Working With Your Akashic Records

The Goddess speaks at the beginning of the channel about all the changes that are taking place right now. She mentions the eclipses, the full moon and the upcoming Venus Transit on June 5, 2012. Many people are feeling symptoms that are off kilter and others are feeling as if they have more sensitivity. She recommended with all the changes taking place that you use the energies to assist you in moving forward, rather than against you.

She began in the All That Is with reconnecting to the channel from May 20, 2012. During that channel we opened to greater alignment with our masculine and feminine sides. By reconnecting at this time, it took everyone instantly back into that balance. She then spoke of the Akashic records. She spoke of the various ways in which people perceive them and how you can use them in your life. She created what looked like a library.

Some of the ‘books’ were just pure energy, no form or page. Others it was like looking at very old books with pages. From here, everyone had the potential to go into their own records and read about their lives. When they had what information they needed, they could then stamp the experience as DONE! I could see all these stamps going into the records by many, many people. While in the Akashic records, people can look at the many potentials of their lives. They can see outcomes and make choices. Therefore, everyone had the opportunity to create a new life.

Once this was decided, she then worked with everyone’s energy in the All That Is. She worked to assist in integrating the new beginning. She went into great detail from the physical, to emotional, to mental, then spiritual & lightbody. This integration went down into each person to their cellular level. She even consciously re-wired everything from an electrical level through all the rest. When integrating the lightbody energy, she showed us how it’s always balanced and does not take on lower energies such as emotional problems, physical difficulties etc. So if you have anything going on, by reaching for the lightbody energy, you are automatically balancing.

I invite you to tap into and enjoy the amazing energies of this channel.


Nama sika: venia benya I AM the one; I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family. I feel such joy as I have these opportunities to come in and share this time and space with you.

This is a glorious time for you to be alive upon the Earth. This is a time of even greater conscious creation than there has ever been before.

I know that I’ve said it on more than one occasion but it feels as if every time when we get together for these conferences, I’m saying that this is a very special time in which to be upon the Earth.

Indeed it is. We, the energies in the Universe that are creating the counterpoint for all that you are doing upon the Earth, are constantly amazed at what is taking place. We see you in all that you are choosing to do in your life.

We know the potential for transformation that is taking place and while the discussions were made very long and detailed about what this ascension process was going to be, what has in truth transpired is way more than was ever anticipated.

This is due for the most part to all of you. We speak of those of you who are listening to these channels but we also speak of all the other energy workers and light workers that are walking upon the Earth. You are all a part of the whole and it is creating some amazing transformation.

In particular over the last month, we could say several months, but in particular over the last month between the eclipses, the full moon, the Wesak energies, and now this Venus transit coming up, it is giving you the opportunity to even more so focus your energies for transformation.

If you listen to this again and it’s past the time of the transit, be not concerned because you are still tapping into these energies. This channel is created at this space therefore those energies are always there and available to you no matter when you listen to it or link with it.

In your everyday life, there are times when these transitions take place and you have a sense of upset in your life, meaning things do not go well. It’s hard to manifest. Any problems you have may be in your face more so than ever before.

That is one way in which the energies can affect people. So too knowing that there are these intense influxes of energy, I would invite you to use it as a time to amplify whatever it is you do want to have in your life. Or use it to illuminate all that may be taking place.

I invite you to take one more breath, breathing down deeply within you, put forth the intention that you anchor your energies so that even more of your consciousness can be released. You shift your focus, allowing yourself to expand, so that you may move into the energies of the magnetic grid.

As you find yourself within this space, it may be that you feel the essence of your higher self and you may have a sense of pathways moving out from you. I invite you to consciously let go the magnetic pull of the Earth, allow yourself to shift into the space of the crystalline grid.

As you feel your energies expand into the crystalline grid, allow yourself to consciously feel what this crystalline vibration is to you. What is this pathway? What effect is it all having upon you? This space in consciousness is becoming more and more strengthened or entwined with your own energies.

It is here to be of assistance to you so reach towards it if ever you are seeking answers. Allow yourself to consciously move into the space of the soul plane. As you move within this space you feel yourself even more expanding. Invite your divinity to come forth in alignment with you.

As it comes within this space you may feel it coming up within you or you may see it as if it’s an essence and you walk up to that essence. As you allow yourself to reach out and merge with these energies, you can feel your expansion that takes place.

You are in alignment with your divinity. You have access to as much as you are able to comprehend through your conscious and your unconscious energies.

