Wesak Transformation

This channel took place exactly during the time of the full moon!  This is also the Wesak or Vesak celebration.  The Wesak festival is located in Shambhala, which is in the Himalayan Mountains and is a time to celebrate Buddha’s birthday. During the Full moon of May the Buddha & the Christ return to earth to meadow in Shambhala. 

This channel created a huge place for people to experience unconditional love.  For Wesak this year not only was it Buddha and Christ who showed up but Abraham, Muhammed & Krishna also. They created a group that beamed light outwards that was filled with love, light & joy. 

There were a total of 12 beings of light and they created a 12 point star.  It was magnificent and spirals of light rose from each point.  There were messages from Buddha, The Ancient One and more.

Nama sika; Venia benya, Nama sika; Venia benya

I greet you beloved family.  I reach out from my heart to yours.  I reach out to each one of you sending forth my love, my light, my embrace for all of who you are. 

As always there is a lot that is transitioning upon the earth at this time.  Some of these transitions flow through with ease.  Other times it may be a bit chaotic.

I invite you at the beginning of our time together this evening to consider what may be going on within your life right now.  Are you busy with tasks and things that are happening?  Are you distracted trying to accomplish certain goals?  Are you very focused with whatever may be happening within your life?  Or maybe a little of everything from time to time. 

The more that the light body energy is integrated within the earth the more each one of you will have an ability to create change within your life.  As you consider what the vibration of the earth was like when it was solidly within the 3rd dimension consider that the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s.  There was a great deal of change taking place, but it was still somewhat dense and the focus was always on working and struggling trying to accomplish your goal. 

As this energy of the light body continues to create the new foundation for your earth what happens is that you transition your thought process so that you are now in the flow, so that you now consciously reach out for the flow that flow that might be beside you, within you, around you.  The flow of energy and light can affect you in many ways.  Most predominantly shifting your vibration so that you may let go of any old patterns or energies. 

The last time that we were together (speaking of the April 19, 2015 teleconference: Clearing Old Imprints) we worked with letting go of the imprints the actual energy bodies that you have created or integrated throughout the years.  When you then consider what it is that you do want to have in your life and how you want your life to look around you look for the flow.  If you think I have no idea where it is then have that sense of clearing out all, taking in some breaths, anchoring your energies and then look around you without opening up your eyes so that you feel, or you look with your inner eyes, which will assist you in shifting your energy and shifting your focus. 

Living in this new lighter vibration is your opportunity to learn how to live from your heart, which in turn means living in a way that fills with you with love that fills you with anticipation of every day and that is then reflected out from you.

I invite you to take a moment and allow your focus to be within as if you breathe deeply within yourself and send a beam of light down into the earth.  Have a sense of reaching out to Gaia so that you may connect with the energies of the earth and allow that to flow back up within you.  As you anchor yourself in this manner it allows you to more fully release your consciousness.  As you allow it to stream up, flowing up until it aligns with your higher self.

Look around this space and if need be clear it out, ~whew~.  Just send the energy flowing through, letting go of any residual energies that may be left over within this place.   Allow yourself to shift your focus once more as if you follow that cord of light that has drawn from within you the human directly into you as your divinity.

As you align with your divinity some may feel as if they merge blending with it immediately.  Others may have the sense of seeing what you look like, or feeling or sensing, who you are as your I AM presence.  This is that place where you may come and bask in the energy of unconditional love and acceptance for who you are.  It doesn’t matter what is happening in your life you as your divinity always loves, honors, supports you as the human.  This is your opportunity to really allow your divinity to fill you up, filling up every place within you as it just streams down through your consciousness and into you.  Indeed I can see how each one of you are expanding even further.

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  I reach out to embrace who you are.  As our energies merge it transitions all into the space of the All That Is.  I know that you come here many, many times outside of these teleconferences, but the All That Is, as soon as we arrive, there is a sense of the energy of what is going to take place in the time that we are together, and this time there is the sense of intensity or the sense of awareness and focus. 

We are going to visit the Wesak festival or the Vesak festival; either name is understood.  This year there will be the same festival as always, but there will be some differences taking place too as far as the consciousness of the world.

There was an earthquake that took place just over a week ago in Nepal (April 25, 2015).  That earthquake came as a result of shifting inside of the earth as there was an expansion taking place.  We always gather at this time of the year and there is always a focus of energy within Shambhala and that is located within the Himalayan Mountains. 

The transition that just took place created an expanded vortex of light, which allowed for the release of old lower vibrational energies.  They are still in the process of recovery and it will take some time, we acknowledge this. But this gift from humanity is what is allowing this deeper integration to take place this evening.  So too even if people are completely unaware that this is taking place there is a much greater focus on this side of the country or the world at this time of the Vesak, which is extending the alignment even further than it normally goes.  As first stated this is the opportunity for Buddha and the Christ to return to earth and so it shall begin.

I invite you to have a sense of looking at the earth and you look at the mountainsides where Shambhala, Shamballa, there are many different ways to say the word, but Shambhala is located.  This is a particular valley within the mountains.  It is a physical location although the level in which we work is many times not seen with the physical eye.  It is the general vicinity of the earthquake, but further north so to speak. 

