Yeshua Speaks: A Blending of World Religions

Nama Sika; Venia Benya I AM the One; I AM the Whole

I greet you beloved family; welcome welcome! This is a time of transformation upon the earth. This is a time of bringing the past forward and allowing the future to come into the present. All that is occurring is occurring in this moment. Each moment that you are living is the moment of your focus. Let it be the moment of your intention. You are each so magical! There is so much energy that flows through each of you as an individual, but most especially as you come together in this group energy. You can feel one another, you can know one another, and you can allow yourself to truly become enhanced through this connection with everyone else who is around you.

Allow your focus to go inside for a moment. Through your intention, connect with your heart center. Feel it, know what this is to you. Allow an aspect of the energy to move down into the earth and then let it come back up into you, anchoring you around your solar plexus. With doing that, see if you do not release a greater amount of your consciousness as we move forward upon this journey. Release your physical body. Let yourself expand.

Allow your consciousness to shift in such a way that it connects with the energy of the magnetic grid. Part of the routine of doing this upon every journey allows you to move into this space with greater and greater ease. There are many many different individuals who work in just such a way and all of you are able to easily link with one another if you so desire. Let yourself know this place that you have created for yourself within the grid. It may be that your higher self resides within this space or it moves through this space.

As you are ready to do so, release the energy of the earth, release the magnetics. Allow yourself to shift, moving through the interlocking grid that you may connect with the crystalline grid. It is called the grid work because there are patterns of energy and light that move through this area. But it is completely different that the other grid. Within this space, allow all of the crystalline energy within you to link with these energies. Allow yourself to know any information or vibration that is here for you. It may fine tune your own energies.

As you are ready to do so, call forth a column of light. Allow your consciousness to move through this column so that it may shift; releasing the crystalline grid and moving fully into the space of the soul plane. Feel the sense of home coming as you move into this space. Feel how you are able to expand in every direction. For many of you, this is what you consider home.

Call forth your I AM presence. This is your soul energy, your divinity. This is who you are in all of your entirety. Allow yourself to acknowledge the aspects of your soul or your divine essence; whether if feels familiar to you or not. Let yourself feel the love, the joy, the knowledge of simply being within yourself and with yourself.

I the Goddess now come into this space and I make myself known to each one of you. As I move through, I connect with each of you. I reach out to embrace. As you open to accept my embrace, allow yourself to shift or move into the space of the All That Is. I am here to amplify your energies. I am here to give you my unconditional love. I am here to help you see the joy, the potentials, that are all around you. I see you each as magnificent! I honor each of you for choosing to be upon the earth at this time, assisting with this quantum shift that is taking place. It is something that would happen no matter what, but with all of you working within yourselves and working together with the others around you; it allows it to happen with greater ease.

There is always a great deal that is occurring upon the earth. There are shifts that take place as a result of the planets and stars within your galaxy or universe. There are shifts that take place upon the earth because each one of you is open and willing to create a change within yourself. There are shifts that take place upon the earth due to the natural occurrences such as earthquakes, storms, sometimes the rains or flooding, there may be volcanic eruptions, there is always something happening and it is the earth adjusting to the energies within it, on top of it, and around it.

For those of you upon the earth who follow the Christian religion; today in the physical plane is known as Easter; the day in which Yeshua or Jesus as he is so well known, rose from the dead. He is going to come forth and speak with you in just a moment. I wish to say first of all that yes, it was extremely important to show that people never die, to show that you can live again.

The time is coming when more and more people will begin to understand all of this and all that is occurring from a new perspective. That time upon the earth, (when Jesus walked the earth) was a time in which there was a great deal of heavy energies ready to be transformed. So with that, allow yourself to move to that space and time. Your intention alone will take you there. Feel the heaviness, feel the pressure, and much of this was the reason why he chose to have that life and that experience upon the earth.

As you return to the time in which you currently reside, you already know that the energies are not nearly as dense. When Yeshua walked the earth, he opened up a portal or doorway to allow the light the come in. Look at each one of you and what are you doing upon the earth? Each one of you is opening a door or a portal to allow the light to come in.

With that I step aside and I allow Yeshua, Jesus, Sananda, Melchezidek; this one soul essence has many different names associated with him. Each of you will feel the vibration of that with which you vibrate best.

