Winter Solstice & Message from Lady Gaia

Ansaluia My Friends in Soul!

Happy New Year!!! I wish you each a joyful, prosperous new year~~~

The holidays have come and gone. As always I marvel at how quickly time is passing. I hope each of your holidays were joyous.

This channel was really great for a couple of different reasons. First of all, it was given to us right before the Winter Solstice, and it allowed each of us to feel what it is to be in the direct energies of the earth, the moon, the sun, and the planets which all come together to create that time upon the earth. Even though you read this later, you can still connect.

In addition, there was a HUGE release of energy as a result of this channel. It allowed for a release of disappointment, regret, judgment, and anything else that may have been holding you back. I saw this as almost a tidal wave of energy that was let go. It then allowed each person to open to greater clarity and light.

Lady Gaia spoke of the earth and changes that are occurring. As always she is very reassuring and encourages us be in the moment and accept that all is in perfection. She said that some of the reasons there was less physical trauma last year was due to all the energy workers. It's bringing in the quantum leap with ease.

So, I sense that 2007 will be a year of even more energy shifting. I hope that as each of you are moving through the year you will find a greater ease in manifesting what you seek to have!


Winter Solstice & Message from Lady Gaia

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! Welcome to our time of sharing with one another. I appreciate each of you coming to be with us, to create this group, to allow for a greater number of people to consciously link with one another and within this energy. It creates a space for which this journey will take place; then everybody else who reads this later will come into this space and allow it to expand even further.

When you are linking during one of these journeys it does not matter the day or time in which you link. All are present in the now moment and all are able to link through the intention of doing so.

I invite you to take this moment and really breathe in allowing yourself to fully connect and to fully relax. This is a time in which so many people are very busy in their daily lives upon the earth. It is also a time of great emotion. It is a time in which many people feel as if they are on a roller coaster which is moving quite quickly through their days. For some, they have these experiences through out the year; others feel it more so around the holidays.

When you connect and choose to allow yourself to come upon a journey, let it be in the moment and let yourself be fully focused. Allow yourself to release the energies of the physical body. Let your consciousness expand as you connect with the energies of the magnetic grid; you will find yourself shifting to energies that are around you. Feel what these pathways mean to you. Open to perceive the energies as they move in every different direction.

You have a space within here. You have a space that is yours. Your higher self resides. It is a bit of a way station that you move through as you expand your consciousness at any given time. For many of you, you have been coming to this space on a very regular basis. Open to perceive how it has changed as you have become more conscious. It may be that you add your perceptions to this area; it may be that it simply expands and contracts depending on where you are at any given moment.

Allow yourself to release this space. Feel as if you are letting go of the gravitational pull of the earth. You move through an interlocking grid until you arrive in the crystalline grid. As you move into this space, you feel the finer, lighter vibration. You may perceive the many various crystals that are within this space. You may find yourself aligning with one in particular. Simply let yourself feel what it is to be within the crystalline energies.

As you are ready to do so, you may call forth a column of light. You move through this column and it assists you in shifting from one dimension into the next. As you emerge, you find yourself expanding in every direction. You are within the space of the soul plane. This is another aspect of home to you. This is where a greater amount of your divinity resides. Let yourself become aware.

You may call forth your I AM presence. It may already be within you, or you may feel it surrounding you. Allow yourself to connect so that you may blend completely. As you are blending with your own divinity, let your consciousness expand. Let yourself feel how wonderful it is to simply be with yourself. Feel the love as it surrounds you. Feel the sense of knowing. Let yourself truly recognize and understand that you are magnificent.

Let yourself open to perceive the many ways in which you are able to expand through your own divinity. I the Goddess come forth and I move into this space. As I do so, I link with each one of you. I embrace each of you as I connect with you. Allow me to amplify your energies as you shift or move into the space of the All That Is. As you are moving into this expanded awareness, allow yourself to stretch or expand your consciousness even further. As you are expanding your consciousness, you find that you are able to perceive the finer, more subtle vibrations that are within this space. There is a great deal of energy that is within here at this time.

There is a transformation taking place upon the earth. We have spoken many times about the influxes of energy. So allow yourself to be open and receive what is happening around you right now. The winter solstice is almost upon you, from the time in which we are bringing this forth. We are also coming towards the end of your calendar year. So we will take this opportunity to see where you have been, what you have done, and perhaps where you are seeking to go in the year to come.

