to shift. You release the All That Is. You move back once more within the soul plane. As you find yourself here within this space, look around at your divinity. Are you aware of even greater aspects of who you are? You then shift your consciousness once more releasing the soul plane. Feel your energies as you move once more through the crystalline grid. As you move through this space, you become aware of an even greater perception of all that is here.

I invite you to then let your focus and your awareness to come back even further. You come through, and perhaps sense your energies here within the magnetic grid; you feel the pull of the Earth once more. As you feel, the energies of the magnetic grid, you see how your higher self has expanded. You can feel the shift in vibration that’s taken place. All of that is here and available to you. Let those energies flow down, flowing deeper and deeper within you and your human existence. [Deep breath] Breathe deeply allowing your consciousness to come back once more within your physical body. Your mental and emotional bodies expand; feel your spiritual and your Light body energies also.

Let your consciousness move throughout you as the person here living your life so that you may more deeply integrate the knowledge that is just intrinsic within you. The veil is thinning; you are closer through your consciousness than ever before with linking to God, Goddess, which in and of itself, is accessed through your divinity. So allow your alignment with your divinity to expand feeling it anchor even more deeply within you.

All right beloved family, thank you as always, but we are going to need to bring this to a close. For those people that we were not able to speak with you directly I send out my, my love, my awareness, my compassion to you and be open in your dreams and in your, umm the different parts of your day, to receive intuition or receive the answers that you may be seeking.

[Deep breath] All right and there were a number of people that spoke tonight about physical conditions and things that they were feeling in their physical body, a great amount of this is due to integrating the higher vibration, and it can be shifted and transformed through the shifting and expanding of your energy bodies and the shifting of the vibration as it’s moving through you. But of course I do always, always, always, defer to you that that if you feel a need to get other care for this, medical care then by all means follow your heart, follow your beliefs, follow your intuition and seek any care that you may need. That was Shelly of course in the background saying, “don’t forget that”.

As you are moving through your days, remember how close you divinity is to you. Remember to allow it to flow through you as you seek your answers. Feel the flow, feel the love and feel the essence of all that is here for you.

I am ever with you and within you,


As you feel yourself coming back within this space. I invite you to come back within this room. If you would like to ask a question, you may press *6 upon your phone, and I am here to receive.

Question:Hello (I’m having a hard time hearing you can you speak up a little bit please.)Yes, hello this is Amy. (Hello.)Hi thank you that was wonderful. Can you tell if there is anything wrong with my right arm? It has been sore for a couple of months and I’m not sure if it is something that I can heal on my own or if it is something more medical that I should see a doctor about.

Answer: Okay, would you please take in a breath and as you breathe in feel our energies as we come first within your heart center and then that allows us to link more fully with you.(Okay)Okay we feel as if there is something up in your shoulder and your neck area. As if there is like a strain or something within your spine that is putting pressure on and it feels like it causes numbness, or tingling, or discomfort like that in your right arm. Is that what you were speaking of.

Yeah, pretty much, yeah it really hurts like near the elbow.

Well the sense we get is that it is starting up more so in your shoulders and we could see it in your shoulder joint, but your shoulders and even going up towards your spine. We think that this is something that you can work on yourself. It feels to us like you have been working with shifting the energy and we can see how the majority of it is shifted and moving. But what we would like to do is we’re going to focus with you for a moment and invite you to let your attention go right above where your shoulder is between your neck and your shoulder, your shoulder joint, and as you let your focus go in there take in a deep breath and as you are ready to do so breathe out and consciously have a sense of releasing the stuck energy, because it felt like there was some density or stuck energy right there and as that releases then we can see a greater flow. We can feel like it begins to flow down through your shoulder and if feels like it is going down the back of your arm, of your upper arm, and as it comes down above your elbow; again we can feel that sense of stuck energy right there. So take in another deep breath, breathing down with your focus around your elbow, phew, and as you are breathing out we are shifting through sending the energy down to try to get rid of it. It feels like debris or that stuck energy so that it can now flow more fully all the way up and down through your arm. So it feels like there is tingling in your fingers right now, but that to us feels like it’s because that flow is opening more fully.

Okay yeah.