Yeshua Speaks:

Greetings family! I walk in to be in this space with you with my heart opened wide, filled with joy; filled with energies. I am not here alone, but I am able to be the spokes person. I have standing around me Muhammad, Krishna, Abrahim, and many others who have been so pivotal in the various world religions. Religion was developed for a reason. It was developed because people were seeking. What each of you is seeking within your life is not new. People have been seeking inner wisdom and peace in one form or another throughout the centuries. Whatever religion they felt in alignment with; they would follow that religion. Some of you have tried every single one the world religions over your many different lifetimes. You the lightworkers are always the questioners, the seekers. You always want to learn and to know more.

So I stand here before you with all of these other religions standing here with me. We come as a group to say that we are all aligned with each other. We are all aligned with the quantum shift that is taking place upon the earth. We are all aligned with whatever it takes for each of you to find what you are seeking to have within your life. It will be awhile upon the earth with your linear years; but the time for organized religion is shifting.

There are still many who find a peace and a contentment within the ritual. Of course to each of them or you, we honor you for that is your path. There will be many more over the years to come who will begin to seek the answers within themselves. They will know that they can connect with each one of us whenever they so desire. Therefore, this expansion of consciousness is a part of what you are doing right now.

Many of you walked with me when I walked upon the earth. Many of you supported me. Many of you followed in the years to come and supported me in whatever way you could at that time. One blend from all of these various religions is that of seeking outside of yourself for the answers; of asking God to give you the answers, of asking Jesus, myself, to transform your sins. Of course any of us are happy to do whatever we can for you. But you know that truly each of you as your soul essence is able to make the changes and the shifts for yourself.

It needs to come from within you and it needs to be for you. We are there to love you. To flow the energy of potentials to you. YES, you each feel it, you resonate with that and you know that you are immense, that you have a multitude of potentials. So I ask you to feel a connection not only to me, but to this entire group. Open to connect with each of us one by one if you so desire or the group as a blended energy. What you are doing as you create this connection to us at this time is simply amplifying what is already there. Enhancing a connection that you have had from the beginning of time.

We assist you in releasing any barriers, letting go of the veil, so that you may truly know that you are not alone. Taking that one step beyond is for you to know that you are creating your life. As you create you can step into any potential.

Beloved family, feel the new energy or the new generation of energy that is coming your way. Feel what it is to link with the energies of some of these other religions that you may not be as familiar with. You are familiar with them at a soul level, but let your consciousness, your human aspect feel it at this level at this time. Let it be a part of your day.

Some of you may feel as if my energy is different. Some of you who have been so close to Yeshua may say that it doesn’t feel the same. Let yourself release any previous experience. Let yourself accept me as I am right now! All that is occurring upon the earth we knew was going to happen.

The only thing that was unsure was the exact timing of it. There was much during my life when I walked upon the earth that was a struggle. There was much that I had to force. The death of that physical body was with a great deal of pain. Consider your life that you are living right now. Are there aspects you feel you need to force? Are there experiences of excruciating pain? Is there a feeling of alienation? Perhaps this is not you right now, but I would imagine at one time or another within your life this is who and what you were.

I went through that life and that experience in the way that I created and that I chose. Each of you may stay in the space that you are because on one level or another, you choose that. But let me say when all who are present and witness to this, it does not have to be that way. Once I moved beyond that life upon the earth and I had the perspective of detachment, I realized that I did not have to it so hard. I did not have to make it such a challenge for myself. But that is what I did and that is what it was.

So for each of you my dearly beloved family, don’t let yourself go further. Let go the pain, let go the struggle, let go the suffering. I ask you each to please consider doing this while you are still in physical body, so that you may move forward in a life that is filled with love, with adventures, may it be filled with passion, and let there be an ease so that you feel the flow of energy around you. You know and trust yourself so that you may believe that the earth can be a place of joy and fun. I send that out to each of you. I hope that you will accept.

No matter what you choose to do within this life, I LOVE YOU!!! No mater how you think, I LOVE YOU! As I have been speaking with you, more and more energies of light have come in to fill this area. Look around you and know that you are not alone. Look around you and sense the energy of who is sharing space with you. We who speak as a collective group send forth our love. We send forth our embrace. We are ever present for you.

