Vesak - The Expression of Buddha and Christ

This channel took place before the actual Vesak (Wesak) festival which is held for Buddha’s birthday around the full moon in May each year. This channel takes us through the experience in a way different from usual.  I’ve channeled for the Wesak for many years and this one I could definitely feel was in a higher vibration.

At the very beginning of this channel, the Goddess spoke of relationships and being around people who may attack you or tell lies. She spoke of how creating a deeper alignment within your divinity, filling with compassion then looking outward gave one the ability to not get hooked into other’s energy.

During the time of the celebration within the high Meadow of Shamballa everyone gathered awaiting their entrance.  There was a brilliant star that turned into Buddha as he descended his energies.  As Buddha become visible, connected with people so they could feel his energy and love. 

Then as Christ descended, it was another brilliant light. What’s interesting is that I sense one would feel blinded, but we’re not!!  They stood beside one another extending their energies into all who were there. 

They spoke of how this year’s was able to open to higher dimensions such as the 7th and 8th.  They cleared the energy of the earth on all levels, in all dimensions and through the collective consciousness.  One person attending mentioned how she really felt this one in her 3rd eye. 

Even though Buddha spoke of how he advocates being in service to others, it’s really essential that you fill YOU up first with compassion, then look outward.  


Nama sika Venia benya, Nama sika Venia benya

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out with all the energies that are gathered here allowing, not only the energies of the universe to come into the earth plane, but the energies of the earth plane to flow and move upwards into that which is the highest light vibration available to each individual. 

There is a very dramatic change that is taking place at this time.  This change comes through the form of communication.  It comes in the form of the solar flares.  It comes through the form of the balance and alignment between the sun, the moon, the stars, the planets and the earth.  Everything is finding a new balance and a new vibrational concordance that allows, not only for the people upon the earth to expand and flourish in whatever way they may, but also for those that are out in the universe to find their own balance. 

There is an intricate relationship that takes place between the earth and its transformation and each of the planets that are part of your solar system.  What happens is that that which is happening in the universe effects the earth, which in turn creates a rebound effect, so that there is a movement that goes back and forth; this you already know.  What is becoming different at this time is that there is much more of a conscious choice, a conscious belief, a conscious awareness that is a part of this transformation, and through the consciousness there is a much greater balance and acknowledgment. 

Indeed each person is living their life.  Indeed each person creates their reality through their reactions, their realizations, through their gut instinct.  There are many different reflections that create your reality.  As each person is living there is this great big huge chunk of humanity that just goes along with that which is in the collective whole.  It is those of you who are choosing your reality who are choosing your thoughts, who are choosing how you live your life that is really creating the ripple effect upon the world.

Sometimes when things happen and you feel what good is it doing?  I’m still where I was.  Nothing is changing.  There is still a bunch of crap that is happening in the world.  That is your reality in that moment and it may be that that is the only perception that you have at that time.  I would ask you to take a step back.  Take a step back and allow yourself to say ‘is that the only reality or is there something else’. Because I guarantee there is always more than one reason for why things happen.  There is more than one reality for how to look at a situation, and you do have a very unique opportunity to make a choice for where you place your awareness. 

If you find yourself in that pattern that’s just bringing you down, making you sad, making you angry, let it go.  Let go the energy because it doesn’t matter what everything else is doing it is how you feel within yourself and if everyone else has a completely different perspective.  Everyone is saying hey the sky is orange today and you look up and the sky is blue.  It doesn’t matter what everyone else is saying.  It’s about you and your reality and your relationship with your own divinity. 

The stronger that becomes within you the greater your solid energy upon the earth and then if people come back and attack you it will bounce off of you.  You can stand in the strength of your truth and your reality and people cannot help but believe in you and question that which they thought to be a truth or a reality.

If you find yourself being impacted by other people and situations then you can also go in and say why am I so hurt?  Why is this affecting me in this way?  As always when you get into that situation don’t stay there long.  Stay long enough to recognize perhaps I need to make a change.  Perhaps …….  you can fill in the blank, but then move on.  Move into that place of the new belief.  Move into that place of a new truth and that which is your own and that which is your reality.

I realize I’ve gone off on a bit of a tangent here, but this is in response to a number of things that have come into Shelly and I over the last several days and I just felt it was important for everyone to have that reminder. 

Yes you are creating your reality and it is that reality is a sense of being attacked.  It is a reality is your truth in that moment, but if you find yourself becoming caught up in that, becoming defensive, becoming hurt, trying to strike back, you may find yourself being pulled even further and it doesn’t change the perception, anyone else’s perception, so why go there.

Remain in your truth.  Remain in your reality.  Remain in that open flow of unconditional love from you to you.  That nobody can change.  That nobody can put a wedge into, because that is your personal private relationship with your own divinity. 

