Why You Chose this Life

This channel is filled with an amazing experience~~  During the channel, once within the All That Is, the Goddess invited us to shift our perspective back through our lives.  She had each person become conscious of what was happening 10 years ago, then 20, then 30 and so on until each person was in the place of awareness just prior to being born.  As people were shifting their focus backwards through their lives, they had the potential to be aware of certain times of trauma or awareness.

Once we all arrived in that space some people went off with their guides, but there was a large group of people who were in an amphitheater where Metatron, St. Germain, AA Michael and many more were talking about what was going to be happening upon the earth. There was some confusion for people here, but they were speaking from the perspective of the 1940’s or so.  Truly, time is nonlinear, so the years didn’t really matter. But that was my sense of the time. 

St. Germain spoke with us talking about why there was a call that went out to populate the earth.  He spoke of how the earth would ascend, and with the support of a greater amount of humanity in particular ascended masters and evolved individuals.  There was SUCH emotion.  People were reminded of why they chose to come.  People were able to let go of the old energy and could in essence re-write why they chose to come in.  In this way, it shifted the energy. 

As we worked with the energy of the hologram, Gaia came forth and spoke of the ascension.  She spoke of her appreciation for all upon the earth and how the ascension has been taking place.  She spoke of how she too has shifted during this time.  It was very powerful!

I invite you to take this time to experience your choices for why you incarnated and clear out past trauma’s or experiences that you have now moved beyond.

Nama sika; Venia benya, Nama sika; Venia benya

I greet you beloved family! I feel such joy that it is our time to come together once more.  I send my energy into each one of you as you are .here upon the earth. And with all that you do, I invite you to allow your consciousness to come forth to be present within this now moment. 

You are here.  You are in your physical reality.  As you look around take a moment to just clear out whatever it is that may be on your mind.  Make a conscious decision that this is your time to take care of yourself.  To nurture yourself and support yourself with this experience with linking, with not only your own divinity, but with I the Goddess and all the Angels and other Beings of Light.

I invite you to have a sense of letting go of your physical body as if you send your consciousness up through your head center.  You send it out into the higher dimensions or that space which your higher self resides.  As you find yourself aligning within this space take a moment to look around.  Feel what it is to be that one step removed from your physical body, but then you are here in the place that is the blending of you as the physical and you as your divinity.  

Is this space cluttered with things that perhaps you are still working upon, or perhaps something you have worked on in the past and you no longer wish to be involved with.  Let’s just clear out the clutter ~whew~ as if you are doing your housekeeping for the Fall or the Spring.

As you look around within this space, there you go, you can now begin to feel how it is very much a support for who you are in your everyday life and for whatever it is that you may be doing.

Take a moment and allow your consciousness to shift even further.  This time you follow that stream of light as it takes you into the space of your divinity.  Your divinity is quite immense.  It is that that makes you the individual you are in this lifetime.  It is that that makes you the unique soul essence that you are.  Open up.  Feel the love.  Feel the energy.  Feel the embrace of your divinity or your I AM presence. 

I the Goddess walk in and amongst each one of you.  As I do so I reach out to embrace each one of you.  I see you for the person that you are in this lifetime, but I also see you and know you as the immensity of your divinity.  Allow yourself to know that for you in your consciousness in your everyday life.

As our energies embrace I invite you to become conscious of shifting in to the space of the All That Is.  As we move within that space become aware of all that is here and present for you.

We have spent the last, actually several months, speaking about balance within you and within your life.  As you are here within the All That Is it’s just intrinsic within you to be in that state of balance.  You as your human experience have the opportunity to make conscious change, or conscious choices that may affect you in your everyday life. 

So much has changed in terms of the energy upon the earth.  In terms of the way in which you react to the energy, that I thought it would perhaps be an interesting opportunity for everyone to take a look at this. 

I wish for you to have a sense of going within your consciousness and there is a stream of energy that will take you back to that time immediately before you were born. 

So you begin in whatever age you are right now and then as if you are following your consciousness go back 10 years.  Take a moment to notice this space.  Go back 20 years and take a moment to look around at what was happening in your life.  Go back 30 years and if you’re younger than 30 allow yourself to be in that space.  Go back 40, 50, 60 -- whatever the number is that you need to have. 

