Winter Solstice and Messages from Mother Mary and Jesus

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

Greetings, Beloved Family! Welcome to this time together. Welcome to this season of joy. Welcome to this opportunity for each one of you to come into direct contact with the energies that I am bringing with me tonight. Yes, I hear the requests that you make and, yes, they will be honored. (speaking of messages from Mother Mary and Jesus)

Each of you is so precious to me! Each of you is truly unique and filled with a beautiful, radiant light. Each of you has been upon a journey that is sometimes filled with difficulty; sometimes is very smooth. But no matter what is occurring within your life, no matter what you have been doing with your life, I honor you. I appreciate that you have chosen to come to earth at this time to be a part of bringing in the energies of evolution and to be a part of this immense transformation that is taking place upon the earth.

You hear all the time about the various changes that are occurring. Some of these you can feel quite dramatically; other changes you may not be fully aware of. Simply know that there is a great deal that is happening. Be aware that everything which is occurring to you is having an impact on the greater whole. So, if there are times when it feels as if you keep struggling and striving and it’s not doing any good, believe me that it is. You are creating the changes. You are creating who you are.

And, yes indeed, humans have always been in the process of creation, and they have always created within every lifetime. But you are each very well aware of the uniqueness of creating consciously; creating through your intention; creating so that the life you have is what you are truly seeing to manifest. It is here. It is now.

So come with me beloved family. Let me take you upon a journey that will assist you in whatever way you may need assistance. You may not be fully conscious of what is occurring to you, or you may be very well aware of every step along the way.

Release the energies of your physical body. Allow your consciousness to shift; shift in such a way that it moves into the magnetic grid. The magnetic grid, as it surrounds the earth, is filled with various energies. There are many levels and dimensions that make up the various aspects of the earth and the energy fields around it. The magnetic grid was created as a means of shifting energies, increasing communication. It assists all who are upon the earth.

Within this grid, there is a space which is yours. Whenever you connect, you just naturally gravitate towards this area. From within this space, you can call to you or send out impulses of energy.

Allow yourself to release the energies of the magnetics. Release the gravitational pull and shift through the interlocking grid so that you may arrive in the crystalline grid.

This grid is different in many ways from the magnetic, but the energies are vibrant. The energy impulses move and some mirror the energies of the magnetic grid, but mostly it is a change in energy that is a finer, lighter vibration more in alignment with who you are. This is an aspect of what is being brought into the earth. Anytime that you can spend within this space assists you in creating this greater alignment for yourself.

Call forth a column of light. This column is a means of shifting your consciousness from one space to another. You do not have to use the column, but for many it is a sense of recognition and a sense of ease. As you are moving through, you may perceive aspects of your current life, or a past life. You emerge, or you find yourself moving into, the energy or the space of the soul plane. Through your intention, you may move directly into this space if you so desire.

As you are taking in the energies of this space, call forth your I Am Presence. This is your divinity. This is who you are in your entirety. You feel a sense of homecoming when you are here. You also take this opportunity to realign with the aspects of yourself with which you may not be as fully conscious. You may seek an understanding. Or you may not ever be fully aware of these various aspects of yourself. As you embrace your divinity and blend, you find your consciousness expands even further. Open to this awareness.

I, the Goddess of Creation, now come forth. I move amongst all of you who are here within this space. I reach out to each one of you so that I may embrace your energies. As I embrace you, I am able to assist you in shifting into a new space of awareness. We call this the All That Is. You may perceive it as the void.

Take a moment to consider the various aspects within the All That Is; the various dimensions. Some you are very comfortable with; other aspects you may not even be aware of. Allow yourself to simply take in what is important for you to know at this time.

I am going to begin at this time talking about the energies of the winter solstice. People upon the earth have been very aligned with each moon upon the earth; with each season upon the earth; with the equinox and with the solstice long before there were calendars that stated a specific date. There were these cycles and the rhythms of the earth.

