Working with Acceptance (Ansa-eeya)

Nama Sika;  Venia Benya   I AM the One;   I AM the Whole

I greet you my beloved family of the light! As always it brings me great joy to spend this time with you, to spend this time infusing greater and greater amounts of light into the earth plane as I spend the time with you and your physical incarnation of yourself. Each of you is a wondrous and glorious light! As you move to your days upon the earth, what you're finding is that you are moving into a space of change and transition. Some of this will bring with it what appears to be trauma, or stress, within your life and other parts of it will move into with ease and joy. Allow however the change comes to you, to simply flow through you and bring you into a space of acceptance. ~~Ansa-eeya~~

Allow yourself to move up into the space of the grid work. This is the magnetic grid as it surrounds the earth plane. This is a means of communication, transportation, and it will be used in an infinite number of ways that you are just now beginning to tap into at this time. Your consciousness expands out as it moves into this space.

From there you move through the interwoven connections into the crystalline grid. You find yourself shifting and leaving behind the denseness of that gravitational pull that holds you in space of the earth. This allows your consciousness to move into a space of expansion and change. You may find yourself associating or connecting with one particular crystal or you may find yourself blending with the whole. You realize that this is fine-tuning and shifting your consciousness to allow you to have greater ease as you transition into the higher dimension.

Call forth that column of light. You may sense it as something that surrounds you as an individual, or you may sense it as surrounding the entire group that is connected on the physical plane. As you blend with this light, you find yourself ascending or moving into a new and different space of consciousness. There are times you may move through this in an instant and times in which you take your time to feel the shifts and changes that are occurring.

As you emerge from this light into the space of the soul plane, have a sense of truly expanding out. Release any boundaries you may have around yourself. Release any ideals or thoughts that may no longer work for you. Be in a space of contentment. Call forth your I AM presence. As you do so, you find yourself blending with this presence, which in turn allows for an even greater expansion of your consciousness. It may bring to mind the experiences of some of your other lifetimes as they are occurring at this time. You have a sense of the many different facets and expressions of who you are. Take a moment to delve into this. Take a moment to allow your consciousness to expand and open up to realize that there is more than one expression of who you are. Be open to receive this information.

There are times in which a soul evolution or evolvement, ascension in your cases, may have a tendency to focus and not be as diversified as other times. Those of you who are so far along the ascension process and have moved up into living and breathing this space and energy have experience just that. You may have a sense of a consolidation of the life experiences that are currently going on so that a greater amount of your I AM presence can focus on this current life that you are living upon the earth plane. In part, this is what assists you as you bring more and more consciousness, your soul consciousness into the earth. You accept that this is who you are.

Again focus on the word for moment of ansa-eeya. You feel the shifting that moves through you as you bring in that word of creation. Allow yourself to open up to my energy which is all around you. You may have a sense of seeing, feeling, or sensing this energy as it moves in and amongst you. You may have a sense of looking at the moon, as it illuminates and transmits the energy of the Goddess. Allow yourself to become infused and merge completely with my energy. This is the energy of creation, this is source energy, this is the divine masculine and the divine feminine. There is no separation. All is in a space of oneness.

With that focus within your consciousness allow yourself to move through the door into the All That Is. The more that you have worked with these energies you may no longer sense it as a door; you may sense and realize it is a shift in consciousness. Bringing forth the intent to be in that space, allows you to be in that space. Again, you feel that greater amount of expansion that occurs each time you move to a new level, the energies are finer, lighter and they perfuse through your consciousness in a new and different way.

Be open to recognize any energies of light that may be in this space with you. You may have a sense of yourself as been suspended in a space of contentment. You may also have a sense of yourself as being suspended in a space of which it brings up fears. This space may also come across to you is being crowded with different energies of light. It is your space to create or to open up to that which is within you that needs to perhaps be evolved. This is a space in which to are able to be nurtured. This is a space where you are able to come and take in as much light, love, joy, what ever it is that allows you to feel your oneness, your completeness.

