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Whew, this channel is filled with some really amazing energy!! The Goddess begins by talking about all the energies from the universe that are having affect upon us. She spoke of how the heart centered energies that had such a boost with 11-11-11, received another boost around Valentine’s Day. But with Valentine’s Day, there were many who felt lack or lonely so it created an actual blip or disconnect in the energies. This too was influenced by solar and lunar flairs, etc.

When in the space of the All That Is, the Goddess began by talking about where we are right now in our lives. She spoke of acceptance, of opening to greater clarity. She then worked with everyone to create a greater clarity. She assisted people with removing the layers of resistance and old patterns that were keeping them from moving forward. Once this was complete, she spoke of vibration; the vibration of actually ‘being’ in what you seek to have. So many people think they know what they want, but then when they receive it, it’s uncomfortable to them. Or it feels awkward. So her intention was that people experience what they are seeking to have as a means of integrating it deeper within them.

One question she had was ‘are you afraid of truly being who you can be’? That is I think a very important idea. If you are seeking change, are you read for change to coming in more ways than you anticipate? This gave everyone the potential to experience what they are seeking and from there they will have the vibrational alignment.

It’s also essential when creating change to allow it in or to accept it. She spoke of the many different ways that you have an opportunity to accept things throughout your day; accept someone letting you in in traffic—or allowing them to go is a form of acceptance. When you are in a conscious flow of acceptance and allowing it creates immense changes in your life.

This channel if filled with tools, energy, transformation and wonderful potential!


Nama sika; venia benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I flow my energy within and around each one of you and I invite you to open feeling my energies, feeling my essence, feeling all of me as I move within and around you. As I do this, it allows my energies to anchor more fully upon the earth, and I also become a conduit that allows you to reach more fully into your divinity, into love, into light.

Prior to beginning tonight’s channel, Shelly and some of the people were talking about feeling disoriented, feeling out of sorts, feeling as if they were forgetting things, and Shelly in particular had mentioned feeling as if she’s walking in two places at the same time. I wish to share with you that there are several things going on at the same time right now upon your earth. It is as if there is a rift in the energies and by that I mean a separation of energies from that which is grounded to that which is becoming infused. It is not uncommon to have there be a discrepancy between the energies coming in and what is currently upon the earth.

What is different about this is that this energy is the energy of 11 11 11; that energy of love and the heart center opening and bringing in the higher dimension as it’s related to that. Part of the reason for this was the recent holiday that you call Valentine’s Day that was about the focus upon love. Many people took it as an opportunity to express love; love for themselves, love for their friends, family, partner, whoever it may be; but what happened was, there was also a large number of people that felt that day as a sense of lack or sense of being without. So in other words, there was a huge influx of people embracing love and a huge influx of people feeling a lack of love or as if they were outside relationships, and that’s a part of what created this divergence in energy.

In addition there have been solar flares. There have been impulses of light from the moon and the sun, well those are the solar flares that it’s been even more than that. If in the future you find yourself having a similar experience, I invite you to take it as an opportunity to go into perhaps meditation; but let it be a meditation of grounding. Let it be an opportunity as if you are reaching down into the earth, and I invite you to do it with me right now. Take in a deep breath and as you are breathing in deeply, feel as if you’re breathing in all the way down through your body sending that breath all the way down into the earth until you feel yourself merging with the earth and feel as if you yourself blend with the energies of the earth. As you do this, this allows you to anchor, this allows you to let go of anything that may be holding you back or keeping you in a space of limbo; but it is the anchoring that allows you to be focused or even multi-focused without that sense of disorientation.

So once you’ve allowed yourself to feel this connection to the earth then let your energies come back up into your everyday reality. Feel yourself wherever you may be siting or laying or perhaps you’re walking as you listen to this, but recognize how now you feel yourself as your own energies in a much fuller manner. In this way you can then look around at whatever may be going on around you. You can then allow yourself to shift into whatever experiences you are seeking. What so ever it is you choose, this is your opportunity to then let your consciousness move in whatever direction you are seeking. These influxes of energy are going to continue as you as an individual and you as the collective consciousness continue to expand. There may be times in which it feels less noticeable to you, there will be times in which it is more so. By becoming aware you have the opportunity to experience it in whatever way most supports you. Alright, so you are already very grounded now.