You may choose to look at each one of us in the way in which you always have. You may see the Buddha as he represents a type of peace. You may see the other leaders, if you wish to call them that, as they seek to ask each person to honor God, Allah. You may choose to do that several times during the day, you may choose to honor the God within the animals, as much as the people. The traditions that have brought you to where you are right now have all been there for a purpose. They were created by you or other soul energies as was needed throughout the years.

You are moving into a time where you consciously release duality. An aspect that goes along with this is that there is no right or wrong. If you follow these beliefs that are so much a part of who you are and if it continues to bring you comfort, by all means do so. The difference though is expanding your awareness. Expand so that you know that there are many different ways to express your connection to spirit. Release any dogma that is holding you back. Open to your truth which is within. Honor every other human who is walking the earth. They are each upon their path just as you are upon yours.

As I stand here before you, I look at each one of you. I send forth my love and connection. I can feel each one of you. I am going to release this space so that the Goddess of Creation will return. I am thankful that I have had this opportunity to be able to represent this group of energies. It is very easy for me to walk through these energies at this time because with the celebration of the Easter, it brings to the forefront the energy and vibration of Jesus. Through this communication and through this experience, I am opening to shift the vibration and shift the connection with all who have linked with me today. I know that each one of you is doing the same. Those of you who come to the forefront know that everything you do for yourself assists everyone else. But you also have a desire and an interest in connecting with each other and all the others who are upon the earth.

I bow to you; I acknowledge who you are and what you are doing. I thank you for this opportunity.


Return to the Goddess of Creation:

It is I the Goddess returning to speak with you. Yeshua as he was known, or Jesus, was always a powerful speaker was he not? He always had that energy that drew people to him and quite often kept them riveted. I can see that even now as he was speaking. He tried to finish up at least twice, but you all kept asking for more so he continued. As you are each well aware, you were receiving downloads of energy in addition to the words that were being spoken. Now as I watch all of you, you move forward and blend and communicate with everyone who chose to be present at this time.

This is one of the largest gatherings that we have had. The time is coming and drawing stronger when each religion will begin to look and connect with the other religions on a level of love. There will be a respect and an honoring. As a result of that, many of them (the religions) will transform into a space of being. I wish I could see this as occurring right now upon the earth. Indeed it is within each one of you. But for the mass consciousness it will be awhile.

Having this opportunity to have all of these energies present in one room was opening a door similar to what was opened 2000 years ago. This was a blending of the energies. There will be further and further blending of the energies in the years to come. There will be a release of any separation that people may be feeling. I ask you to have patience with yourselves and the others around you. I also ask you to believe in this potential; to believe in the potential that all are linked, that all communicate through love, and that each person honors every other person upon the earth.

That is the experience of what is known as the new earth. Bringing that potential into your current physical earth helps and assists everything that is happening on the planet known as the new earth.

I continue to watch all of you mingling with each other. I continue to see and perceive downloads of information that is taking place. Each one of you received a message. I too echo what Yeshua was saying. I ask you to let go of the suffering. I ask you to let go of any loneliness. I ask you to release struggle in any form. As you do so, I invite you to open to acceptance. I invite you to accept who you are; accept what is happening within your life. Accept potentials that you may not as yet be aware of. I ask you to align this throughout your human, your spiritual, throughout all aspects of who you are in your reality.

There is such a deep well of love. There is such an openness or sense of connection that is occurring. There is a sense of releasing distinction between the religions. There is a sense that they blend into a consciousness that is based upon each individual’s self awareness, self acceptance, and the knowledge within you that you are God; you are linked to God in the form that is a higher vibration than your physical person. And that you can always communicate and receive any answers that you may be seeking.

I ask this group to create a space within you so that the hologram of the earth may com up within. As this hologram moves into this space, we can see how the earth itself is aligning with this vibration. We see that it assists in letting go or opening up some of the pockets of density that are upon the earth. This may manifest in many different ways, but we understand that all is in perfection. The earth rotates. It takes on a glow. It takes on the energies of blended communication, of love. Be aware that what you are doing as part of this group is also going to be of benefit to you in your own personal life. Let yourself connect with the hologram so that when you are back and walking through your days you can connect with these energies at any time.

