Winter Solstice and Communication with Gaia

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the Whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light and as always I rejoice at this time to be able to come closer to the Earth to be within each one of you as you walk through your days upon the Earth. This is a time of great celebrations in all the cultures! Each one of these celebrations allows for the groups of individuals that are following within that religious group or common heritage, whatever it is that pulls that group of people together, it is their bond, it is the time of celebration, of excitement, of light. So we are pulling into and tapping into this energy of joy and excitement and love that is upon the earth plane, and we bring that with us as we move up into the higher realms.

We begin this journey by allowing our consciousness to shift and move into the space of the magnetic grid. As you do this you allow yourself to move through those corridors, to observe the pathways that are the interwoven connection that is brought forth from this magnetic grid. What you are finding as you move through these interwoven pathways, that you are actually connecting up with those energies that are with you as a part of your physical group tonight but also with the energies that are upon this pathway that are not consciously with you on your journey. You may see these as beams of light, they may be colorful, or flickers, or they may be very bold. Through this connection you feel the expansion within you and you find yourself becoming very aware of the ways in which this magnetic grid work is able to work for you.

From here, you move through the interface and into the energies of the crystalline grid. You find that as you leave behind the magnetics you are leaving behind that which holds you to the Earth plane. You are leaving behind that which gives you the denseness or the density of the physical body. As you blend with the various crystals, you have a sense of feeling an alignment or an attunement taking place within your consciousness. If you so desire, take a moment and send this down, right away at this time, to your physical body. You may find, then throughout the journey tonight that the physical body is receiving more and more of these higher energies. We will not allow it to keep us in the physical, but it will work on the cellular structure within your physical body to take in more and more of the crystalline light.

Have a sense of allowing the knowledge of what these crystals mean to you to become a part of your consciousness. As you are ready, call forth a column of light. This column of light is a way in which you are able to move between the dimensions. You may see it, or sense it as a bright and vibrant light. So too, you may also have a sense of seeing other aspects or attributes of your I AM presence as you are moving up through this column. You may sense these as past life experiences. Or you may sense it as experiences that have occurred in this lifetime and it was necessary for you to bring it to your consciousness at this time.

You arrive in the space of the soul plane in which you emerge from this column of light and have a sense of stretching out and expanding. You have a sense of letting go all restrictions. You are moving into the infinite. There are no limits or hindrances: all is in perfection and you are able to expand and move out as far as your consciousness will allow. You know and trust that there are even further depths that you will be able to move into as you continue this path of development. Have a sense of consciously releasing any limits that you may have. It is as if you have a sense of expanding even further.

In this space take a look around you, for indeed, there are angels and beings of light that have chosen to come to this space to be with you at this portion of your journey, to connect up with you when you’re in this area of the soul plane. This may be one of your guides or angels, it may be an energy of light that you are not familiar with, or you may have a sense of simply remaining in the space of your own presence. Call forth your I AM presence that you may blend more fully with it. You have a sense perhaps, of an even greater expansion taking place or you may have a sense of the depths within you. As if you can see the various aspects and insights that are a part of your consciousness and they are opening up to you at this time.

We allow ourselves to move into that space of blending. We call forth the essence of the divine feminine. This is my essence as I move in and amongst you. You are each becoming very familiar with me now, as we have been upon these journeys, so that each time that we blend in this way, you are taking in greater and greater amounts of my energy. And while I am the divine feminine I AM also the divine masculine. There is but one energy. Through the duality that is reflected upon the Earth plane, we come to you in perception as God and Goddess, the masculine and the feminine. For this is the way in which the humans anticipate that we are <divided into the two aspects>. But indeed, whether you connect through God or you connect through the Goddess there is but one energy, and it is the energy of the whole.

As you call forth and bring in a greater amount of this, allow yourself to recognize and feel the infusion of this energy. You may be conscious of swirling colors as they move through your consciousness. You have a sense of the balance. We let go any duality that is a part of us or has been a part of us. Once you’re acclimated to this energy have a sense of moving towards that doorway, or simply allow your consciousness to expand out. That you may step forth into the energy of the All That Is, into what might be considered “the beyond.” You may have a sense of stepping forth through this space completely by yourself or you may have a sense of that guide or angel that you had connected with as coming with you and the two of you have an even deeper blending that occurs.

