Tools for Manifesting within Your Life

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! Welcome to our time together, welcome to this opportunity for you to create an even deeper bond within yourself. Each one of you has been moving through a transformation. The energies upon the earth have been somewhat intense over the last several weeks and months; we are coming up to the summer solstice and it's as if the energies will peak right about that time.

So be aware of what might be happening within you; be aware that things that you are feeling may actually be amplified or accentuated as a result of the energies that are happening out in the universe and the energies upon the earth. Some of this is not an experience or directly related to what is happening to you; it may be happening more so to the other people around you but with your sensitivity you pick up on what you are feeling and then so often you take it in as your own.

I therefore invite you, especially over the next couple of weeks, to ask yourself each time you feel something very intensely - is this your own issue or energy or is it someone else's who's around you? And be aware that there will be times in which it is not your own, and in that case I invite you to just release whatever it is that you are feeling.

Take one more deep breath in, breathe deeply into your heart center, and feel the energy as it swirls through your heart. This is the time for each of you to live your life through your heart center. It is the time for you to feel the love, to feel compassion, to feel whatever you may experience in your daily life and then process it through your heart.

You each have so much that you do give to the people around you, but you each need to first and foremost remember to take care of yourself. Become aware of your energies as you move through the day, breathe into your heart as often as you need to so that you can reconnect, feeling the love, feeling the joy, feeling the awareness of what it is to be within your own self.

With that I invite you to release the energies of your physical body. Shift your consciousness so that you may once more move into the energies of the magnetic grid. As you move into this space, allow yourself to look around and become aware of what this is to you. You are in this moment aligning with your own Higher Self. Acknowledge it, feel it, and know that this is a space that you have created for yourself.

As you are ready to do so, release the energies of the magnetic grid and shift your focus so that you may move through the interlocking grid and into the crystalline grid. The crystalline grid is a space that is without the magnetic pull of the earth. It is without the positive and negative flow of energy, it is based purely on the crystalline vibration. Within this space you feel an alignment with everything that is around you. Open to receive what is here for you.

From here we call forth a column of light. This column allows you to shift your consciousness so that you move into the space of the soul plane. As you move into the soul plane, become aware of what it feels like to you. There is that sense of coming home, there's that sense of awareness. Feel what it is to you as you acclimate with these energies.

Call forth your I AM presence so that you may blend with or align with your divinity. As you do so, feel what this is - there's so much more of a sense of recognition because you have done so much work within your I AM presence in the past several months. As you are blending, link with that flame that is within you. For some of you, you have been working with this consistently, you therefore immediately move into that space. For others, if this is your first time you may blend with the flame that is within your divinity by putting forth that intention and allowing yourself to move into the space.

I the Goddess come into this space so that I may blend with each one of you. As I come into contact with you, I reach out and embrace you as we blend with one another, and it will shift you into the space of All That Is. Allow yourself to expand as far as you can go. As you expand, send an impulse of light or an impulse of energy simply so that you may see how it reacts within this space. As each one of you send out that impulse it is as if there are fireworks going off. That impulse rather than being a beam of light actually moves out in every direction at the same time. Perceive that movement of energy.

There is so much that we can do each time we come together on one of these journeys. I do tap into everyone's energy so that I may get a sense of what people are seeking to have in their lives. At this time, I have a sense that as people, as you are seeking to manifest change within your life, people are finding it difficult to do so. I am therefore going to work with you on manifesting within your life.

You are each so incredibly creative. Some of you are much more aware of this than others. I invite you to take this opportunity to create a space around you that is going to be for your creation. In the past we have utilised this in many different ways. It can be whatever works for you. I will put out some potentials. Some people as they are creating in their life create pictures or images of what they seek to have. For others it is as if you have a canvas in front of you and you are sketching upon the canvas what you seek to have. For still others, it is as if you are writing a book. Whatever works for you, let this be your room of creation.

Now consider relationships with the other people that are in your life. As you consider the relationships is there any one aspect that comes to your attention? It may be one person, a group, or it may be a response that you see with several. As you consider these relationships, it can come across in many different ways. Let's look at it first of all in terms of what feels comfortable to you; what do you like about the relationship. For those of you who are seeking to manifest a new relationship within your life, take this opportunity and consider what that relationship would be.

