Working with your Soul

 Nama Sika Venia Benya;   I AM the one  I AM the  whole

I greet you beloved family! I welcome each and every one of you to this time in which you come to join with me. You are joining with me, but you are also joining with your extended family that you have upon the earth plane. You all come together at this time so that you may experience the energies of love, so that you may know you are not alone upon your journey; so that you may truly feel and understand who you are within your core essence. You are each filled with the divine. You are filled with love.

Allow yourself to shift your focus, so that you can release your consciousness, release your imagination, moving out with the intention to connect with the magnetic grid. As you connect with the magnetic grid work, you become aware of the pathways of light, of the impulses that move in every direction going out from where you are. Open to become aware of what this means to you.

As you are ready to do so, allow yourself to move through the interlocking grid so that you may arrive in the crystalline grid. As you allow yourself to shift into this space of awareness, you left let go of the density of the earth. You let go of the gravitational pull. Become aware of the vibration that emanates from around you. You may perceive this as a tone, a color, a light. You may perceive individual crystals. This is the space where you are becoming more and more aligned with the crystalline energies.

From within here, call forth a column of light. As you see this column of light, you may perceive that it is all the way around you. It may be outside of you and you step into it. As you blend with the column, you find yourself shifting and moving. You move between the shifts in consciousness, you move between the dimensions. Some of these may represent who you are in other realities.

You find yourself emerging from the end of the column and as you do so it is as if you are stretching and expanding in every direction. This is the space of the soul plane; this is the space where the majority of your soul essence or your divinity is housed. Allow yourself to become fully present within this space that you may perceive all the subtle nuances that make up the soul plane.

Call forth your I AM presence. You may have blended with it as soon as you arrived within this space. Allow yourself to become fully aware of who you are in all of your divinity. Open to perceive how far you are able to expand. Allow yourself to feel that sense of oneness; feel the sense of love, of contentment, for this is who you are. And it is divine!

Allow yourself to become aware of my essence as I come to join with you in this space. You may see or sense me as I move amongst you. I greet each of you individually so that you know I am here for you. As you are ready to do so, allow yourself to blend fully with who I am. As you blend with my energies, you find yourself shifting into the space of the All That Is. This is a space of even greater expansion; it is a space where you come for many different experiences. You may sometimes find yourself floating as if completely separate and by yourself. You may also encounter your guides, the energies of light, all of those who are here in support of you.

I ask that you each have a sense of opening up that you may perceive the energies that are around you. You have each been shifting and moving, evolving in such a way, that perhaps some of the guides you have been used to have evolved either into a higher essence of themselves, or perhaps you have moved on and you are now working with a new and different energy. Be open to this connection. Have a sense of looking around you and see who is with you within this space.

We are going to take this journey to work again with the matrix which makes up the pattern of your soul. You may choose to go back and reconnect with who you are as you first came into a conscious thought as yourself. Through intention, you may connect to this aspect of yourself, or you may have a sense of looking inside and moving inside until you find that spark or that essence which was you as you came to be. Each of you created yourself. There was only space; there was only the existence of energy. This energy might be considered myself and the God essence. Some may perceive us as simply been in the Universe and not an energy separate from the Universe. So coming from within the Universe, each of you chose to take on a consciousness.

This conscious awareness is what created who you are. Each of you is unique, you are different, and yet there are many aspects which are consistent between everyone. As that spark of life began to grow, shift, perceive sound and color; that is when you began to grow and create a pattern that represented who you are. This pattern is what we call the matrix. Some of you are already familiar with this, so you may simply go deeper within the pattern of your soul. If you are not aware of how your matrix may come across to you, open to find out. With everyone it is a pattern.

