Working with the Column of Lightbody Energy

There is a great deal of talk this month about portals, star gates and vortexes.  The past few months have opened a greater flow of the crystalline or lightbody energy into the earth.  There are more and more places where people may access this flow and no matter what name you give it, it's there for you.  The Goddess has spoken for quite some time about how manifesting and transitioning in your life is becoming easier.  With the opening of these portals, to give it a name, you do have greater ease with shifting, moving and transitioning.  

During this channel, the Goddess begins right at the beginning by talking about the energies of ‘Nama Sika, Venia Benya'.  You can feel the strong flow energy as you are linking within you, then linking to those around you.  She speaks of how fluid the crystalline energy is.  It moves smoothly and easily through all who work with it.  It shifts and aligns in a different manner than other type energies.  Therefore, if you reach out to align with a vortex, portal, stargate- whatever you want to call it; you can find yourself shifting into an entirely new space or level of consciousness.  Many have been doing this in their sleep state, now it's easier to utilize it during conscious intention.

The practical use the Goddess worked with was that you step into the column of light and look at your life. She speaks of how we can work with the column of light by looking in from the outside.  In addition you may shift in and out of it as needed as you are in your place of creation.  The column comes to us in a linear manner because that is what we are used to and is easy to understand.  In reality it is nonlinear which makes it quite easy to shift through dimensions and space with ease. You can work your life as it is right now, look to your past and shift energy and then create what you want through greater awareness.  

Nama sika; venia benya         I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! I greet each one of you with the words of this phrase; Nama sika -- I AM the one. I invite each one of you to feel that alignment within yourself as you hear those words, as you breathe those words down inside. Breathe in, I AM the one.

Venia Benya -- I AM the whole. As you look around from that space of linking within yourself, you may find a deeper alignment takes place within you. This alignment is with the other people who are here present within this group. But you will also find that you have a deeper alignment with animals, with the trees, with the earth, with the stars; because each one of you may be a tiny particle of energy as compared to the entire universe or omniverse but it takes each one of you, as these particles, it takes each person to create the whole. 

Open up for just this moment, feel yourself for who you are and allow that alignment with everyone and everything to be here and a part of you, as your reality. Just in speaking those few sentences and inviting you to let that energy move through, can you already feel the difference that takes place within? You are each a special gift, simply because you are who you are.

With that I invite you to take in one more deep breath and as you breathe down inside of yourself let that breath move through you, anchoring you, to where ever it is that you are located. Then as you breathe out, have a sense of letting your consciousness shift into the space of the magnetic grid.

This grid work has undergone an immense transformation beginning in the mid-90s in preparation for the year 2000. Since that time it has shifted exponentially. The reason for that is that the more people seek to create and alignment with this grid work the more the grid expands. So too the immense influx of energies from the universe are having an effect upon this. So look around, recognize how this is your space and yet it is you in alignment to everything else within and around this grid work.

Have a sense of shifting. As if you move outward, you find yourself linking with the crystalline grid. As you do so you have let go the magnetic pole of the earth. Feel your energies as they expand in every direction, feel what it is to be in this pure crystalline energy. It supports you, it stimulates you; it creates opportunity for you simply by finding the alignment within.  

[Deep breath] I invite you to then have a sense of moving into the soul plane. This is another shift in consciousness; it is another dimension, if you want to use that word. It is a space for you. As you arrive within the soul plane, consciously reach out for your I AM presence. This is you in your entirety; this is you as your divinity. As you allow your consciousness to expand, feel as if you are blending fully.

Do you have that sense of coming home? Do you have that sense of love and awareness? Open to feel the acceptance, for you as the human that you are! As you continue to manifest more of your consciousness within this space, open to feel my essence as I come here within the soul plane. I reach out to each one of you, I acknowledge who you are as the individual in this lifetime, I acknowledge who you are as your divine essence. As my energies merge with you, feel how we shift into the All That Is.

As you arrive within this space, have a sense of looking around and seeing who and what is here. As you continue to shift, as you feel more and more of your essence moving within, open to receive the communication that is here for you. Take a look around, so many of you view this area as if it's a workspace. As you look around you, what comes to your awareness? I hear such diversified answers from you; some find the problems they've been working on, others feel themselves as being overwhelmed, others are seeking change. The All That Is is all of this, but it is also more.