We’re stepping into this space in which you are able to move into the space of creation. You realize, as you become more attuned with your energy, that you are in complete balance. You realize the perfection of who you are. Take a moment to sit in joy. Have a sense of acceptance. Ansa ee-yah. Accept who you are. This is the time upon the Earth of the Winter Solstice. There are so many meanings that come to mind as we talk about this. But the essence that we wish to connect into, is that feeling of reconnecting with the Earth, of reconnecting with being human. And yet you can connect into this energy and space with a sense of excitement and joy.

At this time in which there is the greater amount of darkness upon the Earth take this as a moment to embrace the darkness. Embrace the time of sleeping, of healing, of resting. Take this opportunity to look at yourself as you are in this human experience and embrace all aspects of who you are. If there is something that you wish to shift or create a change within, it is important for you to first accept that this is a part of you are. You accept it without judgment. You accept it with loving energy, knowing that it is all but a part of the human experience. Once you are able to accept this, you may then put it forth in front of you and see it transformed. You can choose how you wish to transform this aspect of yourself. Be playful and joyful! As you look and you realize that you can have anything, and you can create anything without boundaries or limits, allow yourself to do so.

As you complete your new creation, call in all the other attributes that are you in this human experience. See how all of them intermix with one another, and how they mingle together. There is a knowingness of the perfection. Expand your consciousness out to become aware of the energies of light that are all around you. As you see yourself, and what you are creating in your life and what it is that you are transforming, you become aware of the Angels, Jesus/Sananda, Archangel Michael, Gabriel. We could go on and on and list every one of them. You know which one—or more—is there for you. And the infinite number of angels and guides that do not have particularly a specific name. They know who they are and those individuals they work with know who they are, and this is what is important. As you look at your creation, and as you become aware of these energies of light, you see the way they are beaming even greater amounts of light and energy into what you are creating. And you feel this infused throughout your consciousness. As if you have reached a level or a plateau, return to your creation and open to the potential that there is even more that you may do to bring into your life. Open to the potential that there are thoughts that you had not been aware of. That there are ideals and opportunities and now is a time in which you can become aware of them. You become aware of the ways in which everything is so interrelated.

Have a sense now of taking all of this creation within you. Allowing it to fill your consciousness. As you do so, create the shape of the diamond that we have worked with each time, and that we will continue to work with, allowing whatever energies you so choose to be the other three points of the diamond. As you do this, you can build the connection with each other by sending the energy of light from your consciousness through these other three energies of light. You feel the deep blending and connection within yourself. As this energy is building, through the ways in which it moves around the diamond, have a sense of all four points coming together and meeting in the middle. As all four points meet and blend completely with one another, you feel again that sense of explosion or that sense of moving out into the even higher dimensions. Each particle that moves throughout the universe has a portion of your consciousness within it. You may have a sense of going with some of these to become aware of other aspects of the universe or the Omniverse; or you may simply have a sense of the bliss of being in the space of such complete expansion, the lightness that fills you. As you allow your consciousness to shift and move, you are also allowing for the infinite potential to perfuse every cell within your consciousness, every aspect of your consciousness.

Have a sense of pulling back together, calling to you, from wherever it went, these particles that are a part of your consciousness. You have a sense of reconstructing all that is your I AM presence. You realize that as you do so it is filled with an even greater light than what you had before. Feel the peace and the contentment that perfuses throughout your consciousness knowing that these are attributes that you are bringing back down to the Earth plane. Open up to hear the sounds or the vibrations of this level. Become aware of the colors and the shifts that are occurring.

Move back into that space of the All That Is. As you return to this space, you become more aware of the shifts in your consciousness that have occurred. Have a sense of all who are upon this journey creating a circle. As you become aware of each other, so too you become aware of the levels of the angels and the beings of light that support the circle with their energy and their love. You may see them perhaps as being intermingled as part of it, or you may see them as they move out from there, creating bands of light.

As each of you connects with the other have a sense of sending the light from your consciousness out to connect with each of the others who are within your group. You may see or sense this as moving in a circular pattern, or you may see or sense it as moving directly across the group. For indeed, when you send a light directly across it creates geometric patterns of light and through this sacred geometry it is a means of transporting energy. This is something that you have done in the past but perhaps did not know as many of the specific details. You find though, that whenever the time is right all becomes known to you. We allow ourselves to send forth and create within the center of this group a hologram of the earth. There are many different ways in which we can infuse the Earth with these energies, but with this being the time of the Solstice and the time of being connected with Earth and the natural patterns and the rhythms that are intrinsic into the Earth and life upon the Earth. We bring forth the hologram of the Earth that we may each see, sense or know it completely.

