The Winter Solstice: Bringing in the Light

This channel is from the night of the winter solstice (the summer solstice for my friends in the southern hemisphere!).  This was also the beginning of Chanukah.  The Goddess spoke of bringing light into the darkest day of the year; the light from the candles of Chanukah and the Christ light.  I could feel the energies of Abraham, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men and all involved in the birth of Christ so strongly!

She had you look into the eyes of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men and see what is reflected.  Within the reflection, who do you see about your life?  As you bring the ‘light' to your life, what do you illuminate?  She also likes to take you to where you were this time last year or several years ago.  Then look forward to see where you will be this time next year or several years down the road. 

Nama Sika Venia Benya I AM the One, I AM the whole

I come forth to embrace and connect with each one of you.  This is the time of the winter solstice or perhaps the summer solstice depending on where you live around the world.  But it is a time that is filled with energies; it is a culmination of so much that happened throughout the last year.  This has been a year of immense transformation. 

Many of you remember last year when so much of that foundation was set up.  Now, this year has seen the beginning of the manifestation.  Some things have come to completion, other aspects of the changes around the world are just beginning and of course there are so many things that are in the midst of transformation.  Every year this is the case.  Things are finishing, things are beginning and things are in the midst. 

This time upon the earth in the ancient days was often times filled with celebration.  Because it was the shortest day on the year, or the darkest time upon the earth; at least for those of you in the northern hemisphere, the people who lived in this northern region would seek to bring in the light.  This is one of the reasons why there are so many celebrations, many of which are based in various religions, that occur at this time of the year. 

It was a time when people needed to have interaction with one another.  It was a time when certain aspects of the universe appeared to be closer or more evident.  It was a time in which there was a shifting of energy.  Because of the calendar that you are using at this time, the winter solstice or the summer winds up being at a time in which it's convenient to bring closure to one year and open to the next.  Every year when we get together that is a part of what we seek to share with one another. 

Before we leave the earth plane, I would like you to close your eyes if they are not already closed and feel within yourself, look within, so that you may more deeply connect with who you are.  Take a deep breath that moves through you.  It moves through you, through all your organs, your lungs, your heart. It moves through your physical body and out into your emotional, mental and spiritual bodies so that you may more fully connect with who you are. 

With this awareness I invite you to release your connection to the earth.  As you do so, allow your consciousness to align in such a way that you align with the magnetic grid.  Here as you look around you may see or sense the aspects of your higher self.  As you are aligning within your higher self and physical body, there is an enhanced awareness that moves through you.  Within the magnetic grid, become aware of the impulses of light and energy.  These impulses are generated from you.  You are aligned. 

Have a sense of moving further so that you move beyond the energy of the magnetic grid and allow your consciousness to shift into the crystalline grid.  Feel your essence as you move through this space.  Feel those aspects of you that align with the crystalline vibration become more evident or become stronger within you.  This is a part of the new energy.  This is a part of your vibration that is becoming more and more evident in your daily life.

From here you may shift into the energies of the soul plane.  Simply putting forth that intention, you find yourself shifting through your consciousness until you are fully present and aligned within the soul plane.  This is a space of expansion.  Your consciousness moves out in every direction.  You may also call forth your I AM presence so that you may fully align with who you are in your divinity. 

Breathe in this essence of who you are.  Allow that awareness to move through you and move into each aspect of your consciousness.  I the Goddess move forward so that I may come into this space and link with each one of you.  Feel my presence.  I move through here and as I align with you I reach out and embrace.  Feel yourself blending with my energies. 

As you continue to allow your consciousness to move further, you find yourself within the All That Is.  This space is even finer and lighter than the soul plane.  This is our place of creation.  You have unlimited potential available to you within this space, within this dimension, within this energy; however you wish to think of it.  As you become more and more aware, I invite you to look around. 

As you do so, become aware of the essence of Jesus as he makes his way into this space.  You see walking with him, Mother Mary, Joseph; we see those that make up the wise men, the angels; so many who are at the focus or the basis of what is happening at this time.  Indeed there is also Abraham.  This was known as the time of light.  It still is to this day. 