I invite you have a sense of letting go your physical body. Allow your consciousness to expand as if you were shifting, sending it out into the space of the magnetic grid. As you arrive within this space of the grid let yourself feel who you are as your higher self and perhaps you will discern the energetic pathways that are here within this space. Send out an impulse of light or an intention and allow yourself to feel it as it moves through these interlocking grids. This allows you to become aware of yourself but also aware of the other people within and around this space.

From here, I invite you to have a sense of allowing your consciousness to flow expanding even further so that you release the magnetic pull of the Earth and you allow yourself to merge with the energies of the crystalline grid. As you are here within the crystalline allow yourself to feel as if your energies flow up and down through this grid work, through the various dimensions, feeling the energies that are here, but more so feeling your own as it expands more fully. You have a sense of letting go of this space and you reach towards the energies of the soul plane.

As you feel yourself moving into the soul plane allow your energies to reach out towards your divinity. You may feel as if your divinity comes up from within you. You may have a sense of seeing yourself as if you walk towards your I Am presence. As you reach towards this essence or towards your divinity, reach out to embrace who you are. As you embrace your divinity allow your consciousness to merge fully with all that is here for you. You have all had many, many lifetimes out in the universe, upon the earth as pure consciousness and you have access to it from within this space. Reach towards whatever is here for you to know at this moment in time.

I the Goddess move through the space in which you are. I reach out to each one of you and I enfold you in my embrace. As our energies merge it allows you to shift from the soul plane into the space of the All That Is. As you feel you’re energies moving into this place you will probably feel as if you are expanding even further. The All That Is, is a blend of energies from the universe, the earth, all soul essence, the Angels, the Ray Lords; I could go on and on and on. Everything that is a point of consciousness has an alignment within this space and it is what creates the energies. As each one of you come within this space in a very conscious manner you have the ability to create. It is a place of creation through joy, through love, through unlimited potential. Many of you come here within your dream state as you are working through something that may be going on in your life. Sometimes you come here in a very conscious manner as you are creating in your life.

This evening, I would like to speak with you about creation. You have heard from not only myself but everybody else that you are creating your life. As I say this now, I feel some of you rolling your eyes; I feel others of you giving a sigh of exasperation and others of you embracing that energy. There are so many different levels to creation and how it manifests within your everyday reality. So let us begin by considering your life. This is a space where you have the opportunity to be completely honest and open with yourself. It is a space of complete acceptance; it is a space of the utmost belief in you. So let go any earthbound judgment that you may have about your life. Let go any personality sense of limitation that you may have about your life; bring it up.

The last time we were together we worked with that big screen as a means of observing your life. You may do so again or you may allow the energies to simply go through your consciousness, whatever is best for you. So see your life as it is right now, become aware of those things you like best about your life. As if you allow them to shift to decide, let them sit by the side and now for a moment bring up those things about your life that you find frustrating or that you would like to transition.

I find it very interesting how as I am observing everybody through this process, how although so many of you have magnificent things that you have created, that you appreciate; that when I asked about what you would like to release or transition it has twice, three times the amount of energy. It’s like one has a small energy and one blossom into immense. And this is all within the same person.

I believe that what happens is that when you have frustrations within your life or it feels as if things are not going in the way that you anticipate it has an even greater energy than everything that is working well for you; so we back again to that which feels as if it’s a roadblock or that which feels as if you are stuck. From this perspective you’ve already acknowledge what this may be and my first question to you is, how is it serving you? Hmm… you make me smile as so many of you say, “not in any way”, but indeed if it is within your life it is serving you in one way or another. So, peel away a layer if need be and I again ask, how is this serving you within your life?

And this is where I would like you to allow the energy of awareness, the energy of compassion, the energy of potential let it flow through as if going underneath whatever that is that is serving you. Bring it out into the open so that you become fully aware of whatever that may be and then let yourself link with it as if to breathe it in and then release. Let go whatever attachment you had that’s holding you in this place that you consciously do not wish to be. Secondly, I invite you to take one more time to look at whatever it is that you find frustrating within your life or that you find is still stuck and as if you are looking at it with new eyes, has it changed since you released that first layer?

With this next layer, I invite you to consciously reach towards a sense of compassion, a sense of awareness that it has been a part of your life, just because without trying to explain it, without trying to define it, just understand it has been there just because it has been there. But you can still let it go, so breathe in deeply and as you breathe out let it go.