We see rising out of the Earth our wonderful lady, Gaia. She is radiant and filled with light. She has appreciated the ways in which the Earth is shifting and she knows that a great deal of it is due to your energy and light as you have worked with the Earth. You see her as she has a sense of emerging to embrace each one of you in her joyful gratitude of all that you do in support of this beautiful Earth. She embraces you as the companion and friend that you are. You can feel the touch; feel the vibration that moves through your consciousness as you more fully connect with her. I step aside and allow for her to speak with you at this time.

Gaia: My beloved family. Oh where to begin to speak with you of what I might wish to say. I did ask to have this opportunity to speak with you tonight. There are many different times upon the Earth that are special to me. In fact, each and every day upon the Earth is special to me. But when we come together in celebration around the Solstice and the equinox, those four points of the cycles of the Earth indeed bring out an even greater emotion and connection for me. So to be able to blend with you so completely at this time is my gift to you. As in return I receive the gift from you to me and I thank you for it.

So many of you have been concerned about all that is occurring upon the Earth and has occurred and I can appreciate and understand the concern that you express. But I have been here from the beginning. I know and understand the cycles that occur. This Earth is a wondrous and glorious place, and it is here to survive as it will survive. There is a perfection in everything that occurs. For indeed, when people see things happening it raises within you an even greater amount to want to blend with the Earth and connect with the Earth. So too, on the bottom side of that, when all is in glorious beauty, is perhaps sometimes when the humans forget to honor the Earth. So you understand how everything is but a part of the cycle, and it all is in perfection.

The consciousness is shifting and changing. There is a part of me that is also ascending to a higher level, just as each of you is ascending to a higher level. As one looks back from some point in the future that has not yet been created, there will be a sense that I have left or Gaia has left. But in reality what is occurring is a transformation in which I ascend, just as so many others are also ascending. The elementals, those that are my natural handmaidens or work-maidens or whatever you wish to call them, I simply call them my friends and co-workers. <The Earth> it is also a place of play and joy. So I thank you for this opportunity to be able to come forth and speak with you at this time of celebration. I breathe in the essence and the energy of each one of you. I thank you for being upon the Earth at this time and for assisting me in the ways that you do. With that I will blend back. But know and trust that all is in perfection, and all is in a space of joy. Ansaluia.

The Goddess of Creation: Ah, my beloved sister. It is an aspect of myself that is Gaia; just as there is an aspect of myself in each one of you. Oh, and to breathe and feel the essence that is growing and expanding in such a glorious way.

As we look forward to the coming months upon the Earth we put forth what we have created in the All That Is. Take a moment of seeing it come to fruition. The specific times may not always be as accurate as you so desire. But see and know that it will evolve in the way that is right and perfect. As we step forth out of the darkness and into the light we know that we can treasure all aspects of ourselves. We release any reason to hold back or hold out against any portion of our self. All is in perfection.

We again focus on that hologram of the Earth, as she has settled down within it. Open up and allow any bursts of energy or love that you have or wish to give at this time and see it infuse the hologram of the Earth. This is coming from each one of you, and from the energies of light that are all around you. The more that it becomes infused, the brighter it gets. It spins out any densities or lower energies that are no longer needed. We allow this hologram to continue to spin and fill with light until it gets to the point in which we have a sense of it dissolving. Each particle moves into the space that it needs to be. Just as each particle of your consciousness expanded out and moved in the place it needed to be.

Ah, my delightful family. We are but one energy, we are but one source. There is balance and perfection in everything that occurs and in everything that is you. Take this time to mingle with the other energies of light, enjoy the celebration of this moment. When we celebrated the Harmonic Concordance, it was as if we opened up the gates to the party! We all wish to re-participate in that again and again and again. So perhaps there will be more of these gatherings and parties in the future. But you take this time to celebrate. Be aware of the ways in which this celebration is inner-dimensional. You can receive different perceptions of it as you move up and down through the celebration, perhaps through that column of light, or however you wish to move through the dimensions, going back through that doorway. What you become aware of is that now you are able to see and sense the subtle differences. You can hear the tones of singing; the vibrations will also put off a tone. You simply enjoy.