I ask you each to choose to follow a thread as it moves through this woven tapestry of who you are. It may seem as if that threat is an impulse of light. The thread may take on color, vibration; open to perceive as much information as you are ready to receive. I ask you now to follow the pattern of your soul until you find yourself where you are today. If you pause along the way, you may find yourself living an experience that was a part of what created your soul's pattern. Through your intention, I ask you to tap into who you are today. You may find yourself surrounded by this woven tapestry. Consider what is happening in your life at this time. See how that is having an effect upon your matrix, as if you are wrapped up in this pattern. Perhaps there is a certain light, perhaps you hear a tone, or you feel a vibration that moves through your soul's energy.

Look around you and become aware of some of the experiences that you have had in your life that have come full circle. By that I mean an event or experience, perhaps it has been a relationship that you have had your entire life. What within the matrix of your life is coming full circle and you have completed it. This may also have started in another lifetime. It may have started and stopped within a matter of weeks. Allow your consciousness to become aware of what this might be.

You may begin to see that there are several patterns; there is a great deal that you have processed through this life. You have had a multitude of different experiences. Honor yourself by accepting this information within you. This may give you answers to some of the questions you have about why certain things have occurred within your life.

From here I ask you now to open up and perceive something which you are in the midst of; by that I mean in your experience upon the earth you are living. You have relationships, you have experiences perhaps through your work, perhaps through your meditative states, and you perceive everything that is going on around you that is in motion at this time. Perhaps you have questions about what you have been manifesting which has not occurred as yet. Through this connection with the pattern of your soul, be open to hear, know, or understand why this may be.  If you are seeking to heal open to see yourself as you perceive yourself; as a human.  Now, shift your focus and see how that illness or whatever it is you may be going through has shifted.  This is due to the experience of your soul or the energy of your soul.

Now with the way that your tapestry of life, your tapestry of soul, has been created, it puts forth potentials for the way that you are moving at this time.  Have a sense of looking forward and open to perceive what these potentials mean to you. Perhaps due to the pathway that you are currently upon, you choose not to continue in that direction.  Through your intention, create the potential you are seeking.  Open to become aware.  Is this in your best interest?  All of these are giving you tools that you may perceive what has created the soul essence that is you; and also what your potentials are that you are moving into.  If there is something that you have truly been ready to resolve, that you recognize now, you honor, you understand what your lesson has been; follow it back to where it all began.  You may find yourself in a specific time frame, living a specific life, perhaps having a particular experience. You may simply feel as if what was a smooth motion becomes choppy and short.  There are many ways to perceive.

Knowing what you know now, begin to shift that pattern.  Begin to weave with it, your understanding as it is today.  You do not totally eliminate the experience, but as you move through the pattern of your soul, find how that is shifting the other experiences that you have had; until you find yourself back in this moment once again.  Now take a look forward into the potential that you are moving into.  Do you perhaps see a different future for yourself?  Is there a different potential for your life?  Is there something else that is perhaps even better for you that is awaiting you?  Open and receive!  Open to understand what is within your highest interest.

Become aware of how you are the creator of your life.  Become aware of how everything within you is interwoven together.  In this manner, you are creating your reality.  See yourself in your existence upon the earth.  Perhaps in your home with your families, perhaps in your work place.  What are you choosing to create for yourself?  No matter what your path is or what it has been, honor and accept.

Come together as a group.  Feel the way that you are all blending with one another as we come together.  Have a sense of reaching out to embrace everyone who is around you.  Open to connect with the energies or guides who are working with you at this time.  While you are able to go inside and re-weave the pattern of your experience, so too are these guides and angels able to do just that.  Everyone is very inter-related with a multitude of other people and energies.  Therefore as you choose to make a shift within yourselves; it is having an impact on the others.  These guides and energies assist in creating the balance or the shift to move out in the direction of the others who are also influenced by this.

I wish for you each to perceive the immense crystals.  You may perceive a group of them, or one individual crystal.  This is an energy that vibrates at a different level or tone than what you are used to upon the earth.  Feel as if, you are open to perceive the way the crystal manifest in front of you.  You may sense it coming down inside this group.  Allow yourself to step into it so that you may blend and become one within this crystal.  There are so many facets within them that no two people are sharing a space.  Each person has their own space.  Allow these crystalline energies to flow through you.  You are aligning yourself with this vibration.