I would like for each of you to go inside of yourself at this moment and link to that time when you were upon the earth, and you were so aligned with nature. All of you have had one or several lifetimes in just this means. You may have been Druids, you may have been Celtic; perhaps it was in the Far East. When you go back to the primitive tribes on all of the continents, they were more so driven by the cycles and the rhythm of nature than you are at this time.

So allow yourself to truly link and feel and know what it is to be so much a part of the earth. Allow your consciousness to be in your current timeframe, but you still have that link that you reactivated.

In your current time upon the earth, as you move into the solstice, it is a time of letting go. It is a time to go inside, and love and nurture yourself. It is a time of hibernation and just allowing whatever is happening to be. And, yes, it may seem as if we say this at all times during the year, but the energies of the solstice assist you in doing this.

So, beginning with looking back over the past year, take a few moments to truly look at your life. Look at your life from this space within your divinity. Look at your life from your conscious awareness. You may find that what comes to mind for you at the very beginning are those things that your personality or your ego aspect is very caught up in. You can acknowledge that, understand it, but then shift for a moment and allow yourself to connect with what is occurring in your life, but view it from your divinity; view it from the space of soul.

For some, as you look back at this year, you may realize the immense transformation that you have gone through. You may recognize how you moved through those struggles and then you emerged into a new space. You may also feel as if you still remain in the midst of that.

For others it may have been a year of accomplishments where you have accomplished all that you set out to do. For still others, it may have been a year of surprises; that everything that occurred to you was as if it came as a surprise or completely out of the blue. Most likely you have had a combination of all of these.

At this time of the solstice, allow yourself to acknowledge all that is within your life. Acknowledge all that you are doing. And now release it. Let go everything that you have within your life. Feel as if, through that connection that you made with the earth, feel as if the earth itself is embracing you, supporting you; it may feel as if Gaia has her loving arms around you.

So let go of everything. Let yourself release in a way that you may have not released before. You find that there are fairies present to assist you. There are gnomes and the animal totems. They are all making themselves known for you as a means of assisting in release.

Now, I flow from myself through each of you and through this entire space. I flow the energy of love. I flow the energy of cleansing. As this energy is moving through you and your consciousness, the fairies and the devas are assisting in taking away from you old densities that no longer are working for you.

I now perceive each of you, sparkling clean, invigorated. Accept yourself. Accept and simply love who you are.

There is so much about you that there is to love. There is so much in who you are as an individual. You don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to be a particular individual. You need only be yourself and that is enough; that is the perfection.

Allow yourself, while you are still so connected to the earth, while you are still feeling the earth’s embrace and you have your totems, devas and fairies around you, the gnomes; all of those that are of the earth have come to be with you at this time of the solstice. So as you are looking into the New Year that is coming up, now is the time to set your intentions so that during the winter months, as you are quiet and hibernating, as you are nurturing and loving yourself, you can be setting the foundation, or you can be weaving a pattern of energy that goes even deeper in what you are already working with. This is a time in which the energies of the earth are assisting you even more than at other times of the year.

In the coming year, what is your intention? Open to receive perceptions. Know that this is going to become enhanced in ways that you cannot know at this time. Be open to accept. Be open to love who you are. Be flexible about timing. Be aware that you are setting the foundation, and most likely you will have opportunities to come back and work with this and expand upon it at times in the future.

All right, these energies of the earth are going to stay around you throughout the rest of this journey. They are working on creating the energy patterns that will assist you. You need not; in fact it’s probably better if you do not, micromanage this. Let them do what they want to or need to do, and you can reap the benefit of that at the right and perfect time.

I ask you to come back and create the group energy. As you find yourself returning, you become aware of the other who have been around you, perhaps this whole time, but you have each been in your own plane of existence because you were each on your own personal journey. You may feel as if you are greeting your friends. Everyone comes together with the sense of expectation.

