Words from Aranthia, the Soul Essence of the Moon

Nama Sika; Venia Benya  I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you my beloved family! I welcome you to this time of change upon the earth.  I welcome you to this gathering as all of you come together to share in this space.  As you each come into this moment to share in the energy of each other as you are linking up as a means of expanding throughout your own self and allowing that expansion to move into all that you are doing.  Each time that you come together in one of these sessions, each time that you link as a group, I am fully present from the time that you begin your conversations.  You are all beginning to sense and feel me more and more upon the earth plane because there are more of you who are pulling my energy into your own space and linking with me.  I appreciate this as it allows for me to expand through this connection to you just as you are expanding through your connection to me.  As you are each well aware, I am of a vibration that was not possible to come to the earth plane until the time of about 2000 or just a few years ago; as you moved forward in the process of your shifting upon the earth.  In the last two to three years, there has been so much change that has allowed for a greater level of expansion and growth that there is now much easier access and flow of energy for my vibration and others that are of these higher intentions or these higher vibrations. 

Allow yourself to shift your consciousness. Move your awareness that it may release your physical body and connect with the energies of the magnetic grid.  As you blend with these energies, you find yourself becoming aware of the pathways that are interwoven.  You become aware of the ways in which many people are able to tap into these energies and connect; with each other, with events that are occurring, or simply with the magnetic energy as it surround the earth or comes from within the earth. 

Allow your consciousness to shift, that you may move through that interwoven grid and find yourself present within the crystalline grid.  As you blend with the energies of the crystalline, you leave behind the density of the earth; you leave behind the gravitational pull.  Find yourself becoming more and more aware of what the crystalline grid work means to you.  We have spoken of how each of you are shifting your vibrational pattern that you are more in alignment with this crystalline pattern.  It’s a means of aligning yourself with the energy of the universe.  It’s a means of releasing density or any of those vibrations which are no longer working for you.  This space for some may give you a sense of home or connection. 

Allow yourself to become aware of the column of light.  You may shift into the energy of the soul plane with or without using the column of light.  If you so choose, as you move through this column of light, find yourself becoming aware of the various shifts in energy.  This may be a means of showing you what may be going on within your life at this time.  You may simply find yourself emerging without a conscious thought of what this column has meant to you tonight.  As you emerge from the end of it, your consciousness feels as if it is expanding in every direction.  Your consciousness moves, stretches, and expands in a way that feels very open. 

Call forth your I AM presence that you may more fully blend with your soul essence.  As you blend consciously with who you are, you find yourself opening to the greater depth that is within you.  Find yourself becoming aware of just who you are.  For those of you who have been blending with this essence of yourself, you come to realize that the more you practice this, the more there is to who you are; the more you know, the more you understand.  Open to feel the love.  This is the love that is for you, of you, and within you.  Within this space, all is perfection.  Within this space, you feel only the expansion, the contentment and the joy to simply be in existence.

I make my presence known to you as I begin to move between you.  As I do so, I reach out to embrace each one of you.  I embrace and become one with who you are.  As I do so, you find yourself expanding.  You find yourself automatically moving into the space of the All That Is.  Allow yourself to become acclimated.  You may perceive the All That Is as a void.  You may perceive the many energies who have come to join with this group.  This journey is about YOU.  It’s about each of you and where you are within your life at this time.  Where you are going, what you are seeking.  You are growing and expanding in ways that are magical, in ways that are exciting.  Even the times when it feels as if nothing is happening within your life, there is always a movement and shift which is occurring.   Allow yourself to accept that.  Allow yourself to feel the peace and contentment which is yours within this space. 

This is a time upon the earth in which your summer solstice is upon you.  There is a full moon.  There are many shifts in energy which are taking place as a result of what is happening out within the full universe.  Everything is inter-related.  What happens in the universe has an affect upon your earth.  What you are doing upon the earth has an affect upon the universe. 

