Wrap Yourself in Love and Acceptance


I send each of you greetings of love and joy!

This is a journey that is filled with a deep and touching energy of love and acceptance. The Goddess assists us in moving deeply within ourselves, our divinity. She then assists us in looking at what we have chosen and/or done in this lifetime. I think we all have experiences we regret or wish we'd made a different choice. Through this journey, she will assist you in letting go of the energy of regret, guilt, shame, whatever it may be. Through this release, you open to an even deeper space of acceptance and love.

In addition, the 15 days between March 3rd and March 18th were a time of cleaning out. The Lunar and Solar eclipses created a block of energy that had a huge impact potential in creating a shift. Now, moving forward after the Spring Equinox, we are in a space to allow for a much greater influx of the crystalline energy. I hope you will open to this and allow it to assist you in manifesting within your life!! Even though the actual days have passed, you may still connect with the energy of that time through intention.

Nama Sika, Venia Benya I AM the one, I AM the whole

I greet you beloved family! Welcome to our time together. Let yourself release any stress of your days, let yourself release the energies of anything that has been pulling at you, trying to get your attention. This is your time for yourself; this is your time to truly focus, allowing yourself to open up. Feel the energy of my love. Feel the energy of my vibration as I move through each one of you.

I truly appreciate this opportunity to come and share with you. The more that there are individuals upon the earth who are reading these words or listening to the journey, the more it anchors my energies upon the earth. This in turn is a part of what is assisting to bring greater potential for love, for peace, for contentment to each individual as they walk through their lives.

Let yourself go inside once more anchoring your energies within yourself. That anchor will hold you securely so that your consciousness may release to an even greater capacity as you move out upon this journey. Let yourself release the consciousness of your body and move into the space of the magnetic grid. Through your intention, you are able to link with this area.

Each one of you immediately goes to that space which is yours. Feel it and know what it is like. Know that there is a higher aspect of you that lives and resides within this space. Look out so that you may know what this magnetic grid is like. You may see impulses, you may see patterns. This is a higher vibrational form of communication. It is also a transmitter of energy. As people upon the earth are working with and devising new ways of living their lives, as they create new energy fuels, if you want to call it that; different ways of creating power, they work within this space quite often. So let yourself become familiar it and come here if you need to at any time.

Let yourself release the energies of the magnetic. Let yourself move through the interlocking grid until you arrive in the space of the crystalline grid. This space is a vibration that is flexible; it?s a vibration without duality. Let yourself align with the energies so that it will activate within your consciousness, that part of you which is crystalline. Feel what it is to be within this space.

From here, you may call forth a column of light. This column will assist you in shifting, moving between dimensions, or you may simply shift through your intention. As you arrive in the space of the soul plane, feel your consciousness expand. It feels as if you can stretch and move in ways that are different for you. This is a space in which a greater amount of your divinity resides, it is also a space where you may link with others if you so desire. Allow yourself to be comfortable and to know what this space is for you.

As you are doing so, allow yourself to call forth your I AM presence. It may be as if this comes up to you greeting you, some of you may feel as if it comes up from within you. Simply know that this is who you are in your divinity.

I invite each of you to open up your senses to a deeper perception of what this space is for you. Ask for greater insights about what your divinity looks like, feels like, perhaps open to a tone or a sound of some sort. I invite each of you to truly connect with all aspects of your consciousness and know who you are.

I now move into the space in which you are located. I the Goddess come to share my energies with you. Feel as I reach out to embrace each one of you. Let yourself completely merge with my energies. As you do so, you will find that you shift into the space of the All That Is. Feel what this space is for you. It is a finer, lighter, vibration; but even within this space there are multiple dimensions if you wish to call it that. Allow yourself to expand in such a way that you align with whatever vibration is most in alignment with you. Let your perceptions open up. Feel what it is to be within this space.

I ask you to once more go within your soul essence or your divinity. You linked at a deeper level just a moment ago, so let yourself move into that deeper level within this space and see if you are able to perceive even more about who you are. Allow my energy to illuminate the subtle aspects or differences that you may not have perceived at first. Feel as if you are breathing in all of who you are.

