Tools for Your Creations

I send you greetings bursting with joy!!
It has evolved that the two journeys this month of January are quite linked with one another. This journey gives you tools to use in your creation; but it also directly links your human aspects with who you are from the All That Is. This is what allows you to more fully bring your creation into the earth plane and into your life existence. Wow, what a change that is!! One thing I noticed during this journey was how much had already shifted as a result of the journey of January 7th. When linking with everyone there was much less pain, there was less suffering, there was a greater amount of acceptance. Beautiful to see!! I hope you enjoy this.


Tools for Your Creations

Nama Sika; Venia Benya. I am the One; I Am the Whole.

Greetings Family, welcome once more to our time together! This is a time of sharing in which you share with one another. But it is first and foremost a time that you take for yourself. This is an opportunity for you to move more deeply within yourself. This is an opportunity for you to really nurture and honor who you are as a human and as a soul essence.

I value each one of you simply because you are alive. I value you because you have chosen to come and be upon the earth at this time. You are each magnificent energies of light and your potentials are limitless. Let that be your truth and let that be your reality. Soak in the energies of potential as you are here within your space on the earth plane. Let yourself be very centered and focused within this space.

I now invite you to shift your consciousness. Release the energies of your body. Release the energies that hold you grounded so that your consciousness may fly and shift as you move into the space of the magnetic grid. Within this space, you find that you are linking with the energy of your Higher Self. Allow yourself to see what this feels like, to let your consciousness expand as you link. Once you are connected take a moment to allow yourself to look outward, perceiving the energy pathways that are all around.

As you are ready to do so release these energies you may feel as if you move through the interlocking grid and you move into the energies of the crystalline grid. In doing so, you leave behind the magnetic pull of the earth. The crystalline grid does not have the specific pathways, but there are energies that vibrate in sync with the various crystals. Allow yourself to connect if you so desire. It may be with the entire grid or it may be with a single crystal.

You may now release this space. You may choose to call forth a column of light, or through your intention you may just shift into the soul plane. As you move into the space of the soul plane allow your consciousness to expand in every direction. This is a vibration that oftentimes feels like home to you. It is a space in which the greater amount of your soul essence, or your divinity, resides.

Allow yourself to call forth your I Am Presence. Feel what this is to you. Allow your perception to take in these energies that are your vibration. There are many facets that make up the essence of who you are. Some of these are very evident to you; others are not.

I, the Goddess, now come into this space. I make myself known as I link with each one of you. As I link, you may find yourself immediately shifting so that you move into the space of the All That Is. Let yourself be within this immense expanse of energy. Let me amplify your energy for you so that I may reflect back to you a greater amount of who you are. No matter how much you open; no matter how much you take in within your perceptions there is even more of you available for yourself. Let yourself open to that which is most important for you to link with at this time.

In the last journey that we had together (01-07-07); we spoke of the various ways in which you could create within your life. I invite you to take a few moments and revisit that. When you look at your life, and when you consider what is happening to you, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? For as many people as come together, there are almost as many different answers.

Take a moment and let us focus on some of the energies that create struggle within your life. Do you perhaps have the belief system that you must struggle in order to succeed? Do you perhaps have the belief system that anything worth achieving is worth a struggle?

I put forth to you, is it possible that you may manifest within your life through ease, perhaps through fun and joy. Look inside of yourself and find out in which ways you are struggling. How much of your life is filled with pain? How much of your life is based in fear? Is there anything that you are doing that is holding you within a box, or within constrictions? If any of those resonated with you, bring it up within the forefront of your consciousness. Ask yourself, how is it serving you to have this within your life? Does it feel as if it's protecting you? Does it give you, perhaps, a sense of security?

There is always a reason why this experience has come into your life. You are the creator of your life, so perhaps it is necessary to look from this level, or this perspective, to receive the answer for yourself.

Allow yourself to fully connect with whatever is going through your consciousness at this time and then release it. Release the reason for pain or suffering within your life. Release a need to put boundaries that hold you back. Release a need to feel fearful as you move through your day. And I send swirling through this space an energy as if it's a breeze that moves through you and around you, assisting you in letting go. For many of you, it felt as if you had already let go of these energies. For others, it feels as if you are going to a deeper level and releasing at an even deeper level.