I smile because I always hear people’s thoughts when we are in this place and as I said that last bit about the location I could hear people saying, “how many kilometer, which direction what is the longitude and the latitude.”  All those analytical things so that they may go and visit the valley.  The valley is somewhat of a challenge to get too so not many people visit.  It has not been our intention to keep it isolated, but it is a part of what goes along with the vibrations that we maintain in that space.  It is as if it vibrates more at the 6th, the 7th, the 8th dimension and we are happy to bring the world up to the 5th as part of a worldwide transition.  So not a lot of people can vibrate at a level where they can see with their physical eyes.  That is why we come to this place in an energetic manner and it does not matter where you are within the earth or what vibration you emanate there is a place for you in Shambhala.

All right so I the Goddess always work with my more earthly people; St Germain, Archangel Michael, Metatron.  They create some points of energy within the valley so that they can help to bring the Goddess energy down into there so I may continue to speak about what is taking place.  So I invite each one of you to take a deep breath and allow your consciousness to simply flow within that space within the mountains.  This is a sacred space.  You may find you might have a robe on.  There is not a lot of verbal communication that is taking place. 

As we enter the valley you see the high tall peaks of the mountain all around.  We move into the center.  If you will take a moment I invite you to consider looking around the place in which you are located.  Are you on the floor of the valley or are you perhaps part way up the mountain and looking from a different angle.  Are you situated upon a rock or hovering upon the earth, above the earth?

As you allow yourself to be within this space through all your consciousness be open to receive, be open to accept.  Time is non-linear when we are here, but you may feel the peak of the full moon as it’s coming directly over this valley.  As you allow yourself to feel the energy of the moon become aware of how bright the valley has become.  Become aware of the sound, like chimes, or the sound of a warm, fluttering bird if you want to call it, but it is that essence or that energy that is filling up this space as the Angels and the Beings of Light move within an populate this area.

Walking into the center we see one of the priests as he moves and opens up his arms and all who gather are silent as they look at him. 

The Priest Speaks:

I am one of the Ancient Ones who came to be upon the earth at the beginning of this time when humanity chose to live upon the earth.  Many of you have spoken with me before and may recognize my energy.  I ask you to look around because all who transitioned in the recent earthquakes are here with us and present at this time.  They all are infused with light and all who wish to completely transition and let go do so at this time. 

As you can see probably the majority have chosen to stay and be a part of this experience this evening.  I walk around to all who are present within this circle acknowledging the energies of this next step taking place upon the earth.  There is much to say.  There is nothing to say.  I invite each of you to be in this moment.

Know the limitless gift of love and light that you bring in to this situation and that you bring in to your everyday life.  Observe the pillars of light aligning every single person in this meadow to their divinity. 

As always the first to descend is our brother the Buddha and we shift.  I invite you to raise your eyes. Become aware as he descends into this space manifesting a physical body. 

Buddha Speaks:

It is I the one known as Buddha. I come before you at this time that commemorates my birth and I thank everyone for choosing to come to my party this year. 

Every time that I come into this location there is that which is the love of the earth that manifests within me.  It is one of the ways in which I am able to create this body.  The earth has made great strides since the last time that I was here, which was what, one year ago.  I come into the earth in more than just the Dahl Lama.  I come in the earth through the hearts and love of humanity.  I come into the earth and sometimes I walk along the streets with the rest of you.  It is becoming easier and easier to do so because of the transitions of the vibrations and the integration of the light body and the Crystalline energies.

I have so much to say and at the same time I don’t know where to begin.  Let me first say that this land upon which we stand is sacred and it is also the one that is holding the space, or creating the transition that allows for the higher dimension to emerge.  This happens in other parts of the world indeed, but this space is one of the most predominant or has the highest volume so to speak. 

Now allow me to shift for a moment as my brother the Christ’s energy joins us.  There is that sense of him just appearing and we will shift to him to speak for a moment. 

Christ Energy Speaks:

It is I the Christ light of our lord god, Buddha, Christ, Mohamad, Abraham, Krishna we are all different faces of the same God source energy and I invite our other brothers to come and be a part of this with us right now.  There is that sense of these other energies of light manifesting in this meadow.  My brother the Buddha will speak for all of us. 

Buddha Speaks:

It is my greatest of intentions that every transition moving forward upon the earth does so with peace, with love and with ease.  The energies upon the earth have been very discordant for thousands of years and the intention has been that we continuously bring in the balance of love.  We bring in the balance of acceptance.  As we walk around we each reach out to embrace all who are here and we invite every person upon the earth to allow the greater love of the god source energy to flow within them.

Religions have been the focus where people feel that sense of God.  May you know and may every religion express God within you.  Look towards yourself and know that that foundation is what we have spoken of from the beginning of time.  No longer can people place their belief in something outside of them.  You may still love, trust and believe in your spiritual leaders.  We have no problem with that, as long as the foundation is within you.

 It is not that they are better than you or that they are more holy than you.  They are but an expression that you have been reaching towards and it gives you great comfort, or perhaps learning, or perhaps structure, but they know and may you know that the foundation is always within every individual person.  Therefore you as you manifest your divinity are manifesting God walking upon the earth.  Walk with us, not behind us, not in front us, but with us because all is one and everyone is here for all. 