As I spoke at the very beginning they bring in the light to illuminate these short dark days.  No matter if you follow a specific religion or if you do not follow any; the essence of all who are here is that of love, of awareness, of purity of heart and intention.  So feel these energies as they come into your space. 

There is so much that I would like to say at this time.  Somewhat I feel as if I would go off onto different tangents.  Therefore, what I am going to encourage each of you to do is open up your heart even further, allow your consciousness to expand and simply let yourself feel the waves of love, the waves of awareness that are flowing through this space.  Those energies both around Chanukah and around the birth of Christ have shifted in innumerable ways through the years.  In some regards the focus is less about the spirituality but what I encourage you to do is truly look at and feel these energies as they are right now.  Many of you may not be aware of how much the vibration has shifted over the last several years. 

Your own personal journey has been very gradual.  There may be aspects of your journey that seem dramatic and quite fast. But for the most part, it has been a process that lasted over a period of time.  Therefore as you tap into these energies right now, you are able to discern how you are linking to the aspect or energy in its purest intention.  Feel Abraham, Jesus, Mary, the Wise Men.  Each one comes to you and they reach out to embrace.  As you feel their embrace, you can feel the ways in which you may or may not have been aligned with them in this lifetime. 

There is such an out flowing of love.  This love has always been available to you even though there are times you may forget about it or take it for granted.  In this moment as you are aligning with either one of their energies or all of them, allow it to amplify within you your own perception of self love and self awareness. 

How many of you were there for the birth of Christ?  If you were there, where were you?  There may have been times in which you lived out that experience in multiple different ways.  Time is non linear, therefore you may live and experience a particular lifetime, especially one that has such an affect upon civilization and the consciousness of all. 

Be open and aware that you may not have actually lived that experience, but an aspect of your consciousness is in alignment with other who did.  It matters not.  What matters is that you have the opportunity to recognize how a profound shift in consciousness is taking place.  The preparation began years before the birth and it continued for years afterwards. 

When you link with the vibration of the earth at the time of his birth, perceive the density or perceive how heavy.  Many of you have linked in just this way in the past and you may be aware that there is less of a density than what you perceived during past experiences of alignment.   The reason for this is that as the earth itself is shifting, as the consciousness expands in such a way as to align with and even greater amount of the crystalline vibration, it moves through the experiences of the earth. 

Time is non linear.  Energies are experienced in many different ways.  So too, align with the other energies that were celebrating during that time.  Feel that vibration.  Feel the ritual.  Allow that awareness to move through your perception.

Let your focus return to yourself as you are in this lifetime.  Is there a density to your own energy?  Are there ways in which you keep from allowing your own personal expansion?  As you look within, look with the eyes of Christ, with the eyes of Mary or the angels; look at yourself and your life through complete acceptance, caring, through a sense of allowing everything that is occurring to you. 

As you look at your life, are there things you would like to say?  As you look at your life, are there things you have accomplished and therefore you loose interest and look for something else.  As you take stalk of where you are right now within your life, so often those things with which you are unhappy are the things that come first and foremost to your awareness.  In this moment, just let it go.  Let go unhappiness within your life.  Let go frustration.  Let go anything that keeps you from truly being who you are. 

There is such a wave of energy a wave of just heavy essence that washes past all of you.  How good you feel in this moment!  If there continues to be something that keeps you from feeling as about yourself as you could; acknowledge it, then choose to let it go. 

Another way that you are able to discern more so how far you have come along this path is to let your consciousness link with where you were at this time last year.  What was your focus?  What was happening around you?  Were there certain things that you were concerned about?  But even more than that, look at you from the perspective of your energy.  Almost 100% of you can say that the energy you were one year ago is significantly different than you are right now. 

No matter where you are upon your path because the world itself is drawing into it so much light, so much energy, that each one of you could have a sense of sitting still or doing nothing and yet you will continue to move within the essence of your life. 

Let your consciousness move back 5 years ago.  First of all I invite you to feel the density of the earth itself; this was before so much more light was coming into the earth and you can tell, you can feel it.  We can continue to go back 10 years, 20 years; but it matters not.  You have the perception that I would like for you to have.  Your life upon the earth is changing.  You as the human living your life is changing.  Some of those changes may be very subtle and you may be unaware.  There are other aspects that are quite evident to you as you are moving along on this pathway. 