Again, come back within yourself and ask yourself, "Who is making the choices within my life? Am I fully choosing and accepting all that occurs within my life?" Ask yourself if someone else is controlling how I feel, or is controlling what is happening within my life? Look at the energies around you - perhaps relationships, perhaps work, perhaps family - and ask yourself, "Am I going with the flow and it feels as if others are choosing my life?"

There is a great deal that can be happening within your life that is having an effect on you, which feels as if it's beyond your control, or it feels as if it's not your choice. If this is within your life at this time, then look beneath the surface because on one level or another, it is your choice. Honor yourself. Take your choices within yourself. If you come to realize that you don't really like this choice, then look around at alternatives. Let your strength flow through your consciousness. I can amplify this for you if you need for me to do so. You are strong. You do have the ability to make choices. Accept this reality for yourself.

As you are choosing the life that you wish to lead, how does that look to you? What does it feel like to wake up in the morning excited about your day to come? What does it feel like to anticipate experiences that you wish to have for yourself?

When you are manifesting upon the earth, there are many, many layers to how this occurs. Look with the inner eyes of your consciousness at all that you are seeking to manifest within your life, you will see that some areas you have already accomplished. You may see that you have already manifested this in every way, but physical consciousness on the earth. If there is anything coming to you at this time, if you perceive that there is anything standing between you and your perception of what you are manifesting send forth a flow of energy to clear anything that may be keeping you from bringing this in. Allow yourself to reach out and embrace all that you seek to manifest.

And as you are embracing your creation take note from where you are creating. Is this giving you joy? Is it bringing you peace, excitement? Do you feel any fear? Do you feel any pain? Let go any of those emotions if they continue to linger. Step into what you seek to create.

Allow yourself to move forward to months or three months of earth plane time, of linear time, and see what changes may be around you. Be open to the potential that there may be shifts or changes that occur that you were not anticipating. Look forward six months from now. Look forward a year. Through your perceptions, are there aspects that become more clear with time? Is what you seek to manifest perhaps going to arrive more at six months or a year? If now is not the right moment to fully manifest what you seek to have, allow yourself to accept that you are setting the groundwork and everything you are doing has purpose.

Feel as if, or see yourself, releasing what you are creating within your life. You may release it into a bubble, let it flow away from you in a river, or it may just evaporate. This has your energy stamp upon it; it is your creation, it is your life. In the days and weeks to come, be open to drawing that back to you. You will feel as if there are moments of what is called déjà vu, as if it seems so familiar to you. If you experience that, realize that is a signal that you have given yourself to remind yourself that all is well.

This potential is within you and around you from here forth. You may wake up in the morning and it has happened already, or it may come to you at a later time. There are no set guidelines, time limit, or timeframe. I therefore ask you to release a specific timeframe.

You have each been working with specific energies of Light. These may be angels or guides that you are very well acquainted with. It may be someone new to you. Allow yourself to look around and see who is sharing this space with you. Open your perceptions. Let yourself recognize who this individual is or who this group is. You may be seeking to have a greater awareness or a greater communication with your angels and guides from your human self. Allow your consciousness to create a link with any or all of the energies that are around you at this time. This link may be perceived as a beam of light. This is aligning with you at this space within your expanded awareness.

But I invite you to shift your consciousness and send that beam of light down into your human self. You will feel it as the shift in energy around your physical body and within it. From your physical body sent that back up so that it once more links within your consciousness. This creates a flow of energy that will assist you in having a greater communication, or a connection, with the energy and guides that are around you. It's much easier when you're already in this space of expansion. But I know that you are seeking to have this within your earth bound existence. Let your awareness open to a place where it will understand what is needed to link within your physical aspect.

Take a moment to look at your emotional body. Is there anything within your emotional body that is holding back from linking fully with communication to your guides and your higher self? If you have been in a place where your emotions are shut down, take this opportunity to open up that door; open the door to deeper and greater communication with your emotions.

Is there anything within your mental body that is keeping this communication with your higher self or your guides from occurring? Is there a belief system? Is there a distrust in your ability? Are you able to release the analytical to allow for a higher vibration to come in? Open wide your mental body and let a flow of energy move through it, allowing you to feel the alignment.

From within this space of the All that Is, your Spiritual Body is bright, vibrant and deeply connected. Shift your perception until you are once more looking at your human aspect. How much of your spiritual energy is within and around you? Do you hold yourself back from being all that you can be? Can you accept that you are a uniquely divine individual? And again allow for this flow to move through so that there is a deeper and greater connection.