With that, the hologram of the earth shifts and moves so that it may return to the physical earth. We see these energies spreading out as it encounters the magnetic grid. Some of you may perceive the way it shifts the energies of the grid. The remainder of that energy moves through into the center of the physical earth. As it does so, it blends with all aspects of the earth and radiates back out to the surface. That is how you will once again be able to encounter these energies.

We release that connection. Let yourself focus once more within this group. Allow yourselves to create within you a ball of light. This ball of light contains the energies of this individual journey, but also all the others that we have been working with. Look towards the omniverse; see the rest of your universe, the galaxy, the stars, the planets. Send forth that ball of light that it may move through the omniverse and all who are within it may tap into these energies if they so desire. There are those who wait for these transitions. There are aspects of yourself that live in those other spaces. So perhaps you are connecting to these other aspects of who you are.

Become aware of the group once more. If you wish to take a final moment you may do so and connect with your guides, one of these energies of light who have come to be with you this evening. Let yourself trust and understand that you have so many potentials. Allow them to flow through and around you.

Alright, we release the energies of this space. Feel yourself as you return to the space of the soul plane. Within the soul plane, you are within a different aspect. It is now a higher vibration than when you come (to the soul plane) from the earth. But it is all a space where you may reside; where aspects of your divinity do reside. Radiate forth the vibration of who you are at this moment. Some of you may choose to create a hologram that represents your physical person. The more that you are working on these journeys, the less that you actually need to do this; you realize you are incorporated all along. If you choose to do so, let yourself blend with this hologram, let it represent the physical aspect of who you are. Let your human self become blended and be in alignment.

As you are ready, release this energy of the soul plane. Begin to bring your consciousness with you as you return to your physical body. You may pause in the energy of the crystalline grid. You perceive the radiance that is emanating from here. This is a wonderful space where you can come so that you may align with the crystalline energies. Many of you come to this space in your sleep state.

Allow yourself to come into the space of the magnetic grid. These are shifts in dimensions they vibrate at many different levels within them. Each of you are aligning at the space which is most comfortable for you. Allow yourself to feel the magnetic pull of the earth. Allow yourself to begin to feel grounded. As you do so, let these energies come back down into your physical body. It may feel as if the energy field around you needs to expand, you may easily do that.

Let your consciousness come back in, flowing through you and you may anchor it within the earth and then again by bringing it back up within you. As you are ready to do so, I welcome you back within this conference room, you may press 4 to come back within this conference room and I welcome any questions that you may have.

Question: (paraphrased) I am currently live on what might be called the new earth. I have one question and it is a question to me really, but your response will be most welcome. That old question, your responses in the past have always given me something to do which worked to a degree but how do I release the need to have a method so that I can know that I know?

Answer: What we were beginning to say to you as you were asking this, as you were saying that the other methods you were given would only go so far and none of them really did the trick of bringing it together for you, is that the message is inside of you. The method of what you need to do is inside of you. For you to take that a step further and say okay, I’ve tried the method route, I now want to give that up. Then what you are doing is aligning yourself with the belief that you do have this knowledge within you.

There are many dimensions which link the current physical earth and the new earth. When you speak of living in the new earth, you have always had a very abstract consciousness and you have always moved between various dimensions. That is how people are able to do that. You live in that existence, yet you are still physically present upon this earth. It can be confusing, it can be complicated, and it can create for many people physical symptoms of discomfort. What needs to happen is the belief and trust that your soul is big enough to be in two places at once, because of course you are in a multitude of places at the same time; it’s that consciousness, taking your human consciousness and allowing that to believe and trust that it can be in these multiple places at the same time. That is what we sense is happening to you. You need not try anything or do anything. It is simply as you expand, it is as you soar as you call it, that is when you are shifting your consciousness into various dimensions and experiences, yet it all comes back down into the consciousness that makes up who you are in this human form. Some of it you are not able to remember, the vast majority you are able to remember. That questioning that you have, that wondering that you have is the analytical human aspect. So as you are working to expand the human and let an aspect of the human go soaring with you, that’s when the human will really feel the confirmation or the knowledge or the trust in what is happening. Does that resonate with you? (Goddess you have as always spoken in perfect Chinese and as always my heart understands completely! My heart as I said understands, my head does not yet, but you responded to me with my own answer; trust, trust, and trust again. Would that be the appropriate answer?) Yes, that is the simple way! Let me just say one last thing goes beyond trust that is BELIEVE. (Why does that go beyond trust?) Well, belief is a human attribute; trust is a soul or an expanded awareness. To believe is something a human tries to do, so when you are taking trust into believing, that is when you are taking what is spiritual and divine and your human aspect believes it. That is taking the trusting into believing that it is real. (Beautiful!! That is the answer that I never would have given myself! I knew yet, I couldn’t know, because who could trust that belief would do so much; when one has to learn that within their own belief is truth.) Exactly! (Thank you, as always you teach far better than I ever will! Thank you my friend.) I thank you as always. (I will fly with you forever and a day!!) I thank you for that; I always enjoy when we fly through the sky or wherever we may fly!