First of all, allow yourself to shift in your awareness to the winter solstice of 2005. You may seek to simply go back to the beginning of the year. Take this moment and consider; where did you live, what was happening within your life, was it a time of putting closure to the year before, and then what were you seeking to open up to in the coming year. For some of you it may be difficult to even remember. For others it may be very easy to link with this. I invite you to consider everything from the perspective of the All That Is.

From within this, you may have a different perspective or you may see something that explains what has been going on with you in the past year. For some you may have felt a disappointment. You may have had specific expectations that did not come to fruition. You may have suffered through loss or pain during the past year. I invite you to take this moment and consider these aspects from within your life.

For some you may feel as if the sorrow wells up within you; allow yourself to embrace this and then let it go. There are often times creations and manifestations that you seek to have within your life. From within the soul plane or the All That Is, it may give you one perception. It is your creation and you can manifest it. You the human as you walk through your days and as you are living your life, may question the timing of what you are manifesting. You may question the way it comes in or the way it might not come in.

All that you are seeking to have is created by you in the ethers. When it has not manifested into your physical reality, then I ask you to simply accept that it has not yet manifested. I feel the frustration that some of you may have over this. Sometimes it's due to other individuals, sometimes it's do to your own vibration and not being in alignment with the vibration of what you are seeking. Sometimes it is just not the right time.

When you are in the space of analyzing, feeling sorrow, judging, feeling disappointment; it creates an energy within and around you that holds it even more at a distance. Whatever it has been over the past year, take this opportunity and let all the emotions or energies that may be holding things at a distance and let them simply flow away from you. I send out the energy of love from within me that it may flow through and around you assisting you in letting go of anything and everything that ma be standing in your way. This most likely is something that you are conscious of; but you may also be very unconscious of it. It matters not, simply release the analytical, release the judgment, and release any emotions that hold things at a distance.

As I was observing all of you, it was as if a great wave of energy moved through picking up particles and energies, picking up solid blocks of emotions; and it all flowed away. Now as I perceive each one of you, I see you in your sparkling essence.

Again, let's consider this past year. Perhaps you have had experiences or shifted into a new direction that you never anticipated moving into. Perhaps what you were seeking to manifest came through in an even bigger and better way than you anticipated that it would. Perhaps you find yourself as if you are standing on a plateau and you have let go of numerous different aspects of your life. Let these energies flow through you and be within your awareness.

Consider the person that you were at the beginning of the year and the person you are now. All of you have changed. All of you have taken on a greater amount of light and energy. Whether you are able to perceive it or not, you have all expanded into a new vibration that is even more aligned with the many dimensions around the earth at this time. Allow this recognition to come within you. Allow yourself to feel and understand what this is.

If this is the time (for you) to do so, put closure to the calendar year of 2006.

Now I am going to shift our energies so that we may once again link with the energies of the winter solstice. As you do so through your intention, you may find yourself feeling a connection to the earth or you may find yourself suspended within the All That Is. The equinoxes and the solstices have marked the times of change upon the earth going back for thousands of years. These are determined by the phases of the moon and the sun and the earth, but also by the alignment of the planets.

Through your intention, feel as if you are allowing yourself to stand in the center of these energies. Connect with the energies of the winter solstice and feel the energies of the sun, the moon, the earth, and the planets. Feel the perfect synchronicity and alignment of all of these as they come into being. Allow your own energies to shuffle and shift so that they too are feeling the complete alignment of all these energies.

You have released the past year. Put forth your intentions for the coming year. Stand in the energies of balance and alignment and create for yourself an image of some of the things you would like to see occurring in the coming year. Where are you living? Do you have a specific job? Who are the friends and loved ones that you share your life with?

As you see yourself, see how it falls into the time line of the coming year. These are what you are creating for yourself. I invite you to now open up to input from your higher self, or perhaps your guides and angels that work so closely with you. Open to perceive any subtle changes that they may include into what you are creating. They may have ideas or perceptions that are even bigger than you anticipated for yourself.

So I invite you to release any restrictions that may be conscious or unconscious. I invite you to open to potentials without any boundaries! I invite you to live your life to the ultimate of your ability! I invite you to embrace every day no matter what it brings to you. You are magnificent!! You are truly glorious.