Again, perceive the matrix of your soul.  See how it is affected by being within the crystalline energy. This may assist you in finding greater clarity within your life. This may give you a greater sense of balance within yourself.  How so ever you perceive, allow that knowledge or information to flow through who you are.  This is a means of assisting you with nurturing yourself.  This is a means of assisting in letting go what no longer works for you.  This is also the energy or vibration that you are taking back with you when you return to the earth plane.  As you seek to know who you are in your daily life, feel yourself aligning with this crystalline energy.  Be aware of the many ways in which you expand.  Listen to hear if there is a message for you.

As you are ready to do so, shift your consciousness as if to take a step back.  We continue to hold the energy of this crystal within the center of the group, or this group of crystals if that is how you perceive it.  We call forth the hologram of the earth.  This hologram comes up from within the group.  It is as if the earth itself is moving inside the crystal.  As it does so, it’s almost as if you are seeing densities; as if dark spots are flying off the earth. This crystal is cleansing the energy of this earth.  There are still crystals that are just as immense within your physical earth.  They are aligning with this energy.  That in turn is assisting in raising the vibration within the earth.  Once the earth has moved through a particular dimension or experience, there are always individuals who can go back to that space or time. Therefore as you shift and move into this higher dimension, it has actually been prepared for you by other energies who are living at a higher vibration within the earth.  See how they are affected by this crystalline energy.  

All who walk upon the earth will feel the shift that is occurring. There are always experiences, there are portals that are opening, there are group energies who are coming together, there’s the full moon, the partial moon, the eclipse, the sun; all of these energies have an affect upon the earth.  BUT at this time, everything is aligning to the higher vibration of this crystalline energy.  Those of you who have done so much in your personal evolution, those of you who are more comfortable in the higher vibration are going to feel more comfortable in the days to come.  The earth has been preparing for this but it did not fully shift. That is why you have been having the symptoms that you have had.   Be aware that you are going to feel better!

This hologram separates from the crystal.  All of you as a group shift and return to the space of the All That Is.  Notice your perception of everyone who is around you.  Notice your perception of yourself.  Feel the infinite love.  Feel the clarity that is within you.  Allow yourself to truly be in the space of your divinity.

We have a sense of letting the hologram of the earth shift and move back into the space of your physical earth.  You may see it as if it’s moving down through a column of light.  You may see it as it connects with the magnetic grid; as a portion of it splits to surround the earth.  The majority of the hologram moves inside the earth and it re-connects with this hologram that you created.

As all of this energy comes back together [the aspect that split and went through the grid work and the part that went directly into the earth] these energies move through the earth and come out through every aspect that is living.  It moves out beyond what you perceive upon the earth.

Become aware of the sparkling energies around you.  See or understand how everyone has shifted; how everyone is vibrating at a greater space within themselves.  This is a space of understanding, acceptance, and peace.  This is a space where you can acknowledge who you are.  Open to receive the love from within! As you are ready to do so, allow yourself to shift and move so that you are coming back into the space of the soul plane.  You may need to expand this area that it may hold your consciousness more easily.  Become aware of a hologram that represents your physical.  As you look at this, see the various bodies that make up who you are; the physical; mental; emotional; and spiritual.  See the light bodies that are around you.  See or perceive the greater depth that is you!  Is there anything within this hologram that is keeping you from manifesting what you created within this space the evening?  Allow it to be released.

As you are ready to do so, reach out to embrace all aspects of who you are.  This hologram of who you are.  Allow yourself to incorporate all aspects of this individual who walks upon the earth.  As you are connecting, absorbing, blending, you may feel that shift taking within your physical body and moving out.

As you are ready to do so, allow your focus to return to the crystalline grid. You may find yourself moving back down through the column of light.  Become aware of how these crystalline energies are even more vibrant than when you stopped here before.