The group as a whole shifts their awareness and you see walking toward you the essence of Mother Mary as she was in the life with Jesus. You see or sense her as she is coming toward you in the group. She walks quietly, gently and as her energy comes fully present open to receive. She radiates love. She radiates acceptance. And she is here to speak with you as that aspect that walked upon the earth. 

I will shift and allow her to begin to speak.

Mother Mary speaks:

Greetings, Loved Ones. Thank you for inviting me to come to you at this time and to have this opportunity to be able to speak to you. I am very closely linked with just about everyone who is here. I have been around you more than you realize. I am a soul essence linked with the Divine Goddess, but I have had a number of different lifetimes in which I walked upon the earth, but not the same number that you, the Masters, have had. I have done the majority of my work from the angelic realm. I went into that lifetime with a great deal of my consciousness intact. I knew I was there for a specific reason. I knew and spoke with God directly throughout that lifetime. Jesus, himself, spoke with me before he came into my body.

I walked in a higher aspect of my soul energy just prior to the time in which I gave birth, or I became pregnant with Jesus, or Yeshua. I needed to be of a vibration that would assist him. It was undecided at first if it would be a male or a female energy that would come into the earth. But we chose male because it was such a male dominated time in the history. There were other female energies who had been to earth during times of transformation, myself included. So it was time to allow a male to come through, bringing with him these energies of transformation.

I, as the human aspect, had an extremely difficult experience in that life. You as the humans can imagine what it is like to see a child that you know is magical, that you know is special, and that you know is there and doing exactly what he needs to be doing. But you feel the pain that he feels. You feel the human aspect of the whole experience, not just at the end when he was upon the cross, but the many different times in his life when he was ostracized for being different.

People often focus on me and my energies and quite often, my beloved husband in that lifetime is overlooked. Joseph was of a more earthy vibration, but he was oh so strong! He was so much a part of the equation that made up that lifetime. He doesn’t mind. He is the type of soul or energy that is happy to sit back and simply be. Of course, there were times in which he felt the anger, betrayal; the typical human emotions. But the bottom line of everything is that he was such a loving, such a giving person. Who else could have accepted this situation for he did not have the knowledge that I had. He simply trusted in me.

And so, throughout the centuries since then, there are the aspects of the Divine Mother that I entail that have remained strong and fully present. Now, at this time upon the earth, the time for the Divine Feminine is coming back into balance. The time of male domination is coming to an end. There will be an equal balance of male and female. It has all come full circle.

I am oftentimes represented as the embodiment of love, but indeed I reflect back to you that aspect that comes from within you. I cherish the times in which I was human. I cherish my ability to be able to link from the angelic realm with any and all who seek to link with me.

I am ever present for any who seek to communicate or connect with me. Of course, you need not be of one denomination or another. All are welcome in my loving embrace.


Oh, she is such a sister to me. Everyone always feels the energy of her love that she can emanate. It is because she walked the earth and yet she is this higher vibration that she is able to link with so many people. As she made herself known, she is indeed a representation of the Divine Mother for all and her heart is big enough to welcome all who seek to connect with her.

We now invite Yeshua (Jesus) to come forth. You may see his presence as he comes into form. And I will now allow him to speak as he is seeking to do so. 

Jesus speaks:

Greetings and welcome. I, too, thank you for this opportunity to be able to speak with you. Many of you know me as I was represented throughout the hundreds of years from within the sects of the religions. Some religions view me as God, other religions view me as a nice person, but not necessarily God; other religions view me as a complete heretic that had no influence or no abilities at all. And as you are very well aware at this time, those are but the beliefs of religious dogma.

Religion has been very important. Religion has given structure that people wanted and sought to have within their lives. There are more religious sects than I could ever begin to count, nor would I want to. But the energy that I represent as the Christ energy is the energy of Love; it is the energy of Light; it is the energy that is linked to everyone who is upon the earth.