Let it be the foundation for all.  Let it become stronger and stronger within your world and you will see the world differently.  You will no longer have those altercations.  They may still be going on around you, but it will not hook into you.  It will move past you.  

Is this what one calls a soap box did I get up on one?  But indeed I am here to assist people as you live your life upon the earth.  I am here to remind you that there is more to life and there is more to reality, and there is more to what you have to offer to yourself first and foremost and then outwards to the rest of the world.

So take a deep breath in breathing all the way down inside of yourself and if there is something in what I just said that is resonating within you breathing it in and allow it to expand.  If there is something to release then take a moment ~whew~ and let it go. 

Take this moment to once more to breathe down within yourself allowing your energies to center within you sending it down into the earth so that you may spread out and anchor within the earth.  Let that flow back up within you then and send your energy and light until you can expand into the space of your higher self.

 As you arrive within this space look around.  It can become cluttered so clear out.  Clear out anything that no longer serves you.  There are so many things that your thought maybe I’ll try that, or maybe I’ll try that and they remain tucked in a corner so clear it out knowing that if it comes back around again you will be in a new place so you can still go back into whatever that may be, but do so from a new perspective. 

Allow your energies to move out even further.  That cord of light that aligns between you the human and going straight out into your divinity.  Allow yourself to follow through.  Feel what it is as you merge with your divinity.  This is what I spoke of just a few minutes ago.  This is limitless power, limitless love, acceptance and balance, and all you need to do is to allow your intention, or your focus, to go from you in your human state straight up into this space and then you allow that to come back down into you.

I am smiling because my perception of some of you is that that cord, or that alignment, is kind of a zigzag, that’s fine.  It can go in a spiral, it can go into a zigzag, it can go into a knot.  You cannot shut off that flow.  It is always there for you.  And again feel that flow of love.  Feel that flow of awareness.

Shift your focus once more so that you may perceive I the Goddess as I walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace each of you here within this space of your divinity, but also you as the human in this life.  So allow yourself to feel the love.  Feel the flow.  Feel the awareness that I may amplify within you. 

As we embrace you feel your energies shifting into the All That Is.  As we all move into this space there are many energies here waiting, waiting for you, waiting for the experience, awaiting the opportunity to either observe or to be a part of humans creating upon the earth.

We are coming upon the time of what you call the Vesak festival, the Wesak.  It has many different names it goes by and I always love to have the opportunity to experience that.  As you are aware time is nonlinear so we may be tapping into it but your calendar time space may be a little before.  You may be listening to this afterwards and tap in after it has taken place. 

I sit in the space of this energy as even more gather with us.  If this is your first experience with the Vesak it is a time when Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ return to the earth creating an alignment.  To to give you a visual, even though we are going there in a moment, but within the Himalayan Mountains is that area known as Shambhala or Shamballa - again different perspectives - which is a valley in the high mountains. There is an essence of Jesus descending and an essence of Buddha descending and there is a vibrational alignment that moves through both of them amplifying their energies and their current vibration upon the earth. 

You have the potential to experience what they will have and share with the world this year.  There have been some very dramatic changes since the last year.  You may remember that just prior to Vesak last year there was that massive earthquake, there were two of them, right in this general area.  Some of that vibration of the earthquake was a result of that shifting to allow for the greater expression of the high vibration.  Some of it was the releasing of old energies from within the earth.  It also created a space that is allowing for those crystals of the lightbody energy to come more so to the surface.

I invite you to look around you right now creating an intention of what you would like to experience, either experience as a result of tonight’s interaction, or what you would like to do as a part of the interaction.  As Buddha descends he may have millions of people’s energies in alignment with him that descend with him.  The same is true for the Christ energy.  So you may be a part of that or you may be as a spectator observing what is taking place, or you may be both. 

I invite everyone to have a sense of letting your consciousness be fully present in this now moment as we are here in the All That Is and I am going to create an opening or flow in which I move down into this valley within the Himalayan Mountains.  Allow yourself to feel your presence as you look at this valley it is very lush with trees.  There are immense mountains all the way around.  There are many boulders and rocks within it and there is an open meadow at one end. 

This valley actually vibrates at about the seventh dimension.  This is one of the reasons why people may be hiking, climbing, living, within the mountains or this close proximity and yet they don’t see what you may be seeing in this now moment. 

I the Goddess along with a number of other energies, many of whom you know, create a strength and a foundation that will be able to sustain this high vibration so that many more people may be able to experience the Vesak.  All of you who come upon these journeys are already there in the high light vibration.  You too are assisting in the anchoring or making available this vibration. 

Take a moment and breathe down deeply within yourself sending that vibration into the earth in which you are energetically, so that you may more fully become aware.  Take a moment and consider a deep breath.  Is there a particular scent that you notice?  As you look around can you see with a greater clarity or do things look different to you?  Is it cool?  Is it warm?  The more of your senses that you use the greater this experience is to you. 