Take this moment to visualize around you your life as you are living it upon the earth plane. What comes to mind for you at this time? Allow yourself to open up and view this from a new perspective. Allow yourself to create. You are in this space of being able to create what ever you so desire! Fill your life with abundance ~~~Ansaluishka.  Fill your life with joy ~~~Sima. Fill your life with whatever you wish to have around you. If you have a sense of releasing, allow yourself to view what you need to release. Allow yourself to see what you have around you that is no longer working for you. You accept that this is what you have had in your life up to this point. You accept that this has been here for a reason; you need not always know exactly what the reason is. As you move into a space of accepting whatever it is you wish to transform, you can then take this step of letting it go, allowing it to evolve into something that is higher or more so in your best interest. Again, we allow acceptance into all aspects of our lives. <Ansa-eeya>    

As you allow for a greater amount of acceptance to come into your life upon the earth plane, it also allows you to be able to expand into ways that you have not previously understood when you are in this non physical form. However you wish to move up to the higher dimensions from here, you may do so. You may call forth the energies of light to create the diamond shape. You may allow yourself to simply transport. There are many different shapes and forms within the sacred geometry and each one has a different vibration and energy behind it. If there is a certain shape that comes to you, allow yourself to blend with this shape. Open up and accept that there may be other energies of light that a working with you within this shape.

You begin by connecting with one another, creating a vortex of energy. Allow this to move, spin, or merge together so that you have a sense of exploding or moving out into the farther reaches of the universe or the Omniverse. Have a sense of yourself as gliding. You may have a sense of yourself as a star out in this environment, or a vapor, a planet, or as nothing. You may also be an integral part of everything! Within this space you open up to the infinite potential that is within you. You know and understand exactly who you are when you are in the non physical form. You know and understand that you are the source essence. You are the All That Is! 

Bring this with you as you begin to have a sense of collecting your consciousness.  There is an aspect of you that would like to stay in this space for an indefinite period of time. You have the ability to always return to this space or always access it. If you so desire, create a symbol or an image that will assist you in moving back into this space. Understand the importance of bringing this energy back down into the physical plane. This is what allows for all of humanity to move to the expansions that they are going through. It is important to bring this potential back into the earth plane to infuse all aspects. You become aware that there are more and more energies around you, some of these energies you may recognize, others may be new to you, but in all there is a sense of recognition that comes from within your core essence. This is the energy that binds everything within the universe and omniverse together. There is no separation, all is one.

Allow yourself to move back into that space known as the All That Is. You realize this is but a stop upon the journey. You realize that each of these dimensions and levels are rising up into higher and higher or finer amounts of energy through the experiences that the humans are going through at this time. There are many different humans, groups, energies that are working in the same way. All of these are anchoring these energies within the earth.

Have a sense of collecting into a circle. You may take note of the way our circle has grown, as always there are more and more individuals, those not physically present for the conference that always join up with you in this space. As you create this circle of light, have a sense of connecting with one another through a means of either sending energy around the circle or directly across the circle. Open up to recognize the many different colors that infuse this transmission. Be aware of all the many energies of light that surround you and move out from you who are here in support of all that you do. So too, there energies are interwoven within this vortex of light.

We have worked in the past with balls of light which can be separated. Tonight I wish for you to work with a tapestry. Allow this tapestry to be created within this group. See each one of you as you weave within this tapestry the essence of your energy and light. How breathtaking this tapestry becomes! There is a sense of opaqueness to it, yet there is a sense of depth within it. This tapestry is filled with joy, love, excitement everything that you are feeling at this time. As you open and allow what ever else you wish to transfer into this tapestry, have a sense of everyone within the group, all the Angels, or energies of light that supports you, everyone is focusing on the word ~~Ansa-eeya~~ It is almost as if sparkles radiate out from this tapestry with the infusion of this energy.