Open to perceive if there is a greater flow of energy once you have consciously looked at these various aspects of yourself. You are always the creator within your life. You always have access to your higher self and these divine energies that are here in support for you. Your linking with them is a means of opening to receive support and they may assist you with potentials. But once more, you are the creator of all that is occurring within and around you. Let yourself feel the excitement of that. Let yourself feel the truth and what that is.

See all these energies come together once more. Let yourself play with what energy you radiate. Is it a specific color or vibration? You may shift it depending on what thoughts you send through the impulse. Become aware of the minute amount of change in your perception with what you project and yet how that can have an effect. Within this vibration, subtle changes can be large. Within your cells subtle changes can have a huge effect.

From within this group, take a moment to perceive the hologram of the earth. This has become a very effective way of instilling these new energies within the earth. As this hologram is coming up within all of you send forth your creation, send forth your balance of yourself; send forth that deeper link between you, yourself and your guides.

The hologram takes on an iridescent light. It sparkles and shines. And as it rotates, you perceive Lady Gaia as she comes forth. Take this moment and as you are looking at Lady Gaia feel the link of your human self upon the earth as she represents that back to you. So as you are looking at Lady Gaia, you are also seeing yourself as your human self walking upon the earth. Allow that (image) to accept this bond at a deeper and deeper level.

She returns inside the earth, blending, assisting each of the energies that you are all projecting into the earth with linking to who you are as the human upon the earth. These energies will also diffuse throughout the earth. The hologram then begins to shift once more. It moves down, moving through the layers and vibrations of energies. As it moves through the crystalline and magnetic grid there is an aspect of it which is deposited. Yet that ball of light that represents the hologram continues moving until it goes into the earth and anchors within. The shift in vibration that occurred with all that you did at this time then radiates, moving out from within the earth and linking with all the levels of energy within and around the earth. You may find that your physical body is receiving that impulse that you sent forth for yourself.

We release that essence. Let your focus shift until you come back within this space once more of the All That Is. Look within yourself and look around. Breathe in the incredible joy of being within this space. Let your focus go within. Breathe in your complete blending and connection within all aspects of yourself and feel how good that is. Let yourself simply BE in this space for as long as you need to be, or let yourself come back here whenever you desire. You create from within here; you may also just come and allow yourself to simply be who you are in a space that is filled with love, acceptance, peace and contentment.

Allow yourself to begin to bring that consciousness back; that consciousness which is you. Allow yourself to shift into the soul plane. You may feel as if you make a bit of an adjustment right here, but then again you move and link momentary with the energy of the crystalline grid. There are more of these crystalline energies coming into the earth. This is the new energy that you yourself have been working with and bringing in to your space upon the earth. So you need not shift as far as the All That Is. You may always come into this space of the crystalline grid and it is easier and easier to bring that down and surround you if you are feeling a need to shift into a higher vibration.

Let yourself move once more. You will link with the energies of the magnetic grid. As you come into this space you feel the pull of the earth. You feel what it is to be in that magnetic field. But again it is different because you are bringing with you your expanded consciousness, your expanded awareness. This space adjusts to accommodate who you are at this moment.

Again, you release this space. Let your full consciousness return, moving into your physical body. Allow the energy field around your physical body to expand if need be. Let yourself integrate more of this expanded awareness. And now from the perception of your human self feel as if you are looking up and linking with your higher self and with your guides. Allow yourself to perceive this open and direct communication. You have created this. It is yours to use in whatever way you so desire. Let those energies anchor more deeply within and around your physical self. Let the space in which you are located expand even father to accommodate a greater amount of this energy.

With that we will shift our focus, coming back into the earth space. I am open to receive your questions.

Question (paraphrased): As I communicate with my angels, I get the impression that my life mission is changing according to the angels. Could you please elaborate on these changes?