We are going to work with these energies of the full moon.   With the energies of the solstice, you will find yourself in the place of growth and expansion.  See before you the full moon.  You may perceive this moon as you see it when you look up into the sky from your earth.  Feel as if it is immediately in front of you and YOU have come to be a part of this energy.  If you so desire, blend with the moon~~~~  Feel as if you send forth your energy to become one as a part of the moon.  But actually go inside, find yourself blending, merging, until you actually become the moon.  The soul essence of the moon is sometimes known as Aranthia.  Feel her energies as she makes herself known to you.  We have a sense of seeing this Goddess of the Moon, who comes to us in shades of blues, teals, and greens.  There is an aura and energy around her which gives you that sense or that feel of what the moon is to you. 

She comes forth to greet you.  You may open to hear what she has to say: 


(Aranthia Speaks)


Greetings Beloved Family!

There is a great deal that is happening upon your earth at this time.  I asked to have the opportunity to come forth and speak, to blend more fully with all of you.  You are noticing changes in the magnetics of the earth.  You are noticing changes in the currents. [of the oceans]  There are changes to the land masses.  Much of this is a result of the shifting relationship between the earth and moon.  I asked to be able to speak with you so that I could say.  All is in perfection! 

I am directly related to the earth, but I’m also directly related to other planets and I am sometimes used as a link between other planets and the earth.  As you are listening to and feeling my words move through, I ask that rather than focusing your energies inward toward the moon, shift your focus that you may observe the earth from this perspective.  Open to perceive the energy that flows back and forth.  With the solstice upon us and with me at my peak, these energies will feel very strong and very prominent to you.  Even as you are reading these words at a later date, you can still tap into the energies of this moment because there is only this moment as it is now!  Feel how the energies become strengthened as each of you are becoming more fully conscious. 

I ask you now to shift as if you are looking in a complete circle and observe the other planets.  Observe the planets and stars from this perspective.  See or sense the various flow of energy as it moves and as everything is inter-related.  Now is the time upon the earth that these greater energies of the divine feminine are becoming stronger and stronger.  It creates a greater sense of balance.  It’s a means of releasing duality.  The earth itself is moving into the space of oneness; or the space of one. Therefore, the energies of the moon are becoming stronger.   The energies of Gaia are becoming more prominent.  So too, all who have had a part in creating this place, meaning the earth, it was a blend of male and female energies.  Therefore, the male energies are also becoming strengthened as a result of the female energies.  Again, it creates the space of one. 

I now offer you, that you may feel that sense of oneness within yourself.  I offer you my space, I embrace you, I assist you in any way that you may ask or need.  Feel what it is to be in complete balance.  Feel what it is to know that your male and female aspects are in alignment with one another.  As we are blending with this, I will create the space that the earth and the moon may come together within this space, that they may become one.  The energy field from the moon comes forth, the energy field from the earth comes forth; as if the two come together and they blend fully!  In this way, I am creating a greater ease in the energies. 

See me now as I stand here.  On one side I have the Goddess of Creation, on the other I have Gaia.  We are here for you at this time!  See, calling forth around us, all who choose to be a part of this gathering.  I am going to return this space to the Goddess of Creation.  

I wish to close with you by saying whenever you look at the moon, whether it’s a sliver, non existent to the eyes, or in its complete fullness; call forth my energies and I am always here for you.  

I thank you for the opportunity to speak,




This is the Goddess of Creation.  Again, as you perceive Aranthia, Gaia, Myself, we stand here before you.  But there are many other energies who wish to be a part of this blending.  This space that you’ve created as Aranthia blended the earth and moon brought forth this deeper connection between Gaia and she.  It brought forth a deeper connection between each of you and the two of them. 

Just as she spoke of the blending of male and female, there are many other energies of light who have been so much a part of all that is going on upon the earth.  Within this gathering we see; the Ray Lords, the Ascended Masters, the order of the Arch, and those guides you have worked with for so very long.  Within this gathering there is a sense of expectation, there is a sense of excitement.  Feel that essence which is emanating from each person who has come to this gathering.  We the energies of this side of the veil come together and blend into an energy of one.  As we all blend in consciousness at this moment in time, it is as if it lets out fireworks of light.  It creates and intense well of emotion.  We are frequently in this energy; it is not unknown to us.  But as we each come here consciously and as you the humans are with us at this time, it creates a different energy; it creates a different space.  It is a space of beauty, a space of excitement.  We open our arms and invite each of you to blend with us if you have not already done so. 