In any relationship there is always the communication that takes place. In some instances its lack of communication that creates a problem, in other instances it's the supposition that goes along with people just guessing what the other individual might be thinking, saying or feeling. In this relationship that you are creating, see that other individual or group or whatever you may do, and create a link that connects you directly with either that person or that group. Through this link, put forth your intention of what you would like to see within this relationship. You will find that the energies flow back and forth, so as those energies come back to you let yourself receive what that other individual may be putting forth for you.

As you are considering this relationship in this moment, is there any resistance within you? This resistance is something that can be transformed. Therefore take this opportunity to recognise whatever that resistance may indicate for you but then let it go. Let it just flow away from you as you release any resistance that you may have to this relationship. You see how that bond of energy that is flowing back and forth between you and that other individual or group is now becoming stronger because you released your own resistance.

If that other individual has resistance on their part you may become aware of it, and it is not for you to change or adjust, but you can shift your own light and your own intention so that it either surrounds their resistance or moves past it. They still have their free will; they will have their choice upon the earth. You can do whatever feels right without pushing into that space.

Take this opportunity to align once more with this individual. Shift your focus into who you are as the individual upon the earth, and as you do so, send the alignment with whomever you are manifesting a relationship with, into both you, that other individual or that group of people. As you are doing this, you are creating a vibrational alignment that is present right there, or right here - however you want to think of it - upon the earth.

In addition, be conscious that you send out what you seek to have, but then shift the energies to be in vibrational alignment to receive what you seek to have. This is something that goes both ways. As each of you are doing this, it is as if those pathways of light become brighter and brighter. There is always a flow of giving and receiving in every manifestation. Return once more to the All That Is and this time look at your life once more. Are there situations about your work? Perhaps where you live? Perhaps your income?

Allow your light, your energy, your vibration to now focus upon this. If you could choose anything that you wanted to do in your life, what would it be? This is a time that you may tap into daydreams perhaps, or you may tap into just ideals. If you could choose a place to live, what would it look like, how would it feel to you? You are creating within this room of creation what you are seeking to have in these areas. Make it as vivid as you can. Create it in such a way that it's as real as it can be. And then as you are looking at it, see the ways in which it becomes enhanced by the universe or perhaps by the Goddess and God.

This is your creation. Again have a sense of linking with yourself upon the earth. As you do so, look around. Send out a vibration or an intention to have the home that you seek to have or perhaps the work that you seek to have, the income, whatever it may be. Send it out from your heart in waves of energy that move out from you. Again, then have a sense of shifting your own vibration upon the earth to being that which is open to receive. Consciously set the intention that your vibration is in alignment with what you seek to have. If you perceive that there is any difference, then make that adjustment so that all is in complete alignment.

How good it feels to receive what you are seeking to have. Remember this feeling as you move through the days. Once more, return to your room of creation within the All That Is. This time, I invite you to look at abundance. Is there abundance within your life? Do you have the flow of income that you seek to have? If in this moment you do not have that income or that flow of money that you seek to have, take the opportunity to look around you and find another way in which there is abundance within and around you. I chuckle as some of you say ‘I have an abundance of bills, I have an abundance of debt', and true that is an abundance! It's all a vibration. So shift the vibration of debt or bills or whatever it may be, until you feel the abundance be it the flow of money, be it having your bills paid off, be it having the savings or whatever it may be - the choice is yours. Allow yourself to feel abundant within you.

It may be that you expand even further than you have been expanded in the past. As you do so, allow yourself to feel this even greater flow of abundance into your life. Consider abundance and be open to every potential that you may have. There is always abundance within and around you. If you have forgotten what that is to you, then open your eyes; let your senses open to feel it, allow it to come in to you.

There we go...take a deep breath and just breathe in all the abundance of the universe. It is here; it is with you right now. For some it may take you a while to become comfortable with feeling this abundance. Allow your energies to shift in such a way that you feel completely at ease. Open to feel the joy of manifesting in this way, feel the love, the peace, the contentment.

Now shift your focus once more into your human self upon the earth. As you link with who you are, once more flow the energy of love, the energy of acceptance, the energy of abundance. There you are within your space and feel the abundance as it flows all around you. Do you need to make any adjustments within your own vibration so that you will be in alignment with receiving this abundance? You may begin by breathing it in and sending it out from your lungs. Send it throughout your home, your town, your state, your country, you may even choose to send it around the world. Then shift your awareness until you receive it coming back to you. Perceive your own energies and if there is an adjustment that needs to be done, create that adjustment. Allow yourself to be open to receive whatever abundance is here for you.