Yes, I was with you and I heard you when you said, how did the energies of Jesus compare with the energies of Sananda? They are both me. They are simply shifts in vibration. Each of you are multi-dimensional energies just as I am. And if you wish to consider it in such a way; there is the energy of Jesus, and then I become Sananda, and then from there, I am also a part of Melchezidek and I also go back into Source or God energy. And I come back down into that energy as Yeshua because that is the one you seek to connect with at this time. (I had a sense that is a simplified version of his soul energy.)

The time upon the earth, when I walked as Yeshua, many people considered to be a time of great darkness. Indeed, the energies of earth were very dense. Indeed, the energies were very caught up in what some might consider personality, such as ego, domination, pain, and suffering. You look at your world now and you can still see those same energies and emotions are upon the earth. But as you go to that time in which I came and walked upon the earth there is a density to the energies that is different now than what it was back then.

There were many things that I accomplished in that lifetime. One of the most profound was that releasing of density. The mindset at that time was that I needed to suffer as a human to ascend to another level of evolution for myself. The mindset at the time that has carried forth until this time, has been about lack, has been about deprivation, about fighting, and wars. That is what people sometimes will link with as they connect with me in that energy.

Indeed, there was suffering throughout that life, not only at the very end. But indeed, coming to the earth with those heavy energies, and being an energy of Light, there were times in which it was physically painful just to be upon the earth. My physical family in that lifetime was very crucial to me. They were holding the energies that assisted me in being able to evolve and accomplish what I needed to accomplish.

As you look at your life today, I am most thankful that you now realize that you can ascend, you can shift your awareness, through love, through joy, through excitement, through intention. This has all been the natural evolution that was put into place long before I walked upon the earth in that lifetime.

Now is the time to release the old notions that it is necessary to suffer. Let go any belief systems, be they conscious or unconscious, within you so that you may simply be the Light; that you may simply be who you are and that you may through self-love, self-acceptance ascend to a higher level that walks upon the earth. That is what my main focus was in coming to the earth.

As you take this moment, and as you are connecting with me, come join me in the stable where I was born. Perhaps you were around me, perhaps not. But you, as the Master that you are, can look in and observe the energies. See how connected Mary was to the earth, and yet connected to the angelic realm. See how Joseph was even more grounded, but yet he, too, was connected to the angelic realm.

And as my soul became a part of that infant, it was a time of joy. It was a time of celebration. It matters not the date of the year; it matters not any specifics. What matters was that I was the one fortunate enough to be chosen to manifest that light upon the earth. And since then, it has grown stronger and stronger. The Christ Light is about self-love, about self-acceptance. The Christ Light is about joy. So as you embody the Christ within you let yourself reflect those energies. Let yourself be those energies.

I send forth my love and my embrace to every human upon the earth at this time. I have come back and walked on earth in many different forms since that life experience. I have sometimes walked alone; I have sometimes walked with a spouse. And indeed, in some existences, the energy known as Mary Magdalene has been my spouse. We are mated throughout eternity, but we have each had other energies that are with us also.

At this time in which there is so much a focus of the Christ energy, [meaning Christmas] I reach out in love and support of all who may be seeking me. I reach out in love and acceptance of all who walk upon the earth. Thank you for bringing me in. Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you. I am always available. You need only invite me in.



Indeed, what a magical soul he is! We can see why he was chosen to be the energy to walk upon the earth. He actually volunteered and he was among a number of volunteers. But there were a group of energies who came together in that decision making realm, and it was known that the time was right for this to occur upon the earth.

Alright, take a moment and feel your energies. Take a moment to realize how your own vibration has shifted so that you may be in greater alignment with both of them. There is a well-spring of joy that is flowing throughout this space. There is an energy that is filled with love. There is peacefulness. Be aware that anytime you are able to tap into these aspects, or these energies, that you are first of all finding that within yourself, but then you are also expanding that into the energies that are around you.