Allow yourself to feel as if you are shifting backwards through the timeline that is your life that you are living right now and perhaps making note of various occurrences that you have had.  You may even have that sense of moving back within the birth canal until you are on the other side of physical reality.  As I’m looking at you it is as if I see you the person today and you the person prior to being born.  So everyone has suddenly become double and some of your triple.

If you as yet are not feeling that connection then through intention allow your consciousness to just stream until you get to that space before you were born into this current lifetime; as you do so become aware of sitting perhaps in a place just like this in the All That Is.  You have Angels that are there conversing with you. 

There are some of you that are together in a room and perhaps Arch Angel Michael, Metatron, St Germain are speaking to you as they gathered the large volumes of people to come and inhabit the earth at this time. 

For some of you, you have been in a pattern of consciously reincarnating again and again and again, and you did not take much time for this space before you once more incarnated again on this earth.  So use this as an opportunity to find out some answers to some questions. 

If you feel a desire to do so you may allow yourself to go to that space in which you are working with your own personal guides or your own personal group.  There is a large group of people who are in what looks like the amphitheater that we have used many times in the past and for now those of you who so chose I invite you to come within that space. 

St Germain would like to speak.  (As you read these words, we are tapping into a time when St. Germain spoke to many, many souls about incarnating to assist with the ascension process.  In linear time frame, it would have been perhaps 70-80 years ago, prior to our current ascension process.)

Greetings loved ones!

I thank each one of you for coming to this time.  Many of you as I look at you, you know who you are, have chosen to be a part of this process.  The earth is getting ready to go through and immense transformation.  The earth is going to ascend to another level of consciousness and it’s going to happen no matter what anybody does upon the earth.

But for many of you you are coming into this earth in a time of warfare.  You are coming in during the time of immense change and transformation and we need you to be there to create a foundation, to create a platform of consciousness that will assist humanity. 

As you look around I’m showing you potentials of what will be going on.  It’s as if you may see the decades coming out of what you term World War II.  How the nuclear fusion is having its affect upon the earth.  About people finding equality, be it between races, gender, what-so-ever that may be. 

Many, many forms of abuse associated with control and manipulation are coming to the surface.  Lying, disconnection of divinity and human consciousness needs to come to an end and these are the steps and the layers that will be taking place to get from where we are right now and where we will be by the time 2020, 2030, 2040 gets there, even 2010. 

There are several pivotal timeframes that will be put forth to assist you.  We the Angels, in particular, Arch Angel Michael, Metatron I myself and the multitude of other ascended Masters, the Raylords and other Beings of Light will be coming in to assist you.  The veil will be gone.

As many of you know life upon the earth can be very challenging.  As many of you know you forget that you sat here with us and had a conversation.  As many of you know you’ve told me I’m not going back to earth again.  I respect that and I honor that choice of yours.

But I also wish to have the transition of the earth to be without destroying the earth.  I would like this transition to come through a gradual ascension of consciousness so that it may be anchored.  It will take a greater number of humanity that has ever been upon the earth before.  It will take many of you who are ascended Masters to return to the earth again.  It will take many, many, many of you that are the oldest souls that have lived upon the earth to be there as the anchors, to be there for this process.  I ask a lot of you.  I am very well aware. 

I have also set up after what they call the year 2000 that that whole new wave of that crystalline vibration will be coming in.  Those associated with the lightbody energies and yes each one of you will step in to that reality for yourself. 

There are those that are in-between.  They may choose to call you the Indigo or the Rainbow.  You are the ones that are going to begin to truly implement change on every level and all of you those who are incarnating in the 40’s 50’s 60’s are creating a very solid foundation that will assist everything else that is to come. 

We anticipate that this is going to be a time unlike any other including Lemuria and Atlantis upon the earth.  It is a challenge.  You may feel separated and isolated, but I ask for this assistance. 

Here within the All That Is as you go into your heart ask yourself do you want to do it again.  I can feel from so many of you, no you do not.  I understand.  We are going to do everything in our power to remove the veil so that you may know that you are supported.  So that you may know that you are not there by yourself. 

There will be greater communication around the world on a physical level and there will be greater communication coming in from us.  As you can see Metatron, Arch Angel Michael, the Goddess; there are many, many of us who are here sending out this plea asking for the support of you our most expanded and evolved souls. 

I know who you are and you know who you are.  I thank you for your dedication to humanity.  I thank you for your dedication to the Universe and this Galaxy.  I thank you for choosing to live upon the earth.