I the Goddess move in and amongst all of you. I reach out and embrace, merging my energies with you. As we blend you will find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. Feel how good this is to be here within this space. Allow yourself to have a sense of expanding or flying free or going as far as you would like.

You are limitless. You have the ability to go anywhere, experience anything, and receive any information. There is so much for us to do this evening. This probably happens every time but I’m going to share as a reminder that there is always a great deal more that takes place upon these journeys than the words that are spoken.

As I’m gathering the energies I’m considering where I would like to begin. During our last journey together we worked with finding the balance of the male and female energies. Even if you were not upon that journey or experience with us, your intention of aligning still created that opportunity for you.

Allow yourself to just in this moment consider that aspect of you that is your masculine energy. As you do so have a sense of the God source energy as he stands with you and as he creates an alignment so as to assist in opening and expanding even further.

Have a sense of connecting with your Divine Feminine energies. As you do so, I the Goddess make my presence even more so known so that I may flow the energy of the Divine Feminine into and around you.

Allow your consciousness to expand in such a way that you feel this is my distinctive masculine energies and this is my distinctive feminine. I then invite you to create a conscious flow in which they weave together.

It’s as if there’s a layer and then layer and then layer, and these energies weave together creating a harmony and a balance that allows you to be able to strengthen that energy and bring forth that balance into the forefront.

The next thing that I would like to do is invite you to begin and just think of yourself as a completely blended and merged individual – that sounds kind of funny, a merged individual.

Going forth I put forth the intention that you understand that the balance is there, it’s automatic, you’ve done the work therefore it is that it is. What would it be like if you could move beyond that sense or that feeling of being in a constant state of processing?

What would it be like if you knew that whenever something new came up it would automatically transition, integrate or be an experience in and of itself. This is where you are going and it is closer than what you realize.

Many of you have spoken about the Akashic Records. People have different perceptions of what they are. Some people consider it a library. Some consider it their I Am presence. Some consider it collections of experiences that are there in one pool of energy for people to choose from.

Indeed all of these things are true. The variations come into play as people are seeking answers. It may seem logical to perceive it as a library. It may seem logical to perceive it as your divinity and the experiences that make up who you are.

There is a plane of existence in which all of the trillions or probably limitless experiences have created sometimes a fine little thread of energy, sometimes large books have been written about it and I use ‘books’ simply because it is something that you can picture and understand.

The way that we are going to work with the Akashic Records is that I am opening up the All That Is and I invite you to have a sense of row upon row upon row of what could be stacks of information, columns, or perhaps just consider it like your library would look – we will go with that version.

As you look at it in this moment you see it goes down as far as you can see and up as far as you can see. The good news is you move between the aisles and the columns with thoughts. When you think of the Akashic Records as it relates to you in this lifetime, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

And simply being the individual that you are in this life and considering an experience, you find yourself standing in front of a volume of energy. For some there may be words and you can read them, for others it may be an energy and you absorb the energy to receive the meaning.

As you are looking at the book of your life, ask to know why did you choose certain experiences. As you are looking at this book, ask to see some of the alternatives or potentials.

Sometimes when you are working with these books of energy and information you may get to a certain place and you find yourself shifting and you’re standing in front of a different volume. Look for your energy within that volume and this lifetime.

Some people have said that they and other people have the exact same memories in the Akashic Record. Sometimes people have said if someone is going to have a particular lifetime they need a certain background, so they’ll go to the Akashic and find that background and integrate it into their human experience. That is one of the ways in which this can be utilized.

But indeed every one of you have already lived the life and potentials that you are currently living. You’ve lived it in other dimensions. Your consciousness has lived through the end of this life with you and you are bringing it back into this moment. So as you look at the books and as you are gathering information you may choose to actually create changes or completions within these books.

For example, is there something that has been going on in your life that has been a pattern for you that has happened again and again and again? As you look at that experience within these energy tomes, find the one in which that goes on and on indefinitely.

Go ahead and see - have you already received what you needed to have from that experience? Is there any way that it is still continuing to benefit you to be in that experience?

If it feels as if it’s done, it’s complete, then take this as an opportunity to get that stamp that says ‘complete’ and stamp it ‘complete’. As you do this, you see a ripple effect take place, moving out and creating adjustments throughout the records. These are not written in stone as you can see.