We call forth the hologram of the earth. As it materializes in front of you, you can see that it is already quite illuminated. This is because you have already been working with the energies of the solstice. Observe through the matrix, or observe though the hologram, the matrix of the earth. See how the light, or the density, or whatever it may be that is manifested within the earth, is aligned in various aspects with this matrix of energy. There is the Christ matrix, the energies of Mother Mary, as they blend with the earth as a whole. That information allows you in the future or when you are able to tap into those energies more easily.

Send forth whatever you are seeking into this hologram of the earth. Yeshua and Mary are standing with you as a part of this group and they too are sending in their energies, their light, and their love.

As the hologram accepts these energies, it begins to return, shifting as if it is moving through a column of light. The hologram itself blends first with the magnetic grid and then moves into the physical earth upon which you live. These energies that you have worked with tonight become embedded fully within the earth. They link with other energies that were already there so that one enhances the other. It strengthens what you are doing and what you are bringing to the earth. We allow that to move out from the center of the earth, coming up so that all upon the top of the earth, or who walk upon its surface, may have access to these energies.

Allow your focus to return within this group. I ask you each to be fully aware of just how you are linked to one another. You are each unique and divine, but you are also a part of the whole.

Allow yourself to shift, bringing your energy a little more within your consciousness so that you may shift back into the space of the soul plane. I ask you as you come back within this space to open up your consciousness to link with the Nama Sika room as it’s been called. Many of you come here on your own through conscious or unconscious intention.

This space is created energetically in the soul plane as almost a meeting room. It is infused with my energies, the energies of the Goddess. It is infused with all of your energies. It is a place to mix and mingle with others that is still closer to the earth plane. It is a place where you can work through any problems or issues that you may be having. It is a place of support and love for who you are. You can link with it through your intention, or by saying “Nama Sika; Venia Benya”.

Allow yourself to shift your focus once more that you are within your space on the soul plane where your divinity resides. Create a hologram that represents who you are upon the physical plane. Reach out to embrace this hologram. Reach out to embrace who you are as a physical human. Reach out with love and acceptance of who you are in this particular journey that you are upon.

As you are ready to do that allow yourself to release the soul plane. You may move back down through the column of light, or you may simply merge through your intention with the crystalline grid. You can become aware of the various shifts in the tones or the vibration within this grid.

Move through so that you may link with the magnetic grid. As you do so, you find yourself beginning to feel the density of the earth. You find yourself feeling the energy of the magnet. Let your consciousness move through so that you begin to ground yourself once more. Allow yourself to come back within your physical body. You may need to expand the energy field around you to accommodate this higher vibration of yourself that you are bringing back with you. Consciously expand your energy. Allow yourself to reach out so as to observe or absorb more and more of this light.

Allow yourself to begin to ground, sending those energies down into the earth. Link with those energies you connected with tonight. Feel them from your physical attributes. Feel yourself becoming fully present in this moment. And then those energies come back up within you from the earth so that you are grounding yourself as a human. You are pulling around you in your physical space the fairies, the devas, the other energies that were there in support of you this evening. You are never alone. You are fully supported.

I ask everyone now to come back within this conference room. You may come back into the room by pushing four upon your telephone. You may find yourself feeling as if you are still in that fully expanded space, but let yourself become aware of your surroundings. Let yourself feel your physical body. Let yourself come back into this room. And I am open to receive questions from you.


Question: (paraphrased) The person spoke: “Hello dear Goddess, I greet you and I thank you so much for bringing in the energies of our beloved Jesus and Mary.” Goddess: “You are welcome, they were very pleased to have the opportunity to come forth and speak with everyone.” I have always felt connected to the energies of Mother Mary and Yeshua and I am seeking to have an even deeper connection with them. With Christmas coming soon, I really want to understand in my heart the true, true meaning of Christmas and why Jesus came. I was wondering how I may understand and connect with the true meaning of Christmas.