As you become ready, it is time to bring your consciousness closer back to the Earth plane. We stop for that visit again into the soul plane putting forth your intent to be there allows you to move into that space. You can leave a portion of your consciousness within the party. The party never fully leaves you nor do you leave it if you so desire. It is all but a part of your experience. As you become more fully acclimated into the soul plane again, this is your opportunity to work once more with your physical body. Have a sense of seeing your physical body in front of you, perhaps in the shape of the hologram. You may have a sense of seeing your body as you wish to see it, or you may have a sense of seeing it as it is. But take this moment to transmit to the hologram all that you created when you were in the space of the All That Is. You realize that by connecting in this space and transmitting directly into what represents your physical body is that you are incorporating and moving all the way down through into the cellular being within you the light and the energy of your experience today.

You may see parts of your body that appear more dense than other parts, and you simply transmit the light to those areas and they evolve. Continue to fill your physical with the light. As the time becomes right, reach over with your consciousness and embrace that which represents your physical body. In this way you are blending your full I AM presence, your full consciousness within all aspects of your physical body. The more that you do this, the more your physical will be able to hold these crystalline energies and light. This in turn will allow for you to be able to move through your days with greater energy, with greater insights, perhaps seeing between the dimensions and living between the dimensions as they surround the Earth.

When it feels right to you, call forth again that column of light that once again transports you down, through the dimensions and into the crystalline grid. You can sense the subtle differences that have occurred in the grid work as a result of everything that you did. But part of it is that it was always there and now you are able to see it. See it or sense it or feel it. Each person has their own unique way of knowing what is around them.

You have a sense of your consciousness taking a breath and moving through into the magnetic grid work. It is at this place that you again feel the magnetic pull of the Earth. You realize that this is pulling you back down more so into your physical body. You’re coming back from this journey with full recollection of all that you have done. Knowing the ways in which you have been able to transform your life, the ways in which you move through this Winter Solstice you celebrate, and then you move into the light that you have created for the days and months to come.

I wish for all of you now to come back through this space, to begin to ground yourself, to come back into the magnetic grid work. As you are ready to rejoin the teleconference you push the 4 on your telephone which will allow you to ask me questions if you have any at this time. Again, continue to bring your consciousness back, moving back through the grid works. You can remain in the space of the magnetic grid, but allow yourself to come back into this conference.

Question: <paraphrased> During this time of celebrating when Yeshua/Jesus came to earth, I'm wondering is this the actual date of his birth and what affect it had upon the earth?

Answer: He is here beside me. He acknowledges you and thanks you for bringing up his energies at this time. He came forth with the intention of bringing light to the earth. As you know that is what he did in such a glorious and bright way. Is December 25th his actual birthday? No, indeed it is not. It was a date that was chosen because a date was needed to represent his birth. It is not important, he does not really care what date gets assigned to this, what he wishes for people to acknowledge and remember is the opening up to the love and opening up to accepting and acknowledging the shifts and changes that occurred as a result of his life upon the earth. So much is focused and centered around what was actually done during his life as he was an adult or more so as an adult, but indeed it was the bringing forth and seeding these energies on the earth, and all that was involved in that process that has come forth and has been a part of for celebration tonight just as there were those within the Jewish religion and many other religions that also celebrate this time of the solstice. There were those amongst the Jews who were ready to change and were open to receive something new and different. These were the ones that acknowledged and were aware of what was occurring on that night. So as to the specific date, again it does not particularly matter. It is only that birth of light that birth of accepting of all humans no matter what their correlation to or religious upbringing. Thank you beloved for asking that. Do you have more you wish to say? <person responded with no>

Question: <paraphrased> I have recently found out that I am losing my job as of the end of this month. I know that there is a lot of shifting and changing that is going on in my life and has been going on for quite awhile. But I'm wondering what is in store for me in the first months of the new year where do I go with making changes in my life and what do you see as happening in my life?