With the last teleconference, when we were here together, there was a column of light that went from all the way out in the universe through this space, down into the earth itself. And that column of light was represented as the light body energies. The Omniverse is, all that has to do with your galaxy, with your universe plus other universes and galaxies that are out in the various shifts and consciousness. With the various portals and vortices of light that are opening up right now upon the earth, there is a greater influx of this beautiful transparent energy.

As you take in who you are, as you allow your consciousness to align with this column of light, you may have a sense of how it has shifted over the last couple of weeks. [Deep breath] One of the things that I believe you are all very well aware of is just how fluid the crystalline energy is. It is as if it is flexible, as if there is a constant flow, as if there is more and more potential or opportunity that moves through this space.

As you consider your days upon the earth, you have been seeking ways in which to manifest in a more efficient manner. What would happen if you could shift your focus into this beam of light or one similar to it and feel as it transports you to another reality? It may be that it takes you into a space out in the universe. It may be that it takes you into another place within your own world.

As other people were speaking about the Star Gate or the Lion's Gate, that opened up here during your month of August, they were speaking of this type of energy that opened up to the Earth. If you look at your world, this happened in multiple different locations. If you look at your world and consider back over the history of consciousness in which humanity has been upon the earth, you will see that there have always been places upon the earth where energy from the universe was able to transcend into the Earth.

There are those of you who continue to know what those alignments are and what it means to you. It may be that you have a sense of those spaces becoming even larger. There are other portals or energy shifts in consciousness that have come about because of the places in which people live. You may have heard before how karma is released. You may have heard that the Mayan calendar has come to an end therefore everything that is created is new and different. The truth of this matter from my perception is that if you have a sense that other like existences are having or have had an influence upon you, then it is so.

As you look at potential experiences that will be occurring within and around the Earth some of those potentials have been predicted, but what is unique and different is that so much of the foundation of the Earth has transformed. It is being hundreds of thousands of years since those energies that are close to the Earth have transitioned. The consciousness is shifting through direct intention instead of through an unconscious manner. All of these things are coming into play and affect the Earth itself, but not only that, they affect you. Just as we spoke of: Nama sika; venia benya, at the very beginning, so too you can observe or discern how that has influenced you in this space.

Look at your life; do you have a belief or a sense that experiences of your past are having an impact upon you in your everyday life? Through your choice, I would suggest to you that you turn around and look back at your path. Look back and see perhaps a pattern in your current life, look back and see influences that are having an effect upon you. Look back and see if perhaps this goes beyond the life in which you are currently living. For some of you it is as if in looking back, you see the branches moving out as if some of what is affecting you is an ancestral alignment. Sometimes it's in these lifetimes you feel those effects.

If there is anything that comes to your awareness as we speak right now, I invite you to consciously take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out as if you are sending an essence of love, of compassion, of awareness; breathe out and send that down towards your perception of your path. That energy may move through and release every little occurrence that comes into contact with. Sometimes when you do this it will clear out on a superficial level so as to allow you to go beneath that. Let your intention to clear experiences of the past from their effect upon you now be very clear in you and taking one more deep breath and send that energy once more back through those experiences.

Now, you may also choose to step within that column of light.  As you do so, you may find that the column itself is transparent but within it there are many, many different functions. You can step within this column; you can step within this light and as you breathe deeply and send forth that intention to release the past you may see how it clears in a much more complete manner. You may also step into this space and shift yourself into that time so that you can clear it in that manner.

You may have a sense of traveling through this column of light and it is as if you are looking around and you see the kaleidoscope of your life. You are used to working with things in a very linear manner. Therefore this column may come to you through a linear perception. Life is not linear, you therefore have the ability to find yourself connecting with an experience and shifting the effect of that experience. [Deep breath] As soon as I suggested that, I could see a multitude of releasing taking place and it just got swirled up and transitioned through this column of light.