Answer: Be in the space of the energies that you just communicated with. As Jesus was speaking to you, he affirmed for you that he came to bring light into the density. He came to bring in the energies of self-love and self-acceptance. That is where everyone must begin. They must love themselves, they must accept themselves in order to be able to connect and love and accept the other people who are around them. Many of you feel that it is easier to love someone else and to appreciate someone else. Many of you were taught as children that to be ‘selfish’ or that to think of yourself, or love yourself, was not right or was not a way you wanted to be. Again, these are old belief systems that are ready to be put to rest. So, the energy of the Christ is the energy of love, the energy of joy, the energy of acceptance. In this next week that you have on the earth (Christmas time), be in the space of love – of loving yourself, of accepting yourself and all of who you are in this lifetime. And be in the space of viewing others from self-love and self-acceptance. (thank you.) You are welcome.


Question (paraphrased): I felt a lot of aqua and turquoise energy tonight. What energy was this that I was connecting to?

Answer: We sense that the aqua when we first blended with it, there was an aspect of Mother Mary, but it is also an aspect of Quan Yin. It is also an aspect of your Higher Self. The aqua in your case is actually a blending of an aspect of your Higher Self as it is linked to Quan Yin, as it is linked to Mother Mary; or in essence for you as it is linked to the Divine Feminine as it is manifested. In your journey on the earth, you are in a space of opening to greater self-acceptance. You are in a space of learning to understand and love yourself. You have been very harsh on yourself in the past, and you realize this and can recognize it but that doesn’t make it easier to let go of that old way of looking at yourself. They are here in love and support of you and unconditional love. That loving you no matter what you have ever said, no matter what you have ever done, no matter what your life has been in any regard; they are here about completely accepting you for who you are and that is what you are working with right now. The aqua is a reflection of this blend as it is manifesting with you. Does that resonate with you? (Yes. Person speaks further: I am in all times in total gratitude for the assistance that I know is available to me. It’s just so unbelievable! The energies tonight were very strong, very energizing, that was fantastic!!) You are truly radiant. I wish to affirm for you just how much you have done in this lifetime and where you are right now has truly been the culmination of a journey and it’s truly been a process for you that we honor, that we see it as beautifully executed, if you want to use those words. It’s like the final aspect that you’ve been pulling in are these energies to assist you with the self-acceptance.


Question (paraphrased): Could you tell me about the receipt of money that I am expecting and if that money with cover the cost of having a physical makeover.

Answer: It is difficult to link with you tonight. As I am linking… I ask you, Beloved, to take a moment to breathe in and as you breathe out release. There is an energy of fear around you, or something that is creating a shell around you. So take in a breath, and as you breathe out – whether it’s something you feel or know about, it doesn’t matter – but breathe out and release, let go so we can more deeply connect with you.

Alright, we do see the money around you. We do see you opening a mailbox and taking out a check. This is giving us the impression that the money will be arriving through the mail as opposed to an electronic method. The timeframe feels to us as if it’s right now. We do understand how it’s very difficult to give timing to individuals upon the earth: when something will manifest, why and how and if it will manifest. We have a very strong feeling that yes, you will be receiving. This is a check that is different or separate from other money or income that you may have. Whether or not it will fully cover what you are seeking to manifest, it’s not clear to us. We sense that it will allow you to begin to take the steps; it will definitely push you along in the path you are seeking to manifest.