Some of them have a very thick and heavy consistency, others are very light and transparent. If you have been struggling to move beyond you may do so now. Flip through the book of your life. Look at some of your alternatives or some of your other options that you had considered for this life.

Let it come up. Look at another way that you can live your life and ask to see what needs to be done in order to move in that direction or integrate the energies that go along with that.

I hear some of you having thoughts along the line of ‘I prefer this existence and this experience so I’m going to take that and all the memories and I'm going to let that become my reality and I’m going to let go completely my other life’.

Absolutely you have the potential to do that.

Continue to flow through the Akashic Records, spending as much time here as you may choose. These records are open to everybody.

I’m smiling because I hear people saying ‘I thought there were people who guarded the Akashic Records – I thought it was limited access.’ Indeed that is true in certain perceptions. It need not be true if you don’t want it to be.

You will see as you continue to move through the records that there are parts filled with like a sticky tar, and those are what one might call the heavy, dense experiences. If you see anything associated with you down within that tar, disconnect it, let it go, release it.

As you continue to move through here you decide that you’ll come back again and again now that you realize how easy it is to be here within this space.

I have encouraged you for years to allow your focus to be upon what you do want to have in your life. This is another opportunity to strengthen that.

I invite you to have a sense of shifting back into that more open space of the All That Is. As you continue to move through these records or through this space, recognize that there is always something that’s there that you can look at, experience or move to understand.

Now then I would like to work with each one of you on creating a new body. This is another aspect of the energies that go with the Venus transit. It’s creating a new reality from your cellular structure up through and including your mental bodies.

So as you come into the space and as you are considering your life, your energy, I invite you to begin by having a sense of your physical reality. And by that I mean your physical body, the energy of the space perhaps in which you live or work or spend most of your time.

Allow me to first of all create an energy space that will allow you to send forth an impulse or an energy that will go through where you spend your days so that you can create a supportive environment. Now as you consider your physical body many people are having a lot of symptoms. Are you one of them?

Do you have problems with your joints? Your muscles? How about your digestive tract or respiratory tract? How about your vision? Your circulation? I could go on and on speaking out about all the various parts that make up you in your physical biology.

Begin by bringing up within you anything that’s bothering you on a physical level, whether it’s a physical illness, whether it’s temporary, no matter what.

As you are here within this space, infuse within whatever that is, that energy of support that I transmitted to you. Then in addition to that open up to consciously bring in what you truly want to have.

You may dash back into the Akashic Record for a moment and you can see for yourself if that’s what would help you, then yes you have that opportunity to create such a dramatic change. Let go chronic illness, let go pain, let go the story if you are ready to do so.

As your physical body is creating a new alignment it begins at a cellular structure and moves out from there. I invite you to now consider your emotional body. Are there any particular emotions that seem to come up again and again and again within your life? Are these emotions perhaps something that is holding you back?

Are these emotions actually assisting you and you just weren’t aware? Have these emotions run their course and are no longer of benefit to you? Your emotional body is very important to you because it’s a means of processing, it’s a means of experiencing life upon the Earth. But it is always intended to give you opportunities of experience.

Therefore if your emotions have perhaps run the course of whatever it is; perhaps it’s that part that you changed in the Akashic Records. For some of you you may be looking for the emotions but they’re gone. But in case they’re still here. And if you feel that the emotions are holding you back then reach out, let them go, allow that experience to be new and different and unique.

For some isn’t it as if it’s such a relief to let go of these emotions that you’ve been carrying around? Experience that for a moment. What is it like to move beyond that place? Embrace what you do want to have.

Allow yourself to consider any emotions that you may want to bring to the forefront. Perhaps you would like more love, more joy, perhaps you would like a greater ease within your life.

Allow those emotions to come forward, supporting, strengthening all that is here.

You consciously invite the essence or the energy of your emotions to come back and merge fully with your physical body. Reach towards your mental body.

Are there thoughts, beliefs, experiences, things that again you find continuously come up for you and you wonder what is up with this? How can I quit thinking about that? Why am I obsessing about whatever it may be?

Allow it to come into this moment so that you may be fully conscious of whatever it is. And as it comes into this moment, consciously let it go.

These thoughts may have given you direction and intention at some point but they are no longer working for you. Be open to experience all of these potentials of what you do want to have in terms of your thoughts and your beliefs.

Again, for some of you, I see you going back and revisiting the records, looking to see if there’s something you missed, if there’s a reason why your thoughts have been what they have been.