Let me just say to more to the individual I just spoke with. I fly with many many many of you; some of you don’t realize as yet that we going flying, but we do! That brings up the opening for many others to move into that realization.

Question: (paraphrased) I noticed as I was doing through that final completion of the soul plane on the journey back, that your energies resonated so much more completely than Yeshua’s did. I wonder if you can complete that for me.

Answer: Alright, allow me a second to gather this information. You are an energy that has lived a multitude of different lives upon the earth, but you have also lived a great number of lives within the universe, within the stars or the planets, whatever that may be. When you spoke of not resonating with Yeshua, partly that is because while it is a belief system you have to a degree, it’s not something that you have felt an alignment to as deeply as others do who are upon the earth. Now you have always been one who has trusted within herself and where you are going within this phase within your life is about taking this a step further; taking that belief in self and that trust. For some people it may be that they can believe it but don’t trust it, for others it may be that they don’t trust it but they believe it. It’s that blending of those energies. This is what we sense you are asking about. It’s that knowledge within yourself and that understanding of who you are and who you may receive communication from. You don’t resonate as much with Yeshua, that’s no problem. You still are connecting with whatever energy you may seek to connect with. The vibration of Yeshua that was coming through tonight was filled with the other energies who were around him; as he spoke earlier of Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Abraham, and all these various energies were with him so that shifted his vibration. For other individuals if they feel that was not really Yeshua who was speaking to me, it felt different, that can also be another factor in why the energies felt different.

Now as for you personally and this path that you are stepping out upon; relying upon yourself. We sense that you are creating this deeper and deeper connection within your higher self and that you are spending a great deal of time in the stars at this higher vibration, as if it’s a struggle for you to be in your human form. There’s a part of you that really resonates with that because for you that is such an easy place to be. That is what you are choosing to integrate within your personal life right now. That is simply a part of this pathway that you are on. Believe in yourself, trust in yourself, and allow it to evolve in what ever way it may. (I think it was probably 5 years ago I manifested what looks like a star on my palm, almost like a stop sign form, squished like a diamond. I’ve often wondered what that was a symbol of.) As you speak of it, it’s something that you brought into your physical being to represent the star from which you came. It’s a star system and one star in particular, it’s not coming to me, I don’t have a name at this time. It’s something you gave yourself as a physical reminded that you are of the stars. (Thank you) You are welcome.

Question: (paraphrased) All day I have been feeling there is something I’m trying to access, or grasp, or remember. It goes all the way back to experiences in Lemuria. I’m feeling that time frame very firmly, but I don’t seem to be able to grasp what I remember.

