Understanding Energy

Nama Sika Venia Benya     I AM the One; I AM the Whole

Greetings beloved family.  I welcome you to this time of togetherness.  I embrace each one of you as you come into this group of energy.  This is a time upon the earth when much that has been planned for is coming to fruition.  There are many different individuals who speak of the energies that are shifting and moving throughout the world and we are but a part of this larger group.  All of you who are interested in this type of spiritual growth, this type of spiritual expansion, are connecting with one another; be it consciously or unconsciously. 

You have consciously been bringing in what is termed ‘new energy’.  You have consciously been releasing duality within yourself and your life.  You have consciously invited the fairies, the angels, the devas, the guides, to be a part of your existence.  In doing all of this, you find yourself opening up to a greater understanding of who you are.  Each of you is divine.  Each of you is radiant.  Each of you is creating something new and different just for you.  You have been seeking to bring change into your life and it is here.  Allow for it to unfold in whatever form it may come to you.  Become aware of your vibration and allow it to be in alignment with what you seek to have in your life. 

Allow yourself to now release your physical body.  Shift your energies that you may link with the magnetic grid.  You do this quite easily.  You find yourself within the space where you may perceive pathways, intersections, and you also perceive what you might consider the home for your higher self.  Take in any information that is here for you.

As you are ready to do so, you may let go of this space.  Let go of the magnetic pull of the earth.  Allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may connect with the crystalline grid.  You recognize this as your space.  You recognize this as being in alignment with what you are becoming.  As each of you is working with these new energies, you are working with the energies that are in alignment with the crystalline vibration.  There is no positive or negative, there is no duality; there is only the existence and radiance that you can perceive from these crystals. 

Call forth a column of light.  Allow this column to shift your awareness as you merge with it.  You feel yourself shifting between dimensions until you emerge into the space of the soul plane.  This is the space where a much greater amount of your soul energy resides.  You come here quite often in your dream state, many of you come here in your meditations, others come here as means of communication with other individuals when you wish to communicate on a soul to soul level. 

Call forth your I AM presence.  Allow this greater amount of your divinity to merge with your consciousness.  Allow yourself to take in and become aware of who you are as your divinity.  You are so very radiant!  You exude many different colors or energies.  You are also multidimensional.  This is true in your human form as it is true in this non-human form.  Some times it is easier to perceive when you are in this space of your expanded consciousness.  Allow yourself to open to this perception at this time. 

I make myself known as I come into this space.  Some of you see me with human characteristics; others perceive me simply as a light.  I am that I AM, no matter how you perceive me.  As I blend with each one of you, you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is.  Allow yourself to become aware of what this is like for you.  Feel the vibration.  Feel the essence of what this is. 

Let us speak for a moment about energy.  Energy in and of itself is basically just in existence.  It doesn’t move, it is all around everything, but it is simply there.  It is your consciousness, it is your intention, it is the perception that you have which begins to give energy its motion.  We are speaking of energy within this space.  (the All That Is)

When you are closer to the earth, there is the magnetic pull of the earth.  There are the positive and negative ions; there is density, and many other factors that come into play.  Energy as you have always known it is changing.  For the indefinite future, there will be the traditional energy that you have come to think of in your world.  As each of you are creating the changes for yourself as you are raising your vibration, as you are deliberately bringing in a higher vibration.  This changes the energy within you and around you. 

Sometimes it gives you a sense of discordance between you and your surroundings.  Sometimes this may manifest as communication problems; as if things do not go as smoothly.  Sometimes it will manifest as storms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions.  So it can go from something very very subtle to something extremely dramatic.  Each of you take this moment and connect within yourself.  Ask to know where is my energy right now?  What does energy mean to me?  How am I perceiving my own energy?  Some of you may be surprised by the answers you get. 