Let's shift, let your consciousness move outside of that column once more. Take stock of your consciousness as if you are looking at yourself from the eyes of your divinity. Have you changed as a result of releasing the past? Are there emotions that you would like to nurture at this time? [Deep breath] Breathe in deeply allowing those emotions to shift.

Feel the completion as it moves through you. Life is about living in the moment, if you look at your life as it is in this moment, is it possible to feel joy, happiness, peace or contentment?  Just, what are the emotions that you are feeling at this time? You may have an intention of what you would like for your life to be. You may have a focus or an awareness and all of that may be having an effect upon you. But where is the majority of your energy? If it's caught up in the past, let it go. If it's caught up in the future in such a way that you are waiting to experience life until, and you can fill in the blank, then realize that you are still not living in the moment.

 Move through your mental body. Humanity at this time upon the earth is encouraged to plan for the future, look for the future; let the focus be upon the future and upon things outside of themselves. If you take this moment and breathe deeply, breathing all of your energy and all of your focus down within you, right now, consciously let go the rest. What you will find is that the more you allow these energies to be a part of who you are, the more centered and balanced you will be at any given time.

Have a sense of stepping back within that column of light, into that aspect of it in which you work with your own personal life. This time rather than having a sense of looking towards your past, shift your focus as if to have a sense of looking towards your future. Here within this column of light, everything is illuminated, everything is cleared out. This in turn allows you to have a more distinct understanding.

Here within this column of light, this crystalline energy, this light body energy, let it all come within you, let it fill you up. Feel the contentment, feel the knowledge of who you are, even if it seems more than what you would consider or what you would expect, open to the potential or the possibility that you do accept this as you.

As you look towards the future have a sense of letting flow from you, your intention of what you would like or how you perceive your life to be. Here within this column of light shift your focus and see yourself; perhaps one month from now, one week, one year, two years, whatever length of time you would like. Feel yourself in the flow of your life and then put down your foot to stop and look around.  As you look around, what do you see? From a purely objective standpoint be open to receive clarity of what that is. As you look at whatever this may be, you can find out for yourself, is it truly what you wanted? You may ask; is there anything you would change? You may consider that even this is but a fraction of what the reality will turn out to be.

Most often as people are doing an exercise like this, those things that are at the forefront of their conscious awareness are the foundation of what they see, but there is always more.  As this has not yet occurred there are even more potentials than what you see. [Deep breath] Breathe in and come back, step outside of that energy, step outside of that space and once more be fully present in this now moment. This is you in your life, this is you opening to greater potentials, this is you recognizing the opportunity that is here for you.

You have these various portals all around the Earth, but yet you need not be physically located with any of them. You put forth the intention of aligning with one of these portals and then allow yourself to simply move through and see where ever it is you may go. If you go out into the universe feel what that experience is for you and let that energy flow back within your consciousness. As you experience another place upon the earth know and feel what that means to you as you bring it back within.

I now invite you to have a sense of letting your consciousness shift in such a way that you separate to a degree from this column of light. The flow is immense, the vibration just sings, feel it for yourself. As you gather together your thoughts have a sense of clearing out any thoughts or beliefs that no longer work for you. As you consider your emotions, let go those emotions that have been holding you back.

As you consider your physical body have a sense of breathing in this vibration and let it move all the way down from your consciousness into your physical body. As it moves into your physical body, let it move through the bloodstream, let it move into every cell within you, into your DNA into every article that makes up who you are with a sense of clearing out debris, clearing out imbalance, clearing out anything except what it is to feel good and what it is to have the physical body that serves you best.

As you come back together as a group, I invite you to have a sense of the hologram of the Earth. It comes up within the group itself. There is a double hologram as if Ariellis, the new Earth, and your physical Earth are represented within these holograms. As this continues to rotate in front of you infuse within the hologram, your consciousness of what it is to live in the moment and to have everything you seek to have right now. As you infuse it into the hologram see how those energies of this column of light infuse a sense of balance and a sense of diversity, of vibration. Breathe in your intention and as you breathe out feel how these holograms take on an illuminated sparkle.

The holograms themselves shift; they actually move into that column of light and through that column of light, they move in whatever direction they need to as they merge with their physical earth. You may feel that energy coming into the Earth on which you are located. It moves into the center aligning with the crystals and the vibration. It anchors linking within the core essence of the Earth, and then it emanates out. From there it moves through the earth itself, it moves up through the grass, the water, the trees, it moves up through you.