With any extreme makeover that anyone asks for, we take this moment to gently remind you that it needs to begin from within yourself. You need to have an acceptance of who you are right now in order to accept who you will become after a particular surgery because you can have the surgery and you can have these things done to you, but if you are not accepting of who you are, you will still find yourself asking the same questions or feeling the same feelings once the makeover is done. Our sense is that the money is there. Why it has not manifested isn’t clear to us. Be open and accepting of yourself. Be open and accepting that it will occur at the right time. Be in a space of opening to receive which will help the energy to flow around you. All right, Beloved? (What about my resistance?) The resistance is an aspect of yourself that you have been working with for a long period of time and it’s something that you have worked with in channel, you’ve worked with in private evolution. You within your multi-dimensional self have worked at releasing various aspects of this, but it’s as if you’ve been peeling off layers and layers. If you work at looking in the mirror and the person that you see, acknowledge that this is who I am at this time in my life, and this is who I love at this time in my life. Almost as if you give yourself a self-talk when you physically talk to yourself in the mirror and see your image in the mirror so that you are also seeing it, hearing it, knowing it within your various dimensions and aspects of yourself. Our sense is that it’s a part of you that keeps holding on tightly and doesn’t want to let go or release. You need to love yourself into a space of being completed. Love yourself into a space of acceptance. Be not concerned about it being a barrier. We can sense it. We can tap into it. But it does not need to be a barrier. The more resistance you put there, the more you go seeking saying where are you? Come out, come out and talk to me, anything that creates a sense of resistance or non-acceptance within yourself, will keep things at an arms distance from you. So, you can say that if I’m not loving myself or feeling generous to myself at this time then I open to feel those emotions, I open to feel acceptance. Through consciously bringing in the energy that is what will continue to work on this aspect of yourself. That is what we seek for you to have within yourself and that is what you have been seeking and you have found and accomplished during portions in your life. It’s almost as if this keeps coming in a circle and back around so each time that you feel something has not happened quickly enough of that there is a resistance within you, love the resistance and love yourself. (Thank you.) You are welcome.


Question (paraphrased): May I have some insight and support for a particular issue that I am working with currently.

Answer: Take in a breath and as you breathe out open to a greater connection with me. We sense within you if this is indeed what you are speaking of, and we sense that you will know in your heart if we are linking with this aspect, is this is representing for you a culmination of a great deal of growth within your life; a culmination of a great deal of releasing of this particular issue that has come up in many different ways throughout this lifetime. It is in essence one of your core issues in this life. We see you as being in a space of evolving to a tremendous degree in the last one to two years. You consciously began a journey of looking for self-acceptance or self-understanding many years ago and there was a long time in which it felt like you were not really getting anywhere. The aspect that you are speaking of is an aspect that has been very much a part of you, or it’s been both within you and outside of you – almost as if it can be manifested in the form of a relationship with another individual, or you reflecting yourself back to yourself. Howsoever it comes to you, what you have been doing over the last one to two years is what is making the greatest shift in your life. The path you are on right now is exactly where you need to be. You are moving into a space of understanding. You are moving into a space of greater acceptance. You are moving into a space of being able to release or feel that sense of security that you have needed so that you may release at a deeper and deeper level. Does that make sense? (How do I cultivate greater security?) The energy of Jesus and Mary that were with you so very strongly tonight have also been within your energy field for much of your lifetime and especially now. So, you created a link with them during the journey tonight. You have that link and it is there for you. Call on them when you are feeling insecure or you are feeling afraid. Create a sacred space for yourself and know that this is when you can consciously bring in these energies. We have a sense that you need or want a ceremony that you create that makes this more real to you. We have a sense of you having a sacred time and linking with them. You will then feel their energies around you just in your daily life so if something comes around you – we are sensing a panic attack or something – if something comes up unexpectedly, then you simply breathe in the energies that you are already consciously working with and you will feel a peace move through you. While it may not completely resolve the fear, at least you will find yourself moving through it much more quickly and over time you will resolve the fear. Does that make sense? (Yes.) You are not alone. Know that you are loved and fully supported by all who are around you and within this group and those of us on our side of the veil. (Thank you.) You are welcome.


Question: My excess weight is causing me circulation problems and it’s getting scary. How do I release the weight?