Within this space of one, there is a purity of light; there is a greater clarity which is available to you.  Feel what it means to be a part of these energies.  Some of you may have a sense of seeking out the guides with whom you are working at this time.  Open to connect with them!  Within this space, you know that you are of an equal vibration to them.  You know that you are tapping into and accepting who you are.  Accept who you are!!   I feel myself smiling and I feel the love within me expand even further as I see each one of you moving into that space of acceptance.  How wonderful that is!!

As you become fully conscious of who you are and what your potentials are, you can open and expand even further.  We have always known this of you, but you are opening and accepting more and more. 

There is a swirl of light that is moving now through this gathering.  This swirl of light is created by communication; the communication of one with another, the communication of you within yourself.  It is as if this group is creating a sound.  It is merging between many different lights and colors.  All is enhanced, no one is ever alone.  You may take this back and incorporate it into every part of your day or who you are. 

Bring to mind your life as it is upon the earth.  Is there anything that you wish a new perception of? Look at it from this place of perception.  Look at your life or this situation through the eyes of these other energies around you.  Allow yourself to know whatever answer is available to you.  From within your consciousness, create a space or create through intention; that you will be able to access this energy at any time.  Be aware that you may come fully present within this space and feel the energies of these higher vibrations.  Be aware that you may also bring the essence of this back with you onto the earth plane and into your daily life.  This is who you are! This is always available to you. 

Take this opportunity to let your consciousness go in whatever direction it may choose.  Now is the time when so many of you enjoy shifting and moving through the universe.  You may return to your star, your home planet.  You may visit briefly on Ariellis (the New Earth). This is your time to play! I see that some of you choose to merge with the crystals.  This is the space of expansion where you allow your creative self even more free reign.  You are practicing what it is like to use these tools.  You are testing to see if there are any limits around you; there are none.  Let the joy and excitement within you flow freely. 

As you are ready to do so, return to the space of the All That Is.  Return to the space where you come together as family, greeting one another, sharing.  There is an excitement that flows within this space.  So many of you have expanded in a new direction and you enjoy talking about it with your friends and family.  I ask that you have a sense of forming a circle.  A circle of light.  As always, there is the hologram of the earth that comes up from within the light. 

This time I ask you to also perceive a hologram of the moon.  Just as they blended together earlier, so too they come together in this space and blend with each other, within the space of your energy that you have created, within this space of oneness, of joy, and excitement.  This is the space of expansion.  We see again the blending of the earth and the moon.  We see the Goddesses as they come forth.  The love that flows between them and between you and each of them is something that you can actually see and feel.  Recognize how you are linked to both of these energies.  As the time is right, they each blend back within their hologram as they separate you have a sense of seeing the hologram of the earth returning until it blends fully with the earth.  So too you see the hologram of the moon, moving out until it blends fully with the moon.  What you may not have perceived, we almost feel a sense of a giggle coming up; we see a hologram of the sun that represents the energy of the sun.  It too was a part of this energy.  The sun as if to say, oh you don’t leave me out! It too has been energized by you and it returns to blend with the sun. 

Return your consciousness to this group energy.  From within the space of this center, we see all the Angels, the Ray Lords, the Guides, indeed, this is an immense group.  They now step forth into the center of this circle of light.  They receive the energy that you beam to them, which they in turn beam back to you.  There is a flow of energy between both of these groups.  They begin to merge outward and they blend fully with you as you blend fully with them.  This is even more complete than any blending that you have shared with them in the past. 

Become aware of who you are.  Become aware of your energy.  Have a sense of separating that you may return to the soul plane, that you may return to the space in which your I AM presence resides.  As you come into this space it expands to accommodate this new and expanded you.

From within the soul plane, I wish to take an opportunity to invite you into the Nama Sika Room.  Many of you have blended with this energy space before, but I have a sense for you to share it and perfuse it with the light and the energies that you created and blended with tonight.  This allows the energies of this space to expand even further.  The Nama Sika room is much closer to the energies of the earth plane than the All That Is.  You may come into this space when you seek answers for yourself, when you seek connection with other individuals of like mind.  This is your space created by you and for you.  Allow yourself to blend. 