As you are doing so, become aware of what it feels to have the type of abundance that you are seeking to have. It feels different to the way that you have been feeling. So allow it to be, acknowledge what it is in this moment. Once more, return to your room of creation. Take this moment to be the observer, and as you look around, see the relationships, your work, where you live, prosperity, abundance. Look around this room and see the many ways in which you are manifesting.

Become very aware of the vibration that you emanate. Also become aware of what is needed to be able to receive what this is. Receive relationships, receive financial abundance, receive work, receive anything that you are seeking to have. You have the ability to manifest within your life. Manifestation is about creation; it's about your intention that you send forth. It's about receiving, being open to receive.

It's also important for you to be aware of the thoughts that you have. Are your thoughts in a space of joy, of contentment, of love, or are your thoughts in a space of fear, denial, resignation that things never happen so why bother? If there is anything that feels like resistance within you, bring it up in this moment and let it go.

If over the next days or weeks to come you find yourself moving back and forth, in and out of allowing and resistance, the more that you become aware of it, the more you will be able to create the change that you seek to have. If you find yourself in resistance, then let it go. If you find yourself in fear or lack, then recognise it in that moment and let it go. Allow yourself to truly feel all of what this is to you.

Your room of creation is always there for you. You may return to this space and add to it or take away. Living your life, creating within your life, making choices are always a fluid movement. Therefore it's important for you to recognise that things will change. Let yourself continue to change with whatever is happening to you.

As I look at you right now you are each filled with light. You are each filled with abundance. Allow that to be your reality as you move through your days. I invite you to return to come together as a group. What I noticed as the group came together, was that some of you were holding on to your creations like a gift sack or something over your shoulder or that you were dragging behind you. If you have not as yet fully blended with what it is you seek to create, then I invite you to take one more opportunity to blend with whatever it is. Turn around, pick up that bag, pick up whatever it is in which you chose to store your creation and let it merge within you. It is essential that your creation is a part of you rather than something that is outside of you.

So I invite you to bring all of that together as a group. Coming up within this group you see the hologram of the earth. As this hologram comes up and rotates within this group, look at it and see how the hologram itself has been changing; for the most part due to all the work that you have been doing upon it. As you look at the hologram you may perceive the various dimensions of the earth that are becoming much more prevalent. As you look at the hologram, perceive the sparkling essence of the crystalline vibration. There is the actual crystal which is within the center of the earth; you are able to perceive the essence of that within this hologram. I invite each one of you to send forth your intention for what you are seeking to manifest. As you do so, it moves into these various levels of aspects that are a part of the hologram and it goes into alignment with that crystal that is within the center of the hologram.

Lady Gaia comes forth and reaches out to embrace each one of you. You may feel her love, you may feel her support. Know that she is always there as a means of supporting you. As she links with you she conveys a message. Allow yourself to feel what that message is. She then returns, she shifts her energies so that she may once more blend within this hologram.

As she does so the hologram itself shifts so that it begins to descend. It shifts from the space of the All That Is until it comes into contact with the magnetic grid. As it does so there is an aspect that blends within the magnetic grid. The remainder of the hologram moves down until it continues, it blends within the center of the physical earth. As it does so, those energies, that essence blends in alignment with the crystal that is within and it blends in alignment with all aspects of the earth. It then radiates outwards until it then comes up, it moves through every dimension, it creates an alignment with all aspects that are physical and non-physical within and around the earth.

Allow yourself to once more become aware of what you seek to manifest. Have a sense of how the vibration of what you seek to have is setting up an essence or an energy that is within this earth. As you do so become aware that this is yet another way in which you will be able to manifest. All of this is supporting you in your life. We release those energies. Let yourself once more come together within the space of the All That Is.

Have a sense of shifting, so that you may once more move into the soul plane. As you return to this space, feel how it expands so as to accommodate you. You once more align within the core essence of your divinity. Within this space all that you seek to have in your life upon the earth is here for you. You have the experience of what it is to have all that you seek upon the earth. Take this knowledge; take this inner knowing with you as you return your consciousness back into your physical body. You may shift from the soul plane until you merge with the energies of the crystalline grid. These vibrations are even more brilliant because of all that you have been doing.