Answer: We do not have a great deal of information or details at the moment about this because you are still in the process of creating this. Towards the end of last year, we sense around what would be October, November; you made a choice within your life - actually this choice began at the beginning of last year, but it was just an idea you were playing with for a while and then by the end of the year you made a choice to say, Okay, I'm going to step forward and I want to receive more of my divinity and I want to have this deeper communication. With that, you opened up a door to a new and different level of your vibration with is now coming in and is living within you. With doing that, it's as if you said, Okay, now I'm going to create a new purpose, or a new mission in my life and the sense coming to me is that you are still in the process of creating this. So you began the creation a year ago or over a year ago even and it has been getting stronger and stronger during that time and so I ask you what do you see as your new mission upon the earth? (I honestly don't really know. I've viewed my mission so far as a light worker anchoring the light in the place where I reside and creating columns of ascension in conjunction with AA Michael and my angels; so I consciously do that. But if that is changing, I'm wondering what it would be.) When you say that you are changing and when you speak of what you have just relayed to me, none of that is going to necessarily change. What is going to change is that you are going to take it out to the world in a different way. You have been speaking to the people in your life, you've been communicating with people through the internet and the sense coming is that there is a different format, either a book - no that's not what it is; we see more articles, rather than a book, although that not an unheard of potential for you. But be open to understand that there are more and different ways in which you can expand your communication about the ascension process. You yourself have gone through a great deal, especially in terms of your mental body when it came to the ascension process and so that is a large part in terms of acclimating, releasing and opening your mental body has been a large part of what has either slowed you down or accelerated you through this process and that is a part of what you are going to share with people. In a broader expanse of things, it is still being created so it will come out as you move through your days and you get ideas. As always I recommend that you stay with what is joyful to you, you stay with what resonates with you. Does that make sense? (Yes. I'm grateful for the information and relieved my ‘light worker duties' have not changed.) This is what everyone needs to recognize because you are not the only one who's been feeling change within their life. When change comes upon you, it is again your choice. You enjoy the light worker duties as you call them, so why would you give them up? There is no need to ever give up that which you enjoy. It is only that you open to new and different ways of doing what you are already doing; or you open to additional things; in addition to what you already enjoy doing. One would never ask you to give up that what you enjoy doing. (Thank you.) You're welcome

Question (paraphrased): May I have some feedback about a book project I was planning to co-author with another person? Also, could you connect with the soul, John White, who recently transitioned?

Answer: As far as the book proposal, we do not feel a great deal of energy around it. It is as if the time has passed when it had a great deal of energy or the time is not yet here, when it's the right time for the deal to go through. At this moment, the energy or vibration isn't the strongest it's been; we know it's been stronger in the past. When we say the energy around it has passed, we do not necessarily feel it won't come back in the future; it just feels as if you should put it on the back burner, or let it go for the time being. A day may come for you to revisit it sometime in the future. If it does not, be aware there are other potentials available to you. By letting go of the energy you have linked with this you will open the door for other potentials to come in. It is as if you'll shift your focus from one direction to another direction. As far as the individual, he's still in a place of transition. As we said his name and reached out, an energy link to connect with him. It was almost a sense of awakening someone who's slumbering; he raised his head as if in acknowledgement, but not awake enough to communicate a specific message at this time. In essence, we sense he's still in a place of transition. If you're wondering if he went fully into the light, yes, he did. But he is in a place of healing right now, he's in a place where he's completely withdrawn and within himself; he is surrounded by angels and light and I have no sense for how long he'll be in this place. (The person inquired further about the book) We see two paths in regard to your question. With returning everything to the artist you release the book completely, and we don't sense you'll ever go back to it. We sense another path that you put it in another part of the house or your office and put it out of your mind; you look for something different to do. You look for something else to bring up and in this case we see you tapping into the creative within you to a different writing aspect - something to do with the spirituality you've been going through. By moving into this path, you open to different potentials. We see you channeling information that comes in and the flavor of the book would be completely different than what you've been working on. It's up to you if you want to release that and let it go completely or if you want to just shift gears for the time being and see if six or seven months down the road if you don't feel drawn to go back to that. We feel you can do either path, or either path... we may be getting both paths because you haven't made up your mind. The focus now should be on setting that aside so you can focus on something more in tune with spirituality. It's almost as if we're sensing a fictionalized book dealing with spirituality and so it's a completely different focus for you. (Thank you) You're welcome.

Question (paraphrased): When will I meet my life-partner?