Answer: Alright beloved. We sense that what you are talking about is like what so many other individuals who are in the forefront of this movement. Many of you originally came to this earth plane at the time of Lemuria. There was another huge influx during the time of Atlantis. So for yourself, you came as a star seed into Lemuria. There were no veils put in place and it was extremely difficult for you as a human to be as expanded as you were used to being when up in the higher realms, so to speak. So anyway, that is a part of the veil. It was something that was brought on that humans chose for themselves because they couldn’t handle this area’s vibration. In addition, the veil was created as something that people would go through with the intention that you would not know who fully you are. So the veil was actually many different levels and it is affecting individuals in many different ways. What you are asking about and what we’re tapping into is that you are getting back in touch with that first encounter with the earth plane as that star seed. We see you coming to the earth almost within a pod and once it is landed, those who are here lovingly assist you in sifting and coming into human form, adapting to the gravitational pull. During that time when you feel as if there is something lost that you are trying to recover, what you are seeking to have is that memory of home, that access to the knowledge of who you are; that belief that you truly are this immense spiritual being. There is a part of you as the human that just can’t put it all together. That is my sense of what is occurring, so what I invite you to do that may assist with this is to breathe in the expansion of your physical body, breathe in an expansion of the energies around you. As you are doing that, invite in this aspect of you from Lemuria if you so desire, but also invite in your own direct connection to your own higher self, your divinity, your I AM presence. You are feeling the link to Lemuria because that was the time you came to earth. But you can access these same memories and experiences by just going straight to the soul plane and asking to know what it is you may need to know. Our sense is that there is nothing we need to tell you at this time other than what we have been telling you. It will unfold bit by bit. There will be days you wake up and feel a flood of information coming through to you and you may need to integrate that; then other days it may just trickle into you. Our sense is that you are truly opening up, you are truly creating a deeper connection within yourself and as a result of that you will have these answers you are seeking. You are welcome, we thank you for that question because we know others are feeling the same way. (I was feeling this so strongly today and as I was looking in a bookstore I knew, none of this is in a book!) Exactly! You already knew the answers are within. (One more question, I keep seeing myself in a small room, like a temple room and there is a rose quartz crystal that I keep putting my hands on and putting my face on. What is that about?) Rose quartz as you know is associated with the heart center, so what you are doing is opening up your heart center through the connection to the rose quartz. It may be you can find one in your physical reality and it will assist you in opening up. (I actually have a rose quartz ring I wear all the time.) Excellent, so you can focus on the energy of your ring and ask that to assist in opening any energies within you or you may find that there is something else you choose to have. You may also find that going back to that image of the temple and resting your face or embracing the larger quartz is what you need to do. As was spoken on this journey, there is no right or wrong. It will be whatever it needs to be in each given moment. Know that you are opening and trust in all that you are doing.

Question: (paraphrased) I wanted to know how to have more of a feeling of benevolent power over my own life.

Answer: What you have been working on recently is integrating your human aspect with your spiritual aspect. There are many times whenever we look at you that we see this immense spiritual being that is you. When you look at yourself, you see the human aspect with limitations and the things you consider faults or whatever that may be. So these are two different aspects or interpretations or perceptions of who you are. So what you are seeking to do when you ask to have a greater benevolence is that you are asking to have a greater acceptance of yourself. You are seeking to be able to see the beauty within you that we see when we look at you. It is not something I can do for you; it is something you can practice with yourself. It may be that when you get up in the morning perhaps take a moment and put your hands on your face and just say to yourself, I accept my face; I appreciate my eyes, my mouth, my nose, my ears whatever it may be as a means of acknowledging your physical body. Then move down your body touching and acknowledging every aspect of your body and what it is doing for you in this lifetime. Perhaps that will allow you to create a sense of appreciation for yourself that you might not currently have. Be aware that there is a great deal of shifting that is going on. If you don’t want to do that as you are waking up, then perhaps as you are going to sleep and you set the space for what will happen in your dream state. Be aware that there are many different opportunities during the day. It may be that you are walking along the street really enjoying the day and you can accept the moment of joy for what it is. It may be that you are watching TV at night and just enjoying the moment that too can bring on a sense of appreciation. It may be that you are struggling, pushing, trying to get something; then as you breathe and release and a shift occurs, then you can acknowledge ‘oh I have just created the shift I am seeking to have’. It can be something very simple or it can be profound. All of this is what it needs to be in that moment. We thank you as always for this question and send you out love.

We send each of you our love and embrace. We acknowledge each of you for choosing to spend this time together. I personally, the Goddess of creation am floored sometimes over the amount of energy that is being shifted upon the earth. I look at each one of you and some of you may not comprehend the full magnitude of what is happening and others of you may understand completely what is going on. It doesn’t matter. I simply love you for who you are. I honor each one of you this journey that you are upon. I thank you as always for bringing me in and sharing this time with me.

I am ever present, with you and within you!




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