There are people in groups having conversations.  There are a number of monks who are here every year preparing this space.  All becomes quiet.  All become aware of a beam of light that begins as if it is an immense star shining in every direction and that star begins to shine a bright light that illuminates all who are within the valley.  As the valley is filled with light allow yourself an opportunity to just bask in this light of love, in this light of pure consciousness, this light of awareness. 

You begin to see the form of Buddha as his body manifests stepping out of this light.  There is a sense of those people closest to him bowing, honoring, respecting who he is, that he has returned and what this experience is to all.

We see him as he moves amongst the people closest to him.  What we realize is that even those people who are perched part way up the mountain can also feel as if he has reached out to touch them even though he has not moved from where he is. Buddha has a way of seeing everyone and creating that alignment.

Allow your focus to shift once more. That beam of light through which Buddha moved, becomes illuminated once again shining so brightly it is as if you have to shade your eyes because it is not just one energy but two as it comes down together.  As they move down and both stand before you, Christ also moves in a circle communicating with all, expressing his appreciation for all who have chosen to come and be a part of this ceremony.

We see both of them actually, as they step up upon one of the largest boulders so that it is very easy for all to see. My sense is that first the Buddha will speak with you.

Gautama Buddha Speaks:

Welcome to my birthday celebration!! Not many people have birthdays that are attended by millions and billions of people!

This is a time of coming together.  This is a time of reaching out to express who you are through me. I am but an amplifier.  I love this opportunity to come back and be upon the earth for this festival. I walk upon the earth through many of you throughout the year. Some of you may feel my energies; others may not be aware that it is I.

I need to share with you that this time as I come into this space I am feeling a greater stability upon the earth.  What I mean by that is that there is a transformation taking place that is the anchoring of the higher vibration even deeper into the earth so that it may spread out more fully upon the earth.

Last year we were in the process of placing those anchors very deep within the earth. Or another perception of that would be that we were activating that which was placed at the beginning of time. It matters not one’s perception because the result of what you have in this now moment is that the crystalline vibration is here. It’s available to you through I the Buddha and my brother the Christ. 

We speak of love. We speak of compassion. We speak of expressing your life in that which is of service to others. But, one of the messages that has always been misplaced around that is that you need to be of service to yourself first and foremost.  Now I recognize that many will think ‘what is that what the Buddha is saying? He’s always said be of service to others’. How can you give to someone else if you are depleted and empty? How can you see the needs of others if you don’t see the needs within yourself?

Okay, this is true. What I heard from people is that sometimes it’s easier to see the needs of others and just ignore your needs within yourself and perhaps that is true.  You cannot ignore the foundation of who you are any longer. You must be open to the flow of your divinity and you must accept your value as you reach out to others.

You may recognize that through the many, many years; millions, since the time that I walked upon the earth that the vibration has changed. Therefore the focus at one point is not necessarily the focus at another point even though the foundation is about the energy of love and compassion. In this now moment you are creating a new foundation for what will go out to the world.  How can you experience that?  What will it mean?

Allow yourself to have the experience of compassion.  I flow it from my heart to yours. Let that amplify within you your own compassion from within you. 

I am standing in the midst of each of you feeling your love, feeling your compassion, feeling the generosity of spirit that is so immense and so beautiful.  Know that it is not just me giving to you; it is you giving to me; there is a flow that moves back and forth. I receive your love with great appreciation and I thank you for expressing my life and my energy into the world. 

I am humbled by all that is here. I invite you to seek a life that is filled with love, that is filled with compassion and that is filled with the essence of you being you!


The Christ Speaks:

It is I the essence of Jesus Christ.  I stand here with my brother in this moment with the blending of my energies. He lived and walked upon the earth in what you might call four thousand years before the time in which I walked upon the earth which was two thousand years ago. These years are just numbers. It gives the people upon the earth a way of understanding or defining their lives.  We come back into this now moment around this time of the year every year.  We will continue to do so because our intention is to bring everything that the Buddha stands for and everything that the Christ stands for so that we may merge these energies together, creating something stronger and then sending it out to the world. 

The focus of the Vesak is our two energies as we blend.  From the energy of our over soul which is Sananda we also have Abraham, Krishna, Muhammed.  So their energies are also in this now moment.  I bring this up because of that religious foundation between Buddha and I.  But I really, and I speak for all of us, we really would love for the world will begin to transcend separation.  You are all humanity.  You are all expressions living out your version of humanity in the part of the world in which you live, in the culture in which you live; expressing and experiencing the many, many layers of what that means to you.

We are here in the beautiful valley once again with our message of love.  As Buddha just expressed, compassion needs to fill you up first and foremost for yourself and then as you share that outward to the world you have way more to give. This wave of the new vibration integrating into the earth is assisting with the transformation of all.