So what we would say to you is to work with the energy, consciously seeing it flow through. If you feel like it gets stuck in any one part of you, or if it just come to your imagination, “Well let me work on my shoulder right now” then let yourself work on your shoulder in just this manner because we amplified the energy and helped to shift that out of you. But you can call on your own Angels and Guides and you can do the same thing, and you can focus with helping to shift that energy. Of course the nurse in Shelly always says that if you’ve tried something and it is not working, if you are continuing to have worsening of the symptoms, and you feel inclined to do so, then by all means seek whatever medical attention you would follow, but to us as we look at it right in this moment it feels like it is something that is shifting and it is something that can be released in that manner.

Okay thank you so much.

Good, and you already said you feel a bit of a difference.(Yeah.)Excellent, and let that be your monitor. You breathe in and you shift the energy out and you can immediately feel a shift then that tells you that you are on the right track and what you are doing is working for you.

Okay, thank you so much.

You’re welcome beloved.

Question:Hello (Hi)Hi! Well I have some changes come up and I actually very unexpectantly, find myself going to court first thing tomorrow morning.(Uhum.)I think what we did tonight was really important for that process.(Uhum.)I would like to know what else I need to do to be as perceived as the genuine, honest person that I am with the truth that I hold with my situation

Answer: Uhum, alright as we are looking at you we sense that tonight was a big release for you that you did let go a lot of the frustration and the anger that you have been feeling, and we do feel that you have shifted the fear, but we can still feel the fear within you. So the first thing that we want to do as we are looking at you right now is to encourage you to take in another deep breath. This time consciously breathing my energy down within you as we speak and as we do so let it swirl in through your heart center and gather your own energy, and then as you breathe out Phew consciously have a sense as we push through and we shift out this energy. What we are doing is we are cleaning out the energy field immediately within and around you. As that happens, it felt like what that did was that it created a shift for you and now we invite you to breathe your divinity down within you, breathe it down so it can trickle through you and let it anchor down inside of you.

There you go and now what we would say to you is bring up the court as if in your mind’s eye you see the court; you see the judge; you see the lawyers; you see the other party; you see all these different things that are involved in this and then consciously bring it up, breathing it within yourself for a moment, filling it up with the light of co-creation that this resolves smoothly and easily and in a manner that is in the highest good of all and one that you can live with and you feel strongly that this is what you seek to have, phew, and as that happens we could see some of the energies kind of shifting and things falling by the way-side and we could see a new potential coming more so to the forefront.

Umm when people are in a battle we’ll call it with each other then you become enmeshed within one another’s energy fields in a very constricted manner. So by bringing together a situation like this blowing through the energies that clear out where you are stuck then allowing yourself to then come back in with a new potential, which is what we just did in that little experience, then that’s what offers you a means of shifting the outcome or shifting what may be going on. So we feel that number one the journey for you tonight, but secondly the way we have worked with you in just these few minutes we’ve been able to create a new potential. So how do you feel inside of yourself?

Oh much different, much better I don’t have that gripping fear that was just not shifting.

Exactly, exactly well good. Well know that all our thoughts here are with you I am sure that everyone who’s still here on the journey can flow their love, their energy, their support to you, phew boy you can feel all that emotion coming up.

Thank you so much.

So just let yourself just ride on the wave of that and again just breathe out when you go to bed tonight and when you get up in the morning and just let that set the energies and let yourself feel in the flow

Oh bless you each and every one and to you and thank you for all the support. Bless you all.

You’re very welcome beloved.

Question:Hello, this is Sylvia. I was calling because recently, a couple of maybe 4 or 5 days ago I started to experience in my sternum, my breast bone area some discomfort. It feels like soreness and I haven’t been working out severely or anything like that. I was kind of wondering…. I’ve been breathing and send light to that area trying to figure out why it feels sore and tender in that breast bone area.