Feel your own crystalline vibration within you, allow it to be enhanced and supported from within this space in the crystalline grid. You may release this grid and then move through the interlocking grid work until you find yourself within the magnetic grid. You once more feel the pull of the earth. You look around and you find how your space that you have for your Higher Self is shifting and expanding as a result of this. Allow your focus or your consciousness to once more shift downward until it returns to your physical body. You may feel as if you need to expand your energy field and if you do, then you may do so with ease.

Allow your consciousness to move back within you, breathe it in, anchor it, allow it to come in once more through your heart and into the core essence within your physical body. As you breathe into this space, let your breath expand, let it flow all the way downward from your heart centre to your feet. Let it flow upward across your shoulders, down your arms and up into your head so that all of your physical body is in alignment with every breath that you take. I invite you to also breathe outward so that you expand into your non-physical aspects, your emotional body, your mental body and your spiritual. As you take every deep breath in it expands, aligning all aspects of who you are as a human. Feel the centering and feel the balance.

I invite you to once more consider what you are seeking to manifest in your life. In this moment of complete balance within you, bring up the energies of what you have just created. It's already here within you because you linked, but let yourself reconnect once more. Feel what it is to have what you seek to have. Allow yourself to feel peace and contentment around this manifestation. Release any anxiety and then take a deep breath in and send it out from your heart, send it out in every direction. Let it move out from you, touching upon and aligning with everyone with whom it's important to align. You send forth the intention that this aligns with all aspects of what you seek to have and then once more be open to receive as it your arms are wide open and you feel that energy coming back into you. Feel what it is to you, feel the alignment within you so that you are in a space to manifest what you seek to have.

Life is about flow. Allow yourself to be in the flow of life. As you are ready to do so, you may come back within this room. You may have a sense of grounding yourself so that you will be within this space and as you do so, allow yourself to be very aware of everything that you are feeling and everything of which you have going through you at this time.

As you are doing this, you may come back within the room by pressing *7 upon your telephone. I am open to receive any questions you may have.

Question: (paraphrased) I'm hoping I was able to hold a space to help some others because for myself I had to disconnect. I just couldn't do it. I do hope I was able to help somebody else.

Goddess: What do you mean you were unable to go through this?

Caller: I had to disconnect. I couldn't manifests anything because if I did it would have been my death.

Answer: Okay, let me link and see if there is a means where I can give you the love and support that you are seeking to have. I can pick up from you how much you are feeling right now, the depression, and the desperation. I just feel compassion for you that you feel this so very deeply. At this point, it feels as if it has gone on for quite awhile. So if you choose not to manifest at this time or go through this process, then in this moment if you can allow yourself to let your heart open and feel my love as I flow love to you. It is unconditional love and acceptance. Everyone else who is upon this call is also sending their love to you. You are not alone. There are other people around you. In this time when you feel so separate and alone I want to take an opportunity to remind you that indeed you are not.

You are such a beautiful essence. You have so very much around you and if you can just be in this space of allowing; even if it is allowing for 3 or 4 minute period of time then that is the first step. Then next allow something else even if it is anger or another emotion. If things seem as if it's too far of a jump, then let yourself to be in the moment of what you are feeling--- but then open the door as if you have to consciously open the door. (There was a pause) We just gave you a deep download through Shelly and it shorted her out. We don't know what specific words to say to you because what you hear is that we've done all this before and what does it matter. It does matter in that we love you, we support you and we are filling up the areas within and around you with compassion and love. If you can perhaps open your heart to feel compassion for yourself-see if that doesn't open you to allow this other shift to take place. (Thank you) Alright and you are not alone.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess? First of all I would like to extend my own love to this person who has just spoken. I'd like to let her know that indeed she is not alone, that she is surrounded by love; hopefully she can feel the love that she has within her own heart and that it will help her through this dark time.

Goddess: I thank you for expressing that to her. That is very beautiful and very generous of you.

Caller: I've been going through a lot of shifts in consciousness lately and in part this is bringing to my awareness some past lives that I've lived. I'm wondering if you can comment on what I believe I discovered as Miriam and Lady Geneviere.