As you go inside and go within the essence of who you are ask to know what is most important for you to be aware of at this time in your life. Some of you may choose to ask about what your journey is upon the earth, what is the meaning. Take this moment and let yourself feel as if you are wrapping up within an embrace that is completely loving. It is completely supportive of you the human.

From within this space, take the opportunity to look at this life that you are living at this time. It is your creation. While you may not have chosen these specific experiences, the energy behind them, the purpose, the meaning, has all been your choice to experience within this life. Let yourself open to those things; perhaps they are experiences or thoughts that you have had, perhaps there have been times when you have felt guilt over the way in which you treated another individual, perhaps you have felt regret for some of the choices you have made. This is an opportunity for you to truly tap into all of those things within your life that you wish you had done differently.

Whatever emotion that brings up in you, allow it to come out right now. Allow yourself to truly get in touch with and release anything within your life that has to do with regret, guilt, pain, fear, or suffering. You are in the arms of your own divinity. You are in the midst of your soul essence. Let yourself open to accept that you are fully accepted by yourself, by your divine aspect. So release anything that you may feel which puts you down. Release any belief that you may be less than either someone else or less than your potential. Release any thoughts you may have that could be or are self destructive.

Let yourself feel a flow of energy move through you. Let it wash over you to assist in clearing all of these energies. Open your awareness to see if perhaps you are able to perceive even more of your divinity. There is nothing that loves you more than your soul essence! This is complete acceptance no matter what has happened. This is complete support no matter what is happening within your life. This is complete love! Let it move through every particle of who you are and add the essence of this lifetime into the rest of your soul essence.

See how it sparkles, see how it is illuminated! Allow for this to be you. Allow yourself to truly feel the love and the support of this magnificent being which is you. I flow my love and my energy through and around each one of you. I support you as does my male counterpart, God. Our essence moves through this space, it moves around you in your daily life. I invite you to recognize that what you are most closely connected to; the love that comes to you first, foremost, and ever more is the love from within yourself! Feel it and know it to be real.

As I perceive each one of you, there is an immense blending that is taking place within every single one of you. As a result of that, each soul essence has become larger, has become brighter. Some pulsate with light, others sparkle. There are just a multitude of different ways in which each of you reflect who you are and this deep, deep connection that goes from within the core essence of your divinity and merges completely with the consciousness of the life you are living. Feel it and know it to be real.

As we continue moving through this journey, this connection that you have just created will become stronger and stronger. In the last journey, we worked with the energies of the lunar eclipse. (March 4, 2007) That opened up a door literally into the earth plane that allowed for a great influx of energies. Those energies stirred up much of what had become complacent upon the earth. It stirred up energies that were ready to be released. Some that people were aware of, others you were not.

Take this moment and let yourself feel what was ready to be released within you and what is gone. Your deeper connection within yourself will allow you to be able to let go of certain aspects or energies that will no longer work for you. Sometimes you the human will hold onto things out of a sake of security, out of a fear that something worse will happen or you cannot do better. Let your consciousness realize or become even more deeply aware that it is no longer an issue. You have already let that go. You have already been in a space of acceptance. So, with those energies that swept around the earth and swept through each individual upon the earth, it created a cleansing.

There is another eclipse that is occurring almost at the time that I am speaking. This one is considered a solar eclipse, so the energies are more around the sun. I invite you to once again feel as if you are standing in front of the moon with the strength and the deep connection that you created, let yourself once more feel that alignment strengthen within you. Allow it to connect with the aspects within you that are feminine.

Feel as if you are standing in this presence or this space, you step into and blend with the moon. Open to perceive what this is. Feel how it assists you in becoming more aligned with your feminine aspects. Allow yourself to be vulnerable. Allow yourself to be open. Allow yourself to feel those aspects that are purely feminine. This is different than when you connected with the previous journey. (March 4, 2007)

Because you are more connected with your own divinity, you are able to connect more fully and receive the energies from the moon. Allow that to be your reality. Some of you may want to bask here and remain for an indefinite period of time. You have created a link, therefore you may come back here with ease any time you so desire.