The Goddess Speaks:

So much emotion.  Beloved, beloved family.  Beloved soul energies.  I think in some cases we didn’t know fully what we were asking of you and for that may I express my heartfelt apologies.  I do wish for you to really take this moment and understand who you are. 

You are an immense energy.  You have lived out here in the universe for quite some time.  You have lived upon the earth many, many times and now that you are in that place upon the earth which it has moved through the ascension.  Recognize that everything you did had meaning and it worked. 

~Whew~ I had no idea this would bring up so much emotion for you.  I invite you to just let go anything at all that may keep you back and instead embrace all the immensity of who you are.  Acknowledge that you have had multiple of lifetimes in many different dimensions and experiences.  Feel it and allow it.

Many of you may choose to stay within this amphitheater.  If you have other questions to ask you may do so.  But I also invite you to take some time to go back to that space where you had already made that decision, “Okay I am going to go back to earth”.  So find yourself with your Angels, perhaps Michael, Raphael, St Germain, Jesus, Abraham. 

So many of those energies are here and present for you tonight.  Let yourself reach out to reunify your alignment with them and then have that conversation about why were you coming into the earth. 

Have a sense of being gathered as if you watch yourself or as if you are communicating.  Everybody choose a particular life path.  You decided what family you would like to be within.  Sometimes knowing that they would anchor and support you.  Sometimes realizing that you were a light coming into that family.  You may have at this point discussed what your sexuality was going to be about, perhaps your race, and then you began to consider what else you would like to experience while upon the earth. 

What are your interests with being once more upon the earth?  Are there perhaps certain traumatic events that were a part of your potentials that you now have lived through?  Let’s just take that off the table.  You have had the experience and did whatever you had to do so let’s go back to that time before your birth and say, “I didn’t need to do that”.  ~whew~ let it go. 

So many of you are very sensitive to energies.  You are sensitive to your own energies, you are sensitive to the energies around you. In particular the other people that may be in a room.  Here you are ready to become a human upon the earth once more.  Is that sensitivity going to assist you in being open to all that you need to bring in or is it going to be a challenge to balance that?  So make an adjustment right now. 

Most likely you still want to be open because you want to feel, see, sense, know what’s going on, but perhaps let the focused intention be balance.  Allow it to balance so as you move through your life you are not feeling the extreme highs the extreme lows, instead you are experiencing life with balanced emotions.

When you become human you have a mental body.  Humanity is about more than just the mental body.  There are many things that come into play, but we have found that it is the mental body, the thoughts, that tend to keep people in a mental space that is unable to shift or move.  So here before you were born have that intention to adjust your mental body.  ~Whew~ 

Invite in a greater amount of flexibility with your thoughts.  Invite in love of self.  Allow your thoughts to be very loving, gentle and supportive for who you are.  Let that be the foundation of your thoughts and your beliefs and if there is anything else that you would like to speak to your Angels, and with your soul essence, just prior to incarnating in this life, do so now.

Okay, you realize what is coming next and I hear some of you saying, “No don’t do that just take us back to this now moment”.  I feel that for some of you if not all, it may be beneficial.  So gather together a ball of energy that represents your consciousness and the shift that you have made.  Due to this greater awareness you have let go a lot of the pain.  You are more loving, generous and gentle with yourself.  So let all of that begin to just move through.

Let it come out at the time of your birth.  Let’s say that you birth was smooth, gentle and easy and you felt nothing but love from your parents and everyone around you. 

Then begin to let that ball of light move through your lifetime and as you get to those places that may have been traumatic, ~whew~ be open to allow a shift to take place.  What you’ve let go of it is not there it is done.  It is perhaps a faded memory and then you come through and let that ball of energy roll through.

 As it goes through the years of your life if there is a particular time that you need to remember that self-love, that self-awareness, stop and let that love full you up.  Then that ball of energy keeps rolling it rolls all the way through and then back into you as your consciousness right now. 

As you sit here within the All That Is allow yourself to adjust.  Allow this consciousness to merge with all your energies bodies.  Allow yourself to become fully present in this now moment.

As you integrate this greater knowledge of the conversation that you have with the Angels and other Beings of Light.  Take stock in where you are in your life.  Can you perhaps embrace a more fluid energy?  Can you allow your thoughts to just relax to just let go that rigid consciousness with which you have been aligned. 