Alright, I ask you now to shift or return into that which is your space upon the soul plane.  You are beginning to find yourself coming back from some of that expansion.  You are finding yourself creating a hologram of your physical presence.  This is you as you are walking upon the earth.  This is you in this physical life that you are fully conscious of.  See yourself with acceptance and love.  Embrace and blend fully your personality and your soul essence that you are one.  Feel how your physical heart expands as it opens to accept this greater amount of love.  Accept and honor this love that is of you and for you. 

I realize how much you would prefer to stay within this space or perhaps upon the higher planes, but now is the time when you again shift your consciousness, that you may become a part of the crystalline grid.  As you do so, become aware of how the crystals seem to have become activated.  Observe the way your energy flows between the various crystals.  Perhaps you may blend with one or more of them.  This is strengthening the crystalline energy within your consciousness.  That you may bring that back with you as you return to the earth. 

Allow yourself to shift into the energy of the magnetic grid.  As you do so, you find yourself becoming grounded once more.  You find yourself feeling that density of the earth plane.  Open to become aware of what this means to you.  Open to become aware of the shifting that occurred as a result of the infusion of these energies tonight.  Allow yourself to become grounded. 

Allow all of your consciousness to return, moving through these spaces bringing these energies back within your physical body.  Be fully present within this moment, within this space upon the earth.  As you are ready to do so, you may come back into this conference room, you may press the 4 upon your telephone that you may join and speak with one another.  I am here to answer any questions you may have.


Question:  (paraphrased) I recently had a dream that was like a waking dream.  In this dream, Yeshua came to see me and gave me three gold coins.  These coins were very rare and of historic value.  Can you tell me what you think this is about? 


Answer:  Alright beloved.  As we are connecting with this experience that you speak of, there are several messages that Yeshua was giving to you.  One was the message of his presence within your life, the connection that he has to you.  He was affirming that he is there and fully present for you.  You have been creating a deeper connection or commitment to him you are opening up to receive direct communication from him; which is one of the practices you have been working on recently, is it not?  So, he was there to affirm that indeed he is hearing the messages you are sending to him.  He is there to communicate more fully with you.  So that was the initial intention that he had for you.  When it came to the coins, each one did have a different message.  Each one was as related to your life.  It was also about showing you the abundance that is available to you.  It’s about the abundance of the flow of energy around you.  The abundance monetarily upon the earth plane.  We realize that you may not feel as if you are tapping into that right now, but as you continue your communication with him, as you strengthen this opening that you have created (this will change).  What the intention was of these various messages will become more fully known to you.  Some of it may come to you in your dream state, just as that did; other aspects may come to you as you are writing, sometimes you will be in conversation with a person and you will realize, “oh this is a part of the message”.  All of these messages are about accepting yourself, connecting to love and feeling that love within yourself.  It’s about knowing that there is abundance in many different forms which are around and a part of you.  Does that make sense to you my friend?  We thank you for sharing that. Our sense is that you were already aware of much of what was said.  What you are doing is affirming within your own human consciousness that: “Yes I am understanding the message, yes I am getting it”. So hopefully that will allow you to have a greater trust within yourself.  [She stated that she thought that was the message but wasn’t sure.] We understand that and we are happy to affirm that you are getting the messages loud and clear.  You are welcome beloved. 


Question:  (paraphrased)  Hello Goddess!  As always I loved this journey.  I am continuing to work with the exercises that Shelly’s group gave to me in channel, but I just don’t seem to be making any progress.  I don’t feel as if I’m really connecting. I’m wondering if you can comment on this.  I’m also wondering about my chakras, are they open and functioning?  In particular my throat chakra.  


Answer:   [The person began by saying thank you for the journey and how appropriate it was for her.] You are welcome beloved and we thank you for affirming to me and the rest of us who are present here that it had some meaning to you.  We appreciate that. 