Answer: We wish to ask you why are you keeping this weight, Beloved? (Protection for myself, my husband constantly picks and yells.) For you, in part, food has become very nurturing. It is something you can do that no one else has any control over. Food is a way of nurturing yourself. It’s a way of controlling an aspect of your life so you feel in control at that time. How else, then, can you nurture yourself? What else can you do within your life? How can you release control so that you can have control from a higher level, or a different level within yourself? Does that make sense to you? (Yes. Person speaks further.) What we can do and have been doing with you is recreating a different mechanism that creates a different flow in the energy around you. This is what you do with us in the sleep state and this is what you do with us when you come to us and you are seeking to create a change in your life. So you are already working on these aspects of yourself; you are already working on the energies that are flowing through your body and that is going to create a change from the inside, from the energetic level and then indeed from there, you will feel the nurturing within, you will feel support within. When your husband is being difficult for you and being hard on you, speaking to you in a non-loving fashion, then it won’t feel as if he is attacking you in the way it feels right now. You will feel that ‘yes, I may be hearing things’ or maybe seeing his mouth move, but I’m not feeling anything that is being said to me. As you can begin to detach from what he is saying and as you begin to realize that he is simply living out his life and you chose to be in this life and have these experiences, so how can you now be in these energies without letting those energies be a part of you. You have asked this question and we have worked with you. There are times when you do it beautifully, as if you stand there and look at him but you don’t hear a word that’s being said. It is unfortunate that it’s difficult to maintain that space for any length of time, so you find yourself moving back and forth. So, create the space where you are nurturing yourself. Create the space where you feel vital and energized and where the energies flow smoothly and easily through your body. You can do that when you are going to bed and waking up. Whatever works for you. When you feel attacked by this individual, simply breathe in the essence of that space of security, and self-love and self-acceptance and indeed then you will feel less attacked by those energies. When you feel you do not need the weight as a protection, it will begin to ease off or slough off. (person speaks) If you have the opportunity for a massage, there are physical things that can be done in your present reality that may help with that circulation and help in releasing that. In addition, we sense that you are on certain medications that can also help in releasing the excess fluid you are storing in your body. There are also herbs that can help; a diuretic that can help to release the excess fluid. Our sense is that there is some fluid retention. There is a lack of movement in your life. You feel as if you are not moving in your life. So create the movement in your life and the circulation and the other things will come with it. If it’s that you need to address the circulation first and that will create the movement; they both are interlocking with each other and it doesn’t matter which one moves first. It will probably be a combination. So, see the flow in your life, see yourself as being fully insulated and secure so that you do not need to use weight as a barrier for yourself. And bring in the Christ energies of self-love and self-acceptance. Accept that this is who you are at this time. Yes, you will weigh more than that physical body. Yes, you are immense in terms of your spiritual magnitude, in terms of your capacity to love, but this is how you have manifested for yourself in this life. Love it. Accept it. Honor it. It is there for a reason and there to assist you in having a physical manifestation.

(person speaks more) We have a sense that change is coming around you, but we also have a sense that there is if you will go inside of yourself and perhaps open to greater self-acceptance and self-awareness that that is what will help you to create the shift that is needed so that you can move forward. Yes, indeed there is change coming in 2006. Yes, indeed there is greater motion or movement in your body in the coming year. You have the ability to create change and we see you doing so. Look back this year though you are feeling unhappy, it was better than the year before, was it not. (She acknowledged that indeed it was better.) This is what you need to keep in mind, that you are improving and that there are changes and the vast majority of these changes are what have been within you. You are still living in the same situation, you still have your husband, you still have these issues around your weight, but you are still feeling happier now than you were a year ago. You are feeing that change is occurring. So release a schedule, release a particular expectation and trust and know that things will continue to get better. (I can feel a shift has already happened just since you were talking.) Sometimes when I get wordy in my explanation it is because a download is being given or I am assisting you in shifting your energies. So we thank you for confirming feeling that shift. That is an affirmation for yourself. You knew it, you asked for it, and it happened. Tha is excellent beloved! We are always with you and assisting you. (Thank you.)

Alright, we do need to bring this time to a close. Know that if there are others who wish to ask questions, that you need only ask the questions within your heart and you will feel the answer, or you will know the answer. It will manifest in one form or another. Know that I thank each of you for being here to create this journey, what it has been this evening.

I support you. I honor you. And I love each of you for who you are and all that you are upon this journey (of life). I am with you and within you.





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