Answer: The two energies you speak of: Lady Geneviere in particular is somewhat of an archetypical energy. What we mean by that is that she was represented as an individual, but the energy of that individual became an archetype for that type of unconditional love, giving and pulled in the directions she was pulled in as she was portrayed during that life. (Meaning the time of Camelot.) So when people align with that, it's often the archetypical energy and this is what we are picking up with you. With Miriam, it feels as if you actually were that individual. But with Genevieve it feels as if you are aligning with the archetype so you may or may not have actually been her; but more so in the space of that unbearable hurt or choices where each one was untenable to you. Now the energies around Miriam feel as if they were the energies of indecisions or the energies of a choice that was just a hard one to make. There was no right or wrong choice, but it feels as if no matter what choice, it's going to be a bad ending. This is the feeling I'm getting, is this what you were asking beloved?

(More the actual personage. I went into the Akashic records and saw Miriam there. I haven't done this with Geneviere yet.)

When you align with or come up with the energies of past life experiences, there are so many lives you have lived and experiences you have had. All of this goes back within your divinity and soul essence. If there is something that comes to your attention, then I would encourage you to pay attention to what tugs at your heart strings. Sometimes it's an aspect of something that needs to be released, other times it can be something to re-enforce for you a belief or choice that you are making in this lifetime. The other lifetimes have all been in another perception or existence. So, this is what I'm picking up on as I'm looking at you and you're talking about these experiences. It feels as if what we're being shown to you is about releasing what needs to be released; releasing in this lifetime those things that cannot be changed or releasing guilt or giving yourself a hard time about some of the choices and decisions you have made. There, that is the round about way that was coming to us about this. (Thank you) You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) Goddess? I really want to be clairaudient, I really want to channel and it's not working. Do you have any ideas for me?

Answer: The resistance that you have within your human self has been what's kept you from being able to manifest this in the way that you want. As we were speaking in this journey: when you are setting up the energy and putting forth the energy of what you want to manifest in terms of the channeling you want to do, we encourage you to set a space for yourself, breathe in and expand your consciousness and then as you are ready to channel or open to hear what you seek to hear; consciously send that out from your heart. You will put forth your intention that you want link, that this is what you want to hear from the angels and guides. As you do so, then be on the receiving end of that and let yourself be on the receiving end of that. Let yourself be in alignment to receive. What we see happening is that adjustments will be made in the vibration of your human body so that you will be in a better space to hear or receive, whatever the information is.

Now we also have a sense that you become very intense about this because it's something you really want to have happen. You become fixated and intense in your emotions. Those types of emotions will often times tend to keep you from being able to relax or receive. Whenever it feels like a great effort or struggle to make things happen; then release it, let it go, walk away, whatever it is you need to do. Then when you come back to it again and set up the intention once more, do it with a sense of ease, a sense of casualness, a sense of allowing. We think that you are already hearing things when you are busy doing other stuff and you think that's your own self talking to you. It is actually your higher self and the guides are already beginning to speak through you. So be aware that you are already doing this. It will become more and more something that you can structure or something that will be more pronounced to you as the days go by. Does that make sense to you?

(It does, but I have a question about my vibration. My life is very unsettled right now and so I'm having a lot of intense emotions as you said. But I don't want that to be a barrier between me being able to hear the guides and angels. I want to get advice like now about these problems! Do I have to be calm and happy to receive guidance or can I get it say in these emotional states.)

Right; now let me clarify what I was talking about with that. We can appreciate that you have these intensities of the emotions you are going through. What we were talking about was the intensity of the emotions you feel when you don't hear what you want to hear. When the intensity is around hearing the guidance and being able to receive the guidance; that is what we are speaking of you releasing. The fact that you have things going on in your life that you are looking for answers to, that's not something that is keeping it from happening; what you were just talking about that you are not being able to hear it right now. So, sometimes if you are not hearing it right when you want it, you can use psychometry or kinesiology or resistance with your finger or your arm up and down. There are other ways in which you can receive information from yourself. Sometimes when you are standing up, you let your physical body be loose and relaxed, then you can get a yes/ no answer where yes is forward, no is backwards. This is something to indicate to you that you are receiving the guidance. The more you believe in the simple things, the more the complex things can come into you.

(Is it true the more I am unsure of a situation then the answer is always no?)