Release all of those creations that you have made for yourself. Know that you have created from within the balance of this winter solstice and everything will be nurtured until each comes to fruition in the best way and at the best time possible.

As we let go of those specific energies of the solstice, find yourself coming back within the All That Is. There are now many many more people who have arrived to participate in these energies. Some of these are the people who will be reading this later. Others are the angels and guides who will be working with you; but even more than that, there are the energies that just love to be within this vibration. They don't come for any reason, they simply enjoy being within this space.

Let yourself take this opportunity as you are putting forth your creation for the coming year, to shift into whatever planet you may usually link with. Let yourself perhaps move into the essence of a star, the crystals, whatever it may be that you like to link with when you are within this space. This is to give you the added energies that assist in your creation.

As you are ready to do so, I then draw you back so that you may create a circle of light. As you form a group or a circle, it looks as if it's simply a ball of light filled with many different colors, filled with vibration, filled with a multitude of energies. From within this, we see or sense the hologram of the earth as it comes up. It seems to separate those energies so that you see the hologram, but it is surrounded by this glorious light. This light is YOU! Each of you, as your consciousness stands there in off of its expansion and all its divinity.

From within the hologram, Lady Gaia comes forth. She would like to take this opportunity to speak. She comes out from the hologram and reaches out and connects with each one of you. I shift so as to allow her to be able to speak with you:

Lady Gaia speaks:

I greet you family! This is Gaia; I come to you at this time of the solstice because it is a time of shifting energies upon the earth. I wanted to take this moment and comment about all that has occurred over the past year.

We are in a time upon the earth when every day, every month, every season is filled with change. There have been times throughout the earth's history in which there was very little change or very slow change in process. Now is a time of profound and rapid change. That is what the past year has been and it is also what you may anticipate for the coming year.

Consider the denseness of the earth as it was even five years ago. Five years to six was when the earth itself opened to change. This change has been brought in by each one of you the humans as you move through your evolutionary process. Each of the last five years have brought increasingly rapid shifts upon the earth. I say to you, that the changes required for the shift which is the earth moving into the fourth dimension; it need not be anything that is catastrophic.

There are more and more humans choosing to increase their vibration and the light within them. Some are linked as a part of a group; others are simply living their lives within their own space. But all come together in a vibrational pattern that is assisting the earth as it shifts into a new dimension. You need not be concerned about what is to come. The shift is going to be smooth. There will be continued influxes of energy. Some you may feel quite dramatically, others will be subtle.

But know that there is a continual change and increase in the amount of crystalline energy. It is the crystalline energy that is the largest catalyst within this shift. Crystalline energy vibrates at the heart level or higher. It is without duality. It therefore allows for people to shift, change, and create whatever it may be they seek in their life without that sense of duality. That is why things may occur with greater ease.

I am ever present and available for you. As you are vibrating at a higher level, I encourage you to continue to link with me and ground yourself within these energies. I am ever present within and around the earth plane. I am ever present within and around each one of you. Feel my joy in all that is occurring and let yourself be within a space of joy also.

I thank you for the opportunity to speak this evening.


(Return the Goddess of Creation) With that, Lady Gaia releases her connection with each of you. She merges back within the (hologram of the) earth, and the earth itself takes on a greater amount of radiance. It shines as brightly as the light that surrounds it. See this hologram as it shifts. It moves shifting away from the space of the All That Is, moving back towards the earth. As it connects with the earth, there is an aspect that blends with the energy of magnetic grid. The remainder of the hologram moves down until it links with the physical earth. It moves down inside of the earth blending and then expanding outward. We release the hologram.

Shift the focus back within this group once more. Let go of your connection with the others who are present. Allow yourself to come back within your own consciousness. As you do so, allow yourself to move back within the space of the soul plane so that you may begin to shift, coming back within the space in which you first linked with your I AM presence. Feel how this expands.

I invite you to become aware through your expanded perception of the more fine or subtle aspects of your divinity. Each dimension or each level of consciousness that you seek to have information, gives you a different perception. So allow yourself to take in all that is here for you.

As you are ready to do so, release that energy so that you my shift into the space of the crystalline grid. Allow yourself to feel these energies of the crystals as they vibrate. There is a greater resonance as a result of this journey. You may perceive what this is to you.