Allow yourself to take this a step further.  How would you like to work with the energy in your creation?  We will begin within this very high fine vibration.  I ask you each to become very conscious of yourself as consciousness.  Are there thoughts moving through your mind?  Are you perceiving colors, sounds, or simply feeling this space for what it is?  All of these are aspects of your perception. It is as you tap into your perception be it of who you are or your environment; that is when the shift occurs.  You take in the information, much of it in non verbal words, but it still creates a perception inside of you.  

Feel as if I am handing you a ball of energy.  It may be as if you are holding something that is just there.  There may not be any movement or reaction in it; you may not even perceive that there is anything in front of you.  Now, knowing that I have given each of you a ball of energy, link with it through your consciousness.  You will begin to perceive information from this ball of energy.  As with anything else, it can be wide ranging; from something very subtle to something vivid, dramatic, and impactful. 

You therefore see how much impact your consciousness and intention has upon your whole world.  You play right now with this little ball of energy, but when you are living your life; your consciousness is constantly taking in information and assimilating it.  It is then turning things around and creating changes or shifts as needed to be able to create what you are seeking to have.  All of the creations that are within your life are coming from within you.  It is coming from your consciousness; both the conscious and unconscious awareness.  Therefore as you are seeking to manifest within your life, it is helpful for you to be more aware of the energies that you emanate and how that relates to the energies that you are seeking to bring into your life. 

We will work again or shall we say play again with manifestation.  Everyone upon the earth is seeking to manifest in one way or another. It is a part of the human experience.  Manifestation has a very wide range.  Each individual may be seeking to manifest on many different levels at the same time.  During these journeys we will usually work with one idea. 

This time I ask you to consider your life that you are choosing to live upon the earth.  Consider where you are at this moment.  As you consider it, what comes to mind?  Is it what you have in your life or what you do not have in your life?  The vibration that you are emanating or the energy that you radiate from you is in alignment with what you are creating.  So be open and aware to understand that you are most likely creating many different things on many different levels. 

Allow yourself to perceive the multitude of things that you are working with at the same time.  It may seem as if you have only one or two things, but that is because they are the priority.  That is completely fine.  Whether specific things; images, feelings, senses are coming to you or simply trust that you are manifesting many things on many levels, you can bring it all into a common balance or alignment so as to create a greater ease within your life.  You are each multidimensional, therefore when you move through your days upon the earth, on any given day you are moving through different levels or vibrations.

Normally when you are driving your cars you need to be very grounded and aware of your third dimensional aspects.  But there are actually many individuals who use that time to expand.  They shift time as they are driving.  They can shift the space of there car and it can happen in an instance; therefore they are not aware of it.  Many individuals will move into a higher vibration when they go into their space of prayer or meditation.  In other words, when you consciously expand your awareness you shift into a higher dimension.  I speak of this to raise your awareness; it is not anything that you need to worry about.  It is a very fluid movement.  But let yourself feel it.  For some it may give you an understanding of why you feel the way you do at times.

So we come back again to your creation, to what you seek to manifest.  Allow yourself to focus for the time being; meaning in the next days or weeks on creating a vibrational alignment which will allow for things to manifest in a quicker manner.  When you are each in the non physical realm, you do this quite easily; most of you without even any conscious thought.  Many of you are working with other individuals.  When you choose to work, communicate, or manifest with other humans and you add in that human aspect; that is the part that changes almost everything. 

So let yourself be within this space.  Let yourself understand that when you are manifesting and creating you are doing so on many different levels at the same time.  Remember that you are manifesting many different things at the same time.  Remember also about your vibration, free will, and linking with other’s vibration and their free will.  I say this as a means of explanation so that you will not give yourself a hard time if things seem slow to manifest.

Allow yourself to be fully present in any moment that it may be.  Allow yourself to find the interest, the joy, the information; whatever it may be in any experience that you have.  Accept the creations that have brought you to where you are right now.  By doing so, you accept yourself as a human.  That is part of what I really wish for each of you to do.  Accept and see the miracle that is you living this human experience.  Understand and give yourself a break so that you may be within a space of love, acceptance; within a space of peace. 