Have a sense of a hologram of the earth. This hologram comes up and rests on top of this tapestry. Gaia as always is present and comes fourth to make yourself known to you and reconnect with you at this time. She is open to receive; she spreads her arms wide and receives this tapestry as it is wrapped around the earth and around her. You become aware of the ways in which these energies infuse into the earth. You see her as she absorbs this and transmits it so that it comes up through every blade of grass, every trees, every flower, anything that is upon the earth becomes infused with this energy. Therefore, as you move through your days, you will find that there is an easing of what ever it is that you infused into this energy. Because it is now infused throughout the earth, it is there in support of you and anyone else who is in a similar space. It is your creation.

The hologram of the earth dissolves. We continue to see this tapestry spread out within this cortex of light. We invite any who wish to blend with this to come at this time and they may blend with this tapestry. What you find is that the more that you use this energy, the more that it creates, the more that it expands. You have a sense of also becoming a part of the tapestry. Have a sense of wrapping yourself within this tapestry of light. It will bring you greater balance as you are infused with all the energies of light that are there in support of you, as you become infused with what all the other humans have put within <the tapestry>. This allows for greater expansion within you. Feel your radiance as it shines forth. Have a sense of connecting with or communicating with whomever you desire in this space. You may have already been doing so or you may have a sense of realizing that someone is there to speak with you and they have been waiting. 

Allow yourself to separate.  Return back to that space of the soul plane.  You may have a sense of returning back through the doorway, or you may have a sense of simply transferring from one space to the other.  You are in this space in which you connected up with your complete I AM presence.  Call forth the hologram of your physical essence as it is upon the earth plane at this time.  In this manner, you see before you your physical incarnation as it is at this time upon the earth.  You may see, sense, or know the difference between this expanded soul essence and what your physical body is able to contain. 

Begin to have a sense of transferring from your soul presence or your consciousness into this hologram of your physical body.  This is a means of infusing your physical body with the new energy and light, with the crystalline energy and light.  You may even have a sense of creating from within your consciousness your portion of the tapestry or the tapestry as a whole.  You may choose to wrap that around this physical aspect of your body.  When you are ready, reach out to embrace your physical presence.  Embrace and become one between your spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical.   There is only ONE you.  You radiate out your love, your joy, your acceptance of who you are.  You see and know within yourself the perfection of who you are in this moment. 

As you become ready to do so, allow yourself to move back into the space of the magnetic grid.  This may be through that column of light; you call forth that column of light.  Or you simply allow your consciousness to shift into that space.  The column of light is sometimes a gentler way of moving between these energies.  You have a sense of leaving behind a greater amount of your soul presence.  At the same token, you realize that you are bringing along more with you this time than you have in past experiences.  In this way you are infusing greater and greater amounts of your I AM presence or your soul presence into and around the earth plane.  If you find yourself in the space of the crystalline grid, realize that this is a way of fine tuning those energies that you worked with tonight.  You almost have a sense of a gentle breeze that smoothes out everything that is around you.  This breeze moves in and amongst you.  Bring back your full consciousness into the magnetic grid.  You again feel the pull of the gravity around the earth.  You may have that sense of not wanting to come back into this reality, but it is important for you to do so.  Your life upon the earth is having an impact in ways you do not even know.  We thank you for this! 

Continue to bring more and more of your consciousness back.  Move into the space of the magnetic grid where you are attuning this grid work to the energy of who you are at this moment in time.  You may sense the inner pathways as they blend in and around, and through each other.  Allow yourself to come more fully back into this space.  When you are ready, push the 4 on the telephone and come back into this conference room.  This is your time in which you are welcome to ask questions. Allow your physical body to take in a deep and cleansing breath.  See it as anchoring you.  Bring your consciousness more fully back into this present time.  Breathe in the essence of your light.  Bring yourself more fully back within this space.  Are there any questions for me at this time? Hello?  Ok, we knew you did!  <this is in response to someone who frequently asks questions>


Question: <paraphrased>  I have been doing a lot of work through the self-exciting tapes and the light body (Advanced Light Body; which has brought up a great deal of emotional release.  I'm wondering if I have released everything I need to release or if there is more that needs to be let go?