Answer:As we’re looking at you we feel like this is something to do with the heart center. It feels more so like you have been bringing in so much more energy over the past we would say, well you know yourself; that this has been a very continuous and expansive journey for you especially the last 3 -4 months. It’s almost as if you’ve gotten to a palace where your heart center has expanded to what it ‘considers capacity’ so it’s not allowing it to go even further as you continue to bring in more energy. The other thing we see happening is that much of that energy you are consciously linking with and bringing into yourself; you are forgetting to remember to let it flow through you. It’s as if you bring it in because you want to expand, then it just kind of sits there. So it’s not something you have to be conscious of every single time and now we’re speaking to everybody. If you feel as if around your heart, your breast bone; anything link that, it feels as if there is anything that is discomfort or stuck energy, take an opportunity to let that be a heads up that ‘perhaps I’m not flowing the energy completely through me’. That’s what we’re doing with you right now.

If you will take in a deep breath and feel our energies as we come in within you, we’re going to consciously whew (Shelly is actually blowing the energy) we’re going to conscious push whew, whew. There is goes. As we do that we had a sense of a popping sound, or we felt something pop. Now we want to gently and easily invite you to breathe deeply. Feel the energy as it flows through the heart center. It’s as it fills up where that popping sensation was. (Deep breath) We think that is where you were feeling that pain on your sternum. As that happens, let that energy fill it up, let the energy move not only through your body, but send it down into the earth so that it’s anchoring within the earth. Now as you come back and as you feel this for yourself, does it feel as if a shift has occurred or does it feel the same at this moment?

Um, it feels a little bit better.

When you’re working with the bones, that’s what’s most dense inside your body so it’s the harder to create or feel the results of a shift. So what we would say to you is to give yourself some time and allow yourself to recognize that you are opening up your heart center even further. You are flowing through your physical body an even greater amount of the expanded energy. If you work with it in such a manner for the next few days or so, we have a sense that that actual sternum pain with ease for you if not go away completely. We do not have a sense of anything else going on right there.

Yeah, I feel the same way. So you said when I bring in the light, I bring it in and through my body and down into the earth and anchor it down?

Yes, exactly. You can see it as going down through your legs. You can see it as going from your root center directly into the earth. Or you can see yourself as if you are in a column of light; for example the lightbody energy is like a column of light around you. You can see it as if you are inside that column and you send the entire column down into the earth, with it including going through like a mist that goes through every cell within your body, clearing out your cells and anchoring it down into the earth. There, that one felt like it really made a difference, when we did the last one with you.

Yeah, that really resonated!! As soon as you started saying that, it resonated, I visualized it and I felt it.

Excellent, excellent! It’s fantastic because it’s an example of how what resonates for one may more so resonate differently with another. There’s always more than one way to do things.

Oh my goodness that was awesome! I just felt the shift (I didn’t understand this part because she was laughing.) it was incredible, I’m just laughing!! Oh my goodness. Okay, thank you so much! I appreciate it! (She’s still giggling.) Am I going to continue to expand? (laughing)

Of course! Everybody, well no I take that back, not everybody continues to expand. Some people get to place where they say, ‘okay, that’s enough, I’m cool’; then they just stay within a certain amount. And that’s completely fine. But most people continue to expand, sometimes huge amounts, sometimes minimal. Let me just share, if you remember back on the journey when I said reach towards feeling happy, reach towards something that brings you contentment. As you could feel especially once that shifted, you were able to giggle and laugh and that’s another way of manifesting what you were seeking to change.

Yeah, I’m just still so in awe of what happened in this experience right now. It’s really, wow! Okay, fantastic so am I pretty much almost done? I keep going through these cycles and I’m like wow, what’s next?

Yeah it doesn’t have to be anything is next or it can be that there will be other things next. As humans, as we discussed in the journey you have a tendency to always reach and grow and evolve. Nothing truly stays still or stays stagnant. Some people try their hardest to make it stay the same, but in truth everything is changing, everything is constantly shifting and everything is moving. So there will always be some sort of change; sometimes big, sometimes little.

I just feel like I’ve gone through tremendous change the last few years, it’s been unbelievable.

Yes, and we see you have arrived.

Thank God!! Thank you so much!!

You are welcome.