As this happens, feel what it is to anchor those energies. Allow your consciousness to flow back, you pause briefly in the soul plane, you have sense of letting your consciousness move from there into the crystalline grid, and it moves down to the crystals. Your consciousness comes back through magnetic grid, and once more you feel that essence of the Earth. You feel that magnetic pull of being upon the Earth.

As if you let your consciousness come down fully with you into your physical body, let yourself ground here within this space. Now, as you are here in your physical location let your consciousness reach out until you align with that beam of light. If it assists you to consider a particular place upon the Earth, you may do so or you may also let your consciousness expand and it will go where ever it needs to go.

Here within the Earth, with the gravitational pull of the Earth it feels different. But just as you were able to step into that flow of the column of light, up in the All That Is, so too you can step into this flow right here, right now. [Deep breath] And as you breathe deeply let yourself go where ever it is you would like to go.

As you arrive, you have a sense of looking around using all of your senses to pick up what this is to you and your perception. So expand, allow your vibration or your essence to move through, experience what this is to you. And then once more you allow your focus to shift back within you and whatever location you find yourself. Shift back into your physical reality. Feel what it is to have released your past. Feel what it is to have experienced a potential of you future. And recognize that everything comes here into this moment in which you are. [Deep breath] Breathe deeply and make a conscious choice to allow the majority, if not all of your focus to be in the present moment.

What makes me feel good right now? What gives me joy right now? What takes me into the experience of manifesting my entire self upon the earth right now? Let those be some of the questions that guide you through out your days.

As you continue to anchor within your physical self let yourself ground, let your focus or your attention come back within this room. As you come back within this room if you would like, you may press *6 upon your phone and I am open to receive questions that you may have.

Question:  Hi Goddess can you hear me. (Yes I can.)  Thank you very much for this evening.  I'm building a - I've asked this question in other ways before.  I'm building a structure now with crystals and metals and magnets.  It's a little more elaborate than I've done before. It has a little bit of a motor and it will create energy and magnetic impulse in the structure itself.  I was aware that in Atlantis they created something that created a portal into the Astral and opened up the connection to the Astral, which they probably shouldn't have done.  Things came down from the Astral and kind of controlled the minds of the Atlantians at that time and brought the downfall of Atlantis.  There may be a little bit of an arrogance to think that I might be creating the same thing, but the structure is a little more elaborate than I usually have done.  Should I be worried about creating the same thing, having the problem?

Answer:  Alright beloved it first of all comes as no surprise to me to see you working on this crystal and this structure that you are speaking of because you were a part of the Atlantian group that did similar experiments.  During the time of Atlantis there were many different experiences, experiments, levels of lasers: various things that were taking place. And the intention was that it would create a transformation upon the earth that would allow for earth itself to be able to experience their divinity in a much greater degree, and these lasers were going to open up and amplify the crystals.  In addition to that it would be used for medical reasons, for shifting physical things upon the earth.  It was many fold.  So that is why I see that you are still in alignment with what you were doing before and that is why that conscious thought came to your awareness. 

My sense is that it is not going to occur again for one humongous reason.  The ascension of the earth into the next dimensions has been through a conscious intention this time and through a much more consistent and solid foundation.  Indeed any time that you open up such a package as you are speaking of that amplifies the energy there is always going to be an opportunity that more will come through than anticipated or less or that humanity will react in one way or another, so absolutely those are potentials.  We see such a change in this because of the fact that there is a much more solid foundation taking place right now and we think that what you are doing now is much more in alignment with what you have always intended.  It just wasn't the right time, there wasn't enough knowledge available, but this time it feels like it is much more so in alignment.  We see you working with the column of light that we worked with this evening as a means of amplifying the energy that you are magnifying.  It's like that's the starter, or that's what enhances what you are working on.  So utilize it to help you for your benefit.

Ok thank you very much.  I am trying to figure out a way of actually putting in lasers but I haven't had the background in that.