As you are ready to do so, allow yourself to shift through the interlocking grid so that you may connect once more with the magnetic grid. You feel the pull of the earth. You feel the gravity as it begins to affect your consciousness. You once more merge or link with your space within here. It too expands so as to accommodate your expanded consciousness.

I then invite you to release this space of the magnetic grid. Let yourself reconnect fully with where you are as a human. Allow yourself to come back within your physical body. Allow yourself to become grounded. As you do so, the energies around you expand further. Let yourself become comfortable within your physical body. You may choose to link with Lady Gaia, sending your energies out until you connect with her once more. Then bring that back up into your physical body and your consciousness.

Allow yourself to return and be fully present within your space. As you are doing this, I am open to receive questions that you may have. You may press *7 upon your telephone so as to come back within the room. I am open to receive questions.

Questions: (paraphrased) First of all, thank you so much for that wonderful journey tonight! I am wondering if you can give me any insights about my twin flame; where is he, how is he, how will we connect?

Answer: You are welcome. As you are first speaking that question to me, I am not immediately locating your twin flame so give me a moment and I will see what comes to me. I will also say before I do that I want to commend you on how much you have expanded over the past year. There have been times in which you questioned, wondered, and doubted yourself; but indeed as you look at the year as a whole and as you look at how you have opened for these greater potentials to come into you; it is honestly a beautiful sight to be seen. We see this in the human that you are, as well as the greater amount of the divinity that is there.

Now, let us see if we can find this twin flame. Alright, different people believe different things about twin flames. My perception of this is that as souls were split into male and female energies, those were the two essence that were the same soul essence which were male and female but now seek to reunite. Is this your perception of a twin flame? (The person said yes.) Now beloved, we want to say to you that we see your twin flame already within you. There is a larger amount of it, in terms of your belief and your linking, and the consciousness of your awareness that is still remaining on the soul level or within your divinity. So what that is saying us is that through your intention you have already called forth this aspect. There are times in which a twin flame may incarnated as another human upon the earth, there are times in which it is manifested as an angel or guide, and then there are many times, in fact more so than anything else, where your twin flame is actually remaining a part of your soul essence. It is therefore available to you and linked to you throughout this lifetime. Therefore the change occurs as you become conscious of it or as you open to link with it on a more conscious level. Does that make sense to you?

(She said, yes it did make sense!)

So what we wanted to say is that you have already begun and taken many of the steps along this path. The sense we are getting is that as you feel more balanced within your human self, as you feel the blending of the male and female within you, that is when you will feel as if you have actualized the full blending with your twin flame. There are so many humans choosing to ascend in this manner and that is why their twin flame has come back to be within them already. We encourage you in the coming year to continue much of what you have already been doing. You are now more aware that the flame is already there and part of you, so you can seek to open and ask; okay when am I feeling this deeper blending? When can I create this deeper blending? You will feel the subtle shifts and changes within you. It is so much a part of who you are it will not feel as if some alien has come in to be a part of you. It will be as if you just feel as if you are a more complete or fully human. Okay beloved?

(She said thank you and she really appreciated it.)

You are welcome and have a glorious year to come!

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess, I have really been working with myself this year and have expanded spiritually in so many ways. But I keep having absolutely debilitating migraines. Sometimes they are better, but they never fully go away. Do you have any ideas of what I can do for these?

Answer: As you spoke of your headaches and what has occurred to you over the past year, you indeed have done a great deal of healing upon yourself. It is not that that healing is not working; it is that you are shifting into a new space or place of expansion. The headaches are a manifestation of the duality that is occurring within you. There is an aspect within you that has shifted and brought in a greater amount of your divinity. So, an aspect of you is vibrating at a higher level. Then, in addition to that there is the human aspect that keeps remaining within the human space. One of the focuses that you have had within the past year was to work with your human aspect so as to allow in these greater amounts of changes and that has worked beautifully! But you are now moving; we see that something happened in November that brought in a greater amount of vibration or energy into your physical body. You have acclimated to that to the degree that you are able to vibrate at this higher level. But the sense coming to us is that your physical body is not vibrating at the same level as your energy bodies.