If you witness anything outside of this balance of love and God Source Energy then allow yourself to send forth the energy of divinity and compassion.  This is moving throughout the world as we speak and it has been even though it may seem the opposite is true.  There is way more love and balance moving throughout the world than what people realize and the festival or the opportunity to gather such as this only anchors it all the more.  So be your God Source Energy.  Be the representation of source as you live your life.  That does not mean every moment you think pure wonderful loving thoughts.  It does not mean that every moment you are right and perfect.  It means that you are human living your life and you sometimes get caught up in things, but you come back in balance and you let that emanate though you.  It means when things happen in the world that push you off center you come back to balance and express that out to the world. 

It was never intended that you be perfect in your life, because the perfection is that each one of you is indeed imperfect.  The perfection is that you love honor and respect yourself whether you are up or whether you are down.  You are love!  Indeed. 

I am walking through the clearing connecting with people, chatting, but I am going to shift my energy back now so that the Goddess can speak with you and I may do what I do when I am here.

The Goddess Speaks:

It is I the Goddess.  There is such love within this space.  There is such acceptance within this space.  Allow yourself to feel it.  It may be amplified by all who are here, but the love, the acceptance, the caring that is all within you and if fills you up first and then it goes out in every direction. 

This time we see that everyone has completed what they needed to do and they are creating a formation in which they each stand at a different point within this.  We also have Metatron, Archangel Michael, St Germain and they all make up these points of a star so to speak (there are 12 points).  In the center is the ancient one and he is holding a staff and all of these Beings of Light and all of these forms of the Sananda energy look towards the Ancient One in the simultaneous way.  ~whew~, they send the ancient one that energy of love, balance and compassion ~whew~ and as they send the energy into the Ancient Ones, he thrusts his staff into the earth it is as if it goes in and all of that energy moves throughout the world. 

It is not just into the vibration that hovers above the world it goes into the earth and radiates out from there moving in every direction.  As it is surrounding the earth the intention is that it creates greater balance and it neutralizes old energy and that which no longer can survive in that space - is released.  We put forth the intention that this happens for the greater good of all, but also with the greatest ease as is possible.

So that energy has moved through the earth and we see them coming back together as a group.  As one they look outward to all that is here and as if they send the energy from their heart to yours may you feel it in every part of your being and then they shift, they transition up. 

As they ascend into the higher dimensions it is as if you see that column of light and the light just disperses flowing outwards.  Now it is clearing out the energies surrounding the earth that are on top of the earth.  Feel what that is.  Become aware of where you are.  Are you still in the same place as we started out or have you shifted or moved to another location?  Perhaps you are no longer in the valley and you are doing something else. 

As everyone comes together you can see looking into their eyes the transformation that is taking place.  You can look around and know that you have been a part of transitioning this energy, transitioning an old belief and integrating the higher, lighter vibrations.  Be a part of this space.  Know that you may return here any time you so choose.  Indeed the individual that thought can I teleport there.  Indeed you may, because that it something that will happen more and more and this is of the vibration where you can manifest a physical body. 

As the Sananda energies came through they were dropping down their vibration so as to manifest more fully; but this time it was less of a struggle than others. And so you allow yourself to shift.  You also move back up in to the space of the All That Is. 

It is as if there is another celebration going on.  Indeed there are many celebrations that take place within the All That Is.  So allow your energies to sing, dance, play, whatever you so choose.  Allow yourself to just be in this now moment enjoying the fullness of who you are right now.

As much as I know you would like to remain within this space I invite you to have a sense of once more looking at the earth.  There is the hologram that was already utilized as we sent that energy around the earth.  As you have that sense of looking though what is your perception.  Is there any place in particular that you sense could use some additional light and love?  Infuse it into that space.

I invite you then to have a sense of letting go of the All That Is.  Allow yourself to shift once more as you align with your divinity.  Take a moment to look around.  Allow yourself to really experience what this is.  You most likely have a greater perception of your divinity than at the beginning. 

Allow your consciousness then to stream down to that cord of light. Have a sense of letting it come back within and around your physical body.  You may need to extend your energy body and then you let as much of your consciousness flow through you and as it does let it clear out any old energies. Let it clear out your thoughts, your beliefs. 

Let it clear out your emotions and let every cell within your body come in to that alignment and balance within you moving all the way down to the core center of who you are.  As you reach into the earth reach for those energies from Sananda and let that come up.  Let it come up through your feet.  Let it come up through your physical body and allow yourself to link with it knowing that with your participation in this festival you are also bringing in your own vibration.  Let yourself feel what that is. 

Allow yourself to know who you are and as you look around take a moment and express the love, express the unconditional richness and fullness of who you are.

All right beloved family as you are moving through these next days and weeks upon the earth be aware of your amazing alignment with all the beings of light that were part of this journey this evening.  You were there.  You were part of it just as you are the essence of God expressed as you.  So let that energy become the foundation for all that you do and all that you are. 

You are this beautiful light energy and know that there is great love for you.  I am always with you and within you.


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