The Wesak Festival: There is Only Love & You are The Light

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My oh my is all I can say about this meditation!!!  The Wesak Festival is one that’s been around for a very long time and is in May during the Full Moon.  This originated because May is thought to be the birth month for Buddha.  During Wesak, what happens is that Yeshua and Buddha both descend to the earth to walk upon the earth once more. In doing so, they align their energies and it enhances what both of them are about.

I’ve been channeling these teleconferences for many years including the Wesak or something like it for many years.  Tonight’s experience was dramatically different from any other one we’ve had.  In the past, we’d feel the energies but it was as if we were observing what was happening from afar.  Tonight, we were a part of the energies of what has happening.  We were there as they re-united and it allowed everyone to find that re-unite within themselves. 

What this meant during this channel is that each person was able to go back to their first incarnation upon the earth and reunite with who there were.  They were able to catch any missing pieces so that they’d be more complete and balanced as a whole.

From there Buddha spoke.  His message was very powerful and he spoke again and again with ‘There is only love’.  When you consider all that is happening within your life, then yes there is only love!  If you allow your focus to remain within that mindset, your day will shift dramatically.   

Then as Yeshua began to speak, you could feel the shift in tone and his message.  His message to us consisted of:  ‘You are the light’.  He is sometimes referred to as the light of the world and wanted everyone to realize that they too are the light; it is not separated from him.

They both spoke of the increased Crystalline Energies coming through.  They said there would be an affect upon everyone, but that for some it would be very mild while others would have a much greater affect.  This message is to assist you with sharing the energies of the Wesak!  Be open to accept that you are now balanced. 

Another experience of this channel is that when Yeshua opened up the vortex that they would move through, it was decided that each of us would move through the vortex first. Wow, the energies were intense and amazing.

Be open to experience this message.  Be open to receive the balance.  Be open to all for a complete transformation to take place.  


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I reach out my embrace to each one of you, inviting you to come and share this time with me, inviting you to come and peel away the layers, peel away anything at all that may be hanging over you at this time. This is your opportunity to truly love, nurture, honor and support who you are in this lifetime.

As you do so, make a conscious choice or a conscious decision that you are just going to let go anything at all that may be restricting to you and you are going to bring in so that you may receive the alignment; so that you may receive the love, the awareness, the expansion that comes from not only I the Goddess, but you as your divinity.

I’m so very excited that we are getting together at this time because so much is taking place upon your earth. Not only is it the Wesak Festival but there has been in particular several different meteor showers, solar flares and transitions taking place out in the universe that are having a direct effect upon you in your physical reality.

What does that mean? Sometimes it feels as if, “Oh there is another excuse”, “Oh there is another excuse”, “Now this week it’s due to this, last week it was due to that”.

Indeed, there are times when it may seem as if these are excuses for why you feel the way that you do. At the same token they are very real physical effects that are coming into the earth creating an immense transformation, a transformation that is felt within everybody upon the earth, within the center of the earth and reverberating out all the way out into the universe. So yes, these are some very significant times upon the earth.

I invite you to one more time send your focus or your energy down through you, as if you breathe all the way down, allowing your focus of light to go all the way down through you into the earth and this time as you feel your alignment with the earth consciously reach out with that part of the energy that is in association with you. Yes, because of all these journeys and because you are living upon the earth, there are threads of energy that belong to each individual living upon the earth, that move within the earth creating a part of the tapestry.

As you take this moment to feel or know the sense of recognition that goes along with you, your energy as it is within the earth; you let that flow come in back up, come in back up within you. It comes into your heart center swirling around and it moves out from there.

And then take an opportunity as if you open up your energy body and you allow your consciousness to stream upward. As it moves up have a sense of knowing that you are aligning with your higher self. What does that look like? What does that mean? Who are you as your higher self? Here is a place to look around and find out.

As you feel the energies within this space, be open to clear out any debris, to clear out any distractions so that you may embrace all of the alignment for who you are.

As you are ready to do so, allow your focus to shift once more. This time you allow your consciousness to stream outward until you find your alignment within the soul plane. This is where so often you feel that sense of “welcome home”, “welcome back”, “I love you”, “I appreciate this direct communication with you” and this may be some of the communication that you receive in this now moment from your divinity, from you and all of your I AM consciousness.

As you find your energies connecting with your divinity open up your consciousness even further and know that there is even more of your divinity than you are consciously aware.

As you allow all of that unconditional love to flow within you, to flow through you, feel as if you merge completely with your divinity.