Question:Well hello! (hi) Yesterday I had a really strange morning and even afternoon. I couldn’t get grounded I guess it is. I felt much like the balloon boy only balloon woman! I was kind of floating out there and eventually I had to make myself a list that said take shower, walk dog and check things off the list. I literally could not get myself…. So what is going on? It seems like I am sensitive to channeling. That might have been what was going on. There was something in Berlin, the mental imbalance symposium might have been going on, perhaps I was connected with that in some way. How do I deal with that in the future? It seems like my dog is not taking this on anymore, so it’s up to me. Anyway, what…..

Answer:(laughing) We have to chuckle a little bit! For some reason it’s just making us chuckle, the thought of you writing a list: walk the dog, take a shower. (still laughing)

Eat something was on my list!

Yes, eating something is always good to do as a human! (still laughing) And again, more laughter is more integrating too. The fact that you can laugh about the experience for yourself is very good for you. Now, okay. As you were talking about that, as I was looking at you beloved, there was such a huge amount of integration that was taking place. The first thing that came to me as I was watching was that it was an extraterrestrial aspect of yourself that was coming in. This aspect was very much aligned with your divinity, with a higher vibrational essence of your divinity. It’s what you’ve been reaching for. Over the summer you went through another big….. it’s like this year for you has been a big jump, then another big jump, then another big jump. Through each one of these things you’ve been expanding into this new space, expanding into these new opportunities. Then anchoring it and infiltrating it or allowing it to infiltrating into you.

That’s what happened again over the weekend. This is the next step; this is another part of the integration process for you. This has shifted you, it feels to us, we don’t normally like to give numbers, but we sense it might be something you need. It feels like a seventh dimensional vibration that you are bringing into your everyday experience. We are not saying you are living every day in the 7thdimension, because that’s how you live it, right…’a note to eat’!! (laughter again) It’s because the earth around you doesn’t support it as yet. What’s important for you to recognize is that when you feel yourself ungrounded and really in a space like that; truly the best way to ground yourself is to bring that energy all the way down through your body and send it into the earth. Almost feel as if your feet themselves, maybe as far as up to your knees, are submerged into the earth. When you do that, all that wonderful, glorious earth energies are going to permeate all the way through your body. It’s going to integrate and blend with all these energies. Even as I’m speaking this now, you feel how very, very grounded you are, do you not?


So that’s what you can do. Put it on the list when you are in a grounded state so that the next time that happens when you are ungrounded, you can say ‘now there’s something I’m supposed to look for’ and you can see it there and it will help you to ground more easily.

Now when you spoke of a symposium taking place in another part of the world were you there as a part of it; indeed your consciousness was also there and a part of that. With the thinning of the veil, with the thinning of the distinction between vibrations, it’s going to be much easier for people’s consciousness to stream in these different places. That’s always happened to people in the past but with less conscious awareness of it. So in part it was bringing in that new energy. In part it was that you were there in Germany. In part it was your physical body learning how to acclimate to all of this. So it was several different things taking place. But to us it feels complete now, it feels much more integrated. How are you feeling?

Today felt a whole lot better. I didn’t feel like I was going to get lost in space.

Exactly, exactly, alright.

But it took most of the day yesterday before I felt like I was back.

And we would just to you that sometimes that’s the way it’s going to be. On the one hand we see a part of you that’s saying ‘hey I’m just enjoying this experience of being ungrounded’. But then of course around Drake and your daily activities it’s a different experience.

Has this happened this way because I’m choosing to do the channeling now and this is eliminating the seizures for him? (referencing the way her dog would have seizures as she was doing transitional work.)

That’s a part of it, but we think it’s more so you bringing in more and more of the higher vibrations because that’s how you are choosing to live your life, in a higher vibration.

Cool! Thank you very much.

You are welcome beloved.

Question:Hello? (Hello) Norma here Goddess. Thank you very much for tonight; that was wonderful. (You’re welcome.) I have been…I’m not sure what’s going on. About two weeks ago I got a rash on my arm, and it started spreading. Now it’s going all over my entire body. I was wondering if you could tell me something about that. I went up to the pharmacy today and talked to the pharmacist and was showing him. He suggested I get a certain thing, and when I did and came home and put it on my arm, it really, really broke it out. So, I washed that off.