Feel as if you step out from the moon. Shift your consciousness until you are standing in front of the sun. Feel the energy of the sun as it radiates towards you. Let yourself align with it so that when you step into the sun, you can allow yourself to expand; so that you may blend completely with this energy of the sun. Feel what this is to be within this space. Feel how it taps on those aspects of you that are masculine. Let yourself revel in this strength, in this ability. Let yourself open to truly be as strong as you suspect you can be.

As you allow yourself to truly blend with this essence of the sun, feel who you are. Open to receive understanding more aspects of yourself of which you may have been aware. Again, you have created a link so that you may come into this space any time you so desire.

Let yourself release this energy of the sun. Let yourself find that space in which you are your pure consciousness, in which you are your divinity. Feel the blending of the male and female within. As you are linking within the deepest core essence of your divinity, there is only one pure energy. The male and female aspects are as you come out from that core; they are simply a means of reflecting energy as your soul has moved through its growth and experiences.

As you stand within this space, it is almost as if I am seeing impulses of light shifting back and forth within each one of you. For some it is almost as if I perceive you are electrified.

From within this space I invite you to move down or shift your consciousness in such a way that you merge with the earth. Allow yourself to feel as if you move through that outer shell and you move into the center of the earth. Feel what that is to you. It is quite different. For some it may feel as if it is pulling or accentuating attributes that are feminine or masculine. For others it may be as if it is allowing you an opportunity to perceive the energies of who you are in this life. But you are linked to the earth. You are a part of the earth.

So, from here, now that you have made this connection, you may either separate if you so desire or let aspects of your consciousness link with the earth, the sun, and the moon. Following the alignment as the sun is moving into place; or the earth or the moon. They all are rotating within and around each other. Feel what it is to come into that space of balance; sense where they create a complete alignment with one another and you feel as if you are directly linked with all of them.

From this you are opening to new potentials. You have already cleaned out what no longer works for you. Allow the new potentials of this deeper blending that you have created be a part of the energies that are being transmitted into the earth. In some parts of the world, this is already beginning; in other parts it has not yet begun. But that doesn?t matter when you look at it from this perspective.

Let yourself be aware that this eclipse, this alignment is about bringing in greater and greater amounts of new potential. The crystalline energy is also an aspect of this potential. From where you are, see or feel it as it pours into the earth. This is a potential for immense change upon the earth. This is assisting in sifting the earth?s consciousness; it is assisting in shifting the physical earth itself as it moves into a new dimension.

Because you have chosen to link with all of these energies and you have chosen to create this alignment by blending with the sun, the moon, and the earth; you are able to create a greater ease within your life. You are able to have a better understanding of what these energies are that will be coming in.

Change is here, it is happening now. Allow yourself to move through the changes with ease, with love, with the support of your deep connection within yourself. If you find yourself struggling or feeling as if you are without movement in your life, let yourself come back into this moment and let the flow of energy once more wash through you and over you. This flow of energy represents potential. This flow of energy represents a very soft and gentle vibration that will move through and permeate. Let yourself feel what that is.

As we are looking at the earth, let yourself perceive the dolphins and the whales as they pick up on this energy. Let yourself perceive the ways in which trees and flows seem to wave or blossom in a thicker or more dense reaction to this energy. Let yourself perceive the children as they notice that something is different and it feels good. Look at how many people begin to focus on what is good in their life, rather than what is bad. It is here, it is happening. You may do any of this completely on your own if you so desire, but when there are eclipses and other occurrences that happen in the universe, it?s a way for the universe to give an added boost or an added support to everything else that is happening upon the earth.