I now invite you to shift your focus once more into what you do want to have in your life. As you allow yourself to focus upon what you would like, everything changes. There will be many similarities that do align between what was stuck in what you want indeed there will be; but what changes is that you shift your focus into completely embracing what you want to have in your life. As you are in this space of creation, you absolutely 100% can have everything that you want, so now is your time to dream big, to reach deeply and allow every single dream to come up here within this space.

You feel this focus, you feel this energy as you do so, it flows through views showing you even more potential than what you had realized before. I ask you, if you have all that you have set sought to create what does that feel like? Most people will say, it feels good, it feels exciting, it makes me happy. Indeed there is no doubt that that is true. But step deeper into what you are creating, step into it from a bigger capacity than what you had anticipated and then really feel it. Does it feel like what you really want? Is there any fear of being as big as you could be? Is there fear of success in your energy? Now is the time to link with whatever that may be and then breathe out letting it go. Again, allow your senses to open up as you stand here in the midst of what you are creating. As you open to the greater potential you feel it within and around you. If you have what you have been seeking, how is it going to change your everyday life? I say this in a practical manner. How is it going to change the time that you have for yourself?

As you are feeling it, living it and experiencing it right now it’s a wonderful opportunity for you to make changes. Is this really what you want? Would you like it to have different attributes? Would you like to bring in even more than what you had first anticipated? As all of this is going through your consciousness and you are experiencing it the All That Is gives you an opportunity to try out, make changes and become very clear with yourself that this is what you want. Of course, as it comes into your life upon the earth there may be aspects of it that are different. Your perception of it may be different. So be open to recognize that the essence of what you are creating right now is exactly what you will manifest but also be aware that it may look different, it may feel a little different at first and then as you integrate it and experience it you realize, aha… this is it, it’s really here, it’s really happening. So breathe in deeply and let that move all the way down, let it move to your consciousness, let it move all the way down into your physical reality.

There are so many things that come into play, so many reasons why people do not instantly manifest what they seek. The short answer is about your vibration and about accepting. The vibration that you emanate as you are living your daily life is the direct link to bringing in what you seek to have. You have an opportunity to actually create a change in your vibration by working with it. You can work with it in meditation. You can work with it by being very clear on where your focus is in your everyday life. You can work with your vibration by imagining that you already have what you seek to have. If you already have it, your vibration, your vibration emanates exactly that. This is why we create in this space of the All That Is. This is why I speak with you so often about clearing out energies, being conscious of your thoughts and your actions and about bringing all of that into direct awareness in your everyday life.

How many times have you found yourself focusing upon the lack? Right here, right now I’m putting a little warning bell in every single person, that as you move into a pattern where you notice what is not happening to you… ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, that bell will go off and you have the opportunity to choose a different perception. You may acknowledge you don’t have whatever it is you seek, but let your energy focus upon the fact that you do have it in another dimension, in another space of consciousness and that you are bringing it down into your physical reality.

Let us speak of acceptance. How much are you accepting within your life? Do you accept yourself as the person that you are? Bravo beloved, I heard a unanimous, “yes I do.” Do you accept the many small ways that you interact with people throughout your day? Consider the people that you pass by, that you know nothing about. Do you smile at them or do they smile back? Do you accept that instant of alignment with someone else? Consider the people that you are around on a daily basis. Can you accept that your relationship with them is always transitioning? Can you accept that you are a co-creator in every relationship with everybody else? Can you accept random acts of kindness that come your way or do you instead say something like, “Oh, thank you but no thank you.” When someone wishes to give you a gift totally out of the blue do you accept with open arms or do you push it to the side as if to say, “Oh you didn’t have to do that or I couldn’t accept this from you”. No matter what the source, no matter what the gift, whether it’s opening the door for you, allowing you to go next in traffic or millions of dollars or the equivalent there of. Be open to accept everything within your life.

I feel the surges of energy moving throughout the room and moving throughout this space. As I speak those words I can feel how every person is opening up and accepting more within their lives. I have spoken many times about being in the flow of energy. This is universal energy. This is the energy of your light, your life. In all that I have been speaking about today, I invite you to consciously have a sense of being open to the flow. Time is constantly in movement, energy is constantly in movement. As you feel what this says to you become aware of how you have the potential to create exactly what you would like in your life. You have the potential to find the vibration of alignment. You have the potential to then accept and receive what you are creating within your life. And you do all of this within the flow of energy that is not only from the universe but from you, your divinity, the collective consciousness and the All That Is. It feels good, does it not? Feel the awareness.