Alright, with saying that, I also wanted to spend some of this day, this evening, this journey to connect more fully with the earth.  You chose this time to walk upon the earth and the vast majority of your embrace your life as a human.  But there are those who may be around you and there are others who seek or believe they seek to be only in the heavens.  So let me take this opportunity to take you all on a journey that you may more fully reconnect with the earth.

With your intention, allow yourself to move onto the surface of the earth.  I feel as if I am saying lets go class and everyone as a group is following and gathering around!  First of all, just standing upon the earth, you feel again the magnetics, the density; all that it is to be upon the earth.  We pause here only for a moment. 

Then merge with the earth, feel as if you are being absorbed by the earth, you are moving into the earth upon which you live.  As you blend with the earth, you can feel your consciousness moving in many different directions.  I invite you to gather together as a group for there are individuals who wish to speak. 

There are many individuals who chose to come and live in dimensions that are actually existing within the physical earth.  Some of these people came from Lemuria, some came straight from the galaxy; still others were created from the earth, so to speak.  There are fairies here, gnomes, those you might call a leprechaun in some countries.  All of these choose to live within this space.  They can be very aware of what is occurring upon the earth, some are very busy with their own day, just as each of you are.  But they come here at this time and they are open to creating a connection with all who are seeking to create a connection with them.

I step aside for a moment:  (this is to allow the energies who live within the earth to speak through Shelly)


I greet you people!  We too are people; you can see that we are shaped like people.  We breathe, there is oxygen within here.  We do have some of what you might call the conformity of living in a magnetic state.  I am actually speaking for a group of different people so I am “No Name” if you wish to call me that; because I am not one, I am many. 

We chose to come inside of the earth at the time when earth was going through an immense change.  Some of us originally come from Lemuria, but others were living inside here even before that.  We do have a perception of night and day; we do have a moon and a sun.  In many ways it is the same as living on top of the earth, but as you can feel, the vibration is different.  We are more along the line of what you might call the sixth, seventh or perhaps even a higher vibration.  Therefore if we wish to walk upon the surface of the earth, it would be quite uncomfortable. 

As the earth itself is shifting into this higher vibration, we are working with you as you are creating your own alignment.  When you are out in your gardens or when you are in prayer and meditation, you can link with our energies through intention.  Working with us are the fairies, the gnomes, the elves.  They have a greater ease in moving from within to the top or the surface of the earth.  Therefore many of you connect with them first; well, many of you go no further than them.  But if you seek to, you are welcome to connect with any of us. 

We seek to see an earth that transitions into a place filled with peace, beauty, calm.  We realize it is not like that in every aspect of the earth and most likely it will never be.  Be we see that humans have come full circle in what they create for themselves.

If you seek to connect with us, please do.  We can communicate with you, we can assist you as you are adapting to the higher vibration upon the earth.  Vibration as the Goddess said is energy.  So seeking an alignment that is more comfortable for you will ease any symptoms you may be having. We are here to assist you if you seek to connect with us.

We thank you for this opportunity to speak.  It is I No Name, which has become my name!  And I say to you, Adieu

I am back, this is the Goddess.  So you see all around you what is actually within your physical earth at a different vibration so that you can become aware of where you are in your own alignment during your days as you walk upon the earth.  Allow yourself to release this space and you easily shift back into the space of the All That Is.  This type of motion, this type of shifting between spaces is becoming easier and easier; is it not? I create a space to facilitate that for you but each of you is able to do that on your own.  Again, be limitless.  Allow yourself to expand in any way that gives you joy and excitement. 

Come back together as a group.  Perceive the others who are here with you.  There is a sense of excitement and chattering that is going on between everybody.  Let yourself be aware of who you are connecting with.  Let yourself be aware of this energy or space. 

As always you create the hologram, you perceive it coming up within the group.  You perceive it instantly since you have already connected with the earth on this journey.  Create another link if you so desire allowing yourself to be very grounded or connected to these other energies.  See how the earth itself is being infused with energy of light.  See how there are areas that create a dark that may balance this energy of light. We say those words without a judgment; we are simply seeking to have balance within the earth.