Remain in this space of expansion to allow for greater potentials to be a part of your reality. The more that we are looking at the earth, the more that we are picking up; scientific changes will be making a huge leap forward. In the medical field there will be other great changes. There will be resistance in some aspects of life; those that like what they know. But what we see happening is that the resistance in many cases can shift with ease. See how the world itself brightens and becomes enhanced as a result of all of this. Yes, this is your reality! Yes you are the creator of your reality. See how you have created what just occurred.

Let yourself honor and acknowledge that you have tremendous ability. That doesn?t mean you have to go out and suddenly do things you are uncomfortable with, it only means I encourage you to honor who you are, to accept that you are more than the human who is walking upon the earth and that you believe in yourself. You are creating changes. You are divine.

There is such a well of emotion that comes up through me as I perceive each one of you. I LOVE YOU! I love you. Allow yourself to feel that. Know that as I am saying those words to you, it is also coming from within your own heart for yourself. Know that you have created an even deeper opening within yourself to accept and allow for this to be your reality upon the earth. Trust that with this journey your connection to these deeper perceptions of your divinity will grow even stronger and stronger. Let yourself simply be within this space.

You may release those energies of the earth, the sun, the moon; many of you already have. Let yourself simply be. It is such a human process. To do something, to create change, to read books, to make your living, raise your children. There is a sense of always needing to do something or go somewhere; that that is what your life is about. But in truth, taking the time to simply be who you are; yes it is simple, keep it easy and keep it in the moment. Let yourself breathe in and BE who you are.

I invite you to begin to redirect your energy back. As glorious as it is to be in this expanded state, you do not yet have the ability to bring all of this back with you into your earthly reality. So feel as if you are drawing in your energy. Allow your focus to come back within this group.

With this journey there is not a need to work with the hologram of the earth. You have already blended directly with the earth. With that, each one of you have assisted in bringing in and anchoring the energies of this solar eclipse that is taking place. Allow yourself to feel as if you are drawing back. Take a moment if you so desire to look around and see who else may be in this space with you. I perceive that many choose to remain in your space of one. Allow that to be your reality if you so desire. For others if you choose to look around, you may perceive the various guides or energies of light that are here within this space for you. This is your moment; allow it to simply be that.

As you are ready to shift your consciousness, allow yourself to return to the space of the soul plane. As you move into the energy of the soul plane, it expands easily to be able to accommodate all of who you are. As you shift your consciousness into this vibration or this space that is bringing you closer to your human reality, once again take a moment and perceive the essence of your divinity. You may find that there are other aspects that you did not notice the first time around. You may find your linking to and receiving a message from another aspect of yourself. Be aware of how heightened your perceptions are. Allow yourself to take in everything that is around you.

As you are ready to do so, release the energies of this space and let yourself come back within the space of the crystalline grid. As you arrive within this space it is pulsating with energy and light. It is amplified due to all that was occurring within the journey. Allow yourself to align with whatever aspect is closest to your vibration. Open to become aware if perhaps you work within this alignment or this vibration as you move through your days. It may also be that you come here within your sleep state. This crystalline energy is taking on a deeper and deeper resonance as it continues to blend more and more fully with the earth plane.

Allow yourself to move through so that you connect once more with the magnetic grid. As you move into this space you once more feel the energy or the pull of the earth plane. You feel the magnetic tugging as it may be to you and you are able to once more perceive the impulses from within this space. You will notice that you are in a different aspect of the magnetic grid because you are vibrating at a different level than when you first arrived.

Send out an impulse of light from who you are and perceive what happens as it releases from you. It may link with others or it may simply move through a pattern of light. You then may open to receive; that impulse may come back to you or there may be another impulse that is available for you to receive.

As you are ready to do so, begin to ground yourself back within your human body. You may feel a need to expand the energy field around you so as to accommodate this greater amount of your divinity. Allow it to flow through you and around you. Allow it to move through you moving down within the earth. Let yourself link with the aspect of you that came from the very highest expansion and you sent within the earth on this journey.

You may then allow that energy to come back up from within the earth. Let it flow back up and anchor within your physical reality. Let this energy flow through you and all around you so that you acclimate and balance all that is here. Feel yourself as you come back within this space. Feel who you are and be open to your expanded awareness. You are more sensitive. You are able to take in and perceive greater information if you so desire.