As you are ready to do so, move back into the magnetic grid.  Here is where you begin to feel the density of the earth, the magnetic pull of the earth.  This is what allows you to return to your physical body, allowing your consciousness to more fully come back.  As you are coming back into your body, let yourself ground.  Let yourself be fully present in who you are, where you are, and what is happening.

As you are ready to do so, you may come back into this conference room by pressing the 4 upon your telephone, allowing you to come back into this room where I am open to receive any questions you may have.  Hello! Go ahead!

[The person said thank you for the journey we just had and how much they appreciated what was said.]

Question:  (paraphrased) I have been working for quite awhile now about opening up to understand more fully who I am.  There are times when I feel as if I have a deep connection, and then other times I don’t feel as if I’m making any progress.  Do you have any insights for me?

Answer:  Alright beloved, allow me to connect with you more fully.  When I perceive how you were within the space of expansion, within the space of your soul, I could see the impulses that were moving up and down the weave that represents you.  I could perceive the various vibrant colors that are you.  These colors are what you would term a teal green, blue, yellow, and golden; it is a mixture and blend of these colors that are more of your soul essence.  As we were working with you this evening, what your runners were doing with you is that they are assisting you in feeling a greater understanding within yourself; within your mind, within your emotional bodies, within all aspects of who you are.  You have a true desire to open up, you have a true desire to reconnect within yourself but your re-connection has not fully occurred as yet.  Due to experiences you had when you were younger, you had a sense of turning off your emotions, of disconnecting from who you are because you felt things so strongly.  You felt as if you needed to get along with everybody else.  Your journey over the last several months and years is that you are beginning to open up that door again, beginning to reconnect with who you are.  There are times when you feel that very deeply.  There is a great deal that is going on within your sleep state.  The next step for you to take is become more fully integrated in who you are as you walk through your days.  One thing I would suggest for you is to follow your journey as you have done so tonight, but you don’t even need to necessarily go into the great detail.  Practice breathing and expanding who you are on the physical plane.  Practice connecting with your soul energy from within the soul plane, as if you are bringing a coat down and wrapping it around you.  Feel as if you are shifting and connecting with those energies of your soul and consciously bring it back with you into your physical plane. By doing this you are reconnecting these aspects within yourself, so that you will begin to perceive things that are happening around you.  Truly beloved, it IS happening, it is simply a matter that you are aware of it.  If you practice integrating greater and greater amounts of you soul aspect into your physical, into who you are as you walk upon the earth; it will create a greater connection for  you to perceive what is being said upon the journey, what is being said to you and your communication with your own higher self.  During your dream state you have already been doing a great deal towards reconnecting within yourself so as you are going to sleep at night, it’s important you put forth the intention you want a good night’s sleep; you as humans will end up loosing sleep over this! But you put forth the intention you will work to reconnect all these aspects within yourself and you will wake up the next day and begin to have more and more open perceptions.  Of course, it would be great for you to do it once, you wake up the next day, and everything is clear to you!  But most likely, because of the human aspect, you will need to do this a number of different times.  Each time you are opening up more and more, you are creating a deeper connection within yourself and that is the way that you will be able to have these greater perceptions.  [Person said thank you!]  You are welcome beloved and you are glorious and bright!

Question:  (paraphrased) This past week I really felt an intense connection with Yeshua.  I feel as if I’m really opening up and beginning to receive more information than what I’ve done in the past.  Do have any comments on what was going on with me?