I invite you to have a sense of coming back together as a group. You energies are so widely expanded right now. You may leave it like that, if you so choose, and just allow your focus for this moment to gather together as a group. As each one of you becomes aware of the others, I invite you to flow the intention of support; that you support them in all that they do and that you also accept their support as it flows to you from them. You are all a part of the whole. You are each a unique and separate soul essence, but you are a part of the whole.

Nama sika; venia benya, do you see how that brings the group back together and some within the center of this group, the hologram comes up of the earth. You see the Earth, you see the new Earth that I’ve referred to as Ariellis and both of these holograms come up with in the space of all of you and I invite you to infuse within it the essence of your transformation this evening. Infuse within it the essence of what you are creating in your life. And as that flows within the hologram it is as if the hologram itself takes on a new light. It expands, it radiates energy, and all of that becomes contained within this hologram so that it shifts, it flows down until it comes into in alignment with the crystalline grid. At this point that part which is Ariellis shifts out to align with the new earth and the remainder of that hologram that represents your earth moves down through the crystalline grid, creating a vibrational alignment with all these crystals that are here. It then moves into the magnetic grid and there is an activation that takes place as if everything within the magnetic grid creates an alignment to all that you are seeking to have within your life. It’s here for you, it’s available and you have access to it from within this grid.

Again, the remainder of the hologram moves downward, this time it moves into the center of your physical earth. As it moves within the earth, it anchors with those immense crystals that make up the core of the earth. From there it emanates outward as if everything that you’ve done, the vibration, all that you have created for yourself expands outward from the center of the earth that comes up within you as the human and know that this is but another way for you to create within your life. The supporting energies for what you are seeking to do for yourself then emanate out. It comes up through the grass, the trees, the water; it is all around you supporting you in your life.

What is interesting to me is that as I observed this taking place just now, I saw for so many of you, it was like debris was cleared out on this physical level. And by debris I mean resistance, I mean blockages that you have had; anything that’s been holding you back so that this new and very clear energy has the ability to anchor more fully within you. And your focus once more comes back within the All That Is. As I look at each one of you I can feel how you have already begun to reanchor your energies. I can feel the anticipation of getting back into your physical body, feeling good and feeling excited about all that’s happening.

Allow yourself to shift. You move first into the space of the soul plane. The majority of your divinity resides within this space as much as is able to go with you comes back with you as you allow your focus in your energy to move back to the crystalline grid, and it comes back here within the magnetic grid. For a time it’s all there. You feel the way your higher self is realigning so as to work with you; so as to assist you in manifesting and creating this within your everyday life.

Allow yourself to shift once more, this time have a sense of streaming your consciousness more fully back within your human body. As your consciousness comes back within this space you may have to expand the energy field around your physical body. Allow your consciousness to come back moving down through your physical body. You feel the alignments that take place as it moves bigger energy centers. Allow it to go all the way through you and it links with that energy that came out from the core center of the earth so that you and your physical reality are feeling the balance that comes from your divinity and the balance that comes from your physical everyday reality.

I invite you to sit here quietly for a moment as this all integrates and also take a moment to send that energy gently out into whatever it is that you are creating in your life. Do so with the intention of being in the vibration of allowing. Allow yourself to shift, allow yourself to change. Put forth your intention and your awareness of having what you seek to have. Allow it to become more embedded within you as your human reality.

So as we bring this evening to a close, I reach out to each one of you knowing that times can be so complicated and at times things can be frustrating for you. May you feel that ball of energy that I just sent out to the Q&A, may you feel that energy of light and assistance and love and compassion. I am always here for you, I believe in you and I encourage you to remember to let you focus be on what you are seeking to have and let yourself allow within your life and whatever form all that is good, fun and joyful as it comes to you.

I am ever with you and within you.



COBALT 9th March 2012 11:58 am

'When you are in a conscious flow of acceptance and allowing it creates immense changes in your life." :smitten:

Shelly Dressel 11th March 2012 12:34 am

Thank you! I really feel a lot of energy as it's happening and then while it's a bit different, I still can feel the surges and flow even as i read it later....

I find that the Goddess really creates a powerful opportunity to shift or transform if that is what you seek. It's good just to be in the energies~~

jill03 12th March 2012 8:22 am

Iam very grateful for this website and the authors ! Its a wonderful gift !


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