So what we would suggest to you, and we are working with you as we speak, is to expand your physical energy and physical body. So we invite you to begin; well we think you are already doing this, but actually speak to the cells within your body. The cells communicate with one another so if you go inside of yourself and ask to communicate with say what we might call a mast cell, then that cell will communicate with another cell and another cell, etc. What we would suggest you do is create a balance within your expanded human person, just as you have done within your expanded consciousness. You can speak to the cells so that they expand in that direction. But you may also speak to your body as a whole. We sense that you have already been doing this, but it needs to be done to a greater degree. We also have a sense of working with you on the electrical structures within your brain or within your head. It's as if this expanded consciousness needs a new network to move through. So it's that old network of impulses which is not keeping up with this new expansion.

This is a part of the physical body which is not shifting into the higher vibrations. So what we are doing as we speak to you is working with energy impulses within you; the electrical impulses. When you find this headache coming on or you feel it, again look to the actual structures within the brain. Look to the flow of blood. When we spoke earlier about the illuminated light, you can flow this light into your head and brain. But you also need to consciously expand it (the head) from the outside. As you are flowing increased energy into the inside of your head, there needs to be space for it expands from the outside. Does that make sense to you?

(She spoke about what she was feeling that she can't do anything when she is feeling so bad.)

We are glad that you brought that up. So work with this when you are feeling good. Set up the changes in yourself when you are not having the headaches. Therefore as the head ache comes on, you may talk to your body and remind it that you have already worked with this change. Sometimes it's a matter of teaching your body that change has occurred. Your body sticks with a pattern that it knows. That's why even though you may have a deep, profound change that occurs within you; the body does not always keep up with that. So by allowing yourself to work with this when you feel good, you can then remind it and bring in the healing aspect when the headache comes on. Or you can go into it in the early stages and you should be able to work with it more easily.

(She made more comments about what was said.)

You are welcome. Then again, as was stated in the journey, let go of the fear, let go of the disappointment, let go of any of those types of emotions. That will only hold things at a distance. So let yourself reconnect to this moment if you need to and remember that you have made changes and that you are making changes and the changes are effective.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess! I'm just wondering I you have a message for me or insights about what 2007 has in store for me?

Answer: Alright beloved, when you ask for your message for the New Year, we wish you to take a moment and rethink the past year or the past two years. Actually the past two years for you have been filled with an immense amount of change. While there are certain aspects that have not come to fruition as yet, there are other aspects that have changed profoundly; the most important one being that you are so much more open to self love and self acceptance. You have been so hard on yourself throughout the years and that gentling in your perception of yourself is one of the strongest gifts that you have given yourself.

That has allowed you to open to greater self acceptance and self awareness. So we salute you for this beloved and we honor you for taking that step and allowing that into your life. So with saying that, we see the coming year as being more of an extension of that. We see the work you are doing that feels as if it has stopped or stagnated is actually going to be taking off more and more. We see you will be doing more things in which you go out and connect with people. We know that you have wanted to give seminars and continued healing practices. We see that that is happening. We know we saw that for last year and you feel it has not manifested; but we know that in some respects you have been setting the groundwork for everything to occur. So we see much more of this in the new year. But we also see you talking with people, connecting with people, expanding in just this way. We see in the late spring or summer that there is a seminar and you will one of the people who will be a part of this group that presents. This will be a health fair of some sort. We see this as a way that you will get your name out there further. We see that you will remain living where you are, that it has stability for you that you enjoy. The biggest thing that we see coming is that everything that you have been working on will just get bigger, stronger, and more expanded in the year to come.

(She asked about a new job.)

This job is a wonderful stepping stone for you and it's' going to work out very well. We see you staying there for the entire year, but we also see that through that same job, you will be meeting people and making connections that will actually take you further along you path with your spirituality. Not in the sense of them being to teacher to you, but you being the teacher to them. We sense that this job will go very beautifully, you will enjoy it. It will be a challenge to you, but the people you work with will make it enjoyable to be there every day.

(Thank you.)

You are welcome.

Alright, well I thank you as always for allowing me into your life and into your heart! You are each within my heart. You are each so beloved to me and I honor and appreciate all that you do as you are moving along your path. You are each unique and creative individuals. Allow this to be your reality. Allow this coming year to be filled with love. Let that come first from within you for yourself. Allow this coming year to be filled with joy, to be filled abundance, and allow yourself to simply be who you are as your divine essence!

I am ever with you and within you.





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