We wish to begin first by talking about the journey tonight, and then we will move into the space of talking about your chakras.  As you said, this journey was very important to you because as we saw you blending with Gaia and Aranthia, there was a deep blending within your own energies.  There were energies of the moon essence which you are in some aspects more aligned with; that was allowing for a greater opening of the earth essence.  That actually created a space which allowed you to open up even further.  When you speak of your chakras and ask if they are open; yes beloved, they are open.  When you ask of blockages; you do not have any blockages which are keeping the energy from flowing per se, but what is happening to you is that the more you work with them (the chakras) individually and as a group by flowing through the energy, what is happening is that they are tuning and aligning to this higher vibration, which is what gives you a greater amount of information.  Does that make sense to you?  So as for your throat chakra in particular, our sense is that it has had a lot of focus recently.  We see that it is actually shifting.  It is not as aligned and open as you are thinking.   So when you ask in particular is that open, no it’s not in the place where it is going to end up.  Is that what you meant? (The person spoke more, mentioning she had problems with her thyroid) No, you have been putting a great deal of emphasis on this part of your body, on this throat center.  We can feel how it feels thicker, as if there is not….. in the physical body it’s almost as if that is too big for the area, or swollen or not functioning.  So continue to seek to create a greater alignment, that through this alignment you will be able to actually change the function of your thyroid.  This is what we sense you are seeking to do.  You have not accomplished it as yet, but you are on the right path.  You are working with it in the way you need to be.  We sense that it may be a matter of several weeks, or as early as 1-2 weeks, but you are definitely creating a change within your physical body by aligning and shifting your energy centers, then aligning and shifting it within your physical body.  That is the way you create health, if there is illness you seek to get rid of or transform, you create the change within your energy body, you incorporate and align it with your physical body and that transforms that you may no longer have whatever that illness may be.  Now, we speak of that to every body, not only to you.  We understand where you are but what we said will speak to others, not only to you where you are!  Alright beloved.  [The Goddess does advocate all of this energy work, but she is not a physician and does not recommend coming off or changing medicines without a physician’s consent.]


Question:  (paraphrased) I have working really hard towards opening up further and further.  I feel sometimes as if I’m there, but other times I’m just not sure.  I am also working more and more with other people and I’m wondering if this is what I should be doing.  Do you have any insights for me? 


Answer:  We sense as we connect with you several different things are going on.  Give me a moment to seek a deeper connection.  As for your personal life and what you are shifting within your own life, you have been working very diligently towards creating change, you have been working at opening up further and further in many different directions; not only in your spirituality, but many directions within your life.  Much of this work or this area within your life that you are so focused upon is in the area of moving into a new space.  We have a sense to remind you at this point that now is the time to let go of what you have sensed is pulling you back or holding you down.  See it now as something that is flourishing, as something that is creating a flower.  It is coming to us as a rose that is opening up into all of its beauty.  Allow yourself to now BE in the space of beauty and BE in the space of perfection.  In seeing yourself as how or what you have evolved into, you will now be able to more fully let go of that which you were seeking to let go of.  Does that make sense to you beloved?  Now, as to utilizing this information you were given tonight, we have a sense of seeing you with a group of people you are standing there, you are opening your expansion, your consciousness, you are opening your heart center.  We see this intense flow around you.  It is as if you are calling in the energy of Gaia on one hand, you are calling in the energy of Aranthia on the other hand and you bring these energies fully present within the room where you are working with or talking with other people.  That is a means of creating a space that is in alignment between the moon and the earth.  You, yourself are standing within that center.  As you speak to other people, ask them to open up their heart center or ask them to open into this space, and then they too can find that space of balance, that space of oneness.  They too can shift into that expanded awareness so that they may get a new perspective on their life or a situation within their life.  Does that make sense to you?  Alright beloved, we wish to confirm for you that indeed you are a teacher, you are a facilitator, you are actually having more of an impact than you sometimes realize.  Accept that within yourself and release the questioning of whether or not you are having an impact, because indeed you are.  Alright beloved, you are welcome. 


Question:  (paraphrased) Thank you for this journey tonight! I truly enjoyed it, but I found that at times when I tried to really breathe deeply into the energies, I was unable to do so.  I felt as if it was hard for me to catch my breath.  I felt as if my lungs could not expand as much as I needed them to.  Do you have any insights on what was going on with me? 