Shift your direction, shift your focus and look forward to the next year that is coming up upon the earth.  See yourself and put forth whatever it is that you would like to manifest, create or perhaps change in this year to come.  Shift your focus and perceive the energies that are all around you.  Are the energies in alignment to assist you in the year to come?  Are there ways in which you can open to new potentials or new energy that will be even better than what you have at this point? 

The world around you will continue to be in a state of flux.  While there are great changes there will also be certain aspects of society that will feel calmer, that will stabilize and that will allow for a more modern, expansive growth.  Those of you who are so sensitive to the energies will find yourself feeling more and more at ease.  This next year to come will be filled with surprises, it will be filled with opportunity, it will be filled with potential.  Let all of that flow into you right now. 

Allow your energy to gather again as a circle.  As you come back together, become aware of all the angels, the beings of light, Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Abraham all are here and they join into the mix of this circle.  As everyone is creating this group, let the flow of love move outward from each one of you.  Send your love to the others in the group, into the angels, the guides, the teachers; but then also have a sense of receiving all that is here for you.  You are together.  You are a part of this group.  You may tap into it at any time. 

There is a hologram of the earth.  It comes up within the center of this group.  Each of you has a perception of all that is occurring upon the earth.  The light that emanates from this hologram is much more than it ever was before.  The crystalline vibration that is integrated within the earth also has an impact upon the hologram, the earth, and the people.  So be aware.  You may link with your intention if you so choose.  Transmit into this hologram, your alignment with the vibration or the essence of all that you seek for yourself in the year to come. 

Lady Gaia comes forth.  We also have a sense of the angels, the guides the fairies that are so closely aligned with the earth; they too come out through the hologram and acknowledge all that has occurred.  As the hologram begins to move downward, it moves through the crystalline grid.  It continues on until it arrives within the earth plane itself.  It moves through the energies on top of the earth and moves through into the center of the earth. 

From there it anchors and then shifts outward.   As it does so, feel or sense or see those energies as they pertain to you the human living upon the earth.  Open and let your awareness perceive the potentials you seek to have for the next year.  Allow this alignment to occur on you the human, the earth itself, but also you in your state of expanded consciousness.  Feel the flow of energy, the flow of light as it moves easily within and around you.

Allow that focus to continue on.  As it does so, you find yourself shifting consciousness as you too move through the   crystalline grid.  Feel yourself as your energies move into you as your higher self, you within the magnetic grid.  That energy continues to flow throughout this space and throughout you as your consciousness.

Feel it come down so that it returns into you the human.  As you do so, look around you; look at who you are right now in this life.  As you continue, send forth that awareness so that it moves through all the dimensions within and around you, so that it moves through your consciousness.  Feel the love that you felt as you were connecting with the essence of Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph.  Let it integrate and move through you the knowledge that you too are aligned with the wise men, the angels, with Abraham and with all these other energies of light.  You have your answers within.  Your awareness begins within you. 

These others are but ways to reflect back towards you or to give you ways in which you can assist your own self as you move through your days. 

Feel it all as it continues to integrate within you.  Allow yourself to ground so that as you are grounding, you feel that fullness, you feel that awareness.  Let that be a part of your daily life. 

As you are allowing yourself to ground, I invite you to come back within this conference room. You may do so by pressing *7 upon your phone.  I am here to receive your questions.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess?  Hi can you please help me to open to clairaudience more?

Answer:  The way in which I can help you to open is to affirm for you that you are doing this already.   You do have this ability, you are inviting it to come and then as it's comes into you or the awareness swirls around you is when you doubt yourself or question yourself and therefore that keeps it from going inside of you or being integrated within you.  The way you can more fully open up to this is to believe well first of all you are very visual and you also can hear things.  So you are receiving things through many different aspects of your senses.  When you are opening to clairaudience, you will hear a message and sometimes feel it within your body.  Most of the time you listen to it and become aware, then you second guess yourself and question it.  You question what did it really mean and that is what pushes you out from accepting it and allowing that you are truly receiving the information you are seeking to have.   