Not always. No, sometimes if you are unsure of a decision or what is coming through from them then ask the question more than one time; like 2 or 3 times. If it changes every single time, then you will know you are receiving it, not necessarily from lower vibrations, but when you are receiving information from your higher self and your angels and guides; these will always be consistent. So, if you get inconsistent answers, then that would be a time to let the answer go. Or if you consistently get inconsistent answers, then see what is the commonality within the inconsistency and that will be your answer.

(Okay, so I don't necessarily have to set up a time to do this everyday, just when I feel at ease with it. Is that what you are saying?)

If you have the opportunity or you chose to set something up then it does make it easier because the angels are ready, you are ready and it takes away the stress of having to perform on the spot because you have already put the intention there. That is one way of doing it and why we have recommended that in the past. If you want to do it spontaneously whenever it happens that can also work for you. (ummm) Alright? (Thank you...) You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I was listening to a channel yesterday and it was talking about the fact that we are now on a ‘time critical mission'. Major things are happening in our lives that will shift what we are doing and shift our focus so that we can achieve the thing we came into our lifetime to achieve because that is where we are in our lifetime right now-for our time critical mission. I'm wondering if you can look at my life and see if I'm doing what I should be doing to accomplish my time critical mission.

Answer: When you speak of time critical missions and agreements people had before they came into the earth; many of those have shifted, gone away completely or are no longer necessary anymore compared to what was when people were born onto the earth. That is because of the change in the energies that occurred with the advent of the crystalline vibration and moving into the fourth dimension. I've already acknowledged that there are a lot of intense energies on the earth. That is perhaps why the one individual is so despondent right now. It's why this individual who was channeling those energies you were talking about-was tapping into the energies of these emotions coming in. Whether or not someone is going to be kicked out completely from what they are doing and shifted into something totally different; that is not our perception. If people have already wanted to make a change in their life, then these energies will assist them. In looking at you and the work you are doing has been very much a part of your life's mission.

You already are aware of that and have been working towards it in that regard. We see that things are going to be amplified for you that give you new ways of expanding or new ways of brining in customers, clients, etc. Especially with manifesting relationships tonight, it felt as if you were sending out tendrils of energy to many different people that would choose to come in and work with you. So are you on the right path? Yes, our perception is that you are. Is it going to change for you? If anything, just the way that things are communicated is going to change. Or you may just feel very intensely the energies that are going on right now. That's our perception.


Alright, we thank you for that question.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess thank you for our journey tonight. While we were creating tonight, I was interested in creating my participation in a community or a city of light with other like minded spiritual people. I'm wondering if you see any potential of that for me.

Answer: We actually have a sense that this is what you are already doing with some of the stuff you are doing online. We just have a sense you have already been in classes online or have found out about classes through the internet--about these crystalline vibrations. So, yes we think you are already doing it. As to how it will manifest in your daily life; we have a perception that there may actually be things that will come up for you. We sense there may be people in your community that you meet one on one. We also have a sense that there may be other groups or energy you find you resonate with in a different fashion. All of this our perception is, is because of the shift in vibration and the intensity of emotion. We have a sense that things feel like they have been building and building and are now at a peak. Things will actually in some regards settle down for you now. We just see that things are going to expand differently. You've been in the space of taking classes, taking classes and we see that you are actually going to shift so that you are more so teaching or work as a consultant or as a reference to other people who are just finding this path. This is one of the things we see you doing in the next several months.

Alright, well I thank you for taking this opportunity to come and share time with me tonight. We know this has been a little bit different and if things felt or sounded kind of different, Shelly's had a little bit of a rough time holding the space because of the distractions around her being in the hotel, (referring to her trip to New York City) I just wanted to make mention of that to you.

Let me just say to you that this is a time of transformation; this is a time of intense energies. Be aware that in the next several days or weeks to come that it may feel as if things are going to just build up and build up and explode within you. So rather than exploding I encourage you to diffuse the energies and you can diffuse it by just breathing in and sending out light, sending out energy.

Sometimes it may feel as if you send it out in waves upon waves that go out from you and in this way you can release some of this tension that is going on. The other thing I would recommend is walking on the ground, feeling the earth, being with trees, being in nature, anything that can assist you in diffusing your energies through the earth itself. That also is available to you.

But times are shifting at a very quick pace and by the end of June or going in to the next month upon earth you will be seeing some dramatic changes taking place.

I am ever with you and within.




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