As you are ready, you infuse your love, your consciousness into this hologram so that the earth itself is a part of you.  The earth rotates; it radiates a sense of balance, a sense of connection.  As it is ready to do so, it moves down as if it is moving through a column of light until an aspect of it connects with the magnetic grid and sends forth its energy.  The remainder of this ball of light that represents the earth moves down merging with the physical earth.  The energies that you previously connected with reach out to embrace what you are sending; then you find yourself back within the space of the All That Is.

Open your awareness that you may perceive any shifts or changes that occurred during this journey.  As you are ready to do so, move back into the space of the soul plane.  As you return to this space, it expands to accommodate your own expansion.  Within the soul plane, consciously create a link with your human body.  Some of you may feel as if your bringing your consciousness back within your physical, others may feel as if you are bringing your physical up within this space.  Seek to have a link, a balance, and alignment; howsoever you wish to perceive it, between your divinity and human self.  All are aligned within this space; therefore seek the same alignment as you walk upon the earth. 

As you are ready, feel as if your consciousness is shifting back into the space of the crystalline grid.  Again, as we spoke of energy earlier, you can perceive energy shifting and moving here through your intention. Allow yourself to take in whatever information is important for you to know. 

As you are ready to do so, move into the magnetic grid.  You once again feel what it is to be within the gravitation pull of the earth.  You can feel this vibration and become aware of the many pathways.  You may see or sense yourself as you are located here. 

Allow your awareness to come back more fully within your physical body.  The energy field around you expands to be able to accommodate this.  Let yourself come back being fully present within the room.  Allow this expanded awareness to remain with you.  Take this moment and consciously align the vibrational energies within your body.  (Remember) that which you were seeking to manifest within the higher planes; bring it with you into your current existence.  Bring it into you where you are right now!  Seek an alignment of all vibrations and allow this within your life.  You are the creator.  Let yourself create in a most magnificent way!!

Now as you are ready to do so, you may come back within the conference room.  You may press 4 upon your telephone and I am open receive your questions. 


Question:  (paraphrased) Thank you dear Goddess for the lovely journey.  It was so nice to be able to align with the Lemurian energies within the earth.  In alignment with the journey tonight, my question would be; can you tell me what is within my unconscious mind that I am projecting into my yard?  My bushes have fungus, my grass is dying, and as within as without, I’m wondering if I am projecting something into my yard. 

Answer:  Well beloved, with this question we appreciate how you are seeking to understand the creation that you have made for yourself and you are accepting that this is something that has been created by your unconsciousness because the grass and bushes are not thriving.  But actually what is coming to us as we link with you at this time is that it is really nothing to do with you.  It is something else within the environment; perhaps something that was put there years ago.   Have there been problems within the whole neighborhood?  Or perhaps the town…….this is about a 1-2 mile radius that is having trouble with their yards.  (I think that may be true because our landscape service said that other people are also having problems.)  We sense that there is some sort of toxicity within the soil.  Whether this is from a toxic waste type of thing from one of the (industrial) plants further away which has made its way down to you or whether it’s a residual toxin from something years and years ago.  It’s unclear to us if this is recent or a long time ago as in 15-20 years ago, and is just now making itself known.  The sense we are getting is more that there are toxins in the earth that are being released.  Now, as we spoke to you earlier, there are many toxins being released simply because the earth is evolving. 