Answer:  Alright beloved, so it is also the external world and how that is affecting you through your process. You have been on this journey and you have made such great and wondrous strides. As always, you are one who is just a radiant light. You are one who is very open and willing to take on any amount of light that brings you to greater clarity and further along the ascension and enlightenment process. These are words that are important to you because they have a distinct meaning for you. As we look at each of you who are a part of this group at this time, you are already there! You have come into the space in which you are able to move into the higher realms as we did on this journey and then bring the consciousness of that journey back with you to the physical plane. This has been a very large part of what this process is about. With saying that, and speaking particularly about the light body work that you have done, you know and understand how that has facilitated you to be able to make these journeys. Cleansing yourself through all the different bodies of energy of light around you, allows for a greater ease for you to move from one dimension to the other. It also allows for greater input to come to you and for you to express in a nonverbal way with those who are around you. In particular the emotions that you have let go of have been as you already know like letting go of the last residual. We do not see anything else within you that is holding you back or keeping you in this space of moving into what you are seeking in your life. We will say to you that the more that you bring and these energies of light you need to go through a process of being able to integrate what is happening around you so that you do not become affected by what is around you. By that we mean that you will be on the physical plane, you will be around other individuals, and each individual is upon their own journey, so therefore there are be many different levels of denseness or lightness that is around you. We say this not as a judgment of one or the other but as a statement of fact that there is a large gradient of differences. Sometimes you may be buffeted by something like this and that gives you a sense of feeling physically ill. Sometimes you may even feel very lightheaded from it if it's a very high energy. So it's a matter of integrating within the physical body everything that you are doing in the non physical. Does that make sense to you? <he affirmed that it did> You are very welcome my beloved continue to GLOW forth! Is there anybody else who would wish to speak?

Question:  <paraphrased> I recently took a trip to California and I’m wondering if you can give me any insights about this?  The Goddess asked if there was a particular city, the person told her the name Chico.

Answer: Alright Beloved, with your trip that you are speaking of in which you visited Chico and visited perhaps some other cities or towns in that area there was a sense of nostalgia that was around you. There was a sense of reconnecting with people and places that you had been separate from or that you had lived with at one time, or whether it was the people that were reconnect with you from your current location or it was the physical setting is difficult to say. But it was that sense of reunion and reconnection; I guess reunion is the strongest word that comes to mind. So, as a means of letting go to move forward, we do not see any sort of energy attachment around you in regards to this. There was an energy that you had a need to take care of, to nurture, to try to do for, and this was an individual that you felt very close to and had difficulty with allowing them on their journey. Is this true? The person affirmed it was. So it is this individual and this energy that has been somewhat holding you in a space of feeling a need to want to ... what you termed as at nurturing and supporting, was coming across to them as a controlling and demanding. In other words there was a miscommunication both energetically and on the physical plane. So by having this recent journey, and through your own evolution and growth that you have been growing into, you have moved into more of a space of accepting and realizing that the individual is on their own journey which in turn has allow you to release attachment to what that person is doing. Does that make sense to you? < person affirmed yes> So this has all been a part of the process and again our delightful word, don't you love the way everything works for a purpose?  If you feel any residual to this, practice using the ansa-eeya this week and surround that energy around what ever it is with this situation, and you will find a greater release within yourself. You can love and accept this person, without having to choose the way they live their life or even agree with the way they live their life. Thank you beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question: <paraphrased> I’ve gone through a great deal of change and I’m now ready to take my work out into the community.  I will need a green card to do this and I’m wondering how long that will take, what is the best work for me, and what can I be doing for this process?