It feels like there is someone else that is going to, that you either have talked with before or that will come into your awareness in the near future, and this individual feels like they are going to hold the part of the key that you have been missing so far.

Ok thank you very much.  

Good luck with this you're very welcome beloved and good luck.

Ok very good thank you.   

You're welcome.

Question:  Hello Goddess. (Hello.)   You have probably heard this kind of question before and it's my partnership, my main relationship, my child's father and I've just recently started to open up and see everything I have desired and that it may be possible.  I don't know how to proceed with the person I'm with.  I kind of feel stuck in the relationship (Ok) I care for him but

Ok can you clarify things for us because we're sensing two separate men?  Are you with one man who is not the father of your child and your interest is in shifting things around with the father of the child, or is there only one man because we're sensing two?

Well there was one in my heart, which I was trying to get rid of.  A relationship from last year that opened up my connection to source and was incredible, but it cannot be with that person and I have tried to energetically cut cords and what not.  I'm with my child's father right now, and that's who I live with, and that's the relationship I need to thrive and I am having trouble doing that.  I don't have the same source connection and wow incredible feelings with him.

Answer:  Uhum Ok so - right - so what we see you doing is what so many humans do is you have a relationship and when you look at it in an objective manner or in an analytical way you see the pluses and the minus's in those two little columns and that's how you base much of your decision upon.  Then you look at another individual and again you have those two little columns and things are weighted differently in those columns.  Then as a human you talk to yourself sometimes convincing yourself to believe a certain way, sometimes going with what is the stronger feeling, and indeed there is no right or wrong as we look at this.  We see how with the one individual your heart really soars it brings out more potential for you and through that feeling of excitement; that feeling of awareness; that feeling of joy; you launch yourself into a different modality or a different road of opportunities and perceptions for yourself.  Then when we see you with this 2nd individual, that's the one that you call your baby's father that you are currently living with and because it is such a dramatic difference from the other you notice more so the contrast of it.  The focus becomes on what is not there and what is not working, instead of focusing on the things that are working.  Even when you have those conversations inside of yourself where you talk to yourself and you say, "Well this is what I want to work.  This is how I'm going to help it work.  This is what I'm going to do." You are undermining yourself because there is a part of you that just isn't believing it, it just doesn't resonate. 

So when you are in a relationship and you are questioning what is the best direction for me to go it is always essential for you to go back down within yourself, go into your core essence and become in that place of alignment like what you did on the journey tonight.  Then from that space when you begin to look around at everything, even if the individual you were with last year is not the actual individual that you would be with in the future, if it represents something that is more so what you seek then that needs to be your path.  Or if you can recognize that when you're in the space of your core essence and when you recognize that you are creating the opening, the alignment, whatever it is within yourself and you allow that to be your divinity then it may not matter who you are with.  You can still have that excitement, that joy, that awareness because the foundation comes from within you and it spreads out to everyone else around you.  Does that make sense to you beloved?

It does and I would love to do that and not look to anyone else outside of me to help me feel my divinity, but you know, we have our relationships, partnerships and I hope I can do this I hope I can find that divinity, that spark and that connection with source no matter who I'm with.

Well we think that it is much more there and much more prevalent within you than you give yourself credit for and as you shift your focus away from the people outside of you and become more clear within you then when you turn around and look at the people outside of you it will help to clarify situations.

If you are asking am I no longer going to be with the man that I've been with and the father of my child?  Am I going to be with someone else, be it a 3rd individual not known?  Am I going to be on my own?  All these various questions that we feel swirling around within you.  At this point there doesn't feel to us as if there is a really strong preference one way or the other because we see you as divided.  So as you through meditation; through journaling; through whatever it is that works for you; as you find that means of alignment within yourself and we also feel that just because you are busy between work, your family, the various things that you have going on around you that you put your own times for nurturing yourself at the bottom of the list.  That's another means that creates that disconnection within so shift it upwards closer to the top and let yourself have that time.  Let yourself take that time and then you are going to find that as if you wake up sometime, or as if a door opens, as if you suddenly seem to have a sense of rightness and a sense of knowing.  The relationships are not going to go away they are not going to just magically shift, but as you allow for the greater clarity within yourself then the perception of everything else does shift.