Answer: We sense as we are linking with you and looking for these potentials around you it is as if there's a barrier. This barrier doesn't feel as if it's something impenetrable or that it's... there are different ways in which we sense barriers around people. So I invite you to take a breath inside of yourself and as you breathe out consciously release and allow yourself to open up more fully. As you do that, we see that this is actually what is more important to speak with you about first of all. You have been moving through your life and you've been consciously creating changes within your life that allow you to open. When you're in your space of meditation and linking with your divinity, you feel a deep connection of bliss and contentment within yourself. But then when you go out into the world, or the face that you put on when you're around other people is someone that is closed down or someone that feels as if, "Well, my beliefs are so different from other people's, I better hold them into me and hold everybody a bit at arms length because they won't understand me and they won't understand where I'm coming from." The sense is that it's creating a barrier around you, which is keeping things from coming to you as much or as strongly as they could. Does that make sense? (Yes it does.) Before you can truly manifest this into your life, what I recommend you do is play a game with yourself, so to speak. When you're going out and you're meeting with people and when you are looking at what a potential job might be; even going on job interviews. Instead of going in there with a sense of having to contain yourself, let yourself truly open up from within your heart. As if you're flowing an energy of Light that is your pure heart energy. Let that move out from you radiating out from you. We see this rose and violet light emanating from you. The sense coming to us is that when you're in that space, you will attract to you more friends, more people whom you'll just go out with and that is when we see you meeting this individual that you've been talking about. We know that we've sensed him around you before. We know that you have sensed and felt this is what was going to come to you. The journey this evening was also a way to assist you in letting go of these restraints. You may want to go inside and see is there something deeper that I'm not touching on at this moment. As you open up to a greater flow of allowing yourself to be fully present and flowing and letting that love and energy flow from you, then you'll see that you will manifest more quickly. At this point, we see things happening around you, but we don't see it happening until the late spring and summertime. There's more a sense that in the next one to two months you'll still be working on this; something inside of you that you need to resolve. Once that's resolved then other things will happen that will assist you in being able to move forward in the direction you want to go. Does that make sense? (Yes. Thank you.) You are very welcome.

Question (paraphrased): How may I release excess weight with greater ease?

Answer: When you speak of releasing weight, what you are truly embracing is a different form than the physical form that you have. Rather than focusing on ‘losing' weight or ‘losing' something - that's still focusing on what you have that you don't want to have because losing or gaining is basically the same thing in terms of an energy vibration because the end result is what the universe is linking with. In other words, if you put for the essence that I am large, I want to lose weight still comes across as "I am large." If you put forth to the universe, "I am slim and I am vital and I am full of energy" then that puts out to the universe, "I am slim and vital and energetic." So shift your thinking and allow yourself to open, to feel that inner thinness within you. Open to see yourself and feel what it is to be a very limber individual that moves with movement and ease and all of these are representations of what it is to be thin that you're seeking to have through this thinness. Does that make sense? (Yes. Thank you.) You're welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I was formerly working for a tribe, yet have not since found work to replace that. Should I focus on a writing project I desire to do in the meantime?

Answer: The sense coming to me at this time is that this writing is very important to you and it's important for you to do. If you will focus your attention on the writing that will create shifts within yourself that will allow you to move to a new space within you. Through that movement, that will align you with a job that will bring you more comfort, more ease, more of what you are seeking to have in a long term position. Does that make sense to you? (It does) But there's also a sense that the job you had before was something you did for a reason and whatever that reason was, you resolved it. So the next job, we see this time where you're by yourself and when we see you out and in the workplace, the type of work you'll get will be different and will be something that allows you, rather than you being inside a good bit, we see you outside. There's more movement with the job as if you're traveling or you're moving around on a daily basis, going from place to place. It has a completely different feel to it than what you have ever done before. Through your writing, you will be getting in touch within yourself and you'll be aligning these aspects within yourself. (Cool.) We wish you every success because we know that you will be. It is all but a matter of a process for you. Let yourself connect as you are moving through this process so that you know that you will be always in alignment with your higher Self. You'll feel it when you are writing because it'll flow with ease. (Ah! That's the key!) Ease. We thank you for that question.

And for all of you, we appreciate you being here upon this journey. If you did not have the opportunity today to be able to ask your question, then let yourself go inside and receive the answer from within.

I am with you. I speak with you, and I assist in any way that I can so that you may have what you seek to have within your life. Remember that you are divine. Remember that you are an infinite creator, and let that be a part of your life. Let yourself embrace all of who you are.





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