Answer:  All right beloved, the green card is in essence and acceptance into the community of where you are. We wish to say to you that throughout the fall; as you are well aware, the transition started about this time last year or in the spring of last year. Throughout the summer and fall there were a great deal of physical shifting and changing that occurred within you. You were creating the space and you were bringing in greater amounts of this energy and greater amounts of this crystalline grid work and experience that will allow you to hold these energies and light within you. So too, you were setting the groundwork during the fall of building up a business of communicating with those who are around you so that you can assist them in creating a space where they can find themselves.  This is what is near and dear to your heart. We know that with you, we see that around you, so trust that everything you have been doing has been setting the stage for all of this to occur. As for getting the green card which will allow you to have a more of a public formation we see this as occurring within the next several months at the very longest six months. Within particular the next two to three months there is something coming up which will provide you with the opportunity of bringing this to fruition. You are still doing the work you need to do; it's a matter of working into the more traditional field of work and study. Does that make sense to you? The person affirmed yes and continued to speak at length about what was said. Yes, we understand and see that (when speaking of the time needed to get the green card) there are different ways that the bureaucracies of the various nations in regards to people that come from other nations. There has been more going on in the background of this than you realize. Therefore that is why it will not necessarily take you as long as your husband is anticipating. We do not see this is something that is going to be holding you back. You are still going to be going out and meeting with people, communicating with people. You are still beginning to create around you a network of people and individuals you will be working with. Therefore, at the time in which you receive your green card you can set up the “business” then you will have already created the foundation, this will already be in place. Does that make sense? She affirmed that yes it did. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased>  I know that I chose to be a light worker.  I know that I chose to go first and set the energies and seed these energies.  But I’m wondering, what’s in it for me??  <this generated laughter from all including the Goddess>

Answer:   Are you asking about when you transition to the other side? <continued laughter as the person asked greater detail, talking about the fact he was an ‘old’ lightworker and had been doing all this work for so long and was sick of it and did not always see that it made that much difference> 0h but beloved you did! More laughter, yes, yes, yes!  Think back to the journey when we did the harmonic concordance. When all of the light workers were there together and they were in celebration and it was as if you could see the earth physically shifting from one dimension into the next. Physically expanding and taking on this energy and light. That was what all of you “old” light workers have been working for, all these many years. Yes indeed you are there at the forefront. Yes indeed you have been doing it somewhat the hard way because no one else has done it for you. You know and understand how every one who is coming behind you will not have the same difficulty because the groundwork has been laid. So if you will recall, that celebration when you got into that space, you can basically create what ever you wish when you are no longer in the physical plane. There are so many different potentials for you. Living in the existence of the new earth, coming back here with even greater consciousness than what you have now, or simply being in the realms of the angels or simply being in the space of the All That Is, assisting others from that space or whatever it is you wish; it is yours. Already the energies of light on this side of the veil are here and applauding you and supporting you in everything. We know that you have had a hard part of the journey. We thank you for being the ones to go forth and do this. Therefore, the reward is yours in the physical plane; the reward is yours in the non physical plane.  <Person stated he was really tired of it all, stated with laughter> we understand beloved there is everyone who has that sense of being so tired, that sense of being tired of the struggle, tired of feeling like things are not moving in the direction they desire, and in part it is because there are many aspects of your energy body that have move so far forward and now it's as if you are dragging your tail behind, trying to bring it up to where this fore front is. It's that bit of a separation that gives you that feeling of struggle, that feeling of frustration within your life. But you need not worry that you don't accept that wholeheartedly within your life. <He stated another opinion of what is occurring> that is totally fine! We love you and support you in every way. He said thank you. Alright Beloved

Question:  <paraphrased> you are asking us a question about your spiritual growth, your experiences with your mother, and your job.