I the Goddess, walk in and amongst each one of you and as I align with each individual I reach out and embrace you as the human but also you as your divinity and as I do so, I assist in shifting all of your energy and all of your consciousness into the All That Is.

Look around. Feel the presence that is here awaiting you. This is always a magnificent time of the year for several different reasons. First of all, it’s about honoring and expressing the earth energies. It’s about recognizing that the earth itself continues to evolve on and on and on and on. This time of year is about recognizing how so many divergent energies came together in support of one another.

When Yeshua walked upon the earth he had support around him. This is some of that support. So too, when Abraham, Krishna, Mohammed, Buddha, all of those energies that come from that same source consciousness or soul had the aspects or the energies of one another to be there in support throughout that lifetime.

What is myth? What is reality? What history is truth? What history is contrived? It actually is for each one of you to decide for yourself because you have the ability to tap into a reality that resonates with you, that supports and strengthens you. I’m laughing because I can hear people saying, “What do you mean, I make a reality so that it works for me?” Isn’t that always what history has done? In every situation that’s taking place there are multiple perceptions of what is reality.

We’ve spoken many, many times of the many dimensions and layers of your consciousness with which you live. You are living that same life experience that you have going on right now, but depending on where you are when you tap into it it’s different. Therefore reality is different.

That is why these energies have all chosen to come and be present during this journey this evening. In addition to them are many of the other Angels and beings of light. There are ET’s. The room is getting quite crowded, is it not? So with push out, we expand. We are limitless, there we go.

If you will, I invite you to join with me as I create an opening or a space that will allow for the descent of the energies that will occur during the Wesak or that have occurred. But again, time is nonlinear, so it is therefore occurring right now. No matter when you read this or listen to it, it’s occurring right now.

I open up the vortex.

Traditionally we return to the meadows of Shambhala but if you will remember, was it last year or the year before, you were finding that these vortices are opening up all over the world. Therefore as you experience the energies this evening you may find you are in a different location, perhaps one that is more personal to you in your journey.

As this vortex is completely open from here within the All That Is, as you look you may have that sense of looking down into it. You may have a sense that - if you could call them walls, they are walls - but they have energies that are implanted throughout; that give it the support that allows it to be wide open and flowing with ease.

Each one of us will move through this vortex and you will find yourself upon the earth.

Look around. As I said, not everyone will necessarily end up at the same place. The primary group is here in Shambhala and you see standing beside me Sanat Kumara. You see the Archangels; but what is key about the transitions in the last year or two is that as you look around, look at all the humans who are here.

Are you not human? Are you not here also? Allow yourself to recognize that as you walk through the meadow you see going in tiers up the side of the mountains a multitudes of people. That is because some choose to experience this as if from afar looking over. Others choose to experience it from here within the space in which it takes place. The choice is yours.

As you look through the vortex there is a beam of light that is becoming brighter and brighter and brighter, and it is the image of Yeshua as he returns to this earth.

Immediately behind him you could feel Buddha. He too returns to the earth.

We have a sense of Abraham, Krishna, Buddha, excuse me, Mohammed all creating a semicircle with the others who are here upon the earth.

There is a sense of drums that are playing and as these drums are playing, it creates a reverberance that comes up from the earth itself.

The energies of these drums are speaking the words of Gaia. They are speaking the words of the ancient civilizations and as they do so the ancient ones make their appearance. It would seem that in the most recent years more and more energies come to participate in this time upon the earth. (Speaking of the Wesak Festival) Give yourself a moment and listen with your inner ears, listen with your full consciousness. Listen, feel, sense the rhythm of Gaia.

There is a tone that is sent forth. That tone moves beyond all who are here, bringing forth a transition in the vibration.

The earth is blossoming with the energies that are infusing it at this time. The earth is experiencing these new alignments which allow for the crystalline vibrations to integrate deeper and deeper and deeper.

Buddha steps forward and the drums come to a silence.

Buddha Speaks:

Beloved family, welcome to our time together, to our time of sharing in this most amazing experience.

I no longer come to the earth only during this time of the celebration of my life (speaking of Wesak or Visak)  but I am now walking amongst you from time to time.

People ask, do I walk as the Dalai Lama? Indeed, but I also walk as the average person, as does my brother, as do everyone who is here.

Life is about love. Life is about expressing love in every thought that you have, every action that you take, every connection with every other being of light. That includes the animals, the people, the trees, the flowers, the earth, the plants, all is alive.