So as you are setting up the energies for the year to come, well, we see you have a list of things you are seeking to manifest.  But in this regard, for this opening, for this deeper awareness it's more so about allowing it to really be your reality. It's about each time you feel something and question is it for real or something else; then work with it as if it is real, because the majority of the time it is.  The more that you affirm something feels right to you and something is what you can trust and it feels right to you, that something is what you can trust and believe in, then there will be a greater flow and information you will receive.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes Goddess, thank you.

I just want to say that I believe in you and I KNOW this is something you can do. 

Question: (paraphrased) It's been awhile since I've been on your calls and I really enjoyed tonight's journey.  I've been without income and I'd like to know where things are moving for me.

Answer:  Alright, as I'm looking at you I have a sense of things being stopped.  I have a sense of a standstill.  I'm not sensing a lot of flow around you.  I think this is being reflected as the lack of income that you mentioned.  It also feels as if potentials that are around you are at a distance rather than coming in towards you.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes, what can I do about it?

What I would recommend that you do and I'll do it with you this one time now so you can feel what it feels like.  I would invite you to close your eyes for a moment.  As you close your eyes, consciously become aware that there are potentials around you.  Some of them are nameless, some are just energies, others very specific type of job, work or connections.  So be open to any type of potential.  Take a breath in and as that breath is moving through you, let it consciously move through every part of your body.  As it does so, consciously invite potentials, connections, abundance to flow through you in this manner.  We see that this is drawing these potentials closer in to you.  What we would invite you to do now is see it coming into your lung, into you heart center and then send it out as if it's a fountain the moves out from you.  You are sending forth your intention.  Let it move out from you and move through your home, your neighborhood, your town, your state with the intention or the awareness that these potentials will become activated and will return  to your awareness.  Then as you breathe in again, you bring it back into you; as you breathe out, you send it out.  In these few moments how much the energy is shifting around you?  First of all it's allowing you to become more grounded within yourself.  Secondly it creates this flow of energy and whether things are happening in the physical or the non physical; this flow of energy opens you up for the abundances to come closer to you.  This is one thing I would recommend not only you but anyone else who listening and feels as if things are not happening within their lives.  First of all can you feel the difference in yourself after we have done this a few times?  (Yes) This is something you can get in the habit of doing at random times during the day.  Or, you can begin to do it in an automatic way; I was starting to say an unconscious way, but the purpose of this is to bring things to consciousness.  It may become automatic to you.  Begin to think "I want to have flow in my life; I begin with flow within me".  That is how you can shift the energies around you.

Now as I'm looking at your life and I'm looking at the energies around you it feels as if not only your energies but the energies around you are still and stagnant.   We see that the next week or two on the physical level may stay the same as what they have been, but as you move more into January, it is when you will actually see some changes for you.  We sense you have been resistant about work.  We have a sense that you have been trying to create a change about what you want to do in your life so part of the resistance comes from a part of you that wants work that is freer flowing is how it comes to us.  As that has not manifested in the way you anticipated, so it shut down your other potentials.  We see you as creative, we see you working if not starting your own business, then we see you as a consultant for other business.  It just feels as if there is a lot of independence in you and independence in your work and the meetings with other people.  Does that make sense to you?  (Yes)  So what we want you to be aware of is that you can have the essence of what you are seeking.  If you will open your perception to something that may seem as if it's more traditional work, that will t hen evolve into something else. We have a really strong sense of seeing you wanting to get over a hump which so we see you doing something kind of temporary or part time.  After that it feels like you have a stronger foundation and at spring time towards summer there is something else coming along that will more along what you have been setting this foundation for.  This is what you've been seeking to bring into your life.

Starting the end of February, beginning of March (of last year?) of this year will be that way.  I just need to know that something is coming in the mean time and I don't need to stress as much financially.  I may just go back to the old stuff for awhile.

Right, when your focus is on the lack within your life, you manifest more lack.  So remember to focus upon the abundance; abundance in any form, it need only be abundance in finance.  Any sort of abundance within your life can lead to greater abundance.

Alright, thank you.   

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I would like to ask a question about a physical concern.  I have something going on with my skin and I've tried a number of different things and I don't know if I've made it worse.  I don't know what the real issue is, so any help would be great.