Answer:  Beloved, each day that you walk upon the earth there are shifts and changes that are taking place. Some of them are much more profound to you.  Some of them come much more to your awareness, as in your experience with Yeshua.  Indeed, you are creating, just as with the other person we were speaking with who is asking to have a deeper connection, and you are the next step along this path.  You have been creating these connections, you are creating the connection and you are working with them on a much more fully conscious basis.  Through that, you are having episodes of perceptions where you are more fully receiving the information given to you.  As a result of that, as you incorporate anything that feels good to you, anything that resonates with you that is what is affirming your connection with your soul essence or your higher self.  Each time that you do that, the energies will be stronger, the energies will give you more information, and you will find that rather than having to set aside a time to meditate, open up to receive; you will actually be able to tap into it on a momentary basis for you to receive your answer and then go forward with your life.  Does that make sense to you?  [she was making comments about her process]  well it is, you are trusting it more and more and that is why it (communication) is opening up for you further and further.

Question: (paraphrased) I’ve been having such a hard time sleeping at night.  I have not slept through the night in a long time and I don’t know what I can do to be able to truly have a good night's sleep.

Answer:  Part of the reason that you are having difficulty sleeping is that your body is going through a great physical change at this time.  You are re-weaving the pattern of your physical body as you are re-weaving the pattern of your matrix around you.  Much of this work is being done during your sleep state and this is what is keeping you in a state of wakefulness.  Just as we spoke to the other individual, you can set the intention when you go to sleep at night, you can breathe in the energies of your soul; have a sense of bringing that down and perfusing it throughout your physical body.  See if that doesn’t give you a bit of a cocoon to assist you in being able to sleep better at night.  Be aware that it is the transitioning that you are going through that is keeping you awake.  That doesn’t mean you can’t say to the angels and guides, hey I want a good night’s sleep for a few days.  Because, you CAN still do the work you’ve been doing and you can have a good night’s sleep.  When you have gone a great deal without that long uninterrupted sleep, as you have been, what happens sometimes is that you are not as sharp in your perceptions.  Yes, the work is being done, but you are not oftentimes as aware of what is happening.  You can put forth the intention as you go to sleep; you can have the intention that you will rest very comfortably and continue to do whatever work needs to be done.  Our sense is that you are getting towards the end of whatever you are working on. You have been taking on and shifting a great deal of your physical essence.  That is one of the reasons you are staying awake so much and that is coming to an end.  So be aware that you will be sleeping better and in the interim you can assist in shifting this through your intention.  

Question:  (paraphrased) I have two questions for you tonight.  First of all, I feel so alone where I am.  I don’t have any friends I can talk to about my beliefs and about this expanding spirituality; it gives me such a sense of loneliness.  How long is this going to happen?  Secondly, my husband still doesn’t have a job.  We are really struggling financially and I’m wondering if you can help me with that.

Answer:  Now the place where you are living…… at the time that you first moved there you were beginning to open to up; you were one of the individuals who chose to be the beacon of light in that place.  You are correct that there are not a lot of other like minded people around you.  You have been the one setting the energies, holding the energies, shifting the energies that were there.  You are aware of this already and we can hear you saying ‘well I’m tired of it!’ and we understand that beloved.  In truth, what you are doing is having a profound affect on that part of the world and that part of your country.  So allow an acceptance of that to begin to permeate who you are.  As you do so, what will happen is that you will become aware that there are more and more people around you, who are going to begin to question, begin to talk.  You can meet people through your internet, you can meet people through talking on the telephone, the community that comes together world wide is different in that it is not physically present where you are, but you DO have a community and you DO have a family.  So connect with those who are more distant from you, then in turn you will begin to find that there are people around you who are opening up who will begin to seek you out and find answers such as this.