Answer:Yeah, the sense that we get is that it’s an allergic reaction to something. It feels like it is systemic. It feels like it has to do with something in your environment. It feels to us like it’s at a point where you may need to see a doctor and get on steroids or something. It feels as if it is spreading all throughout your torso, your arms, your legs. We don’t know if it is like that on your physical reality, but that’s how we’re perceiving it. So, it just gives us that sense that it really is throughout your body, and it feels like it’s something in your environment.

One thing that’s coming to us is it feels like it’s either the soap that you wash your clothes with or something that you have in your house. Perhaps a chemical for cleaning, or something like that. It just feels as if it’s something….yeah, we kept going back to the clothes thing. Sometimes if you’re using the same product that you’ve been using, it’s because you, as your physical body, is changing is going to react differently to the things in your environment.

I believe this was something that came up on the last time that we channeled together, as a group, that people are going to be feeling things differently in their physical reality. So, it feels to us that that is what it’s based in: a reaction to something in your environment.

Could it be…they did a lot of spraying where I live for I don’t know what.

Oh well then that’s exactly what it is. Because it permeates the air, it permeates your clothing, it sets against you. Yeah, it feels to us that it is something like that and we would just say to you at least have it evaluated, and that you might perhaps need to go on something to help get rid of it.

Okay. Thank you very much.

You’re welcome.

Question:Yes, hello. I’ve also been having a strange sensation in the heart area. It started a few months ago; it came and went. It started again about a week ago; it comes and goes. It feels initially like it’s something in the inner side of the left breast, but then when I really concentrate I think it’s coming from beneath, from the heart area. It feels like a fine electric current. I don’t feel it when I touch it. I can just feel it in there without touching it. It feels like if you put your hand on the side of a refrigerator that’s running, you can feel the electric current. This is more minor than that.

Answer:It feels to us as we are looking at you and listening to you talk about this, that it does indeed have to do with the rewiring of your physical body. As your physical body is much more so incorporating the energies and the vibrations that are of a higher vibration, then your body has to respond to that.

Something just crossed through our minds that we believe that we did a channel at some point that talked about, in particular, rewiring the brain to allow for greater ease. Well, perhaps it is time for us to do something that rewires the electrical in the heart center also. That might be something that you go back and look at in the archives, because that might help you to also establish this.

What we will do with you right now is invite you to take in a breath and let the focus go down inside your heart, and feel as if we are coming within you. We the angels and this is the Goddess, of course. As I am coming down, as I’m blending inside of you….whew! What I am doing is I’m sending out a kind of soothing vibration and a soothing energy that is going to create a greater balance inside your heart.

Of course I’m doing this with the individual I am speaking to but anybody else who is hearing this, or if anybody hears it later on, you too can just invite my energy to come inside of you, come inside your heart. Then, I consciously send out a vibration that creates a greater balance. Like it kind of bumps and nudges things aside. And if….there it goes, whew! I invite each person to let that integrate or incorporate that within you, so that then the electrical impulses of your heart can then move with greater ease throughout your actual physical muscle, so that your heart and the energy body that is represented by your heart can be expanded, can be in alignment….whew… there it goes, and can allow more to flow to go through it.

So, as this is happening, we feel like there was an initial expansion and it then kind of came back as something that is a little more balanced for you. Are you able to feel a difference?

Um, I wasn’t feeling the sensation as we were talking. As I said, it comes and goes that fine electric current.

Okay, all right.

…. The last was maybe an hour or two ago.


So, I don’t feel any different yet, because I wasn’t really feeling it yet.

At the moment.

I suppose tomorrow I will….

Sure, sure.

Tomorrow I’ll feel it less.

Exactly. So if the sensation comes back to you, and it comes to your awareness and you’re noticing it, then do what I just did with you. Take in a deep breath, consciously breathing in your divinity, or consciously breathing in me and this moment that we are currently working in, with the intention that that will once more bring that soothing, cooling energy in that will help the frequency of your heart adjust in such a way that you feel more comfortable, that it allows your heart center to expand and that you feel even greater energy, even greater flow, as it moves through you.

Whew! There it goes. Each time that we’ve been doing that, we’ve felt a little bit like a tweaking of it and a shifting of energy and adjusting things.

Thank you so much.

You’re very welcome.




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