Answer:  You are saying that during the time in which you were in full expansion, you couldn’t breathe deeply enough?  Or are you saying before you got into the full expansion couldn’t breathe deeply enough?  As we are connecting with you right now, your physical body has been going through a transition and you have been working with these higher vibrational energies; to a great extent, you’ve been working with them in many different ways.  Tonight’s energies were very intense because of the way in which it blended the earth and the moon.  Then as we brought in the Ray Lords and these other high vibrational energies, it was a much higher vibration than what your physical body is used to aligning with.  When you felt as if you couldn’t breathe deeply enough to get it fully within you, it’s because your physical body and your cellular structure had not yet been in the space of that alignment so it couldn’t take in as much as you wanted to consciously take into your physical body.  Now, you’ve created the alignment through your journey tonight.  You have created a conscious link with this energy and in the future if you call forth and even as you are having your time of meditation or your quiet time; if you simply put your intention back into the space of where you were tonight, each time you will begin to find can breathe in more and more of these energies.  Anytime that someone in their physical plane is finding it difficult to breathe in the energies that is what is occurring.  You can work with your physical body that you may feel the alignment more easily.  If you need to just slow down and take in increments rather than all in one big expression or experience, indeed that is what you can do.  Alright beloved?  You are welcome.  We see you have actually created several different links tonight, one with Metatron in particular, that you are going to be working with in the immediate future.  Be open and aware of this energy when it comes around you. 


Question:  (paraphrased) Hello Goddess it is me, Pauli!!  I’m asking you about what you see for me.  I am still in the same place.  I want to go home!!!  But I’m also finding that I’m feeling so many energies around me, they just come in and beat at me sometimes.  What’s going on with this and do you have any suggestions?


Answer:  Alright Pauli, there are several things that you are asking about with this question.  When you speak of feeling the pressure on the earth plane; you have always been aware that you are a very sensitive energy and your sensitivity transmutes throughout all of who you are.  So when you speak of pressure of the earth plane, you are actually tapping into the various energies and flow or transmission of energies that are happening upon the earth.  There are times in which you actually tap into…. Do you live very close to one of the lei lines?  That is what we’re sensing right now as if this lei line is a particular stream of energy that is very close to where you are right now.  It may be that you have created this energy yourself and is a means of tapping into Lady Gaia and the other energies of the earth.  There are times in which you tap into that energy and there is so much that is going on and you get caught up in all the little things that are shifting and changing rather than keeping yourself detached and aware of the big picture.  Does that make sense to you?  (He continued to speak of his life and his constant desire to return ‘home’.)  This has been almost your entire life, at least your adult life.  We are not telling you anything new.  Another way of looking at this is your mental analytic self versus your spiritual self.  Both are very fully present within you in your body.  Both are very fully present within your existence upon the earth, but you continue to analyze and try to put into an analytical mode, that which cannot be analyzed.  When you speak of moving into more of a space…… this journey as all about moving into that space of oneness. Then you are releasing the analysis of what is occurring.  You always would need to analyze it to be able to understand it in a mental level; but you need to analyze it as a means of taking in information, not as a means of judging it or a means of creating limits within it (the thought or experience)  This is what you have been doing in the past.  You may tap into the sorrow you so often feel or that sense of separation is something that, [pause] we sense that we are not explaining this very well tonight.  Allow us to more so open up and just download the energies of that which you are seeking.

Beloved, you are very well aware the decision is yours whether you leave or remain.  What we see for you is that if you choose to remain, you will find the peace, the contentment, that you can let go this battle within you.  (He continued to speak)  Yes you are.  When you speak of the night time versus the day time and making a decision of whether or not to transition, actually what you are speaking of is your conscious or your unconscious mind will be making a decision.  Your higher self, your soul essence is open whenever you are.  This lifetime is about you as you are as this person.  This lifetime is the incarnation that is represented by Pauli.  Therefore, it’s because you are so connected with your expanded self it is because you are flowing between your spiritual consciousness and your human consciousness that it’s a very real decision to you.  There are times when other individuals may transition or shift and leave the earth plane and they have not gone through this whole conversation within themselves that you have.  Does that make this any different for them than you? In essence no.  Each person that leaves the earth plane leaves at the time that they agreed to leave.  Whether it’s a conscious decision or an unconscious decision, it’s a very individualized choice.  Our sense in what you are asking is are you going to choose to release and transition in a conscious form.  Of course beloved, you are pure energy and you are pure love.  You will simply wake up one day in your physical bed upon the earth or you will wake up in the space of energy.  Alright beloved, you are welcome.  Is there anybody else?