Let go of any sort of feeling or sense of being disconnected from source for you are only source energy.  Take a deep breath in letting that flow through you.  ~whew~  This is huge.  You may also have a greater awareness of where you are right now in your life and what you are putting out with your intention as you move forward. 

Become aware of the hologram of the earth.  It may have a sense of coming up within the center of all of you and as it does so with a sense of Gaia coming up from within the hologram and reaching out to everyone here.  She wishes to speak a bit also.

Lady Gaia Speaks:


I thank you for your service to me and your service to the universe. As St Germain said the earth was going to ascend no matter what anybody did.  I was looking at multiple potentials where huge parts of the earth would be blown up as a way of releasing old energies, but that had more of a negative impact than I wanted. 

There were other potentials, some of which are still on the table, in which there is a complete divide between various parts of the earth due to lack of communication.  Ultimately in the highest interest of the earth itself I appreciate all of the immense infusions of light and energy that have been conveyed by so much of humanity. 

As the crystalline energy continues to merge and infuse within me it is almost like you are standing in a soothing waterfall and it just bathes everything with that light energy.  I Gaia have also ascended the energy speaking to you is different with the energy Gaia was associated with 50 years ago, 100 years ago. 

Transformation takes place one by one by one, but as each single individual is transforming it creates an effect with the collective consciousness and that is with what I work.  I feel great hope and love for that which is the earth and I feel great hope and love for all who are upon it.  Change is happening. 

There will always be those who will question, too little too late, not enough, enough is enough, it is what it is, and there are many changes that are but an individual’s perception. 

I simply wish to say that I love you dearly and I appreciate all that you are doing Thank you for that. 


The Goddess Speaks:

With Gaia speaking in such a way let that create an even deeper alignment between her and your energies so that you infuse the transition that you have just moved through into the hologram.  Let go your intention for where you are now and where you are going and then you release that as it moves down into the earth. 

As this energy moves into the earth itself it anchors within the center and as it anchors there it begins to shift outward   All of that crystalline energy and lightbody energy is moving out through the earth itself finding its intrinsic balance. 

As it comes up through the earth allow your own energies to come up within you as if they come up through your energy bodies integrating everything within you, then send it back through your conscious thoughts going back to your birth. 

Now as you create that balance and that clearing on a very earthbound conscious level so too many of those energies move through the trees, the animals, the waters.  It creates a cleansing and for any place outside of balance upon the earth we infuse balance within that space.

I invite you to bring your consciousness back to the All That Is one more time.  I am finding that people are anchoring themselves and returning as we work with the hologram. But for anyone else that remains here may you consciously allow your energy to shift moving downward.  As you move through the soul plane you may have a sense of letting go that greater consciousness of your soul, but as much as is possible comes with you, and you shift as you arrive within your higher self. 

As you feel these energies of your higher self, let yourself recognize how you are creating a new adjustment here so that you may have access to these energies.  So that you may have access to yourself and then the rest of your consciousness streams back down and as you breathe into your heart center consciously send that anchor down through your energy bodies so that you link once more with Gaia feeling yourself anchor upon the earth. 

As you allow all of your consciousness to flow back within and around you have a sense of it consciously moving through your physical, mental, emotional spiritual and light bodies’ energy, so that all of your energy bodies create a flow and a movement in which they are very balanced.  Open and feel the self-love and the self-acceptance for who you are in this lifetime. 

Breathe in love.  There is only love and love is the foundation of everything.

All right beloved family as you take these opportunities to manifest whatever it is that you seek to have in your life know that you have the opportunity to create change.  You may go back to that time before you were born.  You may choose to go to the All That Is.  You may choose to go to the Higher Self and from there access your divinity. 

There is no one right or wrong way of doing this.  So experience the many, many different ways in which you have access to your divinity, to the Angels and to the All That Is. 

Let this time coming up for you to be a time of experiencing what you seek to manifest and allow it to come within your life. 

Feel it, sense it, and know it.



Kahi 12th November 2014 5:57 pm

Thank you for assisting me for making contact. I cried for the first time in a long while.
I remember,
one hundred thousand Angels
God bless you

Shelly Dressel 19th November 2014 6:41 pm

This keeps coming up for me. I just in a private channel today had this come up for the client. She was saying, why??? I've had other say the same thing to me, why???

I think knowing we chose to be a part of this HUGE transformation is really amazing.

Much love to you~~


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