Answer:   As we look at you, we are very well aware that you are spread very thin right now. You are in one city in which there is a lot of energy and emotional attachment due to your mother, her illnesses, and the rest of the family that are in that location. So too, there is a part of you that is in the northern city and then the part of you that is in the southern city. So there is an essence of you that is being stretched between three different places at this time. It gives you a sense of not being at home, because you are stretched so thin. We ask you to practice bringing all of you into what ever place you are at the moment that you are there. In other words, when you are not in Pittsburgh allow it to just be released and allow what is occurring there, ah what’s the word…you tend to sometimes wish to be there, to be in both places at the same time so that you can lend a hand. But allow them to be on their own journey, allow yourself to be focused completely where you are right now. So too, with your spiritual growth and energy growth that you have in the city of Atlanta, allow that to be your sole focus when you are in that city and doing that aspect of it <meaning her life> You can continue on that path and that exploration, and that expansion and you can spend the time on what you are learning as you are in the city that you are now in. But realize that, that part of you that you leave in that space all the time needs to come back in and be with you. Is this understandable? Person explains that yes it was. Exactly, and because you have so much going on in those areas. Bring all of yourself back together, be together in your soul oneness, and be together in the moment of wherever you are. Know and trust that everything that is occurring is evolving in a bright and beautiful way. You too have evolved into such a glorious light; you have done a great deal of work over the last one to two years in particular. So allow yourself to celebrate that! Allow yourself to just be in the space of acceptance and joy.

Question: <paraphrased> my astrological chart is saying that it's important for me to be in a space of relationship with other people. There's another part of me on my soul journey that is in oneness. Or perhaps these are reversed.  But I feel this discrepancy within myself and I'm wondering about relationships.

Answer:  Relationships are probably one of the hardest things for the advanced light workers such as yourself or these advanced energy workers as you are. Because of the fact you are moving into a space were you have just spent time in the universe. You have just spent time being in your source energy and being in the space of perfection. That always affects you. It is always something that influences you and you do not release or let go of it when you are walking a path of your daily life. Therefore, when you are around the many individuals who have not begun to open up it is a sense of abrasion almost; it is a sense of discrepancy in; it is a bit disorienting at times. So what is important for you to do is to allow yourself to accept who you are in this moment. Accept each individual as on their journey and therefore you will not be affected by their energies. Therefore, you will continue to what your space, you will continue to be in relationship with them, but you will not be affected by their energies. There will be many times when others are around you because they are infusing your energy. What you what we mean by that is the energy of light that radiates out from you can perfuse those who are around you. Where as those who are of a less evolved energies cannot affect you or you can allow them to flow past you and they will not affect you. <the person made a statement about a church where she volunteered> that is somewhat of what is going on. That is a group of energy that is somewhat narrow minded, they are not in a space of opening to greater potentials. Therefore that is the energy that vibrates from them or radiates from them and is felt by you as being very abrasive. So you can stand in your space of oneness, and allow it to flow past you and not affect you. Alright beloved, it is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> I have had a lot of physical problems over the years.  I had a cardiac stent put in last summer and I had to have another one last week.  What is going on with this?  Why does it keep occurring?

Answer:  Yes beloved there has been a great deal of change occurring in your physical body. It was, hmmm how to speak…. In you, there was a sense of growing, growing, growing and a buildup of many different physical illnesses, be them viruses, be them heart disease, many different physical aspects that were affecting you. It was something that your physical body needed to do to allow you to go into that space of what one might consider the valley so to speak. To take you into that space in which you could begin to let go, for there is a part of you that can be stubborn at times and needs to truly experience something before they can let it go and allow. Do you understand what we mean by that? That is a bit of what took you into the space of where you have been. With the healing that occurred last summer <speaking of a healing with the channel, and energies of light> you let go the vast majority of everything that had accumulated with you at that time. You were truly in a space of a growing and expansion. What has occurred to you in the past week is not to be seen as if it is something that is holding you back, something that is holding you back or something that is a backslash, or backtracking so to speak it is simply an occurrence that came into your life and again the heart is no mistake. It brought to your attention so that you can release and open up to greater acceptance of yourself. That you can have a greater acceptance of whom you are and where you are in this life. It was not viewed, it is not viewed by the universe or myself as a backward motion, it is simply a further letting go and we see you moving forward from here with a physical body that is vibrant, strong, and equal to all that is your spiritual and emotional body. <the person thanked the Goddess for the information> You are welcome beloved. Is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased>I get so tired of being in the physical and struggling.  I think sometimes that I will go to sleep, then when I wake up I’m on the other side of the veil.  I have to take a moment to figure out where I am and what’s happening.  How much longer do I have to stay on the earth plane?