Now, as for your second question about the job and finances...  we have a sense that there is a great deal that has already been done.  You have already set into motion the potentials of various jobs for you.  Some of them you tapped into, some of them you tried, and then for whatever reason it just didn’t work out.  When we connect with your husband, he is ambivalent about what he is seeking. He may have it very clearly within his mind in the physical, but from a soul perspective we sense ambivalence within him a split or separation. That is why he has not manifested something with more consistency.  It is time for him to change. It is time for him to find something that will have more meaning or nurturing.  He has been in a job that was very, boring, non-stimulating; so what he is looking for is something that would be more enterprising or would give him a feeling of more creativity within himself.  From that means, he is giving out mixed messages to the world or universe.  That is why he has not manifested what he is seeking.  If he can take the time to clear his mind, release these old patterns and open up to receive the energy of the universe; it will allow him throughout the various aspects of who he is to have greater clarity.  When that is what he radiates out to the world that is when he manifests what he is seeking.  Our sense is that it’s around you right now, we don’t see this as something that is say months or years away, that its weeks or days before this will manifest.  [She spoke more of the situation] yes you are definitely on the downswing of that!  You are welcome.

Question:  (paraphrased) I too am having trouble sleeping at night, but for me, I find myself waking up and I’ve been grinding my teeth.  I know that change is occurring and I’m just not sure of all that is happening.  How do I find greater balance?

Answer:  Alright beloved, this is a very good question because there are so many people upon the earth right now that are shifting and changing in many different ways.  It can be manifested in many different ways, as you said biting your tongue, gritting your teeth at night, things like that that create tension.  As we connect and look at you, what we are perceiving is that you are actually letting go of a great deal, you have been creating the space to shift and bring in these new energies that you have been working with and creating on a higher level.  But it is creating a separation inside of yourself because there is an aspect of you that doesn’t totally trust that all of this is real.  There’s an aspect inside of you that says yes, this is exciting, this is great, I love it… but hmmmm now I’ve got to get back to living my regular days, taking care of my family, doing this and doing that. So, it’s that sense of separateness, not fully integrating, that creates the tension in your sleep state.  Does that make sense to you beloved?  What we encourage you to do is go inside of yourself, create a space you might call your sacred space, where you can expand, where you can fully connect with your divinity.  Allow that to let go of these aspects within you that you are turning into, or moving into.  In that way, yo will let go of this separation within you.  So too, when you go to bed at night, as we spoke of with the others, set the intention to have relaxation, to have calming, use your breathing techniques to infuse your physical body with light and let go of tension and stress.  See if that doesn’t also help you to relieve these symptoms that you’ve been having.

Question: (paraphrased) I recently went on a weekend trip with someone who I felt very deeply for.  During the weekend some things came up and I’m wondering if you have the same interpretation I do.  I think we’re in different places now.

Answer:  Well, that is it.  You and she have had many, many lifetimes together.  You’ve had many different experiences together in these lifetimes; sometimes as a husband and wife team; sometimes as siblings; sometimes as parent child.  So you and she have played out many different dynamics of relationships.  Just as we spoke in the experience tonight of working with the matrix, this is one of those experiences which has come full circle for you.  This has been such an experience.  It was always your intention coming into this lifetime that you would have a relationship with this individual. That you would be in long term commitment, long term relationship with her.  It was as if you had been anticipating, waiting, then here it was.  Through free will and her own personal development, she has a different perception of what she is seeking.  She values you, she treasures you as a deep friend, but she does not feel for you in the same sense as you do.  We confirm for you that which you came to the realization of.  We know that this brings sorrow for you so we surround you and embrace you with our loving arms.  Allow us to assist you in letting go that expectation that through free will has not worked out in this lifetime.  Allow yourself to go back into your matrix, to perhaps receive a greater understanding if you are seeking it.  In truth, this is a friendship that will continue.  There is a potential that she will grow and evolve as she matures, as her days go by.  But our sense is that she has made a decision and she is choosing to move in a different direction.  Does that make sense to you?  (He said yes)  Again, we send you our love.  We send you our nurturing hope that you will understand what this is and not take on anything more than what it has been.  Allow yourself to remain open.  Allow yourself to be in a position to truly manifest, because there are other energies around you.  There are other potentials for other deep committed relationships.  So, open to receive one of those.  As this door is closing for you, another one is opening.  Be aware of these potentials.  You have so much to give in a relationship and there are others who are so welcome and open to receive.  Alright beloved.