Yes, yes, this is a very different time upon the earth than when I walked and lived my life. But there is one thing that has not changed and that is love.

You are created from love. You as your immense divine energy, is pure love. Every cell within your body is created from love. Everything is love.

I listen, I hear you very well. You have the many, many lists of the examples of what is not love and I say to you for every swing of the pendulum into not love, there is equal or more that is love. So where my beloved friends is your focus? Is it on the love or the unlove?

I step to the side for a moment and my brother Yeshua will speak with you now.

Yeshua Speaks:

Indeed, welcome and Ansaluia.

During your linear time frame, my brother and some of these lived, perhaps before the time in which I lived upon the earth. Am I perhaps the baby of this family? But I walk amongst each one of you and as I do I reach out and I touch each one of you. I hold your hand, I embrace you. I want you to now, I am alive. Well, we are all alive.

Your soul is always alive. It is in a different dimension or multiple different dimensions or states of consciousness from your reality in which you are living in any day to day moment.

With that human perspective of a beginning and an end, the perception is that if you are not alive you are dead. Never, if you are not in physical reality then you’re in a different reality and we are here to talk with you tonight because many of you are beginning to walk multiple dimensions and multiple realities at the same time. You have always done so, but with a distinct barrier between the consciousness. Now with the veil gone and the earth energies and the universal light so very close together, you have the potential to flow between this reality and this reality and this reality.

Many have referred to me as the Light. I am the Light of God, I illuminate the earth, I  illuminate what may be going on, you can go on and on about what that may mean to you.

My brother spoke of love this evening. I speak of the light and the crystalline energy, because that is the vehicle that will allow you to move your consciousness side-by-side from space to space or to flow up and down.

Where are you within your life? Are you in a place in which you feel love and acceptance for all of who you are and all that is taking place?

Are you in a space that allows you to see everything and to see it all at once?

We are here to speak with you this evening so that we may reinforce even more that not only is love the foundation for everything that happens, but also that you are the light energy that radiates out to everything that is around you.

We are here, and there is a woven energy that blends the two of us together because this is our time of Ascension or De-scension if you want to call it that, our time of return and I would like to now merge so that as we speak it will be the blending of my brother and I.

Buddha & Yeshua together:

Welcome to our celebration. Welcome to this time in which we are bringing with us the crystalline energies of the universe. We bring with us the energy that will allow you to reconnect to your original life experience upon the earth. We bring with us the energies that will allow you to be in that time space reality that first drew you to living upon this planet.

We invite you to be open to receive.

For many, many, many of you that first time was eons ago, literally. No matter how long, no matter what has taken place between that time and now, this is your opportunity to let your consciousness go back to that first time in which you came into this earth plane and everything that transpired during that experience.

Perhaps you had an intention. Perhaps you had difficulties that have come up since that time. Perhaps you had that experience of the separation of your soul. No matter what it was go back to that original lifetime in which you were upon the earth and as you do so, I invite you each to stand there in your space and bring back into you all aspects of who you are. You no longer need be separated. Allow all aspects of who you are to come back within you in this now moment, in this meadow, in this reality.

As you allow for all of that to be reunited within you, feel the love, feel the embrace. Open to know the full contentment of who you are. You are so much more than this lifetime in which you live. You are this immense individual that is bringing back within you all of who you are. Let go the pain, let go the sorrow, let go the suffering, let go the fear, let go everything and embrace with complete love and acceptance who you are. Let it wash over you, let it infuse you, let it fill you up.

Many of you are feeling those lines of alignment with us who are standing here in front of you. Yes, you are part of us and we are part of you.

During this time of reunification understand that you if you so choose may take the opportunity and receive messages from those other lifetimes or simply accept. Accept who you are, accept this experience, allow for all of it to come through within you.

We walk amongst you, embracing you, assisting you to anchor if you so choose but we have a sense as we look into your eyes and you’re looking at ours of how much you are open to accept and allow within your life. You are complete and as a complete united individual, what’s your life look like? How does it change? If you could live your life, simply for the pure joy of it, what would you do?

We are always with you. We are always in support of you. You are us and we are you. There is only love and you are the light.

The Goddess of Creation:

I the Goddess return.

As you look towards the center of this vortex become aware of how much more you now have the opportunity to perceive because you are open. You have shifted. You have allowed your vibration to rise in such a way that you can see what was always there but of which you were unaware.

We see the beings of light as they again move through that vortex. They have each made a conscious alignment with every single one of you. Sometimes speaking, sometimes being in that place of love, but always with unconditional love and support for you.