You are not alone as humanity because not only are we here, but the many angels and light beings are available to you.  You are not alone as humanity because each one of you living upon the earth is a part of the whole. If you feel lonely and isolated in your physical reality, then shift that energy, cut through it, peel it away and be in this moment with I the Christ standing here with my brother beside me as we express love to the world.

We see the difficulty that people have within their life.  We offer our unconditional love for whatever your experience may be. 

I always feel that every opportunity that I have to move into the earth is another opportunity to speak about the Christ light or the Christ energy. If ask what that is from my perspective, it is this in which you find yourself right now. It is this bright light of unconditional love.

It is the realization that you are living upon the earth for a reason. You chose to be alive. You chose your family, your community, your culture. Therefore breathe in this now moment. Breathe in this complete blending and balancing of all of humanity that is coming right now through us. People can live upon the earth and cohabitate with one another.

Where there is war; infuse peace. Where there is strife; infuse love. Where there is confusion and pain; infuse balance and compassion. 

Within these higher vibrations, you no longer need step into duality. You have the opportunity to simply be in this now moment of all that is here. 

I Jesus Christ in this now moment thank you for allowing me to speak. I stand here hand in hand with my brother and we amplify our energies one to the other and we send it outward through this entire valley, through this entire world, in every dimension, in every level of consciousness. ~~whew~~

May you receive our gift to you no matter where you are no matter what is happening within your life.


The Goddess Speaks: 

It is I the Goddess and once more as I watch Buddha and Christ it is as if when they blended their energy together there was this immense ball of light that then just exploded moving around the world clearing out all dimensions and all levels of consciousness. In doing so, it created a much greater space of balance and a potential for that to integrate throughout all of humanity. 

This is a gift; a gift without boundaries so to speak. It is given from our heart to yours, may you receive all that you seek. 

Some of you may choose to remain within this space for a longer period of time. You may stretch and move that energy at will.  But for now, there is a sense of the Christ light as he ascends back up into the All That Is.  Then Buddha also ascending, shifting his consciousness once more into the All That Is.  Here within the valley there are sparking lights that remain and will remain indefinitely.  Allow your focus to return to the All That Is. 

As you come back within this group, we see Buddha and Christ along with their brothers; Krishna, Muhammed, Abraham.  And they all are here with that over soul vibration of Sananda if you wish to go straight to Sananda. Here’s an opportunity for you to communicate with any one of them.  They make themselves available to answer questions or if you would simply like to be in their presence. 

There is only balance. There is only love. There is only compassion.

I recognize that many will remain within this space. But I still will bring together those who will create a circle or create a space that allows for the hologram of the earth to come up within. As this comes up within the group, you can see how what took place in the Himalayan Mountains is already having an effect upon the hologram. 

So too if you choose, you may see how everything that you have done over these last few years is having an effect upon the hologram. You have that intention that as this hologram comes up all of those, the energies of Sananda stand in a circle amongst all of you and they infuse that balance, the love and compassion into the hologram as do each one of you. 

As the hologram becomes infused, it continues to spin moving light in every direction. There’s a sense as it moves down through the crystalline grid there is that aspect that goes out into the universe and the remainder that goes down into the earth itself.  

As this energy integrates within the earth there’s a sense of it anchoring and then expanding.   As it comes up through the earth there’s that vibration that was just integrated into - going through all the dimensions in consciousness; it’s already here and it merges with it from this perspective. 

As it does so, it clears out collective consciousness of the earth.  We are taking this as an opportunity to just clear away the old energies. Clear away what no longer serves; just let it go.  As it does so, feel within your own body how that energy comes up from the earth and it comes up moving through all your energy bodies. Allow it to anchor within your physical reality expanding outward into your emotional, your mental and your light body energies. 

You are creating changes all the time and it is happening here and now.

If there’s any residual of your energy that remains in the All That Is, allow your consciousness to go up to that space and bring all of that back down. Bring all of your consciousness down within you. Okay, for those who choose to remain you may do so – but we recognize that we have the intention that any residual consciousness comes back down.  You are coming back within your physical reality so that you may once again anchor within this space. As you do so we send that energy down into the earth. As you send it into the earth you are linking with what just came up from the earth so that you are once more with a balanced and stable foundation. As it all moves up and down through you, allow your consciousness to much more fully move back within you.

Alright family, as you move through your days upon the earth; have a sense of breathing in Buddha on side of you, Christ on the other side of you and you are here and expressing them in balance to you.

Remember to feel that love and compassion first and foremost for yourself and then reflect it outward. Remember that you have chosen to live in the world in the life that you have at this time upon the earth so use it to the best of your ability, knowing that you are.

Be yourself to the best of your ability knowing that it’s not about trying to be something that you are not; but simply trying to be who you are.  Beloved you are amazing and magical just as the person you are!

I am ever with you and within you!!




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