Answer: We can sense and feel the fear that is within you. This is what we send love to. Whether or not you are conscious of it as we were in the higher planes, this is that aspect of yourself that you were working on and transitioning. It is moving into a space of love and acceptance of new potentials and new opportunities that are coming your way. You have been reaching out or branching out, you may say, into new and different areas of working with the light. Perhaps sometimes in the healing modality, perhaps sometimes with your intuitive, psychic abilities to be able to assist others in re-connected within themselves. So too, you feel you need this re-connection within yourself to be able to assist others. Is that not correct? <the person affirmed that this is true> so, what you're going to be finding is that the experience that you had tonight built that re-connection that you were looking for. You built that pathway and opened up newer and greater potentials for you in the days and months to come. If you are not fully conscious of the specifics of what they are, you will be finding that as you move into, particularly the next few weeks, that there are going to be opportunities that will come your way. Some of them will have a sense of " OH " or " Aha " in which there is a sense of recognition. These are the ones that you will realize are what you created at the higher plane. So we see, sense, know and understand all that you have been through within the last two to three years. We can feel the part of you that says “not yet another thing, the one thing that I thought was stable”, but indeed, it was an illusion. That was a part of the old energy that was a part of you that you were truly leaving behind. It is as if you are shedding the last of your old energy skin and you are now emerging from this cocoon filled with light and filled with love for yourself and your fellow man. It will bring even greater opportunities. You will for the most part continue to work in a business sort of setting, but it will be one that will allow you to be home more often than what you have been in the past. This is but a means of bringing in income. We ask that you perhaps allow your, what to say, goals or decisions to shift into something that is a little bit more of the etheric, or the healing, or the working with the energies that are new and around you. This is what will actually bring you more joy. We understand the need for the money upon the earth plane, but as you become comfortable with that you will find that you receive money from this means also <Goddess was referring to doing intuitive work>. Does this answer your question beloved? <the person acknowledged yes> You are welcome. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> There is a person that I have been very connected to a who is pulling back from me and I feel is putting up barriers or that there is a shifting and changing in our relationship and I'm wondering what insights you could give me about this relationship? I had a dream about our inner children marrying one another and wonder what this means.

Answer: Alright beloved, can you give me more specific details? We see you connected with a number of different relationships which this could pertain to. <he continued to give more details> most of you <humans> are not aware of the ways in which you branched out and have connections with people of our sometimes physically close to you and sometimes not. Sometimes there is a blending of these energies from one that emerges over or blends with the energies of another relationship. In this respect, the one that you are speaking of, there are times or experiences that you have had that goes back into other lifetimes and when you have not been always as close. This lifetime was an opportunity for you to be close to one another that you could support one another as you were each exploring and moving into new and different ideals. Her pathway is such that she is in a place of confusion and is not totally understand the potentials that are around her. She has a sense of feeling any need to do this on her own. What you are considering, that feeling of the inner children marrying one another, what that was, was a deepening of the bond in which you support her from a non physical means. What we mean by that is that through your spiritual support. You may not be as close to one another in the physical sense and you may separate and go off a little further from one another, but there is still that emotional and spiritual connection that does not go away and will not go away. This is the way in which you will continue to support her so too she will continue to support you. Does that answer your question beloved? <he stated yes, that this confirmed what he already knew> Good we are glad to confirm that. You are welcome my beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> When I was driving home along the road recently I saw a grouping of three clouds in the sky and I have a sense that they were space ships. Are extra terrestrials within the clouds that are beaming down energies? Do I need to be concerned about this? Is this true that this was going on? Is there something that I need to be concerned about if indeed this is alien, spaceships? And regardless what does this mean to me why is this happening to me?

Answer: All right beloved, we hear several different things within your question. There are indeed several different things that are occurring within what you are speaking of. Yes my beloved, when you see formations in the sky with the cloud, stars in the night, there are ways in which ships are able to come closer to the earth than the had ever come before. Now, as you are well aware, throughout the history of the earth there have been times in which the aliens have come to the earth that did not have the highest interest at heart. There have been other times in which you yourself for instance, came to the earth plane through a ship maybe perhaps similar to that. Many of you came in individual pods that were released from a mother ship out quite a distance away from the earth. It was then as if that one pot that contains your physical or your consciousness that became your physical body that arrived down here upon the earth plane. There were many different ways in which this occurred.