To get back to your question, the sense that is coming to us is that this is a bigger issue than what is going in your life and what you are doing.  Therefore your choices are what to do to go forward from here.  You may create changes in the way you fertilize and work with the garden.  You may create changes in the way you seek to connect with and heal.  It is something that can be improved upon through energy work.  We just encourage you to go out further than just your yard; expand into a bigger area or it will creep back in from the surrounding areas.  The sense it that it is more so about what you choose as you go forward from here as apposed to an unconscious way that is showing you something going on in your life.  Does that make sense to you?  (Yes it does!  Do you see this as having the potential of being corrected?)  Yes, there is always that potential.  We see another individual who has been doing research on this, so there is a public forum or a public discussion that is coming up about this.  You may find that you are not the only one coming to realize this; that others will also work to see what can be done to cleanse this.  (You can have an impact with) anything that you can do as an individual, realizing that this is a toxic issue; you can go in, blend with toxins and neutralize them.  You can go in and infuse the area with light, vibration, and health.  You can choose how you water and fertilize, etc.  So go inside of yourself and connect with the fairies, ask the fairies.  We hear you; you say you don’t hear the answer.  This is an opportunity for you to become more aware of the inter communication that you do have going on.  (I already do this energy work.  I bless it and thank it for blooming and sharing its beauty.)  Alright, gratitude is always a wonderful emotion to have, but the sense with this is that you need to take it a step further.  (Thank you for this advice.)  You are welcome. 


Question:  (paraphrased)  Goddess?  I am wondering which Ascended Master I am working with at this time?  I am also wondering if there is a possibility that they would like to help me go to a deeper level.  I would like to have a mystical experience and it just doesn’t seem to be happening.

Answer:  Alright, there are two things that come to mind as you speak of this.  First of all there is the energy of Hilarian around you.  He is often times portrayed as green, he is often times very scientific, or could be considered analytical or mathematical.  We don’t know if that resonates with you, but this is the energy that first made its presence known to us.  He and other energies of light have been working with you and they are definitely around you.  We know that you have been asking for quite awhile to have a deeper awareness or more open awareness so that you would be able to understand better or have something that makes it more real to you in your daily life.  When this does not happen, it most often is due to the vibration that we spoke of upon the journey.  Now first of all, you are asking to have this in your life and there have been experiences that have occurred, but you were not consciously aware of what was going on.  You have been putting forth the energy, you have drawn it to you, but the changes in vibration or the reaction that occurred never came into your awareness so the perception is that it did not occur or that you are not opening up in the way that you seek to open to open up.  So what we would like to help you become more aware of is that as you are opening and consciously inviting this in; seek to have more awareness.  You work with more than just Hilarian; he is but one energy in and out of your life at this time.  So whether you call on Hilarian, your own soul essence, Jesus, Mother Mary; whomever it may be, you may invite them to come in assist you in creating an experience so that you can know in your physical life.  It’s about seeking the alignment, seeking the vibration that you will perceive it in your physical plane, then accepting it into your life in whatever form may come.  The other thing is that it comes in a way that you are not anticipating so you think it has not arrived.  Be open to the essence of what you asking to have “a mystical experience, a magical experience”.  It may be that you are in a bookstore and read something in a book when a wave of energy flows through you.  That can be a mystical experience.  It may be you are outside walking in nature and it may be that you feel a flow of energy or see some sparkling lights that can be a mystical experience.  Therefore it can come in many different forms.  Sometimes it’s been coming around you and it has been happening but you didn’t connect it with what you are asking to have happen.  Does that make sense to you?  (yes) The thing you can do as a human because I understand how humans like to have things and being able to be pro-active; so what you can do is consciously seek alignment.  You are giving your brain something think about, you are calling in your human aspect, you are calling in your spiritual aspect then you are calling in whatever guides you are seeking.  All of this is coming from within you and it is created within you and can then manifest within your physical.  Does that make sense to you?  (It does.  In my perception it really is not an ego thing and it’s not even wanting….. it feels like it’s an opening to put more pieces of the puzzle together and it is something that I am going to experience.)  Well it is something you are already experiencing so in order for it to open up and make sure you are experiencing it, let go of any barriers that you may have.  If you are seeking to create this deeper connection, then go inside and release any barriers; they may be in your alignment or they may be in fear because they don’t want you to expand, grow, or move in a new direction.  So there are many different things that come into play when you are manifesting in the physical plane.  (Thank you)  You are welcome.