Answer:  The choice is always yours! <laughter from the Goddess>  contracts have come not gone out the door with you beloved! It is your choice. All of you, who come into the earth plane, do have a contract and throughout the contract you have several different portals in which you can choose to transition. Now you are in a space of moving into a place in which you can consciously transition, if you so desire or not. We do not see you as doing this right now or any time in the near future. But be aware that it is your choice and it is your decision when you choose to transition to the non physical. <the person spoke at length about death and contracts, the Goddess was seeking clarity about what he’s saying.  Such as when you go to sleep at night, will you wake up on the other side of the veil?> yes, that is indeed the way in which it is moving. This will be true for all humans. Now for the general public of humans we are talking a hundred or more years on the earth plane. But for those of you who are in this advanced group, you will have the ability to choose when you wish to transition, if you wish to transition in what ever way you so desire. What you described in terms of going to sleep at night and waking up with the question put out to the universe "Should I transition at this time? Have I had enough of this?"  We do see you sitting with your guides, and sitting with your energies of light and having conversations and saying and what my doing in my life? what is my purpose in this life? What is the big purpose here? And they can you and show you what you are missing in your life. This is why you will then wake up with more of a sense of longing or a sense of purpose. This can happen to whether you are in the depths of depression, or at the point of transitioning, or if you are simply living your life and you are curious to know. However you wish to put it you are always and it actually happens more than you know in your sleep state, you can move into that space and find those answers. <the person said thank you> You are welcome beloved. We always wish for you to progress and evolved. Alright is there anybody else?

Question:  <paraphrased> The person was talking about the fact that she began many projects, but had trouble finishing any of them.  She was asking why can’t she just finish before she goes on to the next.

Answer:  OK beloved, we know and we see you at as you move and attempt everything and then find yourself doing nothing. We understand what you mean by that! What is important for you to realize is that you need not put limits and agenda on yourself. For what you are doing is when you feel like you are doing nothing, you are actually doing something. If you begin a painting and all you do is the basic outline of the painting and then you've had enough of it and put it away, that is fine there is nothing wrong with that being the sole expression of that painting. If you going to need a work and pick a pattern and you begin to start the needlework and then become bored with that or tired of it, that is okay. For doing that fine motion was working on your brain and allowing you to have an experience in that moment. When you begin to go outside and create out of doors, then have a sense of becoming bored with it… you see where I'm going with this? Everything that you do has its own purpose. If you realize and accept that even though you may not complete anything, you are actually completing as much of it as you needed to complete. Not everybody needs to read every book page to page, you may read the first few pages and you are finished. And you get the same amount out of it as someone who read the entire book. So be aware that when you begin things and then don't have the energy to finish them, that is fine that was all the needed to do. Or you can let it go. You will find that as you accept this about yourself that there will be certain things that you begin to feel more passion about, there will be more things that you find yourself becoming very dedicated to or obsessed with and then you cannot put it down. Even if that occurs for few days or weeks or months that is fine too. Be aware that you are the type of person who grows and evolves and enjoys changes and transitioning however it comes about you. This is one of the reasons why you enjoy so many different things. Does that make sense to you beloved? <she acknowledged that it did> You are welcome beloved.

All right, with that we will need to bring this to a close. Allow yourselves to take a moment to breathe in the energies allowing yourself to come back so fully within yourself. Being in the space of one. In this essence and in this space, you are the divine masculine; you are the divine feminine as it walks upon the earth. I thank you for inviting me in tonight know and trust that

I am always with you!

I am within you!


Shelly Dressel channeling the Goddess of Creation.



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