As each one of you are grounding, I am open to receive questions. You may press upon your phone the star and 7 so that you may come back within this conference room.



Question: (paraphrased) First thing I want to say is thank you so much for Shelly for making this available and for the Goddess who I feel so connected to.

(We appreciate that and Shelly too sends her regards and gratitude for your loving comments.)

I have bi-polar incidences and I recently went through a mania. I felt extremely connected to the spirit world and that I was in the new age of peace and brotherhood. But I had legal troubles because apparently I wasn?t fully cognizant of reality. It is very confusing to me because I feel very harmless and loving; at the same time I am perceived as s. As omething different. I don?t know how to relate to this bi-polar facet. How should I relate to myself?


Answer: Well beloved we thank you for this question because actually you are by no means alone. Other individuals who actually have the same diagnosis as you are often times drawn to this same type of spirituality. But there are many other individuals who may not be diagnosed, but they have similar issues of disconnecting within themselves. So, as I am looking at you, as I perceive you as you were speaking just now, the sense I get is a deep disconnect within yourself. So part of what this journey was and it?s no mistake you were a part of this journey, was for you to let go of the energies of regret, the energies of wishing you had done things differently within your life because we feel within you pain for experiences you have had and choices that you made in the pastyou can let go of that pain, as you can open up to a deeper acceptance of who you are as a human, then the sense coming to me is that you can create a deeper blending within you. As I am looking at you now, it?s as if you have cut off aspects of yourself; some of this is conscious, some unconscious. If you cannot put your finger on one specific way in which to you can blend back, then I would recommend that you take opportunities to allow yourself?? we love this journey for you because when you go back and blend deeply with your divinity and the pure essence of your soul, there is no separation. There is no male or female. It is all just one pure energy.

So this state that you just experienced when you felt you were closer to the divinity, you were in a sense, closer to your divinity; that was that state of peace that love, that contentment. You did not keep yourself grounded. You did not keep yourself within your body. You did not keep yourself fully blended as a human as you were experiencing that. So what you need to do is take time, multiple times during the day to breathe your divinity into yourself. Let it move through you. Let it move down into the ground and come back up within you. Let yourself ground many times, as much as you need to do so. But also recognize that you are human, you have value as a human and that this human person you have created for this lifetime is in alignment with your divinity. When you accept yourself and allow for that alignment to take place you will feel less of the disconnect within you and you will have less episodes such as you described. Does that make sense to you?

(Yes it does and I resonate very fully with that. There are actually tears that come to my eyes and I can not express my gratitude enough.)

You are welcome beloved and let the tears flow. Through the flowing of the tears you are able to open to accept and love who you are. You are loved by your soul essence and you are loved by me!

(I cannot hear you due to my cell phone, so I will sign off but thank you for your assistance.)

Thank you.


Question: (paraphrased) I would like to leave the current position in education that I have and I?m wondering if you can see any other potential for me?

Answer: We sense that actually within you there is a very deep essence of the educator. We sense that what is dissatisfying to you, what you?d like to get away from is the bureaucracy. This is the way in which you don?t feel you are able to teach in the way that you would like to teach. As if your hands are tied and you cannot teach in the creative way in which you would like to teach. We see you perhaps looking for a different way to teach. We just don?t see you leaving teaching behind completely. We do see as a potential that there may be a private school or this is something different. It?s as if you will still be working in education, but in a different role. It may be that you are an administrator or someone who makes choices in how curriculum is decided. We just don?t see you leaving teaching completely behind. We do see that you have a great deal to offer, you have a great deal of creativity and if you can find this other way to express yourself, you do have a lot to share. The time is here. This journey is about opening the door for immense potential to come in. We saw the children reacting to this energy and this potential. So with you and with your knowledge of children and teaching have a great deal to offer. You can bring to the board this new energy; ways of working with it and ways of working with the children that is not traditional. In that regard, we see you incorporating all that you?ve learned for yourself in the teaching of the children. Does that resonate with you?