Question:  (paraphrased) I went on a vacation to Hawaii a month ago and ever since I’ve come back I’ve felt restless, frustrated as if aspects of my life I want gone.  What energy did I connect with there and why am I feeling so anxious? 

Answer:  You are trying to reconnect with the experiences you had when you were there?  (She explained further that she feels as if she’s trying to get through a great heaviness or muck.)  The more that you have spoken of this, the more we can connect.  What we are tapping into is that when you were in Hawaii you were tapping into or connecting with energies that were in part a part of a previous lifetime.  Also there are energies that you intrinsically associate with relaxation, being comfortable, being in joy, releasing the stress and pressures of your daily life.  That is why your spirituality was so expanded and you were able to get so much information or you felt as if you were more connected.  There is also something about the ocean water that is very healing to you or cleansing to you.  Did you notice that when you were there?  (Yes I did.)  You went there with the intention of letting go of some of the old belief systems that you have been carrying around.  You have been seeking to make changes in your life for quite awhile.  You went to Hawaii; the ocean water did assist in creating the changes that took place inside of you.  It is what you have been asking for; it is what you were seeking to have.  Then when you returned home you went back into some of those densities that had not yet been changed.  It was like you left the pot, got all cleaned up, you shifted yourself, created a new you; then you jumped right back into the pot, if that makes sense to you.  (Yes!)  So what is important for you to do at this time…? We hear this part of you saying “Just let me move to Hawaii!” and if you wish to do so, go for it!  But we don’t see this happening in the near future.  (She laughed at this.)  So create the alignment with the newer you in your current living situation.  Send energy out from within you, creating from within you; send out an energy that will release what no longer works for you.  Consciously create a change that is going to be in greater alignment with who you are.  Are you aware of how you can do this?  (She said she was not sure.)  What we see you doing is that you can create a ball of light from within your heart center, within you; as you are creating this ball of light see what happened to you in Hawaii, how you felt when you were in that space, align with the vibration you would like to be more comfortable with.  Then let the ball of light expand out getting as big as you, as big as the room, as big as the house, as big as the yard, as big as the neighborhood, and let it go and go and go.  What that will do is cleanse the area of energies associated with you that no longer work for you.  When you send out a ball of light like that that comes from within you, it’s about shifting the energies that you were previously in alignment with or are still in alignment with you.  You can send out a ball of light like that and it’s not going to change what Joe Smo, the neighbor is doing, it’s only going to link with your own personal intention. 


Question:  (paraphrased) All that you’ve said has been helpful and I will incorporate what also applies to me.  I am going through a very difficult time of shifting.  I’m wondering if you have any tools that you can share with me that will assist me with shifting.

Answer:  With the shift that you speak of, that you are going through; as we said with this other individual, it is about letting go of the past and these experiences that you have had in your life.  But you are still so close to it that you don’t have the space or distance to detach, which makes it very difficult to move into a new energy or space.  First and foremost, I have a sense to say to you that all of us who are present and even those who will be reading this later; we all take this moment to embrace you.  We support you and surround you with love and the knowledge that for this time when you cannon hold this vision for yourself, we will flow the energy through and around you.  We will do that for you at this time.  Let yourself connect with this feeling at any time that you may need it within your life.  Know that you have the support of a group.  You have the support of many different individuals, but also the support of yourself as you are a part of this group.  There is flowing this energy and you can latch onto it whenever you may need to.  We also have a sense to tell you to go inside and look with this individual about ways in which the two of you have been connected in the past.  See if perhaps you can’t consciously release those previous connections.  We have a sense of the other individual holding on with two hands, so you need to really let go; you have let go, but consciously feel as if the release is on both ends instead of just your end.  The other people or person has the opportunity through their own free will, but the sense to tell you is to disconnect in that way.  We sense that you have done this before, but just keep doing it each time it comes up.  Things are done in many different levels.  You need to move through all the various levels of existence and then it will finally come more easily to you.  We see that all is going to be well.  We see you coming out as the phoenix rising from the ashes.  We see you as coming into a new sense of self and that sense will be stronger and have a greater core of peace and contentment.  No you don’t feel it right at the moment, but we feel it for you, we flow it to you and through you; let yourself ride upon the wave of this family who is around you.