And you now see Yeshua and Buddha, as they too return to that vortex of light.

Allow yourself to step forward and as you look up through that column, as you look up into that vortex, as you look up into that pure white light, allow your consciousness to shift once more.

We hear about the opportunity that more people will have to consciously transition out of their physical body at the end of their lives. This is similar to what will take place. Now, you need not come to Shambhala. It can take place any place, at any time but most humans do not have that clear conscious awareness of not only being human but also their soul expectation or intention.

We are here, back within the All That Is. Take a moment and consider what that experience was for you. Feel the flow of love, know that you have actually integrated an even greater amount of who you are and through that integration there is only love, there is only light, there is only you the individual that you are. Take in a breath and breathe out.

The All That Is is filled with a great many beings of light at this time because it was anticipated how many would move through a transition. So you are here with love and support if you feel a need for that but in addition the next wave of crystalline energy or the light body energy is ready to come into the earth.

It always makes me smile because I could just hear some of you say, “Oh my gosh, I’m just getting used to the first one”. You may feel this as if it’s very dramatic and different or you may not even notice because it can be very subtle.

As you look around, ask to know what your crystalline or light body energy is to you so that you may open up and create the alignment of what that may be.

As you continue to change, to grow, to expand within your life, there will be opportunity upon opportunity that comes your way. Make a choice that you are consciously aware. Make a choice that you are open to receive that energy as it moves through.

As you gather all of this around you, I invite you to come together as a group. This beam of light through which the hologram comes up seems a bit minute compared to that vortex with which we just worked. So you can go back to that vortex or you can work with this hologram of the earth.

As this hologram is moving within and around you open up so that you may infuse the completion of this transition within yourself so that you may align with it. What it feels like to be whole and complete as a human. What does it feel like to know that your life is about experiencing joy, love, unconditional acceptance and allowing for all of who you are?

Let it all flow through you and it moves into the hologram or that vortex and then you allow it to go down into the earth. There we go. You might could feel how there was a great deal of distraction this time and it took a moment to pull all those energies in, but once everything became infused that hologram descended, your intention went through the vortex so that everything moves down completely infusing into the earth and as it did so, it goes down to the center of the earth.

There is a sense of anchoring and then the energies begin to come out through the earth, it comes back up into that meadow, it comes back up into everybody that has remained within that meadow, perhaps some of you are still there or returned to the All That Is and has gone back to the meadow.

Whomever is there is open to receive this balanced energy and the next step of the light body infusion. So too, each one of you may feel it coming up within your physical body. It comes up into the cellular structure within you. It moves into your DNA and it expands out from there.

Allow this to create greater ease for you in your life. Allow this balanced energy to assist you in opening up in howsoever that may look or be experienced.  This is you. This is the next step for each one of you.

Allow your focus to once more come back here to the All That Is so that you may connect with all the different spaces in which you may have shifted to visit and you bring all of that consciousness back together.

As you do so, you allow yourself to begin to come back down. You bring in your energies back down through the soul plane. Perhaps much of that is placed within the soul plane. It becomes anchored with your divinity and then you begin to pull it back further and further. It’s coming down, ~Whew~ , coming down into you as your higher self and then it streams down into you, the physical person that you are.

As these energies flow through here with ease, begin to let yourself become accustomed to that new balanced energy. During this journey you were each touched by Yeshua, by Buddha, by the many other Angels and beings of light that were there this evening. They assisted you with opening to receive and opening to accept only that high light vibrational energy, so let it come down within you.

And as you breathe gently and easy breathe all the way down into the earth so that you may anchor within the earth and then that comes back up within your physical reality. And as you begin to expand outward, let it clear out your energy field, let it clear out any stuck energy, let it clear out anything at all that is no longer working for you, so that you are only that conscious pure essence of love, so that you are only that being of light that radiates out to all who are around you.

Yes, this is you. Yes, you have all those many abilities. Yes, you have a limitless supply of unconditional love and acceptance.

As each of you continue to move through your days be very aware of the energies of Yeshua and Buddha, as they touched you during the journey tonight and they assisted you with that unconditional love but also reminding you that you are the light and just as the light is there, you are there. Just as the love is there, it is you from your divinity, it is you from within yourself in your everyday life.

Beloved family, I always feel such overwhelming joy to have these opportunities, to share these journeys with you. I feel such love and I know that each one of you are also love.

Know that I am ever with you and within you.





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