Oh I look forward to that.  Thank you so much.  


You're welcome beloved.


Question:  Hello Goddess. (Hello) What I wanted to ask was.... Throughout my whole life I've had a confusion state of not doing what I feel I'm supposed to be doing.  Whether it's a career path, I've been in and out of several careers and jobs that have not been satisfying.  I'm kind of lost at this point. I have certain things I'd like to do and I'm not sure if they are realistic for me at this time in my life. 

Answer:  We see as we look at you that there is a sense of potential, a sense of awareness, a sense of grandness whatever you want to call it that is actually a representation of your divinity that you are keeping outside of yourself. When you say that you think there is more, you think there is something else, we agree that there is.   We see like a bubble of energy, a bubble of potential that you are carrying around within you and also up above you.  Because of that link to what's inside of you, that's what makes you think or it brings up the sense of discontent or sense of something more.  It feels on the one hand that it would be helpful for you to be a little more clear to yourself whether it's writing things down or prioritizing things; somehow someway it feels like there needs to be a more grounding aspect to this.  When you take a deep breath in you are reaching up to those potentials and consciously bringing them down into your physical body.  This is a way of grounding those potentials and those things that feel bigger than you, into who you are as a physical person. We have a sense that not everything will happen all at once and a change may not be apparent to you in the immediate time frame.  But the first thing you will feel is a sense of awareness and a sense of feeling more content.  Then as you look at the jobs around, as you look at what you are doing even if it's not the exact thing you want to do, there will be something about it that feels better to you.  That is why our first sense to say to you is to really, truly have a sense of bringing down into your physical reality these things that feel far out. 

The other thing you can do is go into your I AM presence.  Let yourself expand into something like that. As you are expanding and aligning with your divinity, it is the best way to support you or help you as you are bringing these things down into your everyday life.  Does that resonate with you beloved?

Yes it does, I guess I just really need to make up my mind as well.

We think that as you do this it will be easier for you to make up your mind.  It's hard to make up your mind when you are ungrounded.  Also, when it seems like such a fairy tale or so far out there it makes it hard for you to take the steps that are needed to make it a reality.  So by grounding it into your energy field, it brings it closer to you and makes it more real as you take the steps to make it a reality.

That's what I need to put into my meditations more, the grounding.


Okay, thank you so very much.

You are welcome beloved. 

Question: Hi Goddess, I hope I can ask the question in the right way, it's hard to phrase the words. This issue is about blame and responsibility.  I seem to have trouble dealing with criticism when people want to blame me for something.  I just don't know how to apologize in a way that I am accepting responsibility but not blame. I really dislike being blamed and earlier today I feel like I was blamed for some things and I don't think I deserve all the blame that was pushed on me.

Answer:  As we're looking at this, we see that it has several layers to it.  First of all, through your sensitivity you have a sense of taking on things that are not yours to take on.  But you do so because you are sensitive, the energy is there, it gets dumped on you and rather than stepping to the side and letting it go past you, it sticks to you and becomes a part of the things that may be bothering you in your daily life.  That sense that things are not your responsibility is coming because in part you are making it a part of your responsibility.

The next thing we see as a part of this is that when you feel someone is blaming or attacking you, it brings up within you a sense of vulnerability and a sense of standing on your feet.  We know you as we look at you and take in this energy; we know that you are someone who is conscientious in his way of living.  If there is something you are responsible for, you take the responsibility.  By the same token or on the flip side of it if it is not your own, by stating ‘this is not your responsibility, this is something you can appreciate or sense the individual is quite upset' whatever it is that makes ‘real' the situation.  By stating it in a calm quiet voice and then taking a deep breath in and breathing out releasing it. What you are doing is stating your opinion, you've stood up for yourself by doing that and at the same token, you have not taken on what is not your own.  Instead what you are doing is expressing whatever that is, then putting it back on the other individual. 