As you allow your focus to come back again within your mental body, allow it to flow in the way that’s most natural so that you know your thoughts and your beliefs are strengthening you, empowering you and helping you in your everyday life.

We are here experiencing all of this through your spiritual body so it is already here present and clear, but as you look at it, if there is anything that you notice shift it out, let it go, so that it may be filled with the energy of your divinity.

Open to your lightbody energy. They already are the perfect balance, they shift and adjust so that they may be in alignment with the rest of you but they do not take on anything that is less than their perfect balance.

As we are here in this moment I invite you to have a sense now of consciously bringing into alignment everything that makes up you in this human experience. And as you consider everything, as you consider how you have just transitioned not only all your energy bodies but your Akashic Records and that effect I now work with each one of you creating a flow that will allow for an alignment that it is in your best interest.

Some people may call this rewiring of the electrical. Some people may call this an open flow of communication between your thoughts, your emotions, your physical body. Whatever it is to you, I invite you to be open to receive.

As you continue to allow this to integrate within you be aware that the Universe is going to work to help implement that within your life. When there are these various astrological experiences it sets up a foundation or a potential to assist in integrating whatever it is that may be happening within your life.

Open to feel the assistance, to feel the flow, open to experience with ease. Feel yourself as complete. Know that this is a new beginning going forth from here. You may have completely let go the memory of other experiences.

You may only remember what this is. If you still experience memories of other reality then let it go and reaffirm for yourself any time those thoughts, memories, beliefs, whatever it may be, may come to you.

This is your new reality. Accept it, allow it to be experienced within your life.

I invite you to gather together as a group once more. As we do so have a sense of the hologram of the Earth and the New Earth coming up within the center of you. You have that open alignment to the Akashic Records. You have the new you that you have created. Let that consciousness, let that awareness, let the vibration of all of that be infused into these holograms.

As you do so put forth the intention that it also release from the hologram your old energy, release it, let it go, let there only be your new reality. I invite to have a sense of letting go of this hologram.

It shifts downward, it moves through the crystalline grid moving out in every direction. It also moves down through the magnetic grid and into the center of your physical Earth.

It creates a subtle adjustment as if you think about when an earthquake takes place and it is a vibration that moves out through the Earth. This energy anchors within the center of the Earth and then in waves coming out from there it creates changes in the vibration of the Earth.

Your energy will automatically go to you. Allow your focus to return to the All That Is. As you do so I begin to see people becoming excited about continuing on with their lives. About what these potentials may be for them. Life is to be excited about.

I invite you to shift your focus so that you are back once more within the soul plane. You may have a sense of parts of your divinity residing here but as much of your alignment with that as is possible comes with you so that it’s more available to you in your everyday life.

As you allow your consciousness to move through, you come back through the crystalline grid, you come back through the magnetic grid, and then allow yourself to remerge with your physical reality. As your consciousness comes back within you, feel how your body is physically changing.

As your consciousness is merging, that rewiring that took place up in the All That Is is now integrating in your physical reality. Relax, be open to receive.

If you feel it in an uncomfortable manner then consciously breathe into that space and then phew! Let go whatever is uncomfortable.

Allow your thoughts to relax. Allow your emotions to be integrated and in alignment. Open and experience your new reality. Accept it; it’s here. Allow it to unfold within your life.

All right, so as you allow me to bring this night to a close, I am consciously reaching out once more to everybody, once more amplifying the energies of the new you, your new biology, your new emotional body, mental body.

And one thing that I did not say up in the All That Is that just came to me, is not only are we working on your consciousness, we are working on your unconscious self. So this is something that moves through the thoughts that you do have and the thoughts that you are not conscious of but are still having an effect upon you.

So let this move through with all intention right now your consciousness and your unconscious. I invite you to embrace who you are, who you are creating, who you choose to be.

I am ever with you and within you.



Loki 20th June 2012 12:13 pm

This is such an encouraging message. I will look to this often! Thank you Shelly. And thank you spirit library, for bringing such life changing information to us. And thank you Goddess, for supporting us on our various paths.

Shelly Dressel 21st June 2012 8:15 pm

Hi Loki,

You're welcome! I found this channel to one i used again and again. Every day is changing, so when i'd go back and look at it all, i'd find myself working with something different. My second channel of the month takes the Akashic even further. It uses it as a way to create for the future. I should have it posted shortly.

Take care and thanks for writing!!


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