Answer:  We see this in two forms.  The metaphysical aspect is about shedding your skin.  This is a metaphor about the ways in which you've been shedding the burdens in your life, you've been shedding old belief systems, you've been shedding old responsibilities; it feels as if shedding, shedding, shedding is running through our mind.  As we say this, the manifestation on your skin on a human level is about stress and feeling an imbalance within yourself wondering where everything is going to end up.  So it began as that.  As you began to have treatment it feels like there have been a number of things you've done.    Some of them feel like chemicals you are having an allergic reaction to and other aspects feel as if the stress is underlying it all and like we said earlier, the shedding of your skin.  If you focus on that and on the transformation taking place in your life we feel the rash will resolve itself on its own.  There are things you can do.  The least amount of these treatments; if you can keep the focus on anything simple and natural it will give you the soothing relief you are seeking to have at this time.  Then as you accept that these changes are complete-okay we hear they are not fully complete-that these changes you are seeking to have are in the process of running their path or their cycle.  We see that everything is going to resolve itself.  We see that as you allow yourself to accept that you are this individual that you have been creating; that you truly have a great many abilities you have not yet given yourself credit for.  On so many different levels, if you can find that belief in yourself or create that belief in yourself, we sense much of this stress will be put to ease.  As a result of that the condition of your skin will improve.  Does that make sense to you?

Does that mean I don't need to topically to do anything?

We sense you do not.  We sense that if there is itching that you have discomfort from, if there is something you want to do to address the symptoms, by all means do so.  But the underlying issue that needs to be shifted is what will truly make the symptoms go away. 

Okay great, thank you.

You are welcome. 

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess?  Do you see me moving to Colorado this year?

Answer:  Let's see.  I see you going like 3 different places.  I see you going to Colorado.  I see you going to the South East, perhaps Virginia or North Carolina.  I see you also going to other places around where you are currently living.  So it's difficult to say which one is going to be a move and which one is going to be permanent.  Yes we sense that this is actually going to occur with Colorado, that it is a place you will go.  But our sense is that things are not all in place for that to happen.  What I mean by that is that I have a sense you will take some shorter trips or you will consider moving to one of these other places.   Colorado feels to us like it's the end result or as if it's the long term place that you will be.  It doesn't feel to us like you will be there until the summer time because there are other decisions that need to be made first.  It feels like there is something about a relationship that also needs to be resolved before this decision to move can take place.  Therefore between the relationships and these other potentials, things are just not in place as yet.  We sense that during the winter time, in the next few months you will be considering different things as you are making up your mind.  You will find the choices or seek to find the answers within yourself of what it is you truly want out of life and which location will offer that for you the most. 

Okay, thank you very much.   You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I am very interested in the indigo and crystal children and the new children that are coming in.  I'm wondering if you see my career evolving into work with these children.

Answer:  There is so much around you, especially the indigo energy and light.  As we look at you, we see that you, yourself are so much of that indigo energy.  So your natural instinct or your natural desire to work with them comes from the fact that you are already so aligned with that vibration or that energy.  As you worked within yourself this past year, we sense this work you have done created this immense opening within you.  So that blending of that crystalline vibration, that letting in of the crystalline light has allowed you to transform in such a way that we actually see you work with children; not only these, it's just these are the most sensitive.  Yes indeed you do work with them.  We see you working with them in a metaphysical, or telepathic, or in this energetic means with them.  Now we also have a sense of you working with them in terms of working at a school or talking with them or a support group.  First of all we see many of these of schools are offering some alternatives.  Some of these alternatives are just this natural course you will be going through.  It also feels to us like there are peer support groups, as if an opportunity needs to come up where kids can express themselves and be more abstract in their thinking with someone who believes in them.  That is what we have a sense you offer.  You also have a means of assisting these very abstract thinking kids in figuring out how to function and live in traditional society. Sometimes they act out and sometimes they do not get along with others and it's due to their very high vibration and these aspects of them that have not yet fully integrated with the earth.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes, it makes a lot of sense and do you think maybe work with autistic children is one direction I will go? 