(It sounds good, but it?s what I?ve been trying to do for a long time. Why hasn?t it happened?)

Because the time hasn?t been right. You have been working on yourself for one thing and what we?re sensing is happening is that it needs to be unique group of people, all of whom are open to change and open to creating a new thought pattern or way of doing things. We don?t see you making a change until perhaps April or May. In our perception from the universe it is here and now, but in the earthly perception, there is something more that needs to come into play; people coming together. If you just keep putting out to the universe that you are looking for this and you talk to your friends; the offer will come to you out of the blue is what we?re getting. That it?s something that you may or may not even apply for. As if someone says I understand you know ?this? and would you be interested in working with us. 

(Okay, thank you very much.)

You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) I felt when we were going to the center of the earth I could really feel the pull of the earth. As I got towards the center of it, I really felt a pull in my lower back. I felt it for much of the journey, but do not feel it now. I?m wondering what it was and if it is gone?


Answer: That is probably the best way to describe it. If we look at you before and after this journey, it?s not that we sense a blockage there per se; what it means is that you did not have a deep blockage that was affecting many different aspects of your life or had been there for a long time. But each time an individual shifts into a new vibration, be it a high vibration or different of one sort or another; allows for different things within your body to come to light. Does that make sense to you?

So as you were shifting into the very high vibration and then bringing it down with you into the earth, you were linking the really high vibration of yourself with the human aspect of yourself and that is why?.. Yes it was a blockage and yes it was released. We saw like it was torqued, as if your spine was torqued. As you worked with these energies, and bringing in potentials, we saw it smoothing out and bringing in a greater amount of flow into your body. It was the moving into a higher vibration that brought it to your attention. It was perhaps always there, but because it was at a vibration you were not using, it didn?t matter; if that makes sense. With this journey tonight and the release that took place, the sense we have is that it created a release which allowed for a greater connection within yourself.

(Wonderful and thank you so much!)

You are welcome! Enjoy this new energy because you opened to a huge chunk with that one.

Question: (paraphrased) This whole weekend I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown. About 20 years ago I saw a chiropractor who said I had so much garbage in my body. Suddenly during this journey something inside me shifted. I saw myself fill with a golden light. Can you explain more about this?

Answer: When you say that over this weekend and with this cathartic release you had going on; you did indeed release things on many levels. You released many memories and old experiences. It wasn?t as if this was the first time you released these energies, you have done so many times over the last 10-15 years. For the memory of that person to come to you who said you had all that garbage within you; when was that?20-30 years ago? This opened the door for what would happen on this journey tonight. When you went deeply within that soul aspect of yourself, when you looked at your light, I assisted each one of you in releasing the guilt, releasing the bad feelings about yourself; that was when the tears opened the door and began the cleansing of what took place in this journey. So at that point you really opened up and let go of all that junk the other individual noticed within you. So you have been letting go for a number of years, but it was probably for the most part gone. But it was as if you did another thorough cleaning out of what was within you, of those aspects that have held you back and created a sense of guilt and self worth issues. Then you did allow yourself to just become immersed in the love of yourself, the love from your soul essence and the love from your divinity. That was the golden light that you saw at the end of it all. That golden light was brought back with you. You have it within your physical being now. It may not be to the full degree that you connected with in the higher realms, but you do have it within you now. I invite you to allow yourself over the next several days and weeks to truly get to know yourself and know what it is to have that golden light within you. You are welcome, enjoy beloved.


Question: (paraphrased) I have been feeling such sadness and having problems with my body. I have been feeling sadness about leaving my beloved son; it is just such a sense of leaving. Do you have any idea what is going on?