Question:  (paraphrased) I had a reading with a medical intuitive and don’t agree with what he said.  I had an insight today that he was reading my old body.  By that I mean he can only see what I created in the past and not as much who I am now and where I’m going.  Do you agree and/or elaborate? 

Answer:    I absolutely agree with you beloved.  What I would say to you or anybody is trust in yourself and believe in yourself.  When you get an intuitive insight such as you did this afternoon, always believe in it because it always is right.  Now speaking of this experience; you have been upon this path and you are so very highly evolved that even though you go walking through your days, you still see your neighbors and they see you, they’ll even comment to you, (you are a transparent light.)  When someone is looking at you energetically they cannot perceive you in all your magnitude unless it is someone else who is equally expanded.  Does that make sense to you?  So as for the individual that you were speaking with; he does have a great deal of ability and he actually has worked on himself and is an expanded individual, in fact many might consider him to be a lightworker. Yet he still is not to the degree that you are, therefore he can only see to the degree that he can perceive. 

Another way to explain and we know that you understand it, but we will say it for other people to understand.  For instance, as people are running through their three dimensional lives, they don’t see the guides, the angels, or the fairies who might be walking along beside them and interacting with them.  Then, as people shift their vibration and move into a higher space of existence, they can see or perceive these individuals in one way or another; through feeling, hearing, sight, or whatever it may be.  Sometimes it’s only when you consciously expand your energies.  Using that as an example; this individual, even though he was in his expanded state, he could only see the level to which he has evolved.  When he gets to a space in which he is more highly evolved, if you were to go back to him and have another reading done, he would have different perceptions.  The things he spoke of were indeed experiences you have had in this physical body.  You have changed your cellular memory in many, many ways.  You have created a new cellular blue print for yourself as you ascended to this new higher level of yourself.  The old cellular blue print is there in the level in which he connected. 

So the question you are actually asking is have you really made these changes that you think you have made and have you really changed your cellular structure?  And the answer to that is YES you have!!  Yes, as each person ascends to another level of existence, you bring your mental, emotional, all these aspects along with you.  They physical body being the most dense, is always the slowest to respond.  Indeed, throughout this existence, you have shifted on a cellular level the energies of your body.  You are still incorporating some of that, but indeed it has occurred.  Is that what you were seeking to know?  (It is and I have a sense, this would be for everybody too, as if each day we are a blank slate of potential or possibilities.  It’s the creation or the evidence of who we used to be and what we were thinking and what we used to believe.  Then we have the opportunity in the moment now to think new thoughts and shift which will then show up later.  We have that freedom and that potential; just because were something at one time, doesn’t have to mean anything.)

That’s exactly right.  You were something at one time and it had an impact upon your life.  It’s what led you to make certain choices in your life.  This is why I speak over and over again about each individual accepting themselves for what they have done in this life, who they have been in this life, for whatever those experiences may be.  As you can accept that that is what you created in the moment and that is what worked for you, even if it worked for 40 years.  If you choose and you consciously make the changes then absolutely you are re-creating yourself into whatever you seek to be.  (thank you very much)  You are welcome, we thank you for asking. 

We thank all of you for having the opportunity to ask these questions.  Everyone is upon their own personal journey, yet there is always that over lay or overlap in which everyone may be experiencing things in a subtle change or difference or form than what the other person is doing. 

I invite you in the days or weeks to come to be more aware of who you are as a person, who you are as a soul.  Allow that to blend and align within the person that you are.  Let yourself create and manifest on a vibrational level of what you seek to have within your life.  Bring it in in whatever way it will come to you; accept that all is present. 


I am ever with you and within you.





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