Now when people are in a judgment, criticizing and when they get into an interaction like that it's like there is a trauma or a drama that is going on and it pulls you in as you go back and forth, back and forth.  As you do that, you are getting more disconnected within yourself because you are getting caught up in this; and it becomes something based in the ego.  By allowing yourself to take a step back, whether it's a physical step back or an energetic step back, when you disconnect from whatever that experience is, that is allowing you to come back once more into that space of balance within your own self, come back into that space that is your divinity.  Absolutely you may still feel bad, you may still feel guilty, you may still feel remorse; you may still feel whatever those human emotions are.  But as you reaffirm who you are within your divinity, you will find there are steps you can take that will take you to the next part to repair things with the individual or you may find information it will come to you and you will acknowledge what I said or did was not in the best interest.  You can accept it and express it and it will go on from there. 

The key is about when it gets into that place of ego and drama and altercation, it doesn't help anybody.  It's taking the step back, becoming balanced within yourself, then coming back into whatever may need to get resolved.  Does that make sense to you beloved?

Yes it does. Thank you.

It feels to us as if this thing from earlier today is not fully resolved as if there is still more you can say or do. The time will be right and you will know what to do and it will all transition. 

Okay, thank you.

You are welcome.

Question:  Goddess? (Hello) Hi.  My question is... I'm at this stage right now where this meditation was very good with clearing what's causing blocking now.  I'm trying to find employment which I haven't had for a long time. The block that I cleared, the meditation worked very well I think. But I'm trying to figure out what step to take next. I can't seem to focus or figure out exactly what I should do.  I have all these interests with some experience and skills to go along with it, but I can't seem to figure out what to do take the next step. It feels debilitating.

Answer: As we're looking at you talking about work, potentials and ideas, what we see happening to you is that  you get caught up with the analytical aspect of what you think you should be doing that is going to bring in the most money or you think would be a  better career path.  And then when you get back into the place of what resonates with you and makes your heart sing; it feel like it's something very different than what you think you should be doing.  It's almost like you go there with this wish you put out to the universe: ‘I really wish I could do this, but I'm going to be logical, I'm going to be practical and I'm going to do this instead'.  It creates these two sides of yourself or aspects of yourself that are competing with one another to take dominance over what is going to win out. That perception that come to us in just such a manner as that, again, just as with the individual ahead of you, when you get into your personality or get into something very earthbound based and you get away from your divinity, then you get into something that says it has to be one or the other it cannot be everything. When you are in the alignment with your divinity, when you take time each day to experience your divinity and let that be within and around you then you begin to see different potentials that allow you to have these magical things you would like to have in a practical manner.  It's almost as if it brings it together in a more blended fashion.  Then what you see happening in your daily life becomes the manifestation of something from a stronger, more balanced, more blended part of you rather than something more disconnected.  Does that make sense to you beloved?


What we see happening too is that you have not been able to get a job or have not been able to stay with a job because you have been too much focused on one side of this or the other.  So if you can change your thought process, if you can change your belief, we have a sense of an affirmation for you that goes something along the lines of: ‘I am choosing my life through having a daily reality that reflects my joy and abundance' or you can make whatever feels right to you.  If you wake up and say that be it to yourself, you write it down, you breathe it in; howsoever you want to do it.  As you begin to have the belief system and the mental alignment to go along with it, it will feel more real for you and it will be your reality. It's almost as if things speed up and manifest much more quickly for you. 

Okay, okay I will do that.  Thank you very much.

Alright beloved, you're welcome. Again I remind you to remember to nurture yourself. Remember to take time to love yourself. Remember to recognize that if you feel the frustration over looking for work and not being happy with things. That's an indication that you have separated once more. So bring all of yourself back together as if you are winding a ribbon around yourself. Bring everything back, blend it together, then breathe it all down within you. By doing that, you will once more affirm who you are and what you truly want to manifest within your life.

Alright, thank you.

All right beloved friends and family with that we will bring this evening to a close. I am ever available to you. I do see you for who you are, I see you as the human, I see you as your divine essence. Let your own consciousness open up to see yourself as well. You are all such beautiful essence of light! Don't forget in the days to come that you have more tools available to you than ever before.

Open to work with the crystalline energies. Open to accept your divinity. Open to allow the type of life that you truly would like to half as if you are bursting forth with your arms open wide. [Deep breath] Accept all the joy, the abundance and the magic that can be yours!

I am ever with you and within,





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