Question: (paraphrased) Hello Goddess!  Do you remember the energy known as ‘Seth’ who was channeled by a woman back in the 1970’s and 1980’s?  I have heard that he is seeking someone to work with and I feel pulled to do this.  Do you think I can?  Is this in my best interest?

Answer:   We have spoken before of the times when various people upon the earth will channel the same energy.  Point in case is AA Michael.  Probably he and Sananda or Yeshua have more people channeling them as an energy, than many of the other energies that are here and available.  What happens every time that there are more than one human who connects with an energy or light; is that each of those humans are connecting at the space where they are.  So when you speak of Seth, the energies of Seth and the individual who channeled him at this time in your past; she did a great deal to bring in energy at a time when it was very unusual to do so.  She is considered one of the forerunners.  She was not alone, but she did have the potential and opportunity to be able to reach a great many people.  So as you speak of feeling this connection with Seth, wanting to bring through this energy; be aware that you most definitely have the potential to connect and bring it through, you definitely have the ability to bring it through, but it will not be the same as what it was when she connected with him.  You will be connecting at a space that is in alignment with who you are.  So while the energy may be Seth, you will have different perceptions and the energies that come through you, the energies that people connect with through you will be different than what they are through the other individual.  Alright?  [there was greater questioning, he asked if Seth would consent to work with him.] He is standing beside me right now and he said absolutely!  He says that he’s going to be working with several humans upon the earth and he is open and willing to connect with you.  Alright, very good beloved.  We are open for one more question.

Question: (paraphrased) This past week I had to put my dog to sleep.  She was old, sick, it was time to let her go, but it’s still really hard for me.  Is there anything you can share?

Answer:  Beloved, allow us to reach out to embrace you.  Allow this whole group to come together as we surround you and we all wrap our loving arms around you and you know you are not alone in this space of sorrow.  We know how deeply you were connected to this animal; this animal had a profound impact upon your life. You are well aware of how you connected with her.  There was a great deal of energy work that she did with you.  There was a great deal of her holding a space for you to grow at times.  This was a relationship that was very deep.  We certainly understand how you are feeling the void, how you are feeling so bereft with the release of this life.  Yes, indeed she has gone on to the collective consciousness.  She is in a space of peace and joy.  Her physical body just had basically worn out.  You made the right decision when you made the decision to put her to sleep and she thanks you for that. So, be aware that this entire spring time for you has been about profound letting go.  You have been letting go on many levels within yourself, you have been searching, questioning, wondering.  In truth, as deeply connected as you were to this animal, it was also part of letting go of those old energies that are no longer going to work for you.  You may find that over a period of time there is another animal that will come to.  We sense a dog around you that is of a different vibration and we sense that being at this higher vibration that you are moving into.  Be aware that as difficult as this spring has been for you it is all coming to a close.  You are making the shifts and changes you had intended to, that there is more coming your way, that there is more already around you as you are ready to open up and receive.  Does that make sense beloved?  [She spoke further]  Be aware, she is never completely gone.  She is always there in your memories, she’s there in your pictures, and she’s there if you call forth for her to be with you.  So, let your family who has gathered around you to be here in support of you at this time.  Let them come to you when you feel a need to reach out.  Reach out and feel their loving arms that they send your way.  Feel the tendrils of love from their heart to yours and allow them to assist you as you are moving through this.  You are welcome beloved! [here we could hear a dog barking in the background!]  How appropriate that we hear a bark at that moment in time!!

So with that beloved family, we will come to a close.  Each journey that we go upon, whether you feel as if you have actually experienced it or not, trust that there is change which is taking place.  Trust that you are opening up to receive information at a deeper and deeper level.  All of this is coming into you; all of this is becoming a part of who you are.  It will become easier for you and it will become more readily apparent to you at the right and perfect time.  You are each so radiant!!  You are filled with a light that becomes a beacon to all who are around you.  I appreciate you joining me at this time.

I am with you!

I am within you!




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