We think autistic children are one direction we may go.  But that is somewhat limiting.  We have a sense there is more that you can do.  We are distracted, hold on just a minute.  We sense that autistic is one area that you have been drawn to and that you have worked with.  What we are seeing are those children you might call high autistic or high functioning.  They don't strike one as being very closed in on themselves, so they feel like they are much more functioning children. Who we see you working with are those where it's more so about them learning how to communicate or how to express themselves. 

Great, thank you so much.

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I'm wondering if there is anything I would benefit from knowing about 2009?

Answer: This past year for you have been about opening up to a greater belief within yourself.  As a result of that opening up, you have been seeing that the world around you has way more potentials than you ever realized before.  We see much of that continuing on during 2009.  We sense during the spring time there will be traveling that will take place.  It feels like traveling with other people about this communication you like to do about bringing the world together, something about the world and coming together.  We just see you as becoming very surprised.  There is an aspect to your spirituality or your ability that will take a big leap forward during the next few months.  From that opening or from that leap or from that expansion within yourself it feels to us as if your abilities and potentials are going to move in a new direction for you.  It's all still this spiritual expansion.  It's all still about finding this love, this compassion, this awareness that you seek to have within your life.  But it feels to us as if it's different or coming in in a new manner.  It's not been fully decided by you how it will manifest, that is why we don't have more specific information for you.  It feels as if the first 4-6 months of the year are all about this transformation and the second half is about more fully integrating what will occur. 

Thank you so very much.  It was a wonderful journey; I just wish I could remember it! 

You're welcome beloved and just join back in again in the future.  I mean you can listen online or you can read it then more will come to your memory. 

Okay thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful, wonderful Christmas! 

Thank you very much!  We can take one last question. 

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, how are you?  (I am fine thank you!)  I have a question tonight, it also relates to the other asking about the indigo children and helping. I have been expanding my consciousness recently and helping the children by doing spiritual help if you will.  I'm fine during the day I can do it and be conscious of what I do.  But I'm doing it at night and not conscious of what is going on.  Can you give me any help with this? 

Answer:  Well we sense there are a couple of things you can do just in your humanness that will you to remember your dreams more.  But we want to say that some of those things you are actually the manifestation of things that were put into place during your night time hours.  You actually are more aware of what is going on in your sleep state than what you realize.   We sense that during your sleep state you go to various places.  Sometimes it's for you to go and learn things.  Sometimes we see you interacting with children.  Sometimes we see you going into the space of the soul plane and just finding the nurturing and connection within yourself that you seek to have.  So you do a number of different places during your sleep state.  Now one of the things that is very human-- and we sense you do keep a dream journal-- but the thoughts that you get right when you wake up, sometimes right before and sometimes right after; if you have the opportunity to wake up slowly, quietly, gently and allow your thoughts to open and explore like a clean slate that will give you the opportunity to write down your thoughts and ideas while they are at the forefront of your consciousness.  Does that make sense to you?

Yes it does. 

So everything you do has been building the foundation and the next year for you, the next six months especially for you, is like you step out with baby steps, you step out to test the water and see how far you can move forward with this.  We sense that you can go much further than you give yourself credit for or you are currently aware of.  So as you look at the months to come and look at how you are preparing for 2009 what I would say to you is to let go any boundaries or let go any barriers.  You do have boundaries around you that give you a sense of self and that is completely fine.  What I'm speaking of is letting go of any limitations you may have or any barriers that keep you from moving forward.   By doing that you will find even greater amounts of awareness will come into you.  Your perceptions will sharpen and your ability to discern will also increase. 

That's wonderful thank you so much.

You are welcome.

I know there are others who would like to speak with me and I'm sorry I can not speak with everyone.  Know that I am working with you in a non verbal manner, in a non physical way.  Know that your thoughts, your prayers, your dreams, your meditations are heard by all of us on this side of the veil. 

So as you are moving through this holiday season, no matter what that holiday may be; open your heart and allow the love to flow through you.  Be aware that sending forth the energies into 2009 it's going to be about putting forth even greater potential and awareness for your own life and for your own self love.

Each of you is just so magical.  Each of you filled with light and crystalline vibration. Allow that reality to be who you are.

I am ever with you and within.





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