Question:  (paraphrased)  I’m wondering if you will help me release my desire to have a mate.  I have felt for so long that I would have one, I can feel him at times!  But we never meet and I’m just so tired of that.  Is there a way you can help me to let this go?


Answer:    Alright beloved, first of all let us reach out to embrace you.  We feel your pain, we feel your sorrow and let all of us within this group embrace you as you are in this space of choice within your life.  When you speak of a life mate, when you speak of a partner, we do see you with a partner.  When you ask about letting it go because it’s not happening; ask to let go the expectation of when it’s going to happen.  We ask you to let go the need inside of you that it has to happen because it’s been an agreement that you made.  We do sense that it’s simply a matter of divine intervention, of alignment, of both your energies with this individual’s energies.  We see at this time that there is very much a parallel.  So why has it not come to fruition?   We don’t have a specific answer for you.  We know that this is what you’ve heard before and we know that this is why you are asking to let this go.  As we embrace you, as we flow our love to you, as we assist you in being so fully present in this moment. We assist you then in letting go the sorrow that it hasn’t happened.  In letting go the attachment that you know its coming but it hasn’t come here so it creates the sense of loneliness.  So we let go the loneliness for you, we assist you in opening and truly be in the space of oneness within yourself.  Truly bring down all of who you are.  Truly let the essence of your own divinity be within your space.  Then, no matter when this individual will come into your life, you will not be opening to him from a sense of loneliness, you will be coming into the relationship with a sense of already being at peace within yourself an in a space of fullness rather than emptiness.  Does that make sense to you beloved?  (She expressed she’s just so tired of waiting)  We understand!  Close your eyes for just a moment breathe in love, breathe in companionship of all who are here, and let it perfuse all of who you are.  As you breathe out, let go expectation, let go attachment.  We can feel a shift within you.  It may be you feel the shift immediately or it may be over time.  Alright beloved, is there any body else, we can take one more.


Question:  (paraphrased)  I recently had a private channel with you and Shelly and I’m wondering if you tell me more about this extreme make over I want to have.  I’m wondering if it will happen before I go see my ex-boyfriend. 


Answer:  We remember the channel that you are speaking.  Our sense that these changes you are seeking to bring about in your physical body will come and will occur, but we don’t necessarily believe that all of it will transpire before you go to visit this individual.  We had a sense of seeing these changes take place over a period of about 3-4-5 months and that you would be visiting him in a shorter period of time.  You can create the space of openness; you can see yourself as the perfection that you are, because this is how we see you.  We would love for you to see you open and accept within yourself.  So take the time to see it as accomplished and done.  Not relying on someone else but on the inner love and the inner expression of your beauty.  Then you can look around you and you will find that you manifest on physical plane that which will assist you in some of these changes.  (She spoke more)  When you are in your place of meditation or your place of prayer; we’ve already spoken with you before about you can expand your consciousness and connect with the earth and the universe.  So create within yourself that ball of light which comes from your heart center.  Let that ball of light flow the energy of love from within you, flow all around you, then reach up into the higher planes, and connect with your divinity down with you into your time of meditation.  As we speak of this we have a sense of you thinking it will take a long time.  But the more you do this; you will begin to do it instantaneously.  Then you will have the intention of flowing this love very quickly.  It’s almost as if then you can do this several times during the day rather than just once.    Create that ball of light, let the ball of light represent the love of who you are within yourself, let it perfuse all of you, then when you feel yourself, as if you are in the flow of this energy, let it flow out from you to connect with the physicians, doctors, whoever it will be who will give you the assistance you are seeking.  Does that make sense beloved?  You are welcome. 

Alright, I will say my good bye.  I will take this opportunity to thank each one of for being a part of this journey tonight.  I thank each one of you for being open to change within your life.  I see that there is a greater amount of balance that will be coming into the earth plane in many different forms.  Open your energy field that you are in complete balance within yourself.  That you are in the space of ONE; because there is only one and that is who you are in all your divinity, in all your human aspect and in love.





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