Due to the changes and the shifts that are coming to the earth, especially since the harmonic concordance when the veil has thinned so much more, the energies of light that have been there as a support for you are now able to be observed due to the thinning of the veil. There have been ships that come; the Ashtar Command is the one which is most commonly known. But indeed, the Arcturians, the Sirians, the Pleiadians, just to name a few of them, are the ones that are very supportive of you as humans upon the earth plane. There are indeed more cultures than that, but these to the ones most commonly known. So indeed, the ones that you encountered were Arcturians. If you will open up to and connect with the energies of the Arcturians, you will find that indeed there is a connection between yourself and that race of people or that planet so to speak. But indeed, there will be more and more of these sightings and this is due to the thinning of the veil. It is also due to the fact that the humans have grown and evolved to the space in which they're able to see what before there were unable to see. Does that make sense to you? <person acknowledged yes> And so in regards to the fear that you have, we ask you to release it and let go. There is not going to be any sort of a cataclysmic occurrence due to aliens and the earth plane. Those that had what you might consider negative intentions, we don't view anything the negative or positive, we simply view them as they are. But that which the humans feared in terms of something that would take them over or enslaved them or perhaps to harm or damage to them are no longer a part of the earth plane. Because of the fact that the vibration has been raised to a level that they cannot exist. Allow yourself to be at peace in that regard. Be open to receive and this is completely the human free will. If it is something you are not interested in, then ask and acknowledge that they are there as a potential for you and then let it go. Tell them that it is not something that you wish to do at this time. If you do wish to open up the connection, you will find that through your dream state or your meditative state to perhaps when you're walking in the woods and connecting with nature that you will begin to become more aware of the ways in which they are communicating with you. Alright beloved? <the person affirmed that that was sufficient> You are welcome beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I have been working in evolving over the last several years on at living my life to a more spiritual means. I'm finding though that I am not able to make the kind of money and need to turn to support myself. I find that I've gone through most of my savings and my finances are beginning to get into a space in which I'm very concerned and I don't know if I will be able to remain living on my own. Do you have any insights for me about this?

Answer: All right my beloved. All of you are in the forefront of the teachers and the leaders of the new energy wave. As you are all well aware of this, but you have been creating this space around yourself to be able to teach or provide this space for healing that others will come to you. Where you stand right now, is what some might consider the cusp or the place in which you are there you are open you are ready to receive, but the other humans that are around you have not yet moved into that place of being open to accept this type energy work. It is as if daily there are more and more people who are beginning to open up and become aware energetically, and indeed they will begin to seek you out and they will find you. But it is as if it is the calm before the storm, so to speak. It is that space of being in the void in which you have created all that you wish to have around you, and the other people just have not found you as yet. In part, it is a matter of right timing of waiting for them to move into their evolvement so that they can come forth to you and seek you out. For you in that situation, I realize that there are jobs you have had the past and you do not wish to go backwards, but if you can consider taking a job that will bring in the income, that will relieve that worry for you, you begin to find that it will open up other parameters for you through that work experience. We see you in an office situation that has some work that is tedious to you, but at the same token it is a way of talking to people communicating with people. It is through this communication that it will assist them in opening and they will want to come to you. Does that make sense to you? So allow~~~, we see you as filled with the abundance. We see you as being so full and aware of all that is around you, of the abundance of nature, the abundance of love, the abundance of joy. The monetary abundance is but a small portion of all of that and I do understand and know that it is huge when you have that sense of not enough, but you can shift it and turn it around and you can do those things that are just kind of tedious that it will bring you greater joy in the long run. All right, is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I know that I originate from the stars or from one of the planets out in the Universe. I’m wondering if you can tell me which one it is?

Answer: There are, we are getting the sense that the Planet Sirius is first planet that comes to mind. You are we believe, perhaps originally from the energy of Sirius, but you have also done a great deal with the Pleiadians. So, these two energy fields are the ones closest to earth that you may connect with most fully. There are other aspects of yourself, out in other universes, but we need not go there at this time! Because you enjoy studying and reading, if you will perhaps look to books that discuss the Pleiadians and the Sirians that is a way of bringing you joy. So too on these journeys and perhaps in the next several to come, when you move into the space of the All That Is, ask to go to Sirius, or ask to go the Pleiades. You will find yourself more fully within those planets and this is your time that you can get the specific information that you are looking for. You may of course do this on your own in your meditative state. You may do this in your dream state. There are many different potential ways in which you can access this information. <the person was making comments and adding information> and perhaps it will be you! Alright beloved, one never knows when this will come. <laughter in Goddess’ voice> Alright beloved! Is there anyone else? <there were not>

With that we will bring this celebration to close. I know that there are many of you that have been sending me messages and have been opening to receive the answers. It need not always be verbal or in the physical. I thank you for coming together at this time. I thank you for sharing your energies and opening up to the great and immense potentials that are around you. You are such energies of light and it brings me great joy to share this time with you!

Know that I’m always with you~~

I am within you~~


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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