Answer: There are several things that come to mind as you speak of this. The weeping and the clearing out that began, was kind of a result of the energies of the last eclipse. As I have mentioned and as so many people are aware, the last two weeks on earth, especially but of course it?s not a rigid time frame; several days before or weeks even for some. It goes beyond a two week period. But in essence it was amplified during that time frame. This allowed a great many people to open up in a whole new way within themselves; they could go to a different level of releasing and cleansing. That is what you did, that is why you felt the weeping; when you felt that sense as if you were going to leave your son and the earth plane, leave this existence. In essence what we see you doing is that you are ready to move into a phase within your life where you truly transition and accept or allow into yourself a much higher aspect of who you are.

So the sense of leaving behind is the leaving behind of the old energies that no longer work for you. Those are the ones you feel comfortable with because you've known them all these years. What you are opening up to and allowing in is going to become comfortable to you and just as familiar as these other energies did. Then you will recognize that all your relationships will prosper and respond as a result of this. We take that back; we sense that some will be more strained because we also have this sense that in some relationships you have not spoken up for yourself or been true to your own self worth. When you are in a space of allowing in this self love and self actualization, that standing up for yourself is actually going to create changes in all relationships, the vast majority of which will come out into a better relationship; but some you will find will go by the wayside. Does that all make sense to you? (Yes it does and I thank you so very much!) You are welcome. You are standing there on the precipice with your arms wide open. Let yourself jump or however you want to see whatever happen; but know that you are truly stepping into a new phase within yourself.

Question: (paraphrased) As we were coming back into the crystalline energy, I was reminded of going to medicine wheel in Wyoming, a stone formation in the Big Horn mountains. I am prompted to ask, what was the original function of that and what did I have to do with it?


Answer: We sense that, that formation, as there are a multitude of other formations around the world was originally created from ancient beings. Some of them date back to the times of Lemuria others date back to times as recent as the last thousand years. You actually worked with that space on different levels. You originally came in with the ET?s or the aliens that brought in or anchored an energy that allowed for greater amounts of the universal energy to come into the earth plane. You are all well aware that the vast majority of you originally came to earth as aliens of one form or another; everybody did. There were the intrinsic human species or race that was here at the time but when it was time for the earth to shift into a new phase, there was a huge influx of souled energy which came into the earth in the form of aliens; you were one of those. We get a sense of a teleport, but we also have a sense of it creating a vortex of energy and light that allowed for the vibration of the earth to shift. You were a part of the creation of it, and then you went back later as a Native American shaman who worked and lived in that area, utilizing that space for the energetic healing it allowed for. With the crystalline energy; now is again a time on earth in which there is a great deal of energy coming in to allow for another shift to take place. This time the energy is of the crystalline form. The reason it all came to you when you were in the crystalline grid was because once again that was being transmitted into various (vortices). It permeates throughout the entire earth, but there are always vortices of light or energy that will accentuate that or draw the energy into a particular place. That is why that came to your attention. Does that all make sense to you?

(Yes, I hadn't cried up until now.)

Okay, we see you going out there or a visit in the near future. You will find that it will be a profound visit for you and a great deal of information will come through. You need not go there physically if you cannot do so, but we do see you going there physically.

(I've been there two times in the last three years.)

Perceive the changes that are taking place when you get there because you will see it differently. Just as there are so may crystals that have been within the earth are now coming into being. When you go to this formation or when people go to other rock formations around the world, there will be either more rocks than what they have seen before or there will be shapes or changes to it. As the physical earth itself is moving into the fourth dimension there is more that becomes apparent. Alright, well we thank you for that question. You are welcome.

So for all of you, I once more send out my embrace. If you had a question you did not have an opportunity to get answered, go inside of yourself. You do have the answers within; you do have the answers that will manifest in the people around you sometimes or in your daily space.

Let yourself take one more moment and breathe in the energies of this journey. Breathe in once more allowing yourself to fully connect and allow to flow through you and around you, your own divinity. You are each so beautiful! You are each magnificent energies of light! Let yourself know that to be your reality. Let yourself create your life, your future. Let yourself create your reality from this space of self love and self acceptance.




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A place to explore your own divinity; a place to find a balance within yourself which may reflect in the way you live your life. ~~~ It's time to move into the energies coming to earth and bring that energy into yourself and those around you.


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